By Carson Carruthers


The two lovers sauntered on down Elm Street enjoying each others company and the cool of the late afternoon. Robert told Rick about the Elm Street Queers. They both laughed at the name for the gang. Robert explained that now he knew that Alex, Trevor, Tommy and his brother, Trey, were all into sucking cock . They all lived on Elm Street. There were several other teenaged boys on the street, but he did not know if any of them were He was pretty sure that Asa Jones was, and definitely knew that his brother Jared sucked cock because he had seen Jared sucking his buddy off. The rooms were huge, but it was a house large enough to have three bedrooms and two baths. Robert's room was the corner of the upstairs portion and next to the bathroom. There was a quest room on that level. The master bedroom was on the ground floor with another bath. For one of the big old Southern houses, it was in good shape. His mother did most of the work keeping it cleaned, but there was Elzara, the Black lady that kept the store clean and came by once a week to help his mother. His father was always complaining there were more stairs than there were rooms in the house. Mostly, Robert had the upstairs for himself. Like all boy's rooms, Robert's room was filled with his sports stuff, books and magazines, a few pictures from magazines that he had put on the walls with thumb tacks. Just like a boy, there was a pile of dirty shorts and underwear on the floor of the closet. He was worried about how neat his room was for the first time in his life. He could not remember if he had thrown his dirty underwear in the closet. If he had not, he just hoped there were no skid marks on them if they were on his bed. Maybe he could leave Rick downstairs until he could check.

"Hey, I'm home," Robert said as he came through the screened door. "Mom?"

"In the kitchen."

"Mom, this is Rick. We just met today, but I want you to know that he is my special friend. I asked him to come over and spend the night. I hope that was okay?"

"Sure. Rick, I am glad to meet you. As they say, any friend of Robert's ... ." She laughed as she continued cooking their dinner. "I hope you like meatloaf. We usually have meatloaf on Wednesday nights. Robert's father wants it at least once a week."

"She makes an assume meatloaf. I promise you'll like it," Robert said taking Rick's hand and holding it right in front of his mother.

"Mom, I am going to leave Rick with you for a few. I have to check my room and throw enough dirty clothes off the bed so that we can get to it."

"Robert, maybe he would like to sleep in the guess room. It's already made-up."

"That's alright. I can sleep with Robert I mean I can sleep in Robert's room," Rick turned bright red when he realized what he had said at first. Robert just grinned at him.

"You two get to know each other. You are two are the most special people in my life."

Robert hugged his mother and then turned and hugged Rick right in front of her. Rick was a little squeamish about being in front of Robert's mother, but she just smiled at him.

After Robert left, there was a sort of strained silence. Then like they were both aware of it, they started talking to each other at the same time. Finally, his mother said, "He does that to people. How long have you known my son?"

"Long enough to know that he does do that to people. We only met for real this afternoon, but I feel like we have known each other for a much longer time. He was in my scout group, and I knew him from elementary school, but we never hung out together. I guess I was older. Somehow that doesn't seem to matter now."

"Things change as people get older. Age really is relative," Robert's mother said as she put the meatloaf in the over.

They talked about what Robert liked to eat. How he was as a baby. Stories that would have embarrassed him if he had been there. They were stories that a mother and a lover would appreciate about the one they loved. Rick and Robert's mother were on their way to the second glass of ice tea and him telling her about his parents and what he had done over the summer. They talked about Robert more that anything else. Then she had told him to call her by her first name. Instead he said that he would call her Mom Stanley. She thought that was fine. In her mind she thought that is just what my daughter-in-law would have called me. Then it hit her. She had seen it when they came in. The hug. More than that though. It was like there was an extra light in the room when they came in together. None of Robert's other friends ever came to spend the night. This is absurd. They just met. They could not be lovers in that short of a time. Then she thought of Robert's father and herself. They had met one weekend and were married the next. Still. Her son gay? She and her husband had talked about it as a possibility, but neither of them had really thought that he might be. She wanted grandchildren. Well, she would still love him. She like Rick a lot. He was sweet, and he was cute. It was obvious that he was in love with Robert. She saw the way he looked every time he mentioned his name. She was lost in these thought when Robert came back.

"Well, have you two gotten to know each other?"

"I think so. Mom Stanley has been telling me about the time when you guys were at the lake, and you decided to throw a rock in the outhouse."

"Mom, did you have to tell him everything?"

"He asked about what you were like, so I tried to tell him." She laughed at Robert's embarrassment. She was making the mashed potatoes. She had already cut up the cabbage for cold slaw, and it was in the refrigerator. There was Jello salad. That was always good when it was hot. Robert loved his mother's cooking. He had told Rick what a good cook she was. Finally, she lifted the top from a big pot of field peas which had been cooking most of the afternoon. It was a big country meal, but it was what Robert and his father enjoyed. She enjoyed making it for them.

"You get cleaned up. We'll eat as soon as your father gets here. Is your bathroom clean enough for Rick to wash up there?"

"Yes, Mom. That is what I was doing. I even got out clean towels."

"Rick, you must really rate. Clean towels." Robert's mother hugged him as he passed by her to follow Robert upstairs. "Maybe you can teach him that cleanliness is next to Godliness. I sure failed."

Robert liked the fact that his mother and Rick were getting along. He expected that Rick would be spending a lot of time here with his family. He noticed that Rick was calling her "Mom Stanley," That was sweet of him. Robert took him upstairs. Once they were ready to go into his room, he picked him up bodily and carried him across the threshold to the bed. He eased him onto the bed and fell on top of him. Kissing. Running his tongue in the boy's mouth. "You are my "little man. I love you. I hope you love me. I have wanted you since I can remember. You are the only thing I ever think about." He continued kissing him. Rick's pink lips were just so pouty and so kissable. Robert felt his own stiff dick pushing against his trousers. Rick's dick was also pushing into his stomach through his pants and Robert's tee shirt.

"It's like a dream. Don't wake me up. I had seen you, but I thought you were so straight. I never knew we would get together. I always thought it was impossible," Rick was saying as he started to moan. "We cannot do this. We have to get ready for dinner. Your father will be home any moment." Robert pushed him back down on the bed as he tried to get up to wash his hands and face. "You lie still, " Robert got up and then scooped him up in his arms like he was bench pressing him. He carried him to the bathroom and turned on the hot water. When it was the right temperature, Robert took a wash cloth and bathed his face and then his hands and arms. Once he had rinsed the soap off, Robert then turned the water to cold and rinsed him again with cold water. It was erotic as hell having someone wash him. Rick's dick was the hardest he could ever remember. He had to get control before they went down for dinner. He could not go to the table with his pants tenting.

"Robert, you and Rick come on down. Your father's home."

"What am I going to do?" Rick asked Robert.

"You? Look at me;" Robert stood up and his big cock was hard and straining against the cloth of his trousers.

"It's your fault."

"My fault. Robert, your are the one that was carrying me around and washing me."

"You fault for being so sexy. Come on let's go. It won't be the first or the last time they see us with hard-on's."

They went down to meet Robert's father. Surprisingly, both their cocks went soft the moment they entered the living room where Mr. Stanley was reading the paper. Robert introduced Rick. His father "grumped" as he usually did and kept reading the paper. His mother called to them to come on for the dinner. She made sure that Rick ate and then kept forcing more and more food on him. It was good, but after seconds on everything Rick had to refuse more. The meatloaf was great. Rick told her that he wanted the recipe. He even offered to help her clean up. She told him that he and Robert could clear the table and put everything away. They did. Then Rick washed as Robert dried and put away the dishes. While they were working, Robert kept kissing him when he passed by. Then while he was washing Robert got behind him and started rubbing his hard cock right against Rick's bubble butt. Rick started pushing his ass back into Robert's hard cock and moaning. "We have to finish the dishes. Stop. Please stop. I can't wash and do this too." Finally, he felt his dick jerk, and, without having touched it, his cock throbbed and spurted his cum into his briefs. "My Gooooooodddd," he hissed as he climaxed from just being rubbed on the ass by Stanley the Power Tool.

"Did you get off?" Robert whispered in his ear.

"Oh, yes. I got off all in my shorts. We have to get up stairs, or I'll be dripping on the floor. I don't think I brought enough underwear for this sleep over."

Robert grinned and kissed him on the mouth, pushing his tongue deep into Rick's throat. "You ain't seen nothing yet. Stanley the Power Tool is yours now, and it means to keep you happy. Come on let's finish up, so we can go upstairs."

In the living room, Mrs. Stanley sat down in her chair and put her feet up on the foot stool. She turned the table fan toward her. Her husband looked up from his paper, "I guess we no longer have to worry about him getting some girl pregnant."


"Well, anyone with eyes can see that they are in love. I just never thought that my son would grow up to be queer, but we always said that we would love him no matter what he decided. His Uncle Spence is queer as a three dollar bill, but he's a nice person. I like going up to the lake with him. I suppose that gay people can be as nice as anyone else. But, hey, if it must come from somewhere the queers in your family are all nice. I mean it must be on your side of the family."

"Wait just a minute. My side of the family. What about you Uncle Joseph? He had his boyfriend living with him. No matter that they said that they were business associates and had separate bedrooms. They were boyfriends. Anyone could see that. No. Don't be saying that it from my side."

"I really was kidding," her husband said grinning from ear to ear. It was not often that the two of them kidded around any more. "There is no way to doubt that these two are lovers. How long have they known each other?"

"Just today really."

"That's fast. Remind you of someone else?"

"Yes. I have already thought about that. Robert is a lot like his father. He finds something that he wants, and he goes after it."

"I don't guess we will be having any grandchildren. I don't care, but I know you are disappointed. I just hope that he does not get hurt. It is difficult enough maintaining a heterosexual relationship this day and time. I can imagine how hard if must be in a homosexual relationship."

"I can live with anything as long as my son is happy. I am just glad that it is someone like Rick that he has fallen in love with. He could not have found a sweeter and cuter kid than Rick. I really am surprised at how calm we both are with this situation." "It was not like we had not thought about it. I think when you plan for all probabilities then you are ready for whatever comes along," Mr. Stanley went back to reading his paper. Mrs. Stanley picked up her crochet nettles and started working on her new doilies. They were pineapple designs to go on the back of the chairs in the living room. "You know it is not Friday night, but I think I will take a shower and we could go to bed early tonight. Does that sound good to you?" she asked her husband.

"Sure. I'll be along in a few minutes." Her husband was happy that the young love of her son and his boyfriend had gotten her in the mood.

In the kitchen Rick was trying to finish the dishes quickly. It was not the most comfortable way in the world to wash dishes with your briefs full of cum. They finished the dishes. Robert dried the last ones and put them away. He asked Rick if he wanted anything else to eat to which Rick rubbed his stomach and replied that he was not sure that he would ever eat again. Then they climbed the stairs to Robert's room. Rick kept looking behind them.

"What are you doing?" Robert asked him.

"I am checking to see that I am not leaving a trail."

"If you do, we will just say that is seems a slug went through here." Robert laughed. It was fun being with someone you loved. It was great to have someone to hang out with. The two boys went into the room, and Rick took a clean pair of shorts with him into the bathroom. Robert followed him. He turned on the shower and got the temperature just right.

"Here, let me undress you, little man," Robert started pulling Rick's tee shirt over his head. " I want to dress and undress you. I want to bathe you and feel you with me in the shower."

Rick whispered," Won't your folk be coming up to check on us or anything."

"Naw. They never come up here unless they call from the foot of the stairs. You don't have to worry about that. Mom does not even come up to clean without warning me. They are great about respecting my privacy. I think they know that I jack off a lot. My Dad has never told me about the birds and the bees. I think he figures that I already know about them. One thing he did say was that I developed a lot faster than he expected when he saw that I had pubic hair one day when we were up at the lake. We were changing into bathing suits. That was the only time that I remember ever seeing my Dad naked or the only time that I remember him seeing me naked for that matter. I think he figured after that it was too late to talk. Stanley was already bigger than his dick even then. But, I am sure he told Mom to make sure she let me know before coming up stairs after then."

They got in the shower and started soaping each other. They were each washing the other's front. Rick was having a great time working on Robert's pecs. He was pinching the nipples and making them hard. Robert was moaning. "No one every did that to me. I know now why girls like to have their tits played with. If they get more out of it because their tits are bigger, I would want size D cups."

They laughed as Rick took both nipples which were like the erasers on a pencil and twisted them clockwise and then counterclockwise. Robert went down on his knees. He moaned. "Am I hurting you?" Rick asked him.

"God, yes, you are hurting me, but it feels so good." Rick loved the power he had over his lover. Robert's face was contorted in agony and ecstasy.

While Robert was on his knees, he was soaping up Rick's balls and under his legs. He was scrubbing down Rick's inner thighs. He cupped the small perfectly matched set of balls in his hand and rolled them around like they were marbles. He stretched the scrotum down as far as he could and then ran his finger nails up and down the taunt skin covering his lover's jewels. Rick was twisting and turning. Trying to get away from his loving torture. " My nuts, man. It hurts, but it feels so good. Don't stop. Wait you'd better stop, or I'm going to cum again. I want this to last. "

Robert continued to wash Rick's legs and his feet. He held his feet up and rinsed them under the spray and then Robert took each of his toes in his mouth and sucked on each one. Then he washed the other foot and did the same. Rick could feel the cum building from the base of his balls. He was afraid that he was going to shoot another load without any direct contact with his cock. What was it going to be like when he actually felt Robert suck his cock? Then he thought about it. He was not even sure that Robert sucked cock. When he was talking about being with Trevor and Tommy, he did mention that he sucked their cocks. So, at least he hoped that Robert would suck his cock. It did not really matter. He had never sucked a cock as big as Robert's but that was not going to stop him from sucking Robert's cock. Not now or ever. He washed Robert's butt. Even down into the crack and made sure that he cleaned his pink puckered hole. Rick looked at his boyfriend's ass hole. He could smell nothing but the fresh smell of soap and clean skin. This was the boy with whom he planned to spend the rest of his life. He would know every nook and cranny of his body. Rick kissed him on the ass and thought why anyone would think that is a horrible thing to do. He had always wanted to kiss someone's ass. Now he had the most beautiful ass in the world to kiss on. He finished washing Robert's back and under his arms. " Gotta get behind your ears. Your mother would never let me live it down if I did not make you get behind your ears." They both laughed. Robert's cock kept getting in their way as the washed each other. Finally, Rick took it in his hands and started jacking it off with lots of lather.

"Whoa. Man, that feels too intense. Wait. I don't want to shot off just yet. Let's wait until we get into bed. There is someone who is going to be watching us. I want lots of sperm for him to photograph."

"What? Are you absolutely crazy? I'm not letting anyone photograph me."

"Not really, but I want to give him something to photograph. You know I told you Asa Jones next door was probably queer. I have never actually seen him suck cock, but he has watched me jack off at night. I think he has even taken pictures. That's why I am pretty sure that he is queer. That and the fact that he lives on Elm Street." Robert laughed at his own comment. Rick was still looking very serious and cross. "Anyway. When we were coming down Elm, and I kissed you. I caught a glimpse of him. I think that he saw us. Then when I was cleaning up my room. I could see him with his camera looking over this way. I think he is going to try to get pictures so he can blackmail us."

"Well? Asa is a real ass hole. He and I were friends in grammar school up until about the fifth grade. We spent a lot of time together. Then he started making fun of me and telling people all sorts of bad things about me." Rick did not tell Robert that the things Asa had told about how he sucked his cock were true. Rick had a thing for Asa back then. He had grown to dislike him intensely. He still thought that Asa was attractive physically, but he was a lousy bastard otherwise. Oh, he knew Asa sucked cock. He had sucked Rick's cock as many times or more than Rick had ever sucked him. It was only when someone questioned Asa's manhood, that he had turned on Rick and started telling everyone in the class that he was queer. "Well, we are going to give him some good ones and then take them away from him. Then I am going to fuck him in the ass. That is really what he wants. He thinks that he wants to fuck us, but it is really just the opposite. Isn't it strange how people want something and ask for just the opposite?"

"He has always been an ass to me in school. I'll do anything that will help humiliate him," Rick told Robert. "He calls me nettle dick. He calls me fag. I don't know what to say. Mostly, I try just to avoid him. Once, when we were in the ninth grade, he and his boys caught me in the restroom and pulled my pants off and left me there. One of the women teachers came in and found me when I did not show up for class. I have never been so humiliated in my life. Asa. There is nothing I would not do to get back at him."

"That's it. You are going to fuck him. Maybe we'll get the rest of the gang in on it too." Robert was pretty well exasperated with Asa because of his sneaking around and talking pictures, but then when he heard what he had been doing to his little man, he was angry. He was going to make Asa pay. Mainly, he was going to make Asa a real boy bitch and a better person for it.

They shampooed each other's hair. Finalized their plan concerning Asa. The two of them walked naked back into Robert's room. Rick lay on Robert's bed as Robert kissed him with his invading tongue checking out Rick's gums, teeth, throat and tongue. He flicked the roof of Rick's mouth with his tongue. Rick was trying to give as good as he was receiving, but everything about Robert was just bigger. They lay there rubbing their hard dicks against each other. Rick started humping against Robert's hard muscled stomach. Robert was pushing Stanley up and down on the silky skin of his lover's belly and chest. Gradually, their movements became faster and faster. Robert could feel the cum rising in his cock. His balls were pulled tight against his body. He knew that he was going to cum within seconds. He shoved his cock hard into Rick's belly button. He threw his head back and cried out, " I'mmmmmmmmmmm Cuming." A copious amount of white sperm filled cum shot once, twice and three times. Hitting Rick in the face on his neck and then his chest. The other three times only went as far as the belly button where Robert had driven his cock home.

It was at the same time that he was cuming that Rick had let go with his pent up charge of sperm. He had cum in the kitchen, but like all teens he had recharged quickly and the foreplay in the showers had him ready. He too blasted his lover's stomach and chest with a huge amount of cum for such a little guy.

"Hey. Want to go swimming? I think that there is enough cum in your belly button for us both to take a dip." Robert laughed. In a louder voice, "I'm going to the bathroom. Wait here for me. I'll be right back and we can do some real sucking and fucking."

Robert knew that Asa was right outside the window. He wanted him to stay in his perch in the trellis that ran up the side of the house. Robert had used the trellis as a way go slipping out when he did not want his parents to know that he was going out. That had just about stopped when he had fallen once and had to explain a twisted ankle. Mostly, now his folks just told him not to stay out too late. They knew that everyone else had to be in by ten or eleven. If they all went home then they knew that Robert would come home too. This way they were not always having to keep tabs on him or enforce a curfew. Robert was responsible and never let them down.

Robert knew that Asa was still sitting in the trellis. He had seen him in the mirror taking pictures of him and his lover making out. He knew that he would stay up there waiting to see what else they would do. When the trellis started to shake, Asa was not sure what was going on. He thought that maybe the cat had followed him over and was trying to climb up to him. The movement became more violent. Asa decided that he had better get down. As he backed down the trellis, he felt Robert's strong arms go around him as his feet hit the ground.

"What do we have here? A voyeur? A peeping Tom? A blackmailing blackguard? What are you doing young Asa? Why are you spying on me and my boyfriend? Yes. He is my boyfriend. But I expect you know that don't you since you have been watching us make love?" Asa was pulling and twisting trying to escape the predicament in which he found himself. He was the older boy. He had the pictures.

'You would not want me showing these pictures around school when it starts would you?" Asa asked with a smirk on his face.

Robert grabbed him by the balls and twisted them in his manly grip. "Asa, why would you think that I would allow you to show those pictures to anyone? You may have thought that you had me by the balls, but rest assured it is the other way around." He squeezed Asa's balls really hard, and the boy cried out. Once again Robert took them in his fist and crushed them. Asa whimpered and tears were coming out of his eyes.

"Asa you thought that you were going to screw us. Was that your plan?"

Asa shook his head. The pain in his groin was still too much to allow him to speak.

"That is not the way it is going to be. I think I know what you really want. You really want me to screw you. Am I right, boy? You want my hard cock up your ass. You'll be begging for me to fuck you harder and harder. You'll love Stanley the Power Tool. Before I fuck you, you are going to have to do some soul searching and make amends to some people that you have hurt. First, you have hurt my lover. You have called him all sorts of names and treated him like he was shit. He will have to fuck you, and he has something special for you. Then there are the other queers on this street. You have given the rest of us queers on Elm Street a bad name. They are all going to have to fuck you. You should have just been a good queer, Asa and everyone would have liked you."

Robert got really serious, "Asa, you did not have to take pictures and then go home and jack off looking at them. You could have asked, and I probably would have sucked your cock. No. You were too proud that you were so straight. Straight acting. You know why you acted the way you did was to hide the fact that you were queer too. Say it Asa. Tell the truth and the truth will set you free. Say it. Say. I am Asa, and I am queer."At first Asa kept turning his face away from Robert. Robert had been talking to his eyes and talking quietly. He still had Asa by the balls and could inflict a great amount of pain as he had already found out. Did he want to admit it? Could he bring himself to admit it. He was queer. He knew it, but he had denied it for so long even he believed that he was straight. The only time that he was sure that he was gay was when he was masturbating. It was only the images of boys like Robert and even Rick who could get him off. All his fantasizing about girls being naked and wanting his cock never could get him hard and surely could not get him off. He knew. Would he say it?

Finally, Asa said, " I am Asa. and I am a queer."

"Good boy. How does it feel to finally be out of the closet? All those years Asa. You could have found someone to suck and fuck instead of fantasizing about it. Someone of us would have helped you out. Elm Street is full of queers. Now for your punishment. Climb back up the trellis and go into my room."

Asa did not hesitate. He clamored up the trellis and stepped through the window into Robert's room. Rick was standing there still naked. Robert was right behind him. Rick was no longer afraid of Asa. He knew that Robert could beat the shit out of him if he tried anything with him.

"Okay, Asa, you still have to be punished for the hurtful things that you have done to other people. Strip."

Asa was still holding onto his camera. Rick reached out and took it from him and placed it on the dresser. Asa just stood there.

Robert asked him," Did you not hear me. I said strip."

Asa still stood there. He was looking more cocky now. He could sense that Robert was no longer angry with him. He thought that the younger boy was a push over.

Robert took the belt from Asa's trousers. He unzipped his pants and pushed them to his ankles. Then he pulled Asa's boxer's down and shoved them to the floor. With one hand he grabbed Asa by his long dirty blonde hair and pulled him face first into his lap as he sat on his own bed. With his other hand he took the belt that he had wrapped around his hand and started giving the boy a whipping. There were red streaks across Asa's white butt. His tan line was just above the globes of his ass cheeks. The skin on his cheeks was a white as snow. The red welts showed up even more pronouncedly.

"Asa I hate to do this to you, but you have to learn that when I say something I mean for you to do it. Do you understand?"

Asa was crying out. Tears were actually flowing from his eyes. Not only was he in pain but this boy - this 13 year old boy-was giving him a whipping on his bare bottom. He could feel the fire each time as the belt struck. He also realized that his cock was getting harder and harder as it pushed into Robert's thigh.

"Asa, what did I tell you to do?"

"You told me to strip."

"Then you did hear me. Why, Asa, did you not strip like I told you to do?"

"Because you can die and go to hell before I will strip for you. You sorry piece of queer trash."

"Asa. Asa. Asa. I thought that you had finally admitted that you were queer. Did you forget? Is it habit that you call other people queer? It's not nice to call other people queer when you won't admit that you are queer also. You know you are. You lie there at night jacking off looking at the pictures you have taken of me when I was jacking off. See I knew you had been doing it before tonight. Do you think I am stupid? Is that what you think, Asa?"

Robert had by this time crisscrossed the boys ass with red swelling welts. He could feel Asa's cock leaking pre cum onto his thigh. He knew the boy was not only excited but was almost ready to cum without even touching his cock. He pushed him onto the floor. "I am going to tell you once more. Now strip."

Asa stripped his clothes from his body. He knelt before Robert. Asa's hard cock was sticking straight outward. It was circumcised and of average length. I was probably 6 or 6 1/4 inches. The head was helmeted and red from rubbing on Robert's thigh. Pre cum was dripping from it. He wanted to cum so badly.

"That is so much better. See if you had done what I said in the first place them your ass would not be so sore. Asa, I will say one thing. You are bull headed. Now get on the bed on you stomach and put a hand at each post at the head of the bed."

Robert and Rick tied him with some pieces of cotton line that Robert had used to tie his tent down when he went camping. Robert then took a sock and crammed it in Asa's mouth. He tied it in so that he could not call out for help. Making sure that he was secure. Robert and Rick left the room after cutting out the light. He lay there wondering where they were going and how long they were going to be gone. Asa thought about how he had treated Rick. He realized that Robert was right. The only reason that he picked on the other gay boys was because he did not want his jock friends and his brother's older friends to find out that he was gay. He knew that his brother was gay. Hell, he had been taking pictures of Jared sucking cock for several years. He even had a home movie camera in Jared's closet and made movies of Jared sucking cock. He was sorry for what he had done to Rick. He also knew that he wished that he was in Rick's shoes. Robert was not only built like a football player but had a monster cock. That sucker must be 8 or 9 inches. He was thinking all this, but he kept coming back to the thing that Robert had said earlier - if he had just asked then he could have had sex with most of the guys on Elm Street. Asa was sorry that he had missed out on so much. He knew he was queer. Even now he hated to say it. He knew he was going to get fucked. At least he was pretty sure that Robert would fuck him for what he had been doing. Robert was so smart to be so young. How did he know that he had imagined him sticking that big cock of his up his ass and then him begging for more? He had seen it in one of Jared homo porn flicks. The guy on the bottom screaming for the one on top to fuck him harder. He had thought about that. He had put a cucumber up his ass a couple of nights. He greased it up with Vaseline and then shoved it up his butt. It hurt, but he finally took it all. Asa heard noise. He turned his eye toward the window. Shit. Who was this coming through the window? Who else came through Robert's bedroom window at night? He saw someone slip into the room. They were dressed in black. He could not make out who they were. Then he felt someone rubbing his ass cheeks very lightly.

Asa had never been fucked except for the cucumber. Whoever this was would be the one to take his cheery. He knew that he would never be the same after this night. He felt the person applying some sort of lubricant to his ass hole. First, one finger; then two: then three up his ass. They then took their clothes off and crawled up onto his back. He knew it was Rick. Rick was going to be the first person to fuck him. At least he did not have to worry about someone with a huge dick being the first. Rick's dick was not as small as he remembered it from the time they pulled his pants off and left him in the bathroom. It was not large. He felt him as he pushed it in with some force. It hurt, but then Rick started pushing it in farther. It did it. It hit home. His prostate. Wow. This was what it was all about. Rick's cock was just the right length. He was rabbit fucking Asa. Every time that he enter he hit right on the gland. Asa joy button was turned on time after time after time. He was writhing on the bed. He wanted nothing more than to jack his hard cock. He had thought that it was hard when he had been humping Robert's leg, but this was something else. He poked at the mattress with his cock. Then Rick got faster. Asa felt the boy's cock in his ass swell. He knew that he was going to cum inside of him. It was too much. Here he was being fucked by the smallest boy in his class and loving it. He did not want it to stop. He had to cum first. Again he shoved his cock into the bed. Rick seem to have found the need for a few more thrust and he rabbit punched Asa's prostate again and again. Just as Rick shot his load home into his ass, Asa shot his built up gallon of sperm onto Robert's bed. Thank you, Rick. He thought to himself. He would always be grateful that Rick had made those final three thrust so that he too could cum.

He lay there exhausted. About the time he could think after his climax, he felt someone else enter the room and undress. This time there was no preparation. Whoever it was had a dick just slightly longer than Rick's. He pushed all the way in with one thrust. There was nothing. He fucked him long and hard. He shot his load and got off . The next one had an even bigger dick. He too was there just to fuck him. He wondered who they were and what he had done to them. Then the next one was even longer, but this one was thick. He was gentle. He rubbed his ass. There was no need for more lubricant with all the cum in his ass, but he added more anyway. His cold hands on Asa's red hot butt cheeks sent shivers through him. Whoever this was was a loving person. He wondered if it were Trey. He had seen how Trey had loved his brother. Of course Jared had just sneered and called him a cum bucket. Was that where he had gotten it all from? His brother. He was trying to be like Jared and had not even known it. He hated the way Jared treated people. He hated the way Jared treated him. He could hear whoever it was breathing loudly was he filled Asa's ass with yet another load of cum. This fucker had to be Trey. The next one was energetic. He was even larger and longer that the others. This one was fast and furious. He too hit his spot. Not like Rick had hit it every time. This guy was hitting it the third time out of three. He would ram it in all the way pull out and ram it all the way in again. The third time he was only rabbit fuck him and hit the special spot. Then long dick him twice and then hit the spot. It kept Asa off balance. The whoever it was did it again and again. Just as Asa was beginning to get the rhythm, he changed again. He started fucking him longer and faster. Asa knew that he was not going to get off with this one. Then suddenly he was being fucked with short quick strokes. Then just as suddenly he was getting long dicked again. He wondered who had this much control and could guide his forces the way this boy was doing. Whoever it was knew what to do and how to execute the program. Finally, he just fucked Asa and shot his huge load up his ass. Even with the amount of cum already in his ass he felt the surge of this boy's shots as they filled him to overflowing.

Then the lights went on. Standing around the bed were Rick, Trevor and Tommy, Trey. Alex. He thought that was who the last one was. Robert. He still had not had Robert's Stanley Power Tool. He was horned up again. His cock was hard although he had just cum into the mattress a short while ago.

Robert looked at him. He examined his butt, and started loosing the cords on his arms and feet. "Get up. Hey, Rick, since you are his master now. Take your boy to the bathroom before I fuck him."

Rick took him by the hand and helped him up from the bed. "Come on Asa. You need to unload." He led him into the bathroom and sat him on the toilet. "You want something to drink. You know you are being really great. Everyone has been talking about your being the best fuck they have ever had."

Rick took a wash cloth and ran cold water over it until it was really cold. He washed Asa tear stained face. "You know even with all that you did to me, I still thought that you were handsome. You know, Asa, you are a pretty person on the outside. What happened to you on the inside?"

"I think I figured it out tonight. I was trying to be like Jared. I did not even see it. I thought that I was just trying to be macho. Robert thought that it was to cover up being gay and my denying it. That may have been part of it. I know that is part of why Jared is the way that he is, but it was trying to be like my big brother.

That was what I was doing. I do not even like the way Jared treats me. I hated the way he treated Trey. Trey was so nice to him. Trey was nice to me. I would never pick on him. That is one thing that I was never like Jared about. I never picked on Trey. Tonight when Trey screwed me in the ass. I knew that it was him. The only two I knew for sure were you and him. I am so sorry for what I have done to you."

Robert opened the door and looked in, "Just wanted to make sure that everything was okay."

"Fine. Asa has really learned a lot tonight. He figured out that he was trying to be like Jared. He was imitating his older brother. That was were it was all coming from including the being in the closet."

"Okay. Way to go Asa. I am so happy for you." Robert hugged the boy who was still seated on the toilet. They were all naked. Asa face rubbed against Robert's cock. It was a monster.

"Well, I have one cock to go," Asa said as he lifted Robert semi-erect dick and looked at it close up. " I'm not sure that I can take something the size of this monster."

"Yes, you can and you are going to love it. I told you that you would be begging for more before the night was over and you will." Robert rubbed his cock until it was totally stiff right in front of the boy's eyes. "You are going to love it. I promise. Come on and let's do it. Out audience awaits." Robert left.

"Asa, if it is too much for you, tell me. Robert might not listen to anyone else but he will listen to me. I think that you really are going to love it. I have never had his cock up my ass. I sure want to. Don't you want it?"

"Oh, God, yes. I want it, but I am afraid of it, too."

Rick made sure that the boy's ass was washed. He did it himself. He then made sure that there was a cold cloth so that he could cool his red cheeks where Robert had to whip him. Asa was beginning to like this boy who he had made fun of all their lives. "Rick, I want to thank you for the great fuck. You were the first person to ever fuck me, and the only one tonight to make me cum."

"You're welcome. I guess you are going to like being my slave for awhile then. Robert says that you are on parole, and I am to be your parole office." He put his arm around the skinny boy and led him back into the bed room.

Rick had a jar of Vaseline that he had been heating under the hot water in the bath tub.

When they returned to the room all the boys were standing around the bed naked. Trevor and Tommy were horsing around grabbing each other's cocks. The others were more serious. Asa lay on the bed on his stomach.

"No, Asa, this time on your back. I want to see your eyes. I want to hear you call out to me that you want more. I want to make sure that I hit your spot and make you happy."

Asa thought to himself. How do they all know about the spot? Where did they get so smart and learn so much about sex? He had not had the teachers that the rest of the Elm Street Queers had. Robert has his Uncle Spencer and his cousin Carl. They had taught him well. He had passed knowledge on to Trevor and Tommy. Trey knew from his older brother and had told them other things about loving people. Asa thought if my brother had not been such as asshole I would have known these things as well.

He lay on his back. Robert took his feet and raised them to his shoulders. He pushed up close to his ass. Then Robert took his legs and pushed them back over his own shoulder. His asshole was totally exposed. Rick had made sure that it was clean for his lover. He handed Robert the warmed Vaseline. Robert put a glob on Asa's asshole. Then he smeared some onto his powerful rod. His dick was hard as steel. He was ready. He just hoped that he could last long enough to give Asa the ride of his life time.

Asa was totally at his mercy. "Robert, I'm not sure I can take that monster up my ass. I'll suck you, but I just can't take it"

"Oh, yes, you can. You will. You will be begging for more before it is over. You know that you are really a slut and only something as powerful as Stanley the Power Tool will be able to satisfy you? You have been sneaking, being a peeping Tom. Did you think that I did not know what you were doing? You have been jacking off lusting for my cock. Are you trying to tell me now that I have decided to give it to you that you do not want it? Once you've had a taste of Stanley the Power Tool, you'll be my obedient servant. I won't have to take my belt to you again. I do not think that you will be sneaking around bedroom windows with a camera from now on."

Asa was lying there with his ample butt sticking straight up into the air. He was twisting and trying to escape from Robert grasp. Asa could smell Robert. There was something that seemed to flow from him. It had a distinct odor. It smelled like sweet sweat. Sometimes it smelled like Brill Cream that boys used on their hair. It was strong and sweet. Now here that smell was filling Asa's nostrils as Robert pushed his monstrous cock into his chute. There was no pain. Asa's ass was fully stretched by this point.

"Uummnh. Nice slick boy pussy." Robert then did something that none of the others had done. He reached and took Asa cock in his hand and brought him to full erection. He slowly stroked his cock. Asa was in heaven now that the fear and dread of the pain Robert's cock might have brought him was gone. Here was his dream totally revealed, and Asa was loving every delightful moment of it. Asa was on his back and facing him. Robert reached in and kissed him. First, it was gentle and then the passion grew and he filled his mouth with his darting tongue. Their tongues fought a duel which was never concluded. Asa could feel Robert's pubic hair and his balls slamming against his ass. His abs where like a wash board against which Asa's cock was smashed and ground. Then Robert found a place that all the others had missed. When his dick hit Asa's prostate head on and Asa felt it as Robert drug his huge head back and forth over the nub of his gland. As was groaning. His entire body convulsed. Asa had never thought anything could ever feel so good. Then Robert bottomed out. It felt like his dick was up in Asa's stomach. Asa felt that if he opened his mouth to speak anyone could look in and see the head of Robert's dick. He had never felt so full. He never wanted to be empty again. When Robert started pulling out, Asa started crying.

"Don't take it out. Please. Please. Give me more. Fuck me, Robert, I am begging you. Fuck me. Fuck me hard." Asa was agonizing and moaning in the sheer pleasure that only one male can give another. He was from that moment on Robert's to do with as he wished. He would never be able to get enough dick from anyone else. This was it. He had found nirvana and he wanted to stay there. Asa's cock felt as though it were on fire. He had cum twice already. Once while he was watching Robert and Rick make love. Then again he had shot a load when Rick had fucked him. His cock was like and iron rod. It hurt it was so hard. He needed to release his juice again. Again and again the head of Robert's cock rammed into that same place and each time more and more fully Asa realized what it was to be a boy pussy. Suddenly, without grinding into Robert's stomach and with no aid from his hand, Asa's cock exploded wildly sending shock waves through his body. Rope after rope of white cum flowed from his cock.

It had gone first for distance and then for quantity. Asa had never cum so far, so hard for so long. He threw his arms around Robert's neck. His legs were locked around his waist. As Asa was having the climax of his life, he brought Robert with him. The muscles in his ass contracted around Stanley the Power Tool. The contortions of Asa's bowels around Robert cock caused it to spit his cum far into the darkness of his ass. He was pouring his man seed into his ass. Filling him with his cum. Marking Asa as his own. Sweat was pouring from both teens as they climaxed together. The room was filled with the sounds of their fucking. The grunts and groans. The screams and the cries of passion and pleasure. They feel into each other. Exhausted. Robert lay on top of Asa. There were tears and sweat running down both of their faces. They locked into a passionate kiss.

Around the room, there had been a joint climax. Trevor and Tommy were gaping at the scene of Asa getting fucked. Each had the other's dick in his hand, and, as Robert and Asa reached their climax, their hands were flying up and down each other's hard cocks. They had been jacking each other for so long that they knew just what the other wanted and what would send him over the brink. Trey was masturbating himself. Rick found his cock in the hand of the fullback. Alexis cock was riding up and down his ass. It was not in the hole but just riding up and down his ass crack. His arm was around his waist and he was jerking his small cock as if it were his own. They too exploded with Alexis's cum shooting up above his shoulder blades. Rick's cum shot across the room and hit the sheet hanging down from the bed where his boyfriend had just finishing fucking the guy he like least in the world until tonight.

"Asa that was great. I told you that you would beg for more . See it was not so bad. You enjoyed Stanley the Power Tool. Didn't you? Asa since you were so mean for so long, I still cannot trust you. Trust is something that you are going to have to earn. Give me the pictures that you took tonight." Asa found his pants on the floor and brought out the -photographs of Rick and Robert. He would no longer need them form black mail or for beating his meat. Robert looked at them. He took them to his desk and locked them in a metal box. "Good, I wanted to make sure that you understand what I am telling you because for the next six months you are to report of you parole officer, my boyfriend and lover, Rick. If the lesson tonight did not sink in... .I said boyfriend and lover. When you deal with him you are dealing with me. Give him any shit, and you will have me to answer to. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir. Robert believe me after tonight you will never have to worry about me again. I will do anything you say for a ride on Stanley the Power Tool. I am queer. I am in love with a huge cock. Rick has been so nice to me tonight. I will do anything, anything to make up for all the shit that I have given him in the pass. I really was trying to be like Jared and did not see what an ass he or I was being."

"Maybe we can do something to rehabilitate Jared as well."

"Robert, we have to have showers. Look. Everyone has cum all over them. Your mother is not going to understand if we keep taking showers. What are we going to do?"

"Hey you guys. Thanks for helping to straighten me out. I am not sure that is the right word. I am Asa and I am queer. I am not straight."

Everyone cheered him. There were some hugs and some back slapping. No one was insensitive enough to slap him on his already sore ass.

"My folks are at the club. They won't be home until after 2 in the morning when the bar closes. Why don't you all come as you are and go swimming?"

This was a real break through. None of the people there had ever been asked to come swimming. Trey had been to the house, but Jared had never asked him to come swimming. They all said that they did not have swim suit

"That's why I said come as you are. We can all go skinny dipping."

So the Elm Street Queers with their newest member, although he was on probation for six months, went skinny dipping. Rick thought to himself that life with Robert as a boyfriend would never be dull.