By Carson Carruthers

Poor Peter was out of it at the beginning. Having just shot his three lodes on the way home, he was exhausted both physically and sperm-wise. Once we were off the truck everyone was naked. I too shed all my clothes. When in Roman do as the Romans. I thought that saying now had a new meaning for me. Robert and I were both semi-hard. I would have just as happy to spend the entire night with just him and me cuddling and having our own sex, but that was not to be and I knew it. The best thing was to be prepared. That meant that we needed sustenance. I folded my and Robert's clothes and put them in the tent. Craig was suppose to spend the night with us and I had stake out a place for Peter with his brother and Carl. Again, you have to be flexible when you are organizing the First Annual National Bicentennial Camp Out and or slash Orgy. I made room for the kid with us as well. The tent was huge. I doubted that there would be much sleeping and most of that done out in the open. I told them that they could have one side of the tent and Robert and I had already made up our bed.

It did not take long for Peter to pull a naked Craig onto their blankets and commence sucking him. Craig was not especially large, but Peter was making it obvious that he could deep throat as well. Robert saw what was happening. I could tell that he was interested in the fact that there might now be three people around who could take Stanley, the Power Tool, all the way. It was only minutes until Craig was screaming that he was Cumming. His high-pitched voice was like a banshee's scream. Once he was finished with what must have been a mind-bending orgasm, he was once again giggling like a schoolgirl.

"Okay, Craig, come on and help me get our food out and set up on the picnic table."

"Oh, Rick, I am in love," he whispered to me as he helped spread the table clothe on the card table that I had brought from the Stanley's house. We had four folding chairs, so Peter was able to join us.

The four of us sat and ate our meal as though it were the most natural thing in the world for the four of us to sit around eating without any clothes on. There were lots of comments about dragging dicks through gravy and spilling hot stuff in laps, but mostly we joined Craig in his unending giggles. They were contagious. Even Robert was giggling. The picnic was a veritable feast. I took a large bowl of potato salad and another of Jell-O from the cooler. Mom Stanley had made two or three different sort of meat sandwiches. One of them was the jelled roast beef that I loved. I sliced tomatoes and we had lettuce, which came from the farm for the sandwiches. There was a big jar of dill pickles wedges. Then wrapped up in tinfoil were about three dozens of the country ham biscuits. We had sodas and potato chips. What I did not know was that she had sent something in Robert's duffel bag. He had the boxes where she had packed three entire pies - sweet potato, cherry and apple. We ate until none of us could move. After we had finished, I asked Robert if he wanted to save the rest of the food for later or call Carl over. We all giggle about that since Carl was known for having a huge cock and a huge appetite. As if on cue Carl strolled up with his cock and balls swinging between his legs.

Robert asked him, "Carl would you like to have a piece of homemade pie."

"What kind of pie?"

"There's sweet potato, cherry or apple?"

"Do I have to have a piece?"

"No, I just thought that you might want a piece since you like pie," Robert had never known Carl to turn down food.

"Since I don't have to have one, can I have all three?" Carl laughed.

I served up a piece of each of the pies to him. About that time David Williams came up looking for his brother. Peter commenced to tell him about Craig draining his balls. They were both giggling again. David just looked at the two and shook his head. David was not cute like his tight assed little brother. He was a boy turning quickly into a man. His shoulders were broad. His stomach had some definition, but he was not muscled up like Carl and Phil were. The thing what was probably most outstanding that you immediate noticed when he and his brother were both naked was Peter's peter was much bigger than his older and bigger brother. Peter was almost eight inches hard and about five when it was soft. It was not as fat as Stanley the Power Tool but was a hefty weight at least. Poor David had what looked like a little boy dick. It was circumcised and very clean looking. He had trimmed his pubic hair. I was sure that he had done that to make it appear larger and so that it was not hidden by a really thick bush. It was probably only about four inches or maybe four and a half hard. It was rock hard as his brother told him about the sex he had already had.

Craig was looking at David with pity in his eyes. Craig and Peter had already lain back on their blankets. Peter reached up and put his arm around his brother's neck and pulled him down onto the blanket with them. The two brothers engaged in a kiss of deep passion. It was not what one would think of as a brotherly kiss. It was more like a hot kiss that two guys who like each other a lot would give. Craig pulled David away from Peter and did his own version of the tonsil tango with David. Before he could realize what was happening the two younger boys had David lain back on the blankets. There was cherry pie all over his crotch. Craig had taken a piece of pie and was smearing the filling over the boy's pubic hairs, his balls and his small cock. Peter had a piece of apple pie and was valiantly pushing the filling up into David asshole. They in turn were feeding the boy the crust from the two pieces of pie.

All this time Carl had been sitting at the table with Robert and me while we watched the buffet being prepared. Carl, not to be out done by Craig and Peter, said, " here he needs something to eat as well." He smeared what remained of his sweet potato pie on his hardening dick. He lowered himself over David's chest and feed him sweet potato pie on a stick, I mean dick. We were all laughing. Craig and Peter were alternating between eating cherry cock and apple ass. They were really working on that boy cock that stood hard as steel from David's almost hairless crotch.

Carl lifted himself off David's chest and said, "What can I say the boy was hungry." He showed us his cleaned nine inches. He had not shot his lode but lay back down and held David in his arms as the boys brought David to what had to have been his best ever climax.

Then without slowing down, the two took turns deep throating Carl's monster cock. I have never seen such a look of amazement on anyone's face the first time that Craig buried his nose in Carl's bush. His huge cock was showing through the skin on the boy's throat. It looked almost obscenely large. Then as Craig pulled off, his mouth was replaced by the equally talented Peter. He did not stop but engorged Carl's hard pole in one slow but continuous movement. Robert and I were holding each other's cocks as we watched the look of amazement and absolute wonderment that filled Carl's face. With Peter's face buried in his pubic hair and another boy waiting to do the same, Rick nudged me toward Carl. I had never deep throated him before and was not as experienced as these two younger boys, but I figured that I could do it. When Peter pulled off, I then went down on Carl's rod. I was looking up at his face as I took it in my mouth. When it hit the back of my throat I swallowed and continued on down on it. Still looking up at him, I watched his smile spreading from ear to ear until I had to look down as my nose was pushing into his pubes. The three of us continued taking turns on his cock. It was my second round when I knew that I probably would not get another chance. As Craig was going down on Carl for his third time, Robert said, "It's time for the national anthem." All of us started humming the Star Spangled Banner. All except Carl who was screaming and writing under the humming sensation that his cock was getting from Craig's talented throat.

When he had finished shooting his enormous lode down Craig's throat, Carl lay back on the blanket. His head was resting in David's lap. He was still smiling. He was still moaning. He was caressing Peter's back and Craig's legs. Any part of either that he could reach and repeating thanks to each of us. Then he sat up and said, "I have an announcement. Craig won the talent contest and the only way things could be better would be for him to learn to carry a tune."

We went after him laughing at his joke. The three of us that had deep throated him each grabbed an arm or a leg. David was helping Peter keep his leg under control. Robert decided that this was an endeavor worth expending the energy on so he grabbed Carl under both arms and lifted him. We carried him to the edge of the pond where we started swinging him and then threw him out into the water. What came up was a sputtering Carl, and he still had a semi-hard cock.

After we all had some chips and cokes, we decided to walk around the camp. Just to check things out. Phil and Will and Alex and George and Trey were all in a daisy chain sucking cocks much like Robert had explained that they did it when they were skinny dipping. Tommy and Trevor were sitting watching the boys suck each other's cock while they were playing one with the other of their own cocks. I was still apprehensive. I did another calculation. There were Tommy and Trevor, Alex, Trey, George, Phil, Will, and Carl, David and Peter, Craig, Robert and I. That still came to thirteen. It was an ill omen. I mentioned it to Robert who again told me not to worry some one else would show up uninvited.

When your boyfriend tells you to stop worrying, you should do it, but I did not. I was a little spooked about the number. I really liked every one of the thirteen. Tommy and Trevor were great fun. They were sort of the founders of the gang although Robert had the idea independently and was all set to found the group on his own. They were night and day. Light and dark. Both of them were fourteen. Trey was Tommy's older brother. He was like Tommy dark eyed and dark haired. He was a couple of years older, and the same age and Carl, Will, Phil and the yet to be kidnapped, Asa. I would not be sixteen until September just before school started. I was still smaller than any of those guys. My cock was smaller, too. It did not bother me as much as it did. Since I had met Robert and became his boyfriend, I had gained a lot of self-confidence. So what if my cock was just less than five inches hard, it was still larger than David William's cock. It was nice to have someone with a cock smaller than mine for a change. Although David was a dreamboat. He really could have been in movies because of his looks. Peter really lived up to his name and got all the cock in that family. He also pretty much got all the smarts. He was cute not the drop dead gorgeous manly-look that David had nor was he as talented a musician. It was the younger brother who took care of the older brother in this case. Peter was the one that decided what they would do. It was Peter who made sure that his big brother was taken care of sexually. Peter also decided that if he wanted a blowjob then David was there to give it to him. It was not exactly that David was his slave, but more that David was his devoted slave. David did anything the younger boy wanted not because he had to but because he wanted to do anything that would please his cute little brother.

It was a wild group of people and everyone was pretty open. I felt like I had known them for a long, long time. I guess that I had since I had known most of them all my life. I knew that Phil like to dominate. I knew that Carl had a side that liked to play practical jokes. I knew that he did not mind what age a guy was he enjoyed sex. I knew that he had been with Uncle Spencer for years. I knew that he and Robert had been having sex before I came along. I thought that it was too bad that Carl did not have a steady boyfriend, but I guess he had two of them - Will and Phil. Robert had told me that Carl had thought about letting Will fuck him except that he was afraid that Phil would demand equal rights and Carl did not feel that he could kowtow to him. If there was going to be fucking there, he planed on it being him fucking Phil. The only one that I still could not just put a tag to and say that I understood him was George. He was around. He was pleasant. He was having sex with people. It appeared that he only had sex with them once and then was with someone else the next time. I thought that I would ask Trevor and Tommy about him. No matter how I counted I still came up with thirteen.

It seemed that everyone who had been out in the pond cooling off and cleaning up after sex had come back and were just lying around in the moonlight. It was really a gorgeous night. The moon was just larger than a crescent moon but not much larger. The air was so dry that you could see the craters even in the dark areas. It was about eleven o'clock because I had checked. If Robert was right about someone showing up before midnight, then the uninvited guest better get a move on. I think everyone was pretty well fucked out for a while. Everyone but Craig and Peter. Those two were putting on a show for the entire group. They were just in the edge of the water. Then they moved onto the shore where they proceeded to roll each other over in a sixty-nine. This was fine but everyone had seen them sixty-nine in just the short while that we had been back from town. What they had not seen was what no one would believe was possible if I told them. We were all sitting around them watching the show when I said, "Come on Peter suck your own cock."

There was a silence where everyone had been talking. Peter flipped himself onto his back and took his cock slowly into his mouth. He could get the head and just a little more. What surprised me was that when he was in position, Craig did a jackknife and placed his butt up against Peter's upturned ass and engulfed most of his own seven inches. There was a sudden intake of air as everyone gasped in wonder. Then there was an "Oh, my God," that came from somewhere in the bushes.

"Okay, quietly, but hurry. Carl you and David go around that way. Phil, take Trey and go over toward the street. Don't let anyone go down Elm Street. George comes with me." Robert had taken charge just like that. In a matter or minutes everyone was in pursuit of the stranger who had gotten in on the show.

By the time Craig had slipped on a pair of shorts, I had gotten shorts and shoes on so that we could go look for whoever it was also. Craig and I went into Elm Street there was not much light but enough to see where you were going. We were almost back to where the houses started when we saw someone crouched down in the ditch beside the road. He ran from one side of the road to the other. We could tell that it was a small person. I at first thought that it was probably Asa. I figured that he had seen the trucks going to the pond and was snooping around. I whispered what I thought to Craig. "Hell, I'm not afraid of Asa let's get him," I told Craig.

The two of us, probably the smallest two there in height, took off running and simultaneously tackled the small figure in the ditch. "We've got him!" I screamed. I figured that Robert or Carl would be close by. " We caught'em!" I screamed again hoping that they would show up since Asa was trying everything that he could to escape. Craig was sitting on his back with his legs around him. He kept fighting trying to get loose but Craig held on. I was trying to stop his arms moving to keep him from doing either of us harm. That was about the time that I knew that it was not Asa. This person had on glasses for one. The other thing was I could tell that his hair was light colored.

Thankfully, Robert showed up. "Here take him. He is trying to fight." I said as I pulled back and away from the turmoil. "I thought it was Asa that is why we went after him. I don't know who it is but he is fighting to get away."

Craig was still holding on. Robert grabbed the person by the hair and pulled him up on his toes. "Stop swinging or you are going to be bald."

I thought that pulling hair was sissy stuff, but when you have someone like Robert with you hair in his fist and you dangling from it that is a little more that pulling hair. It sure as hell was not anything sissy about it. The guy quit swinging and in a very deep bass voice said, "Let me down, you asshole."

Slowly Robert let the person down. By this time the rest of the guys were showing up in various states of undress. Carl and Robert were both naked. If I had been the person being captured, I would have be scared to death. This was a wild looking bunch. Then I thought he knows that we are a bunch of queers since he was watching what was going on. What about him? I mean it must mean something that he was watching and had not been able to contain himself but screamed out when the two boys were sucking their own cocks. I reached in between the bodies and felt of his cock through his Bermuda shorts. Wet. As I suspected. He came when he saw them. He's probably queer, too.

"Robert, let him down. I have some questions for him. I don't know who you are but the only thing that is going to save your ass right now is the answer to this question. Did you shoot off when you saw Craig and Peter suck their own cocks?"

This big bass voice out of this little guy confessed tearfully, "Yes, yes, damn it I shot off watching."

"Are you queer?"

"I don't like to call it that."

"Just answer Rick's question," Robert instructed him.

"Yes. I am queer."

We were now moving back toward the Bicentennial Camp Grounds. None of us seem to recognize the guy. I could not even tell how old he was. He was thin and short. He could have been about any age, except that his voice definitely meant that his voice had changed. Once we were back at the camp, Robert pushed him into one of the folding chairs and told him to sit still. I went in the tent and found the flashlight. When I got back, Robert had given him a coke. I flashed the light on him.

It was an elf. At least on first sight that is what I though. He was wearing a dark green short sleeve shirt and dark green Bermuda shorts. His hair was carrot red. It was flaming red hair and really curly. He had big horn rimmed glasses that looked like the ones you see on cartoon owls. He was not good looking but elfish. His ears appeared to point, as did his nose. He had ruby red lips, which spread, across the lower part of his face when he smiled. I thought to myself that this was a really cute elf. The front of his shorts were wet obviously from having shot off watching the show. I really queer elf.

"Well, I'll be damned. Mortimer. Mortimer Garland," Robert said tilling the boy's head back so that he could get a good look at him under the light.

"I knew you were probably queer. I should have known it since you grew up on Elm Street. What are you doing here?"

"I am afraid that you have me there. You seem to know me, but I don't recognize you at all," he said with an accent that could have come from nowhere else than the North.

Robert told me to shine the light on him. I did. "Do you know who I am now?"

Mortimer moved his head back much as he had done to him. "I am sorry. I have been away so long. I have no idea who you are."

"Robert Stanley from next door."

"Oh, my God. You can't be. You were just a tiny boy the last time I saw you."

"That was almost five years ago. I grew a lot."

"I'll say," Mortimer said hefting Stanley the Power Tool in both hands. "So what have I gotten myself into, Robert?"

We all started laughing. "You have gotten yourself into the middle of the ... damned I can't remember it all. Tell him Rick."

I spoke up then, "This is the First Annual National Bicentennial Campout and or slash Orgy."

"Damned that's a mouth full. Can I get a regular invitation or do I have to sneak in again?"

"Come on Mortimer. I want to introduce you to the gang. You are one you know?"

"I just got home. How did I get in a gang?"

"Sort of by inclination, I guess you would call it. It is the gang of Elm Street Queers. You are queer, and you live on Elm Street. You sure have the qualifications for the group."

"I guess I do. I have never been much of a joiner but in this case I can't turn down the membership. Oh, I forgot, what are the dues?"

"Well, you paid your first installment," Robert said pointing to his wet spot. "I think you are really going to like the initiation. This is my boyfriend, Rick Plum. Rick, this is Mortimer Garland. His mother lives next door to us."

This was the boy whose mother lived in an attic. It was strange, even for Elm Street, that he looked so much more like an elf than anything else. I shook his hand that he offered to me, but I also gave him a hug and, just as though I had been doing it all my life, I kissed him on his ruby red lips. He even tasted like a cherry. "Sorry about the way I was fighting with you. I really did think that you were Asa."

"You mean Asa Jones?"

"That's the one."

"I knew his older brother Jesse. He was a real asshole. He used to aggravate the shit out of me. I hope his brothers are nicer than he was."

"Hate to disappoint you, but no. Jared and Asa are just as big of assholes as Jesse. Asa was the main reason for having this campout. We are planning on kidnapping him and seeing if we can not brainwash him into being a better person."

"What? What are you talking about brainwashing him?"

"We have been doing our research. We are going to try sensory deprivation to see if we can recondition him. We may try some hypnosis. I have already tried spanking and whipping. You know spare the rod spoil the child. We thought that it worked but it did nothing. He is still a prick. He did admit that he was a queer to us and then went right back the next day to being just like his brother. I think from what you just said about Jesse they must pass it on from one brother to another."

"You know that Asa is queer?"

"Yeah. Why? Wasn't Jesse queer?"

"He was, but I was the only one that knew it. I never told another soul. Then one day it was all over school that Jesse was queer. That he and I had been sucking each other. This was in our sophomore year. I have no idea who found out or how, but it was true. Up until that point everything had been fine. Jesse was not a bad person. He was just as much of a queer as I was although he did not look it. He was on the football team and very popular. When it got back to him, he denied it. I was more or less the sacrificial lamb. He stood back and cheered them on as they slaughtered me. He told his football buddies that he was not queer and he had never done anything to me. He did tell them that I was and that I had sucked him off a couple of times when he was really horny and he couldn't get a girl to do it. I caught all the grief and he got none."

"Damn. You and I have had the same experience. That same thing happened with Asa and me. The only difference was that we were in junior high. He did the same thing. Told everyone that I was queer. He has been leading the assault on me ever since then. Up until then, he was the only cocksucker that I knew. After it got out that I was queer, I found out that there were a lot of them around. Then I found Robert and a whole group of people who are into man-to-man sex. In some ways I should be thankful to Asa for opening all this up for me," I said this motioning toward all the naked boys who were lying under the moonlight sucking each other's cocks.

"Mortimer, you want to stay out here with us tonight or do you have to sit with your mother?"

"No, it's fine. Someone's there with her. I told them that I was gong for a walk and was not sure what time I would be back. I made sure that they would go on to bed. I told them to leave the backdoor open so I could slip in and go up the back steps to my room. They will just assume that I slipped in and am sleeping there."

"Would you like something to eat? We have lots of food and we are all having breakfast in the morning. I went ahead and told Mom Stanley to cook grits for fourteen. Robert said that we would have an uninvited guest so that we would not spend the night with only thirteen people."

"I would like some ice tea if you have any. I am hoarse after all of that screaming and talking. I poured him a glass of ice tea and got some ice from the cooler. Craig and Peter were lying on their blanket outside but near the flap of the tent. They had taken their clothes off again and the two were entwined around each other. I mean leg around leg and arms around waists and shoulders. In the moonlight. It looked like there was only one head with two faces they were so close together and sound asleep. Sitting up watching them and everything else that was going on was big brother, David Williams. He had some paper rolled up and was fanning the mosquitoes away from his young charges. As I came back out of the tent I gave him a glass of tea and told him to come on over and join us.

He came over and sat at the table with Robert, Mortimer and me. I introduced him to Mortimer. Mortimer told us to call him Mort, or as he said, "Mort for short." I left them and wandered over to where Carl was stretched out on his blanket. Will was sitting with his head lying on Carl's chest. Carl had his arm around the boy and was rubbing his back. I swear the jock was actually purring as he got his back rubbed by his jock buddy. Carl motioned me to sit down next to him. He pulled me back so that my head was lying on his shoulder. I could smell boy, teen sex and pond water coming from both boys. It was a comfortable smell. Trevor and Tommy were lying asleep pretty much in the same way as Craig and Peter. Trey, like David, was there with his younger brother. The difference was that Trey appeared to have a dick rammed up his ass because George was right behind him and his arm was around Trey's waist and Trey's dick was in his hand. George was obviously fucking Trey really slowly and masturbating the boy at the same time.

"Where is Phil?" I asked Carl.

"Oh, he's gone to spy on Jared's party."

"Are you serious? What if he gets caught?"

"Don't worry. Phil can take care of himself. He has all sorts of awards from Scouts for tacking and Indian lore and all that stuff. Being able to stalk is one of the things that he has learned. He can walk up behind you, and you would not even know that he was there. Don't worry about him."

"I better get back over to Robert before he starts out trying to track me down."

"He probably will be. I know if I had a boyfriend that could deep throat my cock like you can I would never let him out of my sight."

"Good night, Carl," I kissed him on the cheek. "You are a good friend and a great cousin-in-law."

"Yeah," he rubbed my flaccid penis, "we have to keep as much as we can in the family. I'm really happy for you and Robert. You're both great guys. You deserve each other." Karl hugged me tightly showing that he really did care about us.

I leaned in and kissed Will before I got up and told him good night. When I got back to our table. Robert was still sitting there looking out over the pond. He was drinking a coke and eating more potato chips. I found my watch among the other things that were on the table. The radial dial showed that it was just after midnight. The Fourth of July was here. America was two hundred years old.

"Where did Mort go?"

"Well, he wanted to go home and get a change of clothes and his pipe and tobacco."

"Did David Williams go with him?"

"Sure did. He asked Mort if he wanted him to walk with him. I was a little surprised. I thought that Mort might have asked him to go with him. Mort seemed to be really horny. He confessed that he had a thing about younger guys."

"He'll probably fall for David Williams then. Not only is he gorgeous, but also I kept thinking that he had a little boy's dick. I know my dick is small, but it is still growing. My uncle, the one that Mort's mother was calling to, was the small way I am until he was out of high school. In those days they only went to the eleventh. He grew to be over six foot in a year. David Williams is already a grown man for the most part. His dick is going to be that size for the rest of his life. I doubt that it will grow any more."

"I know. Hey, that might be what turns Mortimer on. He is a strange one."

"I know," I laughed. "I thought I had captured an elf when we first caught him."

"He and I had a long talk about tomorrow. There are some things that we are going to have to change. Mort is taking psychology at Columbia. The one in New York City. Not Columbia, South Carolina. He is going to study to be a psychiatrist. He said that his mother's condition would have been cured if they had given her therapy back when it first started. He said that she would probably be a healthy woman today. He wants to help people by becoming a doctor and then a psychiatrist. He knew a lot about what I was talking about. The one thing that he told me was that if we did go through with it, and he was not at all sure that we should since we might end up doing more harm than good, that it was going to take a lot longer than one day."

"What do you mean?" I asked him apprehensively.

"I mean that if we start this tomorrow we have to be prepared to spend the next few years at least reconditioning Asa. According to Mort it is going to take a hell of a commitment on our part. Do you think that you are ready to do this?"

"I don't know. What about you?"

"I think that he's worth saving. Maybe we can stop the cycle. Mortimer thinks that the brothers are the way they are because their father was that way. He said that is one of the reasons that their father has to have the big cars and belong to the country club. He has to prove himself superior to others to cover up some inferiority complex. Mortimer says he thinks that Mr. Jones is probably a latten homosexual also."

"Wow. I hope the Pope never moves on Elm Street. He wouldn't have a chance. I guess the only way your parents ever got together was because they did not live on Elm Street when they were growing up."

"Don't even think it. I know that my father is not queer."

We both laughed. We were still sitting there talking when Phil came right up behind Robert without Robert knowing that he was there. I did not know until I just looked up and saw him. He motioned for me not to say anything. He was going to scare Robert. I said, "Phil, that is not a good idea."

"Why did you go and do that? I was going to scare him."

"I probably saved your nuts."

"What're you talking 'bout?" Phil said in a peeved voice.

"As soon as you touched Robert he would have swung at you. The thing you did not know was that he has that huge flash light in his hand."

"Oh, my God, you're right. I would have caught it right in the cods." He held his balls like they were hurting with him just thinking about it.

He sat down with us and gave us a run down on Jared's party. I had been right. He said that Asa was there acting as the general flunkey. He was serving drinks. Passing the food around. Phil said that most of the girls had left. One of the jock football players who was a real red neck took Asa out behind the bushes. Phil said that he got close enough to see the jock was feeding Asa his cock, and Asa was bobbing up and down on it giving the jock head."

"I do not understand it. Why is it all right for him to give head to a football player? Why is that not queer? If I blew some football player, it would be all over school."

"But you have blown at least a couple of football players."


"Carl and me, probably," Robert said.

"I know, but you guys are family. I mean Phil is a jock, but he would never tell someone that I sucked his cock."

Robert went on, "There is a big difference in that Phil would suck your cock. It would be mutual. He would never tell because it would be admitting that he's gay. The jock that Asa was sucking would never admit that he is probably queer. He just says that he's using his boy pussy because his girl was on the rag and would not give him any. He always has an excuse as to why he does it and why he is not queer. He is not going to tell anyone about Asa because Jared buys him shit and also because if he want another blowjob, which he will the next time he gets drunk, he knows that Asa will be there to do it for him."

"Damned, Robert. That is a good of an analysis of what goes on psychologically of a latten homosexual as I have ever heard in any of my classes," Mortimer said. He and David were standing there arms around each other's waist listening to what Robert was telling Phil and me.

I pulled Robert's face to mine and gave him a kiss. "I just have a really smart boyfriend."

About that time, we heard giggling. I looked over to where Craig and Peter were sleeping. They had turned over in the opposite direction still wound up in each other and still asleep. "I cannot believe it. The boy even giggles in his sleep," I said. We all laughed quietly so that we would not wake anyone else up.

Robert and I staked the sides of the tent up so that we could get the night air. David and Mortimer set up their blankets and were blowing up an air mattress that Mort had brought from home. It took them a while, but Mort said that at least they would not wake up in the morning with rocks and sticks in their asses. There were the sounds of light snoring and a few snorts, slow heavy breathing. The sound of Mortimer sucking David's cock as Robert and I lay watching him. Mort's red hair was visible in the moonlight. Everything was winding down earlier than I had thought that it would on the first night of the First Annual National Bicentennial Campout and or slash Orgy. I kissed Robert and Robert kissed me. "Good night." And we both fell to sleep within minutes of that kiss.