Absolute Convergence
Chapter Thirty-one
By John Yager

This is the thirty-first chapter of an ongoing series. I want to again thank everyone who has written to me about this story. I'm continually surprised and pleased by the response the series has prompted. All your comments are read and I try to respond promptly to each message. If there is a delay in my response it's usually because I'm traveling.

As I have said from the beginning of this series, my intention in writing Absolute Convergence is to deal with issues which have impacted and influenced the lives of gay people in the period between the 1960s and the present time.

Absolute Convergence has raised many more questions than it's answering and I certainly don't claim to know the answers. It's my hope that by raising questions I may prompt more consideration of issues facing gay people in the USA and throughout the world.

Andrew has continued to give much needed proofing and editorial help, for which I am sincerely grateful. I could not post chapters as quickly as I've been doing without his invaluable assistance.

This is a work of fiction and in no way draws on the lives of any specific person or persons. Except for the references to actual historical events, any similarity to actual persons or occurrences is entirely coincidental. This is obviously a work of gay erotic fiction. If you shouldn't be reading such material, or if such material isn't to your liking, please exit now.

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Back at Ole Miss, my life settled into a rather predictable pattern. The weeks after the Christmas holidays were a panic of preparations for the end of the first semester. I had papers to finish and seminars and exams to prepare for.

Roger Bardwell was demanding but fair, expecting the best from each of his honors students and expecting us also to perform well as a group, pulling together to demonstrate the value of the freshman honors program and the effort and expense which had gone into it.

In addition to seeing Bardwell in class, I'd asked him to be my advisor. He'd agreed and I began to see even more of him during our informal chats in his office. He encouraged me to be thinking ahead, not just to choosing a major and a topic for an eventual honors paper, but beyond my undergraduate program to graduate school. He encouraged my interests in literature and film and went out of his way to guide my thinking and reading.

My grades surprised me. I'd expected to finish my first semester at Ole Miss with three A's and two B's, but in the end I got all A's, making me the only "Straight A" freshman member of the football program. Steve took special pride, and amusement, in the accolade and pointed out to all our friends that I was "Straight A," always putting an emphasis on "Straight," and always with a twinkle in his eyes. His own grades were nearly as good so he really had nothing to be ashamed of.

Steve and I managed to get through the last few weeks of the semester, dodging roommates, sometimes avoiding friends, but finding time to be together. When we'd finished our exams we had five days free before the beginning of the new semester. We talked about several things we could do but we were saving our money for spring break and with only five days, we couldn't really go too far.

To my surprise Daniel Lipscomb stopped me one day after Bardwell`s class and asked if Steve and I would be interested in spending the break with him in Memphis. I`d gotten to know Daniel fairly well over the fall semester and liked him a lot. He was laid back, easy going, and seemed to take everything in stride. He was clearly very intelligent and, not to be ignored, a good looking guy.

"Gee, Daniel, that sounds great," I`d said. "I`ll talk it over with Steve and let you know tomorrow."

"Great. I hope you`ll come. My folks will be gone and we`ll more or less have the place to ourselves."

"Your folks won't be there?" I asked.

"They spend a few weeks in London every winter, theater, concerts, some opera. You know." I didn't know but I didn't say so.

"You're sure it will be okay if Steve and I are there?"

"Sure. We won't be entirely alone." He didn't elaborate.

That evening Steve and I discussed our options and decided Daniel`s invitation sounded great.

I'd suspected Daniel came from an affluent family but both Steve and I were totally unprepared for what we discovered when we arrived. We'd gone up from Oxford to Memphis by bus and then taken a cab to the Lipscomb's house in Germantown, just to the east of Memphis. The place was a huge pseudo-Tudor mansion with at least half a dozen bedrooms on the upper floor.

"I put you two in the west bedroom," Daniel said when we arrived. "But feel free to look around and see if there's another room you'd prefer."

The room he'd assigned was built under the low, sloping angles of the roof with dark beams and one huge bed. Steve and I assumed that Daniel had "figured us out," and gave us a room with one huge bed, privacy and its own bath. Until that point nothing had been said about our relationship and we were grateful for his kindness and tact.

Star, who was in and out every day, stayed over at least one night with Daniel, and again nothing was said about the nature of their friendship. She, it turned out, lived only one street away and the private high school they'd both attended was also close by.

An older couple lived in the opposite end of the house from the family bedrooms and guest rooms. Mazy, the wife, served as housekeeper and cook. Her husband, Max, drove and had oversight of work on the gardens and lawns. There were at least two other servants, a woman who came in every day to do general house work and cleaning and a man whom we only saw one time. Daniel told us his name was Al and he'd been a client of Daniel's father, who was an attorney. We weren't sure if Daniel's stories about Al were true, but he insisted that his father had successfully defended him against a charge of killing another man in a fight and that ever since Mr. and Mrs. Lipscomb had employed him to work with Max doing lawn work and gardening. Daniel had endless stories about Al's antics and his connections with the Memphis underworld.

Each day Daniel had planned some outing, to a museum, to a local theater for an amateur performance of A Glass Menagerie, and one night to a crazy jazz club.

Each evening after a full day of activities, Steve and I returned to the huge bed to make love. The room, in a sense, the entire house, inspired us to gentleness and leisure which was new in our usually hectic sex life.

Steve didn't know Memphis at all and I especially wanted him to see the Peabody Hotel. Our way of thanking Daniel for his kindness was to take him and Star there for dinner one night. I'd told Steve about my adventures there and he insisted on me telling the others a rather well edited version of my saga over dinner.

Max drove us into the city and left us at the hotel, where, it turned out, several of the staff knew Daniel and Star. We were given a great table in the restaurant and a bottle of wine arrived unbidden, a nice treat, considering we were all under age to be drinking. Even Steve and I took a holiday from or usual training diet to enjoy a glass.

Sadly the ducks had been paraded up to their rooftop abode before we arrived, so Steve missed the fun of seeing them walk along the red carpet to the elevators.

That evening, after we`d all come back to the house and Steve and I had gone to our room, Daniel came in and talked for a while as he sat on the side of our bed. We were naked under the covers and realized Daniel must have known that, but he sat there chatting, unembarrassed by the sexual circumstances.

"So how long have you two been a couple?" Daniel asked after the three of us had talked for a few minutes.

Steve and I looked at each other and then back at him.

"It's cool," he said. "I swing both ways, but I guess you've figured that out."

If Steve had figured it out, he'd never said anything about Daniel's sexuality to me. I certainly had never guessed that Daniel might be interested in guys. I was naive enough to assume that since he had such a close relationship with Star that he was completely straight.

"Since last October," Steve said while I was still mulling over the implications of the question.

"Yeah," Daniel said, smoothing the bed covers by his thigh. "That's about when I figured."

"You've been keeping tabs on us?" Steve asked.

"Yeah, kind of," Daniel grinned. "I think you two are hot."

Steve looked at me and then back at Daniel.

"Does that mean you might be interested in getting it on with us?"

"Both of you?"

"Yeah." Steve said. I wanted to kick him under the covers but knew if I did it would be obvious. Besides, I was finding the conversation very arousing.

"I did a threesome with two girls once," Daniel said, "Star and another friend of ours, as a mater of fact, but I never got it on with two guys before." He was looking down at the bedcovers.

"What did the three of you do?" Steve asked casually.

"Well," Daniel said, looking a little embarrassed, "I eventually fucked them both but we spent a lot of time just making out."

"How did that work" Steve asked.

"What to you mean?"

"Well, what did Star do while you were fucking the other girl, for example."

"We were all three doing a lot of kissing. I love kissing," he added with a grin. "Then while I was fucking one of them the other girl was kissing me or the two of them were kissing each other."

"Does Star like girls?"

"Yeah, we both swing both ways."

"Hot!" Steve growled.

Daniel looked up and grinned, his eyes going from Steve to me. "What about you two? Have you ever done it with a third guy?"

"I've messed around with two other guys a couple of times," Steve said, "but Rob wasn't in on it." He looked over at me and grinned. I raised my right eyebrow questioningly. Steve and I had talked about having a threesome a few times, usually with Sammy Hill as the focus of our speculations, but Steve had never admitted before that he'd actually engaged in sex with two guys at once. "That was before I knew Rob," Steve added.

"Well, I guess there's a first time for everything."

"We're naked under these sheets, Daniel," Steve said, reaching over to stroke my thigh.

"I sort of figured you were," Daniel said with a grin.

"Well, why don't you lose your boxers and t-shirt and get under the covers with us," Steve said, his voice a most seductive growl.

"You okay with that, Rob?" Daniel asked. To that point I'd not really been consulted.

"I guess so," I said, "but nervous as hell," I said.

"Me, too," Daniel grinned, but he didn't hesitate to pull off his t-shirt, exposing his slender, but well defined torso. He was a couple of inches shorter than Steve and me and I guessed probably thirty pounds lighter. The hair on his head was darker than ours, a light brown with golden highlights. He had the body of a runner, smooth with no more body hair to speak of.

"Boxers too," Steve said, his voice little more than a whisper. I realized he was very aroused by the little show Daniel was putting on and I had to admit that I was as well.

Daniel slowly slid his boxer shorts down and off, lifting first one leg and then the other, and tossing them onto the chair with his shirt. He stood there naked but seemingly with no embarrassment at all. Like us, he was circumcised and his cock looked a little on the small side.

"Come on," Steve whispered as he moved a little to his side of the bed. I moved to my right, following his lead, making room between us in the big bed. Steve lifted the covers off our naked bodies and Daniel rolled over Steve and came to rest between us, his head in the space between our pillows. We all just lay there looking up at the low ceiling over our heads. I felt at once the heat of his body and it reminded me of Rick. I'd forgotten how warm Rick always was and the memory couldn't help but make me a little sad.

Steve lifted himself up and turned onto his side, facing Daniel and me, his head supported on one bent arm. "This feels a little odd," he said, grinning at the two of us.

"Yeah," Daniel and I both said at once.

"Are you into kissing, Daniel?" Steve said, his voice that low, sexy growl which always turned me on.

"I love kissing," Daniel whispered, "but I've never done it much with another guy."

Without hesitating, Steve leaned over and placed his lips against Daniel's, letting them rest there lightly, not wanting to freak him out by becoming too aggressive too quickly. As he continued to kiss Daniel softly on his lips Steve extended his hand across him to find mine. He grasped it and drew it over until my hand was resting on Daniel's hard cock.

"Okay?" Steve said as he drew back from the kiss.

"Yeah, nice," Daniel whispered.

"Your turn," Steve said looking over at me.

I wasn't sure if he meant it was my turn to kiss Daniel or my turn to kiss Steve, but when he made no move to kiss me, I lifted myself up as he'd done and rolled over to place my own lips on Daniel's. They were soft and warm and I felt them quiver a little as I pressed down more firmly. He moaned and opened just a little. My hand was still on his cock but Steve put his hand over mine and began to slowly stroke Daniel as I continued to kiss him. I moved my hand up along Daniel's tight chest and stroked his left nipple.

I took Daniel's slightly open lips as an invitation to become a little more aggressive, running the wet tip of my tongue back and forth across his lower lip. As I did so, he moaned again and opened wider. His tongue met mine as I invaded his mouth, feeling its wet, warm interior. He really was a great kisser.

Daniel's muscles tightened and I knew something more than our kissing was pushing him on. I pulled my lips away from his and turned to see what Steve was up to. He had Daniel's cock deep in his throat, clearly sucking him to the very edge of orgasm. It was also clear from the position of his hand that Steve was fingering our new playmate's ass. From the look on Daniel's face I wondered just how many fingers Steve had pressed into him. The boy's expression was an amazing mixture of pleasure and concern.

"How you doing?" I asked Daniel, realizing Steve was in no position to speak.

"Good. Great," he moaned.

"Has anyone ever fucked you in the ass?" I asked, knowing Steve was obviously moving in that direction.


"Do you like what Steve is doing?"

"Oh yeah," Daniel moaned again. "I can't believe it."

"How many fingers has he worked into you?"

"Two, I think. No, three." He closed his eyes and rolled his head slowly from side to side, trying to come to terms with everything that was happening to him. I wondered if this had already gone further than he'd expected, further than he was perhaps prepared to go.

"How does it feel?"


"Did you see Steve's cock as you were getting into bed?"

"Yeah, it's big."

"The shaft isn't all that thick but the head is large. If he fucks you it's going to hurt going in."

"Why don't you fuck me first, open me up?"

I rose up and looked down the length of Daniel's body. Steve looked up at me and nodded, Daniel's cock still buried deep in his throat.

Steve rose up, letting the wet, throbbing length of Daniel's dick slide slowly from his mouth. "Go ahead, fuck him," Steve said when his mouth was free.

"You're sure you're okay with that, Daniel?" I said, looking down at his innocent face.

"Yeah," he whispered. "I want you to."

"Steve?" I said, turning to face him. "You don't mind if I go first?"

"No, buddy, go for it. I'll trade places with you and get some of that tongue sucking you've been doing with the dude."

"You'll both fuck me?" Daniel whispered as Steve and I got off the bed for a moment to swap places. He was staring at Steve's ridged cock and I could tell he was not at all sure.

"You'll love it," I said reassuringly. "Once I've opened you up you can take Steve with no trouble at all."

"Okay, if you're sure," Daniel said as he started to roll over.

"No, Daniel," I said, placing my hand on his hip to stop him. "Stay on your back. I want to see your face."

He looked at me with some confusion apparent on his handsome face. "Just relax. Steve and I know what we're doing."

I knelt between Daniel's legs and lifted them up to rest on my shoulders. His ass was already gaping from the attention Steve had been giving him.

"Here," Steve said, tossing me a jar of petroleum jelly we'd put in the drawer of the bedside table. "You may need this." As I positioned myself Steve lay down beside Daniel and began to stroke his trim, well defined chest.

I moved forward, positioning the weeping head of my cock at the opening of Daniel's virgin ass and slowly, gently pressed in. Steve was still sitting on the side of the bed watching my progress. There was a slight smile on his face as he watched my cock slide into Daniel's ass.

Daniel's own face was a picture of confused emotions. His eyes were only slightly open, almost squinting, as he tried to relax and take my cock. Yet under that one evidence of discomfort or concern his gaping lips seemed to cry out silently, a declaration of lust.

"Oh, god, yes. . ." Daniel moaned as my cock pressed in all the way. My pubic hair was pressed against his, damp, hot, radiating the strong odors of masculine sex. My balls were still loose and hanging down against his buttocks. I looked up at his face, then down to where my body pressed against him. I held very still, not moving, not thrusting, even though every fiber of my being was screaming for me to drive into him with all the force I could muster.

I waited, watching his face, marveling at the heat of his body. A tremor ran through his body, quivering around my cock. His skin was warm, radiating heat like an electric blanket. His ass was hotter still. It felt as if my cock was caught in a seething, steaming vice. He was hot and tight, very tight, despite all the fingering Steve had given him. I wondered, as I waited for his body to relax, if he could take Steve. Maybe if I really fucked him hard I could pound those stubborn muscles into submission, opening him so he could take the formidable knob of Steve's cock with some ease. Even then, I knew it was going to hurt. It was going to hurt him a lot.

Another tremor ran through his body and he moaned again.

"Yeah, Rob," Daniel whispered at last, "fuck me. Fuck me hard."

I pulled back slowly, feeling the cool air on my wet cock as it slid from him. When only the head of my cock was still in him I reversed course and slid slowly back in.

"Yeah, oh yeah," he moaned.

Steve leaned over him and planted his own open mouth over Daniel's, silencing him. Immediately Daniel's arms came around Steve's shoulders, pulling them closer. Steve's weight was supported by his own awkwardly bent arms and his triceps bulged like hard ropes. The muscles of his back were bulging

I pulled back again and then drove in with greater force, greater speed.

One or both of them were moaning. With their lips locked together it was a joined song, a moan of their passion and mine, a crying out of all the passion in the world.

I was speeding up, making no effort to prolong it, making no effort at subtlety or finesse, just giving in to pure animal lust, short strokes now, only out a few inches, then pounding back into him with driving force. Every muscle of my honed body was at work. It had been football which had motivated me to build my physique but at that moment I knew it was the sheer joy of unbridled man to man sex which was the ultimate payoff.

Sweat was dripping off my chest onto Daniel's belly. Our pubic hair was wet and matted between us. The rhythm was hard now, unrestrained, unbridled. I was pounding into him, punishing his body, making his ass reverberate with each hard impact of my body against his. It wouldn't be long.

Steve and Daniel were moaning now like two rutting animals. Daniel's legs were locked around my hips and his arms were locked around Steve's chest. I didn't know until that moment that three bodies could be so powerfully linked.

The first shockwaves of our shared orgasm seemed to begin someplace in the air between us, quivering for a moment and then shooting through our fused nervous systems like an electric shock. I don't know if Daniel or I came first. I felt his body convulse. His ass tightened even more around my throbbing cock and suddenly I was shooting volleys of my hot spunk into the deepest recesses of his gut. Daniel's own cock was suddenly alive with his climax, jolting like the recoil of a gun as his own seed shot forth in bolt after bolt, landing in Steve's hair, hanging for a moment on the back of his head and then sliding off to pool in the sharp valleys of Daniel's chest.

Steve lifted himself up a little and rolled over to look up at me, his head resting on Daniel's right shoulder. I collapsed onto them, letting my head rest between their heads, my lips pressed firmly against Daniel's neck. We breathed in gasps, sucking air.

Slowly, after what seemed like hours but could have only been moments, our bodies began to recover. In those moments, though, I had a sense of oneness with the two of them that was entirely new to me. It was as if Steve and Daniel and I were momentarily linked by our shared rapture.

I rose up and moved to the left until my lips hovered over Steve's. His eyes were closed but he seemed to sense my presence, perhaps the slight movement of the air by my breath against his lips. He smiled slightly and his lips opened. I lowered my lips to his and we kissed. It was a gentle kiss, a tender, loving kiss.

When I lifted my mouth from Steve's I moved to my right and again lowered my lips, this time to cover Daniel's. His eyes were open and he had watched as Steve and I had kissed. He, too, opened his lips ever so slightly so that there was that pulsing of the air between us.

"My, my," Steve whispered when my lips lift Daniel's. "That was wonderful."

"You've not come yet," Daniel said, his own voice not much louder than Steve's.

"It's okay," Steve responded.

I rolled off them and Daniel lifted his head, lifted his upper body, supporting himself on his elbows, and looked down the length of his own body and Steve's.
My lover's cock was still hard and pulsing, its huge head red and angry and very wet.

"I want you to fuck me now," Daniel whispered. There was a note of dread in his voice, mixed with lust.

"You're sure?" Steve said.

"Yeah, now while I'm gaping like a tunnel from the pounding Rob gave me."

I scooted off the bed to give them room. Steve moved between Daniel's widespread legs and lifted them to his broad shoulders as I had done. I saw at once the damage my own cock had done. Daniel's ass was gaping and red. The residue of my climax was leaking from him, collecting in white puddles on the sheet and on the inward surfaces of his thighs.

Steve wasted no time. He moved the huge head of his own throbbing cock to Daniel's ass and rammed it in. In a split second he was in all the way.

Daniel gasped. It was a cry of pain but behind it the echo of his desire.

"Yes," Daniel gasped.

"Sorry if that hurt, Danny Boy, but I know from experience that it's better in the long run. Get my cock in quick and then let your body come to terms with it."

"Yes," Daniel said again but t his time it was not so much a gasp as a prolonged hiss.

Daniel's legs came up around Steve's hips, locked at the ankles and held him close. "Now fuck the shit out of me."

Steve obliged. His hard, muscular body moved into action. He spared Daniel nothing. He made him feel every bruising collision of Steve's body against Daniel's. They groaned in unison. The sound and the odor of raw sex filled the room. I stood for a moment watching in awe but feeling my own body respond to the sheer punishing energy of their union, and was soon drawn to move back into the trio, to be a part of this brazen act. I knelt on the bed behind Steve and ran my damp hands over his butt.

"Yeah," he moaned. I wasn't sure if he was responding to my actions or to the merciless pounding he was giving Daniel.

I ran my fingers long the damp cleft of Steve's ass and quickly found his quivering pucker. He groaned again as I moved my fingers over it.

"Yeah," he moaned again.

I pressed one finger into him and felt his tight ass clamp around it. He slackened his rhythm, fucking Daniel more slowly, giving me a chance to work my finger deep into him.

The second finger went in easily and when I added a third he stopped, held very still and tuned his head as far toward me as he could while still keeping his own cock wedged deep in Daniel's ass.

"Fuck me," he growled.

"Do you think we can like this?" I said.

"Yeah. I'll hold still while you get your cock in my ass and when you're ready we can start moving together. "

I didn't think it would work but it did. I really didn't move much at all. I just kept a firm grip on Steve's hips and let him establish the rhythm. I'd heard about daisy chains but had never considered fucking a guy while he knelt fucking another guy who lay under him. But once I was deep in Steve's ass and he started thrusting into Daniel again I just held on for dear life and rode him like the bucking stallion he was.

Even though I'd come not all that long before it didn't take long for us all to get to the top of the hill again. I felt Steve reaching orgasm. I knew him too well to miss the signs. I could tell from Daniel's moans that he was close, too. I just followed their lead and when Steve shot his seed into Daniel, his ass tightened and pulsed around my cock and I came a second time, filling Steve's ass.

It was obvious when I pulled out and laid down beside them that Daniel had come a second time as well. We lay there panting, coming down from an amazing sexual high, and then slipped into a deep and happy sleep, our bodies intertwined, our breathing falling into pace with one another.

I woke once during the night and padded off silently to the bathroom. When I returned Steve and Daniel had rolled together facing each other with Daniel's face pressed against Steve's muscular chest. I crawled back in bed behind Steve and spooned up against him, my crotch pressed again into his ass. He made a little humming sound and moved back against me.

Around seven the next morning I felt movement and rose up a little. Daniel was sitting on the far side of the bed, pulling on his boxers and t-shirt.

"You okay?" I whispered.

He turned around as he stood up and grinned at me. I knew he was fine. He came around the bed and leaned over me, kissing me softly on the lips.

"I may not walk for a week," he whispered, "but I'll remember last night for the rest of my life."

As he turned to go I said, "so why are you leaving?"

"I'm going to get to my own room before Mazy starts making her rounds." He grinned at me again and added, "besides, I think I need a shower."

We headed back to Oxford that afternoon. Classes started the next morning and both Steve and I needed to get settled. It would be nice to have a room to myself during the second semester.

"So what did you think of our threesome?" Steve asked later that night as we lay in bed together, just to two of us.

"Amazing," I said. "I figured you'd keep pushing until we did it but I was expecting you'd insist on setting us up with Sammy Hill. I never guessed we'd do it with Daniel." I paused to think about it and added, "I guess I never suspected Daniel might be into guys."

"Yeah, the world is full of surprises."

"You know Sammy wants go to Gulf Port with us over Spring Break."

"Yeah, I'm looking forward to it." He gave me a mischievous wink and added, "maybe we should ask Daniel to join us, too."

To be continued.