Amor y Amigo  
Friend and Lover     

1995: The Consummation - 2

"Ankur..." I said, finally breaking the kiss, reluctantly pulling away, "I, um, I need a shower..."

"Yay, cool," he grinned, "me too!" following me to the bedroom.

And as I turned around after switching on the lights, he was already getting out of his clothes!

I paused, my heart slamming wildly... my hungry gaze watching him... shamelessly staring on... totally mesmerised by the youthful display, marvelling as he finally stood back, completely naked... even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. The magnificently large appendage turgid with youthful passion, swaying with arrogant impudence!

"What?!" he exclaimed shrilly, "Oh my God, don't stare like that, you're making me feel all weird..." but made no attempt at anything that would suggest that he was feeling any emotion other than an imperious pride at showing off his nakedness to me. "And why haven't you undressed yet,” he added moving towards me, "you bathe with your clothes on, huh?"

And even before I could react, he was on me, undoing the buttons of my shirt.

It felt so strange, but I didn't resist... standing still as Ankur slowly undressed me… taking off my shirt… running his hands over my smooth chest… tweaking the nipples… looking at me, into my eyes, grinning… bending forward to lightly kiss one, and then the other, letting his wet tongue swirl over the engorged nubs…

My hands too lifted, tentative at first... touching him... feeling the smooth skin... caressing another man for the first time... reaching for his broad shoulders and gripping him tight - afraid to let go, afraid to lose him!

His mouth moved up… along my neck... around my ear... and down my jaw line... right back to my mouth, kissing me once more. I too kissed back - both breathless, both gasping as we slobbered in the throes of mindless arousal. Probing each other’s mouth - tasting, searching, and discovering... The tongue fencing as we engaged in an obscenely noisy glossopharyngeal battle. His hands all the while caressing my face... moving down my arms... to my hips, and back again...

Pulling back, he once more looked at me... into my eyes, his hand reaching down, palm covering me... petting the throbbing hardness through the denim.

Hypnotised, I stared back, feeling those strong fingers working along my flexing length... feel him undo the buckle and the buttons... both hands working the jeans off my hips, pushing them lower... down past my thighs, letting them drop... all the while looking at each other... unblinking.

And as he reached in, inside my briefs, taking me in his warm hand, I finally closed my eyes with a shudder, breaking our eye contact... sucking in air as I leaned forward, resting my forehead on his broad shoulder... my hands gripping his arms.

Still caressing the twitching length, he lifted my face with his other hand, kissing me once more, whispering, "I love you, Darsh..."

Blinking open my eyes, I stared back at him... my mind suddenly blank, devoid of all thoughts or emotion... as if under a spell. And in that trance I saw him drop down on his haunches... feeling his hands running over my bare thighs... caressing... reaching higher... hooking his fingers in the waistband... slowly lowering my briefs... pulling it down, before tugging the briefs and jeans off, leaving me completely naked!

He looked up, at my crotch... my privates... and I heard him gasp as he took me, the fingers of both hands wrapping around the flexing shaft... squeezing... stroking... and with an involuntary shiver I closed my eyes once more, feeling an incredible surge of mind-numbing, intense desire sweep through me.

Surprisingly, there was no shame, nor embarrassment, as I stood there, naked for the first time before another man, letting him see me... handle me... it just felt fabulously exhilarating... incredibly erotic.

I was, at 28, after ten years of holding back... ten long years of abnegation... finally letting it happen! And it came surging at me... swamping me... inundating my very soul... Washing away all semblance of reluctance, carrying me along with its furious flow... I moaned, calling out his name... my hands reaching down, my fingers running through his hair, caressing his head.

Releasing me, he stood up, and taking my hand asked me to lead him to the bathroom.

He opened the overhead shower, setting the pressure and temperature, before getting under the spray, pulling me in...

It felt so weird... so wickedly naughty... and yet, so excitingly stimulating - me, buck naked in my bathroom, with another person! Naked flesh... bare bodies rubbing against each other... skin on skin. Shameless hands seeking... groping and touching; being touched in the most private and intimate way… The titillating brush of inflamed genitals against the body...

And that smell - the smell of Man... of aroused male sexuality.

Ankur picked up the bottle of shower gel and pulling me out from under the spray took a generous amount in his palm... his hands gentle and sensuous as he worked the soothing liquid over my chest, shoulders and arms... lathering me... Sliding his hands under my arms, making me squirm at the funny sensation, giggling at my discomfort. Moving lower... over my belly, and down to my pubes... touching and fondling my rigid cock... pulling back the partly retracted foreskin and running a soapy finger and thumb over the exposed glans, around the flared rim… And then he was reaching for my scrotum... cupping my testicles... sliding his hands under it, between my thighs...

I closed my eyes and lost myself to the moment... the sensations... enjoying his touch, his caress; feeling an incredible tingle flood my whole being... loving every moment of it!

His hands moved up once again… back to my erect nipples, the thumbs moving in circles over the pointed tips… and then under my arms once more.

He reached for my shoulders and I felt the pressure as he turned me around... working on my back, the fingers massaging around my shoulders... over the arms and down my sides, moving lower... over the small of my back and then to the buttocks, caressing and kneading... making me push back as I let out a soft moan... feeling the fingers glide along the cleft... a soapy thumb briefly slithering into the groove... touching me where no one had ever been before...

Reaching lower, he slid his hand between my legs once more... touching my testicles... taking them in his palm... lightly squeezing. His other hand now between my cheeks... sliding and lathering... arousing all sorts of weird sensations... A finger lingering at that tiny spot, circling... soothing, yet arousing... making my gut flex as I groaned with want.

Sucking in air I reached out for support, my hands resting on the tiled wall as my ass pushed out further, seeking that touch... that smooth slide of his fingers... thrilling. His rampant phallus sliding across my hips, drawing senseless doodles over my ass cheeks as we moved and shifted.

Placing his hands on my hips, he again turned me around and grabbing my cock jerked me... "Hey,” he whispered softly, “who told you to close your eyes and sigh away, huh? You are lazy and inconsiderate! And who'll do me?!"

Blinking open my eyes I smiled at him... loving him...

I took the bottle and pouring the liquid, rubbed my palms together... looking up at him as I reached out, applying it on his chest and shoulders... slowly soaping him... initially trying to imitate his movements, and then doing it my own way... the joy of touching him, of feeling him, making it come naturally.

It felt absolutely amazing... totally incredible... and tweaking his engorged nipples, I worked up a thick lather across his smooth chest... sliding my hands under his arms, feeling the lush growth there, thrilling at the feel of the silky hair tangle in my fingers... both laughing as he wiggled. And then down his flexing arms I moved... over his belly and hips... down to his pubic arch, rubbing the flat of my palm across it, my fingers playing in the lush patch, twirling around the curly hair… thrilling at his throaty groans.

I looked up at him, into his eyes and finally touched him... taking his magnificent manhood in my hand, wrapping my fingers around the throbbing girth... slowly stroking him... seeing him close his eyes as his hips strutted forward... those lips impossibly red, distended... his hands coming to rest on my slippery shoulders.

Reaching lower I hefted those large, low hanging balls with my other hand... squeezing them lovingly... sliding the middle finger along the raised ridge of the hairless perineum... And he let out another groan, burying his face in my shoulder, his legs shifting, parting wider; his hands holding on, tight...

Soon we were hugging... slippery and slithery... our soapy hands gliding smoothly as we explored the masculine contours... our body sliding as we rocked and moved, performing a slow, sensuous adagio... and glissade, to the accompaniment of the cascading water and the quickstep foxtrot of our heart... Our breath coming in harsh spurts - an euphonic glissando.

Ankur suddenly pulled back... and dropping down on his haunches grabbed my cock, pulling it under the spray of water, both hands working as he drew back the foreskin and washed off the soap suds... making me shiver and groan, my hips bucking at the nerve-tingling feel of those fingers over the sensitive tip...

And then with a lunge he took me in his mouth!

I let out a growl and lifted up on my toes... my hands reaching for his face, trying to stop him, push him away.

“No,” he said releasing my cock for a brief moment, pushing my hands away, “you won’t refuse me today, today I’ll do all I want and you’ll just let me love you.”

He took me in again and I yelped as that hot, moist cavity engulfed me for the second time… my gut flexing viciously at that hollow suction... My knees weak, the legs losing all their strength... making me grab his shoulders for support, losing myself to the awesome sensation radiating from deep within my loins!

This was the first time in my life that I was doing anything… was having something done to me… getting a ‘blow-job’... And God, it felt absolutely incredible!

He had more than half of me in his mouth now, and was doing something wonderfully incredible… Those baloops wrapped tight around my shaft, sliding up and down in short, vigorous jerks... and the tongue, swirling over and around the exposed glans… tickling and teasing. And his fingers, ah... fluttering along the remaining length... stroking... coaxing and cajoling… suddenly making it absolutely impossible to enjoy the fiery, moist heat of his oral embrace... or the dance of his darting tongue...

I couldn’t concentrate, couldn’t enjoy each of those amazing individual sensations as I felt the tingle start… deep within my gut… a warm glow, suddenly expanding... radiating… wider and higher… making my stomach flex and crunch, the muscles tie in knots... and then the cock started buzzing… twitching violently… My hips swaying and grinding into him…

Lifting high on my toes I gripped his hair, pulling at him, trying to tell him to pull back, “I… uh, Ankur… I can’t um, hold back…” the falling water making the words garbled.

Releasing me he looked up, questioning, and that’s when I felt the first shudder, the muscles in my stomach doubling up, making my pelvis jerk and my cock spew… splattering the side of his face with the thick cream, spurt after quick, gut wrenching spurt, covering his cheek, and his chin. He was taken aback as the first volley hit him, and then looking down at my spewing cock he quickly reinserted the flexing shaft back in his mouth, gulping down the remaining expulsions.

I slumped against the wall, my knees giving way, unable to hold me up. And as the spasms stopped and I got back my breath, he slowly released me, embracing me.

“And next time when you're cumming, don’t distract me,” he said, looking stern, “See what you’ve done, half of it was wasted, washed away by the water. I want to taste you Darsh; I want you to cum in my mouth!”

God, I nearly cried as I squeezed him in my arms, kissing his mouth, tasting myself...

to be continued...      

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