Amor y Amigo  
Friend and Lover     

1995: The Tiff

Ankur stood still, buck naked... numinous... Soft and satiny, smooth and bare, except for that perfectly formed dark triangle lower down... Glowing in the subdued light... almost ethereal... stunningly gorgeous!

Eyes closed, and nostrils flared... those haematic full lips - a juicy pair of ripe cherries, succulent and sheeny - obscenely pouting out in lustful invitation... tempting me...

I slowly reached out, my trembling fingers tentative... unsure... brushing over his handsome face, touching him for the first time... and feeling the shudder as a frisson of excitement passed through me.

Touching, feeling and caressing... going for those lips... those swollen, bee-stung lips... so full, so red... moist and pliant... tantalisingly enticing.

My fingertips dragging over them... tracing them... slipping in...

I leaned in closer... my eyes closing as my face tilted in preparation for my first taste of his sweet mouth. And suddenly, he snapped at my finger... biting down!

"Ow..." I screamed in shock and pain, and with a start blinked open my eyes...

I was in bed, alone; the room flooded by the late morning sunlight... and the telephone was ringing.

Reaching over I lifted the instrument... It was Ankur. It was Monday, but classes had been cancelled... Could he spend the day with me? Of course, if I weren't busy!

"Then let's meet up, now..." he said, "immediately!"

I looked at the bedside clock, it was 8:30. "Okay," I replied, happy I'd be seeing him again, but also unnerved by the weird dream. In all these years, I had never fantasised... ever... not about anyone! And now, having one so suddenly... one that had seemed so real, so intense... was extremely unsettling... especially since he wasn't an anonymous stranger that I had seen across the street... but someone who I met on a regular basis... someone I enjoyed being with... "Give me an hour..."

"An hour?!" he cried out in dismay, "and what am I supposed to do that long?"

"Where are you?" I asked.

"I'm already in town," he informed me, "sitting on the steps of the Central Library, alone!"

I groaned silently, wondering, before finally saying, "Okay, but I need a shower, at least..."

"Fifteen minutes max!" he commanded and cut the call.

** ** ** **

As I got out of the car, I saw him sitting on the steps... an olive tank-top that really showed off his awesome shoulders and arms, a calf-length tan cargo, one of those form-fitting jobs, complimenting his powerful thighs and hugging his ass like a second skin, shades and sandals. A light cotton, stringed knapsack slung carelessly over his shoulder. Simple and minimal, yet spectacularly stunning... Seductively lethal!

'Oh, God!' I exclaimed silently, the dream of that morning still fresh... my heart suddenly pounding, the knees already weak.

He saw me and waved, running down the steps, a huge smile in greeting.

"Hey..." he greeted, the eyes shining.

"Hi Ankur" I said, and before I could stop myself, added, "You look terrific!"

His face lit up, "Yay, you think so? Thanks!"

"Where to?" I asked looking around the empty space... silent and forlorn that early in the day.

"Well, I'm starved, let's eat first," he grinned widely, taking my arm. So we drove to a quaint little eatery that I knew of, a place that opened very early and served the yummiest dosas in town - crisp and steaming!

** ** ** **

"So, what's all this about?" I asked, looking him over, totally enamoured.

"About what?" he asked between mouthfuls, eyebrows raised quizzically.

"What holiday?" I asked again.

He grinned broadly, but didn't reply, instead asking me, "You could really get away, huh? I didn't, like, take you away from your work?"

I shook my head, "No, you didn't 'take me away' from my work."

"Cool," he grinned, licking his fingers.

"You can say, right now, I'm sort of 'unemployed'," I added, "without an assignment!"

"Oh!" he exclaimed, looking concerned. "Is that bad?"

I had to smile. "Not exactly... my needs are very simple, and limited, and so, I only work for what I need, never feeling the urge to acquire, or accumulate wealth."

He smiled, looking positively relieved... and amazingly beautiful, making me shamelessly stare on... my mind almost unconsciously taking wings, suddenly soaring high... going into areas I had never dared to venture before... suddenly explicit in its sashay... An unashamed continuation of that dream... embarrassingly salacious!

"A penny for your thoughts," I heard his low voice, close to my ear, jerking me out of my reverie.

"Ah... um, nothing... just..." I trailed off, feeling the sudden flush, totally shamed.

"Tell me..." he demanded, leaning closer, his eyes looking at me, incisive.

God, what could I say? What would I tell him? That I had him naked in my arms... caressing and fondling him, huh? Making love?! And so I remained silent, avoiding looking at him as I fiddled with the food on my plate... praying he'd change the subject... and quick.

He let out an exaggerated sigh after a while and shook his head, "You know, you're like a clam, clinging shut, holding on to God knows what pearls and jewels! For everything, every little gem of information, I have to pry; huff and puff till I'm exhausted of trying, and yet the only thing I manage to get out of you is a vacuous 'Yes, Ankur…', 'No, Ankur…', 'Uh, Ankur…' Dude, you can be so frustrating!”

“Then why bother with me?” I asked, laughing at the expression on his face.

“That’s the problem, Darsh, I just like you tons… love being with you. And I want to know you, know about you!”

"There's hardly anything interesting in my life..." I said, hoping the subject would change soon.

"Okay, you've told me about your work, but what about your other interests, huh? I've told you about my passion for writing, have even shown you my work!"

I smiled, "Well, I'm one of those few lucky ones whose passion in life is also his work. I love nature and wildlife, enjoy travelling and seeing places, and I also love to take pictures. And that's exactly what I do for a living!

"I really don't know how you always manage to so easily squirm out of everything!" he sighed with an exasperated shrug.

"But I just gave you a full and honest answer!" I exclaimed, grinning back at him.

He shook his head, "Yes, you did! But what about when you're not travelling or taking pictures, huh?"

I laughed, "I stay cooped up in my little room, reading and listening to music."

"There, see..." he grinned triumphantly, "for just that tiny bit of information I had to try so hard! And then too, I still don't have a clue to what kind of books you read, or what music you enjoy!"

"All in its own good time, young man," I said in a baritone, both laughing.

"And he still didn't tell me what he was thinking just then..." he wondered aloud, eyes rolling.

"Want something else?" I asked him instead, "Another coffee?"

"Nah," he replied, "I'm done, thanks."

** ** ** **

"What are you carrying?" I asked as we walked of the restaurant.

But he didn't bother to answer me, asking instead, "Won't you ever take me home?" the eyebrows high in mock consternation, "I don't even know where you live!" Quickly adding, "Don't worry, I won't be naughty..." the eyes sparkling with a puckish glint.

I remained silent, resisting...

"You asked what I had here," he said tapping the knapsack, "well, there's something I want to show you... and for that we need a nice and quiet place, so that we can sit down and..."

"I know of a very nice and quiet place," I said even before he could finish, "we can go there and sit for as long as we want, and no one will bother us."

"Why?" he demanded, suddenly combative, "what's wrong with your place, huh?"

I remained silent, opening the car door.

"Will you take me?" he wanted to know.

"Um, some other time," I replied, suddenly terrified of the dream.

He stared back at me, his eyes flaming... those distended lips pursed, and then turning away, stalked off in a huff.

"Ankur," I called after him, "Ankur..." but he didn't stop, and I had no desire to run after him, cajole him. So, I just stood there, watching him go... till the turn in the street hid him from my view.

to be continued...      

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