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It had been a couple of weeks since Josh and Craig had shared the unbelievable haircut adventure, but Craig had been thinking of it every day since.  He still could not believe that he had experienced his ultimate fantasy of not only running his hands through Josh's silky hair, but also getting to shampoo it and feel it covered with slick, creamy conditioner!  AND, Josh had said he could do it anytime he wanted!!  Surely, Josh was just yanking his chain with that comment, so he hadn't mentioned it to Josh since.


Unknown to Craig, Josh had also been thinking about the adventure every day, as well.  He remembered when he had spent the night with Craig, and how nice it had felt when Craig ran his fingers through his hair.  And, how much better it felt to have Craig massaging his scalp during the shampoo at the barbershop!  He wondered if Craig would take him up on his offer to give him a shampoo, but Craig had not mentioned it since that day.  Maybe Craig wasn't as 'taken' with his hair as it had seemed. 


It was Saturday morning, and Craig was outside in his drive, finishing the wash job on his dad's car.  His parents and sister, Becky, had left early to visit relatives for the weekend, and he was stuck at home alone, since he had an obligation the next day that he couldn't get out of.  He was polishing the last of the chrome on the rear bumper when he was startled by the sound of a car horn right behind him!  He quickly turned around to see Josh smiling at him from behind the wheel of his car, which he had pulled into the drive right behind Craig.


"Man, you really get into polishing that chrome!" Josh said as he stepped from his car.  "I could probably have bumped into you without you noticing!"


"Yeah, I want to get it right for Dad," Craig lied as he stood.  He couldn't tell Josh where his mind had really been - lost in the memory of feeling Josh's silky hair between his fingers -- could he?


"You were probably fantasizing over some hot babe at school, and plotting how you could get her over here with your parents gone!" Josh kidded.


"Well, you caught me!" Craig said, as his heartrate was beginning to return to normal.


"So are you ready to wash mine now?" Josh asked as he walked toward Craig.  As Craig looked at Josh, the sun was shining off his silky brown hair, and the wind was gently blowing his bangs across his face. "More than you know!" thought Craig as he gazed at the unbelievable head of hair before him.


"No way!" Craig said, as he returned from his fantasy, and realized Josh was talking about his car.  "All of the stuff is still here, and you are welcome to use it," he continued.


"Is that any way to treat your best friend, who gave up an entire Saturday just to come over and keep you from being lonely?" Josh asked, with exaggerated expression.

"Besides, I'm not sure how to work this fancy equipment," he continued as he reached down and picked up the garden hose, which had a trigger sprayer attached.  He turned the sprayer around in his hands, and then pointed it at Craig, who was now standing in the grass beside the drive. 


"Is this how it works?" he asked as he squeezed the trigger, spraying Craig with water from the hose.


"You moron!" Craig shouted as the cold water hit him in the face and chest.  "I'll get you for that!" he said as he reached down and picked up the bucket of soapy water he had used on the car.  Josh realized what was about to happen, and quickly dropped the hose, taking off running across the yard toward the back gate.  Craig was not far behind him with the bucket, and closed the distance as Josh had to stop and open the gate.  As they ran through the back yard, Josh kept 'bobbing and weaving', trying to elude Craig, but finally tripped-up and toppled to the ground.  Craig saw his opportunity, and threw the bucket of dirty, soapy water on the prostrate Josh, covering him head to toe. 


Craig then jumped on top of Josh, and they began wrestling and laughing.  Josh put-up a struggle for awhile, but then submitted to Craig, who was laying on top of him.  Craig looked down at Josh, his hair covered with suds and dirty water from the bucket, and slowly reached a hand down and brushed the hair from Josh's forehead.


"So, you still like it, huh?" Josh asked. 


"Yeah, I really do," Craig replied, somewhat softly.  He continued gently running his fingers through Josh's soapy, dirty hair, as he talked, almost to himself, "I don't know why I like it so much - it's probably weird, and not normal, but I love looking at it, and feeling it."


"Hey, it's cool," Josh softly replied.  "I've been wondering for the past couple of weeks, since you haven't said anything since the haircuts.  I thought maybe you had lost interest in it.  I really do love the way it feels with you brushing your fingers through it."


"It doesn't creep you out?" Craig asked.


"No.  Like I said, I actually enjoy it -- I have ever since that night I slept over, and you ran your fingers through my hair.  Hey!  I don't even mind the feel of running my fingers through that ugly mop on the top of your head!" Josh continued with a laugh, and he reached up and ran his hand through Craig's wet hair.


"Your hair looks great -- and feels great, even when covered with dirty water," Craig said as he continued stroking Josh's hair.  "You have totally awesome hair!  I bet it would look and feel great covered with just about anything!"


"We just may have to put that to the test sometime," Josh answered with a wink.  "But right now, I really need to get my car washed, since I can't find anyone to do it for me.  And, I eventually need to go and get this dirty water washed out of my hair - unless you know of someone that might be willing to do it for me."


"Well, since I put it in, I guess the least I can do is shampoo it out," Craig grinned as he continued stroking Josh's hair.


"I was hoping you would say that!" Josh countered, "So.... are you going to let me go wash my car, or are you going to keep me pinned-down so you can continue playing with my hair?"


"Well, I guess I should let you wash your car, so I can eventually give you a shampoo.  I will admit that your hair covered with conditioner does feel better than covered with dirty water." Craig said as he rolled off of Josh.  "And, I guess I could help you wash your car, so you could finish it up faster -- that is if you wouldn't mind a little help."


"Let's get after it, Stud!" Josh answered as he stood to his feet, and tousled Craig's hair.  "If we get this carwash over with quickly, maybe I can even shampoo that mop of yours!"


The boys gathered the bucket and headed back to the front yard.  Craig filled the bucket with fresh soapy water as Josh wet-down his car with the water hose.  They then began working together, scrubbing and rinsing the car until it was completely cleaned and dried - with a minimum of horseplay (although there were a few instances of grabbing a handful of suds from the bucket, and rubbing it into each other's hair, and spraying one another with the water hose).  The main distraction was an occasional hand running through the other's hair, as they passed each other while working.


After they finished, Josh helped Craig put away the water hose, bucket, and other supplies, then they headed into the house.  They went into the kitchen and Josh sat at the table while Craig grabbed them a couple of drinks from the refrigerator. They sat there, drinking in silence, each afraid to take the initiative.  Finally, Josh broke the silence. 


"Well, are you going to give me that shampoo you owe me, or not?"


"Are you really sure you're OK with this?" Craig asked, wanting to make sure he was not ruining their friendship.


"Would you stop asking that?!" Josh scolded.  "Craig, you are my best friend, and I told you before that you could shampoo me anytime, and to tell the truth, I really DO enjoy it.  The feel of your fingers massaging my scalp while you shampoo my hair is very relaxing. And, you're my best friend, and if that is how you get your kicks, I'm willing to help."


"How should we do it, then?" Craig asked.  "We don't have a shampoo chair like we did in the barbershop."


"I don't know..." Josh replied, "What about if we used the bathtub? We could sort-of lean back in it."


A vision quickly ran through Craig's mind, of Josh laying naked in the bathtub, with Craig's hands buried in his silky brown hair covered in thick lather.


"We could wear swimsuits," Josh quickly added, perhaps because he had seen the panicked look on Craig's face.


"Yeah, that would work," Craig agreed. "You can wear one of my extra suits."


With that, the boys headed toward Craig's room, where he grabbed two swimsuits from a drawer and threw one to Josh. "Let's get changed, and I'll meet you in the bathroom," he said, as he walked from the room.


Josh quickly changed into the swimsuit Craig threw him, walked to the bathroom. Josh entered the bathroom to find Craig already seated at the back of the tub, with the handheld shower in his hand, and several bottles arranged on the side of the tub.


"Gosh, Craig, I didn't think my hair was that dirty!" He joked.


"Well, I figure I owe you several shampoos, and I want to try some different products. I hope you don't mind."


"No, not at all I think it will be fun!"


"Then climb in, and let's get started," Craig said.


Josh climbed into the tub, and sat down in front of Craig.


"We probably need to get all of the grass and twigs out of your hair, first," Craig said as he began running his fingers through Josh's hair, picking out bits of grass and twigs as he went.


"This reminds me of the time your dad `planted' the string in my hair, so he could get it out," Josh laughed. "Is that why you rolled me around in the grass, just so you could spend time running your fingers through my hair while picking out the trash?" he joked at Craig.


It took Craig a few seconds to answer, and his voice was a little husky when he finally did. "Well, that actually wasn't the intent, but it did work out well, huh?"


Craig sat there, gently combing Josh's dark brown hair with his fingers, even though all of the trash had been removed several minutes before.


"Umm, Umm," Josh cleared this throat, bringing Craig back from his trance.


"Ok, lean on back, and I'll wet your hair," Craig instructed. Josh scooted forward in the tub, and slowly leaned back, until he felt his head resting on the back of the tub, right under Craig's lap. He looked up, and saw Craig smiling down at him. "Now, close your eyes."

Josh did as instructed, and soon felt the warm water flowing through his hair and down his back. Craig poured a generous amount of shampoo onto the top of Josh's head, and began working it into a thick lather. "Why don't you sit up until we're ready to rinse that way I can get the back of your head easier," Craig suggested. With that, he cradled the back of Josh's head, and helped lift him into a sitting position. Josh then scooted back, until he was sitting right in front of Craig.

Craig spent the next ten minutes with his hands buried in Josh's lather-covered, silky brown hair. He slowly massaged Josh's scalp, allowing the lather to serve as a lubricant, allowing his fingers to slide smoothly through his hair and across his scalp. He leaned forward and looked down, confirming that Josh's eyes were closed, and then he leaned close to Josh's head, and breathed-in the intoxicating aroma of Josh's hair covered in cocoanut-almond shampoo. He wished he could lean down farther, and bury his face in Josh's hair, but he was afraid to take the chance. Suddenly, Josh began leaning back, so Craig had to quickly raise back up to keep Josh from realizing what he had been doing. Since Josh had scooted back in the tub, this time when he leaned back, his head came to rest right in Craig's crotch. Craig realized that he had sported an erection while shampooing Josh's hair, and was afraid Josh would feel it against the back of his head and be revolted by Craig's reaction to shampooing his hair. If he noticed Craig's erection, he gave no indication to that effect. In fact, he rocked his head back and forth, settling into Craig's crotch.


"Are you still OK with this?" Craig asked. "Mmmmm," Josh moaned, "That feels so good. I could stay like this forever."


Craig continued running his fingers through Josh's hair, building the lather and massaging Josh's scalp. Occasionally he would lift Josh's head to reach the back of his head, and each time he released Josh's head, he would settle back into Josh's crotch, rubbing his head back and forth until he found a comfortable position. Craig was almost ready to explode from the feeling of Josh's silky hair between his fingers, combined with the movement of Josh's head against his hard member.


"Ok, I think I have worked all of the dirt out of it now, so if you'll sit up, I'll rinse it out," Craig commented.


"Can't you just rinse it here?" Josh asked, "I am so comfortable, I really don't want to move."


"Yeah, I guess I can," Craig replied, but really torn between wanting Josh to remain where he was, and wanting him to sit up before the situation caused Craig to do something that would totally embarrass both of them.


Craig turned-on the water and waited until it was warm, then began rinsing the shampoo from Josh's hair. Josh shifted his head, so that his face was pointing up, to keep most of the water from running in his face. Of course, this caused the top of his head to be pressed against Craig's erection. Craig rinsed the shampoo from the front of Josh's hair, running his fingers through it to make sure all the shampoo was out. Then, he lifted Josh's head slightly to rinse the top of his head, and a little more, in order to rinse the back of his head.


"Josh, can you possibly hold the shower nozzle?" Craig asked, "Either that, or hold your head up. I need a free hand to make sure I get all the shampoo from your hair."


"Sure," Josh said as he reached up and grabbed the shower head. As he did, he also held his head up, so that Craig had both hands free to run through Josh's hair, making sure all the shampoo was gone, but also enjoying the feel of Josh's slick, wet hair sliding through his fingers. Long after all of the shampoo was rinsed from Josh's hair, Craig thought he had best move along, so he told Josh he was finished, and took the shower head back from Josh. As Craig turned-off the water, Josh resumed his position with his head firmly positioned in Craig's firm crotch.


Craig took his hands and pressed them firmly against Josh's scalp. He then slid them toward the back of Josh's head, squeezing as much water as possible from Josh's hair. He raised Josh's head, and continued squeezing the water from the hair on the back of Josh's head, until most of the water was gone. He then let Josh resume his head's position in his crotch as he reached for a bottle of conditioner. He squirted a lot more conditioner on the top of Josh's brown hair than the bottle called for, but he loved the slick feel of Josh's hair totally covered in conditioner. He began working the conditioner through Josh's hair with his fingers, massaging his scalp, and spreading the conditioner completely through Josh's hair.


Craig took a wide-tooth comb, and began combing the conditioner through Josh's hair. As he reached Josh's neck with the comb, there was a huge gob of conditioner on top of the comb. Craig smeared the conditioner from the comb back on the top of Josh's head, and spread it back onto Josh's hair with the palm of his hand. Craig continued this for another five minutes combing the conditioner completely through Josh's hair, and then spreading what was caught by the comb back on top of his hair with his palms. He finally placed the comb back on the side of the tub and just slicked Josh's conditioner-covered hair against his head with his palms. He loved the feel of Josh's slick hair pressed between his hands and Josh's scalp.


After several minutes, Josh suggested, "Why don't we trade places, and I can shampoo your hair while the conditioner works its magic?" Craig was reluctant to give up the stroking of Josh's awesome hair, but knew he would have to eventually. "Don't worry you'll get another shot at my hair after I shampoo yours," Josh continued with a chuckle. With that, Craig gave Josh's hair one last smoothing action, and removed his hands from the top of Josh's head. Josh stood up, and Craig slid down the back of the tub into the center of the tub, giving Josh room to sit on the back. Once Josh was in position, Craig slid back, and leaned his head back into Josh's lap.


Craig felt the warm water cascading through his hair and against his scalp. Josh then dumped a generous load of shampoo onto the top of Craig's head, and began working it into a thick lather. He would occasionally slide his hand down the back of Craig's head, to lift it up so he could wash the hair on the back of Craig's head. Craig thought about how Josh's hair had looked as he finished up with the conditioner slick and glistening, as he felt Josh's fingers sliding through his own hair, massaging his scalp. Craig could feel Josh flattening his hands against his scalp, using his entire hands to massage his scalp.


As Josh was shampooing Craig's hair, Craig heard him clear his throat. "Craig, I have something I need to ask you, and I want you to be honest with me." "Sure," Craig replied. Josh continued, "I couldn't help but notice that you were sporting a woody as you were shampooing my hair. Does my hair have that effect on you?" Craig could feel the rush of heat through his whole body as fear swept over him, and the adrenalin began pumping. Could he deny it? If he did, would Josh believe him? As the seconds ticked by, Josh continued, "By your hesitation, I'm thinking the answer may be yes. I have been intrigued by your interest in my hair, so I've done some Googling. I've found that there is such a thing as a hair fetish that some guys have, and they find hair sexually arousing. Is that the case with you?"


"I'm so sorry Josh!" Craig said as he started to scoot forward and stand. Josh grabbed onto his head and pushed him back down into the tub as he continued shampooing Craig's hair. "There's nothing to be sorry about," Josh said comfortingly. "Listen, I am your best friend, and I care about you, and would never want to say or do anything to jeopardize that friendship, but I am really curious about this."


"But it is just so weird, and I can just imagine how uncomfortable you must feel, knowing that I have been perving about your hair," Craig softly said.


"Look, from what I've read, it's not like you chose to be this way, it is just the way you are wired. Some people have a fetish about feet, some a fetish about being tickled, and there are a lot of others which have nothing to do with sexual organs. Yours just happens to be about hair. And, you'll also notice that I didn't run out when you confirmed it, nor did I let you run out and I'm still even shampooing your hair. Do you get as excited when I am shampooing your hair as you do when you are shampooing mine?"


"Josh, it just make me so uncomfortable talking about this. It's one thing to have these thoughts in my head, but something else to verbalize them out loud to someone else," Craig replied.


"I'm sorry," Josh continued, "but I really want to know more about how this fetish affects you and, I want to know more about what I can do so that you can enjoy yourself, and not have to worry about what I am thinking. I think if you just open up about how this affects you, it will help."


"But I'm afraid that if I tell you what I'm really thinking, you won't want to be around me anymore," Craig confided.


"That's not going to happen," Josh responded. "I tell you what, let's not talk about me and my hair right now. What don't you tell me the first thing you remember about your attraction to hair?"


"Well, it's really strange, but I can remember fixating on hair long before I ever heard the word `sex', or had any idea of what it was. When I was young probably even before I started to school, I can remember fantasizing about people's hair. Predominately actors and such, who I thought had a really great head of hair. Thinking about feeling their hair gave me a warm feeling all over. Then, as I started to school, I would admire some of my classmates' hair but could never bring myself to do anything about it because I felt it was not normal, and was afraid of what they would say or think. So, I would `entertain' myself washing my hair, thinking it was someone else's, or putting different stuff in my hair, to get the feel of different textures and consistencies. And, as I did this, I noticed that my wiener would get hard and I had no idea why. Gosh! I just feel so embarrassed telling you this!"


"Don't be embarrassed," Josh replied as he continued massaging Craig's scalp through his lathered hair. "As I said earlier, and your story confirmed, this is not something you went looking for it is just the way you are and, the fact that you had these feelings long before you even thought about sex indicates that it is just a part of your makeup. So... what types of stuff would you put in your hair?"


"Josh, this is so hard! The stuff I did was really weird, and you will never want to have anything to do with me if you find out how really twisted I am..." Craig began. With that, Josh stopped shampooing Craig's hair, lifted Craig's head up from his lap, and slid down in the tub behind him. He wrapped his arms tightly around Craig, and placed his head beside Craig's.


"Listen you knucklehead," Josh whispered in Craig's ear, "The one thing I know is that you are my best friend, and there is nothing, NOTHING, that you can say, or that you have done that will make me love you any less, even if you tell me that you have jerked off while fantasizing about my hair. And, yes, I did say LOVE! I love you Craig not sexually, but as much as I have ever loved anyone even my own family, and I am not going to drop you simply because of a `quirk' you have. Now, will you tell me what else you did as a kid?" With that, Josh reached down and lifted one of Craig's hands and placed it on top of his head, so Craig could feel Josh's hair, still slick with conditioner.


"Well, of course I would put shampoo in it without water, and conditioner, as well. I would even break eggs, and sometimes just put the whites in my hair, and other times just the yolks but I found that the yolks stank, so I didn't do that too often!" he said with a chuckle. "I kept looking for anything that had a different consistency, just to see what it felt like honey, syrup, pudding there probably is not anything that was in our refrigerator that I did not try." As he talked, Josh noticed that Craig's hand began to move, stroking his slick hair.


"See, that wasn't too bad, was it?" Josh asked. "Earlier, when you said that my hair would probably look and feel great with anything in it, were you thinking about putting some of those things in my hair?"

As Craig didn't respond, Josh continued, "Were you thinking about covering my hair with honey, or eggs, or other things like you have done with yours? It's ok if you were. I was wondering even then if that were the case. That's why I said `we might have to try it sometime' I am really ok with it."


"Josh, you are the best friend a guy could ever hope for," Craig croaked out as he felt his throat tightening with emotion.


"Hey! This is not supposed to be a downer!" Josh reprimanded. "I need to rinse this shampoo out of your hair, and get some conditioner in it before you head turns into a big prune!" Josh sat back on the top of the tub, and leaned Craig back so his head was back in his lap. He turned the water back on and began rinsing the shampoo from Craig's hair. After it was all out, he got as much water out of Craig's hair as possible by squeezing it between his hands and Craig's scalp. When he was satisfied, he squeezed a big glob of conditioner on the top of Craig's head, and worked it through his hair. He took the comb Craig had used earlier, and began combing through Craig's hair, each time depositing the conditioner from the comb back onto the top of Craig's head. He finished up by slicking back Craig's conditioner-covered hair with his palms.


As he finished, he asked, "What's next Sport?"


"Well... since you already know what a twisted pervert I am, do you think we could let the conditioner dry? I really would love to feel what your hair feels like with dried conditioner in it," Craig replied.


"It may take awhile for that to happen," Josh responded. "And, you still have all these other bottles sitting here that you wanted to try. Do you think your folks would mind me spending the night here, even though they are not home?"


"I don't think they would mind, but we probably should call them, and your folks as well, just to make sure. Do you really want to spend the night after all this, Josh?"


"I really do, buddy besides, we have the whole afternoon and night before us, and I think maybe I can help you have a lot of fun!"