As he led me in, I had my plan for the night. We would do our usual stuff: Make tea, talk about music, then fuck. We'd sit up on the balcony, the cool night's wind a gentle reminder that we must stay warm. The view of the entire Bay is always beautiful from his grand balcony, secluded from any view since his house is on the top of a hill. "Babe, do you want a sweater?" I asked him. "Sure, but could you also bring the down blanket?" he replied. I responded with my usual grunt, a sign of mere acknowledgement that irritates him at times. I think it's cute when he's mad, so I do it for fun anyways. I set off to his room, warmed by both his private fireplaces throughout his house and central heat. I wondered which color he'd look best in tonight, and then quickly realized that I've planned to have it taken off soon anyways, so it didn't matter. I selected burgundy for him, his striking fair skin and dirty blond hair in such amazing contrast with darker reds, his best clothing. I fetched a beige sweater for myself, matching in design the one I picked for him. I also brought the big down blanket from his bed, a dark royal blue, shimmering. I started back to him, thinking how I'd pull off what I wanted to do to him. He was standing in the center of the railing, admiring the view on this especially gorgeous night, the clouds painted a burnt orange-pink. He didn't notice my approach, so I set the blanket down on the carpet and quickly put on my sweater. Still looking out on to the bay area, I went over to him and put my arms around him, burying my face into his neck, inhaling his glorious scent. He smelled amazing naturally, a nutty, almost sweet body scent. I put my left hand his stomach, where I could feel his toned muscle through his shirt, and my right hand pinning his sweater to his chest. He took it, and I stepped back for a moment. He put it on, and turned around. He leaned in and kissed me, a moment later putting his hands ever so lightly on my hips. I gently responded by putting my arms around his back, lightly. I broke our light kiss ever so deftly and took his hand, leading him in then closing the door that lead back from the balcony. It was getting chilly in the living room from having kept the door open. "What tea are we going to make?" He asked. "I'm going to put on the Earl-Grey lavender mix, as well as the Roobis Chai. Sound good, baby?" I responded. He just smiled his sweet smile, which always melted me. I think he knew it, too. I proceeded to his spacious kitchen, and fetched the tea from the cupboards. I brought out the oversized tea kettle, filled it, and put it on to boil. I set up two teapots, filled the strainers with the respective types of tea, and left the water to boil.

I walked back out to him, and found him rubbing his stomach on the couch. "What's wrong with your tummy, my love?" I asked him. He seemed a bit distracted. "It aches a little. It's not comfy.", He responded. "Do you need me to give it some love?" I asked. He just nodded innocently, and I went over to him. I told him to lie down, and I knelt down in front of the couch. I asked him to put his arms under his head, and he did so. I slowly put my hands onto his stomach, feeling around. He closed his eyes and let out a breath. I started massaging his tummy, feeling his muscles, his warmth, all through his sweater and shirt. As he started visibly relaxing, I slowly started moving towards the bottom of his sweater. I gently then pulled his shirt and sweater up above his belly button, and starting at the top of his pant line, planting ascending kisses, ever so gently and slowly. One, then wait a few seconds, then the other, moving my lips around the sides of his belly button. His muscles rippled, I could tell he was enjoying. I just started to put my hands under his shirt, but pulled them out, so to tease him. I continued kissing his stomach for a minute, and ever so gently started to undo his belt. By the time I thrust the hook out of the first notch, he started to become a bit worried, so that he opened his eyes and started moving his hands down, probably to stop me. I responded by moving over, closer to his face, and taking his hands and pushing them down to his upper chest. I then kissed him quickly closing my eyes, and sliding my tongue into his mouth for a fleeting moment, then withdrew it, and broke our kiss. I opened my eyes above his face, then moved back down to his belt, and ever so gently started on sliding his belt out again. As the belt slid out of the last loop he gave a groan. I took the belt in my hands, and moved back up to his arms. I told him to give me his hands, and he obeyed. I gently tied a somewhat loose but secure knot, as to leave him immobile. He started to look worried. I looked at him and said, "Are you ok, babe?". He said, "Yea, keep on going. I love you, babe." I smiled, and moved back to his tummy. I slowly put my hand up the rest of his shirt, and slid it back down. He was letting out moans of pleasure all the while. I decided it was time to get him half naked, so I stood up and kissed him again, this time for longer, more passionately. I could tell he was horny, so I was going to make this a little more rushed than I had planned. I stepped back and started removing his shirt and sweater in one go, and he needed to squirm a little bit to get it off completely. Now, he just was looking at me, his hands tied and bare-chested, his black jeans still on but sagging the slightest bit, showing the rim of his tight boxer briefs, reading "Andrew Christian". I put my hand on his thigh, just moving about lightly. I could tell it was torture for him, but he wasn't saying a word, so I just continued. He closed his eyes once more, let out a deep breath and writhed. I moved my hand higher and higher, just avoiding his package, gliding past the rim of his undies, increasingly lighter as I moved to his belly button, then lifted. I booped him on the nose and left to go check on the tea. As soon as I walked in the kitchen, it started whistling.


I removed it from the stove and subsequently poured the water into both pots. I left them to steep, probably indefinitely. I walked back out and his eyes were open, awaiting my return. He was being unusually quiet, but he was not objecting, so I just kept it in mind. I knelt down again, going for his pants again, undoing the button, pulling the fly down ever so gently, and kissed his belly button. I started planting kisses again going up his perfect chest, and he was gasping and moaning. I got up to his neck, then untied his hands. He ran his fingers through my hair and pulled my close to him, slipping his tongue into my mouth once again. He pulled me on top of him and pinned me onto his bare chest. After a long kiss, I moved my head up from his, and just looked at him for a moment. I slid back onto the carpet, and played with his pant rim a little. I started pulling his pants down little by little, his briefs coming more and more into view, blue for the thighs and butt and gold for the pouch. The smooth fabric was gorgeous on his thighs, and was groaning from all this stimulation. I stopped pulling his pants down just before the start of his package. His eyes were still closed, a look of pleasure on his face, and his chest rising and falling quicker and quicker. I said, "Babe, do you want to take this to your bed?", to which he replied, "No, I wanna finish this right here, babe... Just go on, please." I moved my head close to his tummy, and started licking right below his belly button, down to the tip of his undies. I pulled his pants off then and there, with one swift movement, and there he lay, in only his undies, on the couch. I put my hand back on his thigh, and felt the fabric. It was really smooth, but I didn't really care because I wanted it off. So I moved my hand high and higher, getting extremely close to, but avoiding, his package. Finally he said, "Just do it babe, I can't take it anymore." So in a rather methodical manner, I moved my hand ever so slowly down, grazing his package. It started showing signs of life, and as I got more and more deliberate in massaging his cock, he started getting hard. "Fuck, I gotta get this going, babe." "Slow your roll there, boy, we'll finish, don't you worry. I'll take care of you." And with that, I started pulling down his undies, and when the top got to his member, with a swift pull down they were away from his goods, and bunched just above his knees. His precum had started forming, a considerable amount collecting on his hardening cock. I put both of my hands on either thigh, and spread his legs. I massaged them for a second, then yanked the briefs past his ankles, letting them drop to the floor. I grabbed him by the shoulders, pulled him up to sit, and said, "My turn", and with that, I gave a sly smile. My naked boy gladly followed, and I lie down on the couch, and put my arms up. He started to massage my stomach, and I could feel his strong fingers on my ab muscles. He lifted my shirt up to reveal the slight patch of hair that lead down into my pants, unlike his completely hairless body. He quickly yanked off my shirt and sweater, moving much quicker than I had, and was kissing all over my chest. It WAS torture, and such a big tease, as I was starting to get hard, too. Eventually I stood up, and pointed at my belt, standing there with my shirt off. He knelt and started undoing my belt, then slid it out and undid my pants. Instead of pulling them down straight away, he massaged my cock through my pants, and it felt amazing when he finally slid my pants down. I kicked my pants off, and stood

there in my tight Hilfiger boxer briefs, red and white, and getting hard. He quickly pulled off my undies and started jerking me off lightly, though it felt so amazing. I pulled him in with my left arm and started kissing him, and starting to jerk him off with my right hand. As it got more intense, the kissing getting hotter and the jerking going faster, we were both oozing precum. I finally broke the kiss and said, "I wanna suck your cock, babe." So he stood firm and I knelt, his cock right there in front of me. I put the head in my mouth slowly, having still another 7 inches to work on. He moaned immediately. I sucked harder and harder, taking more in and letting more and, till I got a steady pace going. He just kept moaning, standing there in his living room getting blown by me, thrusting a little. I started massaging his balls with my right hand, getting more passionate, and eventually started jerking a little with my left. After a few miuntes, I didn't want him to cum so I stopped. I looked at him, then attacked him with a sloppy kiss while dragging him to the bed. Once there, I threw him down on his back. I said, "Babe, get on your knees." He did so, and I said "relax, baby. We're gonna loosen you up, okay?" and he just nodded, jerking off lightly to stay hard. I put my hands on his butt checks, pressing them outwards, to make his butthole open up a little. Then, started licking his butthole a little. I was jerking off while I did this, and I figured he'd love the feeling, too. I started lightly and shallowly at first, but going deeper with my tongue, feeling the warmth. He was moaning so loud, and it made me so happy that I was pleasing him. I took a last lick from the end of his balls, up his crotch, up his butthole the top of his crack. I asked him if he was ready yet, and he moaned, "just go." So I grabbed the Gun Oil from a bag I brought. I opened the top of the Gun Oil, squeezed a little onto my fingers, and rubbed it down my 7 inches. I took a bit more on my fingers and put them into his butthole, and he started moaning again, as a moved my index and middle finger in and out, in and out. When we were well lubed up, I asked him to lie down on his tummy, which he did. I put my cock head on his butt checks and slid up, then down, then up, doing this for a minute. I told him to get back on his knees, and he rose up, and I started jerking him off from behind. I positioned my cock head at the entrance of his butthole and started pushing in lightly. He was moaning like never before, and I said, "Babe, lemme fuck you babe, yea, c'mon." I slid the rest of my cock in and started pounding, grunting as I did from exertion, hearing and feeling my balls slap against his ass, feeling my cock in his ass. I started jerking him off harder, and I started fucking harder, feeling about to burst, I pounded as hard as I could and let go, and exploded my load inside of him, deep into his ass I let my load go. As I started coming down, he said to me, "My turn", with a sly air of payback. He told me to get on my knees, and so I did, and felt his tongue on my butthole, going into it and playing around it, making circles and lines and frantic licks and spits. He massaged my checks and really started flicked his tongue in and out, and licking my balls and crotch and butthole. After a minute of that, I was really starting to moan, and he was saying quietly, "Yea babe, you like that, yea, take it like that." Then, he pulled back in a last lick of my butthole very strongly. I heard him open the bottle and put some on his cock, and the put more on his fingers and he slid his fingers into


my butthole and moved them around. It felt so amazing, but I really wanted his cock in there. After a minute of that, I felt his head at the entrance of my butthole, and I moaned, "Fuck my babe", and with that he thrust in, and out again, and went on for a few minutes while I was jerking off furiously, feeling my boy's balls slap against my ass and feeling his cock inside me, it was magical, and he was moaning "oh, fuck yea, c'mon, fuck yea!" and I was getting ready to cum, I could feel it, when all of a sudden, he thrusted harder and harder, and I felt him start to explode his load into my butthole, and that set me off, where I exploded, too, and he filled my butthole with his cum, built up all this time from me sucking him and fucking him. We both collapsed next to each other on the bed. We made out for a minute, then closed our eyes, holding each other warm and cozy, the tea and blanket forgotten, and drifted to sleep, content.