By Carson Carruthers

The next week is a blur in my memory. It was undoubtedly one of the best weeks of my life to that point. Robert and I had sex enough times by then that I had totally lost my inhibitions and was no longer embarrassed by his or my nudity. Most of the time while we were in his room we were pretty well naked. The heat was an excuse, but with a hot boyfriend like Robert the heat could be an excuse in the dead of winter. My parents were gone to the funeral of their friend and were staying in Greenville. They would stay with one or the other of their friends. They did call Mom Stanley once and let her know how to reach them by phone. I had gone over on Friday night. Robert and I watched television since I had told him about my father never letting me watch anything but the news. It was pretty stupid. I am afraid that I understood why my father cut the TV off after the news. It was just he principle of the thing. Never being able to decide something for myself. I really did not care for TV and still did not. I just wanted to watch "the Fonze." He was such a dreamboat. I told Robert that if I ever left him for another person that it would be "the Fonze."

Saturday afternoon Cousin Carl came into town with his mother. He could not stay overnight since he was planning on being there all weekend on the Fourth. He said that Phil and Will and he were all set to come. They had been putting their stuff together for project Asa. Carl said that he wanted to play the part of Asa. We laughed because he was so serious about it. "Hell, Asa's the one going to have all the fun. I don't give a rat's ass what anyone says Asa does not deserve to have this much fun."

I thought that Carl's "a rat's ass" was the funniest cursing that I had ever heard. I had started to use it. I used it a lot.

Then Sunday night we went to bed early since Mr. Stanley had taken that Monday off because he would be working the rest of the week on his sale. The next morning I helped Mom Stanley pack a picnic lunch in this really nice picnic basket that she had. It was made of woven wooden slats. There were black elastic holders for knives, spoons, and forks. She had made both lemon aid and iced tea. The lemon aid was in a thermos that would keep it cold. The ice tea was in a big gallon jar and there was a small cooler which she filled with ice cubes that she had been making and saving for the occasion. We would have cold fried chicken, potato salad, pickled beets, chow chow, pimento-cheese sandwiches already made, a plastic container filled with Robert's jello, and another one filled with deviled eggs. Then she had this strange dish made of plastic that had some sort of fluid between the layers of plastic that was suppose to keep food warm if it went in warm or cold if it went in cold. She had baked beans in that container. She had a chocolate cake and a Christmas tin filled with peanut butter cookies that she had made last night. It was making me hungry just packing the food. Since she did not want to have to cook breakfast, Mr. Stanley told her that we could stop at a restaurant and eat. She said no that she had our breakfast already cooked. She went to the oven and pulled out a baking pan cover with a dishtowel. She told them that we could eat off paper plates. Robert took the plates and got silverware for us. When she took the towel off there was an entire pan of small smooth biscuits with country ham in each one. With our coffee, they were so good. I ate six of them. Robert commented that I might be small but I sure could eat like the big guys. He ate six of the biscuits himself.

The ride to the mountains was pleasant. Robert and I watched the mountains as they came closer and then we were right up on them and could no longer see them in the distance. The place we went was a fish hatchery. There were long troths filled with thousands of little wiggling trout. Some were the size of your little finger. There was one that had trout almost as big as two fingers, but none larger. The carp were gold. Then there were some that were albino. One or two had black and white splotches on them. There were several picnic tables. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley spread a blanket out on the ground by a small stream and stretched out on it. Robert and I hiked up through the woods. After we were out of sight he stopped and pulled his dick out and took a piss. I joined him. When he finished he reached over and took my cock in his hand.

"Do you think it will be okay? You don't think anyone will come up here?" I was really horny since we had gone to bed early and not done anything last night and then been too busy to do anything this morning. "Robert, you know that I don't enjoy it when I am scared."

"Well, don't be scared. Come on. Let's get off the trail a bit and behind some bushed." He was leading me by the cock pulling me into a clump of bushes with really shinny waxy green leafs. Once we were behind the bushes he dropped to his knees on the ground and engulfed my cock. I leaned back against a tree and watched the sun cutting through the canopy made by the trees. It was really quiet. I could hear Robert slurping on my cock and feel that wonderful tongue of his lashing it first on the underside and then the top. He was pulling me with his tongue as it he were going to swallow not only my cock but also my entire body. I guess we must have finally become attuned to nature because the birds started singing. It was really nice and cool. The breeze was blowing. Robert pulled me down to him and sucked on my tongue as we kissed.

"I wish that I could suck cock the way you do, so that I could show you just how much pleasure I get from your sucking me. I can only attempt to show you. He had not put the power tool away but had been stroking it while he was sucking me. "Let me do you for a while." With that I started trying to take the monster tool into my mouth. I was determined that eventually I would be able to take it all. I guess I must have been relaxed. Something just happened right. When his dick hit the back of my throat I swallowed a couple of times while I was breathing through my nose. It just went down. It scared me at first thinking that I was going to choke on it, but then I realized that if I were going to choke to death I would have already done so. I had heard of people and read about people who could deep-throat in an old Playboy that Asa had when we were little. Now I knew that it was really possible. I slowly started moving up and down on Robert's dick. He had not moved. As I went all the way down on him and buried my nose in his pubic hair, he moaned. I thought I have just given him something he has never had before. I went up and down on him twice. I counted. He started shooting lode after lode into my stomach. I did not taste it. I could just feel his cock pulsating as it unloaded. Aha! I had figured out a way to please my man. He could now shoot his lode into my stomach in the morning, and I would not have to run throw- up. He could just put it right into my stomach. I was still sucking on him when he pulled it away from me.

His praise for my accomplishments were repeated over and over. How much he loved me. How much it meant to him to have me take him all. No one had ever been able to do that. Well, neither any of the gang nor Carl or Will or Phil. I was the first ever. He wanted to know how I knew how to do it. He wanted to know if I could teach other people. I was not sure. I did not know. He took my cock in his mouth. "I want to worship you for what you just did for me." He twirled his tongue around and around my cock. I was in heaven. I was not as quick as he, but in a few minutes I too shot my lode down his throat.

We checked each other to make sure that we were cleaned up and then went back down to where his parents were resting. We ate the wonderful lunch. Then looked around some more. One other couple came up who were just on a family outing. They had a young son and daughter with them. They spoke to Robert's parents but did not stop to talk. They were showing their children the different sizes of trout being raised there. After we finished eating, we were too full to move. We all stretched out on blankets and enjoyed the cool air. This was so much cooler than it was in Poinsettia. Mr. Stanley said finally that it was time we headed back to Poinsettia. We all groaned including Mom Stanley. I was in the back behind Mom Stanley. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. I woke up with my head on Robert's shoulder. It was almost dark outside, and I could tell we were close to Poinsettia since I recognized some of the farm houses we were passing on the outside of town. Robert was asleep too. I nudge him to wake him up. He pulled me to him and I tried to resist. He gave me a peck on the cheek. I was afraid that his parent were going to turn around and see us. It was one thing if they knew we were boyfriends, but it was something totally different to be caught kissing in front of them.

I went home the next morning when Mr. Stanley went to the store. I told him what a great time we had. I let him know how much I appreciated what he and Mom Stanley had done for both Robert and me. I explained to him some of how things were at home and how his family was providing me with experiences, even little common ones like being able to watch something trivial on television that I never had at home. I told him how much I appreciated his caring about me. I thought I saw a tear when after we parked the car in the alley behind the store where he always parked. I went around and gave him a hug. When I got home my parents were busy with their own activities. My mother was preparing an arrangement of cut red, white and blue carnations for some function that they were going to attend. My father was cleaning his golf clubs. I went upstairs after saying hello. They never bothered to ask what I had done the four days I had been gone.

I made sure that I had all my chores done that afternoon. I cleaned out the weeds in the floor beds. I cut the grass although it was mostly parched. I made sure that both porches were scrubbed and I hosed down the porches and the front side walk. I was sweating from the work and the heat. When I finished, I went up and took a bath of just cold water. It was still not very cold although I did not put any hot water in the tub at all. In all the years that I had been receiving money for chores I had never once asked my father for the money. I was anxious to have my ten dollars since that is what I was usually given for the yard work each week. I wanted to buy something for the Stanley's for being so nice to me. I felt a lot better after the bath. I sure smelled better, I thought. I dressed for dinner. When I went down, the discussion at the table was about the bicentennial and the plans for things that were going on in the nation and especially in Greenville. My mother said that they were going to Greenville to stay with their friend whose husband had died the week before. That since I had said that I would be staying with the Stanley's that they saw no reason for them to have to run back and forth. They were planning on going to another friend's house for a cook out on Sunday and would probably not be back until Monday.

I told them that was fine with me. I told them that I hope that they had a great Fourth of July. My mother said that she had prepared several of the red, white and blue arrangements and if I thought that Mrs. Stanley would like one I could have one to take to them as a present for staying with them. I said that was very nice and I had been trying to decide what to give them. This was really thoughtful of her. She smiled and said that social obligations were important. I did not feel obligated to take Robert's parents a gift I want to give them something. It was a nice arrangement and would have cost more than I could have afforded to spend to send flowers. After dinner I watched the news with my father. I saw more of the tall ships. The bicentennial moment after the news was on John Carrolton of Carrolton. I actually knew who he was. He was the last signer of the Declaration of Independence to die. He outlived all the others. We had read about him in a special history class for the bicentennial. When he turned off the television, it no longer bothered me.

Before I went upstairs, he did ask me if I had found a part time job. I told him that I had looked but nothing was available. I did tell him that if the guy's family moved to Anderson then I could probably get his job as a bag boy. He said that was fine and glad that I had been diligent in looking. He then took out his wallet and gave me my ten dollars. Then he folded another twenty and said that was to use if I needed it. He went on to say not to spend it foolishly, but since I was out a good bit I might need something or need to treat someone to a coke or milk shake and should have some extra for the holiday. I thanked him for his generosity and went up stairs. Thirty fucking dollars. I could not remember having that much money at one time in my entire life. I looked at it lying on my bed. Then I tried to decide what to do with it. I knew that I could not walk around with that much money on me. I would take it to Robert's house. I would hide it somewhere there in case I needed it.

The next morning after I had my sugar coated flakes; my mother told me that she would give me a lift to the Stanley's since I could not carry the arrangement on the bike. Then she said but you do not have a bike do you. Like she was not really sure but that somewhere someone had mentioned it in passing. I thought that she had not even paid attention when I had told her that Robert had worked a miracle and repaired it. I said no I had left it at the Stanley's house. I took a brown grocery bag from the stack on the back porch to take my clothes in. By this point in time, most of my clothes had migrated to Elm Street. I knew that Robert and I had to do a washing that afternoon or I would have nothing to wear. I took what clean underwear and a couple of tee shirts that were still good enough to wear for working in the yard. I had an old pair of jeans that I had wore the past school year. When I tried to put then on the legs were way too short. Maybe I was growing. Finally.

The next few days really are a blur. I remember watching most of the news with Mr. Stanley after supper on Thursday evening and seeing more of those tall ships. They fascinated me. There were some close-ups of the young Norwegian boys who were sailing the Norwegian ship. They were really pretty boys. Blond and blue eyed. Friday, Robert and I rode our bikes downtown, and I bought my first boxer shorts at the street sale. I got several pair since I had decided that I would go strictly boxers so I need at least a pair for each day of the week. Then I bought Robert a hot dog and a coke from the booth that the Jaycees were running. One of the churches had a booth with a cotton candy machine, so I bought one for each of us. I felt good being able to spend money without having to give an accounting of every penny. I sort of hoped that the guy did move to Anderson. We stopped and talked to Robert's father, he said that he had not sold one of those Hawaiian shirts to a man. Lots of women were buying them for their husbands though. We all laughed about how these poor men would be hating these shirts and not being able to say anything since their wives bought the shirt for them. Mr. Stanley said in a very serious manner that if were not able to sell those shirts then Robert and I would have to wear them until we were grown men because he had a good deal on them and bought a whole shipment. I told Robert that maybe we should go find some men to buy them. I really hated those shirts. Robert said that I should not worry about it his father was kidding us. He said that very few of Mr. Stanley's customers were men anyway. The women did all the shopping for them. If the women like the shirts then he would be able to sell two shipments. Sure enough when we came back by it looked like over half of the shirts had been sold. Mr. Stanley said that the First Baptist Church was having a luau and the women were flocking in to buy the shirts for their husbands. He figured he would be out before the sale was over.

Robert and I decided to stay in town until the music started for the dance. We did see the bag boy from the grocery store. He told me that his parents were moving to Anderson the last week in July so that if I wanted his job I should come back by the store. They usually hired one bag boy before the other one left, so he could teach the new boy how to bag groceries. I told him that I appreciated him letting me know and offered to buy him a coke from one of the booths. He declined, but I noticed that he kept looking at Robert and then looking at me. Finally, I asked him if anything was wrong. He said no that he was just surprised to see a high school kid and a junior high kid be friends. I told him that Robert was a lot smarter and more mature than most junior high kids. I told him that we were really close friends. He then asked me something that shocked me.

"Is he your, your know, boyfriend?"

Did everyone in Poinsettia know that I had a boy friend? Miss Brown must have told the world. "Why do you ask that?"

"I just saw the way you two look at each other. I know a high school girl who is friends with a junior high school kid. They are girl friend and boyfriend. They look the same way at each other."

"Well, don't be making wild accusations about something that you don't know anything about."

"I was not saying that there was anything bad about it. I just wish I had a boyfriend."

"You mean you...?"

"Well, yeah."

For the first time I realized that he had not heard anything. He was gay and had gaydar. I had read about it in some magazine where they said that gays said that they could recognize other gays but could not tell you why they could tell. I mean I had seen people who looked really straight but I could tell they were gay. I really had not paid too much attention to the bag boy. He was not a stud like Robert. He was pretty average from what I could tell. He had dishwater blond hair. He was about five ten or eleven and was thin but not really skinny. He had hazel eyes. He had really nice eyes, but his nose was crooked. It looked like it had been broken. I guess he must have been self-conscious about his nose since he looked at me and said, "I broke it when I was really small. I ran my tricycle off a cement block wall and fell onto the cement sidewalk below. I could not fall onto a hay stack or a pillow."

He was laughing at his own joke. He was cute when he laughed. Robert had been wondering around while we had been talking. "Robert, this is... . I'm sorry I forgot your name."

"I'm Craig Stevens," he said extending his hand to shake Roberts.

He was really polite. I said, "Robert, Craig is the present bag boy at the grocery store, and you are looking at the future bag boy. TeDuml." I made a dramatic gesture toward myself. "Craig also is one of the gang."

They both looked at me like I was insane. "He is a member of the club, fraternity, the bar... . He's one of us. He wants the same thing I have."

It was still not getting through to Robert. Although I was sure that he was a lot smarted than most people, sometimes he appeared to be awfully thick headed. Finally, I pulled Robert's head close and spoke directly into his ear. "Robert, he's queer like us. He wants a boyfriend."

It still did not seem to register. That was the first time that I thought that there might be something seriously wrong with my boyfriend. He led us out of the crowd and down School Street toward my house. He kept shaking his head like something was wrong. When we were away from the noise, he sat on the cement retaining wall that ran before several of the houses. I was concerned. "Robert can you hear me?"

"I can now. I couldn't hear a word you were saying back there. That noise. It was like I was deaf or something. It has happened a couple of times at school. When there was a lot of noise, it would get to where I could not distinguish one sound from another. Finally, I could not hear anything. I'll be okay. It scares me when I cannot hear though. I have been avoiding big crowds. That's why I have not gone to church. As long as I stay away from where there are lots of people I'm not bothered."

Craig has tagged along with us and seemed to be showing genuine concern over Robert's hearing condition. I could see by the tent in his trousers that Robert's hearing problems were not the only things, which were interesting the boy. Again from the tent in his trousers, it appeared that Craig's dick was of a normal length. Probably around six inches. I explained again who Craig was to Robert and that he was in deed one of us, pointing to the tent in his trousers. I suggested that since my house was close by and my parents were in Greenville for the weekend, we should go there. Robert and Craig readily agreed.

I took them in through the back alley since I did not want the neighbors reporting to my parents that I had a couple of boys over at the house while they were gone. I cut the attic fan on when we got there and raised my window. Since all the other windows were closed, the suction through my room was tremendous. It was like we were in the middle of a tornado. The curtains were standing almost straight out from the window. I calmed it down some by opening my window wider. Robert had stretched out on my bed, and Craig was seated at my desk. I sat on the other side of the bed from Robert.

"Craig, no sense sitting over there by yourself. Come on and join us," Robert said.

I will say one thing. Craig was not bashful. He came over to the bed and dived in between the two of us. He grabbed my dick in one hand and Robert's in the other. "You guys do not have any idea how many times I have jacked off thinking about getting it on with two guys at once. This is like my jack-off dreams come true."

Robert and I were kissing. I loved the way he would suck my tongue into his mouth. His tongue was large and strong. He would fuck my mouth with it. Craig was tugging my shorts down. I raised up to make it easier for him. He pulled my shorts and my underwear down at the same time. My dick flopped out into the air. It was not free for long. I looked down to see it disappear in the boy's hungry mouth. Robert was sucking my tongue. Craig was sucking my cock. I felt like one was pulling one way and the other the opposite direction. Something in my groin felt real good. Craig started fingering my asshole. He was rubbing my pucker with his thumbnail. Robert had my nipple between his thumb and finger and was twisting it. The pain was muffled by the electric shots of pleasure that I was feeling from their using my body. I loved having two guys work on me at the same time. I knew that I would not last long. I did not want it to end. Not ever. I pulled away from Craig's mouth a very unhappy cock.

"Wait," I said, as he tried to force me to let go of my cock so that he could continue sucking it. "I'm just about ready and I don't want to cum yet. Hold on. Let me rest and do something to you."

Robert help me pull the sex raving Craig up to us. Robert started nibbling on his neck and his cheeks and his chest. He was flicking his nipples with his hard tongue. Making long slashing salvia covered swipes back and forth across the boy's pecs. Craig was moaning and trying to get his cock out of his pants. I unbuttoned his jeans. He reared up to help me as I pulled them down. He was wearing a pair of jockey shorts that were strained to their limit. I had a hard time holding his dick down so that we could pull the elastic over it to get them off. His dick was about what I had thought. Six inches. Maybe a little less or a little more. The thing was that it was six inches of steel hard cock. It was not flexible at all but stood straight out from his body. If Robert's was Stanley the Power Tool, then Craig's was a hard steel drill bit. There was nothing soft about his cock. There were hard veins running around it. The cum line leading from the base to the top on the back was full and hard. There was nothing menacing about his dick. It was just hard, really hard.

I slipped down in the bed so that I could suck on his cock. Robert obviously had the same idea since we were looking each other in the eye with a dick between us. I started licking on my side, and he did the same on his side. I went down on the rod and pulled off. Then Robert did the same. We had it covered with our saliva. Then we started a duel with out tongues. Thrusting and sparing with Craig's cock the recipient of the pleasures our fight engendered. He was moaning loudly. Then Robert and I started French kissing with his cock locked between our hungry lips. Robert huge muscular tongue was attacking not only me but also the dick that reared up between us. Craig was crying for us to stop, or he was going to cum. That drove us onward. I took his balls and Robert took his cock. Craig was now cursing. He called on the Lord to help him. I was looking up at Robert. We were both smiling at the convulsing boy that we had in our power. I pulled both his medium sized balls into my mouth and pulled them away from his body with force. Robert had raised Craig's leg up so that he had ready access to his asshole. I spit on my hand an couple of times and rammed two fingers into the boy's pink hole. I pulled out and Robert followed by pushing two of his bigger fingers in and out several time. When he pulled out I had no trouble pushing all four of my fingers in. Robert pulled his head away from Craig's dick and slobbered more saliva on my hand as I was working my hand in and out of the boy's now gapping hole. Then suddenly as though inspired I pushed not only my four fingers but also my thumb and the rest of my hand into the hungry hole. I slid in and formed a fist with my little hand. I was now into his ass up to my wrist. I felt for his prostate and started ramming it with my fist. Robert had taken his shorts off and I could see the precum dripping from his powerful tool as he was excited by watching me fist fuck and filling the boys asshole up with my hand and arm. He went back down on Craig's cock just as he released his powerful orgasm. Craig was screaming in a shrill high voice. His asshole was constricting around my arm and this prostate was spasm after spasm against my balled fist. I pulled out hurriedly afraid that my arm would be permanently entrapped in his ass if I did not. He was tightening up so quickly that I knew it would be painful for both of us if I did not get out.

There were tears running down the boy's cheeks. I was concerned. I saw the worry on Robert's face as well. I could also see that he had been really aroused since his cock was throbbing and precum was dripping from the slit on the top of his cock like a dripping faucet. I too was hard still. "Are you okay? Did I hurt you?" I asked.

"Oh, God, no. That was fantastic. I almost passed out it was so intense. I am sure that in all my wildest jerk-off dreams I had never come up with anything as wild as this has been. I have never had an orgasm like that in my life. No. Thank you, Thank you both. It was wonderful." Although he was praising us, tears were still running down his face.

"Then why are you crying?"

"I cry when I am happy, but that's not the reason. I was all excited about going to Anderson and meeting new boys. Now, that I have had the greatest experience of my life, I don't want to go and leave it. You two are the best. I don't want to go to Anderson."

"You'll be running away from home once you get a taste of Stanley here," I said hefting Robert's monstrous cock in my hand, so that he could look at it.

"Oh, my God, it's huge," he screamed in that shrill effeminate scream that he had. "That's the most beautiful cock I have ever seen." He was up on his hands and knees now and was inspecting Robert's dick up close. I looked, and Craig's own cock was already semi-hard after just having had a volcanic orgasm. He hovered over Robert's cock. His tongue was licking his lips involuntarily. I could see the hunger in the boy's eyes. "Can I suck it?" He asked in a reverential voice.

"Sure. Suck it. Just take your time. We don't want you chocking to death on it." Robert chuckled. I could tell that he had sensed the boy's inability to control his passions. Robert rubbed Craig's neck as the boy slowly descended on his cock. I could tell that he was no novice cock sucker since he went all the way down on Robert's eight inches on the first go. His nose was rubbing in the brown hairs at the base of Robert's cock. I could see the outline of Stanley in the boy's throat. I reached and rubbed it through the skin of his throat. I was massaging my boyfriend's huge cock as it was rammed down the throat of another boy. I thought to myself this is the sort of thing that jerk-off dreams are made of. I slipped in between Robert's legs and started licking his balls. I raised his legs and went for his rosebud with my tongue. I could taste the salt on his skin. I could smell his musky smell. It was a turn on. I wanted his asshole. I wanted it to taste funky like my stud, my stallion, my boyfriend.

I heard humming like some one was humming a song. I pulled out to see that it was Craig. He was humming. His throat vibrating around Robert's dick. There was a look of rapture on Robert's face. He pulled me up to him and kissed me deep and hard. Just then I felt his entire body go rigid. I could tell that the was unloading his sperm fill cum into the waiting, wanting mouth of the boy who was sucking madly for this reward. As Robert calmed down. Craig pulled his mouth from his cock. He licked any remaining cum from around his lips and then proceeded to clean up Robert's cock making sure there was no tell tale remaining evidence. He plucked a drop of white cum from the pubic hairs with his tongue.

"Thank you, Craig. That is twice in a week that I have had my cock all the way in someone's throat. I never thought that it would happen. No one was ever able to do it before. You and my lover here, Ricky," he paused and pulled me to his side. "You two are the best that I have ever known. The best cock suckers in the world. Ricky, you have got to learn to hum." He laughed. We all laughed, and he pulled Craig to his other side. We both hugged the boy between us. " And now it's your turn," he said looking into my eyes.

I will say that what they did to me then met with no objections. My only complaint was that I did not last long enough. Robert worked on my balls and ass in much the same way I had done him while Craig sucked me. It seemed like a waste of talent to have someone who could deep throat like he could sucking on my cock which was barely mouthful for him. He did an excellent job. With my boyfriend servicing my asshole, it did not take long for me to unload lode after lode of my hot young cum into Craig's wonderfully talented mouth.

When we finished, we lay there on my bed in my bed room. I thought Robert Stanley is nothing sacred. I have now not only eaten in my room, had a Pepsi in my room but I have had sex with my boyfriend and another boy in my room. "I'm sorry we don't have a shower. We could all take a cold bath."

"Hey do you have a hose?" Robert asked me.

"Sure I have a hose that I use to water the flowers and wash the side walk."

"Is it hooked up around back?"


"Then let's get under the hose."

"You mean... ."

"No, don't you have a bathing suit that would fit Craig?"

"Probably not. But I have a pair of your shorts that would probably fit."

"What are you going with a pair of my shorts?

"I brought them home with me, and I forgot to bring them back."

We were all in shorts. I turned on the hose. I told them that I was going to hose them. I had heard boys say that about girls. We laughed. No one saw us. At least I never heard that any of the neighbors told my parents that I had a couple of boys under our hose while they were away. If they had said anything I had a story prepared about us getting into mud and needing to rinse off so that we could go in the house. It never dawned on me that we were in the middle of a summer draught and there had been no rain or mud in over a month. It was a good thing it never was mentioned because I would have been caught lying.

When we finished, we put the clothes that we had been wearing on. I threw Robert's shorts into the basket on my bike. The three of us went back up toward Main Street after I had made sure the fan was off, my window was shut, no lights were left on and the door was locked. I asked Craig if his parents would be worried about him. He said that his mother had gone to visit his aunt and uncle. His father was home drunk. His father did not have to work at the mill the next week, so he would stay drunk the entire week. He would have gone with his mother except he needed to work to make money for his school clothes. We hung out and watched the people dancing at the street dance and listened to the band. It was a country band, but it was live music. There was a really cute boy playing bass. He had black curly hair and was sort of skinny. He had the biggest grin when he looked at us. Robert said that the boy was in one of his classes, so he must only be thirteen or fourteen at the most. He was really good on his instrument. He had a pair of really tight jeans and high topped cowboy boots. Craig said that he thought that the boy was hot. I did too. I had a boyfriend, but I knew that he looked at other boys, and I did too.

We invited Craig to the campout the next night. He said that he would ask his father if he found him sober enough. If not then he would just come without telling him. He said that his dad was not a mean drunk, but that sometimes he would cuss his mother out and call her vile names. He said that his father's favorite thing to call her when he was like that was a two bit whore. We all laughed including Craig.

It was Friday night. The moon was shinning. We were watching couples slow dance. Robert and I were leaning on out bikes. Craig was sort of swaying with the music. It was still hot although the sun had gone down over an hour ago. What a week, I thought. It had started off with a great day Monday and having sex in the woods with my boyfriend. We had made a new friend. I reached out and pulled Craig closer to me so that the people dancing would not step on him. He had his eyes closed. I knew he was probably dancing in his daydreams with the young curly haired bass player. I had deep throated my boyfriend's cock. Craig had too. Robert was happy. He was smiling at both of us. Tomorrow would be spent getting ready for the Great American Bicentennial Campout and Sunday was the Fourth of July. I though about that old Chicago song. Something about Saturday in the park it must have been the Fourth of July.