Amor y Amigo  
Friend and Lover     

1996: The Visit

Time flew, and it was summer once more... six wondrous months from that magical November day... six amazing months of being in love with Ankur - the most glorious period of my entire life... and for a moment I just couldn't believe that I was actually living it.

Ankur was practically living with me now, having already moved in most of his clothes and personal effects... his own apartment at the campus, empty, patiently awaiting his increasingly infrequent visits...

His books, and his laptop now occupied my worktable, commandeered by him... converted into his study table!

Having lived alone all these years, being my own boss in my own private fiefdom, it suddenly felt so nice to be `squabbling' over the trivial - rights over a tiny space on a table, or over which side of the bed should belong to who... over closet shelves... over the new coffee mug!

I was loving it!

And though he never stopped talking, telling me constantly about his family, his dreams, his aspirations... and his writing; he never again asked me anything about my past...

He was doing great at college, excelling in all the subjects, and his writing too had improved tremendously, with a surprising degree of maturity and depth... Incisive, yet funnily humorous.

** ** ** **

"Can I move in?" he asked one early morning as we lay in each other's arms, having just awakened, his fingers playful in my pubic hair, twirling around the curly strands in tiny circles.

His college had just closed for the summer, and he was staying with me before he left for home...

"I'd love you to, Ankur... but there could be other complications later... your family, friends, you know, how would you explain it to them?

"Why, by just telling them the truth!"

"Are you ready for that?"

"Yes," he said before kissing me on the mouth.

I kissed back and then pulling away added, "I'd love it if you moved in right now, but let's give it some time though... finish your college first."

"OK," he said softly and snuggled close, shutting his eyes, his luscious lips curled in a happy smile.

I had an early breakfast meeting scheduled that morning - a prospective client - and not wishing to be late for the appointment, reluctantly, disengaging myself from his embrace I got off the bed, and swatting his naked butt walked to the bathroom.

And as I stood lathering myself for a shave I heard his phone ring and then his muffled voice coming from the bedroom.

A short while later, as I finished one side of my face, he entered and grabbing the towel wrapped around my waist, pulled it off!

"Hey..." I shouted looking sternly at him.

"You don't need that," he giggled, throwing it into the bedroom, "not in the house, not with me..."

"Ankur, I have an urgent meeting, with a client... so if you'll please excuse me now, I need to get ready."

"Oh, sorry..." he said softly, giving me a doleful look, and then as I turned back to the mirror he scooted down, between my legs, taking me in his mouth...

"Ah, Ankur... please, not now... " I gasped, my hips jerking, the penis rapidly filling out with the gushing blood...

"Mmmm..." he mumbled nasally, his mouth full, not bothered with what I had just said...

He took me deep, his nose buried in my pubes... those awesome lips tight around the base...creating an amazing suction with his hollowed cheeks as my cock head lay trapped in the constricted grip of his gullet. His fingers meanwhile, toying with my testicles... coaxing the pair to relent, and release their liquid treasure.

The razor dropped from my loosened grip, and I grabbed the sides of the washbasin with both hands... gasping as that familiar feeling engulfed me... quickly taking over... making my legs shake and the stomach muscle twitch and flex...

And that was it!

As the last furious spurt burst forth I slumped forward, over the sink, trying to steady myself... panting like a marathon runner...

I felt him release me and slowly get up, going behind me; and as I blinked my eyes open looking up into the mirror, I saw him watching me, looking at me... grinning in triumphal glory... our eyes locking for a brief moment before I looked away...

But equally quickly looking back at him, in the mirror... seeing the tongue run over those full, red lips, now obscenely puffed, glistening with saliva and the speckled remnants of my passionate rout...

And as I looked on I saw him reach up with the index finger of his left hand... gathering up the single glob of escaped cum rolling down his chin... and opening his mouth, insert the finger in... slowly... obscenely... licking the digit clean!

I groaned, and closed my eyes...

He moved in close and wrapping his arms around my waist hugged me, kissing my shoulder, neck and ear... his cock throbbing as it settled in the valley of my lower back.

"Ankur..." I pleaded, weak with renewed desire... yet aware of the need to hurry for my appointment.

With a loud smack he pulled back and grinned, "You're so unromantic, huh! Anyways, don't worry, I've got what I wanted, and now, you go and get ready for that silly meeting of yours!"

With that he walked out of the bathroom and I just stood - Relieved? Disappointed?

** ** ** **

As I emerged from the bathroom, he got out of bed and came over, his hands sliding around my waist, pulling me close, our naked cock rubbing.

"That was mom, earlier," he informed me, "she wants to know what's keeping me," he grinned, "when I'm coming home!"

"And what did Mama's little darling have to say, huh?" I asked, my eyes devouring him.

He shrugged, "Told her I'll leave the day after, and that you're coming along."


"Yes dummy, you, I want you to come along."

"Um, why?" I inquired, suddenly nervous.

"I want you to meet my parents, meet my family, see my home," he kissed me on the nose.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Of course I'm sure, Darsh. I want you to meet my folks and also want them to meet you."

"OK..." I finally agreed, but still very unsure about the whole idea... Apprehensive?

We left together, that Friday evening, making the overnight train journey that took us through the breathtaking Western Ghats - to his home, his family.


We reached very early in the morning, and were met by his brother.

Getting off the train Ankur flung himself at Adit, hugging him, almost lifting him off the ground, refusing to let go...

Seeing their joy, and the warmth of their greeting, I was amused, and also happy... suddenly all my apprehensions about coming along evaporating. I knew Ankur was right, and that his parents' wouldn't mind having his friend along... albeit, a friend who wasn't a fellow student, and much older.

"Adit!" Ankur exclaimed with glee, embracing his brother once more, and then releasing him turned around, "Adit, this is Darsh," finally introducing us, "and, Darsh, this is my big bro!" the pride evident.

Adit smiled, shaking my hand - formal, courteous.

Though equally tall and good-looking in his own way, he didn't have the stunning presence, or the cute charm of his younger brother. And he also seemed a bit reticent. But then, maybe I was being harsh on him - we had just met, and I was already judging... comparing!

"You got my car?" Ankur asked.

"Would I dare not to, huh?" Adit retorted, laughing, passing his arm around his brother's shoulder as we walked out of the small station.

"Cool, I'll drive. Darsh, you sit in the front with me, and you, Adit, take the back seat!" Ankur instructed, already in charge!

"As you say, Master," Adit grinned, handing over the keys.

It was an open top Jeep... a spanking new YJ Wrangler.

Ankur paused... eyes gleaming, and then spun around, making for Adit, before pausing, "No, that's for dad!"

"What?! I don't get a hug for driving it here, huh?" Adit grimaced, horrified.

"Nah," Ankur replied, "you drove my jeep even before I had a chance to try it out!"

"But you didn't come for your birthday... and wanted it at the station, huh?!"

Ankur didn't bother to respond as he climbed in behind the wheels, commanding, "Get in!"

Expertly manoeuvring through the crowded lanes and streets, Ankur swiftly drove us beyond the town limits... suddenly speeding up... music blaring!

"Adit, you must take Darsh to the gardens today," he called above the loud music, all excited. And then added, "Hey, we can actually carry our lunch and have it there, together... you know, in that grove, wow!"

Adit laughed, and reaching out tousled his hair, "First, turn down the volume so that we can have a decent conversation!" And once Ankur lowered the volume, added, "Do you really think Mama will let you out this soon, and that too, for lunch?!"

"Well, you have to manage that!"

Adit laughed, "You are so adept at getting her to do things she disapproves, why me, huh?"

"Adit, pleaseeeeeeeeee!"

"Mom plans to sit you down, fuss, pet and pamper," Adit grinned wickedly, "lavish you with her love, and then feed you all your fave dishes... and if I even mention something like going off during lunch, she'll kill me!"

"Adit, I'm back after such a long time... won't you do it for me, huh?" Ankur said, the voice suddenly precative.

Ignoring him Adit leaned forward, addressing me, "My little brother, initially he's reluctant to go, snivelling and whining over the phone everyday... visiting home practically every other weekend. Then, suddenly, he stops complaining and we heave a collective sigh of relief. But, surprise-surprise, he also stops coming home! Come November, he calls me a dozen time each day, finally wheedling out what dad's getting him for his birthday - something that he has always wanted since he was eighteen. And what does he do, he chooses to stay away, doesn't come home for his birthday, though it's a weekend. Says he has important, and urgent, assignments! He also tells us not to call him in the evening; he'll be with friends, ahem. Then, he fails to turn up during his Christmas break... reason? more 'special assignments'!"

"What are you driving at, huh?" Ankur asked, briefly turning to look at his brother. "Well, I'm here now, and I'm taking this with me, to college!" he announced, giving the wheel an expert twirl, making the jeep waver along the empty road before steadying it once more.

"Well," Adit said, turning towards Ankur, "Mama might fall for that stuff... but what do you take me for, huh?"

"What are you suggesting?!" Ankur retorted, indignant.

"No, neither suggesting, nor insinuating, merely voicing my rational, commonsense thoughts; stating facts!"

"Adit..." Ankur exclaimed, sounding offended.

"Who is it, huh?" he asked, making my heart skip a beat.

"What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean," Adit grinned, winking at me.

Ankur remained silent, eyes fixed on the road ahead.

"Ah, only if Mama was to know..." Adit wondered aloud leaning back, addressing no one in particular.

"Are you... are you trying to blackmail me, huh?"

"Dare I?" Adit responded, laughing.

"You better not..." grinned Ankur.

"Then tell me, who it is!" Adit demanded.

"I will," Ankur said, suddenly serious, "when the time is right..."

Adit reached out, patting his head, "My kid brother has grown up..."

We had nearly driven over fifteen kilometres, and now I saw the sea in the distance, beyond the hump of the road... shimmering in the morning light... hear it rumble as it rolled up the golden beach, beckoning.

Turning off the road Ankur drove in through a huge wrought iron gate...

The grounds were large and sprawling... with beautiful green lawns and well tended flowerbeds, neatly pruned shrubs and ancient trees... the gravel driveway leading up to a rambling, Raj period bungalow set in the centre - the family's summer seat.

Honking loudly all the way Ankur sped along in a flurry of gravel, coming to a screeching stop under the portico.

His parents were waiting on the steps, no doubt alerted by all the racket, and Ankur, with a raucous hoot jumped out, flying into his dad's arms, hugging both parents, glowing with joy, breathless as he chattered away...

The introductions over, we took a quick shower and after a hurried breakfast, that left his mother very annoyed, we left for the gardens.

His mother had been adamant, refusing to let him go, absolutely opposed to the suggestion of a 'picnic lunch' , aghast by the very idea. "You just got here!" she exclaimed, firm. "NO!"

And that's when I saw the power Ankur wielded... acting such a baby - adorably cute, endearingly innocent - sweet-talking his way right through all her objections; pouting as he artfully manipulated, twirling them around his little fingers with ridiculous ease... till his dad finally settled it in his favour.

"Let them go..." he said patting him, and she reluctantly agreed.

Adit just stood there, grinning, shaking his head as he looked at me, eyebrows raised.

It was an education for me, an eye-opener! I was seeing him in a new light. And, with a smile, I suddenly realised how on numerous occasion that same charm had worked on me... in so subtle a manner... unbeknownst!


And I couldn't help but fall in love with him all over again!

** ** ** **

The tea estate was a two hours of very pleasant drive away, nestled seductively on the slopes of the lofty emerald hills that rose to the east - a picturesque landscape contoured by the waist-high, carefully tended tea bushes... lush and green... glistening under the morning sun. Miles and miles of unending tea plantation... interspersed with Silver Oaks, Erythrinas and Gliricidias.

"The trees protect the tea bushes from the intense heat and light, and also provide for microclimatic and soil improvements," Adit explained, as the brothers drove me around, pointing out the various work sheds, the packaging unit and the administrative block. Each time Ankur beginning with a flourish before trailing off, looking piteously at his brother, shrugging, "Adit, you explain..."

Lunch arrived at 1:00 sharp, and the three of us sat in the palm grove behind a disused shed at the far end of the garden enjoying a lavish spread, Ankur playing the conscientious host.

Later we walked the hills for a short while and then started for home.

After tea Ankur announced, "Mama, I'm taking Darsh to the beach!"

"Are you home to spend time with us?" asked his mother, resigned.

"Yes, of course," he replied, hugging her, "I'll be here for a month, with you," he grinned, "but Darsh will be going back on Monday, so, I MUST show him the place, Mama!"

She smiled, and we left.

"Don't be late for dinner..." she called after us.

to be continued...      

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