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Evening In

After exchanging soothing neck and shoulder massages and some slippery, playfulness in a hot shower, we were both naked now on the bed in his hotel room. He lay on his back, arms crossed behind his head with his eyes closed and breathing calmly. In the dim light, I lie head-long between his extended legs with my arms curled beneath him, cradling his heavy, muscular thighs beside my ears. My hands wrapped up and around his waist to meet just below his navel.

His brawny, 5'9", 230-pound frame sported a hefty 9-inches of Grade-A Choice beef that jutted upward only inches from my moist, trembling lips like a north-seeking arrow from a patch of dark blond curls. The shaft more than filled my fist as I wetted my lips and wiggled mouth over the spongy, bulbous knob. It was roughly the size of a tangerine and with more than a little difficulty, I finally stretched my small mouth wide enough to fit him inside. I slowly managed to bury my face in his crotch. Leisurely, I moved my head up and down, savoring the shower fresh flavor of him and letting my long brown locks tickle the insides of his thighs.

I took my time; alternating between shallow, rapid dips on him where I focused solely on the sensitive underside of his flaring crown, to deep dives where I opened my throat as best I could to consume him nearly to the root. Occasionally, I'd suck aggressively just on the bloated pink cap until my cheeks hollowed, then let him burst from my mouth in a *pop*. When the tip of my nose touched his furry abdomen and his bulging cockhead stretched my esophagus, he reached down, sighed and caressed the top of my head.

"Ohhmmmmm...that's nice." He glanced down over his belly and whispered. I nearly had his stalk completely in my throat before my gag reflex kicked in, however. My own prick swelled as I pictured this marvelous dick digging deeply in my ass. I pulled my mouth of that delicious lollipop for a moment and marveled at the now bright red and swollen head. In the soft light, it glistened with my saliva and looked so silky and smooth.

Opening my mouth again as wide as I could, I continued gobbling him up in earnest.

"Fuck my face, honey." I mumbled with a mouth full of cock. My sucking managed to coax a steady stream of his savory pre-cum that I eagerly lapped up with my flattened tongue. My oral efforts also brought those thick, bluish veins to the surface which pulsed with his heartbeat.

After a few minutes, he stroked the sides of my face with his large hands; pulling my mouth off of his knob as he sighed anxiously,

"Okay, that's enough."

"Gimme more." I begged.

"You're making me so hot. I don't want to cum yet." He added. Nor did I so I pursed my lips and adoringly planted one more lingering kiss on the head of that superb boner. Reluctantly, I released him and glided my way up his husky torso until we were face-to-face. He wrapped his strong arms around me when I tenderly covered his mouth with mine. I straddled him, letting the full weight of me settle above him while our tongues dueled. Our stiff cocks lay side-by-side between us; both full, firm, and oozing in anticipation. Suddenly he pushed me up and away from his mouth. "You're making so horny." He paused and said.

"Do you think you can take me?"

"I don't know." I gulped in reply. "It's really big. I know I want to try." I smiled and kissed him again anxiously.

"I want you..." I exhaled into his mouth.

"I want you inside of me, honey." Gulping hard again I whispered then kissed him.

"I want you deep inside of me." I added, breathlessly.

"Roll over and get on your back," he directed. I obeyed and he slipped to the side of the bed to give me room and then crawled back around to get between my legs which I'd eagerly spread for him. I handed him the bottle of lubricant from the nightstand which he squirted generously into his palm. I closed my eyes and smiled as he lowered his cupped hand to the crevice of my naked, quivering buttocks. I sighed as he coated my crack with the warm, clear liquid then tenderly massaged my puckered hole with his fat, middle finger.

Gently, he inserted the tip of his thick digit into my hairless, butt-twat. Instinctively, my dainty hole clamped down around it, causing my lower torso to jerk. Recognizing this, he held it there for only a moment, then removed it, squirted a little more lube directly over my exposed anus, then continued working it like a snake charmer until he slid painlessly back inside of me.

He lovingly finger-fucked me; slowly letting my delicate ring get accustomed to the invasion. With his free hand, he used some of the lube to slather my own full and aching cock and balls. He didn't force it, but he persisted in sinking his finger in a little deeper with each probe. As always, there was some burning and discomfort at first which caused me to grimace and fidget a bit, but I kept thinking of how good it was going to feel when he was finally inside of me.

"Ummmmmm...yeaaaah...." I cooed. "Yeaah...nice and easy. Just like that." I whispered. I could feel my tender rosebud blossoming open for him. After a few moments, he managed to gently ease two, then almost three fingers into me when I opened my eyes and peered down at him and said.

"Okay – that kinda hurts but - I think I'm ready to try if you are." He grinned widely.

Propping my head with a pillow, I gazed down over my slippery cock and saw his ripe, rotund weapon pointing upward as he inched his way between my wide and willing legs. That sturdy appendage protruded from his crotch like a heavy tree limb and swayed ominously toward me. He reached under my knees, pushed my legs up so the backs of my calves rested against his shoulders and settled himself into position.

I remember it as if it were staring me in the face now, and thought of the various objects I'd used in my fantasies over the years, and how none compared to the very real, full and fat penis that now swung between my bare and trembling thighs. As he shifted on his knees, the heavy timber slapped against the inside of my creamy thighs, now only inches from my waiting and wanting asshole. The thought that it was only moments before it would be gouging into me made me shudder with anticipation. I nervously caressed his hands and forearms then deliberately reached down to spread my buttocks for him. I was now totally exposed to him and felt completely feminine and vulnerable. He reached between my legs and aimed his cock downward with his thumb to align it with my puckered, quivering hole.

"Go easy, please." I pleaded. He leaned forward and slowly began to slide the first of those impressive 9-inches into me. Despite my enthusiasm, my oily little man-cunt reflexively resisted. Ultimately, however, it was no match for the persistent pressure of a cock that would not be denied.

"Ohhh....shhhiiiiieet!" I squinted in pain and pressed my head back into the pillow and gasped as that spongy spear pierced and parted my crinkled lips. Immediately, the familiar stinging intensified around my puckered ring as he ruptured me and I was completely powerless to stop him. Not that I wanted to anyway.

Arching my back, I dug my fingernails into my taut butt cheeks; pulling them apart in an attempt to open myself up wider. Slowly he retracted, then inched back in again and again, penetrating me a little deeper, stretching my halo a little wider with each downward and inward thrust.

As he sank deeper into me, I felt that turgid mushroom cap scraping the inner walls of my rectum to make way for the heated hog leg that fed it. It seemed to swell with each reentry.

"God! You're ripping me open!" I whimpered then drew in a deep breath through my clenched teeth, arched my lower torso upward toward him. I twisted side-to-side causing my hair to fall into my face.

"It helps if you try to push a little." He whispered. I did as he instructed and pushed as if to shit; trying to open myself up wider. It helped. But at about four inches in, he hit my joy button - the thin layer of tissue separating my rectum from my prostate.

"OWW!" I yelped and lurched upward by the jolt of pain as that big fucker dug into me.

"Sorry." He whispered.

"No...it's ok." I gasped and replied. "Just hold it there for a sec then go slow – it'll be ok." He did as I asked and gradually my constricting channel relaxed. I felt him back out an inch or two then he pressed forward again. My guts stretched to accommodate him and a second later, that fat, bulbous head bulldozed it's way over my prostate he was snaking smoothly into me.

"Ohhhh...fawwwwwwk..." I groaned helplessly as my eyes rolled up and inward to the back of my head.

"Oh God....you're..." I gasped, "You're getting up in there deep now, honey." But there was still more to come. It seemed there was no end as I felt him plowing deeper and deeper. He began long-dicking me ever so gently. I was moaning and groaning, panting and cooing...all I wanted was more of that beefy, pulsating cock.

"Damn, you're tight!" He stated.
"Uuugghh-huh," was all I was able to get out as I writhed beneath him.

After a few minutes of slow stroking, he leaned forward, driving my knees nearly into my shoulders and my feet above my head.

"Let's open these hips up, babe." He grunted. I hadn't thought about loosening up before jumping in the sack so now the taut muscles extending from my lower back, around my buttocks, to the backs of my thighs were suddenly stretched to screaming. He was clearly in the zone now and preparing me for some serious ass-pounding.

"Good girl. You've got it all in you now." He heaved. To my surprise, my hungry little channel took every inch of him though I grit my teeth in pain as he split me. I was positively stuffed full of cock! He rested for a moment, letting my distended backdoor to get accustomed to the sudden invasion; his taut pelvis pressed tightly against my splayed, naked core and his heavy nuts nestled snugly in the crack of my ass.

"How's it feel?" He smiled and whispered.

"God, you feel so good..." I gulped. "You feel so good inside of me." Opening my eyes slightly I smiled back up to him and placed my hands on his shoulders.

"Please fuck me!" I begged.

"You want me to fuck you?" He whispered emphatically in more of a statement than a request. I closed my eyes tightly, nodded, and he began hammering into my ass like a bull mating a cow; propelling that fat, meat-piston up and down, in and out of my greasy cylinder to the point I thought he just might tear through my stomach. When he said, "fucked" he no-shit meant "fucked!" I was literally writhing in delicious agony beneath him and on the verge of losing consciousness from the deep, blissful, pile-driving.

"Ooo ba-baby." I grunted beneath him. "Squeeze my tits. Oooo fuck....uuhnn!...Fucking pinch my titties while you...uugghh....fuck me!" I gasped. With his left hand, he grasped my full and firm, right man-boob and squeezed. I'm blessed to be endowed with natural, B-cup breasts that through enhancement creams and exercise, I've developed into almost a C-cup. When I was younger, before I discovered and acknowledged the 'she' in me, they were an embarrassment. Now, they were an added bonus to my lover who generally enjoyed nibbling and sucking the dime-sized areole and pinching the pointy nipple between his teeth.

I've also always been a little chatty in the sack, or so I'm told, because I like my fucker to know what's going through my head while he's going through my ass. Besides, when I hear myself moan and say, "ohhhh...screw me!" and when my lover hears me shout, "Butt-fuck me, honey!" It's usually like throwing gasoline on a bonfire and before long, my man kicks it into high gear and truly begins to ravage my asshole.

"Oh, Shit...Yeah, sugar, that's it. Fuck me!" The words escaped my dry mouth as he deep-dicked me; rotating his hips while the fat head of his cock pressed tightly against the absolute end of my anal canal. If my asshole were a glove, his cock was the hand it was made for.

"Fuck me! Uhh-huh!" I grunted. "Breed me! Ooooo...Gush in my guts! Uunnnhh!"

I was his bitch-in-heat and groaned with each powerful, inward thrust.

"Shoot it in me, honeeeee!" My tone rose an octave as I cried.

"Ohh...Uggh! Ughh! Yeah...Fill me up! Uuuggh! C'mon, baby. Do it! Uuuggh..shhiiiit! BUTT-FUCK MEEEEE!" I shrieked in my girlish voice. As expected, he enjoyed the encouragement and responded by increasing the tempo of his plunging and palmed both of my firm, full tits and squeezed them until I shrieked. "Owwww!" He drove into me forcefully; driving the air from my lungs and causing the top of my head to impact with the headboard. I flung my arms out to the side and gripped the sides of the mattress in efforts to stabilize us and keep from being fucked through the wall.

"Oh Yeah, baby!" He answered. "Deep in you! OOOOOoooohhhhhhh Faaawwwwwwckkkkkk!" He whispered hoarsely, "Oh shit...you ready honey? Here it....here it c-cummmsss!"

I grasped two fists-full of bed sheet and braced myself as he slammed himself all the way up and into me; his pelvic bone crashed brutally into my tender, exposed perineum just beneath my full and aching balls. His back arched as he threw his weight into me. He swelled in me and then...

"UUUGgggnnhh!" He groaned deeply. "Oh! OHHH... Fffuuuucccccckkkkkkkkk!!!" His words tailed off.

No shit – I thought he pissed in me. I've never felt anyone shoot as vigorously! It was comical, actually. Amid the grunting and gasping to catch my breath, I looked down, between my spread legs and my own hard cock and giggled like a girl; amazed at the amount of cum he was unloading into me.

"OH GOD!" I gasped as he hit me with another stiff volley. My head flew back hard into the pillow. He withdrew a few inches, threw his head back, then stuffed that glorious cock back in with another, "F-F-Faaawwwwwwwk...take it bitch!"

"Oh m—my God!" I stammered in disbelief.

"Uuugghhh! Ohhh..shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit." Every muscle in his body stiffened as he emptied himself into me; saturating every cranny and crevice of my gaping man-pussy with gooey guy-glue. I had never experienced such a tremendous feeling of fullness. I nearly passed out.

A moment later he collapsed onto me, wriggling his hips involuntarily and stirring his cock inside the lake of cum in my chute. His weight was heavy but not uncomfortable on top of me as he lay still imbedded between my quivering legs. I lie there heaving with my eyes closed and enjoyed the feeling of him throbbing inside of me and his chest heaving against mine. Gradually, our breathing slowed.

I chuckled quietly again and he gently swept my hair away from my sweaty face. He smiled softly and our lips met. He kissed me gingerly at first; softly brushing his dry lips over mine. I tilted my head, opened my mouth and allowed his tongue to probe passionately inside. I responded in kind.

He didn't seem in a hurry to pull out and get on his way, and neither was I. He remained thick and throbbing in me, but no longer hard. Personally, I like to lie there with my fucker's cock inside my hole for as long as he cares. It was a short-lived but wonderful fuck and with that thought, I guess I drifted off, happy and thankful for what I'd just had.

However, after about five minutes of lying there I felt him nuzzling into the crook of my neck. He wiggled his hips again a few times and I felt something starting to stir delicately inside of me.

His lips covered mine and we kissed; his arms drew beneath and around me as we gently rolled to lie on our side. With his cock still in me I lazily draped a leg over his hip. He slowly long-dicked my juicy hole. With our mouths still tightly locked, I rolled him onto his back and slowly gyrated my hips in response to his subtle thrusting. While we kissed and shared hushed, sexy-talk, I casually rode him; basking in the fullness within me and the satisfaction I was able to bring to him.

"This is nice." He breathed quietly into my face with his eyes closed.

"Mmmm-hmmmmmm..." Tilting my head I smiled and responded. My arms were wrapped around him and we rolled until I was beneath him again and took the opportunity to wrap my legs firmly around him as I felt him swelling again deep inside of me.

This time he took it slow and easy for a good fifteen minutes. My hole was already severely stretched and sore but I was somewhere in outer space and honestly now only cared about making this last all night! My whole body trembled. Electricity ran up my spine that started around my puffy ass-lips and radiated to my flopping ball-sac. My legs quaked uncontrollably as the muscles relaxed. He moved in me so smoothly, I wasn't just moaning – I think I was actually purring beneath him!

"You're shivering," he smiled and whispered.

"You're amazing." I whispered back in reply and reached behind his head to pull his lips back to mine. We kissed deeply.

A moment later, he hoisted himself above me again in a push-up position and began to pump harder again and, if possible, deeper. As he increased his tempo, the enormous, creamy load he dumped into me earlier squished and squirted out of my punished anus; slathering my swollen ass-lips and greasing the way naturally for another intense penetration.

Dammit, I wanted to just suck him all the way into me.

He impaled me entirely and I tilted my hips upward, raising my butt off the mattress as best I could to match his deep down strokes. In doing so, it changed the trajectory of his assault slightly but just enough so when he drove back into me, that plump plum on the end of his dick bounced savagely against my prostate.

"Uunggh! Uunnggh! God yeah!" I grunted as he pounded into me.

"Fuck me...uugh...fuck my ass-s-ss-sss!" I hissed and stammered under the jolting.

Beads of perspiration formed on his forehead and the sides of his face as he worked me over. Some gathered and actually dripped onto my chest as I watched and threw my arms up and around his neck for leverage. His face took on a `serious' look as he began to pump me more rapidly. His upper lip fell behind his lower teeth as he pummeled me.

"Oh, yeah, baby," he gasped, "Almost there again! Oh...oh...Ohhh...yeahhhhhhhh....fuck..." He growled. "Ohhh...f-f-fuuuuuuuuuuck baaaby..." His voice wavered.

I stroked his rigid back muscles and reached down as far as I could to hook his firm, flexing ass cheeks and pull them into me but only managed to occasionally clutch and guide his hips as he rhythmically rose and fell into me. I wanted him as deep as he could get. My aching ass was crying to be re-filled. The juicy, slapping sounds of him hammering into me and his groin slamming into my thighs and balls echoed through the hotel room.

"Awwwwhhh...dammit! Gonna fuckin' shoot you again!"

I hunched up into him and used what little strength my abused and dilated sphincter had left to squeeze and milk that cock! I wanted him to soak my guts again. I wanted it soooo much. I grunted and groaned beneath him. I was his cum-dump and wanted him to know it!

"Oh darling..uggh! C'mon. Fucking fill my assss." I hissed. "I want th-that hot load as much as you wa-want to give it!" I stammered. "OOHHHHHH..FUCK Yeah, c'mon hon-honeeeeey!" I panted breathlessly into his face like the wanton man-slut I was as he sawed me in two with that outrageously fat cock. "OH FUCK ME! Make a woman outta meeee!" I begged. "OOHH...OOOHHH! UGGHH!!" I grunted shamelessly beneath his heavy pounding.

"OH GOD! Empty those nuts,..ughh! Yea-...Yeahh..Babe!" I swallowed hard. "Knock me up!" I ordered. "Fucking impregnate meee!"

He lurched forward, covering my open mouth with his and driving his tongue deep inside. He kissed me, hard! So hard our teeth made a sullen 'clunk' against each other in our wet, coupled mouths. He buried his face into mine and moved his arms from what was a push-up position to grab the sides of my head with his hands. The length of him lay fully on top of me as his fingers clenched hands-full of my dark hair and...

"MMMMMMNNnnnnnggggggggggggggg!!!!!!" his muffled yell filled my mouth as he froze.

"YEAAAHHUUMMMM!" I squinted and screamed hoarsely back into his.

"UUUGGGHHNNN!!!!" He grunted. I forced my mouth away, turned my head to gasp for air and cried, "OH—HH b-baabyy..."SCREW MEEEE! FUCK MY PUSS-EEEEEE!" We were a tangle of heaving, wheezing, sweaty man-flesh; consummately connected to each other at the union of my aching, yawning asshole and his meaty magnificence. We rutted like animals in heat, causing the springs on the mattress to creak and squeal beneath us. He bred me with careless abandon and I surrendered completely to his persistent pounding.

The steel-like salami, which was as big as my wrist to begin with, seemed to swell to the size of a Louisville Slugger! He forced my lips back to his and buried his tongue in my mouth again. His eyes scrunched tight as he grunted and bellowed into my mouth. He kissed me so hard I thought he was either going to completely suck the oxygen out of me, or simply fuck me into a coma. I felt my guts expanding around him; widening farther than I thought possible to accept that agonizingly massive prick and then...mercifully...I felt him shoot.

He erupted so powerfully I could feel the first gush literally splatter rudely against the back wall of my distended rectal womb. He pushed into me so deeply, I felt him deep in the bottom of my belly and it hurt, "OWWWWWHHHHMMMMMMMMMM!" I screamed into his mouth as I pulled him fiercely against and into me. I hurt – but it was such a delicious hurt that tears seeped from my tightly clenched eyes. I reached down and dug my fingernails into his flexing glute muscles; simultaneously pulling him into me and pushing upward trying to draw every millimeter of him into my greedy, hungry hole.

He slammed his pelvis into me; grinding himself deeply into the core of me. His hips rotated that mammoth cock against my bowels, churning his spunk to thick, lathery butter. My legs shot upward and outward in total surrender to the anal assault. An instant later, they wrapped themselves tightly around him; my heels digging into the small of his back as I felt the immense girth ripping me open.

My mouth flew from his again in search of oxygen only to catch a shock of my hair. One moment my hands angrily squeezed his taut buttocks; then another, they slid under his arms grasping his shoulders and clutching at his skin – desperately trying to drag him closer and deeper into me. The intense feeling of another man riding me, crushing himself into me, dumping his seed into me – impregnating me -- was overwhelming.

Again, he swiveled his hips uncontrollably, causing that enormous slab of pulsating beef inside of me to press hard against the swollen nut of my prostate. My battered anus convulsed madly and my cock responded as if being stroked from the inside. He shoved that fat fucker deep into me again and I felt another colossal anal spasm crash into me. I was experiencing a sensation I'd never felt before. He arched his back, dug his toes into the mattress and lunged powerfully into me again, driving the air from my lungs.

"Ooouufff!" I huffed, as that bloated monster collided violently with my constricted canal. In that instant, a single thought flashed through my mind -- anal orgasm –- and I was having my first one! A huge dollop of cum ejected from my cock now pinned snugly between us, then another, and another! He stabbed me deep one final time and I screamed like a banshee.

"AAAHHAAOOOOOOOOWWWmmmmmmmmmmmpph!" He sealed my mouth firmly again with his to muffle my screech. As he gushed, the bloated, purple head of his enormous cum-slinger split my sloppy cavity to the point where I knew it would be days before it would recover to normal size. I'd never felt so full...so utterly and completely full of luscious, hot, throbbing cock!

I don't know how he did it. He pumped what felt like a gallon of molten jizz into me less than an hour before and here it came again! I was a double-filled cum slut covered with spew and sweat and knew I'd be oozing his creamy man-sauce for the rest of the weekend. Once more, he kissed me fully on the mouth, then totally collapsed in a heap on top of me. Somewhere, seconds or years later, my brain overloaded and I blacked-out.

I awoke, apparently only moments later, to find him dozing on top of me. Our breathing synchronized in the now quiet room filled only with the scent of musky man-sex. As his body relaxed, I felt him soften inside of me and my shredded rectum gently expelled him. No way to describe the emptiness I felt as the length and girth of him slithered out of my swollen and gaping man-snatch. My battered butthole randomly belched pops and fizzles of air that he'd pumped into me. The fluttery, ass-pussy farts were accompanied by a stream of thick, frothy semen that dribbled over my flattened ass globes to pool beneath us.

He awoke and quietly rolled off. With my eyes still closed, I inhaled deeply, sighed and thought myself floating above the soaked and soiled sheets. A moment later, I opened my eyes to find his head propped on an elbow as he smiled softly at me.

"Thanks," he whispered.

I brushed the hair from my flushed, sweaty face, smiled and answered, "You totally knocked me up." He chuckled, kissed me lightly again and smiled. "Glad you enjoyed it, too." He replied.

Back at work, Tuesday, he just phoned to see if I am free next weekend and instantly, my tender sphincter clenched in anticipation. I try not to fidget too much in my office chair because my asshole is wrecked and I'm still evacuating traces of the seed he planted sooooo fucking deep in me.

I can hardly wait.