Absolute Convergence
Chapter Sixty-three
John Yager

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"So, I guess you like the guy," Hank was saying as we trekked through sagebrush along the sandy trail.

"Yeah, I like him a lot. I guess that's part of the problem."

"You mean if you liked him less, you'd just enjoy the sex and say 'to hell with the consequences.'"

"That's it exactly, Hank," I said. "Billy is a great guy and I think we could be good friends. If I mess him up it would be awful for him and I'd feel guilty as sin."

Hank stopped abruptly as we came to the top of a gentle rise where the path ended fifty yards from the foot of a high stone bluff. Below us in the little bowl between us and the sandstone bluff lay a shimmering pool of clear water. It wasn't really hot, I soon learned, but it was warm enough for steam to be rising from it in the cool air.

"Well, here we are," Hank smiled, pleased by my open mouthed surprise.

"And we can swim here in the buff?" I asked.

"Yep, clothing optional, and it looks as if today we have the place all to ourselves."

Hank had picked me up at seven o'clock, insisting we get an early start. I wasn't too happy with the hour, but I managed to drag myself out of bed and get a quick shave before he showed up.

He'd promised to take me someplace where we could swim bare ass and spend the day naked. I'd read about nude beaches and had just assumed he'd head out toward the coast north or south of LA, so was a little surprised when he headed east instead.

We'd driven over an hour, out through San Bernardino and then on east into the hills. At some point north of Highland, Hank made a right turn onto an unmarked dirt road. It was really nothing more than a track through the scrub and cactus heading toward some distant hills.

We'd come to a dry wash, a sort of wadi or gulch, where he'd parked and locked his van. From there we headed off on foot, each of us with a backpack and, between us, an ice chest.

"That's Harrison Mountain," Hank said, pointing at a peak off to our right. It didn't mean anything to me then, but I later found it on the map and had a better understanding of where we'd been.

We'd put our backpacks down on the slope and he was taking off his shirt. He seemed to have second thoughts and stopped undressing long enough to unfold a big blanket he'd rolled and lashed to his pack. "Help me with this," he said, beckoning me over.

Between us we spread the blanket on the ground about ten feet from the water's edge and arranged our other stuff within easy reach of it. That done, Hank went about removing the rest of his clothes. Within a couple of minutes we were naked and in the amazing natural thermal pool.

"I guess you don't have the same sense of responsibility for me," Hank said, splashing me squarely in the face.

"What?" I said, diving for him. We laughed and tumbled in the warm water until we were both nearly exhausted, then scampered back to the blanket and stretched out. I lay on my back and looked up into the incredibly blue sky. I'd forgotten how blue the sky could be, after weeks in LA, with its more or less constant gray overcast.

"Same responsibility for what?" I said, remembering his jab.

"For my delicate feelings and sexual purity."

"Well, it isn't as if I could violate your virginal innocence," I laughed.

"No, I guess not," he said, rolling onto his side and running his hand over my stomach. "I love your abs," he said. "I've never been able to get the kind of definition you have, Rob."

"That's because you like your beer more than low body fat." I laughed, both because he was tickling me, and because I knew he was trying to turn me on. It was working. I locked my hands behind my head and spread my legs. It was a relaxed position, but by my body language I was also letting Hank know that I was his, to do with as he pleased.

"Seriously though, Hank, you've been around enough to know what you and I have going is just for the fun of it. I mean, I like you a lot and I know we'll be close friends, but neither of us will get bent out of shape if and when we call it quits."

"Callow youth," he whined, "it would break my heart."

"Seriously, you know about Roger. In fact, I think I've told you about every guy and both women I've ever been with. You seemed to take all that in stride."

"Seriously? Yeah, Rob, I do understand where you're coming from. I fully understand what you and I have going. I like you too, and I appreciate your friendship, but you're right, it is fun and games. I also recognize the age difference. We can enjoy the sex and not get hurt by it."

"Age doesn't have anything to do with it, Hank." I meant it. He was older, but he was also in great shape, and he was a very good looking man. More important, he as in incredible lover. "You understand my point, we can be friends and enjoy sex with each other and neither of us is going to take it too seriously or get too hurt if and when it ends.

"That wouldn't be the case at all with Billy. I think he has a natural talent for monogamy and if I gave him half a chance he'd fall in love with me. After a week in my bed he'd be pledging eternal love and talking about marriage."

"Shucks, Rob," Hank crooned, "I think that's real sweet."

"It is sweet, damn it," I growled. His hand had worked its way down to my thigh and was slowly stroking an especially sensitive spot I hadn't even known I had until Hank discovered it. "What Billy needs is a boy friend, not a fuck buddy."

"And you can't be that for him?"

"You know I can't, man."

"I guess not, and keep me and Roger and any other guy who wanders into your life happy at the same time."

"Billy needs a boyfriend who is as innocent and inexperienced as he is. They could figure everything out together and probably really fall in love in the process. I bet Billy's the kind of guy who'd be happiest with one life-long relationship."

I wiggled around a little trying to get comfortable. We'd spread the blanket on a patch of sand but a pebble was pushing into the small of my back.


"Yeah, a rock."

Hank moved over, rolling the blanked up a little so he could slide his arm under it. I lifted up my butt and he felt around. He found the problem and withdrew his hand holding a small stone.
"I thought you liked things stuck up your ass," he grinned. "So why are you complaining?"

I laughed, getting more and more familiar with the guy's sense of humor. "Yeah, some things, but not that little fucker." I stretched out again and Hank's hand began to work its slow magic again. "But where Billy's concerned, I do think he wants and needs a long-term relationship, something I know I couldn't give him."

"Well, if that's true, you should keep your distance. He may be hurt by what he assumes is your lack of interest but in the long run he'll thank you for it."

"I think I need to talk to the guy. I owe him that, and I really do want us to be friends."

Hank's hand moved up over my crotch and gently stroked my half-hard cock. I just relaxed and let him do what he wanted. I figured it wasn't going to be too long before one or the other of us got fucked.

"Well, that more or less explains where you are with Billy, and I guess we've come to terms with our own relationship, but you've not told me what you're thinking about Roger," Hank said as he continued to stroke my cock.

"I like him a lot. I guess he's been a sort of fantasy of mine since I was a freshman at Ole Miss."

"So was it as good as you'd hoped?"

"Yeah, Hank, it was."

"Not to put too fine a point on it, but was it better with him than with me?"

"Oh, man, that's the kind of question you should never ask."

"So should I take that to mean yes?"

"No, Hank, I didn't mean that. There's just no way to compare what you and I have done with what I did with Roger."

"Can you explain?"

"Well, I didn't know you until a short time ago and suddenly you came into my life, and into my bed. It's been great. I love having sex with you, but it's like a clean slate, no preconditions, no expectations." I paused, trying to think how to put it into words. "You know I had sex with you before I had sex with Roger, even though I'd known him for over four years."

"Yeah, I figured that out."

"I guess over those four years I'd had a lot of time to fantasize about him. I knew his personality and his interests. He always got my sexual juices going but I was also always aware of a sort of dark strain in his personality. I told you he's into nude Greco-Roman wrestling, right?"

"Yeah, and I must admit it sounds hot. Maybe we could try that sometime." His hand grasped my balls and squeezed, not hard enough to be painful, but enough to let me know I didn't want to pull away.

"That, sir," I laughed, "is an illegal hold."

"Ah, shucks." He released me and went back to gently stroking my cock. "So what's the point about wrestling?"

"Well, I guess to put it in one word, 'control.'"

"So do you think Roger may be into the authority scene, maybe even some S and M stuff?"

"I wouldn't go that far. I think its more the contest, matching himself against another man, winning and taking the guy, or losing and being taken."

"It sounds kinky, but I have to admit, it also sounds hot."

"It is hot, from what little I've experienced."

"So you've actually done some nude wrestling with Roger."

"Not with Roger, but with some old college friends."

"Did the loser end up getting fucked?"

"Yeah, we went the whole way."

"Man, Rob, I'd have loved to have seen that, but I guess if it was one on one, there was no audience."

"Well, there were four of us into it, and often the two guys who weren't wrestling did watch the whole show."

As soon as I'd said it I wondered why in hell I'd told Hank even that much. I didn't think he was really ready to deal with the whole history of the Group of Four, and besides, in any case, I didn't want to get into it with him.

"Man, oh man."

Thankfully he dropped it at that, turning instead to my cock, which was hard and drooling and demanding attention. He grinned at me, looked around to be sure we were still alone, and then lowered his mouth to take me in.

"Oh, yeah," I moaned, moving one hand to the back of his head to press him slowly down as he consumed me. As Hank sucked my cock deep into his hot throat, I reached for his. The way he was kneeling on the blanket, I couldn't reach his cock, but he got the idea and moved so I could stroke him as he sucked me.

We took it slow. He didn't even try to get me close to the edge, just pleasured me, keeping me hard, in for the long haul. I was moaning softly, letting him know how good it felt, and he was giving me an occasional wink, letting me know he was also doing just fine.

After a few minutes of mutual enjoyment, he pulled off and smiled down at me.

"You're looking very relaxed," he said.

"Yeah, very."

"How about a fuck?"

"Sure, who's doing who?"

"Care to bottom?"

"Gladly, my ass could use a good pounding."

"Okay then."

He got into his backpack and came up with condoms and lube.

"You really think nobody else will show up here?" I asked, not feeling too comfortable with being fucked in the open where some strangers, let alone the law, could walk up any time.

"On a week day? Not a problem. If anybody else did show up, it would probably be another couple of queers and they'd just enjoy the show."

"That doesn't make me feel all that secure, fellow."

"Really, it's okay. If anybody did come out here they'd sure as hell be driving, and we'd hear the car."

"Well, if you say so."

He moved around to kneel between my legs and quickly lifted them to his shoulders. I think he was moving fast so I'd not change my mind.

He smiled down at me as he squeezed lube onto his fingers and began to gently stroke my crack with one hand as he rolled a rubber over his cock with the other.

Then one greased finger slipped in. He twisted it around.

I moaned, told him to do it and he slid a second finger in.

"Not more fingers, you sorry old queen, I want your cock."

"I want you to be comfortable, man," Hank laughed. "Let me open you up a little more."

"Just fuck me, damn it. My ass has taken bigger cocks than yours and I know how to relax and ride with it. Just get that tool in me now!'

"Okay," he chuckled. "Who's really in charge here?"

"I am you dope, the bottom always rules. It's just a few guys who are overly protective of their masculinity and insist on being the top all the time who haven't figured that one out."

"My, my, I did hit a sore spot."

"My ass isn't sore."

"Funny, maybe it will be when I get through."

"Yeah, like you're man enough."

"OH! Is that a challenge?"

"Sure, Hanky Boy, prove me wrong."

He slammed his cock into me. It was hard and fast, one stroke and he was in to the root.

"Yeah, that's good," I groaned. "maybe a little more force next time."

He pulled back, grinning down at me and slammed in again.

Maybe it was getting fucked out in the open that was turning me on, but I couldn't get enough. I wanted him to pound my ass, drill me, make me whimper and cry.

I must say, Hank could perform. They talk about a quarterback's arm or a baseball pitcher's speed. I guess Hank had a fucker's cock. Its size was just right, not so big it was painful, but big enough to really make you feel it, and long enough for those smooth, gliding strokes.

Hank leaned forward over me, supporting himself on his extended arms, and we got a great rhythm going. I had my legs locked around his hips and my arms on his shoulders.
We were both getting into it and Hank was gradually increasing the speed.

"Yeah, man," I was moaning, "you got the groove."

He pulled back and without hesitation, reversed direction and drilled into me again. I have to admit he had staying power. It went on and on and I felt the heat building in my ass. My own cock was bobbing free. I reached for it but he whispered, "no."

My head rolled back and I took in that amazing sky. I was floating, ready to lose it, ready to just fly away. I felt a shock each time his cock drilled my prostate and I knew it wasn't going to be long.

"I'm . . . getting . . . close . . . man!!

"Yeah," Hank moaned. "Just let go."

I erupted. My hot cum flew over my chest and hit my face. I moaned and reached for what I could get to with my tongue. I felt a trail of heat from my cock across my chest and neck.

My contracting ass set Hank off and his cock swelled and shot deep in my bowels, filling the condom and causing us both to gasp.

He collapsed on me, his full weight on my chest. My back found another pebble. It was suddenly pressing into my left shoulder blade and giving me fits.

I rolled him off me and myself onto him. In the process, his cock slipped out of me, of course, and the hot air was suddenly pungent with the heady odors of man to man sex.

"Fucking unbelievable," Hank moaned.

"Fucking unbelievable," I agreed.

To be continued.