Absolute Convergence
Chapter Seven

By John Yager

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It was getting cooler and we moved inside. Neither of us really felt like dressing, but we pulled on sweats and set about fixing dinner.

I was surprised to see that the little kitchen was well furnished. I was even more surprised, as I worked with Rich, to see that he knew what he was doing. If fact, he turned out to be rather a good cook.

"You're going to make Debbie a great husband," I kidded.

"Yeah, I figure if I'm going to keep her pregnant all the time, I'd better be able to fix us a meal."

"You really think you'll have a lot of kids?"

"It's what she wants. Our folks want it, too."

"What about you?"

He looked at me and grinned. "You don't ask a bull if he wants calves,


"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Well, I guess I just breed. It's what everyone else wants and expects." He went back to sorting out our meal. "Breed and work in the creamery."

We'd brought steaks and decided to go ahead and fix them that evening.

We would try our luck fishing on Saturday, and if we had any luck, would have the catch for dinner the next night. If our luck failed, we had some canned corn beef hash and a dozen eggs as a fall-back.

But on that first night together, Rich made a salad and got potatoes on to bake while I started a charcoal fire in a little grill out beside the cabin.

"How do you like your meat?" I'd asked in all innocence when I came back from checking on the fire. It was in perfect condition, the charcoal burned down to a hot bed of glowing coals.

"Hot and moist," Rick had said, "definitely rare."

"Sounds perfect," I'd responded, "my kind of man."

"A man after your own heart?"

"Yeah, probably," I grinned as I took the steaks from the ice chest.

Rich came out and stood by my side as I grilled the steaks. It was getting cooler and the heat from the grill felt good. The light had faded and it was going to be a dark, moonless night.

"I always remember the stars out here," he said, looking up into the trees.

"They are always so much brighter than in town."

"We probably can't see much here for all the trees."

"After dinner we can walk back down to the pier and take a look from there, out over the lake." I gave the steaks a poke. Blood oozed out to sizzle on the coals. "Give them another two or three minutes," he said.

"Do you love Debbie, Rick?"

"What brought that on?"

"Just thinking about what you said earlier, about not asking a bull if he wants calves."

"Yeah, I love her. I've loved her since we were kids."

"I don't mean to pry. It's really none of my business."

"It's okay, Rob. We're friends. We can ask each other anything." When I was silent, he spoke again. "Ask, damn it."

"Well, okay. I was just wondering if you really enjoy sex with Deb."

"What makes you think we're having sex?"

I looked up from the grill to see him grinning from ear to ear.

"Okay," I said, "let me rephrase that."

"Nah, don't bother." There was a chuckle in his reply. "Sure, we are and I do."


"We've been fucking since we were fifteen and I love it."

"Fifteen! No kidding?"

"Yep. We'd been doing it for over a year when our folks found out. They had a fit. At first they wanted us to get married at once."

"You'd have gotten married when you were both sixteen?"

"Well, we were almost seventeen by then, but yeah, we would have. But then my folks talked to Debbie's folks and we all sort of made a deal. We only do it with rubbers and we stay in school till we graduate. If we slip up and she gets pregnant before we graduate, we get married at once."

"So they know you two are having sex."

"Well, sort of. They know but they don't want to know. We can't spend the night together and when we go out I have to have her home by midnight, just like you and Joyce."

"Wow, Rick, that is really weird."

"Tell me about it."

"But you're okay with it?"

"Yeah, sure. I get to have sex with Deb and we stay in school. Did you know that of our four parents, mine and hers, only my dad graduated from high school?"

"No, Rick, I had no idea."

"Yep, only Dad. I guess our families don't put much value on education."

"Have you two ever thought about trying to go to college?"

"My grades aren't exactly great, Rob."

"Well, still, you could try."

"I talked to Dad about going. I suggested I work on an agricultural degree, figuring that would help when I did start working for him at the creamery."

"How did he feel about that?"

"Okay. It really surprised me. I don't know if we can really do it, but we have talked about it. They can afford to help and I could probably get a sports scholarship."

"I'm sure you could, Rick, your grades are at least average, right?"

"Yeah, and I have good grades in the subjects I'd need for an agriculture major. Besides, It might mean I'd get to continue playing football."

"Well, just be careful not to get Deb pregnant."

"Yeah, I know. If I had my way, we'd continue to use rubbers after we get married, at least for a while and especially if I was able to go on to college. I sure wouldn't want us to start having kids until I finished."

"Would Deb be okay with that?"

"Yeah, she'd love to go to college and do a home economics major."

"Would you get married anyway, even before you started college?"

"I guess so. But it is kind of a problem. Debbie and our folks all want us to have kids and they want us to get started as soon as it's legal."

"Man, Rick, I thought Joyce had her life all planned out. You and Deb have yours as structured as she does."

"Well, maybe. But with Joyce you can bet it will happen. There`s probably just a lot of dreaming where Deb and I are concerned."

We both stood silently looking at the sizzling steaks, silently thinking about all we'd just said.

"I think they are ready, don't you?"

"Yeah, perfect. I'll get the potatoes and you bring the meat," Rick said as he headed back into the cabin.

I put the steaks on a platter and followed him in.

"It's getting cold in here," Rick said as I put the steaks on our plates. He was crouched by the fireplace lighting the fire we'd laid earlier. The wads of paper flared and the kindling caught. By the time we had the potatoes and salad on the table the fire was crackling. Southern Pine logs burn fast and hot.

"Okay, it's my turn to get nosy," Rick said as we dug into our meal.

"Shoot," I said, trying to sound confident, but really fearful of what he might ask.

"Well, what about you and Joyce? You two seem to have really hit it off."

"Yeah, we have. I kept watching her all last year and thinking she seemed like a really great girl. This summer she was gone with her mother for a while and when she got home, I just worked up my courage and asked her out."

"Good for you, Rob," he said and he really sounded pleased. "And in next to no time you two are going steady."

"Yeah," I grinned.

"`The best looking couple at Spring River High,' that's what Debbie calls you."

"Oh, gees, Rick, that's embarrassing."

"Well, it's true." He sat silently for a while and then went on. "But you two are both going to college next fall, right?"

"Yeah, that's the plan."

"And you're going up to Oxford and she's heading back east someplace."

"Well, yeah, at least as things stand."

"So will you two continue to go steady, even then?"

"I don't know, Rick. I think we will. We've talked about it a lot. I may have a chance to visit her in Hartford and then we can see each other over the holidays."

"Doesn't sound too hot an idea to me, fellow."

"Well, we'll just take it as it comes. I guess if either one of us meets someone else, it would change the while situation."

"Well, any way you cut it, it's a whole lot different than Deb and me."

"Yeah," I grinned. "At least I don't expect to be a father any time soon."

Rick was silent and I feared I'd said the wrong thing.

We finished eating and washed up. It was only eight o'clock when we finished and Rick said, "So you want to walk back down to the dock and see the stars?"

"Yeah, that sounds very romantic."

"Well, let's make it even more romantic and take a blanket."

"I bet it is getting pretty cool out there."

Rick grabbed a blanket from the same cupboard where he'd earlier found the towels. "There only seem to be two blankets," he said as we started off down the grassy slope toward the shore. It was amazing how quickly our eyes adjusted to the dark and we quickly found our way to the end of the old pier.

"Well," I said, "two blankets is one apiece."

"Yeah, I guess. I figured there'd be more or I would have brought a couple. I guess Uncle Dave doesn't use the cabin much after it starts getting cold."

"Do you ever bring Deb out here?"

"Yeah. But we can never stay over night. The midnight curfew, remember."

"Yeah, I know all about it." We both laughed as we continued on down the slope. The water ahead of us appeared to be a black void, a hole in the universe.

Rick spread the blanket on the weathered planks and we sat side by side, pulling the edges of the blanket around us.

"It's damn cold," Rick said, moving closer against me.

"We'll warm up. Just give it a minute." I put my arm around his shoulder and pulled him against me. "I can't believe how hot you always are, Rick," I commented, remembering how his body seemed to radiate warmth earlier when we'd sat together after our swim.

"Yeah, that's what Deb is always saying," he grinned.

"Well, I really mean it. You seem to have natural body heat a couple of degrees above normal. You aren't getting sick and running a fever, are you?"

"Nah, I'm always like that."

"Well, I guess that will make you nice to snuggle up to on a cold night."

"Yeah, or it'll make you want to keep your distance in July or August."

"I was thinking about Deb, Rick, not me." I tried to sound shocked.

"Ah, shucks. I thought maybe we had something going here, Rob."

"Nope, we're both spoken for, fellow."

"Don't I know," he said, and again fell silent.

Rick had been right about the stars. They were brilliant, far brighter than they ever appeared in town. As we sat there looking west, we saw two shooting stars cut across the sky. Rick saw the first one before I did and made a little whoop. I turned, following his nod and saw it just as it seemed to dip below the horizon.

We saw the second one at the same time as it shot high across the sky.

"Is that good luck or something?" I asked.

"Something," Rick grinned. "Now how about we go back in?"

"Yeah, it is getting sort of cool."

Back in the cabin we rebuilt the fire and huddled together under the blanket with our backs against the sofa facing the fireplace.

"Can I ask you something else, Rob?" Rick said after we'd settled in. We were both sitting with our legs stretched out in front of us, wearing only sweats and trainers and nothing underneath. His leg pressed against mine felt good. It was warm, cozy and friendly. I was glad he'd asked me to spend the weekend with him. Maybe this is what Joyce meant about Male Bonding, I thought.

"Sure, Rick, ask."

"If this is out of line, just say so, okay?"


"Well, I was just wondering, have you ever been with another girl, other than Joyce?

Rick, I realized, seemed to assume Joyce and I were having sex, just as he was with Deb. "You know I've never dated much, Rick. Neither one of us had ever gone steady before."

"Yeah." He was silent again. He leaned forward and scratched his leg, causing it to rub back and forth against mine. "That's sort of what I figured."

"I guess some of us are just late starters."

"Nothing wrong with that."

"No, I guess not."

"One other thing."

"Yeah, Rick?"

"Well, I don't mean to suggest the two of you will eventually split, Rob, but from what you said, you are going to be a long way from each other over the next few years."

"Yeah, so what's your point?"

"Well, I guess there's a hell of a lot bigger chance of you two eventually being with other people than there ever is with Deb and me."

"Um, yeah. I guess you could say that." I waited, thinking he intended to say more. When he didn't, I asked, "so are you still thinking about how Deb may be the only girl you ever know?"

"Yeah, something like that, I guess. I just keep wondering if I'm missing something."

"Well, that's life, Rick. You can't have it both ways. You may not ever know another girl, but think what you have in exchange."

"Yeah, I know. Deb is a great girl. I guess in some ways I can't imagine ever being with anyone else. But you can't help but wonder what it would be like."

"I sort of think that's the kind of wondering that can get you in a lot of trouble."

"Yeah, like deep shit."

"You said it, Mr. Carlson."

We sat there chattering for a while longer. It was getting cooler all the time. About ten o'clock it crossed the line from cool to cold and Rick suggested we should get to bed.

He built up the fire with a fresh supply of wood, tossed in two or three oak logs, which, at least in theory, should burn longer and keep us comfortable well into the night.

"So how do you want to do this?" I asked as I spread a folded sheet over the sofa and then topped it with one of the two blankets.

"Well, you sleep there and I'll use the other sofa," he said, nodding toward the other sofa bed against the far wall.

"You won't get much warmth from the fireplace over there."

"That's okay," he grinned. "You're the guest, and besides, I'm the hot blooded one, remember."

"Okay, go for it. I just want to get under this blanket and warm up."

Rick busied himself for a few more minutes getting his own bed fixed. By the time he turned out the light, I was tucked in and cozy.




If I'd been more experienced, I would probably have figured out by then that Rick and I were going to end up in the same bed before morning. If I'd have been more experienced, I would probably have figured out that, in his mind, the entire reason for this weekend at his uncle's cabin was for us to have sex. But, remember, at the tender age of seventeen, I had never had sex with anyone, so the whole concept of seduction was strange to me.

There had been signs, of course. Thinking back, I realized how much of our conversation had been about sex. Thinking back, I realized a big part of our discussion had been about what life held in store for the two of us.

Rick had all but said he regretted, or worried about, or feared, the possibility of never knowing what it would be like to be with anyone but Deb. It just had not occurred to me than the someone he was talking about being with was another guy. I certainly never figured he was thinking about being with me!

In any case, I was asleep and had no idea how long I had been asleep, when I felt Rick gently shaking my shoulder.

"Hey, buddy," he was saying softly.

"Yeah, Rick," I said, coming out of a dream about girls in pastel formals and guys in tuxedos.

"I'm freezing, man."

"Yeah," I said, still not completely awake. "Too far from the fire."

"Yeah." He stood up and went to place another log on the hot bed of embers. "So do you think we could pull out your sofa bed and make it up for the two of us?"

"Oh, sure, Rick." I got out from under the covers and stood dumbly for a moment. "Actually," I said as I realized my bladder was crying for attention, "I'd better hit the head first."

"Go ahead. I'll fix the bed."

"No, wait and I'll help."

"Go, man. I'll take care of it."

While I drained my radiator, so to speak, I heard the squeak of metal against metal as Rick pulled out the bed. By the time I got back, he'd tucked in both sheets, his from the other sofa and the one I'd been using, and was in the process of spreading out both blankets, one on top of the other.

"How does that look for cozy?"

"Good," I said, glad to just dive back under covers.

Rick turned out the lights and joined me in bed.

"How you doing?" he asked.

"Okay. I just need to warm up again."

I felt Rick move toward me and then felt his arm on my shoulder, urging me toward him. "Let me help," he said. His body was still radiating his own unusual warmth as I snuggled against him. "How's that?"

"Good. Great." I settled onto my side and felt Rick's leg come up between mine, pressing my legs apart to make room for his. His thigh pressed against my crotch and I felt my cock move in response.

Suddenly, I was wide awake.

"You okay with that, buddy?"

"Yeah, I guess so." Did that mean Rick had moved against me in such a provocative way on purpose? I had first thought it was just part of his attempt to warm us both up. Now I wasn't sure.

"Feels great."

"Yeah." I was becoming erect and I didn't know what to do about it. Was Rick trying to get me aroused? If so, he was definitely succeeding. If it wasn't on purpose, this could really be embarrassing.

Rick's leg began to move back and forth, stroking my groin. This wasn't accidental, I realized. He moved again so that one arm held me to him.

With his free hand he began to stroke my shoulder as his face came down to nuzzle against my neck.

I moaned. It was involuntary but, despite myself, a clear indication that I was responding to Rick's advances. If I was going to object, I realized, it had better be now.

I made no objection. In fact, I felt my own arm move over Rick's side, slowly stroking him. His body felt so warm, his muscular torso, so inviting beneath the soft fabric of his sweats.

"Yeah," Rick whispered. His lips had found my ear and was slowly moving over it. "I knew you'd like this."

I pulled back, not sure what he meant, not sure what his words implied.

"I've never done this before, Rick, not with another guy."

"Oh, shit, Rod, I wasn't suggesting you had." I pulled back from him a little and we looked silently into each other's eyes. "Is it okay?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"I really didn't mean to suggest you had ever done this before."

"It's okay." I was silent, still holding myself back from him, still wondering where this was going. "What about you?"

"What do you mean?"

"What about you, Rick? Have you ever done this with another guy."

"No, never."

"Why now? Why me?"

He moved his hand slowly along my shoulder, stroking it. "I've wanted this to happen for a long time, Rob."

"With another guy?"

"Yeah. No, not with any other guy. I wanted it to happen with you."

"Did you think I'd go along with it?"

"I hoped you would."

"What if I didn't? What if I jumped out of bed and starting yelling that you were one sick queer."

He looked at me, his eyes wide with fear. "Then I'd be fucked."

I let my own hand move slowly along his ribcage, feeling it expand and contract as his breath moved in and out of his lungs.

"I figured we were good enough friends that if you turned me down, you'd at least not give me away."

"Well, you were right, Rick. I sure wouldn't give you away. Not in a place like Spring River, not anywhere."

"Thanks, Rob." He moved forward again, pressing his face into the curve of my neck. "Thanks." I felt his body shake, just for a moment, as if some sort of tremor moved through him. It culminated in a single sob.

I thought again of how he'd sobbed that afternoon on the pier, how I'd held him and felt as if he might almost die in my arms. I held him to me now, again wanting nothing more than to comfort him, to let him know that I was there, that I cared.

Rick moved over me now, lying on me, his lips against my neck. He kissed me, gently, not knowing, I guess, how I'd react. I leaned forward a little, letting my own lips rest on the top of his head, and kissed him there. His hair felt soft. It smelled clean, like the soap we'd shared.

"So this is okay?"

"Yeah, Rick. It's good." I loved the weight of his body on mine.

"You aren't going to reject me and you aren't going to tell?"


"What about Joyce?"

"What about her?"

"You won't tell, even her?"

"No, and I guess you aren't going to tell Deb, either."

"No. I could never tell her about this."

I kissed the top of his head again, almost like you'd kiss a little kid good night as you tucked them into bed.

We lay very still, his body on mine, just holding each other. It felt so good.

Eventually Rick moved against me, rolled a little onto his side, and rose up to look into my eyes. He looked so serious, so scared.

I smiled, just a little smile, to reassure him, to let him know I was okay holding him like that.

"Do you think we could get out of our sweats?" he said, his voice little more than a whisper.

The thought of us lying naked together under the covers caused my cock to jump.

"It's pretty cold, buddy."

"I know. We could be careful and just pull them off without getting out from under the covers."

"Sure, okay. If you want."

If he wanted? Was I trying to kid myself? I wanted to press my body against his, I wanted to touch him, feel him, feel him against me.

"You're sure?"

"Yeah," I said, taking the plunge, "I want to do that, too."

Rick rolled over away from me. We were both lying on our backs, separated now by a few inches. I missed his touch, his warmth. I pulled my sweat shirt off over my head, trying to disturb the covers as little as possible. Rick did the same, turning to look at me, to grin at our bravery.

I reached down and pushed the elastic waist of my sweat pants down, getting them to my knees. I couldn't get them any further without moving the covers. Rick twisted under the covers and seemed to accomplish what I had not. He tossed his shirt and pants onto the floor beside the bed.

"Let me," he said, diving under the covers.

His progress was marked by the mound of his body as he moved down beside me and grasped my sweat pants firmly and pulled. He slid them down and off, then bundled them and tossed them to the floor to join his own.

"Spread your legs," he said, his voice muffled by the covers.

I did as he asked. He moved between my legs, then snaked his way up over me and resumed his original position, lying on me, his chest pressed firmly against mine.

Rick's face hovered over mine. I felt as if he wanted to kiss me, really kiss me, on the lips, but he hadn't quite gotten that brave yet. I waited, wondering if I should just lift my face to his.

Seconds passed. Neither of us moved, except for our cocks. I could feel them expanding, getting hard, in the tight space between us. My own cock was inching up along my belly, pointing for my navel, forcing its way, even under the pressure of his body on mine. I could feel Rick's cock, too. It was also moving, moving against mine, both our hard cocks leaving wet trails along my stomach.

"You and Joyce do a lot of kissing?"

"Yeah. I guess. What's a lot?"

"Well, with Deb and me, it's like all the time."

"I guess kissing a guy is a lot different than kissing a girl."

"Can we see?"


He lowered his lips to mine. It was a very tentative kiss. His lips just rested against mine.

Rick pulled back and smiled at me. "That was nice."

"Yeah. Kind of tame. Is that the way you kiss Deb?"

"No way. I didn't want to spook you."

"Show me, Rick."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, show me how you kiss Deb."

He lowered his lips again, slowly, still not sure. I took the lead and raised my lips to his, opened them very slightly and moved my tongue across his lips, feeling a tingle run though my chest.

That was all it took. Rich pressed his lips against mine, opened his lips and began to devour my mouth.

I moaned and he pulled back.

"Am I going too fast?"

"No. It's great."

"But you're right, kissing a guy is sure different from kissing a girl."

"How many girls have you kissed, Rick?"

He grinned. "Just Deb."

"So kissing me is different than kissing her. Maybe it has less to do with me being a guy and her being a girl than me just being me and her being her."

"It's not just lips, it's the whole thing."


"You know, where she's soft, you're hard."

"In more ways than one," I grinned, feeling our cocks moving together.

"Is it freaking you out?"

"No. Let's do it again."



He lowered his mouth to mine and this time there were no holds barred. I opened to him and his tongue plunged in, exploring my mouth, probing, almost causing me to gag when his tongue pressed against the back of my mouth, pressing into my throat if it could have reached that far.

My hands, which had been stroking his sides, came up and locked around his back, pulling him even more tightly to me, pressing his muscular body against mine.

We were both moaning now, our shared kiss moving from intense to overwhelming. My lips closed around his tongue and I began to suck it.

My legs, instinctively, without any conscious effort on my part, came up to encircle him. My heels pressed into his tight butt and we began to rock together. My muscles were locked and his seemed to be as well. Our pectoral muscles moved over one another, our stomachs pressed even tighter, crushing our cocks, causing them to pulse.

We were both moaning now, a steady flow of guttural, animal sounds - hard, aggressive, male sounds.

I felt my body tense and knew I was on the verge of orgasm. There was nothing I could have done about it, even if I'd wanted to.

Rick was driving against me now, jolting into me, making me feel the full force of his weight, the full strength of his muscular body.

His mouth came away from mine and his head went back. My own head rocked back forcefully into the pillow and we both cried out as our climax hit us.

Rick's head came forward again, his mouth pressing into my shoulder, biting down on the ridge of my shoulder muscle, marking me.

Our bodies sagged and fused. We lay there, pressed together, not able to move. Eventually life began to return to us. Rick rolled just a little to the side, his weight still on me, his mouth against my neck.

"Fucking yes," he moaned. "Fucking yes!"

To be continued.