By:Carson Carruthers

There was lots of moaning the next morning. Even teenagers grunt and groan from sleeping on the hard ground where there is usually a rock strategically placed at the small of your back. This crowd consisted of what was obviously a bunch of late sleepers and slow risers. Having grown up in a house with elderly parents, you soon learned that there was no hope for sleeping in. You just went ahead and got up at five thirty during the week since breakfast was always at six thirty. On the weekends breakfast was at eight and you awoke accordingly. Needless to say, at our house everyone was dressed before breakfast. Robert was easy to wake up. I needed him to get George moving since Mom Stanley would have the grits ready by now.

"Good morning," I said as I kissed him on the cheek. He pulled me tightly to him and squeezed me. "Don't squeeze so hard I haven't been to piss yet."

"Sounds kinky to me," Mortimer Garland said as he rolled his naked body from being on top of David Williams. They had been sleeping on some extra blankets that David and Peter had brought and some that we were not using.

"What's kinky about taking a piss?"

"Don't you know about water sports?'

"Uggh, not really," I said looking at Robert to see if he could help me out. "George mentioned having a place set up. What are you guys talking about?"

"Water sports where people who like to get pissed on and drink piss are pissed on by people who like pissing on people. I guess that about sums it up."

"You mean there are people that get off on that sort of thing?" I do not guess anyone was more naive than I was on the Fourth of July in 1976. Here I was out at the and or slash orgy and not knowing what I was doing. Pissing on people sounded sick to me. "All this talking about pissing on people, I gotta go." I jumped up and ran for the wooded area closest to our tent. I lost my stomach. I started thinking about people drinking piss and threw up. It was not good to talk about too many things until after I ate breakfast.

When I got back, I got my tooth brush and some paste and a glass of water. It was a gray morning, but there was plenty of light to see what was going on. Craig and Peter were still twisted around each other. Both of them with morning wood. They did look like two wood sprites that I had seen in a mythology book. Of course by this time Mortimer had David Williams awake and was suck on his morning wood. David was trying unsuccessfully to get away so that he could piss. Robert finally rescued him from the persistent elf. I swear that Mortimer Garland looked just like you would expect and elf to look. He had that flaming red hair. He could not have been more than five foot two. He had green eyes. I kept expecting him to speak with an Irish brogue. Instead you heard this really booming bass voice with clear pronunciations. He could have been a radio announcer. There was nothing elfish about his cock. It was a considerable eight inches with a red head and sticking from a bush of red curly pubic hairs. It had a severe curve so that the head lay pushed up against his navel. He was kneeling in front of me with my cock in his mouth. Robert lay back on the bed and pulled me to him. When David Williams returned, he knelt and took Robert's cock in his mouth. I had my eyes shut and was luxuriating in the bliss that one can only find in an early morning blowjob. Robert was caressing my neck and back. I was snuggled into his side. He then took my nipple and started to twist it. I opened my eyes almost as a reflex. I discovered that David was now sucking my cock and Mort had Stanley doing a hell of a deep throat on him. I could not believe that I had not noticed the change when the two had swapped dicks in mid stream, so to speak. David was as equally talented as Mort. Robert was enjoying the third person in a week who could swallow his cock. First, me, then Craig and now Mort. They switched again. David Williams swallowed Stanley on the first go and was rubbing his nose in Robert's pubic hair. I wondered if everyone could deep throat. I did not know what water games were. I still have a long ways to go and lots to learn, I though as I felt my climax nearing. If they did not switch pretty quickly, then Mort was going to be getting a protein breakfast. Just thinking about it made me queasy. I fought to think of something else.

Robert grabbed me and pulled me to him. Mort did not miss a stroke but held me in his mouth and followed. Robert's tongue reached for mine. We were frantic, kissing. He was manipulating my nipples. I was stretching his ball sac. I had learned that he loved the pain of having his balls pulled and then released just as he came. We were moaning into each other's mouths. Then I went over the edge. I started filling Mort's mouth with my teen cum. Robert tensed, and I let his balls go. I knew that he was shooting a lode into David's waiting mouth. I watched David's throat as it constricted and relaxed and then constricted again around Robert's monster dick. He was taking the lode straight into his stomach. Robert still had not released me from the powerful hold that he had on my shoulders. We lay there spent. Then our two benefactors shared their spoils with a kiss between the two of them. I knew that they were swapping and mixing our cum in their mouth. That was it. I ran. For the second time that morning I threw up.

"Robert, please get George up and go get the grits from your house. Your mother finished them a half hour ago. You were supposed to have gotten them already. I'll get Carl up and cooking eggs by the time you get back." David and Mort were in a sixty nine. I knew that it would not take them long. They were already near explosion when they were sucking us. I was so glad that they were together. I just could not return the favor. Not anytime before breakfast. I had never noticed until I met Robert. I guess I always ate before I encountered anything that could make me nauseous.

Robert took off stumbling over the bodies between him and George. I watched as he found him. George actually was in his designated spot. I was not sure that all that planning paid off in many cases. Of course Trevor and Tommy were where they were assigned. Those two. I had to come up with a prank to play on them for doing that to me yesterday. I saw George stand up talking to Robert. He had a huge hard on. His cock looked larger than I had thought that it would get. He turned around and let go a strong stream of piss that I could see from where I was standing. He pretended to aim it at Trevor and Tommy. Then I looked and he had aimed it at them and was pissing on the two of them. They were lying naked on a piece of plastic that was obviously there for that reason. Both of them were hard. They were pissing on each other. Then started jacking each other off. George went in the pond to clean up. Robert returned snickering.

"Well, we have water sports and the `and or slash orgy' may just end up just plain 'orgy.'"

"I can't believe how naive and dumb I am."

"Don't worry. We're all learning. I had no idea what water sports were either. Don't let it bother you." Robert kissed me tenderly. "Get Carl up and get things started. I'll go with George. He might frighten my mother or piss on the dog. We don't even have a dog." He laughed and headed to George's truck still pulling on his shorts.

Carl got up and started everything into motion. Phil and Will had a fire going on which to cook the bacon and eggs. Carl had huge cast iron skittles ready with butter melting in one and the bacon frying in the other. The smell of bacon did the trick. Everyone was up and hungry. Into the butter, Carl was cracking eggs two at the time. I was amazed. It seems that these guys did learn something in Boy Scouts after all. Will and Phil were bringing in more wood for the fire when Robert and George pulled back in with the grits. I had gotten the paper plates out and the forks and knives. Craig got busy setting up the picnic table to serve from. People would just have to eat where ever they found a place since there was not enough table space for everyone to sit down. Neither Peter nor Craig bothered to put on any clothes. Once I had noticed, Robert, George and I were the only ones with clothes on. Even Phil and Will were gathering wood in the nude. As soon as I thought that everything was under control, I went into our tent and took off my shorts and tee shirt.

"Here," Mortimer was handing me a crumpled dollar bill.

"What is this for?"

Mort turned back to me since he had started to leave the tent, "that is for breakfast as long as I do not have to eat grits."

"You've been up north too long. What do you mean you do not eat grits? Don't you know that all true Southerners eat grits no matter how long they live in the North," I said kidding him.

"Don't tell anyone but I hated grits before I moved north. It may have been one of the reasons that I moved to `The North,' "he said laughing after saying "The North" with the same emphasis that most Southerners say "The South."

I must say that Carl did an excellent job with the breakfast. I ate a lot and so did everyone else. We were all filled when Robert said, "Oh my God, I knew I had forgotten something." He jumped up and ran to George's truck where he pulled a huge baking pan from the front seat.

"What is that?" I asked as he returned.

"My mother's sticky buns!"

No matter how full everyone was. They all ate at least one of the cinnamon encrusted sweet breads. They were better hot, but even cold they were fabulous.

Craig and Peter took over without being asked and made sure that the trash was taken care of. They policed the entire area putting everything that was burnable into the fire. All this time David Williams was lying with his head in Mort's lap. I though to myself there are two lucky Williams boys. They came to the sleep out without anyone but each other and both of them found someone special. I thought that was really cool. I will say that Peter was still on my list of things to do this weekend. He was so damned cute. That curly black hair. I knew where I had seen that hair before. It was on one of those angles in a painting. I had seen the painting when the class went to Bob Jone's art museum on a field trip. I am surprised that they even let us go there since we were not considered a Christian School.

I found my watch on the table. Robert was busy putting up the tarp around a separate area. He and Carl had attached it to three trees and left the side open toward the camp. There was enough canvas so that side could be closet off as well. They had put plastic down covering the ground in the middle of the area. I wondered if there were going to be more water games. I was not sure how I felt about those water sports. I mean I had been taught all my life that cleanliness was next to Godliness even for queers. I never wet the bed as a child so I did not even have that experience to draw from. I was curious, however. I would ask Trevor and Tommy about it.

Robert got everyone's attention and asked us to all sit down. There were fourteen of us including Robert and myself. Not in my wildest dreams or my jack off fantasies had I imagined a group like this one. Here we were all naked and sitting around on the ground in the park. We did not expect anyone to come in the park since we had put up a road block and a sign saying that the part was closed for repairs. Most people were out of town anyway, so it really would not have been used. A year ago I would not have thought that there were fourteen people in the world who would suck a cock. I would not have thought that there were football players who would suck a cock that is for sure. Alex, the star quarter back, Carl, Will and Phil and Robert, if he makes the team which I am sure that he will. Maybe there is something in the water around here. I wonder if this sort of thing is going on in other places on the Fourth of July Bicentennial celebration.

Robert was outlining how the capture of Asa was to take place. He told everyone what Mort had said about taking this on a long term basis. He also said that Mort was going to interview Asa first as though he were one of his patients needing psychiatric help. If Mort said that it was too dangerous for the boy's mental well being then we would take him back home and forget it. Was everyone agreeable to taking this project on for an extended period. Everyone agreed. Then did anyone have any objections to Mort doing the initial interview. Naw. Then Carl said, "But I want to be Asa. He is the one that is going to have all the fun."

Every one started laughing and Project Asa was underway.

The first part of the operation was left in the hands of Phil. He had convinced me that he could move without anyone knowing he was there when he had come up on Robert and me as we were sitting at the table. Until I saw him, I never heard him approaching. As I said these Boy Scouts had learned some good skills from Scouting. Phil had elected Alex as his partner. I thought that it was strange since I rarely saw Alex do anything with anyone other than Trey. He was quiet. Reticent, I think would be the way I would describe him since he was not shy or disinterested. He was just quiet. As they always say though still waters run deep. I wondered what the depth of Alex's waters were. Obviously, Phil thought that he was better equipped to help him than either his brother or Carl. Robert gave them the blind fold, gag and the rope with which to tie him. Alex was making mental checks of everything. I could see how he was checking everything to the detail. Then he and Phil pulled out.

I had been so engrossed in what was gong on with operation Asa that I had not noticed that Carl was receiving his thanks for cooking breakfast. Peter tongue was rammed up Carl's butt and Craig was ministering to his hot seven and half inch cock. I thought to myself that I would not have believed a year ago that I would be with this many cock suckers. I had never even seen a hard cock on anyone other than Asa. Now here I was estimating size and talking about curves and mushroom heads as opposed to helmeted heads or the ones that looked him gum balls. Low hanging balls and thigh scrotums. I amazed myself with the esoteric knowledge that I had gained. I'll have to throw that word onto Robert. I got it from that cute English teacher. Craig was all the way down on Carl's dick. He was moving at a rapid pace. I could see that Carl was in a place of his own. His mouth hung open limply and drool was running out of the corner. His eyes did not look like they were focused on anything. He was just sort of staring off into space. Peter was licking his ass peerlessly. Each time that he rammed his tongue into Carl, he moaned louder. Then Carl was groaning from the on slough. Craig moved down on his cock. I could see the cock in Craig's throat as his muscles were milking it. He was trying to stay in rhythm with Peter, but finding it hard since Carl had such a long dick. Finally, Peter backed off and slowed down. That was the signal obviously. Craig immediately picked up his pace and was taking the ramming cock into his throat and out . In and out. It was like a jack hammer slapping into the boy's face. The once they knew that Carl was on the brink of cumming, the two boys stopped and just got up. They started to walk away from Carl. Carl was in a daze, but he came out of it suddenly when he realized that they were just leaving him almost there. He started screaming. Demanding that they return to him. He grabbed for them but missed. They side stepped to avoid his trying to grab either or both of them.

Carl cursed. He moaned. He raved. The boys just looked at him. Finally, he started crying. I swear I thought that I was going to cry. He was crying. He wanted them so badly. The two boys had tormented him to the point of tears. They both went back down on the blanket next to him and started the most passionate slow operation that I have ever seen. They licked him all over. They kissed him. They kissed his ass cheeks which were still tanned from being naked in the sun at the farm pond during the summer. Craig took his nipples and started slicking them with his tongue. Peter moved in front of Carl and took the other nipple. It was as though this pair had worked together all their lives. Each instinctively knew what the other was going to do. Peter was now working on Carl's balls. Licking. Fondling. Pulling them down as far as he could and letting go. The balls would spring back like they were on a rubber band. Craig was licking around the head of Carl's cock. Then Craig did something I had never tried before. He took Carl's legs and started licking behind the knee. First the right knee and then the left. By this time Carl was gone again. He was moaning in agony. Every time that he was any where near to cumming the boys backed off. He was screaming at them that they were driving him crazy. They both stopped again. By this time I am beating my meat and Robert's as we are watching the show these two are putting on for us and several others who are watching. I thought that they could not quit again. I would have to suck Carl off to keep him from going insane and if the truth were know both Robert and I were ready to shoot as well. We had been holding off watching the performance. We could not go another round without cumming first, and we were sure of the condition poor Carl was in. He was screaming for them to finish him. Craig rolled him on his back and pulled Carl legs over his own head. He was in the same position that the two boys used to suck their own cock. Carl did not look flexible enough to accomplish that. He was flexible enough so that as Craig held his legs, Peter pushed his hard tongue into Carl's gapping asshole. Carl let out a long moan as if he had found nirvana. Craig squatted over Carl's face pushing his hard cock into Carl's mouth and took Carl's cock into his own mouth. It was a threesome, but what a threesome. Carl only lasted at most three minutes until his butt was bucking in the middle of what had to be a terrific orgasm. Craig and Peter threw their heads back and taking their cocks in hand they unloaded two huge lodes of white messy gooey teen cream up one side and down the other of Carl's body. They had washed the jock in their cum.

The same time that they all came, I deep throated my lover and brought him to a screeching climax and jacked off my own cock off at the same time. We fell into each other's arms. You would think that we had worked for that climax and in a way I guess we had worked for it, but we lay there spent for about five minutes. Lying in each other's arms not talking, just trying to get our breath back. Our rest was not to last long. There was the sound of Asa cursing. I wondered what had happened to the gag.

"What happened to his gag and blindfold?" I asked Robert.

"We decided that he needed to know that he was with friends to start with. Then after Mort talks with him we are going to gag and blindfold him inside the area that we have surrounded by tarp. Once he is tied up, then we are going to take him in George's truck and ride around the pond. We will stop and make what he thinks are left turns and that sort of thing. He is going to believe that we have taken him out into the country."

We were all standing there nude when Phil and Alex came hauling Asa strung up on a pole. They had literally tied his hands together at the wrist and his feet at the ankles and then pulled a pole through the two. Asa had his back almost to the ground. I think that they kept bouncing his butt on the ground intentionally. They took him into the enclosure and tied him to the chair. Then Mort went in and closed the tarp behind him. No one yet knows what Asa said to him. When Mort came out his face was red as his hair. There were tears in his eyes from the anger. He calmed himself, and very quietly called Robert over to talk with him. I could not hear what they were saying. The only thing that I heard from Mort was, "... and make sure the son of a bitch hurts like hell. If I could get away with it, I would punch his lights out myself." My elf was pissed and that was obvious. Robert did confide later that Asa had said some derogatory things about Mortimer's mother.

There are some things that are sacred. Mothers are one of them. No matter what she is like, she is still your mother. Even if the woman has lived the last twenty something years in an attic, it meant no less, or no more, than that she was Mortimer's mother. He obviously cared for her. I was not crazy about my mother. She was an old woman who has spent her life tending to other people's children. She had taught school all those years, and , I might add, she had done a really good job teaching. There were still men and women in Poinsettia who mentioned to me how much they had learned in her class when they had learned nothing in some of the other classes they took. She was strict but fair. That was always the statement. When she stopped teaching and retired, she retired from my life as well. At that time I was only in the fourth grade. I hardly ever saw her other than at dinner time. Rules had been set to follow and nothing ever changed. The thing was that she was still my mother. I would have defended her to the death. I could understand the way Mortimer felt. I would probably have been as ready to fight over Mom Stanley as I was my mother. They could do no wrong no matter how wrong they were. And you never said something about someone else's mother, at least not to their face.

Robert whispered to everyone that they should come to out tent. He and Carl had taken Asa from the enclosure, and now he was securely tied to a tree. His arms had been raised above his head and bound with a rope. The rope had been thrown across one of the big limbs of an oak tree and then pulled where Asa was standing on his tip toes. His ankles were also bound to keep him from kicking. He had been stripped. Asa Jones was beautiful. He was an asshole. He deserved nothing more than to be beaten, but he was beautiful. His hair was long and shaggy. His skin was tanned from the summer sun by their pool. He had a tan line which punctuated the darkness of his pubic bush which was neat. It looked as if it had been trimmed. The dark pubes stood out against the white skin where his bathing suit had protected it from the sun. It was definitely sexy.

When we gathered at the tent, Robert took over. He was in charge. "Okay, guys, here is what we are going to do." He revealed his plans for Operation Asa which was one of the most insidious plans ever devised. The punishment was based on gaining Asa's compliance to being a better person and not hurting others. It was done by depriving Asa of sensory satisfaction. I had read the same books on sensory deprivation that Robert had and had gotten a totally different impression than he. I would have blindfolded and gagged Asa. Not Robert, he went for the one sense that denied to a teenage boy with raging hormones would drive him insane. Sex deprivation. We figured that we could hide Asa out without anyone missing him for at least forty eight hours. Robert's plan was to keep him hard for forty eight hours and not let him cum.

I know most people can go longer than forty eight hours without cumming. I had been three and four days before without cumming. I mentioned this to Robert. "But were you watching fourteen sexy boys sucking and fucking for forty eight hours while you were unable to join them or even jack off?"

The picture started to evolve in my mind of what Robert had planned. Then it suddenly dawned on me that to keep the show going for forty eight hours each of the fourteen boys were gong to have to cum at least fourteen times or about that. This also meant that boys were going need time to rejuvenate. This could get a little more complicated than just having an orgy if we were going to be able to do this. I did not have time to say anything about holding back and being sure that everyone was not spent at the same time. I saw something that not only amazed me but was repulsive. There was Asa hanging from a tree. George, Trevor and Tommy were pissing on him. They were aiming their yellow morning pisses right at his cock and balls. George moved behind him and wet down Asa's ass and legs. He pulled the cheeks of his ass apart and pissed between them. Trevor was pissing on Asa but then turned and pissed on Tommy as well. Tommy dropped to his knees and was actually drinking the piss. I was revolted by the scene but fascinated. There was Asa hanging there with the sun catching the glint of the yellow droplets of piss in his pubes. His cock was now hard and sticking straight out. It had actually turned him on. I was not the only one to observe this fact. Trey and Alex joined the others and took their turns pissing on Asa. He was drenched by the time several others had done the same. When I thought that everyone had finished, George backed his truck up to Asa. Mortimer climbed into the bed and standing on the tailgate pissed in Asa's face. From then on, Asa was the toilet for anyone who needed to piss. I even climbed up on the tailgate and pissed in his hair. It was dirty. It made my skin crawl, but it was also exciting. I felt power as I pissed on Asa Jones.

As the morning of the Fourth progressed there were people taking turns having hot sex either on the back of the truck which was still parked close to Asa or on blankets on the ground in front of him. First, Carl and Will went at each other. It was special since Carl was still a virgin as far as anyone fucking him. I knew that he had told Robert that he wanted Will to fuck him but was afraid that Phil would want to as well. There seemed to be a special relationship forming between Carl and Will. Will had Carl lying on his back with his legs hanging over the tailgate of the truck. He was on his knees reaming Carl's ass with his hot tongue. Under the shade of the oak tree, the two boys were protected from the sun that was already rising higher and hotter in the sky. Carl was moaning. Will was blowing his hot breath into his hole. Carl was twisting and turning on the blanket trying to force his ass further into Will's face. Will's cock, of considerable size, was hanging down between his low hanging balls. There was a puddle of precum forming on the ground beneath him. He continued reaming Carl playing with his balls with one hand and pinching Carl's eraser shaped nipples first one and then the other. Carl's hard cock was waving in the wind. I thought about what day it was and that it should have had an American flag flying from it. It twitched with each spasm of his anal muscles as he tried to eat Will's tongue with his asshole. Will moved up to Carl's cock and started sucking it. In the meantime he had run two fingers up Carl's loosened hole. He was punching his fingers in fast and withdrawing slowly. By this time Carl's moans were attracting everyone's attention.

Most of the boys moved over near the truck to watch as Carl gave up his virginity. I understood how he felt. I do not think that I would have ever given my ass to anyone other than Robert. Craig on the other hand was not a slut, but he was not as selective as I appeared to be. Robert had only gotten it from Carl and me. I knew that I did not want anyone else sticking there cock up my ass. Why? I was worrying that myself. I was also trying to figure why Carl had waited so long for something that felt so good. Then I thought about what he has said about Phil lording it over him. I can image that Carl had a worse time letting some one be on top of him than I did, and even I was real particular who would be on top of me. It was like surrendering some of your masculinity when you decided to take that step and give it to someone else. There was something that I remember thinking the first time that Robert and I did it. Things would never be the same. It was a commitment. Maybe not to the person but to a way of live. I had heard people talking about corn-holing another guy and making snide remarks about it. It was different from the way they talked about someone who either gave or got a blow job. There was no playing around when people started talking about fucking someone in the ass.

Craig and Peter were standing right behind me as I watched Will preparing Carl for his first fuck. Asa was gagged do he could say nothing. He just hung there and watched. Once when I looked at him he made a motion with his head and rolled his eyes. I think that he was trying to tell me that he wanted to talk. I ignored it. His cock was dripping precum as well. Craig and Peter were both raging hard. They were just fondling each other to the point of keeping and erection for the show. Robert moved up and put his arm around me. He kissed me, drew back and then kissed me more passionately again. He pulled Craig and Peter into out embrace. Taking Craig's free hand he placed it on my cock. I thought that was strange. No one was talking. The only sounds were those of Carl's moaning and the slurping of Will's tongue. Robert moved around the corner of the tailgate and lay back in the bed of the truck along side Carl. He put his arm under Carl's neck and cuddled his head into his shoulder. Robert was rubbing Carl's nipples. He was kissing Carl's hair and cooing to him. I swear it sounded just like a dove cooing as he held his cousin. He left Carl's nipples which were now reddish pink from Robert's manipulations. He stroked his cock but was not jacking it. He just petted it. Then he played with his balls. There was an unperceivable motion of agreement, and Will put some Jerkins lotion on his cock. He had already used part of the bottle on Carl's ass. As Robert turned and kissed Carl on the mouth holding his body over him, Will raised Carl's legs over his shoulders and rammed him cock all the way in with one movement. It was then that Carl screamed. Will held still. Robert held Carl. Carl was cussing. He was calling Will names that I had never heard. Eventually, he calmed down. He relaxed. Will moved slightly. No sounds. He slowly withdrew his meaty shaft and then slowly he went back in. Robert relaxed his hold on his cousin. Carl face covered with tears now had a smile across it. I was not sure that the tears were because of the physical pain or the pain of having lost his virginity. I could see from the look on his face that he realized that there was now no turning back. Like most of us, his trauma was over, and now he could go on and enjoy being queer and getting fucked.

I had not noticed while watching Carl deflowered, but Craig had been jacking my cock and Peter's peter while we were watching. I pushed his hand away afraid that I would cum. I looked up at Asa. His cock was almost purple. I knew that it looked like it was ready to cum. I noticed that George was headed his way with his own cock hard. I could not figure George out. He was still the mystery to me. Where had he ever gotten into water sports. If nothing else in the South, cleanliness was next to Godliness. Even queers were notoriously clean. I knew what George was going to do, but I also knew what would happen if he did. I pulled away from Craig and Peter and moved to intercept him. "George, George, wait." He had already started a slow piss on Asa's feet.

"What? What's wrong? I thought we agreed to piss on him?"

"We did. I've been watching him though. He is about ready to cum. See how purple his cock is. If you piss on it, it is going to shoot. We do not want him to cum."

"Wow, that would be awesome. You think that by pissing on him he would just shoot off? Would you? " George asked Asa.

Asa shook his head negatively.

"He probably would shoot then. He is a lying sack of shit. We all know that," and with those words George proceeded to methodically cover Asa's balls and his legs. He pushed his legs apart and pissed in the area between his ass and his balls. I was too feeling the urge to piss again now that I had lost my hard-on. I moved behind Asa and was pissing on his bubble butted ass cheeks. The water was running off and then down his legs.

"Here let me help you with that," George said as he pulled Asa's cheeks apart. " Put your cock in there and hose him good."

I moved closer to Asa's butt still pissing. I pushed my cock into his ass. I felt it contract and immediately pulled out. "Oh, no, George, he is trying to use my cock to get himself off. Devious fucker." I backed away and continued pissing on the hanging Asa until I had emptied my bladder.

I moved back over to the truck after telling George to warn anyone trying to do anything to Asa that he was ready to cum. Craig and Peter were hot at it. I told them to hold off since we had to keep Asa horny for at least forty eight hours and without cumming. The without cumming appeared to be the biggest job. I think that the boy would have cum had anyone even touched his cock. Will was just finishing shooting his lode into Carl. Robert was holding Carl and Will fell onto him and rammed his hot tongue into Carl's mouth. I could see cum streaming down Carl's legs from his asshole. If I had been soft, I was no longer. The sight of this well fucked farm stud and jock was too exciting. Craig reached for my five inches of hard cock. "Don't. I would cum in a minute. I want to wait a while."

Craig and Peter were not concerned with restraining themselves. They were working hard on each other. Kissing and fondling. Robert came over to me. I could smell Carl's sweat on his chest.

"Greetings and Splendiferous salutations, welcome one and all," Robert did sound like the ring master from the circus on television. "Right this way folks to witness one of the marvels of the modern world." As he said that he motioned for Peter and Craig to take their places on the blanket in front of Asa. Everyone had seen the boys suck their own cocks. Everyone except Asa, and all of us did not mind watching that sexy show again. Both of the boys were gorgeous cute. They were younger. That did not mean that they were not better hung that the average teenager. "First, Craig, the Wild Boy of the Supper Market, comes, I mean cums, in buckets into his own mouth as he sucks his own native cock. Then we have Peter. You will all note that Peter's peter is above average in length and that it is of an impressive width as well. Can you imagine that he will be able to suck that fuck tool into his own mouth and swallow it. If you cannot image it, watch and let him show you how. Can you image what happened when he gave this demonstration for show and tell at the junior high?"

By this time everyone was laughing at Robert's commentary. He could be funny, but you had to listen to really get the jokes at times. There would be many times that he would have to explain what he was saying so that I could then laugh or, as often as not, groan at some pun he had made. First, Craig lay down on his back right in front of Asa. He rubbed his body with his own hand. He turned on his stomach and wiggled his ass. His ass stuck out, and he reached back pulling the cheeks apart so that Asa was sure to see his pink puckered asshole. It did look inviting. He wet his finger very suggestively licking it as if it were a cock he were sucking. Then he inserted it up his anus. He then flipped back over onto his back leaving his left hand firmly secured under him with his middle finger embedded in his ass. It was almost like watching the gymnast at the Olympics. Every time I saw then after that I would think of the Fourth and Craig and Peter's performance. Then remarkably Craig threw his legs into the air and did a spin on his head. It appeared to be on his head, but he later told me that most of it was on his upper shoulders. Then he speared, for lack of a better word, himself with his cock. He opened his mouth and took the head in while holding his legs up with one of his hands on each thigh. He proceeded doing a split exposing his asshole. It appeared that his little balls were like cherries on top of a banana split. Then with as much agility as Craig had shown, Peter did a couple of somersaults in the air and landed next of Craig. He turned so that Asa could witness what was to come next. His cock at the time was soft. How he managed that I could not understand with all the teen sex that was in the air. You could smell sex. Jergens Lotion would from that day on give me a hard-on when I caught the scent of it. Peter appeared to be trying to lick the head of his cock. He could not do it. I saw Asa relax. He had an expression on his face which said see fucker you can't do it. Then Peter's cock started snaking itself outward. It got closer as it appeared Peter's tongue was luring it to itself. His tongue kept flicking like a snakes tongue. Finally, after several minutes of this his cock was close enough for him to flick it with his tongue. He was taking his time and making a show of it. Most of the guys were watching. Here was Craig next to him with his cock in his mouth watching as it appeared Peter was trying to copy him. Then Craig brought his legs totally over his head. He let his cock out of his mouth and let it go into Peter's mouth. The logistics of this cock sucking was getting extreme. Almost immediately Peter slurped on Craig's cock making sure that it was good and wet. Then it appeared that his mouth opened on a spring. His cock was fully hard by now. He tilled more towards Craig slipping his cock into his mouth along with Craig's cock that was already there. Not only was he sucking his dick but also Craig's. I was standing there with my mouth opened as most everyone was. I looked to see what reaction Asa had. His cock was again at full staff and dripping. The head while not purple as it had been was bright red. Cherry red.

After Peter and Craig had both shot their lodes into each other's mouths, I decided that I needed to rest. I knew that I did not want to cum just yet and if I continued to watch all the different sex scenes that were already being played I would and soon. I went back to the tent and stretched out on the makeshift bed. Robert came looking for me. "What's wrong?

"Nothing. I was just a little tired and really afraid that I was going to shoot off."

"Why didn't you?"

"I wanted to wait until latter. After last night I am not sure that I have anything left to cum."

We both laughed. "Asa's cock is bright red."

"Yeah, I saw it. I think this is probably the cruelest thing that anyone could have done to him."

"The other way did not work. I am not sure this one will either. It maybe like Mort says. Asa may just be too far gone. I have never seen anyone as pissed as Mort was this morning. Where did he go?

"I have no idea. He must have taken David with him since I have not seen either of them in a while."

"Are we still going to the parade?"

"I was going to ask you the same thing." I slid over on the bed letting him sit down with me.

"What are we going to do with Asa? We sure cannot take him with us."

"Maybe someone will not want to go to the parade and will stay out here with him. I would never leave him tied up. Something could happen. Then we would all be in for it. I had planned on us eating at your house, but there is enough here still to feed and army."

"Let's just eat out here. Everyone can share. There's plenty of bread and peanut butter. Did we have anything left from last night?"

"There's plenty. Craig brought bologna and cheese from the grocery store and more chips."

I reached up and rubbed my boyfriends chest and around his nipples. It looked as thought they might be as big as Carl's given time. We had all been naked since last night. It felt good not wearing clothes. "You know, Robert, it feels so good not wearing clothes I now understand why there are nudist in the world. I think I would like to be one."

"Sounds great to me, but I once looked at a nudist magazine that Carl had. It was filled with old people with their guts hanging over their dicks. It was pretty gross. I would not want to have to look at that all the time. Ughh"

"What if you were just as old and your gut hung over your dick?" I asked him laughing at the picture in my mind of an old Robert naked.

"Hell, I would put on clothes." We both broke up.

The morning was winding down. Phil and Alex did some weigh lifting in the nude as Asa was obliged to watch. The two jocks did an exercise routine where they were mostly flexing muscles and wrestling with each other. The real twist was when they did their push ups they were close enough that their faces were only inches from Asa hardened cock. When they were doing their jumping, they were only inches form his sides. All the exercises for the last part of their workout were really close but never touching the boy. Then when they started jacking each other. One on one side of Asa and the other the other side. This way they had to reach around him to jack each other's hard cocks. Still there was no touching. Asa started to cry. Tears of frustration were actually running down his cheeks. I thought to myself. The boy has a long way to go.

At noon we all put out food together and had a picnic. There was enough even for this group. There were still two people missing. Then Robert and I fixed a plate for Asa. Carl held him still while Robert removed the gag. Asa filled the air with cuss words. Robert finally slapped him across the face and told him to shut up. If he wanted anything to eat or drink he had better be quiet. Asa must have been thirsty because he immediately was silent I fed him, and Robert brought him a coke.

Asa asked, "What if I need to go to the bathroom?"

"Go where you are hanging. My God, man, people have been pissing on you all morning and you cannot figure out where to piss?"

"But... But ...I can't piss in front of people."

"You what? I cannot believe my ears. You can't piss in front of anybody?"

"Nope. I cannot even piss at the doctor's office. He told me it was conditioned called shy bladder and that I would eventually out grow it. That was when I was in sixth grade. I have not out grown it yet."

"Well maybe this is the time you need to start growing up. If you have to piss badly enough, you will and right where you are hanging.:

"Would one of you guys like to suck my cock?"

"What? Are you kidding?" Robert looked at him with a shit eating grin on his face. "Asa, we're queer, but we are not desperate to suck a cock of someone who swears they are queer one day and then straight and hate queers the next. No. I think you better just hold on to that lode. You might hold onto it for the rest of your life or until we decide that you can cum."

"Robert, who the hell made you God anyway? If I want to cum, I will." Asa started trying to swing his body at Robert.

Robert just snickered at his abortive attempts to reach him. :Asa, there is nothing you can do. You are a lousy human. You are strung up on a tree and covered with piss and you still have to balls to ask one of us to suck your filthy cock. You are one demented human being, Asa Jones."

Robert allowed the boy one more swallow of his drink and then not too gently pushed the ball gag back into his mouth. Then Robert took his cock and pointing it right at Asa's cock pissed all over his cock and balls. Robert had seen the same thing I had Asa had gotten soft while we were feeding him. Robert's piss triggered his dick again and it shot straight out for more piss. George came over to watch. George had pretty well assumed the roll of water games director. He made sure that everyone pissed on Asa and that everyone did it in spots to excite but keep the boy from cumming.

We were back at the tent after having fed Asa and cooled off in the pool. Sitting around the table, were Craig, Peter, Robert and I. George came over and sat where he could keep an eye on Asa. I had wanted to find out about George and this seemed to be the perfect opportunity. Everyone else was in the water playing. Either that or they were lying around after lunch. Asa was still hanging around literally. I looked and noticed that his cock was flaccid. I mentioned it to Robert. He said that was fine because it would only increase the amount of cum stored in Asa's balls if we kept stimulating him and then letting him rest. The constant hard on would be observed the last twelve hours of the forty eight.

"George, how did you get into water sports?" I asked with a giggle.

"When I was younger, I used to wet the bed. It got to the point that my mother just refused to get up in the middle of the night and change the sheets. I mean this happened every night. It was get cold and clammy. If I did not want to get up and change the sheets myself, I had to figure some way to stay warm. Then one nigh I feel asleep after it had gotten cold and I pissed the second time. It was nice and warm again. After that every night I would just wake up and piss again if it started to get cold. I guess you would say that it was my security blanket in a way. I loved the smell. On Saturday if I did not have to go to school I was try to stay in my pissed on pajamas as long as I could. Eventually, my mother would start screaming for me to change and take a bath. Then when I was about eleven my older brother and I started playing around. He took my cherry. He would fuck me like crazy almost every night. You remember Al, don't you Robert? I know Carl does. Well, Al did not have to big a dick but it was long. He would screw me and cum up my ass. Lots of cum. I liked the feel of it, but it just was not enough. Then one night after he had finished he said that he had to pull out in a hurry that he had to go to the bath room. I immediately clamped down on his cock and told him to do it right where he was. He did. He sprayed the inside of my asshole with his piss. It was a lot of piss. My guts got so filled you could see my tummy expanding. It felt good. We sort of duck walked together to the bathroom. He pulled out and I empted my bowels into the commode. I knew I liked enemas and had been doing that but this was better. It was hot and had an odor that drove me wild. I sat there on the commode and without touching my cock it exploded with long dripping ropes of cum. I had never had a spontaneous orgasm. I have only had a couple since, and both times they were when someone pissed in my ass"

"Don't you find it dirty?" I asked after just listening to his story. I found that my cock was hard as rock. What had he meant by enemas being enjoyable? I would wait and ask Rick later. I did not want to appear as a total dork.

George did not have time to answer the question before Mortimer and David came up bringing a couple of bags of groceries. They had somehow found enough wieners for hot dogs for dinner, mustard and catsup, onions, pickles and when we went back to town we were to stop on the way back out and pick up a pan of hot dog chili and a bowl of cole slaw. It was at Mort's house in the refrigerator. The woman sitting with his mother would be expecting us. Beside the bags with buns, more bread, a cake and several bags of chips there was a thing that looked like a huge cock.

"Hey, we going to eat this?" Robert asked laughing.

"Not exactly. This is a torture device that I have altered to aid out project. By the way, they are having a parade downtown. Are you guys going?" Mort asked.

"We were thinking about it but did not want to leave Asa hanging," again Robert laughed at what he had said.

"David and I will stay with him. We will keep him busy for that hour or so you are gone. This will be a delight to demonstrate first." Mort took the devise and opened the end of it. "You insert the batteries here. This model is you standard vibrating dildo, men. It is used by male and female alike. One size fits all, but there are larger ones like this one for those greedy people with huge appetites. When you ram this instrument up your or your partner's ass make sure to lubricate it first. " Trevor and Tommy had been playing cards with Phil and Alex. Trey was over with Carl and Will. Once they saw that everyone was gathered around the table, they joined us. "Oh, wait I forgot this is a devise of pleasure. It vibrates and messages you prostate and makes you cum." The little elf was getting into his minute on stage. He was flitting from one person to the other showing how the instrument turned on and off and how it vibrated. Some of the boys said that they had seen one before.

"Okay, guys, the problem is that we do not want Asa to cum. We want him to get just so close but not over the line. This can do that. I read somewhere in my studies about electrical stimulation of the male prostate. If done properly, it can cause a ejaculation. If done improperly, it can cause instant but repairable impotence. In other words, you can shock someone there and make them loose their hard on. I think, that with the alterations that I have done to the Joy Stick model asa, this one will do both."

He placed a large amount of Vaseline on the instrument. We all followed him to where Asa was still hung up in the oak tree. It would be known from then on as "The Hanging Oak". Everyone assumed that someone had been hung there. They had. Just not by the neck. "Look what daddy brought for you, little Asa. Little Asa, do you want daddy to play with your peepee?" Immediately, Asa's cock stood hard like steel. I think that Mortimer somehow suspected that Asa's father had used each of his sons for his own sexual pleasures. " Look. Daddy has this nice hot dildo for you. Daddy's gonna ram it up your pretty little ass." All this time Mortimer is talking in that huge bass voice of his. I mean it was seductive. I was hard again myself and dripping.

He twisted Asa around so that we could all see his ass. David Williams stepped up as assistant to the demented Doctor Garland. He spread the boys ass cheeks so that Mort could apply the Vaseline and insert the vibrator. Most pushed it in to the hilt with one shove. Not giving Asa time to realize the pleasure of the dildo up his ass, he immediately set the stun shock which brought tears to Asa's eyes and an a limp flopping cock hanging over his distended testicles.

"That gentleman is the beauty of this unpatented device. It works immediately."

I could not tell if Asa's continuing tears were from frustration, from pain or from the fact that we all now knew that there was something going on between him and his father.

"Robert, he's still crying. Why don't you take the gag out and make sure that he is not in serious pain. I trust Mort, but he is after revenge. He was really furious this morning."

"You're right. Maybe I should check." Robert pulled the gag from Asa's mouth. "Are you in that much pain?"

"Oh, God, Robert," Asa said through his tears. His attitude changed as soon as he realized that he was actually being heard. "You filthy bastard. Mortimer who the hell ever your father was. Your mother's a whore."

I grabbed Mort. He was furious again. Robert put the gag back in Asa's mouth. Mort calmed down.

"No, Robert, take the gag out. I want to hear him. I want to know everything that he says, and I want to hear him plead to cum when I am finished with him." Mort said as he reset the vibrator. This time there was no sudden jolt. Asa was not even trying, and his cock was responding. It was getting longer and fatter by the moment.

"Are you sure?"

"I am sure. It is just that he sound so much like his fucking brother that he set me off. I have to learn to be more professional about all this sort of thing. I cannot allow my own personal feeling to interfere with my approach or my treatment of patients. I'm sure. Take out the gag."

Asa ranted and raved. He was still screaming obscenities and calling Mort and his mother names that were awful. The entire time, Mort was fucking him with the vibrating dildo. Asa's balls were drawing back up to his scrotum. His dick was again dipping a copious amount of precum. He was starting to pant. It looked as though he were just on the verge of cumming. His climax was just there. Wham. Mort hit the button. Asa jerked and twisted in his bondage. He screamed. "Oh, Noooooo." His dick was again flaccid and his balls were sliding back down his legs.

"That, my friends, is torture," Mort said with a sweep of his free hand like one of the vegamatic salesmen from TV. "You guys, go on and enjoy the parade. David and I will torture this asshole. By the time you get back, who knows he may be willing to be a real human, but I doubt it." He returned to his work of getting Asa hard again.

It was almost two o'clock and the parade started at two. Everyone was piling into either George or Carl's trucks. I remarked to Robert that the truck tags did not say anything about the bicentennial. The car tags had the Palmetto Tree in the middle and a cannon. I assumed that it was to commemorate Sgt Jasper and Fort Sumter during the Revolutionary War. Robert pointed out that the truck tags did have both years on it 1776 and 1976. We were in George's truck with Craig and Peter, Alex and Trey. Carl, Will and Phil were in his truck and Trevor and Tommy were in the back. We could hear the band playing "Stars and Stripes" before we even got to town. Craig and Peter were standing just behind the cab of the truck looking over it. Their hips were pushed one against the other and each had a hand on the others ass cheek. I thought that they looked just like a boy and girl would have looked had they been on the back of the truck except that no one should see this. Some redneck would really take offense seeing two boys doing it. I told them to behave while we were in town. Robert assured them that we did not want any fighting.

We pulled into a parking place so that we could sit on the tailgate of the truck and watch the parade. Robert and I got out and walked around. We went over to the Stanley's store. His mother and father were there. Mom Stanley said that they wondered if we were still alive. She was laughing. Everyone was in a good mood. She also told us to stop by the house that she had some extra hot dog buns that she had taken out of the freezer for us since Mort did not have enough buns. She said that she had talked to him while he and David were in town. She also mentioned that David was really good looking.

"Awwww, Mom, you should not be looking at other guys," Robert whined.

"I was not looking. He is just a seriously gorgeous man. Anyone can see that. He looks like a movie star."

"Speaking of movies," I said to Robert. "Didn't you say you wanted to see that movie, `Rockie?"

"Yeah. It is supposed to be really good."

"It's playing next week. I saw the poster for it in the window at the theatre."

"It's about time to see a movie isn't it?" Robert smiled and I laughed at out inside joke.

"I'm sure Mr. Landover will appreciate the business," his mother said.

"I'm sure he will," I got out before I really broke up. She and Mr. Stanley looked at us like we were idiots.

We had some of the snacks that she had brought. I am sure that she suspected that we would show up because she had some of those jelled beef sandwiches that I likes. They were cut in half and the crusts had been removed. I think I ate about twelve of them. It was like another picnic. Robert and I did not complain. After we ate and thanked them. Gave Mom a hug. She even said that she was surprised we did not smell any worse than we did. I explained that we were in the pond almost as much as we were out.

"Yes, but that is not the same as soap and water," she told us.

We roamed around. Robert saw some people that he knew. It was strange. I hardly knew anyone. Most of the older people that I would have known were all retire and had gone somewhere else to live. My folks only seemed to have friends that lived in Greenville now. The others that I did know were young people who were in my class at school. I did not know them that well since I tended to be a loner and stay away from everyone. We made the rounds and got back to the truck. The parade was late starting and it kicked off just as we got back and sat down on the tailgate. I had to push Craig over onto Peter in order to have room.

The parade was pretty good for Poinsettia. The Jaycees were in charge and had been working on it for an entire year. There were a couple of bands from the schools in the county as well as the Poinsettia High band. The Jaycees had raised money to send them all to band camp the two weeks before the Fourth so that they would have practiced and be ready to march. They all three did really good jobs marching and playing. I actually got a tingling in my spine when they did the "Washington Post March". Then there were floats by several of the businesses in town. The City of Poinsettia had a float. There were convertibles with the mayor dressed in his leisure suit and cowboy boots riding on the back of the rear seat of a convertible. One of the politicians had a curly Afro styled hair. I asked Robert if he thought that the man looked like Barbarrino. Robert laughed and Craig said, "He does not even look as good as Barbarrino's ass. I thought you never watched TV?"

"I don't. I saw his picture in a magazine at the drug store "

"You must have been looking at Tiger Beat. All the girls buy that to get pictures of people like Lief Garrett and Travolta," Peter told us.

After the parade, there was a band concert at the high school. I sort of wanted to go, but Robert said that we should get back to our prisoner. I knew that he was right. We stopped at the house on the way out. I picked up the buns and Robert went next door to the Garland's and got the pot of hotdog chili. When we got back to the park, Carl and Will had a fire going. The others were cleaning up and stacking everything up. Carl, Will and Phil had to go back after we ate since they had farm chores that had to be done that night.

Asa was still hanging there. He was looking pretty well worn out. I asked Robert and Mort if they thought that we should let him down to walk and get his arms back into circulation. They said that he had not been there that long yet. I was really concerned that Asa had to endure all that he was. I felt that in a way it was my fault since I was the one that he had fucked with so much. Then I reasoned that he was the one that was really the blame. I had liked Asa so much when we were younger. He had treated me so badly. I think all that went into how I really felt about him now. Not knowing if I hated him or loved him. When Robert and I walked over to check him out, Asa started a stream of verbal invectives that left no doubt as to why I did not like him.

David Williams was manipulating the vibrator. At that point Asa had a raging hard on. It was purple. The head looked swollen and engorged with blood. His balls appeared to have grown since we had left. If anything so did his cock look bigger. I could image that he was ready to blow a load. Robert started talking to Asa even as Asa continued his tirade. Very quietly Robert kept telling him what an asshole he was and how he had the potential to be a better person. He went on and on about how he did not have to be like Jared or his father. He did not have to respect people who were assholes. He was doing this talking in a monotone. Showing no emotion, Roberts voice sounded flat. Just then David Williams changed the settings. Asa screamed and his cock was again flaccid. He cried. He pleaded with Robert for help. He promised to do better. He avowed that he was queer and that he would suck or be fucked by anyone and everyone that was here. He went on and on. Robert told him to be quiet. Asa was quiet. I was amazed. It appeared that he was finally coming around. David Williams had changed the settings again almost immediately to where Asa's prostate was being pleasured again. David was fucking Asa with the electric pole which stuck out of Asa' ample ass. Asa was moaning. His cock was growing again. This time Robert was talking to him. There was not even any precum dripping from the boy's cock now. He had already used it up. Just as he reached a full erection, David Williams hit the button and Asa's cock was flaccid again. Again Asa cried and groaned.

We all roasted hotdogs and had a great supper thanks to Mort and Mom Stanley. Carl and Robert and I had sex in front of Asa before Carl had to leave. We had a threesome with each of us doing the other. We had done this three way before but never for an audience. It was good sex. Nothing more kinky that sucking each other, but the pleasure was that we all three cared about each other because we were family. I might have not been a blood related cousin but I was accepted as part of the family since I was Robert's boyfriend. It was different. I still am not sure how to explain that relationship between Carl and me and Carl and Robert and then the three of us. It felt right. It showed in the passion of our sex. We did this while David Williams and Mort took a break from Asa. We obviously did something right since when we finished Asa's cock was again dripping precum and was extremely large and hard.

Mort and David had not only eaten their hotdogs but had fixed some for Asa as well. I was given the honor of feeding him. He had not had the gag on for a while and was doing everything he could to continue to enjoy this concession on the part of his captors. I fed him the hotdogs. He must have been hungry because he ate both the ones they had fixed and when I asked if he wanted another he had said, " please, may I have another?' I was so shocked that I almost cried. Here was the most obnoxious bully I had ever known being nice. I fixed him another hotdog, brought him some potato chips and another coke. He ate and drank all of it. He pleaded with me to let him go to the bathroom. I told him to go ahead. He said that he did not want to shit where he was hanging. I went to find Robert. He and George took Asa down and led him like you would a calf or a pony out into the woods. I was not sure if George was into shit as well as piss. I did not want to know. After about twenty minutes they came back still leading Asa on all fours crawling behind them. They then waded out into the pond where George proceeded to wash Asa's ass with the pond water. I saw George looking closely as he pulled Asa's ass cheeks apart. He was making sure that he had done a good job cleaning. I no longer had to worry. Asa could still use his arms and legs. When they started to return him to the tree, he again tried kicking the boys. David Williams came out of the water to help hold him down. Mort grabbed the vibrator which could also be used almost like a stun gun and zapped Asa on the stomach. Asa doubled over with the shock. He was swinging from the tree in a minute.

Mort took over again and started Asa's treatments with the vibrating dildo again. He told us all to take a rest and that he would instruct each of us how to use the mechanism so that we could take turns. He took the first hour. As he was showing each of us in turn how to use the vibrator, the others of us were cleaning up from our dinner. Just about that time we heard a loud boom. We all scrambled to the back of George's truck so that we could see over the trees. It was a magnificent fireworks display being put on after the band concert at the high school stadium. I loved fireworks. I had never seen so many or such bright ones. Robert said that they were bought from some Japanese firm directly from Japan since South Carolina allowed firework importation. He mentioned that people from Georgia and North Carolina had been pouring into the state to buy up fire works since both those states had laws against the sale of fireworks to individuals. About that time a huge rush of burst took place. All of them were red white and blue. Stars were shooting from each of the burst. There were, I found out later, fifty of them. One for each state. As the last of the noise died away, Craig started humming the "Star Spangled Banner". We all cracked up laughing. That song had new meaning.

The night of the Fourth of July, 1976, will have to be the night in my personal history that I was to cum more times than I had even cum before or since. I had already gotten off with Carl and Robert in front of Asa. Robert decided that we needed to move our operation closer to where Asa was hanging since George no longer had his truck close by as a stage. We moved our makeshift bed there. It was fairly large and could accommodate about six or seven people lying side by side. I fluffed our pillows up. Robert and I were naked. We had just gotten out of the pond and dried off. We stretched out on the bed. Trevor and Tommy came over and crawled in between our legs. They started out just fondling our balls while watching Mort use his magic wand on Asa. Asa was again so hard that you could see he was on the verge of shooting his lode. Then "POW" it was gone. I knew I would be screaming at the torture. He was. I guess between Asa's screaming and Trevor's fondling. I got hard again. Trevor started sucking on my cock. He was good. Using his talented tongue to lap it as he moved up and down. I knew that I was not going to last long with this going on. Robert was getting a similar treatment from Tommy. I still have not gotten these two back for what they did yesterday. Maybe I should count this blowjob as payment. It was good. Robert pulled my face to his and started licking my lips. I opened my mouth and we wrapped our tongues one around the other. I thought that our tongues must have looked like the two snakes on the caduceus. Tommy and Trevor were seriously cute boys. It was hard to think of them separately since they were always together. No one ever questioned it. It seemed that they had always been together. When you saw one, you saw the other. I should have known that they were kidding me yesterday. If they were ever going to have an argument, it would have already have happened and been history. Theirs was a relationship that just did not have arguments. There was nothing for them to disagree over.

I lay there watching Tommy as he cleaned Robert's cock of the cum that had dripped down into his groin. Yes, two seriously good looking boys, I thought to myself. Then Craig and Peter came dripping from the pond. Robert screamed at them to get away with the dripping. They looked at each other and both of them started shaking like a puppy would when he is wet. Water was spraying everywhere. Robert jumped up and looking for something to hit them with took after them with his pillow. That started it. With in minutes Trevor and Tommy had returned with their pillows. Craig and Peter got theirs and the pillow fight was on. David Williams who had been lying on a pallet near where Mort was working on Asa was the only one not involved. He hid his pillow under him and lay on top of it. When Peter and Craig started to tickle him, he screamed for Mort to bring the damned dildo and do the two of them. Mort laughed and said there was nothing that he would like to do better. He shocked Asa so that he was again limp. As David held his brother down, Mort like a demented elf, cleaned and greased the vibrator. He stuck it up Peter's ass slowly. Then he turned it on the pleasure cycle. Peter was immediately hard and moaning. He stopped his torment of his brother and started playing with David's small cock. Peter started making love to his brother. I knew that there was something special there. It was the same thing that I felt between Carl and myself and Robert. He was French kissing his brother. I could see his tongue sticking in his brother's cheek. Craig was watching as his new boyfriend appeared to be in sexual nirvana. He rubbed both boy's dicks, and they in turn included him in their loving embarrass.

Watching this I was hard again. It had only been a matter of minutes since I had shot a huge load into Trevor's mouth. Here I was ready to go. I thought that there must be something in the air causing it. I heard Peter moan loudly. He climaxed with a scream. Mort pulled the dildo from his gapping asshole. " Oh, God, you have to try it. It is fantastic." He told Craig.

Craig asked, " Can I be next? Can I?"

"You may. You must not have had Mrs. Plum or you would never say can I," Mort told him.

I thought there were a lot of things that you would never said if you had Mrs. Plum for a mother. I guess Mort was old enough that she would have still been teaching when he was in school.

Mort cleaned the vibrator, gave Peter the Vaseline so that he could grease his boyfriend's hole and then placed the vibrator slowly into Craig's ass. It was already vibrating as it was going in. Mort gave the end of it to Peter and told him to move it in and out slowly but not to hit the settings or he would no longer have a boyfriend. Peter grinned that boy grin of his that was sort of out of place. He looked like the all American boy. With that dark hair and his white teeth, he looked healthy. Here he was slow fucking his boyfriend with a hepped up dildo. I wondered what the Boy Scouts would have thought about their poster boy if they could see him now. All the posters to recruit young guys into the scouts used a picture of a local boy. The one chosen for our area was Peter Williams. He grinned at you from every hall in school for a whole year. I knew that I had seen that boy somewhere and now it dawned on me where. No wonder he felt familiar. I had lusted after him. I even considered joining the boy scouts.

Craig screamed out he was cumming and shot a lode across the blankets and onto the ground. I mean for distance he had to have made the Olympics. "That is soooo good. I want one. It is not as good as the real thing but it comes in second best. If you ever want a testimonial as to the enjoyable side I will be glad to give you one."

We are all laughing about his enthusiasm. "Rick, you have to try it. You are going to love it."

" Do you want me to do it or Robert?" Peter asked me. '

"I'll do it for him," Robert said taking the vibrator from Peter. Peter showed him how to do it. They took some napkins and cleaned it up. Then Robert decided that it probably needed washing. He took it over to the cooler and poured some clean water over it and made sure that it was clean. I appreciated him for being such a thorough boyfriend. I put some Vaseline up my ass. Robert held my right leg up in the air. I was sort of on my side. Then he slowly slipped in into me. It was not that big or that painful. The only pain occurred because it was stiff plastic and not flexible. Then he turned on the vibration part. At first it did not feel that it was doing that much. Then it started going faster. Robert found my spot. He eased the tip onto it and then pushed. I started to scream and immediately shot across the blankets onto the ground. My cum went as far if not further than Craig's. "Oh, my God," I was moaning. "That was a religious experience. Robert you have to try that. I mean I only got off. When? Less than a half hour ago and did you see me cum?" I too was raving about the feeling that I had gotten from the vibrator.

All this time Asa was watching us cum. He was still hanging there with his hard cock which had started to drip precum again. With each person that got off, he tried to get off as well. He begged to be allowed to cum. He swore. He ranted. He pleaded. He promised anything within his power. Robert reminded him that he had promised all that once before. He kept telling Robert, "Robert, I am Asa, and I am queer Please... ." It did not work. We were all hardened to his pleas by now. Asa was an asshole and did not deserve better.

Robert cleaned the dildo and gave it back to Mortimer. He lay back with me. Asa was still hard. It was getting darker. The moon was still not a quarter yet and for some reason the night seemed darker than it had last night. There were a few less people. George, Trey and Alex came back from town shortly after I had used the vibrator. They did a three way for Asa's benefit. It was nothing spectacular, but a good old fashion one person suck another person while that person sucks an other person. Trevor and Tommy left saying that they would be back the next morning but that they had to go home for the night. Robert and I walked with them. We put on clothes first. We went to his house and climbed the trellis to the upstairs window into his room.

Once Robert and I had gotten in the room. He said. "I need a shower."

"So do I ," I said smelling under my arm.

"Gross," he said.

"After all the shit we have done and seen this weekend, smelling my underarms cannot be gross to you. If I pulled your shorts down and smelled your asshole would not even be gross. I cannot image what would be gross after this weekend."

"Oh, but I can."

Robert was teasing me he knew that I would throw up if he said certain things that would make my stomach revolt. We undressed and threw our clothes into the closet. He grabbed two towels, and we headed naked into the shower. It appeared that we had the house to ourselves. His mother and father were obviously visiting after the fireworks. We both got into the shower. Robert washed me. He was tender in rubbing my back with the soapy rag. He was treating me like a baby. His hot cock kept rubbing against me as he scrubbed me from one end to the other. He rinsed me under the shower. We were both getting squeaky clean. He was paying special attention to my ass as we were rinsing the soap from our bodies. He sat on the side of the tub and pulled me to him where he could push his tongue in my ass. It was great. I mean I was clean and comfortable after two days of being out in the open. My boyfriend had his tongue up my ass. He was licking me. It felt so good. My cock was hard again. I looked and to my unbelieving eyes precum was dripping from it. It was not possible that I had anything else left to cum. Robert turned me to him and slid his velvet mouth onto my cock. I was holding him by the shoulders. Then I had my hands in his hair. I could not stand it. I was fucking him in the face. He had a finger in my ass. My ass cheeks were in his hands. He was pulling me to him and then pushing me away. He was helping me to fuck his face. It did not feel as though I had balls. The suddenly I felt that tingling and I reached another climax. Needless to say, there was not much. My surprise was that there was any at all. This was the forth time on the Forth of July.

We dressed and went back out to the pond. Robert had not had a chance to try the vibrator and I encouraged him to try it when we got back. He had agreed, but then when we got there. The place was deserted. No one was there. George's truck was there. Asa was gone as well. Robert said that the could not have gone far. He trusted Mort to do what he could to bring Asa around and make him into a good person. At least a kind person and a good queer. We lay back on the blankets and cuddled. It was just the two of us. It was quiet and outdoors. I could hear frogs and crickets. There were stars shinning. The fire where we had cooked had gone out. Robert and I both were drinking cokes from the cooler. It was peaceful.

"I wonder what time it is.' I said rather absent mindedly. I looked to the moon and stars. I had no idea how to tell time from what was around me. "It should be midnight," Robert said profoundly. He was constantly making statement that sounded that they had the authority of both church and state behind them. Sometimes I thought they were ludicrous. Invariably he was right.

"How do you know that?" I asked him, assuming that he is going to explain how to tell time from looking at the moon or stars.

"I looked at your watch on the table over there when I was getting the cokes."

He was always one ahead of me and then would turn around and throw me a curve ball. I snuggled into his arm smelling fresh boy and soap and shampoo. It had been a long day. I had cum four times in less than two hours. I was exhausted. I wondered where Mort had taken Asa.