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CHAPTER SEVEN: Wedding Bells

Matt awoke with a very satisfied smile on his face. The first thing he noticed was the light streaming in with the faint morning glow. Last night had been upgraded from `delightful' to amazing. He had fallen asleep on Adam's chest and could now feel Adam running his hand up and down his back; even in slumber Adam was very physically affectionate.

"Rrrrring! Rrrrring!" the phone chimed. Matt could hear the phone ringing in the background but he didn't want to move. The streams of light seeping in from behind the shades were warming his skin. He was totally replete and enjoying the feel of the warm, cuddly body molded behind him.

In truth, he had been awake for quite a while -- he wasn't sure how long -- and had just been enjoying simply being held by Adam as he slept. The previous night's events kept running through his mind as he lay still over Adam's sleeping form. But now it seemed that the quiet interlude was over as he felt Adam stirring behind him.

Adam arched his back in a sleepy stretch before he tightened his hold on Matt who lay on top of him, his head resting on Adam's chest. Adam lay on his back with Matt sprawled wide on top of him, making it a little difficult for him to reach the phone. He shifted smoothly until he had Matt nestled up beside him, then he sleepily placed a kiss on the curve of Matt's shoulder.

He heard the phone continue to ring and reached over, thinking to pick it up and end the incessant jangling before it woke Matt up. He was surprised when Matt placed a kiss on the inside of his forearm as it stretched across the bed to grab the receiver.

"Hi," he said in a husky voice as he lifted up the handset from the cradle. Matt turned around and flashed Adam a brilliant smile.

"Morning," Matt replied and reached up to place a kiss on Adam's jaw just as Adam brought the phone up to his ear.

"This better be good," Adam mumbled under his breath. Matt giggled before turning back around and snuggling closer to Adam, pushing his butt into Adam's crotch.

"Behave," Adam growled before placing a firm hand on Matt's hip. He pushed the `on' button on the phone. "Hello?" he fairly barked into the mouthpiece.

"Honey?" came an inquiring female voice from the other end of the line.

"Uh, Mom?" Matt heard Adam say.

"Darling! good, you're up," Adam's mom, Marie, said. Adam decided not to tell her that he hadn't been up until the phone had started ringing. In the background, he heard his sister's voice saying something, and it sounded an awful lot like nagging. He kept hearing the words "tell him" being repeated with great impatience.

"Alright, dear," Adam heard his mother say reassuringly, but he got the feeling that she was speaking to his sister, Magdalena, and not him. Then she said, "We have some news ..."

But before she got the chance to finish, Adam heard what sounded like a struggle for the phone, right before Magda came on the line and said without preamble, "I'm getting married!!"

Adam was temporarily stunned, before he snapped out of it and said, "Oh, M, congratulations. When did this happen?"

"Last night!" she continued animatedly, letting out a high pitched squeal that only females seemed capable of creating.

"Charlie is the groom-to-be I presume," Adam drawled.

"Yes!" Magdalena responded enthusiastically, "he got down on his knee and everything when he proposed." Adam could clearly hear the smile in her voice and couldn't stop himself from smiling in reaction. His baby sister's excitement was infectious. He heard a rustle as the phone exchanged hands again and his mother came back on.

"Well, we wanted to call first thing in the morning and tell you," his mother said. Adam could hear Magda repeating the words `I'm getting married!' in a high pitched, sing-song voice over and over in the background and shook his head at her antics.

"We still have to call your brother and tell him the good news, but we'll do that in a minute. Are you getting enough to eat?" Marie asked in a no-nonsense motherly tone filled with concern for her bachelor son.

Adam resisted the urge to roll his eyes. He owned a restaurant for God's sake; it was near impossible to go hungry when you were in the business of providing food. But his mother meant well, so he didn't take offense.

"Yes mom, I'm getting enough to eat," he replied with great patience before asking, "so when's the wedding, ma? Knowing M, I'm pretty sure they've already set a date."

"Not so fast," his mother said, "what about Matthew?"

For some reason, his mother insisted on calling everyone by his or her full name: Charlie was Charles, Magda was Magdalena and Matt was Matthew. No nicknames for Marie Ford.

"He's fine, mom. What about him?" Adam asked

"Is he getting enough to eat?" Marie asked seriously. This time Adam couldn't restrain himself and he did roll his eyes. As if there was anyway that he could keep Matt from eating. Ninety percent of the time it was the other way around. You couldn't tell by looking at him, but Matt had one hell of an appetite, and he was a damn good cook too.

"Yes mom," Adam replied, "Matt's getting enough to eat."

"Good," his mother said in an approving voice. This happened every time they spoke. Marie Ford came from a big Italian family where food was used as a way to show love, concern, happiness and every other emotion you could think of. Growing up in the Ford household, it was a wonder that he, Magda and his brother, Brick, were not all seriously obese.

Hearing his name, Matt yelled out over his shoulder, "Hi, Mrs. Ford!" The noise was loud in Adam's ear, earning Matt a light pinch on the butt from him. Matt jerked in surprise, then stuck his tongue out at Adam.

"Hello Matthew," Marie replied, not realizing that Matt couldn't hear her.

Adam turned to Matt and repeated the message, "Mom says `hi'." Then he turned his attention back to the phone and said, "have they set a date for the wedding yet, Ma?"

"Yes they have. It's in two weeks. Now I know it's sudden, but Charlie is shipping out in six weeks and they want to get married and have a honeymoon before he has to go."

Magda's long time boyfriend of three years, Charlie, was in the marines. He had been allowed to come back to the States three months ago after being in Iraq for a year, but now he was about to be redeployed for another six months before his tour of duty over.

The entire time Adam had been talking to his mom, he had kept up a steady stroking of Matt's hip with his hand. Matt loved the new found intimacy. Adam couldn't seem to keep his hands off him, and Matt was finally comfortable with Adam's hands constantly on his body.

"We're all so excited we haven't yet worked out the details, but we're going to call Brick now and tell him the good news. We expect both of you to be at the wedding," his mother added in an afterthought as though there was anyway in hell they would miss it.

"Yes, mom," Adam said.

"I wish we could talk longer, but we still have to call everyone and tell them," his mother said. Now "everyone", Adam knew, would be his entire family -- all one hundred members -- and all their family friends. He was guessing it would take a while and knowing his mom, she would likely spend all day on the phone.

"Tell dad I said hi," Adam said.

"Okay, honey, I will." His mother said sweetly, before adding in a stern voice, "and make sure you get enough to eat. The last you came home you looked like skin and bones."

Adam laughed. Only his mother would consider 250lbs skin and bones.

"Yes Ma."

Okay," she said, sounding slightly appeased. "I love you."

"I love you too, Ma," Adam replied before hanging up.

Immediately Matt asked, "Magda's getting married? To Charlie?"

"Yup," Adam responded, pulling Matt closer, "in two weeks."

"Two weeks? That's a little sudden," Matt gasped as Adam began nuzzling his neck from behind.

"Mmm," Adam mumbled into Matt's hair. His cock, stiff from his morning wood, was pressed up perfectly along the crack of Matt's ass.

Behind him, Matt could feel Adam's erection. A little frisson of excitement and anticipation shot up his spine as he considered both of them bypassing their plans for the day and spending it in bed instead. He wanted to, but he knew that Ollie would kill him if he did. They had plans for an early lunch that day, and Matt would be risking his life if he canceled.

Arching his hips forward to escape the poking of Adam's member, Matt said, "We can't. I have to go take a shower." He lifted his head to glance at the time. "It's already ten o'clock."

"Shower, shmower," Adam replied, but he didn't protest when Matt shifted his arm so that he could rise from the bed. Instead he rolled onto his back and let out a long sigh while staring at the ceiling. "I'll be lonely," he complained, "come back to bed."

Smiling and naked, Matt went to the bathroom and started the shower. He opened the glass panel and tested the water, adjusting it as he always did until it was just the right temperature. When he was satisfied, he stepped in and shut the shower door.

Matt loved Adam's shower, and preferred it much more to his own for a number of reasons. First was the fact that the water pressure in Adam's bathroom was much stronger than the one in Matt's apartment. It added an extra little sting when it hit Matt's flesh and Matt liked that. He really felt like he was getting clean. Next were the eight-inch diameter chrome waterfall showerheads that allowed the water to hit every part of his body at once, giving the illusion of total submersion. Also, Adam's shower had thermostatic anti-scald protection, which was good because it meant that the water automatically adjusted itself to keep the same temperature from start to finish, no matter how long the shower.

Matt let the water run, getting his whole body totally wet before he started scrubbing. Just as Matt was really starting to get into it, the shower door opened and a waft of cold air hit his exposed back and buttocks. He turned around and saw Adam enter the stall wearing a lascivious grin on his face.

"Mind if I join you?" he asked.

To which Matt replied, "Not at all."

Adam took the sponge that Matt had been holding and squirted a liberal amount of body wash onto it. He worked up a lather and started to scrub Matt's back and shoulders in slow circular motions. He followed the contours of the puckered skin, cleansing with care and devotion. Matt let himself relax under the hot water and Adam's attention. Adam worked his way down Matt's back until he reached his crack and slid between his cheeks. He slipped the sponge in a few times before continuing down Matt's thighs and calves.

After doing this, Adam instructed Matt to turn around and he refocused his attention on washing Matt's chest. He used the sponge to draw foam circles around Matt's nipples. When he was done he drew the sponge over Matt's abdomen following the definition of his muscles. He moved the sponge down the length of Matt's torso until he reached his crotch and he used it to cup Matt's genitals.

Matt's cock was now hard and throbbing from all the teasing. Adam gave up the pretense of cleaning and dropped the sponge back onto the shower shelf. Using his soapy hand, he encircled Matt's stiff penis and began to pump up and down with his closed fist. He leaned forward and captured Matt's mouth in a deep kiss.

Their tongues tangled and intertwined while the water cascaded over their faces. The sizzling kiss continued until Matt broke away to come up for air. Severing the contact of their mouths, Matt let his head fall backward as the motions of Adam's hand consumed him. The water continued to fall, sluicing off their skin and creating a rhythmic soundtrack to their aquatic lovemaking as it hit the tiles.

They shouldn't be doing this; they were going to be late, Matt warned himself. But even though he knew they should stop, Matt was too far gone to make Adam do so. His back hit the tiles, and he said thickly, "Oh God, Adam, don't stop."

Adam increased his stroking. His own penis was also hard and poking the side of Matt's thigh. Feeling the hard pole, Matt didn't hesitate in reaching out and grabbing it. Eagerly wrapping his fist around the hardness, Matt instinctively began to slide it up and down, using the hot water as lubrication.

Adam had always previously prided himself on his self-control. Now, for the second time in less than twelve hours he was about to lose that control. Apparently all the time he had been exercising that control was voided, because before Matt came along he had never experienced the uncontrollable need that he was experiencing now.

Soon, both men were pressed up closely to one another and engaged in a coordinated mutual masturbation. Matt was unable to stop himself and sunk his teeth into Adam's pectoral muscle as he began to orgasm. He gasped and jerked and groaned as the orgasm washed through him, so intense that he was helpless in its grip.

Adam was unprepared for the first stream of semen that hit his lower abdomen, and the sharp stinging bite that accompanied it. The slight pain and immense pleasure mingled, causing him to go into his own climax. Adam shook with the force of it, tightening his hold on Matt's penis as he continued to come.

"Oh, God, oh, God," Adam repeated.

Matt was unable to respond verbally, but continued to shudder. It was a while before their breathing finally settled, but when it did, Adam wasted no time in asking, "Wanna do it again?"

Chuckling, Matt shook his head before saying, "You're inexhaustible." Deciding he had lingered long enough, Matt pulled Adam close for one final kiss before turning and exiting the shower, leaving Adam to finish washing up.

Matt quickly got dried and threw on a pair of his old jeans he found in Adam's drawer and made his way to the kitchen to start breakfast. One of the first astonishing facts he had learned about Adam was that he didn't know how to cook. Shocking if you considered that his place of business was an eatery, but Adam had defended himself by saying that that's why he was the owner, not the chef. Which meant that Matt primarily did the cooking in their relationship.

Matt didn't mind because he liked to cook, and, to him, there was no bigger compliment than having a professional restaurateur praise his cooking. He entered the kitchen and paused for a moment while thinking of what to make. Going to the pantry, he looked inside and wasn't surprised to see that it was fully stocked. Grabbing the first thing he saw, a pack of waffle mix, he returned to the kitchen and began gathering cooking utensils.

Several minutes later Adam walked into the kitchen wearing a pair of black, low-rise army trunks; Matt's favorite pair. When Adam had discovered that Matt liked the underwear style, he had gone and stocked up until his entire collection pretty much consisted of only the one style. They hugged his hips and thighs and emphasized his impressive package.

Matt looked up from the batter he was mixing and his eyes went momentarily wide before he cast an accusing glare in Adam's direction and said, "No fair. You know I love it when you wear those undies."

"Tough," Adam said with an unrepentant smile. "I wanted to play in the shower and you wouldn't let me so I'm getting a little revenge of my own. Payback's a bitch."

Before Matt could come up with a quick rebuttal, the phone started ringing again. Adam walked to over to the cordless receiver resting on the counter and, half expecting it to be his mother again, answered, "Hello?"

"Hey," Brick replied.

"Brick?" Adam asked.

Before Brick could respond, Matt hollered out, "Hi Brick!" then grinned sheepishly when Adam shot him a look, and quickly turned back to the batter he was stirring.

"Is that Matt?" Brick asked.

"Uh, yeah," Adam answered and started making his way back to the bedroom to put on some clothes and get out of earshot.

"I take it things are better between the two of you," Brick continued.

"Yeah," Adam said, and there was a pause on the line while Brick waited for him to elaborate.

When he didn't, Brick said, "You did it didn't you?" Adam didn't respond, but Brick kept speaking undeterred. "Man, a lot can happen in two weeks. The last time we spoke you guys were on the verge of breaking up, now you're banging each others brains out."

"It's not like that," Adam said quickly, then blushed.

"Oh? Then what is it like?"

Adam sighed before saying, "things are getting better, sexually. Look, we can't talk about it now." Then changing the subject he asked, "did mom call you? Did you hear about Magda?" He grabbed a pair of jeans from the closet and pulled them on.

"Yup," Brick replied, "bout time too. I was starting to worry I'd have to get rough with Charlie before he made an honest woman out of M."

Adam chuckled at Brick's overprotective big brother attitude before saying, "we should get together this weekend to celebrate." Now that he was wearing pants, he headed back into the kitchen. Once he entered, he saw a plate on the counter that already had four waffles on it. He swiped it while Matt's back was turned, then added generous amounts of syrup and butter and dug in. Matt turned around in time to see him take the first bite.

He shook his head at Adam's antics and reached for another plate to put the next batch of waffles in. Adam continued to listen to Brick on the phone, making periodic grunts in response and laughing occasionally. Brick was a very funny guy, but you had to get to know him first before you discovered his wry sense of humor.

Matt had met Brick a couple of months after he had started dating Adam. Adam had introduced him as his brother, but the two men looked nothing alike. Further questioning had revealed that Brick had been taken out of foster care and adopted by the Ford family when he was thirteen years old.

"Alright, so Friday then?" Matt heard Adam ask as he rose from the dining table and made his way over to the new stack of waffles on the counter. When he got to the counter, he handed over the phone to Matt, saying around a mouthful of food, "Brick wants to say hi."

Taking the phone from him, Matt turned off the burner then headed over to the kitchen table and sat down, pouring himself a glass of orange juice from the jug Adam had taken out of the fridge. He didn't usually eat breakfast, so he left the rest of the waffles for Adam.

"Hello?" he said.

"Hey Matt, how are you?" Brick asked.

"I'm good. How are you?"

"Busy," then he laughed as though he had said something incredibly funny. "What are you up to today?"

"I'm having lunch with Ollie," Matt replied.

Brick became a little quiet before saying in a deceptively mild voice, "really."

Matt laughed. "Yes, really," he replied.

At the mention of the other man, Brick suddenly became reserved. It didn't take long before he recalled some errands he had to run, and much to Matt's amusement, he made his excuses and left. After Matt hung up the phone, he looked over at Adam who was wolfing down the last of his breakfast, and couldn't help but smile.

Adam finished the rest of his meal in silence while Matt drank his juice, but things between them had changed. They perpetually smiled at one another and used any excuse to touch each other and share tender, longing looks. The intimacy between them was palpable.

Adam couldn't seem to walk past Matt without placing a lingering touch on his hip or an appreciative tap on his butt, sliding his hand gently down Matt's back or placing a kiss on his ear or neck. Adam was freely exhibiting his friskiness for the first time in Matt's presence.

Matt was basking in all the closeness. He couldn't stop himself from smiling or taking a few liberties of his own on Adam's body -- a touch here, a kiss there. Breakfast took a little longer than usual, but that was because the two of them could barely stop kissing long enough to breathe, let alone eat.

At one point, Adam ran his hand down Matt's chest and Matt couldn't stop himself from flinching. His nipples hurt a little from all the attention they had received the night before. At one point he had almost decided to say something to Adam, but in the end he had decided against it because he had liked what was happening so much.

Matt went back to the bedroom to finish getting ready while Adam cleaned up the kitchen. He hurried to get ready because it was already after twelve and he was supposed to meet Ollie at one. Their little frolic in the shower had taken up a good deal of time.

Walking back into the kitchen, he saw Adam shut the door of the dishwasher. He walked up right behind him and placed a kiss on the center of his back before saying, "I'm gonna head out."

"Okay," Adam said and turned around to catch him around the waist.

"I'll see you tonight?" Matt asked.

"Of course," Adam replied, before bending down and placing a kiss on his lips. Matt savored the kiss, but pulled back before they got too carried away. With one final peck on Adam's lips, he disengaged himself from Adam's arms and made his way out of the apartment.