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Reading other people's texts made think, and desire to write too. Fairy Tales does include some graphic sex scenes--despite these, Fairy Tales concerns true love, the ways to a special someone, delights and fears, relationships, Life. If you are searching for a sex-related text, maybe you will need to leave.
The events which occur are not real, neither are the characters.
Keep in mind Fairy Tales is a first attempt at writing: please do not be too critical while reading, especially since English is not my native language--though I do think constructive criticism, comments, questions may help me. Please email me at

WARNING: This story contains adult themes and sexual relations between people of the same gender. If you are under legal age to read this story or otherwise object to the content listed above, please do not continue. Thank you.

Fairy Tales


The Woods' apartment,
Kay's room,
Saturday Evening:

"I say... black pants--those ones, both tight and loose where needed-- and... a dark grey long-sleeved v-neck. Perfect!" Ky lay the clothes on the bed, where his younger brother Kay was sitting, Indian style. "Paris will approve." He ruffled Kay's hair.

"I hope."

"Hope?" Ky took his little brother's chin his hand. "Cheri, Paris always approves you. Does he says things--"

"--I... I feel... scared." Kay sought for close embrace. "Stay with me during the party, please?"

"Will do. West will be there too. And Paris."

Someone knocked on the door. Spike's (Kay's Golden Retriever) ears rose.

"Who 'tis?" They both asked, Kay speaking softly.

"Me," said West as he opened the door and walked in.

"Wait till someone says you may enter," Ky protested, "what if Kay or I had been--"




"What so?"

"Christ, no need to hide in front me. Remember, we're brothers?"

"Still," Ky sighed. "Maybe Kay doesn't really care--"

"--true--" Kay confirmed.

"--I do."

West laughed lightly. "Are you not ready to leave? Paris will soon be here." Clearly Kay was not as he still wore his robe. "Ky chose some grey pants and black v-neck."

"Black pants and grey v-neck," Ky corrected.

"These laying on the bed," West stated. "What shoes?"

"Choosing," Ky replied.

"Good, spares me." He leaned on the wall, close to the wardrobe.

Nothing more was said.

Kay kept changing the way he was sitting, while West observed him. He appeared agitated. Maybe confuse. Bothered by something.

"Kay?" he asked.

"I feel scared."

Spike whimpered, as if he felt his master's sad mood, and lay his head on Kay's lap.

"Sweetie..." West came to embrace his younger brother. "Why do you feel scared?"

"Party," Kay muffled.


"I hate being the blind bat whom nobody ever speaks to 'cause they feel apprehensive with me; then I will be sitting in a corner, all by myself, waiting till someone--you or Ky--decides he feels tired or something and leaves the party."

West hesitated: "Sorry." He felt he needed to apologise. "I believed otherwise--it was for you an opportunity to meet other people. If you feel like staying here--"

"--I feel like going with Paris to the party. Just... if he acts the way you do--I mean, he will dance and everything: he won't always be with me, not that I will begrudge him for it."

"I will stay with you," offered Ky.

"You will be dancing, and teasing all the gay guys who will be there."

"You realise, I hope, you are free to dance too if you desire so."

"He can't with Paris, there," objected West.

"Not with Paris! Why do you need someone else to dance with?"

"Me, dancing? All by myself?" Kay appeared startled with Ky's idea.

"On the dance floor, among other people."

Kay stayed mute, thinking. West observed him before he spoke: "I can't."

Ky stood, and went to sit on the bed, holding a pair of shoes. "Try. Move your hips. Torso. Your whole body. Hear the beat." He touched the tip of his brother's nose: "Will do?"

Kay hesitated: "Aye. If you stay close to me."

"I will. Paris will be there for you too." Ky then seemed to abruptly notice the shoes he was still holding. "I chose the white chevignon's. Perfect fit." He grinned.

Someone rang the door.

"Probably Paris coming," Kay said.

"Right, so get ready," retorted West, before closing the bedroom door and walking through the living room to the door.

"I will be with West and Paris, then. Call if you need something." He kissed his brother's cheek.

"Thanks, Ky." Kay heard the door closing.

He took his robe off, felt for the pants next to him and buttoned them after pulling them on; then the v-neck, before he slipped the ankle socks and his chevignon's over his feet. Someone knocked on the door.

"Who 'tis?"


Kay straightened his clothes. "Enter."

Paris was his Prince Charming. With dazzles, sparkles, and glitters, a night similar to these from fairy tales was to be. A perfect dream.

He breathed softly.

"You are gorgeous." Kay beamed. Paris approached him, and reached for his hand.

"Kiss me, Paris?"

Kay felt his hips being cradled in his boyfriend's arm, his cheek stroked. He stood on the tip of his toes and waited for Paris' lips to covers his: it was sweet and gentle.


The party,
Still Saturday evening:

"Ky, meet Jamie; Jamie, here's Ky, Kay's brother."

"It seems pretty obvious," Jamie said, to Paris, even if Ky and Kay heard him.

It was true it seemed 'pretty obvious', so true they were occasionally mistook for twins: they had the same fair hair and lightly scare jaws, cute angelic looks, both were thin, small (approximately 5'5), and full of life too. Kay had an icy blue eye color while Ky's was dark grey.

"Glad to meet you, Ky," Jamie carried on.

"Same here," replied Ky.

Kay had already met Jamie before.

"Do you want to dance?" Paris asked his boyfriend.

Kay hesitated: "You go ahead, I will stay with Ky."

"I'll stay too, then."

"No, you go ahead with Jamie, Kay and I will come."

Paris appeared to disbelieve Ky, even if he had no reason to lie to him; despite his mistrust, he agreed to the idea. Jamie went with him to the dance floor.

"You promised, Kay," reproached Ky.

"They'll all laugh at me," Kay protested.

"Who really cares? I mean--you don't truly care of what others will say."

"...I care of what Paris will say. Will think."

Ky reached for his brother's hands, and put them on his hips: "It's easy... feel me move my hips, gyrating..." He held Kay's hips and forced them into motion. "Right... hear the beat... move your body... Okay! Perfect."

"I don't believe you."

"It'll do." He took a still resistant Kay to the dancefloor. The people there were screaming and dancing crazy; and soon Ky was too, close to his younger brother, near Paris and Jamie. West was somewhere else, maybe with chick.

Paris was observing Kay; he appeared into the rhythm, even if his dancing was a little weak and not very steady. 'Cute', he thought. Somehow, he seemed to always associate Kay with the word 'cute'. Or 'sweet'. Or 'adorable'. And 'dear'.


The Woods' apartment,
The kitchen,
Sunday Morning:

"I feel so tired." Ky stirred his coffee, and sipped it.

"So do I feel exhausted from last night's dancing," replied Kay. "I ache all over."

West laughed quietly: "I guess you enjoyed dancing."

"Mmm mhm." He nodded, chewing his cereals.

"Glad to hear so," told him Ky.

"Someone more fresh juice?" West asked.

"Please." Kay felt for his glass, which he had put a cubit in front of him, a little on his right.

"I think somebody gave me a rendezvous at one today."

"What somebody?" queried West.

"Dominic. Dominic Reeves."

Their light morning mood abruptly left.

Ky was a real prickteaser: he repeatedly dated men, on a single occasion, and not ever see them anew. Each day it appeared, he'd be with another 'somebody', usually seen in public areas; he seldom kissed them (if they were not totally irresistible), and absolutely refused to sleep together.

"I appreciate being treated by men," Ky said at last.

"You don't need to justify," West told him.

"I state the facts: I appreciate being treated by men."

Kay stayed mute; he'd not grasped the reason why his older brother acted this way.

"I think I'll get ready." Ky cleared his mug, his spoon, and the coffee; then went into his room.

After some time he came out, dressed casually in dark blue jeans with a black turtle neck. His hair was still wet from the shower he had taken. "I'll walk to the park before meeting Ryan Spencer--not Dominic Reeves, he's... my date on Wednesday--at the Montelimart. I'll be home by three."