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After arriving at 9 p.m. sharp to pick Matt up, Adam's behavior was remote. His attitude was the same as it had been that morning. He remained polite but reserved, much to Matt's dismay. Their trip to the bar was made quickly and silently. The only sounds on the drive were that of the rain outside the vehicle. Matt had dressed with considerable care and hoped that Adam liked to way he looked. Adam hadn't said anything to Matt about his appearance when he came to pick Matt up and that had stung a little. He had wanted to make Adam think of sex, but he wasn't sure it had worked and he felt a little foolish for trying.

Adam gripped the steering wheel until he knuckles were white as he once again glanced at Matt out of the corner of his eye. Matt looked seemingly untroubled and stared out of his window into the dark wetness beyond. Adam couldn't believe how incredible Matt looked tonight. Even now he had to covertly shift his hips in his seat to try and lessen the pressure of his pants encasing his groin and struggle to pay attention to the slippery roads.

When he had shown up to pick Matt up, he had taken one look at him and almost decided to cancel their date and stay home. He'd always known that Matt was a good looking guy, but tonight he'd discovered that he cleaned up exceptionally well too. As a result of him trying to keep himself in check, he had come off a little short to Matt. Matt had looked so hurt when Adam had arrived and only issued him a few short words.

Next to Adam in the car, Matt was nervous. He wanted everything to go right tonight, but so far they hadn't been so good. In his estimation, if things went well then maybe they could return to Adam's place later and finish off what they had started at breakfast. He was looking forward to doing that. He had spent all day regretting his actions earlier and was looking forward to a chance to set things right.

It took them about 20 minutes to get to the ultra trendy bar called `Silver Bullet'. Adam expertly maneuvered the car around the parking lot until they found a space and he parked. Immediately upon entering the bar they were spotted by several singles that obviously looked to be cruising. There was a sea of gelled hair and white tanks encasing sleek bodies. Matt was slightly intimidated by all the inviting looks being sent their way. Most of them were directed at Adam, and Matt had to fight hard not to let old insecurities creep in.

It didn't stop him from wondering why Adam had chosen him, a scrawny dude with emotional issues, instead of one of these gorgeous hard-bodies. Quite a few guys approached them as they made their way to the bar. Many were looking to see if they could buy them a drink. What they really meant was if they could buy Adam a drink. He was wearing dark diesel jeans and a tight black t-shirt that showed off his beautiful ass and muscular arms perfectly. As insecure as Matt was feeling, he couldn't blame the cruisers for trying. Adam looked striking tonight. He was also firm but polite with his refusals.

Once they were comfortably seated at the bar, they were approached by a hunky, topless bartender who first zeroed in on Adam and asked, "Can I get you boys a drink?" He had a shiny gold ring through his left nipple, long blonde hair that was secured in a tight ponytail behind his head and an outrageous dimple on his right cheek. He had taut well-sculpted abs and a mischievous glint in his eye as he surveyed Adam with unabashed interest.

"Ummm, we'll have two beers," Adam said, then turned to Matt and asked, "Is that alright with you?"

"Yeah, that's fine," Matt responded in a nearly unintelligible whisper.

"Two beers, coming right up," nodding, the bartender turned to get their orders. He made quick work of grabbing the drinks and turned back to Adam.

"Is this your first time? I've never seen you here before," the bartender said to Adam. "I would have remembered someone who looked like you." Next to Adam, Matt stiffened. The bartender was openly flirting with his boyfriend right in from of him. Couldn't he tell that they were dating?

When the bartender placed their drinks in front of them, Matt mumbled out a "thank you" before taking a hearty gulp. He wasn't much of a drinker, but his throat felt unbearably dry and he wanted something to calm his nerves. Around them, couples were talking and drinking. The dance floor hosted plenty of half naked gyrating men, moving to the heavy dance beat of the music. Silver Bullet was really more of a club than a bar, but everyone just referred to it as a bar.

Matt was feeling slightly intimidated by all the young, good-looking men around them. He couldn't help but wonder why someone as sexy as Adam would choose to be with someone like him when he could basically have anyone he wanted. Like the hot, persistent bartender that was currently making the moves on him. Matt remained silent as the jerk kept flirting with Adam right in front of him.

"Nah, I don't hit the bar scene often," Matt heard Adam say. "I'm just out with my boyfriend tonight." Matt looked up just in time to see the bartender's smile falter.

He shot Matt a look full of disdain before saying, "If you ever decide you want to check out the party scene, let me know and I'll be your guide." And with one last flirtatious look in Adam's direction, the bartender sauntered off to take another order on the other side of the bar.

After he left, Adam decided that they should find a booth where they could sit and talk uninterrupted. Matt was in wholly agreement. The bar was relatively packed and finding a spot proved to be a little harder than they anticipated, but they finally managed to get a booth near the back. Taking their drinks with them, they slid into the booth and got comfortable. Once seated, a few men had approached Adam and asked him to dance, but he declined them all. Matt had noticed several appreciative glances being directed at Adam by other patrons of the bar. Adam appeared to be oblivious to all of the attention, much to Matt's relief. Drinking a little more, Matt began to feel himself relaxing and settling down.

Adam, on the other hand, found himself getting more and more annoyed. Maybe suggesting they go to the bar hadn't been such a good idea after all. It took all of his control not to grab Matt and kiss him senseless in front of all these people to establish his ownership. As barbaric as that sounded, that was what Adam was feeling. Matt was his. It irritated him that several of the men in the bar were looking at Matt, just waiting for Adam to be distracted before moving in and trying to seduce him away.

Matt, for the most part, remained unaware of the commotion he was causing. He sat quietly, most staring down at the drink in his hands. An eager looking guy started to make his way over to their table, his eyes solely directed on Matt. Just as he got close to their table, Adam shot him a venomous look that stopped him in his tracks. Intimidated by Adam's glare, the young man turned around and quickly made his way back in the direction he had emerged.

Matt finished his first drink and stopped a waiter to order a second. He had skipped lunch that day because he had been so busy, and due to the lack of food combined with the fact that he didn't drink often, he was already starting to feel a buzz from the alcohol. That, coupled with the murky atmosphere of the bar's smoke-filled interior, Matt was beginning to feel more and more muddled and morose.

With all the attractive young men around, it was obvious to Matt that Adam was only with him out of pity. What other reason could there be? Adam had seen the disfiguring scars on his back and felt obligated to help him. Matt couldn't help but feel his confidence slipping away surrounded by all these half naked men exposing bronzed, sculpted torsos everywhere. It was something Matt knew he could never do. Not with all the scars he carried.

Glancing over at Matt, Adam took another swig of his beer. He didn't know why he had suggested this place, but he wanted nothing more than to leave. He spotted a young blonde man who appeared to be in his early twenties standing near the bar. The young man's gaze was fixed on Matt and that incensed Adam. It felt as though every guy in the goddamn bar had designs on Matt.

As if feeling his eyes, the young man turned and caught Adam glowering at him. Instead of being embarrassed or scared as most people would be after they were caught staring by someone as intimidating as Adam, the young man simply smiled and raised his bottle in a challenging salute in Adam's direction. Adam hadn't thought it was possible to get any more pissed, but apparently he'd been wrong. He wanted to rush across the dance floor and bash the cocky little shit's head in.

Also as if becoming aware of Adam's rage, Matt glanced up and saw Adam staring at the guy by the bar who was also looking back. Matt felt his insides clench at the intense look the two men were sharing. He guessed that if not for his presence, Adam would have made his way over to the bar to introduce himself. At the thought, Matt felt a sadness so strong he almost wept with it. He wanted to leave. Adam was a very attractive man and Matt knew that it was inevitable that he would be approached, but Matt had always hoped that if the situation should arise, Adam would not encourage it. Not like he was doing now.

As if sensing Matt's despondence, Adam also remained silent and fuming. Every time he looked up, the guy at the bar was staring at Matt with a look of unrestrained longing. Apparently, the young man wasn't taking Adam's menacing glare very seriously. Adam decided to focus all his energy on giving the guy one last warning look before going over there to give him talk.

Unfortunately for him, Matt happened to be looking at him while he was performing his stare-down technique. He misunderstood the eye contact and decided that if Adam was going to spend all night gazing at some hunk across the dance floor by the bar, then he would just leave. He felt sick to his stomach. Was this why Adam had suggested they go out?

As if on cue, both Adam and Matt rose from the booth simultaneously. Adam was going to go and address the lewd watcher and tell him to leave his man alone, while Matt was going to go find a ride home since he made up his mind he wasn't going with Adam.

Grabbing his coat off the bench, Matt started to slide out from the booth. Adam turned and said, "Matt, where are you going?" Matt didn't respond or turn around and instead started making his way out of the bar angrily. As he stepped out into the parking lot, he cursed himself a fool for ever thinking that their relationship had a chance.


The rain outside had turned into a light drizzle. When Matt had left the bar without a word, Adam had forgone the voyeur and chased after his boyfriend. When he got outside, he saw Matt making his way across the parking lot and followed him. Running, Adam caught up with Matt next to the car and grabbed a hold of his arm, swinging Matt around to face him.

"What's the matter with you?" Adam asked angrily in a near shout.

"Let go of me!" Matt said, tugging futilely against the Adam's hold.

"Not until you answer my question," Adam said.

"I know, okay? I know. So we can stop with the pretenses now." Matt said. He suddenly gave up struggling and just looked down at the ground, his shoulders slumping in defeat.

"What are you talking about?" Adam asked, confused. They were standing in the parking lot less than two feet apart, getting wet with the light rain.

"I know why you're doing this. You feel sorry for me. Poor little Matt with the fucked up back. Well you can stop pretending now. I don't want your pity," Matt said.

"I don't know what you're talking about, but I can assure you that the last thing I feel for you is pity." Adam said moving closer to Matt.

"I saw how you were looking at that guy," Matt said. His voice was a little garbled and slurred as tears had gathered in his eyes. "I know you'd rather be with him than with me."

"What guy?" Adam asked, his brows furrowing in a confused frown.

"The one by the bar," Matt said with a sniff. The tears that he had been trying to fight were about to start streaming down his cheeks.

Sliding a hand up Matt's neck to tunnel into the soft wet hair curling at his nape, Adam said, "Listen to me." He closed to distance between them and used his body to push Matt up against the side of the car. Their hips pressed intimately against one another as Adam leaned in and spoke against Matt's lips, "Does this feel like pity to you?" He asked while grinding his hard on against Matt's crotch. "I want you. Just you," Adam stressed the words. "I wasn't making eyes with that guy by the bar." And with that, Adam kissed Matt ardently.

Adam was amazed that Matt didn't know how hot he was. Matt was gorgeous. He possessed a sexy innocence and vulnerability that Adam found irresistible. Adam had underestimated that vulnerability and knew that he would have to show Matt just how desirable he was.

In the darkness of the rainy parking lot, the pair continued to hold one another. Adam's tongue penetrated Matt's mouth repeatedly. They gripped each other tightly, their hunger for one another fueling their passionate embrace. Matt wished they could remain this way indefinitely. With Adam's arms around him, holding him.

Soon the beat of the rain began to intensify, soaking their clothes and prompting them to seek shelter in the car. Once inside the leather interior, they reached for one another again. Adam gripped Matt around his middle and hauled him over the gearbox and onto his lap. Matt gasped and spread his legs wide to straddle Adam's thighs. Adam wrapped his arms around Matt and slid his hands under the hem of Matt's damp shirt. Using his fingertips to brush the skin on Matt's back, Adam began massaging him. He kissed a path down Matt's throat and nuzzled his collarbone.

Matt reached up and put his arms around Adam's neck. He tunneled his fingers through Adam's silky hair and arched his throat to give him better access. He felt the pleasure of Adam's touch in his every pore. His skin burned with a fever that was stroked higher with Adam's every touch. Matt lost himself in the pure unadulterated passion of the moment. Sitting on Adam's lap with his legs splayed pressed the junction of his legs up against the hard ridge of Adam's straining erection.

The position gave Adam easy access to any area of Matt's body that he wished to become intimately acquainted with and that left Matt feeling breathless in anticipation. He loved it when Adam touched him. He knew that Adam had a very dominant side and loved it when he took control like he was doing now.

"Lift up your arms," Adam ordered Matt in a low voice. He waited for Matt to obey before reaching for the hem of his t-shirt and drawing it up his torso and over his head. After relieving Matt of the attire, Adam took a hold of Matt's hands and placed them with their palms down on Matt's thighs. "Don't move unless I tell you to," Adam said.

Matt felt his heartbeat quicken at Adam's instructions. This aggressive side of Adam's lovemaking was new to him and he found himself both frightened and highly aroused. Once Adam had Matt exactly how he wanted him, he slowly leaned forward and licked at Matt's right nipple. The tiny nub immediately hardened. Matt had the most beautiful nipples that Adam had ever seen.

During the first months of their relationship Adam's mouth had watered at the mere thought of tasting them. He knew that Matt was very sensitive there. At the first contact with Matt's nipple, Adam felt Matt jerk. He could feel the tension in Matt's body when he leaned forward and touched Matt's nipple with his tongue again, this time using his lips to draw on the tender skin. Matt gasped at what Adam was doing to him with his mouth. He instinctively wanted to reach up and cover his nipples with his hands to shield them from Adam, but he remembered Adam's order to stay still.

Taking a steadying breath, Matt remained unmoving as Adam continued to taste the hard points of his nipples. After taking his time to savor each succulent tip, Adam sat back in his seat and said, "I want you." The statement was said with such hunger that Matt felt his toes curl.

Swallowing hard, Matt gathered his courage and responded, "I want you too." The admission was made timidly, but to Adam it sounded like the hottest confession he'd ever heard. Grasping on to Matt's hips, Adam pulled him close and took possession of his mouth. Matt was unable to hold back the whimper of pleasure that escaped, and kissed Adam back with all the passion he could muster. Their tongues brushed and stroked against each other slowly. The kiss was incredibly erotic and soon Matt found himself gyrating his hips in tandem with the kiss.

When Adam finally broke the kiss, he leaned down and his mouth latched onto the side of Matt's neck where his pulse beat and bit. Matt let out a little yelp and Adam began sucking hard on his skin. Matt had very delicate skin and he knew that, come tomorrow, he would have a huge hickey from all of Adam's efforts.

Matt knew that it was now or never. He leaned back until his back touched the steering wheel, but Adam followed him so that his mouth wouldn't be disconnected. Matt placed his hands on Adam's chest and pushed until Adam's mouth relinquished his neck and Adam sank back in his seat. He gazed up at Matt with inquiring eyes.

Matt couldn't sustain the eye contact and lowered his head. His wet hair fell forward over his forehead as he gathered up his courage. It was hard for him, after being afraid to touch Adam for so long. He moved his hands up Adam's chest and slowly began to unbutton his shirt.

"What are you doing?" Adam asked.

Matt's fingers paused on the third button and he looked up to ask, "Don't you want me to?"

"Of course I do. It's just that ..." he didn't finish was he was about to say because Matt leaned forward and pressed his lips against the hollow of Adam's throat. He finished unbuttoning Adam's shirt and pulled apart the sides to reveal his muscular chest. Matt gazed at that chest, unmoving, for a moment before running his hands slowly up Adam's torso until he reached his neck. He slid his arms around Adam's neck and pulled him close until there lips touched.

The two of them had kissed thousands of times since coming together, but this time it was different. This time it was Matt was kissing Adam. He started out carefully at first, almost afraid. He tested the firmness of Adam's lips and tasted the beer on his tongue. Matt felt Adam's hands sliding up and down his back.

The kiss continued and Matt became more comfortable and began experimenting. He sucked on Adam's tongue and pulled it deep into his mouth. He slanted his head to get better access and continued to kiss Adam for all he was worth. He kissed him exactly the way he had always wanted. For several minutes, only wet kissing sounds and heavy breathing could be heard in the interior of the car. Outside, the rain continued to fall.

Adam reached behind Matt and slipped his hands under the waistband of Matt's pants, cupping his buttocks. Adam was surprised when his hands came into contact with bare flesh; Matt wasn't wearing any underwear. Momentarily breaking the kiss, Adam looked up at Matt questioningly. Matt felt a blush heat his face at Adam's inquisitive stare.

He had decided to go without underwear that night because he had wanted to do something daring and sexy that would get Adam's attention. Judging by the look Adam was giving him, Matt decided that his ploy had worked. "I like this," Adam said, "a lot. You should do it more often." Still feeling a little shy, Matt buried his face in the crook of Adam's neck. He began to nibble on Adam's earlobe, eliciting a groan from him.

Adam cupped Matt's buttocks and squeezed, then started to knead the globes of Matt's ass in coordination with Matt's movements. After a few minutes of this combined with heavy kissing, Adam reached around to the front of Matt's pants and undid the zipper. Just under the waistband he could see the soft, curly thatch of Matt's pubic hair.

Maneuvering his wrist, Adam reached inside Matt's pants to grasp the hard shaft of his penis. Matt let out a grunt that was swallowed by Adam's mouth and wiggled to allow Adam better access to his cock. Adam tore his lips away from Matt's and began to nip along the tender length of Matt's neck. The dual manipulation of Adam's hands and mouth heightened Matt's arousal until he feared that he would loose himself right there.

"Adam," he panted out in a breathless whisper, "Oh God, I'm going to come."

"Not yet," Adam said and abruptly halted his hands' movements. "Honey, not here. We have to stop." Matt felt his entire brain shut down. He didn't want to stop. He was so close to orgasm that he felt as though he were on a hair-trigger. He shifted his hips back and forth in an unsuccessful effort to continue the stimulation but Adam placed a hand on his hip to halt the movement. Matt moaned out a protest and tried to get loose of Adam's hold. Adam's hold remained firm and forced Matt to hold still.

"Please, Adam, please." Matt begged shamelessly. He needed to come so badly it hurt. "I ache." Matt's admission was muffled against the side of Adam's neck.

"It's okay, baby. Soon." Adam promised.

Just then they heard a car door slam, quickly followed by loud boisterous laughter. Matt jerked at the sound and all at once seemed to become aware of where they were. Two cars away from them, three men had exited their vehicle and were making there way towards the bar. Matt had been totally unaware of their surroundings. This always happened to him when he was with Adam. The minute that Adam touched him, all rational thoughts flew out of his head and he was lost.

Adam used Matt's temporary distraction as an opportunity to dislodge his hold on his neck. He quickly grabbed Matt around the waist and placed him back into the passenger seat. There, Matt sat back against his seat breathing heavily. His entire body was tense with frustration and arousal.

Grabbing his car keys out of his pocket, Adam inserted them into the ignition and started up the car. A few moments later, they were on the road and headed back to Adam's apartment. Adam reached over and placed his hand on Matt's thigh where he lay slumped in his seat. He slowly rubbed Matt's legs in comfort for a few seconds before returning his attention to the road. Matt wanted nothing more than to reach inside his pants and release his cock.

The feelings scared him because he had never felt so turned on before. He wanted Adam to pull over on the side of the road and finish what he had started in the parking lot. Matt moaned lightly and readjusted the front of his pants to relieve some of the discomfort. The base of his penis was swollen and throbbing and the tip was oozing precum. He looked over at Adam lap and saw the noticeable bulge at the front of his pants.

He resisted the urge to lean over and release Adam's erection from the tight confines of his jeans and play with it. He would wait until they reached the apartment to do that. He was impatient to get things going, but he was no longer anxious. He knew that tonight was the night.