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The events which occur are not real, neither are the characters.
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The Woods' apartment,
The kitchen,
Monday evening:

"Is there something between you and Robbie, Ky?" asked Kay as he took a seat.

Ky choked.

"Yes, is there something between you and Robbie?" echoed West, with a devilish grin.

Ky mistrustfully eyed them. "There's nothing between Robbie and me...," he responded cautiously. "Nothing. So, what is the reason that makes you ask?"

"Nothing, really," answered Kay. "Robbie's always here these past few days, so maybe there may have been something between you and him."

"Robbie is cute," West stated as he took Kay's plate. "Some sensitive little guy probably romantic, too." He spattered the small pieces of rabbit with its sauce, and handed the dish to Ky.

"Maybe," Ky responded smoothly as he filled Kay's plate with a part of two-fruit pineapple granité. "Robbie is nothing, if not some friend." He put the plate on the table, before Kay.

"Is there something between you and Jamie?" Kay asked then.


The dormitory,
Paris' (and his roommate's) room,
Monday evening:

"Is there something between you and Ky?" Paris asked abruptly.

"'Something between Ky and me'?" Jamie repeated. "Absolutely nothing. What reason makes you ask?"

Paris shook his head. "No reason, nothing really concrete." He hesitated: "If there is something between you, please treat him good: Kay loves his brother, and you mistreating him 'd be harming Kay."

Paris' words angered Jamie: "Paris, there's nothing between Ky and me. Even if so, he'd be treated good. Real' good."

"Yes, I knew that. Please excuse me, Jamie," Paris apologised.

"It's okay, Paris."


The Woods' apartment,
The kitchen,
Monday evening, meanwhile:

West choked. "What is the reason that makes you ask, Kay?" he asked him. Obviously, West believed Jamie 'd not be as cute or sensitive or romantic as Robbie may have been if there was 'something' between him and Ky.

"Nothing," Ky answered. "There is absolutely nothing between Robbie and me, or Jamie and me. Absolutely nothing."

West observed Ky with distrust as his brother filled his plate. "Promise there is nothing between you and Jamie?"

"West, Jamie probably has other things than me he is thinking of or something," he responded somewhat angrily.

"Paris says Jamie thinks you are cute, Ky," protested Kay.

West shook his head. "He means Ky attracts him physically when he says 'cute'."

Ky knew his older brother probably spoke the truth, and he bit his quivering lip, hurting inside.

"He means the way Ky acts is cute," corrected Kay.

"Really?" Ky asked, speaking softly.

"Really?" echoed West, not so pleased.


The dormitory,
Paris' (and his roommate's) room,
Monday night:

They were sitting on the bed, with candles lighting the room with their golden flames flickering. Kay leaned on Paris' chest, between his legs, and tilted his head as Paris tenderly kissed him. His hands roamed beneath his dark blue long-sleeved tee, lightly stroking his smooth & flat belly, higher his ribs, as Kay stroked his hair.

Paris pushed Kay on his back, eliciting a muffled whimper in their kiss, which he deepened, as he pulled himself on top. He reached for his lover's wrists, and effortlessly put them each beside his head resting on the soft pillow. When they broke the kiss, with Kay breathless, he nuzzled pecked his nose and grazed his lips on his. Kay lightly kissed him, and Paris obliged, kissing him with more force.

He loved to kiss Kay, his soft lips tasting so sweet, and then, leaving him completely breathless, his icy blue hypnotic eyes appearing confused. His hands roamed beneath his clothes, stroking him, and slipping into his jeans, then along his spine to his nape.

Paris changed position so he was sitting, and pulled Kay who straddled his legs. Paris wrapped his waist with a protective--and possessive--arm, and drew his lips close to his lover's, feeling his hot and fast breathing. He kissed him tenderly, and lay his on his back, still with him on top. He thrust into his Angel's crotch area, and Kay whimpered into their kiss. Paris chose to deepen their kiss when he gasped. Kay tightened his legs wrapped (or somewhat wrapped: Paris is stronger and taller than him) on Paris' waist.

Paris broke their kiss and looked into Kay's eyes. "Sweet, sweet, Angel," he whispered close to Kay's lips, and kissed them lightly. Then he left a light-kisses trail from his lips, tracing his jawline, to his ear, and Kay pressed Paris on him, crushed beneath him.

Paris hands roamed beneath his back, and he pulled him into a close embrace as he changed position so he was sitting.

He kissed his nose, and took away his long-sleeved tee, with his hands stroking his chest as he pulled his clothes.

Kay shivered into the cold air, and Paris embraced him into him, stroking his back. Then he lay him on his back, with his head resting on the pillow. He unbuttoned his dark blue jeans, and pulled them over hip, sliding them on his legs.

Kay lay naked, exposed and slightly shivering.

Paris stripped completely, discarding his clothes on the floor. He kissed Kay's belly button and lay above him, then covered them with the bed sheets.

Kay ran his fingers through his hair, stroking him, as Paris kissed his way from his chest to his crotch. He teased the small hard tool, kissing the head, and flicking his tongue into the slit. He nibbled his sac, and kissed the skin between his genitalia and his bottom.

Beneath, the tightly closed puckered orifice quivered. With his lips, he grazed the reddish rosebud before kissing it, and speared it with his tongue. Kay whimpered.

Paris kissed his way back to Kay's lips.

He spread his lover's legs some more, who wrapped themselves on his waist.

Seizing his thick tool, Paris guided his penis to Kay's tightly closed orifice, reddish and small. He gently thrust into him and breaking through the sphincter, the head slipped into the hot & tight embracing chute.

Kay gasped.

Paris kissed his lips, and stroked his ribs and back, waiting till Kay nodded to him, a mute consent for him to thrust more into him. Paris kissed him as he pressed into him, inch after inch, always waiting for his Angel to adapt to him.

When Paris felt his tool buried to the hilt, he pulled away, and thrust into Kay, carrying on his gently rhythm. Kay's hot chute tightly grasped his thick tool as he thrust and pulled away. His nutsac slapped his lover's cheeks with each thrust to the hilt.

Paris kissed and tasted the skin on his neck, kissed his way to his ears, which he lightly nibbled, as he breathed into Kay's spicy scent.

Kay's pucker clenched as he spilled his seed.

Paris felt his tool being squeezed: his nutsac contracted and he shot deeply into Kay.


The Woods' apartment,
Ky's workrooom,
Tuesday afternoon:

Ky, cautiously sitting on his heels on a large stool, used his chisel on the wood piece prudently carving, and covering the floor with chips. Leaves & branches & (somewhat) spherical forms, roughly sculpted, lay on a larger wood piece still not quite hewed.

West knocked, then opened the door and entered. He leaned on the wall, observing Ky, staying mute, carrying on his carving.

His hand hesitated, and Ky appeared confused. He shook his head, closing his eyes, and slipped from his stool.

"Something's wrong?" asked West.

Ky ran his fingers through his hair. He stood with his back to West, as his gaze remaining on the sculpture. "Carving the wood piece into an apple tree is a stupid idea. It's despairing me and maybe then, to leave the whole thing here and not work on the apple tree is the best."

West walked to his brother and embraced him, kissing his cheek. "It's good, Ky. Believe me, it's good. You worked more than usually, today, you are exhausted."

Ky bit his quivering lip. "Maybe," he responded, not convinced.

"Something other than the apple tree is wrong too?" West asked, perceiving Ky's depressed spirit.

Ky nodded as he pulled away from his brother. "Let's go to the living room."

The Woods' apartment,
The living room,
Still Tuesday afternoon:

Sitting Indian style on an armchair, with a pillow resting on his folded legs, Ky gazed through the window, staring into nothing.

West came shortly after him, carrying a coffeepot with mugs. "Do you want some milk, too?" he asked as he lay the mugs on the table before them.

"Yes, please," Ky spoke, whispering.

Soon, West appeared with the warm milk, which he put on the table too, as he took a seat on the arm, beside Ky drinking his hot milk coffee.

"What's wrong, SweetieKy?"

Ky shook his head: "Really, nothing. Or maybe, it's... it's me. Nothing's wrong, besides me, here."

West ran his fingers through Ky's hair. "Speak to me, Ky."

Ky's eyes grew watery. "The world believes Ky Woods is a real prickteaser, and the worse is the world is right."

"It's not true," protested his brother as he embraced him closely. Actually, the world either believed Ky Woods acted as a 'real prickteaser', or as bitches do, being an easy fuck.

Ky shook his head: "It is true." Tears rolled on his cheeks. "People despise me, viewing me as the cold-hearted prickteaser they will always believe I act as."

"Trash 'em. Stop dating the men the way you do, you are worth so more than them." He lightly stroked his hair. "Robbie's a good guy. Good people is what you need."

Ky giggled. "What reason makes you think there may be something between Robbie and me?" he asked.

"Nothing," West responded. "Still, Robbie is cute, sensitive, and I guess romantic too. Robbie's a good guy, especially for you. So if there may be something between you and Robbie, it's okay with me."

Ky giggled some more: "Whereas something between 'another man as big & tall as you' and me is not okay?" He rested his head on West's chest. "Robbie is a classmate working with me on a paper: he's good person, whom hanging with is agreeable, and it's true we are pals, today. Still, Robbie and me together is not possible. Really not possible."

"'Really not possible'?" West repeated, laughing lightly.

"Mmm mmm," Ky responded as he shook his head.

West ran his finger through his brother's hair, before asking: "Is there something possible between you and Jamie? According to Paris, he observed--as the world does--you are 'cute'."

"Really, West, Jamie meant absolutely nothing when he observed so. Besides, he is a stranger to me."

The doorbell's clear ring chimed through their apartment during a few seconds before getting mute.

"It's probably for you as Paris is with Kay, and as people visiting me is zero probability."

West ruffled Ky's hair. "It's maybe Robbie," he responded as he stood, and went the door. He peeked through the spy hole: a handsome young man stood there, tall, strong and slender, his age. West opened the door. "Please enter," he asked Jamie.

Jamie greeted West as he entered. "I wanted to speak with Ky," he stated. "If he is not here--"

"--he is here," answered West, leading him into the living room.

Huddling himself, Ky appeared so small & weak, so frail, sitting on the armchair. He lifted his eyes when West and Jamie entered the living room. "Jamie?" he asked.

Jamie's eyes gleamed. "Greetings, Ky," he answered him.

Ky stood from his seat and walked to him. "Will you sit?" he asked, somewhat hesitatingly. "There's hot coffee & milk if you want some. Or maybe, you prefer to drink water, juice, or warm chocolate or something?"

Jamie shook his head: "Coffee is good."

"Please sit, then."

"There is another mug for you on the table," West informed him, referring to his clean mug.

Jamie nodded a 'thanks' to West and chose to seat himself beside Ky who walked to the sofa.

"Where are you leaving?" Ky asked when he noticed West walking away.

"There's a few things needing to be finished," West answered. He disappeared into the corridor.

Ky bit his quivering lip. He shifted his timid gaze onto Jamie.

"You smell wood," observed Jamie. His lips drew themselves into a ravishing grin.

Ky's eyes grew wide, and blushing slightly, he stammered. "Yes, it's the carving, wood dust on me, it always is when sculpting..." He stopped, and shook his head, giggling. "I mean it's wood dust that falls onto me when I carve."

Amused, Jamie took from his backpack a flat rectangle thing, wrapped with dark red paper, as Ky stammered. "I guessed so," he answered when Ky rephrased what he meant. "Here's for you." He handed him the wrapped rectangle form.

Ky took the wrapped rectangle from him. "For me?" he asked looking into Jamie's eyes. They gleamed as he agree, and he observed golden chips in them, mixing with his hershey chocolate color.

He opened the paper cautiously, pulling the tape away, rolling it and twisting it into a little sticky ball, which he put on the table. The wrapped rectangle lay on his knees.

He hesitated. "What reason is there for you to give me something?" he asked lifting his eyes.

"What reason convinced you you needed to carve a sculpture for me?" responded Jamie.

Ky restored his gaze on the dark red paper wrapping the rectangle. "No reason," he answered. "You... I mean, you... it's okay not to give me something back." He raised his eyes, looking into Jamie's (eyes).

"Who says it's a present back?" Jamie asked. "Maybe I want to give something, with no reason, too."

Ky blushed slightly, and observed the still wrapped rectangle on his knees.

Delicately, Ky revealed the article from its covering paper.

"It's really splendid." He discarded the red paper on the table. "It's charming and... interesting." His hands held a frame photography: a window, a charming window.

Ky guessed the photographer photographed the window during noon, or early afternoon, since there were no shadows on the bright white wall reflecting light.

Before the window, mixed colored flowers and green leaves covering their pots.

Resting on the wall were wooden shutters. Through the window, close to the glass, Ky noticed the dark red drapes slightly showing on each side. A grey cat was sitting there, looking from the window into something over the photographer. On the pane, the blue fleecy sky reflected.

"The truth is, I wanted to give you something back, as splendid as the carving. Something from me, too."

A warm fuzzy feeling spread through Ky. "It's really splendid, Jamie," he answered. "Thanks."


The Park,
Tuesday afternoon, meanwhile:

Kay and Paris were sitting close together on a bench, with Spike laying close to them.

"You were in my dreams, last night," Paris whispered into Kay's ear.

"Really?" asked Kay. "What dreams?"

Paris grinned. "Wet dream," he answered.

Kay's eyes grew wide and he blushed. "Rr-really?"

Paris kissed his lips. "You were sweet, and cute, and charming and adorable, as always." He stressed each descriptive word with a light kiss.

"You dream we '...' together? I mean, it's me, with you?"

"Yes, sweet Angel."

Kay beamed. "Are the dreams..." --he hesitated, embarrassed and not really easy-- "...really naughty?"

"Naughty kissing, naughty stroking, and more naughty things," Paris teased.

"Paris?" Kay asked. "When we'll do these naughty things together, is it going to feel... good?"

Kay's words confused Paris. "Yes," he answered after recovering, "really good."

"I mean me, is it not going to..."

"--it's going to feel really good, Kay, I promise: harming you is the last thing I want." Paris hesitated: "Don't you press a finger into... yourself?" Kay shook his head. He's a complete virgin, then... "Don't you speak with Ky?"

"We speak together. Still, it's... Ky's not, he's not an 'easy fuck', as people believe, he's..."

"" Paris finished.

"It's not me to say these things, Paris, it's Ky's life, and--"

"--yes, Angel, forget I asked."

Kay drew closer to him, and Paris slipped his hand on his knee.

"If you say it feels good, then I believe you, SweetHeart."

"You will feel really good, I promise. Stretched, and filled, maybe fulfilled." He put his hands on Kay's bottom, stroking in between his cheeks, grazing the rosebud through his jeans. Kay yelped, and giggled. "And each inch going deeper." He grazed the puckered orifice.

"Paris, not here," Kay protested. Embracing & kissing Paris in open areas felt as something common as they feared not the people walking close to them: Paris stood 6'3, being strong and athletic, and most people dismissed (or pitied) 5'5 sightless Kay whose Golden Retriever, Spike, always walked close to him. Still, being arrested for offering a free erotic caress display is another thing...

Paris kissed him lightly. "Still, nothing will be forced. If I feel you are too stressed, then I won't even seek to do something." He embraced Kay closely and kissed his lips, deepening their kiss. "Let's get you home, Angel."


The Woods' apartment,
The living room,
Still Tuesday afternoon:

Keys rattled into a metallic noise and Kay, with Spike leading him, and Paris entered.

"Afternoon, Kay, Paris. Jamie's here," Ky greeted them as they entered into the living room, stating the obviously seen for his sightless brother.

Kay greeted him, "Good afternoon, Jamie." He unleashed Spike as Paris echoed: "Afternoon, Jay."

Kay lightly kissed Paris on the lips, and walked to his room, needing to do something in his room.

"There is hot coffee and warm milk on the table: do you want some, Paris?" Ky asked.

"Yes, please," he answered.

"Is there something between you and Ky?" Paris asked.

"Absolutely nothing, Paris."

"Then stop gazing with sparkling eyes fixed on him and stop beaming happily."

"It's not true," protested Jamie.

The Woods' apartment,
The kitchen,
Still Tuesday afternoon:

"Is there something between Jamie and you, Ky?" West asked him as he entered. He closed the cupboard's wooden shutters. Three mugs lay on the table.

Ky shook his head. "Absolutely nothing." He took the mugs.

"Maybe are you hoping, desiring something between you two?"

"You speak rubbish, West. A lover is not what I need, not before I trash all the bad things going on in my life."

West nodded his head. "I guess he is sweet giving a you a photography, back. May I to see it?" Ky's eyes grew largely opened and his bottom lip dropped slightly, amazed his brother knew. "I eavesdropped," West admitted, looking away.

Ky giggled lightly. Strange, he realised, as he knew if West admitted he'd eavesdropped on Robbie and him, he'd be angry, while he laughed away the fact, still dizzy from the fuzzy feeling that had spread within him.

The Woods' apartment,
The living room,
Still Tuesday afternoon:

Kay, Paris and Jamie were casually speaking together when Ky and West appeared back into the room.

West looked at the framed photography laying on the table.

"Yes," agreed Ky and he proceeded to describe the window to Kay.

The phone rang and West answered while Ky still described The Window: "It's Ryan Spencer, Ky."

"Really?" he asked confused. He stood and took the phone West handed him. "Yes?"

"Who is he?" asked Jamie to Paris, whispering.


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