This story contains material of a sexual nature and should not be viewed by anyone under the age of 18. The sexual material in this story involves two males with gay thoughts and actions among consenting males over the age of 18.

If this type of material offends you in any way, shape, or form, please do not continue.

Story Notes:
This story originally appeared on an electronic bulletin board system (BBS) in Portland, Oregon, called 'Hot Pockets,' in 1992. It has been cleaned up and reformatted for your viewing pleasure.

The following story was created as an off the cuff idea that I had when chatting to Wildside in private. All activities and assorted sex acts never happened. I have never met Wildside, the main character in this story.

At the time, I used the online nickname of "Yo!!! Mate" - If you want to send me emale now, please address it to: wetstuff@agrisea.net

An Adventure In H2O
written by Yo!!! Mate

The sun arose early one morning in mid July, as I was still preparing the boat to take me and a friend out to go water skiing on the Columbia. The food, skis, clothes, towels, and extra gas was already loaded up - I was only waiting for the Wild Man to arrive.

At a little past 5:30, he finally shows up - all red in the face, explaining that he got lost and was real sorry... I said, that it was okay and asked him to get in. It is better to ski before anyone else gets out there and interrupts the smoothness of the water... I call it breaking the glass and it does look so pretty as the sun hits it...

Anyway, we got to the launching ramp in record time and put the boat in the water.... Soon we were out on the water, zooming along and looking for a place to start at.

We were near Corbett when my friend spotted a place and pointed it out to me - it looked like a perfect place to me. As I idled the engine, he took out his skis and I got the rope ready... He jumped in the cold water cussing and stuttering that it was a mite chilly... I tossed the ski over the side and tossed him the rope... pretty soon, we were ready to go and do some serious skiing.

His first attempt was executed as a wet noddle fall (his foot slipped out of the rear binding), but the next try was much better.

We skied around for a better part of an hour, until he signaled me that he was getting tired of the area. So I turned east and went up the river towards the dam. I had to admit, as I watched him ski in the rear mirror, that he was good and he looked so incredible in his wetsuit. I can only hope that he was not too straight.

(note: if wildside is straight, I'll eat a car.)

Eventually, we came along a stretch of shore that didn't have a view of the freeway or the river. I decided that this was a great place to have a little fun and eat some donuts. I turned around and signaled him with my thumb down and a hand pointed at the shore - indicating that I wanted him to ski towards the shore and let go of the rope. Normally, the thumb down means to slow down, but pointing at the shore means to ski towards it and land there. He did exactly as I thought he would and skied right onto land.... I cut the throttle and pulled in the rope and turned the boat around and headed to the shore... As the bottom grounded against the shore he ran over and helped pull it up even more on to the land.

We got back into the boat, put the ski in its compartment and went below, into the cabin, for the food. He pulled the zipper of his wetsuit down and started to struggle to get out of it. He looked a lot like a live fish stuck in saran wrap (grin). I decided that this would be a good opportunity to get a real close touch and feel from him as I helped him out of his wetsuit. I walked over and asked him to relax and let me do it for him, as his shoulders were stuck. I came real close and grabbed the wetsuit on both shoulders and peeled it back down his back. (I looked like I was hugging him.)

As I pulled the wetsuit down and 3/4 of his arms were free and most of his back was warm to my touch, he started to breath heavily and sagged against me. His breath was warm on my neck and his voice was a bit horse when he said that he didn't want me to let go off him for a long time....

He started to nibble on my left ear, as I freed first his left arm and then the right one. His strong tan arms wrapped around my neck as he continued to kiss and suck on my ear. I gently started to hug him and lick his neck and ear while rubbing his hard, wet back. As I continued to do this, he started to squirm a little and stopped and released me from his hug and said that he had to get out of his suit, before he couldn't...

I pulled him into the shower and turned on the soothing water and after having him sit on the bench, knelt down in front of him. I gently pulled off his wetsuit and rinsed it out. He looked so delicious sitting there nude and oh so tan, with the water cascading down on his chest and legs.

I got out of my clothes and pulled him to his feet. He hugged me first and we moved closer together for that once in a lifetime kiss of a passion long awaited. His tongue met mine and wrapped itself around my tongue in a love dance.

My hands ran thru his hair and down his back and then up again. His hands held me firmly and his kisses were hypnotic and covered every square inch of my mouth.

He continued to kiss wet and long french kisses as the shower's cool water cascaded all over us. His hands ran down my back moulding my ass and playing with the checks... His dick that was semi small, sprung into a wild attack of my stomach and continued to grow hard against my own, now semi-hard dick. His kisses became more and more harder and wilder as his breath was coming in small gasps... His whole body was trembling with excitment as I ran my hands along his ass checks and pulled him hard against my body.

I turned around and turned off the water and took him by the hand into the large foward v-berth and pushed him down gently onto the bed. His dick was pulsing with lots of blood and stood straight up looking in my eye, as I leaned over it. I could almost feel his urging me to take it in my mouth and give him something to remember. I leaned over and took his head in my mouth and just brushed my tongue across the head - his whole body shook.... and reminded me of an explosion of cum from a volcano.... His Balls were churning and I knew it would be very soon that he erupted white everywhere. I sucked the entire inch of his mammoth cock into my mouth, feeling the warm sensation of precum flowing into my mouth... He was graoning and moaning as I continue to bathe his cock with my tongue and mouth. I saw his knees starting to shake and quickly took my mouth off his volcano and watched him thrash the bed and erupt huge amounts of cum everywhere...

After he was through making a mess, he just lay there panting heavily and still twitching a little - I lay down on him, coating him and me with his cum - I grabbed his head and started a kiss that seemed to last for eternity, with me doing most of the work, as he was very spent.... His cock was almost as full grown as it had been before I started to suck it... I was wondering if this was going to be a two shot deal... His body was mine for the taking and I was not about to refuse the offer.... My cock was getting impatient and needed just as much attentionas I had given him - but he had other ideas.... He turned around and took my cock into his mouth, while I took his into my mouth... the delight of having a 69 with such a beautiful hunk was too much to believe....

I felt that I was in heaven as his tongue rolled around my dick and was carressing it up and down the entire length.... It felt so good to have a man giving me what I so much needed and not a moment too soon either.... His suction power was incrediable and soon - I was ready to give him a tasty snack... he could feel my legs starting to twitch as I was also feeling his twitching in front of my face... we pulled away at the same time and splattered each other's stomachs with the nector of the gods....

The energy that it took to come, left us both breathless and for me, wanting another piece of him... I asked him to roll over, so that I may have the easier entrance.... After putting a condom on my hard cock, I slowly eased my way into him.... He was so hot and tight that it was bit hard.... oh, but such a nice view that I had... he was groaning again, every time that I slid into his hot hole.. it felt so good....

Soon, even though he was panting and I was straining - I came... I thought for sure that I would pop the condom.... It had felt so good to be in another hot hole, but without teeth.... that it was hard not to cum instantly.... After I came, and he said, that the throbbing was a good indication that the condom still held... he let me just lay on him and let the cock get hard again in his ass.... It was almost too hard for me to come out of his ass, let alone give him up to go skiing again.... I just wanted to hold him for the rest of the day in my arms tight....

Finally, I did pull out and wrapped my arms around his neck and planted another kiss on his face... his eyes were opened so wide that it looked like he wanted some more but he said instead that we should rest awhile before we continue our activity.... Falling asleep in the arms of another on a boat was so easy, as the boat rocked us fast asleep....

Another Part? Nope, sorry.
Copyright © July 1992 Yo!!! Mate