Absolute Convergence
Chapter Thirty-six
By John Yager

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Monday morning we went back to the beach again.

Four Freshmen, four fresh men. I wonder where that expression came from.

Well, no matter, we'd staked out our turf, spread our blankets, positioned our beverage cooler and planted our umbrella in the sand. We'd begun to recognize a few of the people around us from the day before and, more importantly, were recognized by them.

Guys came by and waved. They said, "hi." They said we were welcome to join Frisbee or volleyball games.

We said, "maybe" and "later." They looked us over, figuring we'd be good players, perhaps wanting us on their team. Maybe a few of them were looking us over with other interests, maybe checking us out.

Girls came by and chatted. The word spread that we were Ole Miss jocks, that I was on the football team, that I was being groomed as a future starting quarterback, that Sammy was a place kicker. We were suddenly popular, very popular.

Girls didn't just say "hi," they sat on our blankets. They talked.

We were friendly, we flirted. We knew it wasn't going anyplace but the girls didn't know that.

Steve and Daniel chatted up a couple of the hottest ones.

I told one girl that I was officially going steady, "but she's in school on the east coast."

The girl, who was very cute and very sexy, said, "well, then, it doesn't really count as going steady, does it?"

I smiled and said, "maybe not."

Even Sammy, the only one of the four of us who'd never been with a girl, who swore vehemently that he'd never be with a girl, that he found the whole idea repulsive, got into the act.

I guess it really was an act.

A cute kid came onto him. She was a freshman at the University of Texas, short, maybe five-one, five-two. She looked like she wasn't older than sixteen.

Sammy was flattered but nonplussed. He didn't know how to react and it showed. He was suddenly very pink and I wondered if he'd had too much sun. His red hair had begun to develop golden highlights in the harsh sun. His tight butt twitched in his tight shorts. The pair he'd worn today were pale yellow. The guy was adorable.

Just before noon we folded our umbrella and packed up our blankets and took our cooler and headed for the cottage. We were careful not to tell the girls where we were staying. They asked if we'd be back. We said maybe after lunch, tomorrow, for sure. They said they'd look for us.

We were Freshmen. We were fresh men. We were studs! And we were loving it.

Back at the cottage Sammy took charge. I grinned and looked over at Steve. The little guy was taking over. He was going to be the leader of the pack. I couldn't help but be amused, especially as Sammy took over the role Steve undeniably assumed was rightfully his.

"Okay, guys," Sammy said, "we've got to get organized."

"What do you have in mind, Lover Boy," Steve said.

"Don't call me `Lover Boy,' mister," Sammy shot back. "I saw you coming on to those girls."

"Hey, mister," Steve said, "you were definitely flirting with one of those cute chicks from Austin."

"Well, at least I didn't start it," responded. There was a definite note of defensiveness in his voice.

"Oh, he's touchy," Daniel laughed, getting into the act.

"Okay, enough," Sammy snapped, silencing them. "This is serious. There are a few things we need to do if we intend to go on living a reasonably civilized life."

"Yes, sir, Mr. Hill," Steve said," read your list and make your assignments."

"Well, it's obvious, isn't it? Somebody has to do some shopping and somebody had better wash the sheets. A little general housekeeping would also be in order."

"There are clean sheets in the cabinets," Steve said.

"That's all well and good," Sammy said, but what will we do if we really need to change them unexpectedly. I say get the dirty ones washed and put them back on the beds. We can keep the extra sets for reserve." He paused and looked around. When none of us objected he added, "we need to shop for food anyway so we may just as well do the laundry at the same time."

"We figured we'd all go shopping together," I volunteered. "That's why Steve and I just bought enough for a couple of days."

"Okay," Sammy said, "let's straighten up the place and strip the beds. I don't know where I'll be sleeping tonight but both beds are disgusting."

"Got ya," Steve said as he began to pick up tennis shoes and assorted bits of male clothing which were strewn around the living room.

"We can find a Laundromat when we go shopping," Sammy said over his shoulder as he headed into the bedroom where he and Steve had spent the previous night.

Daniel and I headed into the other bedroom, the one we'd shared, and pulled the sheets off the bed. Sammy was right, they were disgusting. By the time we were through, we'd gathered a substantial pile of dirty clothes, stinking socks and sweaty towels. We spread the sheets in the center of the living room floor and piled everything else on them, bundling the entire mess into one ball, which Steve then carried out to the Lincoln.

An hour and a half later we'd gorged ourselves on very greasy burgers and milkshakes at a café next to the first Laundromat we found. One or the other of us abandoned our lunch from time to time to make quick trips to transfer loads of laundry from washing machines to dryers, a process which continued after we'd eaten and begun our shopping at a supermarket, which was just a few doors down at the end of the row of shops.

By two we were back at the cottage with a pile of clean laundry and enough food to last us the rest of the week.

"Okay," Sammy said, again taking charge, "we've sorted the clothes and folded the sheets. Now is as good a time as ever to decide who's going to sleep where. Then we can get the beds made." For the first time there was a general revolt against Sammy's leadership.

"Fuck that, Sammy," Steve jumped in. "Let's just get the beds made for now. Who knows who will end up where tonight."

"Yeah, Sammy," Daniel jumped in. "We can figure out the sleeping arrangements later."

"Okay, fine," Sammy said, giving an inch.

Daniel and I went off to make the bed in the north room while Steve and Sammy went off to make the bed in the room we'd shared the night before.

"So where do you want to sleep tonight?" I asked Daniel as we spread the top sheet and tucked it neatly in.

"Not where, Rob. I couldn't care less which bed I'm in. But whichever it is, I want to sleep with you."

I blushed and smiled across the width of the bed at him.

"That's what I want," he went on, "but if I understand the rules of Steve's game, I think it might be wise if you slept with Sammy tonight."

"And you sleep with Steve?"

"Yeah," he grinned. "I think it's high time I fuck him."



We returned to the beach that afternoon, but not to the area we'd been frequenting. Instead, we angled east and then walked along a straight stretch of sand which, had we gone far enough, led all the way to Biloxi.

There were fewer people there and for a while we walked four abreast, jostling one another, pushing the guy near the water into approaching waves as they broke on the sand. I sensed a greater feeling of comradeship among us than had been present before. It was true, we were getting to know one another better and as we did so we were becoming more accepting of each other's personalities. I liked the feeling of greater oneness between us.

Sammy had brought a Frisbee and we began to toss it back and forth between us as we continued to walk along the beach. I couldn't help but marvel at the beauty of our bodies as we ran and jumped and stretched to catch a long throw or dove into the sand to just snag the short ones.

It was a beautiful day and the joy of our youth and of our mutual caring seemed to surround us.

At one point when Daniel and I had moved a little ahead of Steve and Sammy, Daniel said, "are you okay with me sleeping with Steve tonight?"

"I'll miss you," I responded, keeping my voice low.
"But you see why I think I should do it."

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Okay then," Daniel said. "I need for you to make some sort of an approach to Sammy."

"Rather than you saying anything to Steve?"

"Yeah, you get Sammy to sleep with you tonight and the rest will fall into place."

I still didn't know what Daniel had in mind. I had no idea how he'd get Steve to submit to him. I'd told Daniel that I was often the top in my sexual relationship with Steve, but, I realized, it had always been Steve who had instigated things. It was when he'd wanted to bottom that I'd fucked him. It had never been something I had even considered starting. How Daniel thought he could motivate Steve to play a submissive role was beyond me.

"Okay," I said, "I'll try."

The next time Daniel caught the Frisbee he looked at me out of the corner of his eye, gave me a wink and then faded back. When he was about thirty yards behind the rest of us, he sailed the disk out in a low curve to our left. Steve was further from the water at that point and made a quick dart after it. The Frisbee sailed slowly, curving further inland, ultimately reaching a point almost equidistant from the point where Steve had started his run and the point from which Daniel had tossed it. It was only as I realized the path it was on that I saw Daniel had taken off in a fast sprint after it.

As Steve made a lunge to catch the Frisbee, Daniel also dove forward, colliding with Steve in mid-air. Their bodies recoiled from the force of the collision and the rolled together in the sand. I thought for a moment that one or both of them might be hurt but as they rolled together, coming to rest in a knot of tangled arms and legs, I heard them both laughing.

If Daniel's intent had been to draw Steve away from Sammy and me, he'd done it very successfully. They rolled together in the sand, the hot sun glistening on their sweaty bodies. I heard their laughter and fragments of their conversation, but they were too far from us for Sammy and me to really hear what was being said.

"Well, it looks as if they're having fun," Sammy said.

"Yeah," I agreed.

Sammy strolled further to his right, putting a little distance between him and me. He followed the wet course of the high tide, looking down as if searching for shells or fragments of coral.

I fell in behind him.

"Sammy, I was wondering," I said as we strolled on, "if you were up for a change of bedmates tonight?"

"Sure, Rob," he said, stopping and turning toward me. "I understand, you want to get back with Steve, right?"

"Well no," I said. "I was going to suggest that tonight you sleep with me."

He looked blank, then smiled. "Really?" he said.

"Yeah, Sammy, definitely. Does that surprise you?"

"Well, yeah, Rob, it does. I sort of figured you weren't interested."

"Yeah, I guess you could have thought that. I'm sorry, Sammy, I should have said something after Athens."

"I figured you and Steve got started, started dating, you know?" He looked down at the incoming tide rushing over his bare feet. "I figured once you and he got together you just didn't have time for anybody else."

"Well, maybe at first, but now, as you can tell from what Steve said and from what's gone on since we got here, that we've moved into a more open relationship."

"Where does that leave us, you and me, I mean?"

"Well, for one thing, it seems to me that we started something in Athens that wasn't finished there. I guess I'd like to explore it, if you're willing."

"You're not talking about any sort of serious relationship," Sammy said, still wiggling his toes in the soft, wet sand.

"You heard what Steve said the other night, Sammy."

"About us four getting to know one another."

"That's been his objective almost as long as he and I have been together. I guess he feels that we should be open, get to know other people, do some experimenting, not get into a restrictive relationship for a while."

"So how do you think he'll feel if you and I say we want to sleep together tonight?"

"I don't see how he can object, Sammy. Switching around between the four of us is more or less what he proposed.

"How do you think Daniel will feel? Steve seemed to think you two were getting really close."

"I think Daniel will be okay with it," I said just as a burst of laughter caught our attention. We both turned to see Daniel running up the beach with the Frisbee tucked under his arm. Steve was chasing him as they both laughed and called teasing challenges to one another.

At that point Steve got with in a yard or two of Daniel and threw himself forward in a rather spectacular flying tackle. They both landed in a heap, rolling together and laughing as they wrestled for the Frisbee.

"Yeah," Sammy grinned. "I guess they are getting along after all."

That night as Steve again grilled steaks on the deck, Sammy made a salad and kept watch on potatoes baking in the oven. Daniel and I sat in the living room chatting. When Steve came in to check on Sammy's progress, he put his arms around the smaller guy and gave him a serious hug. Bending over to press his lips against Sammy's, Steve whispered something we couldn't hear. Sammy shook his head and then gestured toward Daniel and me.

Steve straightened up, looked at the two of us, then came into the living room with Sammy close behind.

"Sammy seems to think it's time we change bed partners," Steve said, looking from Daniel to me.

"Sure, Sammy and I can share again tonight," Daniel said with a look of complete innocence.

"No, he wants to bed down with Rob," Steve said. "How does that sound?"

I caught Sammy's eye. I waited a moment, as if considering the options, then said, "sure, I'm okay with that. What about you, Daniel? Are you okay sleeping with Steve?"

Daniel also waited a telltale moment before answering. I was sure that Steve interpreted it as hesitance on Daniel's part. When he spoke it was with no seeming enthusiasm. "Yeah," he said. "I guess that's okay."

The guy had pulled off the first of his objectives and I had to give him credit. I knew Steve and Sammy hadn't guessed that the whole ploy had been aimed at pairing Daniel and Steve.

I couldn't help wondering if he would also accomplish his further goal of fucking Steve. It suddenly seemed more possible.

It had been a long day and we were all tired. Steve had insisted we each have a second glass of wine with dinner so we could discard the bottle. About ten o'clock Sammy said he'd like to shower and get to bed and I said I'd join him. We didn't see Steve and Daniel again until the next morning.

I wasn't aware of how it had been decided but Sammy headed for the room he and Steve had shared, the room where Steve and I had slept the first night. That put Steve and Daniel in the room where Daniel had slept each night so far. How was that for home court advantage?

Once in the bedroom, both Sammy and I began to undress.

"Do you want to shower first?" Sammy asked a he pulled off his yellow shorts, leaving him in only a pair of jockey shorts.

"They're big showers," I said, "what's wrong with doing it together?"

"Sure," he said, looking over at me with a questioning expression on his cute face. Still wearing his briefs, he walked toward the bathroom with me following close behind. He turned on the water and as we waited for it to get warm, I got into the cupboard for a pair of fresh towels. I pulled off my shorts and stood there naked, waiting for Sammy to adjust the temperature and finish undressing. After a moment or two of silence I walked over and reached by him into the shower stall. The water was very hot. I turned on the cool tap and fiddled with it until it felt about right.

Sammy, still silent, turned away from me and pulled off his white briefs. As he bent to slide them over his feet, his ass was exposed to my sight. It looked red and swollen. I knew Steve must have ridden him hard.

We stepped into the stall and slid the glass door shut. Taking the soap, I began to work up a rich lather and then spread it over his chest and shoulders. Sammy said nothing and I took his silence as assent. As I continued to wash his body I saw a huge bruise on his upper left thigh and another one on his right side just where the hip bone formed a sort of pointed ridge. I hadn't noticed them before and realized they'd both been covered by his shorts.

I guess it was the association of being with Sammy in Athens after coming from Joyce, but I remembered her body, lean and strong, but very feminine. I couldn't help contrasting my memories of her with the very present reality of Sammy standing there before me.

He seemed so slight. Despite the hard, defined muscles, he seemed like a delicate thing under my hands, a bird, perhaps, or a small, frightened animal or a vulnerable child. I suddenly wanted to hold him, protect him, shelter him from harm and hurt and hard use.

"You look tired, fellow," I said as I crouched to wash his legs.

"Yeah," he said, reaching out to support himself, his hands on my shoulders. "It's been a long day."

"I have a feeling the last two nights haven't been all that restful either," I said, looking up at him and smiling.

"That's for sure," he said, a slight grin flickering across his face.

"You and Steve have been going at it," I said, not as a question but as a statement of fact.

"Yeah, he's demanding," Sammy said. His hands were still on my shoulders and he was leaning forward so his weight was on me.

"He fucked you several times."

"Yeah," Sammy said, his voice almost a whisper.

"But you liked it."

"It hurt like hell, Rob, if you want to know the truth."

"But you liked it."

"Yeah." As I looked up at him again, he smiled slightly and blushed.

I leaned toward him and placed slow, soft, gentle kisses on the dark bruises. When I moved back and looked up at him, he smiled.

"Turn around, Sam," I whispered. "I want to wash your back."

He leaned back against the tile wall, took a deep breath and then straightened up and turned, spread his arms and supported himself against the wall. Before standing up, I used my hands to spread his feet. When I rose and looked at him I was struck again by his delicacy and submissiveness. The bruises on his leg and hip looked dark and angry against his pale skin. I knew they'd take days to fade. He looked like an arrestee spread-eagled after a police officer had apprehended him. He looked very vulnerable.

I again worked the soap over his shoulders and then down over his back. When I reached his buttocks I massaged them and then gently ran my soapy fingers along the cleft of his ass, feeling a little shudder as they passed over his swollen pucker. I spread the bulbous mounds of his ass and let the water flow down between them, rinsing the suds away and then repeating the process.

I lathered him up again and this time let my fingers linger over the puffy, swollen tissue. When he didn't resist, I worked a single, slick finger into him, twisting it and pushing in to gain greater entry.

Sammy shuddered and looked back over his shoulder at me.

"Are you going to fuck me?" he asked.

"Do you want me to?"

He didn't answer verbally but he pushed his butt back against my probing finger.

His ass felt spongy and swollen.

I continued to work my finger into him, feeling the muscles of his ring relax. I withdrew my finger and rinsed him again. I turned him to face me and he looked confused.

"Do you have enough energy to wash me?" I said, taking his right hand and placing the soap in it.

"Yes," he said.

He ran his hands over my chest, down over my legs, then stopping and looking up at me he asked, his voice very faint, "do you want me to wash you cock?"

"I don't know, Sammy," I said, "what do you want to do?"

He was silent, looking up at me, then without either of us saying anything more, he ran is soapy hands down over my belly and into my pubic hair. He lowered his eyes to look at what he was doing, then proceeded to wash my private parts. He did it gently, as if he were afraid he'd hurt me.

"Do you want to turn around?" he asked when he'd finished.

Without speaking I turned and assumed the position, just as he'd done, spreading my legs to give him free access.

Again, with great gentleness, he washed my back, my shoulders, my butt. He ran his fingers along my cleft, just as I'd done to his, letting his fingers linger over my pucker, but not venturing to finger me.

"Go ahead," I said, turning to look at him over my shoulder, "stick your finger in my butt."

"Are you sure?" he said, still timidly.

"Yeah, Sammy, probe by ass, lather up your fingers and probe my ass."

He did so, gaining a little more confidence as he worked first one finger and then two into my loosening hole. I moaned, letting him know I was enjoying it. When I looked down at my cock I saw that it was hard. When I looked back at his, I saw it was also erect. The boy was gaining confidence.

When we were both washed and rinsed and had dried each other, we returned to the bedroom, still naked. The room was softly illuminated by the evening light coming through sheer curtains. The window facing south was open and the sounds of laughter and soft music drifted in, the sounds of college kids like ourselves having a late night party on the sand.

Sammy went to the window and stood, leaning forward, his hands on the sill, listening to the music as a gentle breeze wafted in, cooling our damp bodies.

I stood back a moment, watching him. Naked, he seemed so small. I again felt that urge to hold him, protect him. I walked over and put my arms around him feeling the delicacy of his body, the seeming fragility of his bone structure. I remembered what he'd said, that night we'd been together in Athens, about being the biggest man in his family.

He brought one hand up and grasped my forearm, just where it pressed against his chest. I leaned forward and kissed him gently on his right ear. He seemed to whimper but I knew it was a sound of pleasure, not of dread. I kissed his neck, just below his ear, then returned to grasp the lobe of his ear between my lips and suck it gently, feeling little shivers run though him.

He tried to turn in my embrace and I relaxed my hold on him. He turned to face me and pressed his body against mine, his face nestling into my chest. Again, I marveled at how small he felt in my arms. Remembering Athens, I was amazed that I'd dared to fuck him. How could I have risked hurting him?

I thought of Steve and Sammy, of Steve pounding into him, as I knew he must have done. I wanted to comfort him, tell him it was okay, that I wouldn't let it happen again, that I'd be there to protect him. Somehow it angered me. It made me want to lash out against Steve, to punish him for what he'd done.

Had Steve wanted to hurt Sammy? Had Steve wanted to punish the kid because he and I had been together in Athens, because Sammy had come into my bed before Steve himself had done so?

But then, as Sammy's little body writhed against mine, I realized that perhaps Sammy had gotten just what he wanted, what I'd been afraid to give him. I'd tried to make it easy for him, to keep it gentle, loving.

Steve, no doubt, had forced himself into the smaller guy, with the huge head of his raging cock he'd made it painful, made it hurt. Was that what Sammy wanted? Did he want it rough? If so, Steve had only given him what he desired. Who was I to judge?

"Tell me about last night, Sammy," I whispered. "Tell me how it was with Steve."

He looked up at me. I think he was trying to ascertain the reason for my interest. Did he wonder if I was jealous of him, that he'd been with Steve?

"It was good," he whispered.

"He must have hurt you."

"Yeah," he said and this time I caught the flicker of a grin.

"Your ass looks like it's been reamed."

"More or less."

I pushed him back just a little so I could see his face. "In Athens you told me you'd only been with one other guy."


"And since?"

"Just you and Daniel and now Steve."

"I wondered if you'd found anyone else."

"No." He looked up at me with a gentle smile and then slipped from my arms as he took my hand. "Come on, if you want to talk, let's do it in bed."

I let him lead me to the bed. We lay down side by side, both of us on our backs, looking up at the ceiling fan which turned slowly above us. It was a warm night and it felt so good being naked with the air moving over us. We were close, our bodies just slightly touching.

I rolled onto my side, propped my head up on one arm and looked over at Sammy. "What do you think Steve and Daniel are doing?" I asked.

"I was wondering," he said, turning to face me. "I mean, them both being tops."

"What do you think Daniel and I did, or what Steve and I do when we're together?"

"I don't know." He looked at me with an expression I couldn't make out. "Steve and I saw Daniel fucking you in the back yard."

"Yep," I said, and grinned at him.

"I was surprised but then later you were fucking him."

"Yep," I grinned again.

We were both silent for a while. I began to run a single finger down the valleys of his chest, then over to circle his nipples.

"You've never fucked a guy, have you, Sammy?"

"No," he looked at me with a clear expression of surprise, as if it struck him as very odd that I'd even ask such a thing.

"So the idea that Steve and I could fuck each other or that I would let Daniel fuck me and then later I'd fuck him, that must seem very odd to you."

"Yeah, Rob," he said, raising up to set against the head of the bed. "I've never wanted to fuck another guy." He lowered his eyes and looked very embarrassed by the direction of our conversation. "When I've seen guys I was really attracted to, I just naturally thought of them fucking me."

"And you've never been with a woman."

"No!" Again there was that look of shock, as if he couldn't believe I'd even ask.

"So you consider yourself as a total bottom."

"Yeah." He was really blushing now.

"So when I asked you to spend the night with me, you were assuming I wanted to fuck you again."

"Yeah." He grinned and added, "I was certainly hoping so."

By scooting up with his back against the headboard, he'd moved his crotch almost in line with my head. I lowered my face and rubbed it into his pubic hair, feeling his cute cock bounce against my cheek. He had a wonderful scent, a mixture of spiciness and a wholesome boyish smell.

He groaned and I backed off a little so I could grasp his cock with my right hand and press my lips to its damp head.

"Oh, Rob," he moaned.

I opened my lips and took the length of him into my mouth, then quickly backed off, leaving him wet and glistening. Sammy moaned and his hands moved instinctively to the back of my head. He was writhing and his fingers twisted through my hair. I ran my tongue up the length of his cock and then circled the flared head. I moved down over his balls, leaving them wet and the sparse red hair matted. I came back up again to take just the swollen head of his cock between my lips and let my tongue move rapidly over it, swirling in quick circles as it pulsed in my mouth.

"Oh, Rob," he moaned again.

Without taking my mouth off his cock, I reached into the drawer of the bedside table, remembering that Steve and I had left a tube of lubricant there. I found it and quickly greased the fingers of my right hand. As I continued sucking him, I worked one slick finger into Sammy's pulsing ass, gently spreading the cooling salve over the swollen tissue. I worked in deeper, feeling for the nub of his prostate, wanting to give him as much pleasure as his abused body could handle.

"Yeah," he moaned, pressing his body up against me, forcing my finger deeper into him. "Fuck me now."

He'd misinterpreted my intentions. I wasn't lubing him up so I could fuck him, but just to soothe the swollen tissue of his battered ass.

"No, Sammy," I said softly, coming off his cock. "Tonight is for some new experiences."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, for starters, you're going to fuck me."

His face was blank. I really think he was shocked by my suggestion.

"Rob," he whispered, "I've never done that."

"Well, it's about time," I said, scooting up to straddle him. I let some of my weight rest on him as I continued to partially support myself with my own arms. I lowered my lips to his and kissed him gently. My chest was pressed against his and our pulsing cocks were trapped between us. "Besides, your ass is in no condition to be fucked again. It probably won't be for a few days." I smiled at him and added, "relax, Sammy, you'll love it."

"Rob," he started to object again but I silenced him with another kiss. His arms closed around me and he took my full weight. I could feel him labor to draw in breath as my larger body pressed down on him. When I lifted my mouth from his, he spoke immediately. "I've never taken the lead, Rob. I've never been a leader."

I couldn't help from laughing. "You could have fooled me this afternoon," I said. "You sure were bossing the rest of us around."


"Yeah, Sammy. You even had Steve jumping."

"But it's different. I don't know if I could take charge if it were sex."

"You can, Sammy, and you will." I somehow knew, innately, instinctively, that he needed this. I knew with equal certainty that I was the one who had to be his guide.

I rolled off him and reached again for the lube. I spread a generous portion into the cleft of my ass and hurriedly probed myself, working as much of the cool salve in as possible. "Come here," I said when I'd finished.

"What?" he said. "How?"

I lay back on the bed. "Kneel between my legs," I commanded, spreading them to make room for him.

He meekly did as I said. When he was in position I looked down to see his cock was completely limp. I squeezed more lube into the palm of my right hand and began to stroke him, slowly working his cock. At first there was no response but gradually, as I continued to masturbate him, his body responded and he became erect.

I rolled back and lifted my legs onto his shoulders. He still knelt there passively, making no effort to help. "You're going to have to do this, Sammy. I can't do it all."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Isn't it obvious, fellow," I said and couldn't help laughing. "Move forward." He did so. "Now get your cock against my ass."

He again followed my orders but he didn't seem at all enthusiastic about it. When his cock was in place I thrust my body upward, forcing its head through the outer ring of my ass.

I sighed.

"Am I hurting you?" he said with real concern.

"No, Sammy," I chuckled, "don't flatter yourself." His cock was small but in proportion with the rest of his body. "Now, do it, fellow," I commanded, sliding my legs around his slender torso and pulling him to me.

I guess nature took over because he began to thrust into me. Suddenly his eyes widened and a gasp escaped his lips.

"Oh, Rob," he moaned. The boy was learning.

He was too small to give my prostate much of a workout and his slender cock slid easily in and out of me. After Steve it was no challenge at all, but I was enjoying it.

I looked up into his face, trying to judge his reaction from his expression. His eyes were closed and his mouth was gaping. A steady moan came from deep in his chest. His cute face and his thin but sculpted torso were flushed with excitement or lust.

Suddenly I was filled with a desire to please him, to make this experience one he'd never forget. My own pleasure was not important. I just wanted Sammy to sense my affection for him.

I tightened my ass around his cock and watched as his expression changed. The little creases at the corners of his eyes tightened and his moan became deeper and louder. I released my sphincter and then on his next in-stroke, tightened it again.

"Oh, yes, Rob," he moaned.

Our rhythm was established now and I was able to anticipate his thrusts. His speed was gradually increasing and I stayed in sync with him. My own cock was hard and pulsing, bouncing off my stomach. Despite my desire to only please Sammy, my own desires were building. I could feel the beginnings of a distant orgasm tingle in my balls.

I grasped my cock with my still greasy hand and began to stroke myself in time with Sammy's thrusts.

"Yeah, Sammy," I moaned as my climax built.

"Yeah, man," Sonny echoed.

We were in perfect time. Our bodies were linked and we were both working toward the same goal. We reached it with surprising speed. I felt his body jerk and my own ass tightened again around his pulsing cock. We were both moaning now, letting ourselves go. Another time I'd try to teach him some restraint, some subtlety, but for now I just wanted to get him off. I wanted us both to get off.

I felt his body tighten and looked up again as the sharply defined muscles of his chest and shoulders and arms flexed and swelled.

"Yes," he hissed and I felt his release just as my own cock exploded. White strands of my own seed shot up over my chest, onto my neck, one catching in the day-old stubble on my chin.

"Yes," I moaned, agreeing completely with Sammy's sentiments, "fucking yes."

To be continued.