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The events which occur are not real, neither are the characters.
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F a i r y T a l e s

" Something * Between * Love * And * Lust "

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The West Wind Café,
Wednesday noon, meanwhile:

People filled the bustling West Wind Café and Paris & Jamie were sitting there, ordering their food to a busy waiter who went as soon as he finished scribbling their meal on his notepad.

"Who's Ryan Spencer?" Jamie asked Paris casually, as if his asking was usual or common.

Paris observed him, his dark eyes gleaming. "They really are sweet," he answered.

"Who?" Jamie asked, confused.

"Kay & his cute sibling Ky." He drank from his glass. To Paris, Kay looked sweeter than Ky, his eyes bluer, with more sparkles gleaming, always more ravishing, gorgeously angelic, his laugh warmer. Still, they were not speaking of Kay here.

"He is cute," agreed Jamie, laughing. "Really cute." He ran his fingers through his hair and leaned closer to Paris, speaking whispering: "The truth is, he is more than cute: he's sweet & charming, and always laughing... timid, easy going, modest, ...really sensitive!"

Paris still observed him, mute, his eyes sparkling: hearing Jamie speaking eagerly as he described Ky strengthened his belief Jamie honestly esteemed Ky. "Falling?" he asked, beaming with mischief.

"Easily!" Jamie answered. "He's... sweet, ...and charming... It's not, it's not Love: it's too soon to be. Still, he's..."

"--sweet and charming," Paris finished. It's true Ky, as his brother Kay, is an easygoing timid chap who loves to laugh. Still, Kay is always sweeter to me.

"'Sweet and charming'," Jamie agreed, repeating: these two words completely described Ky. "He's... he's something you can't reach from the common herd: he's the sweetest, and West is fiercely guarding him."

Paris laughed lightly. "Dating Kay is hard, too, and West always disapproves when we leave their apartment as then he may not 'guard' Kay. He mistrusts me, as he mistrusts men Ky interests."

"Men as Ryan Spencer?" Mischief filled Jamie's asking as his eyes sparkled.

"'Men as Ryan Spencer'," Paris repeated, laughing. "West appeared not too pleased when he handed his brother the phone..."

"Me visiting Ky neither."

"He's really protective," agreed Paris.

"As you really are protective with Noël & Seth," Jamie teased Paris, alluding to his brothers.

"It's not true," Paris protested, still laughing. Noel & Seth stood tall (6'1 & 5'11) and were strong and fit: protecting them seemed useless, and they insisted things were this way.

Dashing to their table, their waiter put the meals he carried before them and they answered him "thanks" as he hastened away.

Paris took his fork from the table and as with a spoon stirring coffee, he brushed his pasta with the tips of the fork, moving anti-clockwise.

"Remember yesterday?" Paris asked Jamie.


"When you gave some pretty window photography to Ky?"

Jamie's cheeks flushed slightly. "Er, yes." His eyes were cast down on his food. "He..." --he hesitated slightly and cleared his throat-- "gave me this splendid carving he'd sculpted some weeks ago."

"The carving on your shelf?"

"Er, yes."


Jamie raised his eyes, seemingly astonished then burst into laughs: "Are you still believing there is something between him and me?"

Paris shrugged. "Yes, maybe."

He shook his head, still laughing, with less force. "Ky is sweet and charming, he's easygoing, sensitive... still, it's not Love. He fascinates me."

Paris seemed confused: "He... fascinates you?" he repeated bewildered.

"Yes. He fascinates me: the way he easily attracts people with his aura, the way he is easygoing, open. Seemingly open. There is something he hides." It's true, Paris agreed. His eyes. There is something dark he hides his eyes betray. "He acts as if... as if he is... happy. As if he is light-hearted, carefree, always busy, laughing." Kay's eyes gleam; Ky's miss this sparkle: his are dark.

"It's true, Jamie, he's is... 'fascinating'," Paris conceded. "Still, he fascinates you, period?"

"It's not Love."

Paris sighed. "Is it lust?"

"It's not lust!" Jamie responded. "It's not Love either... It's..." He shrugged.

"Something between Love and lust?"

Jamie ran his fingers through his hair. "Maybe. He is sweet. He is pretty."

"It's true," Paris agreed. He took a sip of his drink. "Still, you keep asking me who is Ryan Spencer," he protested.

Jamie's cheeks flushed. "Er, yes. Maybe, maybe the way he fascinates me is something closer to Love than lust."


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