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Reading other people's texts made think, and desire to write too. Fairy Tales does include some graphic sex scenes--despite these, Fairy Tales concerns true love, the ways to a special someone, delights and fears, relationships, Life. If you are searching for a sex-related text, maybe you will need to leave.
The events which occur are not real, neither are the characters.
Keep in mind Fairy Tales is a first attempt at writing: please do not be too critical while reading, especially since English is not my native language--though I do think constructive criticism, comments, questions may help me. Please email me at

W A R N I N G: This story contains adult themes and sexual relations between people of the same gender. If you are under legal age to read this story or otherwise object to the content listed above, please do not continue. Thank you.

Fairy Tales

"Confessing Truths"

The Woods' apartment,
Ky's room,
Monday morning:

Ky woke starved; he remembered the chicken soup with coconut he had prepared... and not eaten. He still was tired too. He closed his eye, waited to fall asleep. Nothing.


He threw the covers, slipped his slippers on, and tiptoed across the living room into the kitchen.

The Woods' apartment,
The Kitchen,
Still Monday morning:

The clock told him it was quarter past four.

He looked into the fridge for some chicken soup with coconut so to warm it in the microwave. He also made coffee for himself.

All was quiet. Still. He sipped his coffee and enjoyed the peace. He stayed there even after he had finished his chicken soup.

"Hrm." It was West, who cleared his throat. "'Morning Ky."

"'Morning West."

He was holding a blanket, which he gave to Ky: "It's cold here, and you are shivering."

Ky hadn't realised. He took the blanket. "Thanks."

West sat in his chair, and poured himself some coffee.

"I... I am sorry for yesterday night," Ky told him, embarrassed.

"So am I."

"Thanks for stripping me into other clothes."

"Yah..." West hesitated before he spoke again: "I hadn't realised you were into thongs."

Ky blushed. "I don't usually tell."

His brother laughed lightly.

They stayed mute, both sipping their coffee.

"If I date strangers and don't ever see them again, it is because I enjoy being treated and because it makes me feel desirable... It's also because... We always meet where it's safe--parks, restaurants, places where there are other people. Always during the day. I feel I have control over my life, then: I decide. It's not..." He closed his eyes. West stayed quiet; he was beginning to grasp part of Ky's attitude. "Jamie came yesterday while both you and Kay were gone. He said he needed to speak with Paris, and it seemed pretty important. Since I knew Kay and Paris were to be here soon, I let him come in. I was so scared." He broke into tears; West came to him and embraced him.

"Ssh. Don't cry. It's okay. I'm here." He started rubbing his brother's back. "Something happened while you were alone with him?"

"Mmm-mm." Ky shook his head. "He was really sweet. I think he knew I felt--maybe he knew not I was frightened--it was more not very easy with him there. He let me draw him."

"You asked to draw him?" West laughed lightly.

"I felt so stupid then," Ky laughed too, pulling away from his brother.


The park,
Monday, noon:

Kay and Paris were sitting on a bench, Spike lying close to Kay. It was cold despite the daystar that shone in the sky; there was a light breeze that blew, and the scent of pinecones was in the air.

"What are you thinking of?" Kay was speaking in a whisper, as if not to break the peace.

"The first time I saw you."

Kay flushed crimson: he'd been posing as a nude model for people who were taking art classes during the holidays, before college started.

"You were a pretty sight for sore eyes. You still are a pretty sight for sore eyes."

"Thanks, Paris. You are so sweet. You are my Sweetheart. I love you so, so deeply." Kay drew closer to his boyfriend.

"I love you strongly too, Angel. If I hadn't stopped to talk with you while you were waiting for West... I'd have missed the special place in my heart you fill since that day."

"Have I told you I love you?"

"Everyday since we are an item (two weeks ago), not that it bores me to hear you so."

"I love you Paris."

"And I love you. I love you so dearly." He gave Kay a peck on the lips.


The Woods' apartment,
The kitchen,
Monday evening:

Ky was working with Robbie on a project for his Art History class; they were sitting in the kitchen, with books, folders and papers all over the table, each centered on the part of the research.

"Good evening gentlemen." West startled them both: they had not heard him come.

"West, meet Robbie, Robbie, meet West."

"Glad to meet you," West told Robbie as he shook his hand.

"Same here," Robbie replied. Then to Ky: "It's twenty-five past seven, I think it'd be best if I went before it gets dark."

"Why don't you stay; we'll order something and then West will drive you back to your dorm--won't you West?"

"I don't mind." He looked at Robbie.

"Er--I don't want to intrude--"

"--you won't be intruding, Robbie," told him West. "It'll be you, Ky, Kay and me."

"True," reiterated Ky.


Ky and Robbie cleared the table, put away the books and the papers, while West took his shower.

"He's straight," Ky said.


"West is straight." He stressed each word.


"Come on, Robbie, you're gay, and I saw you peeking at him."

Robbie appeared embarrassed: "Is it obvious--I mean, do I look gay?"

Ky laughed lightly: "It's called gaydar."

"Oh--" he hesitated "--so... Are you gay too?"

"I think it's pretty obvious."

"Not really." He observed him. "You don't look or act queenie, that's for certain."

"Still. I think it's pretty obvious. By the way, I love your earring. It's cool."

Robbie impulsively felt his ear. "Thanks."


The dormitory,
Wednesday afternoon:

Robbie had told Ky to come to his dorm room, so they'd leave together for the library. While Robbie was still having a class, Ky had been with his date, Dominic Reeves, and he had forgotten his other rendezvous. He hurried through the corridors, to Robbie's room. Before he'd even knocked on the door, he heard ruffling from the room.

"Lemme go!"

He recognised Robbie among others who were laughing.

"Hold him, keep him steady!"

"I say lemme go, fuckers!"

More laughing. Maybe they were three or more with Robbie. Ky knocked.

"Go away!" Still more laughing. Regardless, Ky opened the door.

Three guys were holding Robbie on the bed, while another was stripping him. Robbie was trashing and kicking, not with able to break their grip on him.

"Let him go!" screamed Ky.

"Hey!" It was the guy who was stripping Robbie. He seized Ky and threw him on the floor so to kick him.

"Don't Paul," called another guy.

"What reason not to?"

"He's Woods' brother. He'll beat the hell out of you if he learns you hit him. Just... let's go. We're done with Morgan (Robbie Morgan)." He hurried out, and the others went after him.

Robbie, still on the bed, was buttoning his jeans and straightening his shirt.

"You okay?" asked Ky.

"Yeah." He stood, and took his backpack laying on his table. "Let's go."

Ky looked at him skeptically. "You certain you are okay?"

"I said--"

"--I heard." He paused. "What were they here for?"

"It seemed pretty obvious," Robbie harshly replied.

"To... force themselves... on you?" Ky held his breath as he spoke.

"Someone said I was a lass, so people came to check."

Ky gasped, he was not easy with his response: what if Robbie was a 'lass'? Then he'd--she'd--probably have gotten raped by these guys getting all excited stripping her. "So... what are you?"

"What? You want to feel me too?" Robbie came and reached for Ky's hand put it on his crotch. "There! You satisfied?"

Ky smacked him. "If you had told me you were a guy, I'd have believe you. I don't need to feel you."

Robbie pulled away. "Sorry. ...I..." His eyes were getting watery.

"It's okay, Robbie." He put his hand on his shoulder.

"Let's go to the library and work."

"Okay Robbie. Let's go." Ky noticed, though Robbie wore just an earring, he had his two ears pierced. Not very usual for a guy.


The interesting questions:

Why does Ky feels he needs real control over his life?
Why is he so scared when he feels overpowered by others?

Why did 'someone' say Robbie was a 'lass'?