By Carson Carruthers

It appeared that everything was moving as planned. I had started calling the weekend The Great American Bicentennial Sleep Out. The only thing that could possibly ruin this event would be rain. Between Robert and myself we had located or borrowed enough canvas tarps to cover a small village. Robert never did anything in a small way. Mostly it was one huge tarp that Carl was bringing in the truck when he came. We had staked out the area around the lake. Each person that was planning on being there had a stake with his name on it. Then Robert and I took the axe and as I laid the stake out according to our layout plan-- I told you this was thoroughly worked out-- he drove the stake in the ground with the blunt side of the axe head. This was no mean feat since the ground was extremely hard from the drought. I really enjoyed the work since Robert had no shirt on and was showing his muscles when he drove the stakes into the ground.

We went ahead and set up our tent about ten in the morning. While we were working with it Trey and George came by in George's old truck. They were the detail to transport people and things. Robert decided that while the truck was not being used for much else then it was a good time for us to go shopping for our food. Each person was bringing his own food for supper and everyone was chipping in to pay for breakfast. We had figured a dollar each, and I had already collected from everyone. That gave us ten dollars so far. Carl was furnishing three dozen eggs from his chickens. I had made a list of what I thought we would need from the grocery store. When we got there, Craig was working. He told us that he did not get off until seven since it was not only the night before the Forth but a Saturday. They usually stayed opened until six on Saturdays. He did give me his dollar for his breakfast. He said that he thought that he could get some extra loaves of bread for free, but he had to ask. He left to talk to the manager. When he came back he told us that there were some day old loaves that they could sell for half price if we wanted them but none of it was old enough to give away just yet. We got extra bread since we were getting a bargain on it. By the time we left the grocery we had several bags of bread, bacon and sausage and butter. Phil and Will were bringing several jars of jam and jelly that their mother had put up. Mom Stanley offered to make a huge pot of grits on Sunday morning which George was to pick up around eight thirty. The meat was the most expensive thing that we bought. Robert bought a huge jar of peanut butter and said that if anyone got hungry they could always make a pbj. Craig walked to the truck with us to help with the bags.

He looked at me and nodded toward George, "Is he?"

"Yeah, I recon."

"I want you to know I am sooo horny," he was giggling like a school girl. There were some definitely effeminate characteristics that Craig displayed. "I could not sleep last night thinking about yesterday afternoon and what's going to happen to night. My old man was drunk when I got home. He said that it was okay for me to go camping. He won't remember it, but he did say it. I brought my bag with my clothes to work and am coming straight to the park from here."

"Hey, we may come back into town about that time to see that band again tonight. Carl and them did not get to see it and one of their friends is the singer."

"Do they know that kid playing bass?"

"I don't know, but they can probably introduce us to the band members."

"I would sure like to get to know him."

We loaded the truck and stopped by my house to pick up the tent that my father kept in the storage building. It was from the army navy store. It smelled like soldiers and was real heavy. I took all four of us to lift it into the truck. Then we stopped at Robert's house. Mom Stanley had fixed enough food in the picnic basket to last us until the middle of the next week. I told her that she had put in an awful lot. She said that she knew how Robert ate when he was eating outside, and she said that some of the ones coming would probably not bring too much. I think she was talking about Craig since we had told her about him living on the mill hill. Robert and George took the picnic basket to the truck. I told them if they spilled it I would murder them. When we started to leave the house to go back to the camp site, Robert kissed his mother on the cheek and told her that he appreciated her doing all this for him. I did the same. She told us just to be good and have fun was all the thanks she wanted. I noticed that she was still using the arrangement on the dinning room table that I had brought her.

According to my list we had everything ready and with time to spare. George said that he would pick up the others in about an hour. He had to go home and get his sleeping bag and some other stuff for tonight. I still did not know what George was like. He joked and talked, but there seemed to be something a little strange about him. He was gay. I mean it was obvious that he got a hard on looking at Craig's ass when we were at the store. I just did not know what he was like really since neither Robert nor I had had sex with him. Robert and I were trying to put up my father's tent when Trevor and Tommy came up on their bikes. They were pulling a little red wagon behind them pilled with their clothes and other stuff. They each had bags of food in the baskets of their bikes.

"Here, this section here is staked out for you two. I assumed that you wanted to be together.?"

"No," they said in unison.

"What? You two do not want to camp together?"

"I don't like him any more," Trevor said.

"And I don't like him." Tommy said sticking his lower lip out.

"Robert. Robert... . "I threw my clip board up and just started screaming.

"Okay. What is it?" he picked up the clipboard.

"They are fighting. They do not want to room together. Where am I going to put them? Everyone else is in the right place. Why did they do this to me?"

Trevor and Tommy broke up laughing. Robert looked at them quizzically. He put his arm around me and pulled me to him, "They were pulling your leg. It's okay."

I was so frustrated with the two of them that I told them that I would get them back when they least expected it. George pulled up with his truck. Alex and Trey were with him with their stuff. Then we heard a truck back fire. "There's Cousin Carl," Robert announced. Sure enough Carl in his old truck pulled up with Phil and Will and another boy that looked familiar. They started unloading their gear, and I showed them where to put everything. They introduced the other boy as David. Then I knew who he was after I got a good look at him. He was the guy who was doing the singing at the dance last night. Carl and Robert walked off toward the woods to talk privately. When they came back, he called for everyone to come listen for a minute before finishing their set up.

"I want to introduce David Williams to everyone." Robert said.

"Although David is not a member of the gang or the extended gang, he is one of us. He has been with Carl and Will and Phil. He plays guitar and sings with the band that is playing tonight. Carl has asked him and his brother, Peter, who also plays in the band to camp out with us. Carl did not think that anyone would object but he wanted to know before they unloaded their camping stuff. I see no objections. Peter is queer like us, too."

I had to ask," What does Peter play in the band?"

"He's the bass player," William said.

"Well, he already has two votes for him to be a member," I said. "Craig has got the hots for him big time. Craig is the bag boy at the grocery store and he is coming after work tonight, too."

"Yeah. I saw you guys last night. There were three of you."

"Right Craig was the other one with us."

"My brother saw you too. He told me last night when we got home that there were three studs at the dance that he thought were really handsome. He was talking about the three of you."

"Does anyone have anything to add?" Robert asked. " You are officially welcomed. I was not as considerate as Carl. Rick and I had sex with Craig yesterday afternoon and invited him. We probably should have asked, but we figured that anyone who could deep throat my Power Tool deserved and invitation."

There was a lot of discussion about Craig's abilities. Everyone was wanting some of the action. Robert went to help Carl and David Williams get their stuff unloaded. George showed back up with some strange looking plastic rolled up. He came and asked if I could designate a play area for water sports. I guess I was still pretty na´ve. Although I had read a lot of Playboys and a couple of porn magazines that Robert had borrowed from Carl who got them from the guy at the YMCA. I had no idea what he was talking about so I told him to put it down by the lake. I gave him some clothes line so he could mark off his area. I had already given Robert and Carl directions for setting up the area for operation Asa and had expanded the plans to include the two Williams brothers. As everyone was working our Great American Bicentennial Camp Ground, as I had designated it, was taking shape.

I sat down and decided to count how many people were to be there that night. It was also my duty to make sure that Mom Stanley knew how many people were going to be there so that she would know how much grits to make. I had said about ten. Trevor and Tommy, who were on my shit list for their little joke, Carl, Phil and Will, David and Peter Williams, George, Alex, Trey, Craig, Robert and myself. That was thirteen. Oh, no. We cannot have thirteen. Either someone leaves or we find someone else. I called Robert and explained it to him. He looked concerned and then said that I had not counted Asa. I told him that Asa was not one of the group. He thought for a while, and then told me not to worry. He said that all of these people had shown up in our lives and were just like us. One more would show up before midnight. We would not end up with just thirteen. He was sure of it.

"Is there anyone else on Elm Street that's queer?" I asked him.

"Not that I know of. At least anyone that is our age."

Neither one of us could predict how prophetic our conversation was.

Neither Robert nor I had a sleeping bag. We had brought blankets from our houses and a couple of sheets. Robert had brought a couple of old single mattresses that had been stored in their garage. He had actually gotten his mother to let him have them. They did not smell good, but we sprayed them with Lysol. We put the two together and made it up as one bed. It was hot inside the tent, but we expected it to be cooler after dark. If not we had a way to put the sides up so that a breeze could get through. It was for sure that we were not worried about anyone seeing us have sex since we assumed that everyone there would be having sex with everyone else. I had also already termed it the National Outdoor Bicentennial Orgy.

Most everyone had finished setting up. Around four o'clock I saw a naked Phil walking toward the lake. He turned around a screamed. "Skinny dip. The last one in has to suck my cock." And with those words the National Bicentennial Orgy began. Everyone was throwing their clothes all over the place. There were naked butts after naked butts hitting the pond. I was with them and right in the middle. The last one in was Trey.

"Hey, everyone. Trey's the last one in. He has to suck my cock."

I did not appear that Trey was at all saddened by his punishment. He was grinning from ear to ear. I could have sworn that he had lagged behind so that he could be the last one in. Phil was as muscular as Carl. He, Will and Carl lived on farms adjacent to each other. His dick was a beauty. They claimed that the four of them Carl, Will, Phil and Robert had a yard of cock between them. I had never measured the others, but Stanley the Power Tool was now almost nine inches and still growing.

After everyone had cooled off in the pond, we all let the air dry us. Here was a group of young good looking teens, naked and all familiar with man to man sex. What would you expect? There were hard cocks everywhere. We all formed a circle as Trey dropped to his knees on a sleeping bag in front of Phil and claimed his prize for loosing. Trey was definitely a submissive sort and liked to have a stud lord over him. Trey was, also, a tender, loving and extremely nice person. There was nothing that Trey would not do to help his friends or his family. Tommy had some rough times growing up because he stuttered. Trey would never let anyone laugh at him. He encouraged him and Trevor to get together. Then he stood up for them. Although Trey was not a big guy and would never start something, he was fierce when it came to protecting his brother and Trevor. Even Jared had backed down from Trey more than once when he tried insulting the younger boys. Trey would take Jared's shit, but he would not allow him to verbally abuse his brother and his friend. Phil was moaning. His long hair was thrown back from his face. His back was arched. Although his balls normally swung low, they were now crowded up close to the base of his hard cock. His cock had a curve to the left and down. It was curved down just enough that it had a slight arch that matched the arch in his back as he grabbed Trey's head in both hands and started face fucking the boy. Trey grabbed his own cock and was frantically stroking it delighting in the wonderful felling of Phil's silky cock ramming into his throat. Phil let out a scream as he unloaded his teen cream into Trey's mouth. He moaned and collapsed onto the sleeping bag next to Trey. He grabbed Trey's hand away from his cock. The stud football jock and farm boy slurped up Trey's cock and frantically started sucking it. It was short and sweet. Trey lay back as the boy expertly worked over his six inches of hard cock. Trey was moaning and crying out. Then Phil started twisting Trey's right nipple. I had never seen anything like it. Trey started dancing with his butt still on the ground. It was like he was trying to run away from the pleasurable torment and could not and would not go. He twisted and his legs went flying into the air. He screamed. All the motion stopped for just a moment and then started back again with each spasm of his orgasm.

I looked around and the National Outdoor Bicentennial Orgy was in full swing. Will and David Williams where in a sixty nine on the sleeping bag next to Trey and Phil. Carl and my Robert had Tommy and Trevor on their knees in from of them giving them head. George was now naked. For the first time I saw what he had in the way of a cock. It was long and appeared to have a nozzle on it. In those days it was rare to see a boy with an uncircumcised cock. He was laid back on a blanket next to Alex. They were using their hands on each other's cock. I could see the fascination that Alex had with George's cock. I hoped before the weekend was over to get a chance to look at it, u p close to it. It appeared that I was the only one that had put his clothes back on. Carl and David finished each other and came over to me. Carl asked if his cousin was ignoring his cousin-in-law. He would have to have a chat with him. I told Carl I was fine and that I had learned that to exist in this family I had to know the simple virtue of sharing. Carl said, "that's good, and so is this." He dropped to his knees in front of me and pulled my shorts down. He gobbled my little pecker. He was so earthy and it was so natural for him to do it that there was something humorous and light-hearted about his cock sucking.

David Williams was just damned good looking. Another time and an another place, and he would have been a movie star. He had put on a pair of black silk boxers when he and Carl had finished each other. This boy had those intense blue eyes. They were not the navy blue eye like Carl's had but bight blue. They looked like the eyes on a china baby doll. I expected them to snap shut and then reopen. His teeth were perfect. Shinning white. He looked like he had shaved that morning, but there was a five o'clock shadow. His hair was black and curly. That was what I had remembered most about his younger brother. I wondered just how old David was. I was to find out that he was almost nineteen. He had been held back in a couple of grades. He was beautiful I was to learn, but not too smart. He was talented. He was using one of those talents on me at that moment. He was caressing my back, shoulders and chest with his long sensitive fingers. I was relaxing to his touch and the ministering that Carl was doing to my cock was sending me into the Twilight Zone. It was the calmest, smoothest cum I had ever had. It seemed to go on forever. When Carl, pulled his mouth away from my cock, he commented," Cousin-in-law, that has got be one of the longest climaxes I have ever seen. You really are going to be a asset to our family." He hugged me to him and kissed me. His tongue still covered with my own cum was sliding in and out of my mouth and exploring the inner most reaches of my mouth.

When Carl finished he told everyone that he had to take David into town now so that he could get everything set up for the dance. He wanted to know if anyone was ready to go in now or everyone could wait and come in with George. I could not think of reason that any of us would be ready to go but Will said that he would ride with Carl to keep him company. I did think that was interesting. Will and David? I said to myself that we would probably know before this weekend was over. They left with Carl's old truck backfiring. After all it was the Fourth of July.

Robert had come over and was lying next to me. He asked me about my blow job that Carl had given me. He said that he was glad I was more relaxed about having sex with different people. We talked about jealousy. I told him that I felt it at times, but that I understood how he felt. He reassured me that I was the only person that he would ever be with on a permanent basis. He told me that I was the one that he would come home to at night and the one that he would always wake up with in the morning. We cuddled even in the heat. Finally, I told him that we had to go back to the pond, We both smelled of sex and sweat. Not a nice smell either. He laughed, and we got back in the pond. It was little cooler than the air. I told Robert that we would wait to eat once we got back from downtown since that way Craig would eat with us. He was agreeable but said that he was going to be awfully hungry by them. I told him that we would each get a hotdog from the Jaycees and a coke while we were in town. He said that he could live with that.

George came over. "What time you want to go to town?"

"Robert and I were just talking about that. The dance starts at seven and is over at eight thirty. You know Poinsettia, nothing last long," I said. We all laughed. I had noticed that George had been talking with Tommy and Trevor. They had been looking at his cock. It was fairly large. I would estimate about seven inches hard. It was just starting to bone up while he was standing there.

"You have an interesting cock. I guess lots of people ask you about it." I did not want to embarrass the boy, but I was curious.

"Yeah. All the time. I don't mind. I figure that I got the best deal on cock in the world."

"How's that?"

"Since there are so few guys with uncircumcised cocks these days, everyone wants to see it. I mean girls and boys. If you get them looking, eventually something is going to happen. I have had a lot of blowjobs from boys that I thought were straight as an arrow. They get to looking, then feeling and the next thing I know ... pow right in the mouth and they're slurping away Had a couple of high school girls wanted to try it out. I let'em."

George was obviously not exclusive. "Do you mind if I look at it?"

"Naw. Go on. If you get fascinated, it may take awhile since I just had two blowjobs."

"Oh, yeah?"

"Really, yeah. Tommy and Trevor teamed up on one, but I had one from Alex earlier after we jacked each other off some."

"I guess I missed that action. What does the skin do?" I was feeling of his cock. I could see the line of his big cock head through the skin. It was really starting to grow with my touching it. There was some fluid leaking from it which I assumed was precum, but it had a rancid smell to it.

"The skin don't do a whole lot. It protects the head. You guys can get a lot of feeling from the head of your cocks. People with skin keep their heads hidden most of the time so's that it is really sensitive. Like you your cock rides against your underwear, mine never gets to do that so it stays really tender and sensitive since it never toughens up like yours does."

He pulled the skin back from a really red looking cock head. It appeared to be covered with slime. It also had an odor that I found offensive. I lost interest in George's cock very quickly. Since it was all so new to me, I had lots of questions. 'George what advantage does having a foreskin give you?"

George went on to explain about how precum would collect in his foreskin and therefore he could make entrance without needing lubricant. He told us that it was easier and was natures way. I then asked about the disadvantages. I was not surprised to learn that infection could set in if the foreskin were not adequately and often cleaned. I did not want to say anything but I felt that George might be headed toward an infection from the smell I had of his cock. George went on to explain that with a foreskin it was harder to shake piss off after having a piss, and it too often collected. He had gotten used to it as a child because he was a dirty little boy and the smell of piss turned him on. That was all he said at the time. I found that curious.

We sort of policed the area. Making sure that everything was inside our tents. Robert and I put out bicycles inside our tent with no problem. We had room for several more beds and people inside that huge tent that we had set up. I was tired but happy that everything was going so well. I was particularly pleased that David Williams and Peter were going to be joining us. That freaky Craig is probably gong to demand all of his time. He is one cute fucker. I would like to suck his cock. Better yet, watch Robert put the power tool to that tight little ass. I was beginning to suspect that there might be just a little bit of a sadist in me. Not so much that I wanted to dominate people, but I sure got off on the spankings and the whipping and here I was thinking about a cute tight ass getting impelled on Robert's monster cock. The thought did get me hard again. Robert was lying outside the tent on a blanket. He was only wearing a pair of thin cotton shorts. They were, like everything else he owned, too small. I am sure they fit when he bought them in May but a month later, they were too small. He was growing so fast. His mother told me to make him buy new clothes. His father would let him have anything that he wanted from the store. I will say that other than those Hawaiian shirts, most of what Mr. Stanley carried was pretty conservative and not fashionable. My father shopped there.

Everyone threw on shirts and shoes of some sort. We knew that the asphalt street would still be too hot for bare feet. We climbed in the truck with George driving and headed into town. As we passed Asa's house there was loud music and lots of noise. We knew that his parents had gone to New York for the celebrations there. We were afraid that they were going to take Asa with them. I suppose that he had talked Jared into letting him stay home with him. He was probably having to be Jared slave for the weekend. Jared was giving a party for his minions. I hope Jared did not expect Asa to help with any of his parties on The Fourth. Asa was being kidnapped early in the morning. Everyone knew how soundly Jared slept, so he would be no problem. Maybe they should kidnap Jared, too.

George pulled into the parking place right beside Carl's old truck. Everyone piled out. It was a noisy group. The music had not started. Carl and David Williams were on stage setting up microphones. Several of the other guys in the band were helping. Will came over to us all smiles. I still could not figure out who was making him smile. He told us that Craig had already gotten there and was somewhere around. Most of the guys in the band were older. I assumed that they were all in their twenties. One guy who played drums had long hair which had lots of gray streaks in it, so I figured that he must be older still. I wondered where Peter Williams was. He did not seem to be on stage or helping carry instruments. Then I caught a glimpse of someone behind the stage. I knew immediately where young Peter was. He had fallen in the clutches of Craig. Craig must have gotten off a little early since it was only now seven fifteen. The band was late. Several of the people in the street were complaining. It did not take them another five minutes, and they were ready to play. After apologizing for being so slow setting up, they started out with a Dobbie Brother's song which was immediately a big hit with the younger crowd. Craig joined us in front of the band stand.

He was all giggles. He said that he had put his blankets in Carl's truck. Yes, he knew that Peter was coming to the sleep out. He could not say three or four words in a coherent message without giggling. Craig could not be still. I ask him what was wrong.

"I am just so excited. Last night when I left you and Robert I went home. My father was drunk, but we talked for a little while. Then I went to bed. I could not get to sleep, so I decided to jack off. After all that yesterday afternoon, I figured that it would take forever for me to shoot my lode. No way. All I had to do was picture myself licking Peter's peter, his balls and sucking his asshole. I cummed all over the sheets. Every time I have thought about him all day I would get a hard-on. I am just so excited he is going to be there. I want him to like me. I think that he does. What do you think? Do you think that he likes me? Oh, I want to just be doing him. Look at that tight little ass. Oh, Rick... ."

"Calm down boy. You are nervous as a whore in church."

"Hell, I'll go to church. I'd go anywhere for that boy."

Every time the band finished a song, Craig was leading the clapping. He was their most devoted fan that night anyway. Robert and I asked him to walk around with us, but he said that he had to stay to watch Peter. We did walk around. Mom Stanley and Mr. Stanley were there. They had put lawn chairs out in front of the store. Mom Stanley made Robert dance with her. He was really embarrassed. I thought that it was so cute to see him dance with his mother. We ran into one of my teachers from the high school. Mr. Evans taught English and literature. I had made good grades in his class. He was only in his late twenties but still looked like he was about eighteen or nineteen. Several times parents had refused to talk to him with they came to discuss one of their children with him. They thought it was some student trying to play a joke on them. He got razed all the time about being the student teacher. I made all A's on my work for him. There had been a couple of times I was sure that I saw a big cock swelling in his baggy slacks. I had jacked off more than once thinking about what it would be like with him in bed or in his swimming pool. He did have a swimming pool where he lived with one of the other young teachers, who taught at the elementary school. We laughed about the fact that everyone all over the country would be writing themes on "What I did on the Fourth of July." I thought to myself that I was sure he would be bug-eyed if he knew my plans for the Fourth of July.

We circled around the crowd and came back to the group including Craig, Carl and the other guys standing in front of the bandstand. Everyone was having a good time. I bought a couple of hotdogs for Robert and myself from the Jaycee's booth. We shared a coke since we would be eating our picnic when we got back. I had told Craig that he could share our picnic tonight since we had so much food. He said that he was already getting hungry but was not sure that he could eat since he was so excited.

It was a little after eight thirty when the band finished. The audience was so wound up, that they kept demanding one encore after and another. At nine thirty, the President of the Jaycees, who must have been in charge of the street dance, told them that the city had agreed to allow the dance if it did not go too late. He was sorry, but the band had to stop. I am sure that his closing the band down was the happiest moment in Craig's entire evening. He ran up to the front and offered to help Peter with his equipment. The musical equipment. The other offer I was sure would come a bit later.

We piled in the back of George's truck. Craig drug Peter along with us although his brother was riding in Carl's truck. Craig was sitting on the floor of the truck bed right up against the cab. Robert and I were sitting face to face on each side of the truck bed. We were laughing and having a good time. Craig and Peter had their heads together talking like they had been old friends for years. It appeared that they were telling each other secrets. I was watching everyone. Robert was laid back just enjoying it all. Trey was up front with George. Alex was riding in the back with us. He was sitting with his back to us, however, looking over the tailgate. By the time I had checked all this out and turned back around, Craig had Peter's pants down around his ankles and was making another of his fantasies come true. He was licking Peter's balls. It was a good thing that we were already on Elm Street where there were fewer street lights. He could have been seen by anyone that happened to pass by since he made no effort to hide the fact that he was sucking cock. I heard Peter moaning. Robert pulled me over to him and I leaned against his chest. We sat and watched as Craig deep throated Peter's cock. Peter's peter, which became one of the phrases that lasted past the Bicentennial, was over seven and a half and almost eight inches long. It appeared that farm boys just had big cocks. Peter had a beautiful set of low hanging balls. They were now tight against his scrotum. Craig went for the kill. He was bobbing up and down rapidly and then he started humming that song of his. Robert was grinning from ear to ear knowing what Peter was experiencing since he had gotten the hum-job that day before. Peter screamed out with his ecstatic orgasm. His entire body was wracked buy spasm after spasm of his orgasm. Peter's body arched into the night air. Craig was riding him. Holding on the young boy's substantial horn with his mouth. You could tell that Peter was so sensitive that he was trying to extricated his cock from Craig's unwilling mouth. Peter was screaming and just as suddenly he went quiet again as we all sat and watched. Alex was leaning over us now taking in the show that was being put one. Again Peter started to buck against Craig's face. He was holding Craig's head with both hands and humping into his mouth. He was face fucking the boy. From where I was sitting I could see the boy's cock lodged in Craig's throat and then Craig started humming again. This time the boy knew what to expect. It was no good. He was caught up in the song again and again he screamed as he unloaded his second lode in a matter of minutes. Craig was smiling from ear to ear. He licked the remains of the second lode of teen cum from Peter's peter. Craig was not finished. He had obviously sense something about his boy that none of us could have known. Craig continued sucking and licking Peter's balls and between his legs. He held the boy's legs up and started eating his ass. Peter started moaning again. He was writhing as Craig's tongue found his puckered hole. Peter's head was thrown back against the cab of the truck. His naked legs were in the air. I thought to myself that in the position he was in he should be sucking his own cock. I slipped over closer to watch and amazingly enough he was sucking his own cock. While Craig was tonguing his asshole, Peter was sucking the head of his own cock. He was moaning and wiggling his ass trying to suck more of Craig's tongue into his orifice. Suddenly Craig dropped the boy's legs ramming his middle finger into his ass and grabbed his cock into his mouth. Again the humming and the deep throat and again teen cum was filling his stomach. When he pulled off this time, Craig looked down at Peter and said, "Was that enough or do you want some more?"

"I am drained. I could not take anything else." Peter protested. Then he grinned at Craig and said ,"Pay back is a bitch. You got yours coming from draining me to dry cumming."

"Oh, yeah. You think you can do that to me? You don't know the tune."

We all started laughing at his musical analogy. Here Peter was the musician, but Craig was the one playing his instrument. "Well, I can read music, can't I?" Peter came back at him.

"What do you mean you can't play it by ear?" Craig said as he leaned in to kiss Peter on the lips. "That'll shut you up until you get another quarter for the juke box." Then he kissed Peter again.

"You know you are way too much," Peter said holding Craig close and laughing at the stupid jokes they were making. What no one else could see, not even Robert, was that Peter was rubbing Craig's hard cock. It appeared that both boys were into servicing each other. I was happy for Craig.

George pulled in and parked. Carl was right behind us and pulled next to him. I stood up and said, "I have a proclamation, The Annual National Bicentennial Campout and Orgy is now officially opened."

Everyone cheered and started taking off their clothes.