This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real people is strictly coincidental. This is an erotic story featuring consenting sexual acts between adult men-since you're reading at Nifty, this shouldn't exactly be a surprise. Don't read it if it offends you, is illegal in your area or you're a minor. This is my first post to Nifty and I'd love to hear what you think. You can write me at <>. Thanks, Tony.

The Best Laid Plans

By Anthony Thomas

For someone special... You know who you are.

Your cell phone starts to ring and vibrate across your desk. You put down the case report you were reading and pick up the phone.

The display flashes Jack calling and you smile as you answer it, "Hey you"

You hear my voice on the other end of the line. "Hey babe, how you doin?"

"I'm fine, how about you?"

"Yeah I'm good, how's work?"

"Oh it's a bitch, have this stupid thing that I thought was gonna settle, but now it's not and it's all just ughhh... I can't wait till tonight when we can just go out and I can forget about it for a few hours."

"oh, yeah, I wanted to talk to you about that"

Your heart starts to sink a little.

"Why? What's up?"

"I'm not gonna be able to make it"

You hold your hand over the receiver and quietly swear, shit you'd been looking forward to tonight all day.

You sigh and speak again "How come?"

"Some of the guys are goin out after work and they asked me to go with them, you know what it's like"

You shake your head thinking, shit, he's blowing me off for work friends, what's his problem?

I speak again "so, it's cool right, I mean you don't mind"


"No, it's cool, we'll go out tomorrow or something"

"Ok, thanks babe, I'll miss you, don't work too hard, k?"

"Yeah, whatever. Look Jack I gotta go"

"Ok, love you, bye"

You resist the temptation to slam the phone down and just put it down gently. You look back at the stack of paperwork.

An hour or so later one of your colleagues puts her head around your door. "Hey Andy, it's after 5, I thought you had a date tonight?"

You shake your head, "No, the only date I've got tonight is with this paperwork."

She shrugs, "Okay, I'm leaving in a few, you going or staying?"

"I'm gonna work late"

About another hour passes and you decide to call it a night. Your head's just not in it. You close up your office, leaving your desk looking like a bombsite and make your way out. Sitting in your car waiting for the lights at the intersection to change, the inner conversation starts.

I can't believe he cancelled on me, he doesn't even like the people he works with, if he thinks he can call me up tomorrow and everything will be ok he's gonna have a big shock when he does.

You get back to your apartment and dump your stuff in the living room; you go to head upstairs but change your mind, going instead to the kitchen. You open the refrigerator and pull out a beer, then grab the chips and dip from the cupboard.

Back in the living room you slump on the sofa and flip on the TV, looking for something to take your mind off of things. You change channels and flick between programmes for about ten minutes before giving up and deciding to go to bed for an early night.

As you get upstairs to your bedroom, you can't help but smile. You look around the room, which is lit by lots of small candles, and then you look over at the figure, lying in your bed.

The sheets are around my waist, showing my bare chest and the waistband of my boxers is just visible. I look up and smile at you.

"Surprise baby."

You shake your head as you pull your tie off, "You're such a jerk."

I grin, "You didn't really think I'd cancel you out for those pricks I work with did you?"

You slide your shirt off and undo your pants, kicking your shoes off at the same time, "I bet you've been planning this for ages haven't you. Call me up, disappoint me, then hide out in my bed 'til I get home."

I start laughing, "I didn't plan on you taking so long to get up here though."

I pull the sheets back and pat the bed next to me. You come over, now wearing just a pair of boxer briefs and slide in next to me.

I carry on, "I did have time to take a nice nap though, what were you doing down there, watching porn?"

I kiss you before you can say anything, my lips moving softly over yours. You pull back.

"I can't believe you did this!" You push my shoulder playfully

I laugh and feign injury "ouch, I'm sorry, let me make it up to you".

I wink at you and kiss you again, my tongue pressing into your mouth. It meets yours and we let them play for a few seconds, before I start pushing you onto your back and moving over you.

I lay my body gently on top of you, my legs intertwining with yours as we keep kissing, my hands either side of your head, my hips slowly grinding into you. You feel my hard cock pressing into yours, which is also getting hard. You reach down between us to rub my cock, but I bat it away.

"Ah, ah, not yet," You giggle. "Yeah ok, if you insist"

We kiss again, getting deeper and faster and I start moving over your body, my chest rubbing yours, moving up and down in a fucking motion. I drop my head down, kissing and licking the skin of your neck as I rub against you. My hard cock slides up and down next to yours.

I hear you moan under me and I keep going. You can feel my hot breathe, driving you crazy every time I move up on you. I move my head to the other side and attack it with my lips, kissing and sucking on your skin. I keep grinding my hips into yours.

"Oh fuck Jack, I'm not gonna be able to hold on if you keep that up much longer"

I push myself up off you a little, supporting myself on my arms. "Maybe it's time for a change of pace then."

I kiss you quickly, then move down, kneeling between your legs. I slide my hands over your waist, moving your boxer briefs down. I move them over your legs and pull them off you, then I slip mine down. I look at you and smile. You're watching me, wondering what is next. I let you ponder it for a few seconds longer before I move over you again. This time straddling your hips.

You smile up at me, "Oh yeah baby."

I lean forward and kiss you, moving my hand under the pillow and pulling out a bottle of lube. I kneel up again as I squeeze some liquid out into my hand. I rub my hands together, coating them in lube before I put them on your cock. I move my hands over your hard cock, covering it with lube, then I move a hand up to my ass and spread some over my hole.

You watch me and smile, "You ready baby?"

I nod and reach behind me, holding your cock in my hand and moving it up between my cheeks. I lock my eyes on yours as I start to slowly sit down on your cock.

"Ohh fuck Jack, yeah."

I settle down on your cock, all the way and start to move around on your crotch. I take one of your hands and put it on my cock. "Ok, now you can touch."

We both laugh and I move myself back up over your cock, feeling the length of it sliding out of me. I move back down again, going a little faster and feeling your hips push up to meet my ass. Your hand moves over my cock, jerking me off in time to our fuck. We both groan as our rhythm gets faster, you reach up and push my shoulder, getting me to arch my back. You grin as you see my face change when your cock rubs my spot.

"Oh yeah Andy, fuck me baby" I squeeze down on your cock as you try and pull out of me now, making you work harder.

Both our rhythms get faster and faster till you're thrusting up, your hips rising off the bed as your cock meets my ass. My hands are on your sides; yours are still working my cock.

"Oh fuck, Andy I'm gonna cum!"

Your hand moves faster and you push deeper inside me, knowing your close too. "Yeah Jack, shoot your hot load!"

My cock explodes in your hand, coating your chest and stomach with my jizz. I cry out loudly as my body tenses and I cum. The muscles in my ass clamp down on your cock, milking your load out of you. You start to shoot inside me, filling me with your hot cum. You keep fucking me as you cum, emptying your balls deep in me.

I rest on top of you, breathing heavily, the spasms in your cock subside and you rub my hips. I lean down, your soft cock slipping out of me. I press my body back against yours, so I get coated in my cum too, we both giggle, feeling my stuff between us. Then we kiss softly for a long time.

Eventually the kiss breaks and I roll off you. We lay on our sides looking at each other.

You smile and run your hand over my chest, "I love you Jack".

I lean in and kiss you again, "I love you too Andy"

Author's note: So that's my first story. If you loved it or hated it, let me know. Thanks for reading... Tony <>