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Reading other people's texts made think, and desire to write too. Fairy Tales does include some graphic sex scenes--despite these, Fairy Tales concerns true love, the ways to a special someone, delights and fears, relationships, Life. If you are searching for a sex-related text, maybe you will need to leave.
The events which occur are not real, neither are the characters.
Keep in mind Fairy Tales is a first attempt at writing: please do not be too critical while reading, especially since English is not my native language--though I do think constructive criticism, comments, questions may help me. Please email me at It is if you email me that I will be able to write a good text and story.
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W A R N I N G: This story contains adult themes and sexual relations between people of the same gender. If you are under legal age to read this story or otherwise object to the content listed above, please do not continue. Thank you.

F a i r y T a l e s

" N o * E a s y * L o v e "

The dormitory,
Paris (and his roommate)'s room,
Wednesday evening:

"I feel so in love with him," sighed Paris, who was sitting on his bed, India style, speaking with Jamie. "I feel so... complete, with him. Whole. I love him." He looked at the drawings he had made of Kay during his August art classes, framed among other drawings and fixed on the wall. "My sweet Angel. I think... I think he is the Love of my life."

Jamie revealed no immediate response to Paris' words; they were significant, and therefore needed a reflective reply. "You told me it was... 'Love at first sight'."


"I hope you realise it wasn't reciprocal--"

"--Kay loves me, I believe him."

"Maybe he does, if you say so, if he says so. Despite his love, he is also blind; I don't think it is possible for him to love at first sight. Even if has true--"

"--there was something... electric, between him and I. We both felt it."

"Okay, so we will assume there was. Nonetheless, will your Love last? The intensity often fades away, regarding Love at first sight."

"It will last forever, defying infinity."

Jamie looked at Paris mistrustfully. "It won't be easy."

"Nothing is always very easy in Life."

"Paris, you realise you are saying Kay is the Love of your life."

"Mmm-hmm." He nodded.

"I.E., you desire to spend the rest of your life--or approximately fifty years, or more--with a blind person."

"So what if Kay's blind? It doesn't change who he is."

"It does change. Maybe if wasn't blind, he'd be... not as sweet as he is. Pay notice of how people look at him. Choose to do things he doesn't do because he's sightless."

"So maybe being blind makes him a good person. Still, I love him, who he is, what he is." Paris was getting irritated.

"It won't be easy."

"You already said so."

Jamie sighed: "It's not usually easy with somebody, it will be hard with somebody who is blind."

"If all people thought the way you do--and I believe there are some--then it'd be assuming blinds don't have the right to be loved."

"That's not what I meant. Just... take things gradually."

"We are: I told you, we had been dating since September, till two weeks ago when we truly came together. Kissing and cuddling were not even part of the dating; it was learning who we were, even if we both knew we were meant--we are meant--to be lovers."

"An approximate five months is little. Spending your life with Kay means--"

"--caring for him. More than other people usually need care. Don't think I ignore all that it means; I'll have to do for him all the easy things other people do: prepare meals, cut his food in to small pieces, choose his clothes. Among other things. You said it won't be easy. Nothing is. True Love helps to make things easier. And I truly, deeply, madly, love him."

Nothing more was said. Paris kept staring at Kay's drawings, completely nude. Each night, while his roommate was asleep, he'd stroke himself as he observed Kay. Imagine he was there with him, kissing him, stroking him, grinding into him. There'd be the scent of him, the taste of him... And his buttocks, those smooth, soft globes he'd knead on and on. The closed wrinkled pink rosebud he wanted to lick and nibble, spear. Kay'd feel tight, real tight. So tight, constrictively embracing his tool. It'd feel so good to penetrate him deeply. With his smooth cheeks resting on his lap. And they'd stay there, deriving pleasure from the sensations.

"Please excuse me, Paris, I hadn't meant to mistrust your Love, nor Kay's. I worried, and I was wrong."

Jamie's word abruptly ended Paris' fantasy. "It's okay--er--" he was adjusting his bulge "--friends are meant to care and worry."


The Woods' apartment,
The living room,
Still Wednesday evening:

"Someone said Robbie was a 'lass'," was relating Ky to his brothers. He was sitting on the couch, drawing Kay who was in front of him.

"I heard so too," told him West. "Truth is, he looks androgynous."

"So some people went to check," Ky carried on.

"To check if was guy?" asked Kay.

"Check if he was a 'lass'," corrected Ky. West paid more notice to what his brother was saying. "They held him and tried to feel him."

"That's not good, guys--I assume these people were guys--feeling somebody who is not willing, especially if Robbie had been not a guy. They'd probably have raped her."

"So you don't think Robbie is a lass?" Kay asked West.

"I can't really say; despite, Robbie acts as guys do, even if he is gay--"

"--you realised he was." His lips drew a devilish grin.

West gave Ky a don't-speak-when-I-do look before he spoke. "...Robbie acts as guys do, even if he is gay, so I won't try to prove he's not a guy--if he is not--because then I'd not respect him. And yes, I recognized him as being gay."

"You are assuming Robbie is guy. What if Robbie wasn't? Then she'd have gotten raped," Kay protested.

"No worry Kay, Robbie is a guy, I felt him," Ky said casually, still sketching Kay.

"What are you saying, Ky?" West was appalled.

"Mmm?" He hadn't realised West and Kay were to believe something else that had actually happened. He dropped his pencil when it dawned on him. "NO, No, no! It's when I went to Robbie's room, they were already there, trying to feel him, so I entered the room, saw them, and told them to stop. Someone said I was your brother and not to hit me or something. I asked Robbie who they were, and what were they here for, he told me it was to feel him, so I asked what gender he was. He got mad so he grasped my hand and put it... hrm, on his crotch."

Kay and West stayed mute, reviewing all what Ky had said.

"So someone named Paul wanted to hit you?" West asked at last.

"Among other things that happened, yes. Someone yelled him to stop after he threw me on the floor."

"It wasn't right to ask Robbie what you asked. Don't think you can stop guys from abusing others, alone, especially standing at 5'5, and being weaker than most people--you don't usually (think so), so why did you then? Get other people to help, instead." Ky nodded. "How does the guy who wanted to hit you look like?"

"West!" both Ky and Kay cried.

"Don't beat him, or you'd be just as cheap as he is."

West sighed: "Okay, I won't. Still, I will warn him not to try something on you. Or Robbie."

Ky agreed, and described Paul for him.

"Poor Robbie," sighed Ky.


The Woods' apartment,
The kitchen,
Thursday afternoon:

"There, I think my part is done," Robbie told Ky, as he stretched. They were doing more research for their project for Art History class, with books and papers spread over the kitchen's table. "I will leave it here so you can read it."

"Okay. I still have to work on my part, there is more than I hoped for." Ky still had not lifted his eyes off his paper. "I will be done tomorrow. Take the first section with you, I won't be needing it."


"Let's take a break. Do you feel hungry? There are fruits in a bowl behind you."

Robbie immediately saw it. "Thanks. I think I will have an apple." He finished clearing his things.

"Do you want salt and red chili pepper with it?"

Ky's words bewildered Robbie: "Sorry?"

"Salt and red chili pepper." Ky stressed each word. "Some people eat apples with salt. I do, and with red chili pepper too. It's...It's special. From Western Africa. I mean the idea to eat some fruits with salt and red chili pepper. Not with apples."

"Oh. Maybe I will try some other time."

Ky cleared his things. "Please, can you get me a pear? Thanks." Robbie gave him the fruit. "So, Robbie..."

"Mmm?" He bit in his apple.

"Have you had other people bothering you?"

Robbie looked sideways, ashamed. "No."

"Okay, I was worried."

Robbie stayed mute.

"Maybe you want to watch a movie before you leave? Even stay here and eat with us? There will be Paris too, Kay's boyfriend, and maybe Jamie. West will drive you back to the dormitory after."

"I don't want to intrude."

Ky grinned: "You already said so last time. Please, Robbie?"




The dormitory,
Paris (and his roommate)'s room,
Still Thursday afternoon:

"I love you Angel," Paris was whispering between his soft and light kisses on Kay's cheeks, jawline, and ear ridges.

"And I love you, Paris." He kissed him too, stroking his hair.

Kay was sitting with on Paris' lap, on the bed. They had locked the door, and kept the key in the hole, not for Paris' roommate, if he came, to see them together.

Paris abruptly changed position, so that they were lying, with him above, between Kay's legs; his boyfriend gave an instinctive yelp. "Sorry," laughed Paris.

He covered his lips with his, and as he sought for entry, he thrusted his hips into Kay, who gasped; he took the opportunity and slipped his tongue into his mouth. Kay soon broke the kiss as he came for air, and pulled away from below Paris, so that he was sitting.

"I think fixing limits 'd be reasonable."

"Do you feel I press you on? I don't mean to."

Kay shook his head. "Not really. Just... I feel we get carried away, and so not to do things we don't want to, I think we need to fix some limits."

Paris pulled his angel into close embrace. "Set the limits, what you are comfortable with."

"Won't you set limits too?" He played with Paris' hair.

"I feel comfortable with more things than you are, Angel. If I disagree with something, I will say so."


"So?" Paris pecked his lips.

"Er-- ...Anal sex scares me, even if I feel protected with you." Paris nodded. "I feel curious with oral sex; still, it's not something I want to try immediately."

"Do you think you'd feel comfortable if I gave you a blowjob?"

"I don't think I'd be able to do the same to you."

"I am not asking you to."

"Oh. Maybe. I think it'd be best if we stayed a little clothed."


"I think I want to spend a night exploring your body, and I guess it'd be fair if you explored me too. When I say 'explore', I don't imply erotic probing centered on genitalia. I mean... intimate cuddling, discovering each other."

Paris pressed Kay closer to him. "You have been doing some thinking," he observed, kissing Kay's nape. "I promise there won't be anal sex, nor oral sex, when we cuddle. We will stay at least partially dressed. Also, we will spend a night together exploring each other when you feel ready for it. There still won't be sex, just 'intimate cuddling'. ...It's a way, for you, to--er--see me, right?"

Kay nodded. "You are right, Sweetheart." He tilted his head for a kiss, and Paris covered his lips with his. "I love you Paris."

"I love you too, Kay." He nuzzled his nape. "Do think massages are off limit?"

"Massages?" Kay repeated. "I don't think so. They are relaxing."

Paris grinned observing his boyfriend's naivete. "They are erotic too."

"Oh. ...Let's try to stay clothed."

"Okay, we will."

"It felt good to have you between my legs; despite the feeling, I don't really feel comfortable with it." He pulled close to Paris. "I don't say we will not ever do these things; just I don't feel ready for everything."

"No worry, Kay. We will wait till you are ready."

Their lips locked into another kiss, gentle and sweet. Paris lay Kay on his bed, with him above, not between his legs, as they kept kissing.

"I love you, Angel," Paris said as he broke the kiss. "I love you. I love to lose myself when I look into your eyes: they're so hypnotic. I love your lips, and I love kissing them: they are soft and sweet. I love stroking your hair, it's so silky, so pale, nearly translucent; usually, I don't think it fits guys when it's long--yours is a little below your chin and still, I fits you perfectly. I love your slender hands, so small in mine. And I love your body, your delicate frame, thin and beautiful, and I love to cradle your hips in my arms. I love you whole."

Kay's eyes were watery. "I love you too, Paris. I wish I was able to see you." His breathing changed. "I wasn't always blind: I use to see the colors--before it became a blur, then darker, till there was nothing more to see. I can't remember the colors, today. It's so... everything is so hazy."

Paris stroked his boyfriend's hair. "Since when are you--" he slightly hesitated "--blind?"

"Since I was five."

So twelve years has it been--twelve years since he has seen colors. "Even if you are blind, I still love you; it doesn't change you who are to me."

"Hold me close to you."

They stayed mute, Paris comforting Kay with gentle strokes.

"What's the time?" Kay asked at last. "We need to go home. You are staying for dinner, right? With Jamie too."

"Yes. Let's go get him so we can leave together." He pulled away from Kay.



The Interesting Questions:

Is Paris&Kay's Love really strong? Or will it fade away?

West reproaches Ky his reaction to Robbie's molesting. He says: "don't think you can stop guys from abusing others, especially standing at 5'5 and being weaker than most people". What does he mean when he says "weaker than others"?