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  • A Story by Outlaw


    We had been walking for nearly two hours now, and the path was just amazing... a narrow strip of red earth with a canopy of green overhead, and plants, trees, shrubs all around... shrouded in a timeless tranquility. The only sound was that of our voice, accompanied by the rustle of leaves, the sighing of the wind as it rushed through the foliage and the shrill call of the parakeets... We didn't feel like stopping... it was so enchanting, so refreshing...

    Matheran was all that I had heard and even more... It was beautiful, idyllic, romantic and absolutely breathtaking!

    We had seen all that there was to be seen, so after a nice, cozy lunch we had set out again, not to see the sights but just to wander around, loose ourselves in the wilderness... enjoy Nature and each other's company.

    Yesterday, our first day in Matheran, had been relatively sunny but today, since morning, a heavy cloud cover hovered over our head... and that made the air a bit more chilly, turning the paths under the thick foliage even darker in the late afternoon light... the heavy mist seeming to play a game of hide-and-seek... one moment thick and smoky, obliterating all views, and then momentarily parting to dazzle with awesome vistas, bewitching!

    We had long ago left the well traveled, marked out trails and had been wandering deeper and deeper into the heavy undergrowth, following the thin ribbon of a cattle path... climbing downhill, when suddenly the overhead canopy parted to reveal an open stretch of verdant island, covered with a carpet of grass, devoid of all trees and shrubs. It looked like a lawn, cleared of all plants and manicured into a rolling field, about the size of a tennis court...

    And even before we could really appreciate the sudden change in the landscape the thunders rolled and the heavens opened up. I had heard about it but had never really seen it happen... it wasn't a drizzle or a gradual build up... it just burst upon us!

    Grabbing Rishi's hand I ran under the nearest shelter, a large, Pepal tree, gnarled with age but still with a decent overhead cover... and as we stood under it, hoping the downpour would soon abate, Rishi turned towards me...

    "Lets get wet!" he said, smiling, his eyes sparkling like a kid's at the toy store.

    "Huh?" I was surprised at his sudden desire to get wet and that too in this desolate place, so far away from all humanity. "Hey, we have to walk back wet... and the hotel is over two hours away." I reminded him.

    "We are bound to get wet anyway, do you think that this tree can protect us, in this shower?" he grinned, "So just relax and enjoy the rains," and grabbing my hand he ran out into the rain... pulling me along.

    The wind had picked up now and it felt nice and cool... and the smell, the smell of wet earth, wet plants... that lovely aroma of the freshly washed earth... And the mist all around... rolling over the open expanse of the grassland...

    Rishi laughed, lifting his hands high as he looked up heavenwards... He was like a child, running around and shouting, kicking at the quickly puddling water at our feet...

    "Hey, c'mon Dhruv... don't just stand there... This feels so amazing!" he said looking at me, very happy, the hair plastered all over the handsome face.

    He was wearing a white, light cotton T-shirt and as I looked at him I saw the material stick to his body... clinging to his skin, showing each ripple.... now hard and pointed and sticking out, poking at the soaked fabric. His shorts stretched over his full ass cheeks like a second skin... I don't know what got over me, but it felt so erotic, so sensuous that in one single twitch I went rock hard.

    Who ever recommended a cold shower to cool off, huh? The chilling rain was actually getting me hotter...

    He turned and looked at me, his eyes slitted against the driving rain, brows knit... "Hey, what's the matter... feeling horny?" he asked with a grin... "I know that look dude, has the rain got you hot?"

    Walking up, I just grabbed for him and pulled him close, crushing my lips to his still open mouth.

    His arms went around me, pulling me even closer, as he rubbed his crotch into my aroused pubes, kissing back with a ferocity that felt absolutely marvelous!

    Like animals in heat we gnawed at each other, moaning our hunger into each other's mouth, the hands roaming the tingling flesh, flesh that we had touched so many times, had known so well over the past years...

    J) J) J) J) J) J) J) J) J) J) J) J) J) J) J) J) J) J) J) J)

    "Hey, Rishi, let go someplace dude..." I said as I got out of the shower and entered the living room.

    "Huh... I don't feel like going out..." he replied, not even bothering to look up from the book that he was reading, curled up on the sofa.

    "Idiot, I'm not talking about tonight, now... I meant let's go someplace for the weekend, you know, tomorrow and Friday the office is closed for Dussehra and then we also get Saturday and Sunday, that's four days of sitting here doing nothing!"

    Finally looking up he gave a mischievous grin and winked, "Doing nothing? But you never seem to stop!" and his grin widened.

    Throwing the wet towel at him I smiled, "Well, I was thinking of a change of scene, you know, like another bed maybe... with a different view from the window..."

    "Ah, that way?" he smiled.

    "Unless, of course you think a 'change of scene' means a change of the face..."

    "Hell, NO!" he screamed in mock horror, "Can't think of such a thing, besides, I like that face," he smiled getting up and coming over to where I stood, still naked. "You know something," he said passing his hands around my waist, pulling me closer, "sometimes I like your wild ideas, so where do we go?"

    Kissing his nose tip I smiled, "Matheran!" before grabbing those awesome globes and squeezing them.

    His face told me that he didn't think much of it so I added, "It's been over 7 months that we moved to Pune and we haven't been to that place yet. Everyone says it absolutely marvelous!"

    "Ya, I've heard that too... but when on the hills you go crazy and I hate all that walking..."

    Cutting him short I said, "Do I walk any less on the plains, eh?"

    "No, you don't..."

    "So, we go..." I said, settling the matter, before swatting his butt and walking back into the bedroom to put on some clothes.

    ** ** **

    Throwing in a few changes of clothes into a knapsack and taking our cameras, we set out the next day, Thursday afternoon, for Matheran.

    Set amidst green forests on a hilltop at an altitude of about 803 meters, Matheran is a splendid little place in the Sahyadri ranges of the Western Ghats. It's beauty still untouched and pristine, thanks to a total ban on all kinds of motorized transportation.

    Covering a total area of approximately 8 square kilometers, it is a flat 'table-top' on the green hill, commanding a breathtaking view of the surrounding countryside, even letting one see the lights of Mumbai on a clear night!

    Driving down the expressway that connects Pune with Mumbai we got off the bus at Neral.

    Neral was the town on the plains, at the foot of the hill and the 'entry-point' for Matheran. It was here that most traffic terminated and from this point you could either trek up or take the famed narrow gauge 'toy-train' to the top, puffing and wheezing, as it meanders it's way up the forested hillside, treating you to some breathtaking spectacles as it ascends... vendors with food and drink and monkeys jumping on and off the slow moving train as the valleys glide by.

    And there is also a tunnel along the way, named the 'One Kiss Tunnel'! Suggestive perhaps of it's short length, which afforded just a quick peck... 'Well, I'll find out for myself,' I thought with a grin, as we headed for the 'railway station' for the joyous two and a half hours ride...

    The place was deserted and on enquiry we found out that due to the heavy rains during the monsoon and the resultant landslips, the train wasn't operating... Well, the locals told me, we could take a cab up, to the Dastoori Naka and then walk or ride the remaining odd kilometers into town... Or else, we could walk up the whole way, 11 kilometers of tough trekking, taking about 3 hours!

    Thankfully, I had a working knowledge of the local tongue while Rishi didn't... so, he was blissfully unaware of the exchange, having no clue as to what had been just said!

    Taking advantage of that fact, I informed him that we had to trek up the hill and laughed at the look on his face... Taking the backpack from him, though he protested, we set out on our adventurous walk up the hill, through thick and shady forests, Rishi grumbling the first kilometer and then falling silent except for the harsh panting!

    There were a few odd groups of youths that we crossed on the path, but mostly it was lonely and silent, the air fresh as the sun-dappled trail winded gently through the trees... the path crossing over and following the motor road or the now forlorn railway track, as it curved it's way up the hill face... at places the rock face dropping steeply... the hillsides interspersed with numerous cascading waterfalls, milky white in the distant...

    ** ** **

    It was late evening when we reached the top and though tiring, it had been an exhilarating climb... even Rishi wasn't complaining as much, mesmerized by the beauty of nature around us...

    We were both exhausted and after a refreshing shower and a very nice dinner we retired to our room, a tiny little cottage set on the far side of the property, silent and secluded.

    But, though weary after the taxing trek, the peace, the tranquility and the whole romantic atmosphere, didn't let us fall asleep... and soon we were laboring at loosening a few nuts and joints of the squeaking bed... before finally falling apart, drained but happy, limbs intertwined, drifting off...

    ** ** **

    Matheran is all about walking... encircled by red mud paths that take the trekkers to about 38 Points spread around the small settlement where the sheer drops allow for stunning viewing points from which to catch a glimpse of the surrounding countryside; affording dramatic views of the Western Ghats and the lush plains dotted with villages far below... Beautiful sunrise and sunsets... And that was exactly what we had planned to do - visit each one of them!

    Getting up early we had a quick breakfast and headed straight for the most famed point at the far north of the plateau - Panorama Point. Following the well-marked trail we walked on, reaching it after a long but exhilarating trek and were wonderstruck with the sight... It was absolutely stunning!

    Sitting on a ledge we admired the spectacle, holding hands, just glad to be together, so far away from all habitation, from humanity... And as the sun rose higher, over the horizon, we too got up, turning back and heading west, towards Hart Point... En-route we took diversions along short tributary pathways where the trees gradually thinned out and brought us to open, scrub covered promontories, each with a grandiose sounding name, each allowing another view of the Western Ghats... and then we moved on to Monkey Point.

    All the walking had made us hungry and so we next headed for the Railway Station... checking out the quaint little building before going towards the Post office and back to our hotel.

    After taking a quick shower we ate our lunch and almost immediate went out again... heading first for the Charlotte Lake and after sitting in the shade of a tree on the bank of the sparkling lake, we went exploring the Panthers caves... And then on to King George Point... a spot offering a most beautiful view of the waterfall that's formed each year, after the monsoon, by the waters overflowing from Charlotte Lake... and the spot was crowded with a surprising number of tourists! Wanting to avoid the crowd, we headed for Echo Point and finally ended the day at the Porcupine Point, famed for it sunsets...

    And as we sat, along with numerous other visitors, awaiting the hour of sunset, it felt so peaceful that almost unconsciously reaching out I took his hand and held him tight, oblivious of the people around...

    And then it happened, the brilliant orb slowly turning mellow... gradually changing color as it sank lower and lower behind the hills in the west... and suddenly the sky exploded in a rainbow of colors... streaks of orange, purple, indigo... dazzling, fiery one moment and then softer, changing colors and shapes... simmering like the surface of a lake in a light breeze... It was magical!

    We just sat there, bedazzled, long after it had gone dark, long after the other people had left... and as the stars became clearer in the night sky, he slowly wrapped his arms around my shoulder, pulling me closer and kissed me...

    Luckily I was carrying a flashlight or else we would surely have fallen off a cliff in the dark as we trudged back to our hotel!

    That night too was equally enchanting as we rocked the ancient bed in renewed passion... before finally falling asleep, having sated the fire of lust that raged in our souls.

    ** ** **

    The next morning again found us walking along the magnificent trails, covering the remaining Points to the east and south of Matheran. And once we had returned to the hotel, hungry from all the exploring, we took a quick shower and after the lunch set out once more, not to visit any Point, but just to wander around...

    It was our last evening here and we wanted to soak in some more of what nature had to offer. Nothing hurried... nothing rushed... with no destination and no schedule... Like the spirit of a carefree Life, just engaged in a slow stroll along the narrow paths, just enjoying the walk, the trees, the wild flowers... the sun and the rains... just listening to the chatter of the monkeys, the songs of the birds... the clip-clop of the ponies as lazy tourists trotted down the trails... Watching the distant fog slowly roll in and cover everything in sight... watching fellow trekkers as they walked by... Just admiring the various old bungalows dotting the landscape... or catching a glimpse of the elusive Pied Hornbills... listening to the Whistling Thrush... or just watching the Palm Squirrels scamper about...

    It was about getting lost... about loosing ourselves!

    J) J) J) J) J) J) J) J) J) J) J) J) J) J) J) J) J) J) J) J)

    We were moaning now, slobbering at each other's mouth, tongue darting and fencing... the blood pumping audibly, raising the heat to unbearable heights...

    Pushing him away I grabbed his wet tee and pulled it off over his head and pulling him close once again buried my face in his chest... nibbling and biting his erect nipples, my hands already working on the buttons of his shorts. He wasn't idle either, I felt him pull my zipper down and open the single button before pushing my jeans past my hips... but the thick, wet material clung on, just under my groin... Not bothering, he reached in and pulled out my throbbing cock... stroking the full length, squeezing the shaft every now and then...

    Suddenly pushing me away he tugged off my tee before dropping down to complete my undressing by pulling off the stubborn jeans and briefs... and then taking me in! I howled and shivered at the sharp contrast... my penis being washed till then by the chilling rain and now suddenly engulfed by the fiery heat of his moist mouth... Lifting high on my toes I grabbed his hair as I cried out his name... But he was unmindful as he took me deeper still... his hands stroking my bristling thighs, cradling my balls, caressing my flexing buttocks as I stood naked in the rain, vibrating from head to toe...

    It had never happened before... never so soon... as I felt the tingle begin, deep in my belly... and recognizing the signals I tugged at his hair... asking him to stop, to let go... I didn't want to cum so soon... not now, not yet...

    Releasing my cock he looked up questioning and I smiled down at him, pulling at his shoulders... and as he stood up, wriggling out of his shorts and stepping out of them... we met again, our tongue lashing out to taste the sizzling flesh, biting into the now wet shoulders and arms... our fingers curled around each other's bursting dick.

    The rain felt awesome on my naked butt and my raging penis... almost soothing, as we danced around in the clearing, slowly sinking down on our knees... our mouth back together, the tongue once more engaged in the eternal dance of love...

    He suddenly pushed me and as I fell backward onto the wet ground, he quickly climbed over me, covering me... and as we continued to kiss he worked his pubes over mine, humping me, both moaning in lust and need.

    Spreading my legs wide in lustful wantonness I raised them and felt his cock slide into the crack of my ass, nudging blindly at my puckered orifice... lifting them higher and wrapping them around his slim waist I grabbed his butt... wanting him... wanting him to enter me, fuck me...

    But no, he was not in the mood yet, for he made no attempt to penetrate me, but just kept rubbing his cock against my aching butt hole, sliding the thick shaft along the deep cleft... his pubes grinding over mine... rubbing my rolling balls...

    Grabbing each other's shoulders we rolled on the bare ground, in the mud, wrestling in lust... not bothered with the cold rain, the slush... it was just each other... just the desire... Our hands clawing, our mouth seeking... our senses enflamed!

    Naked body rubbing, covered in the red soil... soaking wet... pieces of grass, leaves and twigs clinging to the bare flesh... and we rolled on, our breath harsh, labored, the heart thumping wildly... the rain pouring down heavy on us. It was blinding... all consuming... just the heat of lust and our desire of each other...

    Rolling him over I got on top of him and he just opened his legs wide, holding them at the knees. I was shaking, not so much from the cold as from the lust raging within my soul.

    "Fuck me... Dhruv... Fuck me!" he panted as I felt my rigid cock slid into the crevice between his plump ass cheeks.

    "Oh, Rishi...." I moaned as he took me in his hands and guided my rampant cock to his ass mouth. I aided by thrusting forwards and in one smooth motion I was in!

    He howled, as he always does, and I grabbed his face joining our open mouth one more time... sucking in his tongue...

    He held me tight, his powerful thighs wrapped around my narrow hip, his arms holding my shoulders... and with the rain falling relentlessly, we made love, sending splashes of muddy water flying all around us... over us...

    It was like nothing we had ever done before... nothing like we had experienced before... ever!

    And as our moans lifted higher, louder than the falling shower, we lost ourselves into the erotic world of passion, unmindful of everything else but each other...

    ** ** **

    His face tightened with the pleasure and he winched slightly as I speed up, but kept thrusting back at me, rotating his ass with each shove and then squeezing the muscles tight as I pulled out. It was now my turn to wail... and shutting my eyes tight I threw my head back as I felt the muscles in my stomach flutter and then tighten like rubber bands...

    There was no holding back anymore... I probed him deeper with ferocious jabs and felt him shudder and then go stiff before he finally let out a loud moan and shook like crazy, shooting cum all over our belly... thick and sticky...

    His ass, which was always heaven to be in, now went ecstatic as he erupted, ravenous in the dying throes of his orgasm and it seemed to be wrenching at my cock, tugging at the very root... gnawing at the sheathed head... driving me out of my mind... triggering my own climax... It was too much to bear and with a roar I jammed into him with all my might, and exploded!

    We lay that way for a long while before I finally pulled out of him and rolled off, onto the rain drenched bare earth, lying back, still panting... The rain had slowed a bit now and the drizzle felt amazing as it fell on my flushed, bare skin, on my face, my eyelids... on my still twitching penis... washing away some of the mud that was sticking to my naked body...

    It felt awesome, so relaxed, so languid, as I lay sprawled out by Rishi's side in the light drizzle... so at peace with the world, at one with nature...

    After a while, as our heart beat slowed down and as the chill began to make itself felt... I opened my eyes, squinting up against the falling water, when I saw them!!! About two-dozen langurs sitting on the nearby branches, unmoving, as if hypnotized, watching us!

    For a moment it felt so bizarre, to be watched that way... to have been seen as we made wild love, out in the open... to have been observed while we mated... and then I felt a weird thrill course through me... making my cock jerk and my heart beat faster... Slowly nudging Rishi, drawing his attention to the ogling primates, we sat up, and almost immediately, the whole bunch just froze and then, as if a spell had been broken, raising a loud chatter, they dispersed, their long tail held high as they scampered from branch to branch, vanishing into the thick foliage...

    We looked at each other and laughed... hugging and kissing.

    "So, we had an audience, eh?" he said pulling away.

    "Lets get dressed before some human audience walk by..." I said, hurriedly getting up. And laughing at the thought, we quickly gathered up our soiled clothes, letting the rain wash them, and us, a bit, before pulling them on. We were dirty, covered with the slush... yet it felt so good!

    "That was some rain dance we just performed, eh...." Rishi whispered into my ear as we slowly walked back towards our cottage, hand in hand, fingers intertwined...

    ** ** **

    "What happened, Sir?" asked the young clerk, very concerned, as he saw us walk into the gate, covered in mud, wet and disheveled...

    "Oh, he went too close to the edge and fell off..." Rishi said with a serious look, "Luckily there was a ledge and that stopped him from going over completely, so I crawled down and pulled him up. I saved his life today!"

    "Oh..." the clerk went, eyes wide in shock and disbelief, as we walked past him, towards our cottage, laughing all the way!

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