Absolute Convergence
Chapter Seventy-three
By John Yager

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Wednesday morning dawned clear and warm. I roused a little, conscious of the sun streaming through the bay window. I was lying on my side, my back to the door and still pressed against William's warm body. We were both naked but covered by the sheet, so I wasn't too self-conscious when I became aware of someone entering the bedroom. I assumed it was Simon with morning tea. The idea of a servant entering your bedroom unbidden was strange to me but I knew from reading, if not from experience, that it was commonly done in large British households.

"Well, we look cozy," I heard a male voice behind me say and realized it was not Simon after all, but Peter. He was wearing a luxurious white robe, tied loosely around his waist, and appeared to be naked under it.

William rolled onto his back and looked over me to his father. "Good morning, dad," he said, then, turning his gaze at me, he added, "my father doesn't believe in knocking."

Peter laughed, a deep, hearty laugh, and said, "no secrets between us boys. You two should feel free to walk in on Roger and me if you like."

"You'd enjoy that, wouldn't you?" William said, and, surprisingly, there was no rancor in his voice. "In fact, you'd probably invite Rob and me to join you two in a friendly morning foursome."

"Um," Peter smiled. "Sounds very nice," then, after a pause which I felt was intended for maximum effect, he said, "I assume you aren't talking about golf."

"Ha, ha," William said. "You realize you're shocking Rob."

"Well, I'm sure Rob can look out for himself. That is, unless you insist of taking care of him."

"No thanks to you," William said, tossing back the sheet and walking naked into the bathroom. I'd really not seen his cock before but it now swayed proudly between his muscular thighs, not hard but extended as if it was just loosing its morning stiffness. I stayed under the thin cover, not for warmth, but out of some newfound sense of modesty in front of Peter. He wasn't just Peter anymore; he was William's father and I really didn't know how to deal with that new realization. I was also embarrassed showing my bare ass with the few inches of gauze William had left dangling from it.
William had not shut the bathroom door and the sound of his forceful pissing reached our ears.

"Well, I'm pleased you and William made friends," Peter said with a slight smile.

"I gather you and Roger got along equally well," I said, trying to match him for civilized nonchalance.

"Oh yes. Just two old friends celebrating our reunion."

There was the sound of running water from the bathroom. I assumed William was washing his hands. Then, as he rejoined us, there was a knock on the door.

"Come," William called and Roger joined us. "Well, Rob," William said, "at least Roger is more civilized than my father."

"You mean because he knocked on the bloody door?" Peter laughed. "Is that the new mark of civility?"

"One," William said as he rejoined me in the bed and pulled me back against him. I couldn't help noticing Roger's raised eyebrow. "Now, if you two would please give Rob and me some privacy, we'll join you in a while for breakfast."

"Oh, yes, that was my reason for bothering you two in the first place," Peter said. "Simon will be serving us in, let's see . . . yes, an hour," he added, pushing up the sleeve of his robe to consult an expensive looking watch.

"Good," William said, snuggling down further under the sheet. "See you

"Well, Roger," Peter said with a smile, "I guess we're not wanted."

"Guess not," Roger said, giving me a wink, and they both turned and left.

As soon as they'd gone William bounded from the bed, scampered across the room to the door and bolted it. As he returned to the bed I couldn't help looking him over with greater care. His body had the smooth, muscular grace of a gazelle. Not the heavy, bulky muscles of a weight lifter, but the sleekness of a well conditioned amateur sportsman.

I also saw to my surprise that his generous cock was trimmed. "You're circumcised," I said, my surprise getting ahead of me. It was an ungracious thing to say and clearly betrayed the extent of my interest.

"Yes, you are, too," he smiled.

"It's the norm in America, but not here, I gather."

"Actually, it's rare enough to have made me a locker room curiosity all through school."

"But your father's not cut. Was it his doing?"

"No, I gather it was my mother who insisted it be done. Frankly, I don't remember," he grinned as he slid back into bed beside me. His strong arms again came around my chest and pulled me over against him. The warmth of our contact seemed very right.

"Let's just snooze a bit longer," he said, "then I need to take care of your medical problem."

He leaned toward me and I expected us to kiss. Instead his head pressed into my shoulder and he nuzzled me like a warm, affectionate puppy.

We stayed in that position for several minutes, during which I gently stroked his back and he mine. I felt my own cock harden between us and his prod against my belly as he too became erect.

"You know Roger and your father think we had sex together last night," I eventually whispered into his ear.

"Yes," he chuckled. "Let them continue thinking so. I'm sure they assume we're doing it again now."

"You like to tease your father, don't you?"

"I like to give him some of his own."

"Isn't that more or less the same thing?"

"Sometimes. Sometimes it's more serious. He plays some rough games and I don't personally like them."

"Did you think things went too far with him and me the other night?"

He pulled back a little and looked into my eyes. "Only if you think so."

"I never intended it to happen, never even thought about actually doing such things, or letting anyone do them to me."

"That's dad for you. He's the devil incarnate and he'll draw you into his web before you even know what's happening."

"At times you sound as if you really hate him, William, yet I see so much evidence of real love between the two of you as well."

"You're saying I have a complicated relationship with my father."

"I suppose."

"It's probably a lot more complex than you've begun to guess; equal parts love, affection, anger, jealousy, and a deep, unwavering sense of competition."

"How do I come into this?"

"What do you mean?" William asked.

"Well, am I just another pawn in the game, or is there more to it than that?"

"I rather hope there's a great deal more, but that depends to a very great degree on you, Mr. Ballinger." I was somewhat surprised he knew my family name.

"What about Peter and Roger's assumption that you and I are having sex?"

"Well, I certainly hope they assume it. It would be good for both of them to know they haven't cornered the market."

"Odd, considering we haven't really done anything." I pulled back and looked at him.

"We haven't even kissed."

"Do you want us to kiss?"

"I think it would be very nice," I whispered.

"I think so too." But despite our agreement, we both lay very still, neither making any move to press our lips together. Then, after a long pause, William said, "Rob, when I see someone who really interests me, I like to take things very slowly. I want to get to know you properly, not just plunge into a sexual romp."

"Yes, I understand."

"Let's make a date for this evening. We'll go for a walk and I'll kiss you

"You're a very interesting guy, William Amsted."

"So I've been told, Rob Ballinger, and I could say the same thing about you."

To be continued.