Chapter 10

The emotional roller-coaster ride wasn't over yet. From the low when Joe outed me to the family, to the high of all of my siblings accepting us and giving hugs all around, to the depths again when Dave showed his true feelings, I was thankful that Mom was there to level out the ride.

Rob came into the den looking refreshed and as handsome as ever. My heart soared when I saw him. With no hesitation, he sat beside me on the sofa. He rested his arm on the back of it and dropped his hand onto my shoulder. It was a natural unthought-out move. Mom smiled at us. I felt good.

"It seems that Bill is having a harder time accepting this than his show at the table would have us believe. He's looking very dejected out there in the back yard." He said.

"I think Dave's having a harder time. He took off in his car."

Again Mom repeated herself. "He'll come around."

"May I join you?" We all turned to see Jan hesitating in the doorway. She sat down beside me. Joe quietly followed and sat down next to his twin. She hugged him and they leaned against me and I wrapped an arm around her shoulder.

"I apologize again, Jimmy. I've been horrid."

"Forgotten already, Little Sister." I replied.

She elbowed me. "Excuse me! I'm the big sister." She was back to being the Jan I had always known.

"I'm the little sister." Toni said as she came up behind and wrapped her arms around my neck. She kissed the top of my head. She moved to sit on the arm of the sofa next to Rob. She put a hand on his shoulder. I could see that little gesture meant the world to Rob. At that time I knew almost nothing about his family. In the following months I learned why he loved mine so much.

I don't know what it is about my family, but they all seem to know when it's time to gather. Dad and the Twins walked into the room at that point. Dad sat down on the arm of Mom's chair. She snuggled up to him as he wrapped a possessive arm around her shoulders. He didn't say anything, he just smiled to see us all snuggled together on the sofa. The twins stood side by side next to our parents chair. I had never learned to tell them apart. They were eight when I went into the service and now they were twelve, intelligent and precocious.

"Jan, we heard your outburst at the table."

"And we just want to tell all of you."

"That we don't mean to exclude you."

"We know it makes everyone crazy--"

"that we are always together. But that's just--"

"the way we are. We're pretty sure that we like girls,"

"but we haven't started dating even."

"So we don't really know."

(I swear that's the way they talk. Even today when they are together one will start a sentence and the other one finishes it.)

Jan got up and went over to them. They were as tall as she was. She hugged them.

"I apologize for what I said. It doesn't matter to me how you turn out. You'll always be my little brothers. I love you guys." It was a three way hugfest for a few moments.

It was warm in the room, and relaxing next to Rob, I was beginning to doze off.

"You better get that man to bed." Dad said to Rob."

Rob looked at me and then kissed my forehead.

"Come on, Hal, it's bed time for you." He stood up and took my arms pulling me up, too.

Everyone hugged us and Rob guided me out the back door with an arm around my shoulder.

Dave had come back. As we past him and Billy sitting on a bench looking left out and forlorn, we both said "Good night" in unison.

"I love you guys." I added as I opened the bunkhouse door.

I heard Dave say, "Damn." And Billy respond with, "I thinks it's pretty cool." before the door closed behind us.


It's a strange thing: love. As I ponder the words to describe that night, I am amazed that I never really gave much thought to waiting for Rob. It was just the natural thing to do. I totally love him. I am totally in love with him. I believe that if I had been required to be celibate the rest of my life, for him I would be, with no hesitation. There is no doubt in my mind that he feels the same way about me. Over the years we have both had temptations, certainly. But neither of us has needed or wanted anyone else.

The period that we were in Myrtle Beach was a growing time. We were moving toward the realization of our love for each other. Once I realized that I really loved Rob, I had no desire for sex with anyone else. As much a temptress as Miki was, with her beautiful body and her big liquid brown eyes, she was nothing compared to Rob. And as I think back on the few days I spent with John, I realize that what I did with him was for him not me, not for us. When he left me standing on the beach that night I didn't feel like I was being abandoned. My heart wasn't broken; I hadn't been in love with him. Although, I believe that what I did with him was an act of love. It just wasn't the same kind of love I feel towards Rob.


With the click of the lock on bunkhouse door, I knew that the night I had been dreaming of for over a year had arrived. I embraced Rob from behind before he had a chance to turn around. He laid back into me. I planted a kiss on his neck. I started unbuttoning his shirt with one hand, while combing my fingers through the pelt on his chest with my other. It was a wonderful new sensation, all that hair. My fingers grazed a soft nipple and he shuddered.

"Years from now when you speak of this, and you will---." He whispered.

"Shut up, you clown, and turn around." I growled.

He turned, grinning at me. As he followed my lead, we undressed each other, taking the time to kiss and fondle as we exposed each other's body. When we were completely undressed, Rob swooped me up in his arms and carried me to the bedroom. He had already pulled the covers down before going over to the house earlier. He laid me on the bed and climbed on top of me.

All of my sexual experience was as nothing as he took the lead in making love to me. I had always been the dominant in bed and now I found myself being completely submissive to his desires. In this I was as virginal as he was.

That first night we held each other. We caressed and explored, discovering those special spots that elicited pleasure and ecstasy. With Rob on top of me, he slowly traversed my body, using his tongue, lips and fingers. Every time I tried to touch him he would firmly take my wrists and place my hands at my sides on the bed. I finally got the message and let him have his way. He licked and kissed until I was going out of my mind. He had me groaning, thrusting and writhing. I wanted so badly to take over, and have my way with him, but he wanted control, and I let him have it.

Finally, he enveloped my cock in his maddening hot mouth. I had no control. I climaxed . When I finished, he kneeled over me and covered my chest with his seed. He collapsed on top of me and rolled to the side taking me with him. No words were spoken. We fell asleep in a tight embrace.


The dawn woke me. I knew immediately where I was. I could feel Rob's hand on my chest and a leg laying over mine as I lay on my back. I turned my head and I opened my eyes. I wasn't sure he was aware that I was awake. He was propped on an elbow, leaning over me. I watched him as he studied my body. His fingers played with the patch of hair on my chest. I raised up and kissed his chin. He smiled and looked into my eyes; I drowned in the deep blue intensity of his.

"For the rest of my life, I am where I want to be." Rob murmured.

"Mmmmm. Me, too."

"Do we need to make a verbal commitment?"

"You know I love you, Rob. You're all I need or want. I know you feel the same way about me. I don't know if words could make the binding any more secure, but I do love hearing you tell me."

"I love you, so much, Hal."

"No more than I love you, my big man. Last night was the first time I have ever been made love to. It was so beyond just having sex. I want that from you for the rest of our lives."

Before he could think of resisting, I was between his legs, with that big beautiful cock, that I had lusted after forever, deep in my mouth. Here again I was in virgin territory. But I think fellating is a instinctual thing, in any man. We know how we like it, therefore, we know how to do it right. I soon had him filling my mouth. I hadn't thought about this part of it and was taken rather by surprise. Following my first instinct, I swallowed. And as I thought about what was happening, that Rob was giving me his love in this form, I climaxed, too. I had never before been so excited that I ejaculated with out any physical stimulation.

As he soften I let him slide out of my mouth. I kissed and licked my way back up his body as he bucked and groaned. I could taste his dried seed that had been pressed into his chest hair the night before. I loved it, but I've got to say, fresh from the fountain itself is much better.

When I reached his mouth, I covered it with mine. He wrapped me in a lazy embrace and rolled on to his side. In moments we were again asleep.


An eternity later that seemed only minutes long, the rude ring of the phone next to the bed awoke us. Rob was on that side; he answered it. It was Mom. I lay there watching him glow as he talked to her. And then he turned bright red and stuttered. He laughed as he place the phone back into it's cradle.

"What was that all about?" I asked.

"That was Mom just informing us that everyone had dispersed for the day. And that Jan had volunteered to stick around and cook us breakfast."

"So why were you blushing?"

"She told me to not worry about the sheets, to just drop them into the washer when we went to the house."

"Oh god, that's my mom."

"Our mom."


"She's my mom, too, now."

I grinned at him.

"Yeah, our mom. I love you, Rob. I'm so happy that you like my family and they like you."

"It's more than like, Jimmy, I love your family. I envy your growing up in such a family."

"What's with the Jimmy bit? My name is Hal."

"Was. Your dad is Hal. From now on you're Jimmy in my book. Jimmy da Cricket."

I was on top of him in a split second, tickling him. I discovered he is very ticklish.

"You insect. Take it back." I yelled at him.

Instead, he wrapped his arms around me, pulling me down to where I could no longer tickle him effectively. I hugged him back. We kissed. When we broke for air, he said, "Oh, Jimmy Cricket, I do so love you."

"As long as you love me, you can call me anything you want. But I want to know which one of my siblings told you."

"Told me what?"

"That Cricket is one of their pet names for me."

"You're kidding."

I sat up and looked at him. He grinned at me.

"Really, that name just popped out of me."

We lay quietly next to each other enjoying the nearness. Rob rolled onto his side and started drawing a finger up and down the trail of hair from my sternum to my pubes. It tickled; I did my best not to squirm.

"So how did you get that name? Do you remember who called you that first?"

He was now tracing rings around my aureoles. I grabbed his wrists.

"I remember very clearly who call me that first. It was Dad. Mom had told me to keep an eye on Dave who was about three at the time. So he and I were playing in the yard. Mom and dad were reading on chaises in the shade. I can still hear in my head Dad asking Mom if I didn't remind her of Jiminy Cricket in the Pinnochio movie they had recently taken me to see. I was scurrying around trying to keep Dave from wandering off. I guess I was scolding him. Mom laughed. So from that day on I was Dad's little cricket. My siblings, of course, all picked the name up, too."

Rob's hand was now caressing me.

"You must of been so cute. I wish I could have seen you at that age."

"You'd of been the same age I was. I don't think you would've appreciated it."

"I don't know about that. I fell for you the moment I saw you. Maybe I would have been in love with you all my life if I had known you then."

"You're such a romantic, Rob. I love you, too, you know."

"I know you do."