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by JWSmith

Chapter 6

The sky was beginning to lighten to the east. It was still dark in the cabin when I awoke. I slid out of bed, went out to the edge of the stoop and relieved the pressure in my bladder. The air was cool on my naked skin. I stretched and crawled back into bed with John. I lay on my side watching sleep. His near arm was flung over his head, resting on the pillow. As the room brightened I could see the red angry welts where he had slashed his arm with a razor blade. I ran a finger over the scars and then leaned over and kissed them. I didn't know he was awake and watching me. As I moved back, he whispered.

"It would be so easy to love you, Hal."

"Would it be so bad if you did?" I asked.

I flicked the dry cum off of his cheek.

"It wouldn't work. I'm too fucked up."

"We could try."

"You don't know me, Hal. And if you did you wouldn't like me."

"You don't know that."

"I do know that. So leave it be and hold me for awhile. Please."

We lazed in bed, holding and caressing each other until it was nearing time for our luncheon with Mrs. S. We leisurely bathed, dressed and wandered over to the center, which was a mansion with the most beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean that could be had on the southern seaboard.

We had a laid back luncheon with Mrs. S. We were served a salad of canned blanched asparagus spears stacked like logs on a leaf of Iceberg lettuce with a dollop of mayonnaise topping it. Freshly baked biscuits filled with pan browned locally dry-cured ham, accompanied by creamed peas and carrots were the main course. Coffee and a huge wedge of chocolate cake with Divinity icing and large scoop of vanilla ice cream were served on the terrace following the meal. The whole affair took three hours. It was not a dull time. Mrs. S. reveled in telling us of her many trips into India and the Himalayas. We enjoyed hearing of her adventures.

We eventually made our adieus and strolled back to the cabin hidden in the woods. John asked me to lay with him and hold him again. This time we were fully dressed. I lay on my back with him snuggled next to me, his head resting on my shoulder, my arm around him holding him close. We share a few light kisses and talk about the afternoon with Mrs. S.

As the day waned, we wandered back to the hillock on the beach. We sat close with our arms around each other and watched the sunset and the moonrise. Looking at the moon's reflection, I broke our reverie.

"Look at that. It looks like a lighted path we could walk clear to the horizon. Have you ever tried to walk a moon beam?"

"No." he laughed.

"I tried it once. I was drunk and nearly drowned. Maybe I could do it sober."

"You're crazy!"

"Probably. Want to try it?"

"Hell, yes."

We raced down the hill laughing like a couple of kids.

"This has to be done naked, you know."

"Of course. How else?"

We stripped off our clothes and ran into the surf, shattering the moons reflection. John beat me into the water. I ran up behind him and scooped him up into my arms. He flung his arms around my neck and planted a big juicy kiss on my lips. I lost my footing and dunked us both. We came up laughing and holding hands we waded out of the water. We strolled down the beach, the surf washing away our footprints.

"I have to be at work at seven in the morning." I said.

"I know. It's been wonderful. You have given me some wonderful memories."

"Are you leaving?" I asked.

"Yes, Hal, I won't see you again."

"John, we get on so well together. Won't you stay a while more?"

"I cant. I feel myself falling in love with you, Hal. I can't do that. I must go tonight. Come, I'll take you back to the base."

"Just like that?"

"I have to go now. If I don't, I never will."

"Would that be so bad, John."

" I have to go."

He stepped up and kissed me. Just a brush of his lips on mine.

"Come, let's get dressed."

"No. You go. I'll find my way back."

He looked at me for a few moments and turned away. He walked over to his clothes, picked them up and walked up the hill. At the summit he turned and looked back at me. I hadn't moved. He waved. I stared. He turned and disappeared out of my life.

A whirlwind had blown through my life. I wasn't destroyed; maybe I was thrown a little off balance. I definitely lusted for more of him. I suppose that if he had stayed I could have fallen in love with him. As it was he was just a fond poignant memory.


I exited the 105 and approached the airport circle. The traffic was light. In just a couple of minutes I was around to the United terminal. As I pulled up to the curb, I saw a huddled figure sitting on the end of one of the benches looking like a street person that had been beaten down by life's cruelty. He didn't look up as I parked in front of him. I got out of the Beamy and walked over to him. I laid a hand on his shoulder.


He raised his head and looked at me. His gaze was unfocused. His eyes red rimmed and tired. Maturity had been generous with him. If it was possible he was more handsome than he had been the last time I had seen him.

"Hal." His breath nearly knocked me over. He had been drinking and had not come near a toothbrush in a long while.

He stood and embraced me. I hugged him back.

"Let's get your luggage and get out of here."

"I only packed this one bag." He said, holding up bag large enough to hold a couple of changes of clothing and his toiletries.

"Let's go then." I said taking the bag from him.

I opened the Beamy's rear lid and dropped his bag in and then opened the door for him. He slumped into the seat. I went around to the driver's side and got in. I fastened my seatbelt and waited for him to follow suit. He sat there with his hands between his knees staring at his feet.

"Fasten your self in, John. We're ready for take off."

He looked around confused and then realizing he was in the car reached around, grasped the clasp, pulled it around and snapped it in.

"Very nice." He said, rubbing his hand over the leather seat. "You've done well for yourself."

"Yes, after eight years of intensive studying to become a doctor and another two specializing in Geriatrics I have done pretty good."

"Geriatrics? Isn't that old people? Why that?"

"Well, for quite a few reasons. One being that we all get old and we'll all need special medical help when we get there."

"You like dealing with crotchety old people?"

I knew he was thinking of his father, who, if he was still alive, should be in his late seventies.

"Yes. There is something very special about the elderly. And not all of them are testy. Some are really sweet lovable people."

"Not my father. He's the meanest, nastiest old son of a bitch you'd ever want to meet. God! How I hate the bastard."

His Father must still be alive. I didn't know how to respond to such vehement vitriol, so I remained silent and watched the freeway fly by. His head had fallen forward, his chin rested on his chest; his shoulders slumped in a look of total defeat.

I drove the rest of the way home in silence. When I had pulled into the garage and had closed the door I turned toward him and placed my hand on his shoulder.

"John, we have arrived."

I got no response. I lightly shook him, still no response. My heart skipped a beat as I imagined the worse. I heard the door into the house open and looked up at Bob. We communicated silently. I got out of the car and walked around to the other side. I opened the door and knelt next to John. I took his wrist and felt for a pulse. It was there. Bob was standing behind me as I stood up.

"Drugged?" He asked.

"Exhaustion, I think. And some alcohol. He was coherent when I picked him up. I think he just relaxed and passed out when he decided he was in a safe haven. He looks really haggard."

"Move out of the way and let me lift him out. Get the door for me."

I stepped to the side. Bob moved in and scooped John's lax body into his arms and stood up. I rushed over and opened the door and backed up against the wall to let them pass, and then followed to the guest bedroom. Bob stepped out of the way to let me open the door and then carried John over to the bed. I pulled the spread and top sheet back and he laid him down.

I pulled his shoes and socks off while Bob unbuttoned his shirt and pants. He lifted him into a sitting position and pulled his jacket and shirt off together. I pulled his pants down and off his legs, covered him and stood back next to Bob. John rolled on to his side and pulled his legs up to his chest. We both studied the sleeping man. Bob put his arm around my shoulders and hugged me up against him.

"So this beautiful haggard man is the one to whom I nearly lost you, huh?"

I looked up at him and grinned.

"No, even if he had been available it would have only been a momentary affair. You were well seated in my heart even then."

He hugged me against his chest and planted a kiss on the top of my head.

"Let's go to bed ourselves. I am pooped." I said.

Bob chuckled.

"You just drove nearly a hundred miles after a full exhausting day. Now why would you be pooped?"

"Back rub?" I asked. Ignoring his sarcasm.

"You have enough energy to give me a back rub?" He feigned incredulity.

"Sure, tomorrow night. You do me tonight."

"I'll do you any time you'll let me. You know that."

"Oh God, Bob, your such a horny man." I mocked a groan.

I love Bob's back rubs. It's always a whole body thing. I mean his whole body. The feel of his hairy chest on my back, his big cock lying between my legs, his large hands kneading my neck and shoulders. I tell you there is nothing comparable. I always sleep like an innocent baby when he gets through with me.

Even though I had gone to bed late I woke with the daybreak. I eased out of bed and relieved myself and then quietly and smoothly got back in. I love my Select Comfort mattress; no matter how much Bob tosses and turns at night, the movement does not transfer to my side of the bed. I'm aware the he is moving, but I don't get bounced around like I used to on a springs mattress. So I was sure that Bob was undisturbed by my careful maneuverings. But as I relaxed, he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me snugly up against his sleep-heated body. We snuggled for several minutes, enjoying the closeness and our love for each other.

"Wish you could have peed for me, too. It's so cozy snuggling. But I gotta go."

He rolled out of bed and sprinted for the bathroom. A couple of minutes later yelled out to me.

"I'm going to get in the shower since I'm up."

I was a little disappointed, but I knew there would be many more mornings we could snuggle after our guest had left. I rolled over and curled up; luxuriating in the few minutes I had before the days routines started. I started thinking about my return to L.A. when I was discharged from the service. It was a time I prayed I'd never have to go through again.