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Reading other people's texts made think, and desire to write too. Fairy Tales does include some graphic sex scenes--despite these, Fairy Tales concerns true love, the ways to a special someone, delights and fears, relationships, Life. If you are searching for a sex-related text, maybe you will need to leave.
The events which occur are not real, neither are the characters.
Keep in mind Fairy Tales is a first attempt at writing: please do not be too critical while reading, especially since English is not my native language--though I do think constructive criticism, comments, questions may help me. Please email me at

W A R N I N G: This story contains adult themes and sexual relations between people of the same gender. If you are under legal age to read this story or otherwise object to the content listed above, please do not continue. Thank you.

Fairy Tales


The Woods' apartment,
The living room,
Sunday afternoon:

Kay and Paris were cuddled on the sofa, Kay sitting between Paris', legs, his back against his boyfriend's chest; he felt his breath on his nape while Paris was nuzzling it and lightly stroking his stomach.

"I love you Sweetheart." Kay tilted his head, asking for a kiss; as always, it was sweet and gentle.

"I love you too, Angel." Paris called him 'angel' since they had started to date: he said he looked as angels do, adorable and dear.

They kissed some more, their desire deeper and extreme, almost fierce--still not truly fierce for Paris heeded Kay's delicate frame.

Paris stroked his Kay's back under his shirt as Kay broke the kiss as he came for air. "I love you," he whispered close to Paris' soft lips, shivering with delight. With his (lips), he began to lightly graze his boyfriend's cheek, his jawline--it sent them electric waves--; then gently pecked his lips, softly licked them, even nibbled, then kissed him again. As Paris started French kissing him, he also pulled him closer into him; Kay felt his boyfriend's erection through both their clothes and abruptly pulled away, before he grew aware of his erection.

"What's wrong Kay, what'd I do wrong?" His pulling away had alarmed Paris.

"...I... I don't want to have sex."

He was startled with his boyfriend's reply. "We're not...," he said at last. "We just got a little carried away, though we had not meant to actually--" he searched for a better word than 'sex' "--make love to each other."

"Sorry," Kay responded sheepishly, and sought for close embrace.

"It's okay. I guess you cannot be too comfortable with everything--" he meant when being blind "--especially since you told me I am your first boyfriend."

"First boyfriend, first kiss, first cuddle. First love."

Paris grinned while he played with Kay hair. "Even if I wanted to make love to you, you still are seventeen; it'd be illegal."

"Seventeen and a half," corrected Kay. Paris laughed quietly.

They stayed mute for some time, till Kay asked Paris if he'd enjoy a walk out in the park; they left the apartment with Spike, Kay's Golden Retriever.


The Woods' apartment,
The living room,
Still Sunday afternoon:

Ky had come back from the Montelimart.

Ryan Spencer, his date, had been agreeable, and they had talk during their whole meal.

He'd not see him again though.

He went to the kitchen for some water; on the table was a scribbled note in a pretty handwriting--it was Paris'. He read:

Kay and I are out to the park for a walk. Will be back before five. Paris.

So he was all alone in their apartment.

He decided to rest, still exhausted from last night.


The Woods' apartment,
The living room,
Still Sunday afternoon:

Someone was ringing the door.

Ky stretched, before he went to see who it was. He looked through the spy hole, and saw a very handsome young man, quite tall, with spiky brown hair. A real eye candy. He realised it was Jamie from last night's party. He had believed he'd remember--he'd recognise--him immediately if he saw him again; maybe it was the sleep still in his eyes.

"Good afternoon Jamie," he said as he slightly opened the door. "If you are looking for Paris, he's gone with Kay to the park. He will be here before five." It was twenty-five to five.

"Hey Ky. Sorry to bother you, I really need to talk to Paris, or I'd not have come here. May I wait for him here?"

"I guess." It scared Kay to be all by himself with a stranger as strong as Jamie, who'd defeat him easily if he desired to. Despite his fear, he tried not to be too paranoid into thinking Jamie was here to harm him. "So... come in."

And Paris had said Kay and him'd back before five.

"Do you want something to drink? Soda, juice, water... or even coffee..." Then he'd slip a sleep-inducing draught in it. He laughed quietly: he wasn't as paranoid. "You may sit."

"Water will do, please. Do you need help?" No reply.

Ky came into the living room with a jug of fresh and icy water and two glasses on a tray. He served them both, before comfortably sitting in the armchair in front of Jamie.

Nothing was said for some time.

Clearly, Ky was not very easy, observed Jamie. He kept changing the way he was sitting, while his eyes roamed everywhere as long as they avoided contact with his.

"It's a cozy apartment," Jamie said, trying to begin some small talk with his friend's boyfriend's brother.

"I guess." Ky bit his lip to stop it from quivering. "So..." At last he looked at Jamie. "May I draw you?"

Jamie and Ky were both startle with his words.

"Sorry, I had not meant to say--"

Jamie grinned. "--No worry, Ky. I don't mind."

"Let me go get paper and some pencils then."

When he had all he needed, Ky came and sat back in the armchair in front of Jamie.

"Paris draws too. He also has a gift for painting. Have you seen some of his work?"

"Some," replied Ky. "I usually draw things to sculpt them afterwards."

"Do you sculpt wood or rock?"

"Both. Depends." He sketched him whole, roughly, sitting on the sofa, his arms stretched.

"Is the cow dancing classic ballet with a tutu ballet set over there, yours?"

Ky blushed. "Yeah. I was sixteen when I sculpted it."

"Unusual. I think it's great. Both the idea and the work."

"Thanks." He beamed. "Some of my work has been chosen to be exposed. It's not the same as the dancing cow; another style, more realistic. If you want to come and see it--"

"--I'd love to."

Ky grinned, still drawing Jamie. "It's not within six weeks, during the first days of March."


"The Terray Gallery. There will be other people's work too."

"I'll be there then. Terray Gallery, beginning of March." Jamie hoped he'd remember to note it somewhere so he'd not forget.

"So... do you have an artistic gift too, or something?" Ky asked.

"Photography maybe? It's a side interest. Some people say being an architect combines art and mathematic logic."

"You hope to be an architect?"

"I do indeed. And you a recognised sculptor?"

"Or an interior designer."

There was a familiar metallic noise of keys before the door opened through which Kay, led by Spike, and Paris entered. It was ten past five.

"Ky, are you here?" Kay asked as he came in.

"Hey Kay, hey Paris. Jamie's here for you, Paris." Ky always stated the obviously seen for Kay not to feel excluded.

"Hey Jamie," they replied more or less together.

"You are free to move, I have finished," Ky told Jamie.

He stood and stretched. "'Afternoon Kay, Paris. Paris, I really need to talk to you."

"Oh? Kay, you don't mind I--"

"--go ahead, Sweetheart. Kiss me first, before you leave."

Paris laughed quietly and obliged willingly.


The Woods' apartment,
The kitchen,
Sunday evening:

Paris and Jamie were gone to their dormitory.

Meanwhile, Ky had prepared chicken soup with coconut, a Thai specialty, and Kay and West were setting the table.

"Jamie seems to be a gay-friendly type of person," had observed West.

"He's more than gay-friendly," corrected Ky.

"He's gay?" Kay asked.

"And handsome."

West took forks and knives from a drawer: "Ky, I believe we have to talk."

"What'd I do wrong?"

"Nothing." West placed the forks on the left and knives on the right of each plate. "I need to get the reason the reason why you are always dating complete strangers who you don't ever see again."

"What?" Ky responded defensively. "It's my life."

"Aren't we part of your life too?"

"We're not asking you to justify yourself, Ky. I'll be satisfied with the reason you give me to why you always date somebody different." Kay was carefully taking glasses from the cupboard which West took from him.

"I already said it, I enjoy being treated."

"You are always asking for some salad on your dates, it's not a real treat," West objected.

"It's not the treat I enjoy, it's 'being' treated. I feel desirable."

"Erotically appealing," corrected West.

His words brought tears to Ky's eyes: "It's not fair," he said with a sob. "I don't kiss, and I don't sleep with them. Then you'll probably say I deserved--"

"--Ky, it's not true, I--"

"--still, you'll be thinking it." He ran to his room, tears falling on his cheeks.

Spike cried something between a bark and a whimper.

"Damn it!"

"I'll go speak to him." Kay spoke softly.

West shook his head, even if Kay was blind and therefore saw nothing. "Don't. I will." He went and knocked on Ky's bedroom door.

The Woods' apartment,
Ky's room,
Still Sunday evening:

Ky was lying on his bed, crying into his pillow. He cried because of West's words, and cried because Life had been cruel with him. He cried because people despised him, for being gay, for being a heartless prickteaser, he cried because he was himself and he cried some more because he hated--he deeply hated--himself.

"Ky..." He gasped as he felt West gently stroke his back.

"Ssh. I'm sorry. It was wrong for me to say the things I said; please forgive me." He kept stroking his brother's back, trying to remember who had said 'it is those who we love the most that we harm the most'. "I care for you, Ky." West forced him into close embrace. "Don't pull away, Ky. ...I'm sorry." He stroked his hair. "I needed a reason and... I guess pressed you." It appeared Ky's sobs grew quieter. "I understand you want to feel 'desirable'. Everybody does." He kept stroking his hair till Ky had done crying.

"I feel tired," Ky said at last, pulling away. West let him. "I want to sleep."

West nodded. "Will you eat before?"

Ky shook his head. "Later."

"Okay. I'll leave you then."

Ky soon fell asleep. West came to check on him a few times, while he was sleeping. On the last, noticing Ky was still fully dressed he decided to strip him. He slipped his turtleneck off him easily, then unbuttoned his jeans before pulling them off with more effort. Ky was left in only his thong, thong which startled his big brother. Since it was January, West guessed he slept clothed so he checked in his little brother's wardrobe for a shirt and some shorts which he pulled on Ky. Then he covered him with his blanket and set his alarm clock for the next day.

He closed the door after he left.


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