Absolute Convergence

Chapter Forty-three

By John Yager

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Sammy did his duty with gusto. I think he had begun to like being a top.

Daniel had stretched out on his back and spread his legs and Sammy had knelt between them, his cock hard and twitching. He started to lift Daniel's legs up onto his shoulders and then said, "no."

"No?" Daniel had said. "Aren't you going to fuck me?"

"Yeah, but not like this."

"How, then?"

"I fucked Rob and Steve with them on their backs. Maybe we could try something different."

"Sure," Daniel said, setting up. "How about doggy style."

"Yeah, I guess," Sammy said.

Daniel rolled over and got up on his hands and knees. His cute butt was sticking out toward Sammy. He waited.

"Go ahead, Sam," Steve coaxed. He and I were right there, watching.

Sammy moved forward on his knees. He put his hands on Daniel's rear and spread his crack.

"Lube?" I asked.

"Yeah, I guess," Sammy said again. A little coaching never hurt. He took the tube and spread a lot more than he needed over Daniel's ass and his own cock.

Daniel just stayed put, waiting.

Sammy rocked forward, pressed his cock against Daniel's ass and sunk in. We all let out a collective sigh and Steve and I watched, getting hard again, as the guy moved in and out. It was beautiful.

After a few minutes, Steve rolled over toward me and said, "I've got to get off. Do you want in?"

"Sure," I said, also feeling very horny from watching Sammy and Daniel. I wasn't sure if he was asking if I wanted into his ass, to fuck him the way the other guys were already doing, or if he was just asking if I wanted in on the act, for us to get off together.

He reached for me, pulled me over into a rib crushing hug and began to ravage my mouth with his. Neither of us had shaved and our whiskers grated against each other like sandpaper. It was great!

We just lay there kissing for a long time while we kept an eye on Sammy and Daniel's progress. Sammy was fucking slowly and it looked as if he wanted it to last as long as possible. Daniel wasn't complaining.

Steve rolled me over onto my side and spun himself around so we were suddenly cock to mouth. I love to sixty-nine. It had taken me a long time with Rick to really get into it, but once I got the hang, so to speak, I just ate it up. Well.

Steve and I had done it enough that we sort of knew how to make it work for both of us. I had trouble at first deep throating his big knob but once I was able to relax enough to take him all in, it was really crazy and very hot.

We nearly came twice but were able to back off. The third time Steve had a finger up my butt, massaging my prostate and I was doing the same to him. We both knew that was the signal that this time we were going all the way.

I heard a lot of moaning to my right and looked over to see out of the corner of my eye that Sammy and Daniel were both nearing the edge.

I think the four of us almost came together, which was cool. Daniel had said it was a rite.

Steve blasted a hot load into my throat but I backed off quick to catch the rest on my tongue. He'd done better, but, hey, we'd all come so much over the last few days that none of us had what could be called champion loads at that point.

"Nice," Steve said as he pulled off after cleaning me up with his tongue.

"Yeah," I grinned and then moved over to give Daniel a taste of Steve's come. He was lying on his back, his legs spread like a whore.

"Um," he grinned and I saw Steve was sharing with Sammy.

"It's a rite," I said, grinning at Daniel.

"Right," he agreed.

Late that afternoon we drove into New Orleans to meet Dorothy Bridges and a girl named Twila at a bar called The Rainbow's End. It was on Chartres Street, not quite in the French Quarter, but only a block or so from its east edge.

The ladies were there and on their second drinks when we arrived. We'd driven in the Lincoln, which took about an hour and a half from Gulfport and another half hour to find a place to park. It was a hot, sultry evening and the place was beginning to liven up.

"This is a fairly quiet place through the week," Dorothy said after we'd made all the introductions, "a good place to talk."

We ordered cokes, which amused the women, but we explained the we were all in training and also under age.

"Gees, Dot," Twila said, "you didn't tell me we were going to be robbing the cradle. What kind of a girl do you take me for?"

We all laughed, knowing just what kind of a girl Twila was.

"So, who belongs with who?" Twila said, as our cokes arrived.

"Whom," Dorothy corrected.

"Okay, who belongs with whom?"

"Ah," I said when Steve, Sammy and Daniel were all stone silent. It was the first time since we'd entered into our extraordinary accord that the question had been asked. I don't think any of us had anticipated it or thought about how we'd respond.

"Yes?" Twila said.

"Well," I began again, "we all four sort of belong to each other."

"Interesting," Twila said after a rather awkward pause. "I'd heard there were fascinating things going on up at Oxford, Miss, these days."

"Well, believe me," Steve said, "this is a lot more fascinating than anybody in Oxford, Miss, could guess."

"I suppose you wouldn't exactly announce an arrangement like that." Twila said.

There was another long pause.

"Let me see if I understand what you're saying," Dorothy finally said.

"Sure, shoot," I responded.

"You four boys are a sort of couple, only not a couple, a foursome, I guess."

"Right," I said.

"I knew when I met you guys on the beach that there was something different about you."

"Well, yeah, I guess so," I smiled.

"So how does this work, exactly," Twila asked. "I mean who sleeps with . . . whom?"

"Well, we share," I said. "Sometimes we pair off and sometimes we all four sleep together."

"I know that cottage you guys are in, remember," Dorothy said. "Two bedrooms, yellow door, nice little kitchen, real private back yard." She paused. "Big beds in both bedrooms, but not that big."

"We put the mattresses together."

"Inventive. Then what do you do?"

"Well," I began, thinking how to explain and then realizing I didn't have to be all that delicate with two women who were probably doing equally interesting things together most nights. "We fuck."

"I can see it now," Twila said. "Four cute hunks going at it like bunny rabbits. Hot times in Gulfport tonight."

"Thanks," all four of us said in unison.


We hung around for a while, then left for a seafood place the women liked. The food was great and the clientele was obviously gay and lesbian and a few shades in between.

From there we went on to a bar on Royal. It was ten o'clock by then and the place was hopping. There were about as many women as men but some of the ladies had somewhat questionable credentials. One woman with a very deep voice and who needed a shave, came over to ask Steve to dance.

"Sure, sweetheart," Steve said, getting up and really getting into the spirit of the place. The dance floor was crowded and the band was playing hard, driving rock. It was a little hard to tell if couples were really dancing together, of if it was just some sort of mass tribal celebration.

One piece merged into the next and Steve stayed on the dance floor with his new admirer. In the middle of the second dance, he peeled off his shirt, to the cheers of a lot of onlookers, and tossed it to Sammy, who laid it in the center of our table.

Then Sammy just stood up, pulled off his own shirt and joined Steve on the floor.

"Oh, what the hell," Daniel said, following their lead.

"I guess I'd better get in on this, too," I said to Dorothy and Twila. "Otherwise those guys well be calling me as wimp."

"And probably kick you out of bed," Twila laughed.

I got up on a chair and slowly unbuttoned my shirt. I hadn't tried to do a really seductive strip before and probably wasn't that good at it, but I was greeted by cat calls and applause and my three bros all came and stood around, cheering me on.

When my shirt was finally off and had joined the pile on our table, I jumped off the chair into the waiting arms of Daniel, Sammy and Steve. There's little risk of getting hurt, jumping into the arms of three muscular guys, all of whom love you.

Steve's "lady" had disappeared and the four of us danced together in a sort of circle, separating a little from time to time, as other guys and a few women moved between us.

Dorothy and Twila got into the act, dancing together and then with us. Before long all of us were hot, sweaty and dying of thirst. Somebody passed us cold beers, which we guzzled. Training was forgotten, at least for a while.

Our bodies were glistening in the strobe lights. We gloried in our youth and vigor, in the muscular beauty of our physiques. We were surrounded by a lot of men, all of them lusting for us. I guess there may have been a few ladies, real and otherwise, checking us out. We were the center of attention and we were loving it. But after all was said and done, we knew that the four of us had come together and would leave together. Eventually, we collapsed into our chairs, only to be surrounded by a bevy of guys, many of them very good looking, asking if any or all of us were available.

"No," we told them, "we're spoken for."

"Definitely spoken for," Dorothy and Twila laughed.

By the time we were stood on the sidewalk saying goodbye to Dorothy and Twila, it was after one and the night was still hot and muggy. We were still holding our shirts, still showing off our bodies for all to see. Quite a few people were looking.

We found the car and bundled in. Daniel drove with Steve in the front seat beside him. Sammy crawled in the back and snuggled. I wondered if it would become sexual but we were both too tired and we soon fell asleep, curled up together like two exhausted kids.

I had only vague memories of arriving back in Gulfport and staggering into the cottage with the famous yellow door. We weren't staggering because of too much to drink. Even though we'd been offered a lot of free beers, none of us had drunk much. We were too aware of our training routines to over do it. We were just worn out.



The next morning I woke between Sammy and Steve. Our naked bodies were curled together and we all three stank. I sat up and looked around. I couldn't see Daniel but could hear the shower running. I rose and went to the other bathroom and stood under skin pricking needles of icy water. Eventually my body revived a little and I lathered myself up.

Dry and refreshed, and still naked, I walked back into the living room just as Steve emerged from our group bedroom. He looked like shit.

"Through in the shower?" he growled.

"Yeah," I said. "It's all yours."

"Sammy's using that one," Steve said, pointing back over his shoulder.

I saw Daniel was sitting on one of the sofas, also still naked, and just staring off into space. I went over and sat by him, put my arm around his shoulder and drew him over against me. He felt cool and he smelled clean and fresh, like soap and shampoo. We just sat there, enjoying being close.

"I started coffee," Daniel said as he turned his face into my shoulder and kissed it gently.

I ran my free hand over his hard chest and then stroked his arm, feeling the amazing strength of the muscles moving beneath his golden skin. He didn't resist and made no further move. I continued to stroke him, studying his body as I'd never really done before, touching and exploring the muscles of his chest and shoulders and arms.

Neither of us was hard but our cocks had lengthened and were hanging loosely over our low hanging balls.

Sammy came by, grunted a greeting and went on into the kitchen.

A few minutes later Steve came back from the shower. He had a towel around his shoulders and was lazily drying his hair. Like the rest of us, he was naked.

He stood there for a moment watching Daniel and me as we continued to stroke each other.

"What you doing?" Steve asked after several minutes.

"Just loving Daniel," I said.

"Going to have sex?" Steve asked.

"Nope," I said. "I don't think so. I just want to love him."

"Mind if I watch?"

"Of course not, bro." I said. "You could watch even if we were having sex."

"I guess," Steve replied.

"Definitely," I said.

I moved my hand down over Daniel's chest again and stroked his ridged abs.

"Isn't he beautiful?" I said to Steve, as if Daniel wasn't even there.

"Amazing," Steve whispered. "I can't believe you guys."

Daniel lifted his head from my shoulder and stretched out his hand to Steve.

We scooted over a little so there was room for Steve on the other side of Daniel. He joined us on the sofa, gently extending his arm across Daniel's torso to tenderly stroke mine. The three of us sat there like that, just caressing, touching. There was an erotic element in our affection but most of all, it was just warm, gentle love.

"Sammy," Steve called after a while.

"Yeah?" came back his reply from the kitchen.

"What you doing in there?"

"Just drinking coffee, trying to wake up."

"Come in here, man," Steve called. "We need you."

Sammy walked into the living room, still naked, holding a steaming coffee mug.

He stood in the doorway for a while, watching us.

"You want me to fuck somebody or something," he said after a while. There was a teasing note in his voice.

"Sure," I said, "if you want."

"Just come over here, babe," Steve said.

Sammy put down his mug and walked over to us.

"There's no room for me," he said, looking down at our entwined bodies.

"There's always room for you," Steve said gently, reaching out to take Sammy's hand and draw him down onto Steve's lap. Sammy settled in, sitting further onto Steve's muscular thighs, his legs between Steve's legs and his bare feet on the floor. Steve put his arm around Sammy's shoulders and drew him over until his head rested on Steve's shoulder.

After a few minutes Sammy began to gently stroke Daniel's hair, running his talented fingers through it, gently twisting and fondling it as Steve stroked Sammy's back

The four of us just sat there like that, our bodies touching, our hands moving gently over one another. We must have stayed like that for over half an hour.

The love flowing between us was palpable.

To be continued.