By Carson Carruthers

After that huge supper everyone sat around the table in something like a stupor. I knew that I did not feel like jumping up and doing anything. No one else seemed ready to do anything either. Mr. Stanley was talking to Carl about some new farm machinery that he had read about. A picker of some sort that did amazing things and could replace an entire work force. I was feeling really drowsy although we had slept late. I was looking forward to sleeping. Actually, not sleeping. I wondered where Carl would sleep, but from what Robert had already said to me, I was sure that we all three would have sex at some point. I really did want to sleep next to my new lover again. Carl was really muscular. I could not help but notice how his arms were bulked up and even his forearms were defined. Robert told me that his cock was larger than Carl's but not much. The white tee shirt he had on was tight. His nipples were poking through the cotton cloth. They were the high points of some awesome pictorial muscles. I had spent a lot of time last year in biology learning the names of all the muscles. Yes, the gluteus maximums on both Carl and Robert were fine, hard, and I did say maximum instead of maximus. Sitting there across from him gave me time to study Carl. It was the first time that I had gotten to see him up close since we were in grade school. He was always in other classes than I. We just did not see each other than much for two people who were in the same class in a small town. Carl's eyes were blue. Not the sort of blue that you find in most people's eyes but dark blue. Navy blue eyes. I think that is the only way to describe that color. The iris and the pupil were so close in color that it was hard in some light to tell that his eyes were not just totally black. I know that when we were in junior high, we had this really sort of copy-machine-done yearbook. Carl was voted in as having the sexiest eyes. His face was not pretty. Robert was not pretty. They had the faces of boys who would be men whose faces would have that leather worn look that I found so sexy in older men. Carl had high cheek bones. His nose had a crook to the left and was large but not out of proportion to the rest of his face. His hair. It was black. Not dark brown. Black. Both he and Robert had black hair. I could see that they had gotten it from Mrs. Stanley's side of the family. She too had really dark hair although there were some streaks of gray starting to show on the sides. The boys" had glossy hair. There was more than the hair that would lead anyone to suspect that they were cousins. I was trying to figure out what the resemblance was. Carl started to laugh. That was it. Both Carl and Robert had eye teeth that slanted toward the front. They did not protrude like a Vampire's fangs, but they were slanted toward the front of their mouths. Their mouths were both just a little off centered and crooked. Carl's lips were thinner than Robert's lips, but basically their mouths were the same. Carl just looked more exotic and harder. Robert and I had talked about their Indian blood, but it did not show up in Robert like it did in Carl. There had to be some imperfection. There teeth otherwise were white and regular. Movie star smiles without the crowns. Carl had a wild untamed look about him. Something exciting under his skins. I knew that it would be hot to touch from just looking at him. I also knew that he was hot in bed. Robert had told me about their exploits. I was ready for my own with the two of them, but right now I wanted not to have eaten so much.

Finally, Mr. Stanley said that he was going back to the store that he had forgotten to bring some work home with him that he had to finish tomorrow. Mrs. Stanley protested that it was Sunday and that he needed a day off. He told her that Sunday or no Sunday, they had to eat and he had to do this work. He asked her is she wanted to go with him. It would be cooler riding than sitting here. Mrs. Stanley said no that she had to clean up and put stuff away. Robert and I both told her to go we would do the cleaning up and putting the food away. I laughed and said, "What little bit of food that is left after we finished with it."

"I love to see my boys eat good. I'm happy that everyone enjoyed it." She said that she would go wash her face and put on a fresh dress. He told her to hurry that they did not have all night. In the meantime, Robert and I had started cleaning off the table. We were putting the food away. I thought that it was strange that Carl was not helping.

Robert saw the puzzled look on my face I am sure because he said, "Don't expect Carl to ever help in the kitchen. His mother is sort of strange. She will not let either him or his father come in the kitchen. She says that men are not suppose to be doing women's work. I think it is silly, but she has convinced him that he should never do anything in the kitchen. I mean we do a lot of weird stuff that most boys would never do. At least I used to think that way, but this not helping with the dishes is one of the strangest ones to come from that farm. There's some other stuff with his father that I will have to tell you later." Robert and I finished putting everything up. I went back in the dinning room to check. Carl told me that he would be on the front porch when we got through. He did not make any smart remarks about our doing women's work or anything. I guess people are just raised differently. I knew I had been.

Robert and I finished the dishes and drying and putting up without my messing up my underwear., We did do a lot of kissing over those dishes and a lot of rubbing each other's cocks. I asked him if we were going to have sex with Carl. He kidded me and wanted to know if I wanted to or not. I assured him that I would do anything that he wanted. He whispered in my ear, "I want sex. Lots of it and with the prettiest little man in the whole wide world." He started blowing in my ear and nibbling on the ear lobe.

"Okay, you two, I knew you were doing something beside the dishes." Carl was standing there. It was obvious that he was interested in what he was witnessing since there was a tent in the front of tight jeans that only a rock hard pole of teen lust could raise. He came on into the kitchen. Carl could see that both of us were aroused. My cock was not a big as theirs, but it was hard. I mean really hard and sticking out with its almost five inches stretching itself toward five and a half. I was a little intimidated by the two huge cocks on either side of me, but it did not stop my enthusiastically feeling of both of them. "Robert told me that he wanted you. I just never thought that it would happen. You're in the same grade that I am. I just never figured that the two of you would even get to know each other much less... . " He was sort of stammering around.

"Yea, we more or less do what you think." I said.

"Well, that's cool. I'm glad. I thought if I had to hear Robert pleading with me to introduce you to him again I was going to have to do it. The thing is I never see you. We might be in the same class but I really have not been around you that much. We just don't have the same classes and never see you at football practice."

We all started laughing at that remark. I felt a hand on my ass as Carl started massaging it. "Have you two already done stuff? "

"Well, yes. We've done stuff," Robert snickered. "What stuff are you talking about, Carl?" He was trying to put his cousin on the spot. You could suck each other's cock but when it came to discussing sex there was something that held you back from saying what you wanted to say. I knew what he was going through. I had already said more sex words today talking to Robert than I had ever said in my life time to anyone. Even in biology. With Robert I got over that shyness. It was never there between us. I supposed that there had to be something that I would feel shy about with Robert. I did not know what it could be. He was the only one that I would not have gone through worse embarrassment than Carl was experiencing.

"You, know."

"No, Carl, what are you talking about?" Robert was really putting him on. He was loving doing this to his macho cousin.

"Stop it, Robert. He's blushing." I reached up and felt Carl's reddened face. It was like a smoldering fire. "Carl, we are sucking and fucking and masturbating and ... I've run out of dirty words."

We were all laughing. Carl. Pulled me into a hug. I was a bit surprised at this show of affection. "Robert was right. You are an okay kid." He kissed me smack on the lips. "Let's all go suck and fuck and masturbate and ... . hell we'll make up words for things we do."

Robert put the last of the pots and pans in the cabinets under the kitchen counter. I hung the dish rags and drying towels out on the line which ran across from one post to the other on the back porch. It was noisy outside. There was the chirping of crickets. The drone of the cicadas. I heard a dog barking down the street, and then another one answered the bark. Must be making love or talking about the neighbors, I thought to myself. It was not quiet but it was still. Nothing seemed to be moving. I heard a car horn way off in the distance probably up on Main Street. When I came back in the kitchen, Robert and Carl had already left. I turned the light out and started through the house. I could hear them talking. They were sitting on the front porch. They were sitting on the floor of the porch with their legs stretched out in front of them on the sidewalk. Each of them was leaning back on his elbows. In the light from the streetlight, they looked unreal. They were beautiful boy-men lying there enough alike in features to be brothers. I felt my pulse quicken and waited for a few minutes before opening the screen door to go out onto the porch. I wanted to etch this picture in my memory for later years.

Robert reached up and pulled me down with them. " I missed you," he whispered in my ear. "I was just telling Carl about last night and Asa. What are we going to do about him? I really thought that last night would be enough."

"It did not seem to work though. He is worse today than he was yesterday. Everyone knows that he's queer. It seems that he is the only one that has a problem with it. He and, of course his big brother, Jared."

"I don't know about you city boys, but out on the farm if an animal does not seem to learn we just shoot it." Carl said with as straight of a face as I have ever seen.

Robert and I both looked at each other like he was crazy. We had never heard of such a thing. "You do not," Robert said hitting Carl in the shoulder. " Besides, we could not kill Asa, he has a swimming pool." He went on to tell Carl about getting asked for the first time to go swimming and about all of us going skinny dipping.

"That's it. We will go skinny dipping. He'll come out of the house to see what is going on and we kidnap him. Brainwash the mother fucker into becoming our slave and telling us all the family secrets." He was laughing, but Robert had a very serious look on his face.

"What?" I asked him.

"You know that is not a bad idea, Carl."

" What kidnapping him. You're crazy."

" No, the skinny dipping."

"Where? Where are we going to go skinny dipping?"

"The pond in the park. We do it all the time."

"Who does it all the time?" I asked.

"The gang. That is how I got to know Trevor and Tommy. I was watching as they were jacking each other off in the pond."

"You're kidding, right?" I asked him.

"No. I'm serious. I rode my bike out there and was sleeping under that huge old oak tree. You know the one it takes five men to reach around. When I woke up, I saw the two of them naked as Jay birds splashing water in the pond. Then they started jacking each other off like it was the most natural thing in the world. They did not care if I or anyone else saw them."

"What are we waiting for?" Carl asked.

"Do you think we should leave your mother a note or something?" I asked Robert.

"No. She knows we are all together, so she won't worry where we are. I told you that she trust me not to get into trouble and not to stay out too late. She knows we won't go far since Carl does not have a bicycle, and we'll be walking." After being around my parents, who unless I was going to be gone for a day or two like now or unless they were too busy with their own lives to care, wanted me to let them know where I was all the time. I was neglected, but I was also very controlled.

We started walking. Rick and Carl were both almost six foot if not already six. They towered above me, one on either side. Rick put his arm over my shoulder at some point and seemed to leave it there. I had to get in step so that our bodied worked together walking rather than against us. Carl would sort of sped up and then wait for us. He was really energetic. Mostly, we talked about Asa Jones and Jared. Jared had graduated the year before and was almost three years older than Carl and I. He was not all that popular in school although he tried to be. He had a group of hanger-ons who, because he had money and bought stuff for them, did as he wanted. When they went anywhere he always paid for the food or the movie tickets. That was how he got and maintained his group of friends. I thought that was sad in a way. Most of the people that really mattered in high school had nothing to do with him. He was a bigot that was for sure. But he was good looking. He had dark wavy brown hair with red high lights. He had brown eyes which could be called bedroom eyes since they were seductive. Even with all his assets he was an ugly person on the inside. His older brother Jesse had been pretty much the same, and it appeared that Asa was going to be just like Jared and Jesse if not worse. They all agreed that they had to do something about Asa. What? That was the question.

When we got to the pool, it was of course deserted . There were no street lights out this far. The pond, although small and rather shallow, was spring fed and usually delightfully cool and clear. Tonight the moon was almost full and reflecting from the water. It wasn't hard to see where you were going or what you were looking at. The superb bodies of two really good looking studs shimmering in the moonlight were what I was looking at. With no clothes, they were more like young men that boys. Each had a good bush of pubic hair. I knew that Robert had no hair on his chest or his balls. He had a happy trail leading from hid navel to his cock . That was all other than the thin dark hairs on his legs and forearms. Carl on the other hand had hair around his nipples. They were the most suckable nipples that anyone will ever see. They looked tender, pink and although they were hard they were soft looking. It is hard to explain what they looked like or how it felt to suck them. It was not like any other boy's nipples that I have ever sucked. They were really delicious. Not like a girl's nipples either. The were not that large, but they were big and ... . I guess suckable is the only word I can think of and that word is not in the dictionary.

After playing around, splashing each other and laughing, we were all soft. What had been hard or semi-hard when we started were now limp and shriveled from the cool embracing water of the pond. It felt good to get cold, but it took its toll on our genitals. My balls had climbed up in my scrotum looking for a warm place. I could tell that Robert and Carl were in the same shape. We got out and just stood around letting the cool night breeze air dry us. Robert said, "I wish I had known about being able to swim in this pond a long time ago. There have been plenty of nights I would have camped out here to get away from the heat."

"That sounds like a great idea. Why don't we have a real camp out orgy?" Carl said. "We could all sleep out here and skinny dip all night. I know that Will and Phil would be all for it. Do think the rest of your gang would like to do that.?"

"Sure we would."

We were startled to see that someone had come up behind us since we were all looking facing the pond and watching the moon ripple on the surface. It was the dynamic duo. Tommy and Trey.

"Hey, guys," Robert said. "You know Cousin Carl and this is my boyfriend, Rick Plum."

"Don't you ever get enough of that? Of course we've know Rick all our lives. We were fucking Asa with you two last night. Did you forget?"

"I just like the way it sounds when I say... and this is Rick Plum my boyfriend or this is my boy friend, Rick Plum." He was trying to make it sound like an announcer on the radio. We were all laughing. "Well, which do you think sounds better?"

Trevor and Tommy got in the pond and sat there with the water up to their shoulders when they were out close to the middle. As I said, it was not very deep. The three of us were still standing on the shore. Without knowing what the other one was doing, we all jumped back in the pond and started splashing water at the two boys as they sat there. The splash war of the century was in progress. We laughed and horsed around as only young teenage boys can do. Drinking loads of dirty pond water and doing our best through either skill or brawn to dunk the others.

Trevor had brought a blanket with him. When we all had gotten out and were more or less dry, he spread the blanket, and we all sat on it. The talk was still mainly about Jared and Asa. We told the boys what we knew and about Carl's suggest that we kidnap and brainwash Asa. They laughed but agreed that might be the only solution. The conversation continued. There were five naked boys in various states of arousal lying around an old blanket on the shore of a really silver pond shimmering in the moonlight. By the time we had finished the discussion, we had definite plan which we would put into effect as the right moment. We all wondered when that moment would come. Teenagers. They had all been fed, so the next thing to do would be to attend to the needs of their cocks. The undeniable consequences of this combination of five naked teenage boys with raging hormones and naked cocks in the all out of doors had to be sex.

Although I had never had sex with Tommy and Trevor other than last night, I knew what they had. After hearing Robert's stories of his adventures with Carl, it was Carl that I wanted to see perform and to be in on his action. It did not take long for that to happen because he obviously wanted to share his cousin's new boyfriend and make sure that I would fit into the family with no problems. As we were still talking about Asa and Jared I had felt his hand massaging my inner thighs. I knew it was Carl since Robert was behind me pushing his growing member into my ass cheeks. He had still not gotten it in my ass, but I knew that after watching him with Asa last night that it was a inevitability. The hand on my thigh moved closer and closer to my little shriveled balls. Finally, they reached them. They tickled them with the nail of their thumb rubbing their thumb nail up and down underneath my balls. Rolling my balls around like marbles in my sac. I was getting warm. I could feel my testicles starting to relax as they warmed up. Carl's hand was hot. He was hot. I thought that when people said that someone was hot that it was expression of how good they were, but it was really a fact. Carl was hot all over. His hands. I had touched his face once and that was hot. I could feel the sexual heat emanating from his body. Robert put his arm around my waist and reached to cup my balls and cock and instead found another hand had beat him to his treasure. He then started playing with my cock as Carl continued to play with my balls. I pushed Robert's hand away because I was afraid that I was going to blow my load before anyone else was even in on the action. I rolled on my back but Carl's hand would not take a hint. He held on to my balls. Robert was messaging my shoulders and upper torso. Carl lay down on his stomach and started licking my balls. Trevor and Tommy had no problems with everyone working on me at the same time. Each of them got on either side of me and started sucking on my nipples and then something that drove me wild. Each of them started eating out my arm pits. I did not have much hair, but the hairs did not deter them at all. They bit and nipped at my arm pits. They pulled whole patches of hair out with their teeth causing a sexual pain that registered in my cock and balls high on the Rickter scale.

By this time Carl had my puny little cock in his mouth sucking it. He was rolling it around and around with his tongue as he licked on my nuts at about every other turn. It was heaven. Robert moved above me so that our mouths aligned and he started tongue fucking my mouth. It was as if he took his big tongue and were using my mouth as a pussy. He fucked me with his tongue and screw his tongue in and out of my mouth. I tried to fight him off with my own tongue but it was hopeless. Finally, I could stand it no longer. I was writhing and bucking under Carl's ministrations. I was moaning back into Robert's mouth. Tommy and Trevor were pricking my ever sensitive nipples with their sharp finger nails. I screamed. Then I shot. I had to be what was to that point my biggest and longest and loudest organism of my life. I shot everything that I had into Carl's mouth, and he drank it down in gulps. I had no idea that I could cum like that. I was still shaking when I finished. I kept gasping for air. I needed oxygen. Carl pulled my body to his hot flesh. Robert was holding me from behind. Between the bodies of these two studs, my own little body felt so inadequate and fragile. I think that was one of the things about me that attracted both Robert and Carl. They were loving me.

After I calmed down, I told them that I was going back in the pond to cool off. I did. I was only in the pond for a few minutes, and then got back out. I went back to the blanket, and Trevor and Tommy were in a sixty nine. Each slurping on the other's cock. They had done it so often it was a joy to watch these two boys who knew exactly what and how the other wanted his cock sucked. I thought that someday that would be the way Robert and I would be. We would know exactly what the other wanted. Robert and Carl were fondling each other's large cock lying there watching the two boys. I crawled in between them taking Carl's cock in my mouth for the first time and Robert's in my hand. I sucked on Carl knowing that it would not take long to bring him to organism since I could feel the line of cum on the base of his cock was already bulging with his hot juice. I left him to suck on my boyfriend's cock and to get him ready. He too would not take long and in fact was already moaning as I sucked on his fully erect eight inches. Carl's seven was so much easier to take than Robert's Stanley, the Power Tool. I thought to myself, this is a tool that could be marketed with great success. As I was stroking Carl's tool at the same time I figured that I might as well go ahead and relieve my boyfriend of the load that he wanted so much to give me. I started sucking faster. My head was bobbing up an down. I wanted his cum. I loved his cum. He shot. First, a short hot load into the roof of my mouth, then another into the back of my mouth. Oh, my God, this was exciting. My cock was hard again. It was small, but it was ready to go again. After the third shot I could no longer separate the different loads my mouth was so full. I swallowed as fast as I could, but it was still backing up. Then I felt Carl's cock in my hand start to jerking. I pulled off of Robert't cock which had started to soften and quickly took Carl's engorged dick into my mouth as it shot the same sequence as Robert had just shot into my mouh - the roof of my mouth, then the tonsils and then too much to figure where it was going. Again I swallowed and swallowed as quickly as I could which was not fast enough.

While I was blowing the two cousins, Trevor and Tommy were finishing each other. As I pulled off Robert Trevor went down on his cock cleaning up the mess that I left. He was having to fight Tommy off in order to get the rest of Robert's sperm. When I had finished Carl. Tommy jumped in and performed the same service for him. There would be no after orgasm drips in their underwear, Trevor and Tommy sucked their balls completely dry. Carl and Robert both were getting hard again. When we had all finished, I still had a hard on. Carl told Robert to suck me. Carl then took my legs and held me upside down. Robert lay on his back and my dick dropped into his mouth. My ass hole and balls were exposed. Trevor and Tommy each took one of my balls in his mouth. Then as though icing the cake, Carl stared reaming my ass hole. I had never had that done before. He licked my whole ass crack. Up and down. He was specially attentive to the pucker of my asshole. I was soon moaning from what they were doing to me. I had just cum. There was no way that I was going to cum again even with these experts working me over. They continued for a few minutes. Carl then rammed his hard hot tongue into my ass. I could feel it invading my chute. It was dirty and perverted I thought to myself as he fucked my ass with his tongue much as Robert had fucked my mouth earlier with his tongue. I felt like his tongue was a dick and my ass hole a pussy. That was it. I felt like a boy pussy. Just as I was getting into the rhythm of it, Carl rammed two finger into my ass and wiggled them against something that I had never known was there. I shot hot loads of cum again and again. I had never shot so soon after an orgasm as I did then. I had no idea what it was that he had done to me, but I loved every second of it. When Robert finished me. I went in the pond again. Not to clean myself but to revive myself. I felt woozie and a bit addled. The cold water helped. I was weak in the knees and collapsed onto the blanket.

I watched a Carl and Tommy did a sixty nine. Trevor was sucking Carl's ass. My Robert had one of Carl's nipples in his lips sucking like a new born babe. "Come on Rick, you have to try one of these. They are sweet."

I crawled to Carl's side and lying on my side started sucking his left nipple. Damned. It was sweet. It was like something made of hard sugar. I did not understand it then and even now can find no reason for it, but his nipples then and still do taste sweet when you suck them. Once Carl was finished, we were all back in the pond to cool off again. This time I lay down on the blanket and that was the last thing that I remembered until I workd up the next morning.

I woke up not at the pond as I imagined that I would, but in bed between to teenage studs. I thought it might be heaven. Robert was in front of me with his hard cock pushed against my own. Behind me with his arm thrown over my shoulder and his cock between my ass cheeks was Cousin Carl. I was hard as a rock. Horny again even after last night. I had to take a piss. I kissed Robert on the cheek. He stirred just a little, but I was able to get out of bed and on my way to the bathroom before he knew I had gone. When I came back he and Carl were hugging each other. Tied in a tight embrace. I thought again how much alike they looked and how lucky I was to be a part of this and part of the family.