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The events which occur are not real, neither are the characters.
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F a i r y T a l e s

" S w e e t * L o v e "

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The "Four Seasons" Restaurant,
Monday noon:

Ky's finger smoothly traced the glass' rim as he waited for his date.

12:25--and still no Rusty Fields.

Hums filled the Four Seasons as still more people entered the restaurant, with busy waiters dashing from table to table.

Ky's stomach lightly rumbled--a slight spasm, nothing noisy--: the morning's (skimmed) milk & (light) cereals with orange juice and 10 a.m. coffee were usually satisfying till noon. He drank another sip from his apple juice.

12:35... No Rusty Fields.

So Ky ordered his meal--a corn salad--, eating and pleasing his hungry stomach.

He soon finished when Rusty startled him as he took a seat: "Dude, please excuse me!"

Ky shook his head. "It's okay," he responded.

"Really, excuse me, it's just that--"

"--it's okay, Rusty."

Rusty nodded his head. "You finished your meal?" he asked him.


He beamed: "Good."

Ky asked for the check.

"So maybe... you--"


"Yes?" Rusty's eyes gleamed.

"Nothing." He paid for his meal, leaving a good tip. "See you maybe another day, Rusty." He stood and left Rusty Fields sitting there.


The Woods' apartment,
The living room,
Monday afternoon:

The paper slightly rustled, brushing another page, as Kay flicked through his book... His finger lightly grazed the thin paper, reading the Braille code.

Kay and Paris were sitting on the living room's sofa, with Kay leaning on Paris' chest, between his legs. Paris' left arm loosely wrapped his boyfriend's thin waist and with his other free hand, he held the book he was reading. Occasionally, he kissed Kay's nape, who leaned more into him, crushing himself into his lover.

Kay closed his book, marking the page with a bookmarker. He leaned into Paris, and rested his head on his broad chest, hearing his heart beat, his gentle breathing, and the pages rustling.

Today was another cold day, with white clouds on a white sky hiding a white sun. Or so had Ky described the weather to him. He slightly shivered and Paris pulled the quilt above his waist to his chest, covering them both.

"Are you asleep, Angel?" asked Paris, whispering.

Kay shook his head.

Paris closed and lay his book besides him.

Kay tilted his head. "Kiss me, Paris?"

Gently, Paris grazed his lips on his, and kissed him softly, then deepened their kiss, still tender. He slipped his hand beneath Kay's long-sleeved tee to lightly stroke his smooth & flat belly, then higher, his ribs.

Kay broke their kiss: "Tickles," he laughed lightly, being extremely ticklish.

Paris nuzzled his nose. "Sweet, sweet Angel," he laughed quietly too.

Kay rested his head on Paris' chest, happy. They stayed still, blissful.

"Paris?" Kay asked.

"Yes, Angel?"

"On Saturday, when we... we... I mean you--or me... when..."

Paris kissed him on his head. His hair soft and silky, and he breathed into the herb shampoo scent . "Yes, Angel?"

"For some reason, when we kissed... It's so embarrassing."

Paris laughed quietly. "You mean 'cute', when you came into your jeans. Really cute."

Kay shook his head. "It's frustrating me: I mean... hoping sex 'd be special is naïve and silly--still, I hoped... I hoped... not some fast thing: something more... something--"

"--it's not naïve, nor silly, Angel," disagreed Paris. "I promise when the real 'sex' comes"--he lifted Kay's chin with his fingers and stared into his icy blue hypnotic eyes--"then 'sex' will be special." He kissed him sweetly on his soft lips.

Kay leaned into Paris, and they stayed there till a metallic keys clashing together intruded on them. Spike, Kay's Golden Retriever, lifted his head from the floor where he was laying.

"Afternoon, Ky," greeted Kay as the door opened.

"Good afternoon, Ky," echoed Paris.

Hearing two distinct footsteps entered, Kay knew immediately another person entered with Ky.

"Afternoon, Kay, Paris," answered Ky. "Robbie's with me," he added as he took and hooked Robbie's coat on the portmanteau.

"Good afternoon, Robbie," Kay and Paris greeted him together.

"Good afternoon," responded Robbie, hardly above a whisper.

Ky hooked his coat on the portmanteau.

"Let's go into the kitchen, Robbie


The Woods' apartment,
The kitchen,
Monday afternoon:

Robbie pulled Ky's work and A4 images from his backpack. "Here are some images for the paper..." He put them on the table. "And your work. It's really good."

"Yours too, Robbie," responded Ky as he took Robbie's and his (last part) work with images too. He handed Robbie his work and the images: "Here to read."

Then, he walked to a shelf and took a coffeepot. "Do you want some coffee?"

Robbie shook his head. "No thanks: I don't drink coffee, though breathing into its aroma is always good."

"It's true," agreed Ky as he grinned.

He filled the coffeepot with water and put it on the stove as Robbie started reading his work.

When Robbie finished reading, Ky was sitting in front of him, drinking his coffee.

"It's good, as always."

Ky flushed slightly. "Thanks, Robbie."

"What's left are the images."

"Choose the ones you want to put."

Robbie shrugged. "All are good."

"So let's all put them." Ky took another sip from his coffee.


They were soon finished with their paper and Ky clipped it together, before they cleared their things from the table into their backpacks.

"Are you hungry? There are some fruits here," asked Ky as he took the fruit dish, which he placed on the table.

"Somewhat hungry," Robbie responded.

Ky took some plates and knives, with salt & red chili pepper. "Here..."

They both took apples, and Ky proceeded to cut his into slices. He sprinkled some salt with powdered red chili pepper on a small plate and grinned devilishly: "Want to taste apples my way?" He dipped an apple slice into the mixed salt & pepper, and, not hesitating, started eating.

"...Is it good?"

Ky giggled. "Yes it is, Robbie!"

"Greetings, gentlemen." West both startled them, as they had not heard him enter.

"Good afternoon, West," responded Robbie, speaking softly, not easy.

"Afternoon, West."

He walked to Ky's chair. "SweetieKy (an endearing name West gave Ky corresponding to 'sweetie pie')" --(Sweetie)Ky groaned-- "has weird tastes, as you have notice, Robbie," West teased. He ruffled his brother's hair and took an apple slice, which he dipped into the salt & pepper.

"Is it good?" Robbie asked him.

West's eyes gleamed. "Taste some, Robbie," he laughed quietly.

"Here, Robbie." Ky offered him some apple slices.

Robbie cautiously took a slice that he dipped into the mixed salt & pepper (more salt than pepper for him). He hesitatingly bit the apple slice--

He chewed and swallowed. "It's... not usual."

Ky giggled.

"Where's Kay?" West asked Ky.

Ky tilted his head backwards. "Obviously not in the living room. Maybe in his room?"

"Maybe." He took a pear from the fruit dish and left the kitchen.

Robbie bit into his apple and Ky dipped a slice into the salt & pepper.

"Kay and Paris are cute together."

Ky nodded his head: "It's true," he agreed.

"Since when are they together?"

"It's complicated: officially, it's been three weeks. Still, they are together since last august."

He paused slightly.

"For some dark reason Kay posed as a nude model for some art classes during holidays.

"Usually, West stayed there for the whole class, occasionally with me along. Not on some days, when he had things to do. I mean, it's a good thing for Kay when we stayed: still, we each have things to do, and he knew, so it was okay because West 'd be there when he finished posing, and the lady teaching the art classes is very sweet.

"Thing is, when Kay finished posing, West was not there one special day. So he waited for him and Paris approached him, seeing he was alone whereas West usually was with him. Kay says Paris approached him with no interested idea, despite his crush on him: actually, he believed he and West were together, and he 'd not have wanted to break them. Still, when he spoke with him, as he saw Kay was alone waiting, being so small while it's getting dark, he and Kay felt something 'electric' between them. Or so says Kay. Paris is easy to talk to, so they really got along fast.

"They dated five month, and before Christmas, Paris gave Kay a silver anklet as a gift--wrapped, naturally--with a letter to open on Christmas day, not before. He writes he has truly, deeply, madly fallen for him--"it's Love"--, he wants them to be together, and it's the most adorable love letter Kay reads. Paris then says he wants Kay to think, really think, and not answer him before Christmas holidays are over, not even speak to him: he wanted them to be separated so Kay 'd truly be able to perceive his feelings for him, regardless what feelings it was. We were staying with Mom and Dad during Christmas holidays, and it was an agonizing two-weeks with Kay there, who kept thinking and talking of Paris only."

Robbie giggled along with Ky.

"It's cute," he protested.

Ky shook his head and giggled some more.


The Park,
Still Monday afternoon:

Kay and Paris walked along the path, with Spike leading them. Kay, prone to shivers when the weather was cold, wore a warm and thick coat, with his right hand deep in his pockets (his left hand held Spike's leash). Paris walked besides him, close to him, his eyes observing him. He reached for his right hand and kissed its back, amazed as he held his lover's hand, so small and delicate, in his, entwining their fingers--Kay's thin fingers with his. Kay drew closer to him.

The wind blew lightly, and a fresh pinecone scent lingered in the air.

"Let's take a seat, Paris."

Paris lead him to the closest bench. The wood felt cold, and somewhat damp.

Spike lay close to his master, and Kay stroke his head.

"You are the cutest thing on Earth, Angel," Paris whispered.

Kay flushed slightly. "Do you really mean what you say?" he asked.

Paris held Kay's chin with his fingers and drew his lips close to his, till he grazed them: "Yes, Angel," he answered, and kissed him, lightly then deeper, oblivious to the world and the people who were close to them.

Something stirred within Paris, feelings & emotions similar to those risen within him last Saturday: he felt possessive with Kay, and thrilled too, somewhat eager, bewitched, and he felt Love, and more feelings he'd not distinguished, mixed with strong emotions.

He pressed Kay into him, easily pulling his small frame closer to him. He loved to kiss him, sweetly & tenderly, or deeper & somewhat with more force--a gentle force, not aggressive, always very mild & tame.

Kay completely enslaved him into wild & crazy emotions for him: the thrilling desires to hold his lover tightly against him, to kiss his lips, nose & ears, kiss a trail from his smooth & flat belly to his crotch, to make sweet Love to him, deeply and tenderly, fill and fulfill him with his Love, all these thrilling desires rushed into him.

Kay broke their kiss, absolutely breathless.

Paris grinned, and lightly kissed his lips, and pecked his nose.

"Paris?" Kay whispered, still breathless.

"Yes, Angel?"

"Sleep with me, tonight. Sleep with me, and dream close to me, holding me tight. I love you, Paris."

Paris shook his head. "West does not want me to, and maybe he is right."

Kay stayed mute a few seconds, thinking. "If West does agree, then promise to sleep with me, please?"

Paris ran his fingers through Kay's hair. "You truly are the cutest thing on Earth, Angel." He lightly kissed his lips. "Yes, I promise to sleep with you if West does agree."

Kay immediately pressed himself tighter into Paris. "SweetHeart...," he whispered.

Paris kissed his head, stroking his silky hair. "Maybe we need to go home: it's getting dark, Kay," he stated, realising where they still were.


The Woods' apartment,
The door,
Monday early evening:

Kay searched for his keys, his right hand slipping into his pocket.

Paris stopped his hand from leave his pocket, and wrapped a possessive arm on his waist. He took a step closer to his lover, and Kay moved backwards, hitting the door. Paris raised Kay's chin with his fingers, who rose on his toes. Paris drew his lips to his lover's and kissed him.

"Sleep tight, Kay." He stroked his cheek, and leaned to peck his nose.

"Are you leaving?"

"Yes, Angel."

"Then sweet dreams, Paris. Love you."

Paris grinned. "Love you too, Kay. Love you so strongly." He ran his fingers through his hair.

Kay pulled his keys from his pockets, and opened the door, then closed it after entering.

The Woods' apartment,
The living room,
Still Monday early evening:

"Please leave a note or something when you leave, Kay, we worried," immediately reproached West when Kay entered the living room.

"Greetings, West," Kay greeted his older brother, eluding his remark.

"Please, Kay, ignoring what I said does not change a thing."

Kay released Spike from his leash. "It's okay, West. I mean, Paris took me to the park for a walk."

"Still, Kay, say so when you leave: we worried."

"Ky has still not spoken a word on me leaving," Kay observed.

"West is right, chéri. Maybe we worry more because you are sightless, than West worries when it's me, or me worrying when it's West who is leaving. Still, I think you need to leave a note or something, too."

Kay dropped into the sofa. "Okay, will do when I leave," he agreed honestly.

Ky, also sitting on the sofa, embraced his little brother and kissed his cheek. "It's good, then." Kay embraced him too.

"There's something I want to ask you," Kay stated. "Something Paris has already asked you, West."

"Aww, please Kay!"

"What's that?" asked Ky, slightly pulling away from Kay.

"I want Paris and me to sleep together--and I mean 'lay close together, dreaming'. Please?" He offered them his honest-pleading look, not totally meant.

"It's not a good idea, Kay," protested West. "Ask Mom or Dad, see what they say!"

They stayed mute, West hoping Kay 'd not answer, Kay thinking, and Ky, speechless, waiting for something to happen then.

"Okay," Kay cautiously responded. "I will be asking Mom to see what she thinks. If she does agree, then Paris and me are sleeping together." He pulled away from Ky and asked: "Please, Ky, hand me the phone."

Ky seized the phone. "Here."

West noticed the coffeepot and mugs on the table, and took them to the kitchen. Ky took the milk pot and the last mug.


The dormitory,
Paris' (and his roommate's) room,
Still Monday evening:

Paris was sitting at his desk, reviewing some classwork, when somebody knocked on the door.

"Yes?" he called from his chair.

"It's me, Jamie," came the answer.

Paris stood and went to open the door.

"If you always stay with Kay, finishing classwork is going to be a problem."

Paris shrugged. "It's okay, classwork is easy." He came to his desk to sit on his chair.

Jamie leaned on the wall besides Paris' desk.

"So, are you so bored with classwork you've chosen to stop me from reviewing mine?"

Jamie laughed. "Paris, it's you who needs to finish & review classwork, not me!"

"Then go away so I may finish reviewing," teased Paris, laughing too.

"I'll be leaving very soon," teased back Jamie. "Still, I wanted to speak to you: Vincent's got a place for himself, inherited from his grandparents. As we--meaning you & me--are residing here, which are so not practical dorm rooms, he asked if we wanted to come and live there with him, since there are two guest rooms, and as it's somewhat close to here."

"It's interesting," answered Paris, nodding. "Quite interesting."


The Woods' apartment,
The kitchen,
Monday evening, meanwhile:

West washed the pots and mugs, and Ky, after drying them, put them away.

"Mom is not going to agree," stated West.

Ky shook his head. "Maybe." He put the coffeepot on its shelf.

"You stayed mute, when Kay asked to sleep with Paris," West observed.

"It's true... If somebody loved me as Paris loves Kay, then maybe sleeping together, as in 'laying close together and dreaming', 'd be something I want. Maybe."

"It's not a good idea."

Ky shrugged.

"Does Paris really, truly, love Kay?"

Ky lifted his eyes from the mug he was drying and stayed staring at West a few seconds. "I believe he really, truly, does love Kay."

West nodded his head: "Think so too."

"I want and need somebody to love me as strongly as Paris loves Kay," Ky added, whispering.

"Aww, SweetieKy." West pulled him into a tight embrace.

"Ky? West?" Kay asked as he entered into the kitchen.

"Here, Kay," Ky responded, pulling away from his older brother.

"Are you okay, Ky?" Kay asked, as he immediately caught his brother's depressed feelings as he had spoken.

"Yes, no worry, Kay. We were saying how we believed Paris loves you."

Kay flushed and nodded his head. "He does." He paused. "Let's eat, I feel hungry."

"You may want to relate Mom's answer, before," protested West.

Kay opened a cupboard and cautiously took plates out. "She says it's good I feel as loved and safe with Paris that I want to sleep with him. Still, she wants to meet him before agreeing." Drawn game.

"There is ale rabbit with garlic still in the oven and a two-fruit pineapple granité in the fridge," Ky informed them.

"Treating us as always," teased West as he took the hot dish from the oven and put on the table on a cast steel table-mat.

Ky took forks & knives, and Kay glasses. West opened the door fridge and pulled the cold dish.

"Is there something between you and Robbie, Ky?" asked Kay as he took a seat.

Ky choked.

"Yes, is there something between you and Robbie?" echoed West, with a devilish grin.


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