Absolute Convergence
Chapter Seventy-seven
By John Yager

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William and I didn't it know until some time later, but as he and I were making love for the first time, we were the subject of a couple of different conversations.

Tommy and Colin, based in part on William's comment about our '...being on the way to becoming a couple,' and in even greater part on the easy and affectionate demeanor they observed between us, had decided that our 'couplehood' was a reality in all but its public recognition.

Peter and Roger had reached a similar conclusion, resulting in some teasing by Peter of Roger to the effect that he'd 'lost a good thing.' I was learning that Peter really did have a cruel streak, both in terms of enjoying physical pain, receiving it and causing it in others, and in terms of his cutting remarks, which he seemed to mark off at will.

The comments Tommy and Colin made the next morning didn't make things any smoother between Roger and me. They alluded to our immediate offer to share William's bed and to our early departure from the party.

When Roger and I were briefly alone, he said, "it looks like you and William have become fast friends."

"Yes," I responded noncommittally, not really knowing what to say.

"Does this mean our days as playmates are over?"

"I . . . ah . . . I don't know," I stammered. William and I had not discussed our status in any formal manner and I had no idea what either of us expected during the long periods we'd obviously be apart.

"Well, Kiddo," Roger snapped, "maybe you'd better figure that out."

We'd all risen late and had a late meal, more nearly lunch than breakfast, and then gone off in our own directions. Tommy and Colin left for London and Roger and Peter decided to play a round of golf. They asked William and me to join them but we declined, preferring instead to retreat to William's room and his big bed, although we didn't put it that plainly.

When we got back to his room, William commented on our having only been out of bed a little over an hour. We both got out of our clothes in a frenzy and were soon snuggling together between clean, fragrant sheets.

"Did Simon change the bed while we were out?" I asked.

"Yes, he usually makes up the beds while we are having breakfast."

"I think you have better service here than you'd get in most hotels."

"Yes, it beats life at the university."

"Speaking of which," I said between kisses, "when do you have to be back in Durham?"

"Oh, not until the end of September."

"That's over a month. What will you be doing between now and then?"

He rolled over so the was looking directly into my eyes and said, "I was rather hoping you'd ask me to visit you in LA."

"Really, William?" I gasped. It hadn't occurred to me that we'd be able to see one another so soon again.

"Yes, I could come for a fortnight. Would you put me up?"

Pulled him to me and kissed him with more longing and love than I though possible.

"Oh, William," I sighed when our mouths parted, "I was dreading going home. I supposed we'd not see one another again for months at the soonest."

"I couldn't stand months, Robert."

"I know. The thought of it was breaking my heart."

"Well, how about my coming to see you in LA in just a week or so, and then we figure out how to get together again as soon as possible after that?"

"I guess I have a lot to learn about people like you."

"What do you mean, 'people like me?'" he asked suspiciously.

"I mean people who jump on planes and fly half way around the world at a moment's notice."

"Well, it isn't really 'a moment's notice,' Robert. I've planned much longer trips in far less time."

"Perhaps you have, but do you realize this trip to England is the first time I've ever been outside the United States?"

"My, my," he grinned. "We'll have to correct that quickly."

Then our talking stopped as we kissed again and our bodies moved together. We kissed deeply as our hands explored. William's body was amazing and I wanted to learn every curve and muscle. I stroked the gentle cleft of his lower back, punctuated by the little hillocks of his vertebrae. The slope of his back led down to the deeper valley between the hard globes of his buttocks. With my other hand I grasped his hard biceps as his arms turned and flexed. I longed to explore the mysteries which lay between his muscular legs, to know his cock as well as I knew my own. I tingled with the expectation of exploring his ass.

"Oh, Robert," he moaned as our lips briefly parted.

"Yeah, I know," I responded and pressed my mouth to his again.

We rolled slowly on the crisp, cool sheets, me on him, then his marvelous weight on me. Our passions grew as our kissing continued until he rose up a little and then rolled off me to lie supine, his golden body glowing in the gentle light of the curtained room.

"I want you in me," he whispered.

"Yes, I want the same."

"My turn first. I think we'd better leave your ass alone."

"I'm no longer sore," I assured him, remembering Peter's rough treatment and William's gentle care.

"No, but you would be if I fucked you too soon." He moved against me and then added, "we'll save that for LA."

"All right," I agreed, rising up. Looking down at him, his body resting in a gentle curve, his torso slightly bent and his legs akimbo. I remembered a term from an art history class; contrapposto, that gentle curving of the body which gave classical Greek sculpture its sense of relaxed beauty.

Lying there in all his naked splendor, William was the image of the classic male ideal. He looked up at me, his eyes slightly shaded, his body yielding, giving himself to me.

"There's some lubricant in the bed stand," he whispered.

I reached for it, knelt between his legs, lifted them to my shoulders, and prepared myself and him. When he'd relaxed enough for three fingers to slip into him and I'd worked a generous amount of the petroleum jelly into him and over the length of my shaft, I moved forward, positioning the wet head of my cock against his hole and moved slowly in.

My eyes were locked on is, watching for any sign of discomfort. He winced a little when my cock head pushed through the tight ring of his sphincter, then relaxed again as I waited for his body to accept mine.

"Yes," he moaned and I slid further in, waited again, felt him relax, moved still further in, slowly, gently, until after a minute or two I was fully in.

"Welcome home," he sighed as he smiled up at me.

"Oh, William," I murmured, feeling more complete then I'd ever felt before.
"Now," William whispered, as his legs moved down and locked around the small of my back.

I pulled back slowly and moved with equal gentleness into him again. On my second withdrawal, just as I'd reached that point where the flair of my cock head pulled against his tight ring, he pulled me forward again with the strength of his legs. I slipped in quickly this time, but still feared hurting him.

"Harder," he moaned when I withdrew again, and I obliged.

"Yes," he growled, and I pounded into him, pulled back and thrust forward again.

"Yes, Robert," he groaned, "now fuck me hard."

What had begun so gently was soon a driving, pounding clash as our bodies crashed together and my cock drove into him with all the force I could muster.

"Yes, lover," William snarled, "drive that fucker home."

My cock was pounding into him with such force and speed that it was only seconds before we both convulsed. I felt myself explode, felt the hot magma of my sperm bolt into him, felt his own seed shoot up along my chest and hang between us in white ropes.

I collapsed onto William's chest and his legs slipped from around me.

My full weight was on him and we were both breathing hard. I started to lift myself off of him so he could recover his breath but he held me there, binding us together as the thick mastic of his seed dried between us, bonding us, fixing us together.

"I love you, Robert," he whispered.

"Yes, I love you, too."

It was some time before we were again breathing normally and I knew my weight on him was making full recovery difficult for him.

"Let's slip into the hot tub," I suggested, thinking he might loose me if he agreed.
"All right," he said after a long pause, but made no move to release me from his powerful grasp.

I made a slight movement, trying to lift myself a little. "Come on, then."

"All right," he finally said. His dried sperm had cemented us so firmly that if felt as if my skin were being torn away when I finally lifted myself off him.

"I knew separation would be painful," he grinned as I stood up and offered him my hand. He took it and I pulled him up off the bed, only to be engulfed again in his embrace.

We stood there kissing, letting our hands roam freely over each other's body, reveling in the shared warmth of our love.

"Come on," I finally said, holding his hand, leading him to the hot tub. I went to the controls and turned the knob, causing the water to surge and bubble.

"You remembered where the switch is located," he said.

"I'm a fast learner."

"Yes," he agreed. "I can see that."

We stepped into the scalding water and settled into an embrace, the two of us side by side, our arms entangled around our shoulders, our free hands roaming over our submarine parts.

We kissed slowly, gently now, beyond the urgency of our passion, happy to make love in a calmer, more gentle manner.

After several minutes I pulled my lips reluctantly away from his and said, "I think we need to talk."

"Yes, of course, there are a thousand unresolved issues, but we'll have time, later here, or in LA."

"I know, but there are a couple of things we need to decide."

"If you're going to ask me to wear a white gown at our wedding, forget it," William smiled.

"Seriously, William," I said, trying to think of a delicate way to raise the issue, but finally just saying, "Roger asked me earlier this morning if my friendship with you meant the days of him and me being 'playmates,' as he put it, are over."

"What did you tell him?"

"Well, after stammering around a little, I admitted we'd not really discussed it."

"How did he respond to that?"

"Oh, in his usual abrupt way, he said, 'Well, Kiddo, maybe you'd better figure that out.'"

William moved the wet fingers of his right hand along the curve of my jaw, looked into my eyes as I looked into his.

"I'd like to ask you to give up sex with everyone but me."

"I know."

"I'd also like to be able to tell you I'd not see anyone else. I guess we both know, though, that the realities are a lot more complicated."

"I've assumed you had other friends and I'd not ask you to give up such friendships, at least not unless we could be together in a more permanently."

"Yes, I guess that is the reality of it," William said. We were both silent for a few moments. His hand had moved down to stroke my shoulder and chest and my cock was quickly becoming erect again.

"I think we'd just agree that we'll go on seeing other people, at least as long as I'm in the UK and you're in California," he added.

"I guess you're right, but I really don't like the idea."

"Will Roger be a problem?"

"I don't think so. I guess he and I will be going straight to Heathrow from here and we go our separate ways from New York. I don't know when I'll be seeing him again, but there are a couple of other friends I need to find a way of letting down gently."

"Just friends?"

"Well, one man in LA, who really is just a friend, although we've had sex together a few times. And there are three college friends. I'll tell you all about them sometime, but I don't expect to see any of them again any time soon." I paused, thinking of Rick, then decided I'd better just tell William the whole story. "I have one very close friend. He's married now and living in Memphis."  William looked a little baffeled until I added, "Tennessee."

"Ah," he responded.

"I don't know when, or even if, I'll see him, but if I do it would be difficult for me as well as for him, to avoid getting intimate again."

"Even though he's married?"

"Yes." There was a long silence while we both thought about the implication of what I'd said. Then I just told William the entire story, about Rick and Deb, about our love for one another when we were still in high school, about their marriage  and their desire for a child.

I told him about Rick's asking me to be a sperm donor for them, about my agreement to do so and the fact that Deb was now pregnant. I felt as if it were perhaps too much to ask William to handle, but when I finished, he just leaned over and kissed me softly again.

"I understand," he said, then added, "I know they'll have a beautiful child."

"I hope so," I said, finding myself close to tears, not just at the thought of Rick, but because of William's understanding. "I'm so glad you are okay with all that."

He leaned back and looked at me as if I'd said something very surprising. "How could I not understand, Robert? I'm just amazed that you can accept me, given my own very odd history."

"I don't know much about your 'history ', William, apart from Peter, but it wouldn't matter. I love you, and I have to wonder if all the things each of us has experienced hasn't made us what we are, made you what you are, formed you to be the man I love."

After another long pause William said, "when I said 'my odd history,' I was thinking mainly about Peter. Last night I was looking at you as you slept, Robert, marveling at your beauty and at my own amazing good fortune at finding you. It occurred to me that I should perhaps be very upset by what happened between you and my father. I guess I should say, 'what my father did to you.' But in a way, I'm actually glad it happened. I don't think you could have ever understood his power over me if you'd not experienced it for yourself."

"I think his power is broken, over me, anyway, and I hope over you as well."

"It is," William agreed, "loving you has finally broken his last hold on me." As we kissed again the timer ran out on the hot tub pumps and the turbulent water became still. Just seconds later, we heard the deep toll of a clock someplace in the house. "It's just noon," William whispered.


"Peter and Roger will probably not get back for another hour. Let's go back to bed."

"Yes," I agreed, "that's a good idea."

To be continued.