Amor y Amigo  
Friend and Lover     

1995: Being Together

I blinked my eyes open, and in spite of the drawn drapes instinctively knew it was late... for a brief moment wondering how I could have slept that late... slowly becoming aware of the body beside me, pressed against me... warm and soft.

I wondered... and then with a slamming heart remembered the previous night... quickly recollecting the details...

No, it hadn't been some weird dream this time... It was real... it was indeed Ankur. I was with Ankur... in my own room, in bed... And we had made crazy love all night!

I gently turned my head, gazing in amazement at his handsome face, so peaceful in slumber... so incredibly beautiful. Magnificent, as he lay there, gloriously naked, on my bed, the sheets thrown off, bathed in the subdued glow of the light filtering in... numinously chatoyant. Suddenly feeling a maddening surge of warmth and tender love fill my heart... overwhelmed by the intensity of the emotion.

Slowly, lifting up on my elbow I bent forward, careful not to wake him, holding my breath... lightly kissing his mouth - those moist bee-stung, swollen lips - in gratitude and thanksgiving.

Pulling back, my eyes roved... travelling lower - over the gently heaving chest... the tiny boy tits, dark pink and stiff... along the flat abdomen... and down to the lush pubes... catching my breath as I saw him in the morning light... so gloriously beautiful... painfully turgid in that typically male affliction of morning hardness - tender and pink as it throbbed with a slight, regular beat... the foreskin partly retracted, the peeking glans, moist and glistening...

The temptation was too great... and with a silent groan I moved lower... bending over his middle as I took him in my hand, lifting him up... caressing and stroking the warm flesh, feeling it pulse in my hand. I pulled down the foreskin and lashed out with my tongue... swirling it over the exposed glans... lapping along the frenulum... and around the flared rim... Kissing and licking his tumid manhood, almost crying out in joy.

Opening wide, I took him in... wrapping my lips around the swollen girth, slowly working down the flexing length... smelling him... tasting him.

I heard his soft, sleepy moan... and felt his hips convulse with the slight tremor of slumberous arousal... his legs stretching out and spreading wide... And then his hands were on my head, those strong fingers curling in my hair, holding me... calling out my name in a hoarse, drowsy whisper.

I dived deeper... hollowing my cheeks as my tongue tickled the underside... along the thick cord... slowly bobbing my head... my fingers firm around the thick base... stroking... milking that phallic column... urging him to give up his creamy treasure... reward me for my effort.

Ankur was fully awake now, writhing under me... his pelvis twisting and turning in wild gyrations as his ass lifted off the bed, feeding me more and more of his glorious penis...

Eyes shut tight and with my ears buzzing, I took him all the way... down my throat... gagging and spluttering... pulling back and then taking him in again... repeating... My finger relentless in their insistence... moving up and down the saliva drenched base... harder, faster...

Ankur's fingers were fierce in my hair, tugging... the moans louder... more frantic... His legs stretched out... the stomach heaving... and then his body arched high, his middle rising off the bed... suddenly tense, the whole body going stiff... And then he exploded, flooding my mouth with his rich, teen cream... virtually choking me as I clamped my lips around the violently flexing shaft, swallowing desperately... my eyes teary as my lungs screamed for air.

His hips quivered and spasmed... and then went still, as with one last powerful twitch the tiny slit at the end of the cock shot the last volley... before falling back... panting audibly.

I gave the fast softening cock a few more licks... sucking on the shrinking head, as Ankur groaned and cried out, his middle and legs squirming wildly in the agony of post-orgasmic sensitivity... his hands on my shoulders, tugging me.

Satisfied that I had every single, last drop of his youthful milt, I released him and fell back, closing my eyes... licking my lips, suddenly very happy, very pleased... Content.

"That's the most amazing way to wake up," he said between gasps and then lifting up kissed me on the mouth... his tongue licking the corner of my mouth, tasting himself.

I smiled, my eyes still closed... the scent of his semen filling every pore of my being... inebriating.

He climbed over me... his soft, saliva wet cock pressed against my belly, "Wake up..." he commanded, kissing my nose tip, and as I opened my eyes, looking up at him, he grinned, "You were just like a virgin, last night," he said, kissing my mouth, "and God, you are a moaner, very loud and very noisy in bed!"

I smiled back, my hands caressing his face, "And you are a very beautiful person."

Ankur blushed, for the first time since I had met him... laying his head on my chest, letting out a soft sigh.

We lay for a while and then he stirred, "And now, it's my turn," he grinned looking up, quickly sliding down my body and scooting between my legs... pushing them apart as he took me in his mouth... I closed my eyes, losing myself to the glorious sensation of that warm, moist cavity... that lashing tongue... calling out my love for him...

** ** ** **

Now that the unknown fears had been conquered, and the unexplained reluctance finally overcome, there remained no restraint; and Sunday, 12th November, 1995, was a wild orgy of sexual exploration as we repeatedly united in love... devoid of shame or embarrassment, being our own primal selves as we filled the house with euphonious grunts and high operatic arias in joyous celebration!

Spending breathless hours in the delectable labour of love as we embarked on the highly erotic journey of enigmatic new discoveries... Our hands and mouth repeatedly getting reacquainted with every tiny inch of each other's body... exploring those most private, and intimate spots with a frantic urgency. Giddy with excitement as we stumbled upon hidden erogenous zones... and uncovered secret fetishes and cherished fantasies... transporting each other to staggering new heights of ecstasy... till finally we fell back, exhausted and completely drained... totally numb. But highly satisfied and totally happy!

Monday dawned with the terrifying realisation that our glorious weekend had finally come to an end... and so had Ankur's 19th birthday party! That we now needed to revert back to the routine of regular living... get back to work!

Ankur pouted for a short while, sulky and reluctant, till I ushered him firmly into the car and drove him back to his college... but only after I had given him my solemn oath that I'd pick him up after class, and bring him back home!

And so it became - each afternoon picking him up at the college, and together returning home... And if I happen to be occupied with something urgent, then he getting into town on his own and waiting for me (at my place) till I returned home.

The shopping malls, the coffee shops, the library and the Chocolate Room were but a distant memory now... and we rarely went out as we passed languid hours in each other's arms. Teaching and pleasuring, as together we discovered, and we learnt... Constantly in love, and constantly loving… Ever willing to try, and experiment!

And we didn’t bother about the time or the place anymore - every single moment, every situation, and every place in the house was just perfect for our union - the bed, the shower, or the living room floor... the kitchen while preparing dinner... or the worktable while giving that final touch to the urgent ad copy. And even during our Sunday lunch... Always hot, always horny... in perpetual need - our thirst never seeming to be quenched... Ever ready for another bout of lovemaking.

Totally amazed by the insatiable libido I seem to have, and the astonishingly fecund imagination I possessed. Making Ankur gasp in astonished wonderment each time, "God, you’re so damned hot..." grinning impishly at me as I pulled back, panting from the exhaustion, kissing me with a passion that always made me laugh.

But then, I wasn't alone in my mental faculties, we were both equal partners - both equally fertile with shamefully raunchy ideas... and the willingness to try it out. Ankur eager in his youthful desire to discover the joys of loving, while I was intent on catching up on my lost youth. Neither seeming to get enough of the other, both insatiable as we converted the whole house into a bacchanal playground!

And most nights Ankur stayed back... Both rushed in the morning as we hurried to reach his college on time... Suddenly a whole new meaning added to my life, my very existence.

to be continued...      

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