Warning: This story doesn't contain any sex. It's the story of gay teens. None of the characters are based on real people, nor are they meant to resemble any living or dead people.

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Tonight begins Seth and Mason's life as high school graduates. They will be forever changed after tonight, but for now Seth Thompson and Mason Ortiz are excited at this point. They know that their relationship status can change, but for now, they are holding each other's hearts. In the Thompson's household and in the Ortiz's household, there is sense of excitement. The oldest child in each household is about to graduate. Each kid is dressed to the nines and ready to head off. They are also ready to walk the stage and get on with their lives. Moms and Dads have their cameras in hand and the car keys. In their families' cars, they head off towards the school's auditorium. Arriving at school, they line up beside their partner, and then they wait. Their hearts are beating wildly for each other and for themselves. Many of their classmates who have girlfriends or boyfriends will break up when it is time to head off to college. It has to be running through their minds as they sit there watching friends and acquaintances walk across the stage. Finally, it is Mason's turn to walk and while Mason's heart is thumping wildly in his heart, Seth is excited for his boyfriend. He is cheering him on as he walks across the stage. When it is Seth's turn to walk, Mason cheers him on too. All they can do is wait for graduation to end, then there are pictures to take with family, friends, and then they can have their date. Their families have arrived at home along with them, and they have something to look forward too.


After putting up their tassels, Mason and Seth walk outside to have time with each other. They share a kiss and then take each other's hand. The plan is to walk to the park, sit on the swings and maybe talk. The walk feels good as does the night air still, this could be bad news for the duo. After all, no one can control the actions of others. Luckily, the walk to the park went without incident. Mason sits down on the swings followed by Seth.

"How does it feel to be free of school?"

Mason asks as he looks at Seth as he waits for an answer.

"It's scary."

Mason and Seth both feel the same emotion, and as they sit in those swings, one of them looks up into the sky. The full moon seems to be reflecting light into their souls. They look up expecting the moon itself to somehow see their futures in its image.

"Yeah...it's scary, do you think we'll make it?"

Mason asks again this time staring up into the night sky.

"Yes, I do Mason. I do think we'll make it."

Mason reaches out a hand to his boyfriend, which Seth gladly accepts. For few minutes, there are no doubts in their hearts. All they can see is the rest of their lives expanding out into the universe. Love seems to be flowing all around them, and the fact that their holding hands seems to be only thing needed to complete the circuit.

"Promise me that you'll be there whenever I need you."

Seth says as they swing.

"I'll be there always and forever. You know that, you goofball."

Mason laughs as he jumps off the swing. He saved up a few dollars just enough to buy Seth and him some ice cream.

"Where are you going?"

Seth says as Mason takes off running.

"Follow me to find out."

Seth jumps off his swing and takes off following his friend and when he catches up with Mason, he takes his hand. Mason and Seth walk to a local ice cream stand. They each get a cone and then walk for home. Perhaps a simple date, but it is a nice way to end a wonderful night. Seth walks Mason to his door and gives him a good night kiss. Mason reciprocates. Seth walks home taking with him the knowledge that Mason wants the same thing that he wants.


The next day, Seth is in his room, when he decides that he needs to make contact with a friend. Taking his cell phone out of where he keeps it, just so he can text the one friend who may understand him better than Mason even does.

`Eric, can you get with Steve in the next little bit? There is something I need to ask the two of you.'

It takes Eric a second to type up what he thinks is a good reply to what Seth just sent him.

`You could just tell me now couldn't you?'

Just like that, Seth's fingers go to work replying to his friend. He wants to invite them down to the open house. There might be another reason for wanting to meet up with his friend.

`No, I want to do this face to face. Can you guys come here?'

`Sorry Seth, we can't come down. We are studying for a major test tomorrow.'

He then rethinks things and throws another text to Eric.

`Can we talk via facetime or something?'

`Give me half a second Seth, Steve and I will be right with you.'

Seth stops exchanging texts with Eric and taps on his Facetime app icon. Immediately it comes up, and that is when Eric sends him another text telling him his facetime information. It does not take long for the facetime to get going.

"What's so going on Seth?"

"I wanted to invite you and Steve out for my open house on the 16th. We are having it at North Glen City Park. We will be out there from noon till 6:00 pm, and feel free to invite your Sarah and Mark, plus the guys you were telling me about the other night."

It does not take long for Eric and Steve to decide that they need to be there to support their friend.

"We will be there, but we need to introduce you to new friends of ours, guys named Blake and Riley. Is it cool with you if we invite them out?"

"The more the merrier dude, invite them out. I have something else to ask you guys something."

Up till now, Steve has been quiet, no need really for him to say anything other than to smile and look handsome. Steve can see what's waiting to be asked; perhaps he has seen it in Eric.

"What's going on with you and Mason?"

He asks after reading Seth's body language, and is very much aware that the question is relationship based; even Eric is noticing it.

"Actually there is nothing wrong. I was wondering if you guys planned on sticking with each other during college?"

"Go ahead Steve; I know you are dying to answer."

Eric says giving his boyfriend the chance to respond. He does not mind giving Steve the chance to respond, because he knows the answer without him even saying a thing.

"Yeah, we plan on doing whatever it takes to get through. What about you and Mason?"

Seth wants to stay with Mason and knows it will be hard, but he also knows that it is up to Mason and time.

"Well, I want things to last between us I just don't know if they will or not."

Steve and Eric are silent for a few seconds. They need a chance to gather their thoughts and to think things through. Seth wants to hear their experience and wisdom.

"I say go for it, and see where time takes you."

This bit of wisdom is passed on to Seth from Steve's bit of lifetime experience. Steve sees things in the same light and why shouldn't he. If he did not see things the same way, it might ruin whatever chance they have together.

"Eric said it best, but you need to remember that you have to put time and effort into each other, if you have any chance at being together."

Having those tidbits of wisdom means a lot to Seth coming from his friends. It truly helps relax his mind. Seth really doesn't want to say goodbye to Mason. He waited for what seemed like forever for him to enter his life, and now that he's here, he doesn't want to let go of the guy.

"Well, guys I should get going. I'll see you at the party."


Eric and Steve wave goodbye just before exiting the application. Seth does not want to miss any opportunity to see Mason, but he knows the summer is going to bring its own challenges. If Mason and him can survive the summer and make through college, they will be stronger because of it.


As he sits in his room, Seth contemplates what the future holds for him and for Mason. If the future holds anything for them it needs to be figured out over the summer. They need to know if there is hope. They need to have faith in one another that when the time comes they can trust each other to be true to their love. Either time away from each other will make the heart stronger or it will push them away from each other. They need to face the fact that if they are to make it, it is going to take work, real work. Seth falls to sleep with hope in his heart; hope for the future.


In the morning after a long night, Seth needs to clear his head. He wants to talk to one of the few people who truly care about him. Getting ready for the day, he heads for the shower and he needs to face it the way he always does. After getting dressed, he heads downstairs to face the future. His mom is sitting down for breakfast as he steps in. It's a quiet Saturday morning and everyone is on their own for breakfast. Seth sits back and looks at his mom without grabbing a bowl or a glass of orange. While Seth stares at his mom, she is running through symptoms that might cause her son to skip breakfast something he never does.

"Mom, you know that I love Mason right?"

She gives him a reassuring look that makes him feel better about the situation for a second or two. She has always been good at giving that reassurance to her children. Having a gay child has changed things a little, but she has come to realize that her son has not changed at all. She has woken up to the fact that her son is still the same son, and she loves him no matter what, because that is what a mother does.

"Seth, I know you love him, so what is this all about?"

His fear wells up inside of him. A part of him is scared of losing everything that he has with Mason. He looks up at her with pleading eyes.

"Not going to tell me, Seth what is going on with you?"

"I love him."

She is confused because he already told her that he loves him.

`Has the love he has for Mason changed?'

"I'm afraid if losing him."

Now she gets it, Seth already knows where he is going to school and Mason is not going to the same school. Ball State is far away from Purdue Calumet as they can get. She can understand why her son is worrying about this step in life. She has been there when her husband was off serving his mission. He went off trusting that she would wait for him, and she did. She hopes that if they truly love each other that they will both keep whatever promises they have made or will make to each other.

"Does he love you?"

"Yeah, he loves me. Why do you have ask?"

She smiles as she reaches out to him. Seth thinks that he understands what is she getting at but he needs to know for sure. She could be hinting at the fact that, if Mason loves him that he'll wait for him, but if he doesn't then what does that say about him now.

"If he loves you, truly loves you, then he'll wait for you. Now cast that doubt away and eat some breakfast. You've got that open house coming up right?"

"Yeah, it's coming up next week."

"You guys need to talk, and I mean really talk, about how you are feeling and how he is feeling. Get it out there and then talk about the future. What's going to happen while you are away at school? I mean Seth, you don't need to drag this out for weeks to come, just do it Son; just do it."

"I will Mom."

`Why does Mom always do that? When I need her to just talk to me, she throws it back at me and makes perfect sense to me.'

He knows she is right and he knows that they need to talk, but he wants to make it right and give his heart to Mason. He wants it to be something that that Mason will remember for a long time to come.


A week or two have passed since that discussion between Seth and his mom. Today, they are at the park with a whole bunch of people. Gathered around them are friends from Tylerville and family, Mason and Seth are aglow. His uncles are in town for the event. A special teacher, Ms. Dixon, came after being invited by Mason and Seth. They've been introducing people to their family and each other's family. Eric and Steve have just walked up to them along with a whole crowd of people. Eric shakes hands with Seth & Mason, and so does Steve. Two guys come up with Eric and Steve. One guy is a jock and looks to be around Seth's and Mason's age so he is either 17 or 18, but the other guy is slightly younger maybe 16 or 17.

"I want you to meet our new best friends. Seth and Mason meet Riley and Ryan."

The younger guy reaches out his hand to Seth, and then to Mason, and the older guy reaches out his hands to them too.

"Hi...hi...I...I'm...Ri-ley. This...this...is...is...my...my...boy..."

A gentle hand finds it's place on Riley's shoulder. Ryan's strength pours out over his boyfriend, and Riley's soul absorbs it.

"My...my name...is Ri-ley, and this...this is Ryan, my...my...boy-friend."

"Hey Riley, Hey Ryan. You guys hungry. There is plenty of food."

Then Steve and Eric bring up two guys who are older than they are, maybe around 10 years older. Seth and Mason smile because they already know who they are meeting. The guys have already heard all about the couple.

"Hey guys, I want you to meet Riley's oldest brother, Caden and his boyfriend, Jared. Caden and Jared are some of our best friends and two amazing guys. They've been awesome."

Eric winks at Seth and that wink sparks warmth in Seth's soul. He isn't sure what that wink means but suddenly, he feels the need to talk to them.

"Hi...ummm, I was wondering if I could talk to you for a second or two."

Eric says to Caden and Jared, and then he turns to Seth and suggests he get to know Riley and Ryan a bit more. Mason jumps right into it and talks with them, getting to know the other teens.

"What seems to be the problem?"

Jared is the first to speak up and he wants to help Riley's new friend. Course, Caden is on board too because he can't stand to see a teen in trouble. If there was ever a teen that needed help, it apparently is this young man.

"Mason and I are facing are college away from each other, and it hurts. I'm afraid of losing him. My mom told me that if we love each other everything would be okay. I don't want to lose him, so is my mom right?"

Jared glances at his boyfriend.

"Our story is unique. We met in college by chance really, but I was friend-zoned repeatedly until Caden needed me, and I was there. I hope that you don't go through what Caden and Riley have gone through, but because of that need in Caden's life we were drawn together and now here we are. I guess, what I'm saying it never lose faith, because sometimes it's all you've got."

Caden smiles as he looks at Jared and gazes into his eyes, and then he looks at Seth. What Jared just said strikes at Seth's soul. It makes sense; he has started to lose faith in love. He doesn't want to admit it but fear was giving way to doubt. How exactly did Jared do that? What he said is exactly what was needed.

"You know, he's right. I was dating a real jerk when Riley came to live with me. We started to fall apart and I needed the help of a friend. Somehow, we managed to go from friends, to dating, and now here we are boyfriends and it's perfect. I could not have asked for a better boyfriend. I love him. I don't have his wisdom, but I know he's right. Don't lose hope."

"Thanks, I will remember what you said for a long time. Thanks again."

Seth breaks away from Caden and Jared and heads towards Mason. Pulling him to the side, he kisses him on the lips and smiles.

"I love you Mason."

"I...I love you too. What made you decide to kiss me?"

"I just wanted to kiss you and tell you that I love you."

"I'm glad you did Seth.

They fall into each other's arms as their guests and their families mingle with one another. After a short time of socializing, they opened presents from all the various people who were attending. For Seth, the best gift was of the evening came from two strangers who restored a bit of faith in him. Mason does not know it but that kiss that he received was inspired by those two guys who are now on their way to being friends. After opening presents, Mason and Seth are approached by two more guys who are led by Eric. They appear to be around the same age as Caden and Jared.

"Mason, Seth, I want you to meet Jason and Shaun."

"Nice to meet you."

Jason and Shaun reach out their hands to the teens and give them each a check for $50.00. They almost turned it down but decided against it. Maybe they could put towards college expenses or something. Either way, it is incredibly generous of these guys to offer the money. The rest of the night is filled with fun, music food, and friends. Seth and Mason have made new friends who hopefully will be around for some time to come. For now they are both tired, a new day will soon be upon them and who knows what that will bring with it.


Both Mason and Seth know they need extra money for school, and they have until August 19th. They know classes will start soon enough. On the eve of their first day as a part of the work force, Mason and Seth meet at Seth's house.

"Mason, we need to figure out how this is going to work."

"How what is going to work?"

"Us, we'll only have our days off to see each other."

Mason takes hold of Seth and he gazes into his eyes. He knows that nothing is going to hold them back; jobs, classes, and anything else that stands in their way. There is nothing the guys have faced that they have not overcome.

"Seth stop it. I was worried about losing you when we started talking about college. We will get past it. We are going to survive it, so please stop worrying about it. Let's enjoy our moments together okay."

Seth leans in to Mason's hold on him, and they hug each other. This feels right to them both. Life is good right now, and it will continue to feel good with any luck. Life is good.

"Okay Babe, I'll quit worrying. If you promise to always think of me when we are away from each other."

"I promise."

With that, they give each other a soft kiss. A second kiss quickly follows the first kiss and then they break off the hug. As they do, they still hold each other's hands as they walk down the street. A walk they have done countless times. They know tomorrow starts a life that will test them and either make them stronger or force them to break up. As the summer progresses, they manage to make it through with texts and phone calls during breaks, dates on their day offs. Life is good for both of them as they earn money to get things going. As the summer moves along, one thing is sure, Seth loves Mason.


Seth is sitting in his room when his mom enters the room and sits down on the bed. She wants to talk about how he is doing lately. She just wants to make sure that everything is okay. It has been awhile since they've had a sit down discussion just Mom and Son.

"Seth is everything okay? It's been awhile since we've talked."

"Yeah, things are great. It's weird but even when they're bad, things are good. I can't explain it."

There is no doubt in her mind that her son is in thralls of love. Only love makes someone feel this way. His Dad sees the change in his son, and he likes the change in Seth. Anyone who knows him can see the change in him, and some people like it while others do not like it so much.

"Seth, you're telling me that you don't know what's going on with you?"

"Pretty sure it has something to do with Mason. I mean, I know it has to do with Mason. I feel nothing but love for him."

What he isn't telling his mom is that he wants to spend the rest of his life with Mason. He doesn't want to spend his days alone anymore, and that scares him in a good way. Can he trust her to understand how he feels? Doesn't matter, she needs to understand how he feels.

"Mom, I love him."

"I know you do."

"No wait, let me finish Mom. I love him and I don't want to be alone anymore. I want him by my side."

It's not the life she wanted for her son, but if this is the life that is inside of him so be it. He is not hurting anyone. Tears well up and Mom and Son embrace in hug. She will gladly accept Mason Ortiz into the family even if no one else in her extended family will accept him.

"Do me a favor and wait it out until you finish school okay? It's okay to continue romancing him but I want you to be sure that you have a degree so you can have a good job so you and Mason are happy."

Seth needs a job so that he afford to live even if he and Mason breakup. Maybe they will make going forward and maybe they won't, but securing that degree will go a long way. Seth considers the possibility of putting life on hold with Mason while going to college.

"Mom, I will wait to marry him after college, but I am not going to stop seeing him while I'm in school. I hope its okay with you, because that is what is happening."

"I won't complain at all as long as you are happy."

Seth is sure that as long as Mason is in his life that he will be happy. He loves him and if the world cannot accept that, it is just too bad.


After going to the store and buying a nice ring, Seth comes home and walks over to Mason's house for a special trip. Mason has no idea what is about to happen and that is the way Seth wants it. Knocking on the door, he starts to get a little nervous while waiting on the porch. Mason opens the door and smiles at his boyfriend as he steps outside and closes the door.

"Mason, I need you to come with me. Don't ask where we're going, just come with me."

"Can I at least get a hint?

"No, but I will give you this."

After finishing his sentence, Seth leans in and kisses Mason on the lips. Mason kisses him back and then looks into his eyes hoping to catch a clue of what's going on now.

"Go get your bike and get ready to ride. I'll be right back."

In the blink of an eye, Seth runs home grabs his bike and waits for his guy. It doesn't take long for Mason to show up. Seth takes off towards a secret location with Mason right behind him. The place that they're going to isn't really a secret, because they've been there before but it is serving a different purpose this time than it served the last time. As they're riding, they pull up to the parking place for Apple Tree Trail, and it's amazing. They lock up their bikes, and Seth takes his boyfriend's hand as they head up the trail. Finally, they stand within the reach of the apple tree and Seth pulls out a small box, and then drops to one knee.

"You are not doing this are you?"

Mason looks down at this boyfriend, and he thinks that he's about to hear a wedding proposal. Seth smiles up at his sweetie. He opens up the box showing the ring to the guy he loves.

"Mason Ortiz, I want you to know that I love you. I love you so much, and I have one question for you. After we graduate from college, I want to propose you and then marry you. Do you accept my promise?"

Mason looks down at Seth with a smile and then it turns to a frown. A couple tears run down his face. Seth doesn't get it because he doesn't get it, he doesn't understand the frown or the tears. Seth hugs him hoping to comfort him. These tears are not coming from happiness even though Mason is happy.

"Seth...Seth, why, why?"

"Why are you crying?"

There is a pause for a second or two and then Mason looks into his eyes.

"Why do we have to wait till after college? I want you now, I'm ready."

"Well, we're waiting so that when we do get married we have jobs, degrees, and a life. Don't worry, I am not going anywhere and I hope you aren't either Babe."

In a split second, two arms wrap around Seth's body. Gone are the tears of sadness, tears of happiness replace them. Mason doesn't want anyone else. Arizona was horrid but Indiana has been a blessing to him, and from day he met Seth, Indiana has felt like home. Seth has never hit him, he's never betrayed his trust, and he is always here for him. How can he not agree to be there for him after college.


Mason starts to say out of stress, but then it fades as he realizes in fear about what he said. He can see Seth's heart drop and all color fades from his face. Now, he has to fix what he meant to say instead of what came rushing out of his mouth.

"Sorry Seth, I don't want to wait but if you really love me, then I can wait for the other ring. You are going to give me a ring right?"

Seth playfully slaps Mason for saying he cannot. He doesn't want to let go of what he has found in Mason. What his brother and sister did for him is mind blowing. How could they have known?

"I, you want a ring then, yeah, you can have a ring, but you have to stick around until we graduate."

"I will, I will."

Seth can see the happiness beaming out of his boyfriend's face. There was nothing that could have changed his mind, Mason would marry him if things were different. They're relationship is weeks away from changing from high school romance to college, long distance, to whatever comes next.


School is week away and the Seth's parents are treating him to a going away party. They've depended on Scottie to get all Seth's friends gathered up for the party. The day has been filled with keeping Seth out of the house. Most of the presents that he's got is stuff for his dorm room or money that can be used to buy things for the room. It's been great for Seth seeing his friends and some of his family. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to hang out with Seth. He is not looking forward to being away at school, but this party did make things so much easier for him. His parents hoped that the party would take his mind off his time away Mason. It worked for a short while and then the grief would nail him again, and again.


The hour before the Seth leaves for Ball State, Ryan sneaks into his room. Seth can tell his brother is upset about something.

"Ryan buddy what is wrong?"

Ryan walks over to Seth and wraps his arms around him. Tears come down his little brother's face. It's all Seth can keep from crying too as he looks down at his brother.

"I...I...don't want...you...to go."

"I have to go buddy, but I'll see you. I will not be gone forever. I will talk to you."

Ryan's tears don't stop but he does mellow a bit. His hold on his brother tightens a bit. Seth picks up his little brother, holds him, and then sits down on the bed.


Seth doesn't want to let go of his little brother, but he knows that he'll have too. He'll have to go off to school and leave him behind for a little while. Truthfully, it hurts and Seth hates that it hurts. How can he not keep this promise to this brother?

"I promise little brother. I will make sure that before I go to bed every night that I talk to the two guys in my life, you and Mason. Can you handle that?"

"Yeah." Ryan says as his big brother starts tickling him as he tries to change the mood in the room. It works because pretty soon, Ryan is mass of giggles. Soon, it will be time to pack up, grab Mason, and the family to head down to Bloomington, Indiana.


It's finally the day that the family is headed down to the university, and it's going to be a long drive. Mom and Dad have seen to it that Ryan, Mason and Seth are sitting next to each other, and that Ryan has plenty of stuff packed up so he won't be bored. Sam and Paul are kicking back and relaxing in the back of the van listening to their music. No one is really paying attention to Mason and Seth, and it is because the guys have proven that they can be trusted. They enjoy some cuddle time as best they can with Ryan sitting between them. At one point during the trip, Mason and Seth take turns reading a book to Ryan, each lending their voice to a character in the book. Seth wants to do whatever he can to make things enjoyable for his little brother on the trip down to Ball State. When Ryan falls asleep, Mason turns to Seth and has a serious look on his face.

"Are you scared?"

"Yeah, I am. I knew this day was coming for a long time now, but I wasn't ready for this. I wasn't ready for Ryan to cry, I am not ready to say goodbye to you, and I'm not ready to not see my family for a couple months."

A beam of light seems to pour out Mason's soul and into Seth's spirit. A wave of comfort washes over Seth and all it took was a smile form Mason.

"I am always going to be in your heart and I am always a phone call or text away."

Mason just adds to the reassurance that he gave to his boyfriend via his smile. Seth's coy smile tells Mason Seth has taken everything he just said to heart. Seth pulls out his phone and quickly typed up a text.

`This guy right here is my soulmate. I love him to so much.'

In the blink of an eye, Seth's mom, Sam, and Paul all look to where they are sitting with smiles on their faces. Mason has no clue what the text said but then he sends out his own text.

`Mom, Dad, I am going to marry Seth someday. Is that okay?'

His phone is silent for a minute and then two messages come in right on top of each other first from his dad and then from his mom.

`Seth treats you right so you had better keep him.'

`I would love to have Seth as a son.'

Mason hands his phone over to his boyfriend so he can read the texts. When sees Mason's Mom's text, a big smile lights up his face.

"Which one has you smiling?"
"The last one, I'm guessing it's from your mom. I think she likes me more than your dad does."

Mason's face shows his surprise over what Seth said. His dad likes Seth just fine. It is just harder for him to show it, but it's all good. If Seth wasn't loved by Mr. Ortiz, it would already be evident. Mason blows him a kiss from the other side of Ryan. Eventually, they fell asleep and did not wake up until they arrived in Bloomington.


After checking in at their designated time, the family helps get his belongings up to dorm room. After getting everything into the room, Mrs. Thompson looks at the group and asks if they want to grab dinner at a pizza place somewhere in the city. They ended up agreeing on a place near the college. They talked, ate, laughed, ate some more, and then it was over. They return to the dorm building. One by one, they say their goodbyes. He cries when he says goodbye to his mom, and promises her to call every day, and to strive to do his best in his classes. When he says goodbye to Paul, he makes him promise to watch over Sam and be Ryan's big brother. He makes promises to his dad to always do his best in his classwork. Finally, it's time to say goodbye to Mason. Tears are already falling down their faces.

"Okay...okay, stop the tears."

Seth says to himself and to Mason so they can get the words out of their mouths. They stand facing each other with their arms embracing each other.

"You had better call me or text me every day. If you don't I'll come running back home to you. Remember, I love you."

After speaking Seth, kisses Mason on the lips, and then moves his hands to Mason's chest where his heart is.

"I'll always be here, so when you're heart beats, know that my heart is beating for you too."

"Seth Thompson, I love you. I can't help myself. I will call you, text you, email you, and write you."

As Mason finishes his thoughts, Seth's mom walks up to them with outstretched arms. She kisses her son and then kisses Mason on the cheeks.

"Sorry guys, but we have to get Mason back home. We will see you in a few months son. Dad and I love you very much. You had better keep the promise you made to Ryan and me. Okay then, Mason get your butt to the car."

Mason and Seth kiss one last time before Mason turns and walks back to the van. One by one, everyone loads up into the van and with a wave the van pulls away. Seth watches as the van pulls out and heads back to home. When the van is out of sight, Seth walks into the building and then heads to his room. He rests his head on his pillow and ignores the fact that his roommate is up reading in his bed. All he can think about is the guy who left him to go back home. He looks forward to the day when he can go home for the last time and then take his boyfriend as his husband.



Four and half years later on a warm spring day, Seth and Mason walk back into the woods along the Apple Tree Trail:

"Four and a half years ago, we stood in the same spot. Last time, we were facing college and time away from each other off and on for our college years. I promised you on that day, that I was going to propose to you when we got out of college. It took a lot of faith and love to get us here but we made it. I loved you back then, and I love you even more now, that college and all the stress of school is over. I have just one question for you, will you be my husband?"

One year later, in front of friends and family, Seth and Mason turn and look at each other to say their vows. Mason goes first and will be followed by Seth's vows.

"We started dating when two strangers, Paul and Sam, told me about this really handsome guy that lived next door, and I should take a chance and date him. I agreed to meet this sexy stranger. Since then, you and I have become closer every day. We have had our disagreements, embarrassing moments, but the one thing, we have always had is each other's hearts and each other's backs. After being abused back in Arizona, I wasn't sure that I could trust someone again, but you showed me that I could. I learned to trust you, and more importantly I've learned to you, and I'm so glad that I decided to be in your life for the rest of my life and then into the whatever comes afterwards. I love you Seth.

"Mason you came into my life as a blind date, and I have never looked back. I didn't always make it easy on you, and there were times that I was scared silly, but look where we are now. It has not been easy, but we've made it. It's been one step followed by another for all these years. Thanks for being my friend, my boyfriend, my fiancé, and now I can't wait to be your husband. After waiting 4 ˝ years, I don't know if I can wait till we're officially husband and husband to kiss you for the first time as your spouse. Mason Ortiz, I am proud to take on your last name. I love you Babe."

The next ten years see many changes in their lives. They get their first jobs after college. Seth is as a freelance writer and works from home on most days and he's also got four books published and several poems also. Mason is working in engineering and making a name for himself at his firm. They have their own house. They have a cat, a dog, a cockatoo, a ball python, a tank of Oscars, and two Nile monitors. Seth never lost his love of animals even if he didn't become a veterinarian. They've also added a little guy to the family, his name is Michael and he is two years old. The adoption hasn't finalized yet, but another little one will soon be added to the family. Seth and Mason live close by their families, and their son sees his grandparents, aunts, uncles and the rest of his extended family weekly. There is so much love in their family that it's amazing.

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