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Reading other people's texts made think, and desire to write too. Fairy Tales does include some graphic sex scenes--despite these, Fairy Tales concerns True Love, the ways to a special someone, delights and fears, relationships, Life. If you are searching for a sex-related text, maybe you will need to leave.
The events which occur are not real, neither are the characters.
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W A R N I N G: This story contains adult themes and sexual relations between people of the same gender. If you are under legal age to read this story or if you object to the content listed above, please do not continue. Thank you.


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Here is chapter 10, still elusive with shallow characters.
Chapter 11 is on its way, with more details on Paris, Jamie, and Robbie.

F a i r y T a l e s

" A * Closed * Window "

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The Woods' apartment,
The living room,
Tuesday afternoon:

The phone rang and West answered while Ky still described The Window: "It's Ryan Spencer, Ky."

"Really?" he asked confused. He stood and took the phone West handed him. "Yes?"

"Who is he?" asked Jamie to Paris, whispering. Paris answered nothing.

Ky spoke quietly, walking into the corner. Soon, he put the phone on the small table standing there close to him, and he walked back to his guests. "Your photography is really splendid: thanks," he told Jamie as he took the frame.

"It's not as splendid as your carving," Jamie answered.

"Is Ky's carving the wood carving on your shelf?" Paris asked Jamie who nodded 'yes'. "It's really good, Ky."

"Thanks," Ky answered them, timid, as he walked away to his room with the framed photography.

The Woods' apartment,
Ky's room,
Still Tuesday afternoon:

Ky lay the photography on his desk. The Window 'd look good above my desk, he considered. Maybe...

He closely observed the photography and soon, he guessed the Window portrayed him, the way Jamie viewed him:

As the bright white walls reflecting the light during noon, Ky appeared always happy, his eyes gleaming, revealing himself as being sensitive, and acted 'cute' & 'adorable', always within reason, agreeably & pleasingly with others: a charming pretty boy.

The mixed colored flowers before the window attracted people to him, and drew them to look through the window, into him. The drapes were pulled open for them to see.

Obviously, maybe not so willing for people to see him, as the drapes slightly showed on each side, ready to be closed.

Then, the glass pane reflected the blue fleecy sky. Not something from him, something from the garden: a pretty clear blue fleecy sky. His real self hid within him, and he acted the way people more or less wanted him to--as a pretty clear blue sky white clouds covered: even the sky hid.

Still, a grey cat was sitting there, looking from the window. A grey cat... Nothing else than the cat may be seen when the photographer looked through the window. Cats have no masters, they rule themselves and do as they please. Maybe people perceived an attitude close to cats' attitude when they looked into Ky. Probably the unique attitude they caught when they looked. Still, the grey cat seemed in captivity, so maybe not so master...

The rest, the real him, hid into the darkness reflecting the fleecy sky.

Ky sighed, and walked to the door, closing it after him.

The Woods' apartment,
The living room,
Still Tuesday afternoon:

When he entered the living room, Kay, West, Paris and Jamie were speaking casually. He took his seat and listened.

Kay and Paris were sitting close together on the sofa, Kay relaxed with his legs folded beneath him and Paris holding his hand resting on the sofa between them. He appeared delicately little (5'5) close to tall & strong Paris (6'3). Kay's fair & pale hair, transparent as it seemed, contrasted with Paris' dark hair, as his icy blue eyes did with his lover's dark eyes. Both were light-skinned. Paris' (skin), strangely, was covered with light golden reddish-brown freckles.

Ky then observed Jamie. He stood tall (6'5), strong, slender and fit, as West and Paris. People being tall and strong scared Ky who needed absolute control on the world to live stresslessly.

Jamie's eyes were hershey chocolates mixed with golden chips--not golden chips enclosing the apple: mingled with the darker color--always gleaming and sparkling. His hair appeared as spiky horsehair, thick and hard, with dark brown and light brown streaks together. Winter altered nothing to his bronzed skin. A really handsome man...

Another handsome man was West, sitting on Ky's left. Strong, tall (6'4), fit and slender, West resembled their Mom, as he and Kay, and also their Dad. His dark hair combed backwards revealed his handsome face, and his light blue eyes twinkled. Ky loved to hear him speak, his speaking being ragged and husky, similarly to Tcheky Karyo's.

Ky completely missed what they were saying, mute as he observed them. Soon he realised eyes were fixed on him, and he appeared confused: "Yes?" he asked hesitatingly.

West shook his head, as Kay giggled and Paris & Jamie laughed lightly.

"Nothing," West answered, grinning.

Ky stood, ignoring them, and stretched slightly. "Are you staying for tonight's meal?" he asked Paris and Jamie.

"Please, do, Paris, Jamie" agreed Kay.

Paris agreed (as always), and asked Jamie: "Are you?"

"Yes, if it is does not bother you," he answered the Woods brothers.

Despite his will to be detached with Jamie, West appreciated him, as he acted as an easy going and pleasing guy. He stayed mute.

Ky shook his head. "It does not, Jamie," he responded. After excusing himself, he walked to the kitchen to cook their meal. They each offered to do something too--nonetheless, Ky refused.


The Woods' apartment,
The kitchen,
Still Tuesday afternoon:

As they entered the kitchen, West carrying the coffee & milk pots & mug with Jamie holding still more mugs, they discovered Ky putting away cooking utensils. He stood on tiptoes, still not able to reach the shelf to put a dish back to its place. They laughed quietly, and West, after laying the pots & mug on the table, took the dish from Ky's hand: "We need a stool here for you," he teased Ky, still laughing.

Ky ignored West's teasing. "The mugs go into the sink, Jamie," he told Jamie, seeing him still holding them. "They need to be washed." He chose to wash them immediately, to be done faster. Jamie dried them as West put away the last utensils either on their shelf, cupboard or drawer. When they finished, Ky took the mugs and bent down to open a cupboard. Jamie observed him, thinking 'he has a cute & tight little bottom'.

"What are we going to eat, tonight?" West asked.

"Corn salad, grilled lamb with soused mushrooms and mashed egg-plant, three-apple pie."

"Are we being treated?" Jamie asked.

"Ky always treats us when he cooks," West answered him.

"As you do, too, West," Ky responded. "He always is shy admitting he cooks," he then told Jamie, who laughed lightly.

West ruffled his brother's hair.


The Woods' apartment,
Tuesday evening:

When they were finished with their meal, they cleared the table together, and while Ky and West washed the dishes, forks, knives, spoons, and glasses, Ky and Jamie dried them, and Paris put them away, being familiar with the kitchen. Soon, all was done.

Jamie needed to leave.

Paris stayed with Kay.

The Woods' apartment,
Kay's room:
Tuesday evening:

They were sitting on Kay's bed, with Kay leaning his back on Paris' chest, between his legs, as they usually did. Paris loosely held Kay's waist, kissing his nape & ears.


"Yes, Angel?"

"You sleeping with me is not as easy as I believed."

Paris kissed Kay's right ear's ridge. "West refused, as I guessed."

"He told me to ask Mom."

Paris laughed lightly.

"She answered she wants to meet you."

Paris stopped kissing Kay. "You asked your Mom?" Kay nodded his head. Paris hesitated a few seconds. "She will probably believe then the reason I agree to meet her is to sleep with you." He seemed angry.

"It's not true," Kay disagreed. "She won't."

"That's what you told her: to agree to me sleeping with you if we meet."

"It's getting so complicated," Kay groaned. "You sleeping with me is so easy, till we need to ask West who says we need to ask Mom."

Paris' anger faded away as he laughed lightly and he pressed Kay into him: "Answer your Mom I agree to meet her and your Dad, although she does not have to answer you on me sleeping with you. We may sleep together when you are 18."

"West does not ask to bring a chick here when he wants to," Kay protested.

"West is 21."

"So are you."

"You are not even 18."

"Soon 18," Kay corrected.

"If it's so soon, then 'soon' we may sleep together. Don't ask West or your Mom till you reach 18."

Kay agreed, groaning.

"I will be dreaming you and me are together, till we sleep together," Paris told him as he tightened his embrace.

Kay flushed slightly. "More naughty dreams?"

Paris restored his kissing on Kay's nape. "Always, with you," he whispered.

"Does it mean... you want to... do these things with me?" Kay asked hesitatingly.

"Yes," Paris responded. "When you are ready to, and want to."

Kay tilted his head back to the side and Paris kissed him.

"Will you be sweet to my heart, my SweetLove, always?" Kay asked whispering.

Paris gazed into his blue icy eyes: "Always, Angel."

He resumed their kissing, slipping a hand beneath Kay's black v-neck to lightly stroke his back. He traced a trail with light kisses from his lover's lips to his ear, and beneath, the tender skin he nibbled. Paris felt Kay's hand slipping on his nape, and as he ran his fingers through his hair, Kay's quivering sent him something electric.

Thrilled, he embraced Kay, his delicate Angel, closer to him, possessively, and kissed his lips with still more force.

"Paris...," Kay gasped.

Paris nibbled the tender skin beneath his ear, stroking his back.

"Paris, please..."

He lightly kissed his lips. "Yes, Angel?" He breathed into his spicy scent, observing his lover.

Kay's quivering increased as he bit his lip. With closed eyes, he pressed himself into Paris who embraced him still closer to him, feeling his hardened tool crushed on his stomach.

"Angel?" he asked. Kay's ragged breathing stopped, as if held--

Paris soon felt Kay's tool, and his quivering, decrease. He lightly kissed his lips, realising what happened and feeling pleased.

He changed position so Kay, breathless, leaned his back on his chest, and ran his fingers through his hair.

A tear rolled on his lover's cheek.

"Angel?" Paris asked.

"...can't stop from... from spilling my seed into my jeans." Paris embraced him closely. "It's the stroking on my back... sends me shivers... and makes me '...', ..."

"Really?" Paris asked, lightly kissing his cheek. "...It's cute, Angel."

Kay shook his head.

"There is a feeling, stirring within me, when we kiss, when we are closely embraced. I feel possessively thrilled & eager, and pleased when you 'spill your seed... in your jeans'. It's really cute, too."


"Yes, Angel," Paris answered as he kissed his nape.

"It's tender," Kay responded to the light kiss.

"It's true," agreed Paris, seeing on his fair skin a reddish mark. "I guess it's me marking you as mine..."

"You mean...?"

Paris laughed lightly: "Yes!"

They stayed there mute, Kay leaning on Paris' chest, till he felt he needed to change clothes.

He chose a long-sleeve cotton tee and cotton pants from his closet, then walked to the bathroom's door, closing it after him.

Paris observed Kay's room as his lover changed himself.

A draught-screen, as long as the room's length, hid the wall closet on the western wall. Close to the draught-screen lay the bed, covered with a dark red quilt, and on its end, a wooden desk. There were low shelves on the eastern and southern walls, filled with a few wooden carvings, from Ky, he guessed, three bonsai trees and their clay pots, and more stone and wooden boxes. Fixed above these shelves were tree images. Paris slipped off the bed and walked to the northern wall where he kneeled. High shelves on the wall were filled with books, and beneath the shelves were framed watercolors, portraying Kay and his brothers.

The bathroom's door opened, and Kay entered. "Paris?" he asked.

"Here," he responded, and reached for Kay's hip as his sightless lover cautiously walked to him. Paris stood, still seizing Kay's hips, and he pressed him closer to him, lightly kissing Kay's soft lips as he bent, and forcing Kay's hips higher so Kay stood on tiptoes.

After a last light kiss on his lover's lips, Paris seized him with his strong arms and holding him, walked to the bed where he seated him. He seated himself too, so that Kay leaned on his chest. His possessive arm wrapped himself on Kay's waist, and Kay pressed himself into him, his back on Paris' chest, and his tight little bottom on Paris' crotch. Paris licked his lips.

Kay felt Paris' hand slip beneath his tee, and lightly stroke his belly, as he ran his fingers through his fair hair. Feeling relaxed, he closed his eyes. Paris kissed his cheek, and nuzzled his nape. Kay fell asleep.


His eyes flew open when he felt moved. Confused, he asked something incomprehensible between a whisper and a moan.

"It's me, Angel," Paris whispered. "Go to sleep."

Kay agreed, slightly nodding his head, and closing his eyes. The bed sheets covered him. His lover kissed his nose, and walked away. Before closing the door, he switched the light off with an indistinct "click", and a "sleep tight, Angel".

The Woods' apartment,
The living room,
Still Tuesday evening:

"Is Kay asleep?" Ky asked Paris when he entered the living room. Sitting Indian style, with a pillow on his folded legs, he held a book in his hands.

"Yes, he is," Paris answered.

Ky pushed a bookmarker between the pages, and closed the book as he lay it on the table before him. He stood and stretched slightly.

Paris walked to the door with Ky and took his coat hooked on the portmanteau. He hesitated: "May I ask you something?"


Paris observed him as he stood a few feet away from him: he resembled his brother, as slender as Kay, 5'5 tall. He looked as Angels do too, his features smooth & delicate. Still, Kay's icy blue eyes contrasted with Ky's dark grey.

He gazed into his dark eyes, sleepy, and they seem to hide something beneath their gleam. Something dark...

"Nothing," he answered at last as he shook his head. "Sleep tight, Ky."


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