Robert, not Bob, lay on the grassy knoll over looking the pond. It was hot. The summer had been one of the hottest summers anyone could remember. Robert was dressed only in a pair of kaki shorts and a pair of low cut sneakers. Clothes were not an option on an afternoon like this one in South Carolina. 100 in the shade. That is what the weather man had said on the radio. Robert was a big boy for his age, 12. Most people thought that he was at least in high school. Most of his relatives were pretty big people, so at least at home he did not feel out of place for that reason. He did feel out of place until his cousin, Carl, had spent the night and they had both sleep in his double bed the summer before. They had gotten naked under the spray of the hose, and then gotten erections.

Carl, who was older and more experienced, had made the move and, as they say, the rest is history. Robert now not only acknowledge that he was gay but had sex with several other guys. Carl was the first person to comment on how large his dick was. He had told him that there were other people like themselves. Carl said that Uncle Spencer had been the first one to do him. Uncle Spencer? He was his favorite uncle. He was all man. His muscles bulged under his tee shirt. There was another bulge in his jeans that Robert had noticed. Carl said that Uncle Spencer had fed him that cock for over three years. He had eventually taken it up the ass. Carl had a lot of knowledge about all of the sex that was involved when two men came together. He admitted that he was a queer and a faggot. He was a good role model in that he explained to Robert that he did not have to be a fairy. He did not have to be swishy. There was nothing wrong with it, if that was the way you were, but just because you were gay did not mean that you could not be manly. Just look at Uncle Spencer. Robert, not Bob, had started at that point to feel a lot better about himself and how he felt about other men. He was proud that he could get a hard on looking at boys in the shower. No one had said a thing except to ooh and aaah over the size of his cock. He could have any one of them sucking it or feeling of it at least. He was not a pushy or a bully. He would never force anyone to have sex.

He was much more mature in his mind and in his sexual orientation than some boys who were in college. Robert was a big person -- body, soul, mind and cock.

Just to say that Robert, not Bob, he hated it when anyone called him Bob, was big is somehow not saying enough. For almost 13 year old boy, Robert was almost 6 foot tall and weight about 160. There was no fat. He was not muscled like a lifter, but there was definition in his stomach and chest and his shoulders. He ran a lot. Not on a team but just out running. He swam, rode his bike everywhere and did chores for his mom. Sometimes he would actual work at the store with his father. His father had a high classed clothing store in town. Robert would help unload trucks and stock shelves. It was never anything too heavy, but he worked hard when he did work. His father was a big man like himself, but he had started to get a paunch and was constantly going to go on a diet but never did. Robert was not just big but a growing boy. His mother said that it was a good thing that his father owned a clothing store since any other family would have gone broke trying to keep him in clothes that fit. He did have good clothes that were stylish. He appreciated that his parents could give him nice clothes and told them. He was a big hugger and a big one to show his affection to other people.

There was something else that was big about Robert. At 12 he already had an 8 inch cock. He had started growing when he was in the fifth grade and had just turned 10 years old. That was the first time that he noticed that he was a lot larger than the other boys in the class. Then, at the start of the sixth grade, he had a lot of pubic hair where very few of his friends had any at all or else just a small amount. Some of them seemed to count how many hairs that they had every day. He had plenty of the boys who wanted to see his cock and many of them wanted to touch it. He assumed that they were just curious and allowed them to do what they wanted. There were a couple of guys who appeared to be really fascinated with his cock and actually kissed it. Robert was no fool he knew what was going on. Carl had already told him about man sex and he had blowjobs from Carl, Will and Phil. Hell, Carl had already been giving him head for the past year. His dick was almost twice the size of Carl's and Carl was already 16.

Robert had already had some experience with another boy, but it would be years before he ever told anyone about the first boy that he loved and lost. There was one boy, Eugene, who lived near him who was really into kissing his cock. Gene was a short kid who wore big rimmed glasses. Other boys picked on him. Robert thought that he was just a sweet kid. He would make the other boys leave Gene alone. One afternoon after school he was walking home by himself, and he saw a couple of the older kids beating up on someone. When he got close enough to see what was happening, he saw that they were hitting and kicking Gene and calling him faggot and queer. Robert saw red for the first time in his life. The anger he felt was so intense that his blood rushed to his head and blinded him. He went flying into the bigger of the two boys who were on top of Eugene. He beat the shit out of the boy, giving him two black eyes and a nose that was running blood everywhere. He had caught one good one to the gut of the other boy before he took off running.

Robert took Eugene in his arms and held him. Robert's tears were dropping onto Eugene's cheek. He called softly to Eugene and ran his fingers through the boy's blond hair that lay sweaty and matted on his forehead. Robert held the boy close to his body and rocked back and forth. "Gene. Eugene. Everything is going to be okay now. They have gone. Please, Gene, wake up. Wake up so that I can tell you that I love you."

Gene started to move in his arms. He looked down to see that his eyes were opened. There was a scrap on his chin where they had hit him. He may have damage to his ribs but he appeared okay. "How do you feel, Eugene?" Robert asked him.

Gene looked bewildered. "Did I die and go to heaven? I though I heard you say that you loved me. I must have died when those boys started beating me up. Heaven looks so much like Elm Street that I lived on. But it has to be heaven because you are here holding me."

"Naw, Gene, you're still alive. I just beat the shit out of the two boys, and they took off. I did say I love you, and I'm not going to take it back."

"I love you too. Why are you crying?"

"I thought that you might be dead or hurt really badly. I really do care about you, Gene."

That afternoon Robert took Gene to Gene's house. He undressed him and examined his wounds. He decided that Gene should get a shower. To help him he undressed and went into the shower with him. They washed each other. As they had been soaping each other, Robert's dick had started to grow. He was afraid that since it was so big it might scare Gene since he had never seen it hard. Gene appeared more fascinated than before. He put both hands on it and started to masterful jack him off. Gene's little prick looked like a pencil stub compared to what Robert had sticking out straight from his pubic bush. Gene still had no hair on his crotch. Robert took it between his finger and thumb and jacked it just as Gene was servicing his much larger cock. The two boys both let out loud moans and each ejaculated on to the side of the shower. Gene's was just a small amount of cum whereas Robert appeared to produce a gallon of spunk which dripped down the wall. Both boys looked at each other and smiled. " That was the best ever." They both said in unison.

That had been just last fall. Since then lots more changes had occurred. He and Gene had been boyfriends. Where one went the other one was there. Never did any of the larger boys try to pick on Gene after the word got out what would happen if you did. Then it happened. Gene's father and mother split up. Gene went to live with his grandfather in North Carolina. After Christmas, the two boys cried and said their last good byes. It had been a sad time for Robert and Eugene. Robert spent all his time now going on long bike rides even in the snow. He would try to find things to do to keep himself busy. He read a lot. Gene wrote to him about what was happening there with his grandfather. He said that no one had tried to beat him up. That he had made friends with the boy that lived on the next farm whose name was Bob. He thought that Robert and Bob would like each other. They were a lot alike. Then the letters came less frequently. Robert noticed that they were mostly about Bob or what Bob said or did. He could read between the lines. Eugene had found another one to love. Robert was jealous at first, but then he realized that he was now free to look for someone himself. He found him. Robert was not sure that he would ever be able to tell him since the boy was already in high school and at least in the 11 grade. Probably at least 16. Robert thought that the boy was everything that he wanted. He was blond and small. He reminded him of an older Eugene. He was a perfect little man.

He was thinking about all this since the start of the summer. Here it was almost July and he had done nothing about it. He really did not know how to approach the boy. What would he say? The boy did not live on Elm Street, but lived almost across town. It would have made it simpler had he lived close by. Robert had not hurt for sexual outlets. His cousin Carl had visited sometimes two and three times a week. He even got to spend the first week of his school vacation with his Uncle Spence at his lake house. He had the experiences with Carl and Will and Phil out at the farm. He had been asked to help pick beans again this summer and had been a great way to spend a good two weeks. He needed a boyfriend. Finally, he knew what he needed; he knew who he needed, and now he just had to find out how to meet that person and find out if they felt the same way. There was something else. Last summer he had thought that he would organize the Elm Street Queers. After Eugene had come alone and then left, he let the idea slip away from him. It was also time that he did something about that project as well.All of these thoughts were going through his mind as he lay there in the grass under the huge oak tree. The shade felt good after his bike ride into town and back here. There was a slight breeze moving the leaves and he could feel it on his bare legs. He was almost asleep.

He heard the two boys laughing. From where he was lying he could see the two boys coming from the trees on the other side of the pond. He knew them. One of them was Tommy Ashley and the other was Trevor Rivers. They were a year older than he was and both were in eighth grade. They would be going to high school next year. Robert was only in the seventh as he kept reminding his mother. He watched as the two boys shucked off their shorts and even their underwear and headed into the pond. Skinny dipping. This was getting interesting. Robert felt his dick get harder. He reached into his shorts and started to rub it as he watched the two boys wrestling in the pond. They were splashing water. The sun was reflecting brightly on the disturbed droplets in the rarified summer heat. It made it hard for Robert to make out just how well the two boys were endowed. Yeah, Robert used words life endowed since he was Robert, not Bob. The one thing that he knew more synonyms for that any other was dick. He must have collected a hundred different words for the part of boys that he liked most. He knew who he was. He was queer. A faggot. The two boys were now jacking each other off standing in the pond. Robert could hear their moans and wished that he was one or the other. He had masturbated thinking about both of them. Single or collective. He could imagine them using him and blowing their loads in his mouth or his ass. He watched as first Trevor and then Ashley shot their loads into the waters of the pond, and then get out of the water to lie in the sun on the bank. Robert felt his own orgasm building. Pulling his dick through the leg of his loose fitting shorts, he shot -- one, two and then a third spurt across the grass. It looked like some giant slug had left a path across the green grass.

Robert feel back into his sleep mode that the boys and his jack off session had interrupted. He was asleep. He did not remember falling asleep. Then he was suddenly awake. He had not even put his cock back in his shorts. There was someone else. He had not opened his eyes, but he knew that someone or something was standing over him. Maybe it was their shadow. What was he to do? Not only had he not put his dick up but he could tell that he was hard again. Then he felt something. Someone was sucking his cock. His eyes flew open to see who it was. There kneeling beside him was his fantasy --Trevor Rivers was sucking his cock. God, it felt good. He had dreamed of this blow job when he was watching the two boys sucking each other on the other bank of the pond. There was Tommy Ashley with his 14 year old 6 and half inch cock kneeling just on the other side of him. When Robert turn to look at him, the other boy's cock was just in front of him. Tommy was stroking his rock hard rod. Robert could see every vein. He could smell the sweet scent of sex. He reached for the cock with a willing mouth. Tommy moved closer. He first licked the head and the shaft. Making sure that he was giving as good as he was getting. Tommy reached for his head and gently pushed him down farther and farther on his raging cock. It maybe hot as hell, but Robert felt that he had reached heaven. He was being sucked and sucking two of the eighth graders that he thought were real studs. How could this be any better? Well, it could be cooler, but when you're accustomed to the heat and it is the summer in South Carolina you expect to be hot. When you are young you don't complain that you're working up a sweat sucking cock.

Tommy was pushing his head faster and faster. He could feel his balls tightening. His own climax was getting closer. For someone who had only cum just a short time ago, he knew that this was going to be a nut blaster. God, Trevor was talented. A talented cock sucker. How was he thinking all this when he was sucking cock and getting sucked? He took his hand from Tommy's balls and pinched himself. Augh. No this was not a dream. He noticed the hair growing on Trevor's legs. Robert rubbed his hand up and down those muscled legs with their teen-ager hair that was fuzzy and soft. He felt the mounds of flesh of his butt. Tentatively, he messaged his buns and ran his fingers up and down his ass crack. He did not want to invade his most private part. Not yet. Soon. He knew how to do it. Robert had the benefit of lots of pornography. His cousin Carl had lots of gay porn which he let him borrow. With a flashlight under his covers at night he had read stories about what guys did with other guys. He had actually seen pictures of them doing it. He and Carl had had discussed much of what they had read about. The stories told how to lube an ass and open it up. Just then he knew it. He could feel it approaching. Tommy's cum was building to a spurting climax. Robert knew what to expect. He knew what to do. Knowing and actually experiencing were two different things. The first shot of cum hit the back of his throat. He was impress with the strength of the volley, but surprised at the volume. He swallowed, but there was more coming faster than he could handle. He pulled off and a fifth shot of cum hit him in the face. Another in his hair. Hell, he was taking a shower with the cum shooting from Tommy's cock. The actuality of receiving a load of cum was enough to push his own pending orgasm to its own actuality. He shot. As he expected it was the hardest and the biggest cum he had ever had. Robert moaned and writhed in the throes of this orgasm. He had read about people whose toes curled. It was happening to him. His ass was totally off the ground as he pumped his cock into Trevor's mouth and his toes were digging into the ground.

The three boys lay out on the grass exhausted. Trevor had brought himself off and his cum had shot load after load onto his stomach. As the world spun back on its proper axis, Robert looked at the two boy's cocks. Tommy's he knew by now. It was long with a mushroom head that was a darker shade that the shaft. It was not a thick cock, but it stood straight out from his pubic hairs in all of its circumcised glory. Trevor's cock was even larger than Tommy's. Although he was smaller and slightly younger, his dick was dark and the head was tapered, but it did not stand out straight. Trevor's dick curved like a saber and the head rested on his navel. Later, Robert was to get a laugh from pulling the cock down and watching it slap back up on the other boy's stomach. Trevor was the darkest of the three. He was part Cherokee. At least that is what his mother told him. His eye's were dark brown and his hair was black and straight.

He was still under six feet tall. There was no fat on his body. He spent too much time hiking through the woods and working in his father's garden to have much fat. It seemed he ran every where he went or else he rode his bike. He had just turned 14. Tommy was three months older. He had red hair. Not the kind that was so red it looked orange. His hair was auburn. Dark and copper-colored. Tommy's body was thin and long. Robert thought his dick looked just like him. He had red pubes and the hair under his arms and on his legs were copper colored and fuzzy. Robert unconsciously ran his finger's through the hairs on Tommy's leg as they recovered from their orgasms.

"Last one in's a rotten egg," Trevor bellowed as he ran toward the pond. Tommy jumped up and sprinted after him. Robert waited watching the boys. Hell, he did not have anything to be ashamed of. His cock was unlike the other boys. He was uncut, but he was as big as they were. His cock measured just over eight inches. He was bigger than either Trevor or Tommy.

He joined the boys in he pond. It was wet. Not cold but cooler. Sort of warm bath water. They tried to duck each other. Once he felt Trevor's cock as he wrestled with him. Tommy's spent cock flopped back and forth as the splashed through the shallow part of the pond. No longer did Robert feel that he was alone. The outcast on Elm Street. The unloved. That had only happened because Eugene had left him. He would never talk about Eugene from then on. The two older boys were now including him. They splashed water on him as well as each other. They tried to push him under the water just as they did with each other.

Each of them took his heavy cock in their hand and squeezed and stroked it. He had never felt so apart of the world as he did this afternoon. The thought actually crossed his mind that he would allow his new friends to call him Bob if they really wanted. Although Robert had known both Trevor and Tommy for as long as he could remember, this was the first day that they ever existed for him in a real sense. Before he had beat his meat with images of them doing things, he now realized these things were possible. A smile spread across his face.

"What are you smiling for?" Trevor asked him.

"Just happy," Robert replied.

"If I had a cock that large, I would be happy all the time. How long is it? I am sure you have measured it."

"It's just over eight inches."

"Well, I have not seen any boy in high school with one as big. Have you Tommy?"

"Nope. I would say that may be the biggest cock on any boy in the entire county" Tommy was seriously considering this fact. Since he went to the consolidated school where most of the county's young guys attended and since he had PE and showered with most of these boys, he pretty well knew that Robert had the largest cock of any boy in the area. Tommy was one of the better endowed boys in his high school, and his was almost an inch shorted than Robert's. "I would say that you have the biggest I have seen, and I have seen most of the cock on the young guys from the county in the showers."

"When you get to high school, you'll not have a problem with anyone making fun of you, like they do some guys."

Trevor said," Yeah, some of the Freshmen don't even have hair yet. There is this one guy in the ninth whose is no bigger than my little finger. You know Rick Plum? He's the one."

Robert thought about Rick. He was sad that he had such a little dick because he was a very pretty boy. He had wispy blond hair and blue eyes. His cheeks and lips were always ruby red. Robert had often thought about kissing the boy. He never thought about kissing the others, but Rick was in his opinion kissable. He wondered if he messed around like himself. Rick Plum was the one that reminded him of Eugene. He hoped that he would get to know him. He wanted to know all about him. Robert really wanted to fuck him and kiss him and make him his own. He wanted to love the boy and have the boy love him. Rick Plum was the boy that lived almost across town that Robert had lusted after and still could not find away to approach. Maybe he could glen some information that would help him.

"Does he suck, too?" Robert asked in his innocence.

The other two boys laughed. "Why would you like to suck my little finger?" Trevor put his finger in his mouth and pretended to be giving it a blow job.

"Not that at all," Robert said. He just knew that Rick would be more sophisticated that either of these two hormone driven teens. "I just wondered. I think he is pretty. Sort of like a little doll."

"Sounds like romance to me," Tommy laughed.

Robert wondered why they never took anything serious. He was not too harsh in his opinion since Tommy was playing with his cock and pushing a wet figure up his ass hole. He wondered if he could convince him to ream his ass. Although he had never had anyone do it, he had read about it. This was the most degrading thing he could imagine. Eating someone else's ass was soooo gross, but it must feel really good. He put his hand on Tommy's neck and pushed his head down to his crotch. Tommy sank to his knees and worshiped at the biggest boy cock in the area. He moved up and down on his cock slowly. Each time Tommy seemed to take more and more of it in his mouth. Robert looked down watching his cock disappear deeper and deeper into Tommy's mouth. Then he felt something different. The head of his dick was no longer in Tommy's mouth. It was down Tommy's throat. Robert could see that the boy was deep throating him. The outline of his bulbous head and the thinner shaft were outlined in the boy's throat just past his Adam's apple. Robert took his finger and traced the outline of his dick. He could actually feel his finger on his dick through the skin and muscle of Tommy's throat.

It was enough to take him over the edge and he started shooting his cum into the boy's stomach. Tommy pulled the cock out of his throat and into his mouth so that he could taste it. When he had finished, Robert was spent. He was, as his grandfather often said that he was, bone tired. Bone tired or rather his bone was tired. He was sure that it would be the next day or at least late this evening before he would be ready to sponge again. He returned to the knoll and retrieved his shorts and shoes.

"Hey, guys, I really have enjoyed this afternoon, but I have to go. I would hate for my mother to come looking for me. I usually go home about this time. That way she does not worry and I can get out again later this evening. Not this evening though. I expect it will be tomorrow before my Stanley will be ready to go again."

"Why do you call your dick Stanley? That's your last name."

"You know Stanley the Power Tool."

Trevor and Tommy both bent double laughing. "Hey, man, you picked the right name. It is a powerful tool."

"Yeah, man, you can use that tool on me any time." Tommy said as he fisted his own seven inches. He had lost his place as the owner of the biggest dick, but he was not unhappy. It appeared that Robert would let him play with Stanley anytime he needed. "Hey, you want to be part of our gang?"

"What gang?" Robert asked.

Trevor and Tommy stood there with their arms around each others shoulders and said in unison," The Elm Street Queers, what else?"

Robert laughed until he was doubled over on the ground. Both the other boys were laughing so that tears were streaming from their eyes. Finally, Robert got enough control to tell them. "Yea. I think I am already a member. I live on Elm Street, and I'm Queer."

Trevor said, "Every guy I know on Elm Street is queer. It must be something in the water."

"Right, I got to go. I'll see you at the next gang meeting." Robert, not Bob, got on his bike and headed home. He had a lot to think about. He wondered to himself who else on Elm Street was already in his gang. He had not imagined that someone had already organized the queers living on Elm Street. Well, at least he did not have to do that. He could spend his time worry over how to get to Rick Plum.

It would be almost a week before he would see them again. Again he had been riding his bike out toward the pond. As he passed Trevor's house he heard him call his name. When he looked he could not spot him. Then when Trevor called to him the second time, he spied him leaning out his upstairs window. It did not appear that he had any clothes on. "Hi ya. What's going on, man?" Robert waved to him from the sidewalk.

"Park the bike and come on up. My folks are away this week, and I have the house to myself."

Robert stashed his bike in the bushes thinking that there was no reason to tempt someone to steal it. It was a nice bike. The door was opened with the just the screen door. After all it was really hot in August. The hall way was dark and cool. "Hey, man, up here."

Robert spotted Trevor standing nude at the head of the stairs. "Come on up. I'm in my room. It's too damned hot to put on clothes."

Robert climbed the stairs. He was thinking that this old house was actually cooler than the one in which he lived. The high ceilings and the big windows helped make sure there was a breeze going through the rooms. Trevor was laying out on his bed with his cock sticking straight into the air. "Looks like someone is happy to see me," Robert said as he plopped into the chair at the end of the bed.

"Hell, yes. We were just thinking about Stanley. How's the old tool hanging? Too hot. Get out of those clothes and stay a while."

"I was on my way out to the pond. I was hoping that you and Tommy might be out there so that we could have a meeting of the gang."

"Tommy's off with his uncle this week. I have not had sex all week. What is it Tuesday? He sucked me Monday morning when he left. Almost a whole day without my dick in someone's mouth."

"Don't you guys have any other friends who you suck with besides me" Robert asked.

"My brother, Trey. He would. Trey does pretty much anything that I tell him anyway."

"What d'ya mean?"

"Well I have these pictures of him sucking Alex Crammer's cock and to keep me from showing them around school he does what I say."

"I cannot believe it. Alex Crammer. He's the quarter back of the football team."

"Yeah. Ain't that a bitch. The queer quarter back."

Robert did not especially like the way Trevor called people queer. After all Trevor was one. He had his cock down his throat and taking his load like a pro just a few days ago. And making his brother a sex slave. That was kinky, but his brother probably hated being a slave. Robert thought that if he did get together with Rick, he would not let Tommy and Trevor know. They would probably harass the poor boy about the size of his cock. After all, Robert thought to himself, he was not interested in the size of his cock so much as if his bubble butt could accommodate old Stanley. Robert's dick got hard every time he saw that ass. He knew he had to do something about getting in Rick's pants. Now that he knew other boys did this sort of thing. Surely there were others out there mostly afraid that someone might out them if they came on to someone who was not gay. Robert knew to be careful, but Rick was worth being outed.

"Do you think that Rick would suck cock?"

"What is this thing about Rick? I got a perfectly good cock here and a waiting mouth and all you can think of is Rick?"

"I don't know what it is. I just want to kiss him every time that I see him. I want to slide old Stanley right into his ass. He has the sweetest little ass. Man." By this time Robert had his dick out and was massaging the eight inches. Trevor lay on his bed copying stroke for stroke with his dick. Finally, he slide of the bed and onto his knees in front of the chair where Robert was sitting. He took Robert's hand away from his dick and then slid his mouth over the head of Stanley the Power Tool. He bobbed up and down on the boy's cock. He twirled his tongue around the head of his cock causing a moan deep in Robert's throat. Trevor ran his tongue back and forth over the piss slit and tried to French kiss the cock while he held it in his mouth. Then he was back to sucking taking as much as he could without gagging. The force of the huge cock against his the back of his throat was pushing it down deeper and deeper in his throat. Finally, all eight inches were imbedded in his throat. He could feel the dick outlined through his skin as he ran his hand along his neck. Trevor was really proud that he had deep throated the entire eight inches. Man, this is something. I'm an accomplished cock sucker to say the least. He was thinking all this to himself and moving up and down on Robert dick. Suddenly he felt the cock growing even longer and wider. He pulled back quickly so that he could taste the exploding cum as wad after wad of the boy juice shot against the back of his throat with real force. He loved the taste of cum. He really loved to the taste of Robert's cum.

When he finished licking the last drops from Stanley and then squeezing it to get anything that might be left, Robert pulled him to his feet. He was standing there with his six inches of circumcised cock sticking straight out in front of him. It was so hard that it looked like it was in pain. Hot. Robert was surprised when he touched it and felt just how hot it was. He took his index finger and put it in his mouth. Making sure that it was good and wet, he then inserted it up Trevor's hot hole. Taking the cock in his hand Robert proceeded to jack the boy off while finger fucking him savagely in the ass. Robert really put the power behind his thrusting finger. Trevor was moaning with each insertion. Then he tensed and blew six shots of cum completely across the room.

Each one went splat against the wall. The last two shots landed closer.