Absolute Convergence: Transformations
Chapter Eighty-five
By John Yager

This is the fifth and final chapter of a new story about Robert Ballinger and William Amsted and their life together.

While this story is being added to the existing Absolute Convergence file, it constitutes an independent, self contained narrative about one period of about ten days.  I've therefore taken the liberty of giving it the  subtitle, Transformations, to distinguish it from the original series.  While it will be helpful for readers to know the original Absolute Convergence series, in which all the principal characters were introduced, this story should stand on its own merits.

Absolute Convergence  made its first appearance in January, 2001, as a series which eventually ran to a total of eighty chapters, the last of which was posted in January, 2004.  I  never anticipated the series continuing for so long and I am still amazed by the incredible loyalty of readers who stayed with me from the beginning.  I am also sincerely appreciative for those newer readers who have contacted me from time to time to say that they've discovered the series and ventured through the collected chapters.

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We lay there, silent for a while.  I wasn`t sure if William was sleeping or not, but I certainly wasn`t.  My brain was swimming with the little William had already told me and I knew the worst of it was still to come.  My back was getting stiff but I continued to gently caress his warm skin.

Eventually William moved a bit and I knew he was awake.  "William, when did things become overtly sexual between you and your father?" I eventually asked.

"When I was fourteen," he said, rolling over a little so he could look up at me.

"Over the next few years we continued to sleep together naked in his bed.  We often swam naked in the pool and in the river below the house and there was a lot of physical contact between us, not overtly sexual, but I guess the sexual implications were always there, just below the surface.  Those were wonderful summers and I know I came to love Peter deeply, in some ways more deeply than I'd ever loved my mother.

"Did those feelings continue?"

"Yes," William said.  "Even in light of all that's happened between us, I know I still love him on some level.

"At any rate, that sort of pattern continued.  My mother was impressed at how well Peter took care of me, and so each summer I spent time with him.  I also began to visit him over school holidays, usually at his house in London, if my mother was away.

"I met a lot of his adult friends there, both men and women.

"Over the next few years he often commented on my physical development.  He noticed when I began to develop some body hair.  He sometimes examined my penis, in an almost clinical way, commenting on it's increasing size, and made favorable comments about my physical grown and my improving physique."

"I guess the first time I remember seeing him fully erect was back when I was eleven or twelve.  He was wanking in his big glass shower stall and he obviously knew I was watching.  It was clearly for my benefit, maybe just to let me know he didn't care if I was him erect and doing it.  Peter's just an exhibitionist at heart.

"At any rate, it wasn't long before we were both doing it in front of the other.  In fact, I intentionally started masturbating when I knew he was watching, even before I could actually come.  But it was still two or three years before there was any real sexual contact between my father and me."

"And that was when you were fourteen?" I asked.

"Yes, but Peter wasn't the first person I had sex with, Robert."

"Let me guess," I said, "a school friend?"

"Yes," he said, "Samuel, a boy two years older than me.  I was at St. Aden's by then, the public school I attended for five years."

"Did you love him?"

"No, not really, but there was a bit of hero worship.  He was on all the school athletic teams and I was very flattered that he took notice of me at all.  Once it started between Samuel and me, it continued for as long as we were in school together.

"The next time I was with my father, I told him about Samuel.  We were pretty open with one another by then.  I`d already asked him every sexual question that occurred to me and he always answered frankly.

"I certainly never felt that kind of openness with my mother, but I guess few boys do,"  William added.

"I never felt comfortable talking with either of my parents about sex," I admitted.  "My father did give me the basic `birds and bees' bit when I was about fifteen, but by then I'd heard it all in more detail from other boys at school.  The only member of my family I ever had any real conversations about sex with was my brother Ted, and I didn't dare ask him about the things I really wanted to know."

"You mean questions about sex with other guys," William said.

"Yep," I confirmed.

"Well, in any case, when I told Peter about Samuel, he reacted more or less the way I`d expected.  He just said that sort of thing was perfectly natural between boys at school, and even between older men.

"He asked me some specific questions about what Samuel and I had done and seemed surprised we'd only wanked each other off.  Up to that point that really was all Samuel and I had done.

"`If you're going to have really enjoyable sex with another boy, Will,' Peter said, `you should broaden your horizons.'  I must admit I was a little surprised by that."

"Why were you surprised, as open as you'd been with each other?"  I asked.

"Well, I guess I still thought his main interest was in women.  He'd married twice, after all.  And his comments immplyed for the first time that he not only didn't object to me having sex with another boy, but even suggested that adult men did much the same thing.  I think I still thought it was just a phase which I and Samuel and a lot of other boys went through, but eventually out grew.

"At any rate, that very night, when I came into his room, he was lying naked on his bed, slowly stroking his fully erect penis.

"`Come here, Will,' he said.  `Show me what you and your school friend do.'

"I didn't know if he meant for me to masturbate him or myself, but I went over and got on the bed beside him.  Remember, Robert, I'd seen him naked a lot and even seen him wanking himself off, but I'd never touched him sexually to that point and when he'd touched my penis, up to that time, it had been more like a medical exam than anything overtly sexual."

"I understand," I assured him.

"Well I got on the bed and he just reached over and took my hand, moved it to his cock and said, `do it like you do with Samuel.'

"I moved my hand up and down his shaft a few time.  It felt very strange and I know I wasn't doing a very good job.  Apart from his larger size, it wasn't that different from wanking Samuel. Like Peter, Samuel was also uncircumcised and I did know how to deal with the foreskin.

"`Is that the best you can do?' he asked.

"It feels really odd, dad," I admitted.

"`Why odd?' he asked.

"Well, touching you, I guess, but you're also bigger than Samuel."

"To my surprise, Peter just reached over and began to stroke my cock as well.  I was completely hard and when he started stroking me, I felt as if I'd come at once.

"`How old is Samuel?' he asked.

"`He just turned seventeen,' I told him.

"`Well, his cock may still get bigger,' he said.  `I'm sure yours will.'

"We continued lying there, gently stroking each other for a few minutes and then he began to grip my penis more firmly and wank me with greater speed and force.  I followed his example and within a few minutes we both came, shooting our seed up over our chests.

"To  my surprise, Peter moved his hand to his mouth and licked a bit of my come off, obviously rolling it around on his tongue.

"`What's the matter?' he asked when he saw the shocked expression on my face.  `Have you never tasted come?'

"`No,' I said.

"`Well, here,' he said, holding his sticky fingers up to me. `Try a little of your own and then compare it with mine.'

"I did as he said, and could clearly taste the difference.  Mine was milder, less salty, his had a strong, overtly sexual taste and smell, which I suspected was because he was a mature man, while I was still just a boy.

"We got up and showered together and then, back in his bed, later that night, Peter gave me my first blow job.

"I couldn't believe my own father was sucking my cock but it was so amazing I had no interest in stopping him, even if I could.  I had noting to compare it with, but I quickly got the feeling dad knew what he was doing and he was doing it very well.

"He brought me nearly to climax several times and each time, slowed down until I  regained control.  By the time he finally let me come, I was so aroused that I was begging him to finish it.  When I came, he stayed on me, taking my load.  But before he swallowed it, he moved up and kissed me, aggressively forcing his tongue into my mouth, and then letting my seed roll off his tongue onto mine.

"`Swallow it,' he said when he'd moved his mouth off mine.

"I held the warm, sticky stuff in my mouth, rolling it around a little, tasting the full intensity of it, not sure if I could swallow without retching.

"Finally, Peter grasped my jaw in his strong hand and said, `Swallow it, Will, now!'

"I swallowed, my eyes open in amazement at what he was forcing me to do.

"`Good,' he whispered when he saw I'd taken it all down my throat.  `Next time, you'll suck, my cock.'

"I went to sleep in his arms, hesitant about what I knew was coming, but also very aroused and, on some level, wanting it to happen.

"When I woke the next morning, Peter was in the shower.  I joined him, my penis hard as a rock. He greeted me with a smile and a little flick of his finger on the head of my cock, and then began to wash me.  He'd never done that before, at least not since I was just a little kid, and I just leaned back against the tile wall and let him do what he wanted.

"He had me turn around and he washed my back and legs and then my buttocks.  He let his fingers slide along my crack, lingering over the pucker of my ass, but making no attempt to enter me.

"When he turned me back around, he worked a think lather unto my pubic hair and then used it as he began to stroke my hard cock.  Within a few seconds, I came, shooting my seed out against his leg.

"He just smiled and washed it away, then he said, "Will, I hope you know how much I love you.' and handed me the soap.

"He stood back, saying nothing more, but I understood what he wanted.  I washed him as thoroughly as he'd washed me, letting my fingers work into the crack of his ass, which surprised me by its hairiness.

"I washed his cock but when I started to stroke it, he stopped me, moving my hand away.

"He moved around under the shower, rinsing himself off, and then reached out of the shower stall, grabbing towels for both of us.  We dried off and then, still without a word, and he went back into the bedroom.  I followed him, watching him lie down on his back in the center of the big bed, and spread his legs.

"I knew what he wanted, what he expected, and without either of us saying a word, I got on the bed, kneeling between his legs, and grasped his hard cock.

"When I looked up, over the length of his torso, he was looking directly at me.  Our eyes locked and he nodded.

"I lowered my mouth to the head of his cock and gently kissed it.  I felt as if it was an act of complete and total submission. I was doing what he's said I'd do and I was doing it without even being told, at least not in words.

"He just lay back, his head on a pillow, his eyes still open but not watching me, just looking up a the ceiling, letting me get on with it.

"I opened my mouth and let my lips slide down over the head of his cock.  Then with my tongue, I circled it, getting it wet, tasting it.  I tried to do what Peter had done to me, slowly taking more and more of him into my mouth, but I found I could only take about a third of his length without gagging.

"When I realized I couldn't take the entire length of his cock down my untrained throat, I settled for sucking the head while I formed a ring with my fingers and stroked the rest of his shaft.

"It took a long time to get him off that way, but eventually his body stiffened and he came, flooding my mouth with his seed.  I swallowed as fast as I could but some of if leaked out at the corners of my mouth and dribbled into his pubic hair.

"When he'd finished coming he reached out and grasped my shoulders, pulling me up to him.  It was the first time he'd touched me since we'd returned to the bed and he held me to him, kissing my lips and cheeks, chuckling as he did so.

"I couldn't understand his amusement and finally asked what he thought was so funny.  `You are,' he laughed, kissing me again. `I've heard about natural born cock suckers, Will, but you are definitely not one.'

"I rolled off him and gave him a playful blow on the shoulder.

"`Don't be annoyed, Willy Wanker,' he chuckled. `You'll learn and just think what new tricks you'll have to show Samuel.'"

We were silent as I thought about all William had told me, remembering Peter and considering how he could mix affection and control so easily.  I'd experienced it the age of twenty-two, and knew his power.  How much more commanding he would have been with a boy of fourteen, and not just any boy, but his own son.

It was only after twenty minutes or so that I realized William was asleep.  I needed to move my arm but didn't want to risk waking him, and eventually I also dozed off.

More of William's story would have to wait, but I'd already heard enough to realize what an emotional burden my lover carried.

When I woke the next morning William was still sleeping, lying on his side with his head cradled on his own arm. He looked as innocent as an angel and as beautiful as one.  I lay watching  him until he stirred, then lower my lips to his ear and whispered, "I love you so."

There was a muted sob and I pulled back to look into his eyes.

"Thank you," he whispered.  "I love you too, with all my heart."

We eventually got up and showered and dressed.  We ate our usual simple breakfast at home and went off to our respective jobs.  At noon we met for lunch in the studio commissary, but had heard no news of the NSB board meeting.  It was to have begun at ten o'clock, and was apparently still going on.

At three that afternoon, William called. "Peter and his buddies got their way," he said.

"I guess that's good news," I said, not knowing what I really thought.

"I suppose," he said with no enthusiasm.

The transformation had occurred and a new phase of our life had begun.

The end.