WARNING: The following text contains scenes of graphic sex between consenting teenage and adult males. It also contains some intergenerational sex between an adult male and a younger man. If you are offended by such material, or are under the legal age of consent to read such material please do not read any further. All persons and events depicted in the following story are fictitious. Any resemblance to those living or dead is purely coincidental and a product of the author's imagination.


A Love Story

by Bob Grant

Part 3

There was a group of five or six students in my dorm who liked to get together in one room or another and generally just talk about things happening on campus. My room was #219, and my room mate was Roger. David and his room mate lived in #208. Frequently, when we were in room 208, David would get undressed for bed right in front of the rest of us and walk across the room naked. I don't know if anyone else noticed, but I found his big cock very attractive. In the showers back home, I had never seen a cock quite as big as his ... dangling down and swinging back and forth as he walked. He wasn't at all shy about this and I was finding it quite inviting. I always looked forward to meeting in his room, with the anticipation of his getting undressed ... I frequently was so forward as to suggest that we go to 208.

One afternoon David was in my room asking about an English paper. I decided to take the bull by the horns, so to speak, and closed the door, walked over to him and immediately reached down and began rubbing his crotch. He asked "What are you doing?" I just said "I'm playing with this. Is that OK?" He just said "Sure." I don't know why, but I didn't think for a moment that he would object. By the time we had completed that little dialog, he was well on his way to a very big hard on, so I continued by unzipping his pants, fondling it a little longer and then maneuvering it out of his shorts. It was much bigger than I had expected.

I suggested that we sit on my bed. Shortly after we were seated I bent over and took his cock into my mouth and began sucking. As I sucked, his hands were reaching anxiously to acquaint themselves with my erect, excited penis and before long he had it in his mouth ... methodically massaging my firm head. He sucked so good. It felt better than it had ever felt with Howard or Eddy. Of course I was also very horny after not having had sex with anyone for so long. It was only two or three seconds after I started cumming before David's fluids were filling my receptive mouth. He came and came ... again and again ... a really big load.

James was my mentor, but David was my joy. Much of what I learned from James, I put into practice with David. It was easy to get together with James, as he had his own apartment. David and I always found it somewhat of a challenge to find the privacy for comfortable sex, but we did manage. Every once in a while I would ask James if it was OK to use his apartment and David and I would go over there to be alone. Both David and I stayed on at school for a few days at the beginning of Christmas break. Since both of our room mates were already gone, we had many opportunities to be alone at that time.

My roommate, Roger, was in a car accident on his trip home for Christmas. He was badly hurt and was not returning to school for the second semester. His parents sent for his things. David was in my room when the dorm director informed me of this and asked me to put Roger's things into boxes so he could prepare them for shipping. David seized the opportunity and told the director that his roommate snored so loudly that it kept him awake at night ... and asked if he could switch rooms and move into 219. As soon as the idea was approved, David and I moved with haste to pack Roger's things and move his into my room before anyone could change their mind. Before we knew what was happening, we were living together ... in the same room. When we closed the door and turned out the lights, we would be alone ... just David and me ... in our own room. We enjoyed ourselves the previous semester when we were not rooming together ... just think of the possibilities now that we were sleeping in the same room.

David and I found our living arrangements to be quite convenient. We were both very horny and oversexed and so enjoyed the company of the other. He was the one who introduced me to anal intercourse. We were laying in bed one night and he asked "Would you fuck me?" All I could manage was "What do you mean?" He showed me what he meant ... and I liked what that was. He tried fucking me, but I had difficulty with the pain. Every time I fucked him, he would try again. After several times I was determined to have him penetrate me and reach climax. He seemed to enjoy having me deep inside of him, but I never was able to enjoy having him inside of me like that. I tolerated it, but never totally enjoyed it.

David and James were both great sex buddies. Whenever I was with them I enjoyed every moment, but it just wasn't the same as being with Howard. I was still very much in love with him. My memories of him were always in my thoughts and dreams. Since I knew that he didn't want to be with me anymore, these memories were painful. It was apparent, as I reflected on the past few years, that Howard and I were, in fact, homosexual lovers. The fact that he could not accept this saddened and depressed me.

Living with David restricted my relationship with James, but that was OK. I would visit him perhaps once a month or so, but David was in my bed almost every night and that was great. About once a week David would have a date with someone else, always another guy. That didn't bother me, as ours was not a love affair ... he was just a very good sex buddy ... there was no reason to be jealous. We would go out together ... to the games together ... never worry what other students might think ... and no one ever gave us any problems. Most of our friends assumed that we would always be doing things together; they never said anything, but I believe they knew exactly what our relationship was ... or in some cases even assumed it was more of a love affair than it really was.

It was so good for me to at last be honest with myself; to be able to say that I am homosexual ... I am a queer, a faggot, a fairy ... or whatever name anyone wishes to attach to me. And I was glad I was just the way I was. The names were not important, what was truly important, was to be honest with myself and proud of who and what I was. I was coming to see that God made me what I was ... and I believed that Howard shared that glorious gift ... but denied himself ... denied his being ... felt guilty for his inner drives. Thank God, I no longer needed to feel guilty for being myself. Rather, I thanked God for the gift he had bestowed upon me, and prayed to Him that he grant Howard the enlightenment to also find peace in his life.

To David and James I can only say "Thank you for the lessons that you taught me. You gave me the opportunity to become whole." These lessons proved to be more significant in my life than any other course of study I pursued at IU. I believe an honest awareness of and appreciation for one's own sexuality is pivotal to their overall success as a functional individual, and these two boyfriends assisted me greatly in reaching that point of evolvement. From retrospect I can only say "Thanks, guys!"

Over the next couple of years I had several really wonderful boyfriends, most were University friends. I had a lot of really great sex with them. On breaks and summer vacation I would often meet one of them in Bloomington or Indianapolis for a date. There were even one or two with whom I was becoming romantically involved, but my longing for Howard and an underlying loyalty to him always got in my way. Always, in the back of my mind, I held this belief that one day he would come back to me and we would be together forever. A little fantasy which stood in the way of my ability to truly love anyone else.

Howard and I continued to see each other occasionally during this time; usually to jack off and never allowing it to progress beyond that. I still enjoyed being with him, but it saddened me that we couldn't express our love. My memories and fantasies often took me back to that summer of 1949 ... and '50 ... and '51, when we were open and casual about the feelings we had for each other. I longed for the closeness we shared.

As I was getting ready to go home for spring break in 1955, my Junior year at IU, I decided to make contact with Howard again. I called him and we made plans to get together in Indianapolis. It was good to see him again ... he was as handsome as ever. Several times, over the previous two years I had talked with him and a couple of times we even got together in Indianapolis for a burger ... all very platonic and cool. This time when we met, it was all I could do to keep my hands off of him, I had missed him so much. We went to a drive-in for a burger and sat in the car talking for more than an hour.

Howard told me about his job at the box company and how much money he was making. He had an apartment in town. He told me about his girl friend, Sally, and all they were doing together ... about having sex with her and how great that was. He said they were thinking about getting married in the fall. This was not the most welcome news for me ... it did not brighten my day.

After this depressing news I figured if I was going to let him know how I truly felt, it had to be now ... I might never have another opportunity ... but how could I follow this? I decided the direct approach was really the only way. When the opportunity arose I simply said, "I have really missed you, Howard, more than you can ever know." He shared that he had missed me also. I then asked, "Can we go someplace and park for a while ... and maybe jack off?" I didn't know how he would respond and was overjoyed when he said, "I would like that a lot. I have been wanting that."

We drove out toward Mill Creek to one of our favorite parking places next to the river. I reached over and started fondling him ... he returned the gesture. We pulled our pants down revealing our hard cocks and became totally absorbed in our foreplay. It was good to have his smooth, hard penis in my hand again. As we sat there caressing each others genitals, I told Howard about my sexual enlightenment ... that I realized that I was homosexual ... glad that I was ... and believed that God created me that way. I also told him that he was the most important person in my life ... that I loved him very much.

His reaction was immediate and dramatic. He let go of my cock, pulled up his pants and told me that he was not a fairy ... and if I thought he was, he didn't want to see me again. Well, so much for my plan of being direct ... it backfired in a big way.

As we drove back to the city, I tried to tell him about David, James and my other boyfriends and all I had learned from them about myself. This was difficult since he was so adamant that he wanted no part of such things and he seemed to be truly upset that I had been with so many other boys. I asked if we could still be friends and he responded that he did want that as long as I didn't think that he was queer. We drove to where we had left my car, said good night and parted. Hopefully our friendship, though damaged, was still intact.

About a month later Howard wrote to me, telling me how sorry he was with the way we left things in Indianapolis ... that he really did value our friendship and wanted to see me again when I was back in Mill Creek. I wrote him almost every day after that. He wrote once or twice ... not frequently. I told him all that was happening in my life ... about my classes ... about David ... but mainly how I felt about him and how much I missed being with him. I tried to be very careful not to go overboard and scare him off again. I was longing for the day I would see him, but had some anxiety about how he may really feel.

His letters were warm, but they didn't indicate his feelings about me being homosexual nor about his feelings of being homosexual. He seldom made mention of Sally in his letters ... which was a positive note. Even though I did not know exactly what to expect, I had great expectations and anticipation for our next time together.

I talked to Howard on the phone a couple of days before the end of the semester to make sure he was going to be free the day I was to arrive home from school. He said that he was anxious to see me to clear up any misunderstandings. When I told him that I had never stopped loving him, he responded that he was happy to hear that was still true after the way he had acted. He suggested that I meet him at his apartment, rather than downtown where we usually met. That was a good sign, as he had never wanted me to meet any of his friends, let alone go to his apartment. He told me he was off work at four, usually home by 4:30, and asked if I could be there about five, or so.

The day of my last exam I was already packed and as soon as I had finished I was on the highway to Indianapolis. I could hardly wait to see Howard. I didn't even go home first ... just straight to Howard. I had called my Mother and told her I would not be home until the next day ... not saying that I wouldn't be at the U. Howard had not asked me to spend the night with him, but at that point I was making a wishful assumption.

I arrived in Indianapolis just about 4:30, and drove around killing time until I couldn't stand it any longer and got to Howard's apartment about fifteen minutes early. I was very nervous as I knocked on his door. He opened the door and there he stood dressed in a white shirt and a smile ... a big, warm, wonderful smile. His teeth glistened, his eyes sparkled and his beautiful black hair gleamed in the subdued light of the room. The tail of his shirt draped to about mid thigh, so I couldn't see if he had anything else on or not ... the imagination could fill that gap for the time being. He was so beautiful and I was so glad to see him.

We hugged each other and I told him how much I had missed him. He told me that he had missed me too, and that he was sorry if he left me with the impression the last time that he didn't love me. He told me that what I had said the last time caused him to do a lot of thinking and self-evaluation. It was very difficult for him to admit that he was a homosexual and I wanted to help make it as easy for him as possible. I kissed him again and said, "I really do love you, Howard." and kissed him again.

He told me that he had come to know that he wanted to be with me more than anyone else in the world ... that he was homosexual and happy with that realization. He said that when he was fucking Sally, he was thinking of me ... and realized what was really important in his life. Howard asked me if I remembered our camping trips to Loan Pine Ridge ... how close we were ... when we were in our tent, laying on our sleeping bags in the nude ... how we did much more than just have sex together ... we really made love? I answered that I remembered it vividly and often relived those moments in my mind. He said that he wanted to have that kind of relationship again. I couldn't have been more willing to agree.

We hugged and kissed and as we separated he took my hand. There was a very erect penis protruding from the front of his shirt, confirming that he wasn't wearing anything besides the shirt. He pulled me into his bedroom and onto his bed. We caressed and fondled each other. Howard climbed on top of me, straddling me as he removed the shirt he was wearing and proceeded to undress me ... one button at a time, until we were both in our favorite condition ... naked and together ... cock to cock ... skin to skin ... lips to lips. Recreating those marvelous times of the years past at Lone Pine and the pond.

We caressed, fondled, sucked, hugged and kissed each other for nearly an hour; bringing ourselves many times to the point of ejaculation and slowing down. Finally we agreed that it was time to let the cum fly, we discussed how we wanted to go. Did we want to take it in our mouth or ... reminiscent of old times ... let it surge forth on each other. Both were attractive options, but I said that I would like to suck him off, as I knew that we were both so charged up that we would have large amounts of cum to shoot ... and I had been looking forward to taking his cum in my mouth for so long ... the more the better. Sucking it was. Each of us with the others very hard and excited penis in our mouth, massaging it to ever higher levels of rapture until we let loose several shots of warm, creamy, globs of cum into the others mouth.

This was the moment I had been dreaming of. With my finger I milked the last drops from his spent penis and ran my tongue through his cum, savoring every glob as they were moved around my mouth and teeth, before finally allowing myself to swallow it all. I enjoyed this so much more than sucking off any of my other boyfriends.

We rearranged ourselves so we were again face to face ... embraced and engaged in a very deep kiss, searching for possible secretions remaining in the others mouth. We laid there for 15 or 20 minutes, just rubbing each other, embracing and kissing, before we thought of discussing what we wanted to do that evening ... before we have sex again. We decided to not go to a movie, but instead just have dinner and sit around and talk ... about us. We spent quite a bit of time reliving our high school years and how we had missed those times together. Howard shared how stupid he felt at having let Gregory's comment affect him so much back in 1951. I told him that I thought it wasn't so much Gregory as it was our culture which had implanted, in our minds, negative thoughts about homosexuality ... and therefore, our own beings ... and thank God for David and James who were there to straighten out my thinking and helping me to be happy with myself.

Howard asked what I was planning to do that summer. I said that I was going to get a job, but didn't know where just yet. He suggested that I look for something there in Indianapolis, and share his apartment ... and his bed. I hadn't had a better offer than that ... nor did I expect I would ever get one as wonderful, and quickly agreed. That summer was beginning to hold the promise of being as wonderful as the summer of 1951, when we were so in love and lived together for four weeks while our parents were on vacation.

I returned home the next day to unpack and break this news to my Mother, and convince her that it was a very good idea. She didn't object at all and was happy that I would be living with an old friend. Both of my parents accepted Howard, and always encouraged our friendship. My Mother felt Howard would be a leveling influence on me and make being on my own less difficult. Mom, you don't have any idea just how right you were.

The following Saturday, when I drove back to Indianapolis, Howard was waiting for me with open arms and a big kiss. He even had found several summer job possibilities for me, including one at the box factory where he worked. We settled in like two love birds on their honeymoon. It was so wonderful being together. I went to work in the office at the box factory, sorting and filing invoices. Howard and I were able to go to work together, go home together and be there for each other as we grew closer and closer.

Living and working so closely, we had our disagreements from time to time, but we usually would resolve them by getting nude and going to bed. I loved the feel of his nude body pressed up to mine ... running my fingers through his shiny, black hair ... his hard cock rubbing against mine. I loved the feel of the smooth skin of his penis between my lips ... his pulsating cock as he pumped shots of cum into my mouth ... the taste of his cum as I swished it around in my mouth. It seemed that we were recapturing those feelings of the earlier years ... and enjoying each precious memory as it unfolded in our minds ... and our bed.

I never thought anything could top the memories I had of Lone Pine Ridge or the pond, or those glorious weeks our parents were on vacation, but this summer was doing just that. We became closer as the weeks passed and the love we shared was deepening between us. Those were very happy days for me and the memories from our little place on Washington Street would join the others to be with me for the rest of my life, to be relived many times over.

Late in July, Howard suggested that we might go back up to Lone Pine Ridge for a campout. We left on a Saturday morning with our packs ready for whatever we may desire to do. We parked just outside the woods, near the bridge, and started up the familiar trail. We paused for a moment in the Hollow to listen to the quiet. At the pond we stopped for a few minutes to watch a pair of ducks swimming and diving. We considered the possibility of going in for a swim ... as we had done so many times before ... but I guess the reason which comes with maturity won the argument, as we discussed that someone might happen upon us.

As we arrived at the ridge, nothing seemed to have changed; it was almost as if we were the last ones to have been here. We pitched our tent, prepared the camp and went out to gather wood for our fire. Walking along the trails together, hand in hand, recalled the days of past summers. Nothing compares, in my mind, with being with someone you love while experiencing the closeness of nature and God. We felt our relationship had been blessed.

Late in the afternoon we decided to once again throw caution to the winds and go down to the pond for a swim. We shed our clothes under the same tree as we had years before and went into the cool water. We splashed and swam for some time before I found Howard's hard cock in my hand ... and mine in his, We both had become inspired by the moment ... and the presence of the other's nude body close by, however, that was as far as it went. The thought of somebody coming up the trail and catching us in the act was now intimidating us. It never bothered us in the past, but now it was quite consuming. Especially to Howard, who only recently accepted his own sexuality.

After dinner we walked along the ridge enjoying the closeness of the other. As the full moon rose in the sky, the harmonic sound of a whip-poor-will resonated in the valley below. Again, memories of a previous time surged through our heads and we held each other even more closely ... it made me tingle with awe.

We returned to the top of the ridge near the tent and removed our clothes and pulled our nude bodies close. The possibility of anybody else happening upon us never crossed our minds as we stood, as one, in the dark of the night bathed by the bright full moon ... with the whip-poor-will singing out from the trees. With Howard in my arms, the rest of the world drifted off to nothingness. We were totally absorbed in our closeness ... our togetherness ... our standing as one before God. I had never felt so in love before and wished that moment would never end.

After some time ... perhaps as much as an hour ... we got into our tent and laid down together on top of our sleeping bags. Howard's cock was as big and hard as I have ever seen it and the precum was already oozing from both of us as we tightly embraced and rubbed ourselves together. We made love as never before ... both of us attentive to bringing the other to ever higher levels of ecstasy as we proceeded. Never before had I been so in love with Howard as I was at that moment.

We massaged ... we sucked ... we kissed ... we held each other close and relished the moment until we were ready to burst. We let our glands cool down for a little while, put generous amounts of Vaseline on our hands and began our march towards a glorious climax. It didn't take long before we were approaching that wonderful explosion. We both turned toward the other and let the sensation grow until we each let our cum shoot forth across the space between us. The warm cum landed with a quiet "splat" on our stomach and chest and slowly ran downward ... dripping on our sleeping bags. That felt so very good ... both the cumming and having Howard shoot his cum on me. We cleaned ourselves up and went to sleep in each others arms,

The next morning I awoke to the wonderful feeling of being sucked off. Howard had my cock deep in his mouth and was massaging my head and shaft with his tongue. I was almost ready ... so I ran my fingers through his soft, black hair and held his head close as I pumped my load into his warm, receptive mouth. We embraced and kissed ... and I slipped down to take his beautiful penis between my lips and brought him to the point of shooting his large load of cum into my equally receptive mouth.

We returned to Lone Pine twice more before the summer ended ... each trip as wonderful as the last. Howard and I had turned our potentially common summer into a wonderful, memorable one just by living together, but these camping trips to Lone Pine Ridge were the crown jewels which made that summer so much more than we could ever had hoped for. We had been able to capture those precious times of the past, but, more importantly, we were facing the future with a greater awareness of our own reality

The beginning of my Senior year at Indiana U., was a happy one. I was looking forward to that year with great expectations. Now, my life seemed to be complete and back on track after several years of not having a direction. Even though I was going to be living sixty miles from Howard, I felt assured that our future was bright and I was looking forward to the opportunities to see him from time to time.

I had considered getting my own apartment off campus that year and perhaps sharing it with David, but the University had a brand new, beautiful dorm. The rooms were large and had two twin beds ... instead of the narrower, single beds in our other dorm. The rooms also had a semiprivate bath; shared with the room next door. Seniors had first chance for these rooms, so David and I chose to be dorm roommates again for that final year. We got along fairly well and, as we had found the previous three years, it was a convenient arrangement for us to have a rather significant sexual relationship.

It was nice to see David again. We shared our experiences of the summer ... his were not quite as steamy as mine ... almost, but not quite. His were shared with six other guys, while I had been with only Howard ... I was not jealous in the least ... I preferred the one I had. Both of us enjoyed hearing the minutest details of the other's encounters ... how big they were, how good it felt, how great it tasted, how cute he was, what a nice butt he had, how much he came, how nice he kissed ... and, by the time bedtime rolled around, we were both as hot as firecrackers ... and ready to jump into bed together. It was so nice to have David's large, warm penis in my hand again, however I felt more than a little guilt being with David, considering my new found relationship with Howard ... but Howard and I had discussed this before I left him in Indianapolis and both of us agreed that it was going to happen ... and that this sex was just sex and didn't really have anything to do with our love for one another. That, however, didn't relieve my pangs of guilt as I laid there with David ... mouth to penis ... each of us with a mouthful of cock and bringing the other to a wonderful, cum-filled climax.

Howard and I wrote almost daily and I would often call him in the evening. He would always ask about my sex with David and reassure me that he understood and that it was OK with him. As the days turned into weeks I was missing him more and more. By the time Thanksgiving break arrived, I was really ready to see him ... up close and personal.

Over the Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks I spent almost all of my time with Howard ... at his apartment. My Mother was wondering what was going on, but she was assuming that I had a girlfriend in Indianapolis and was staying with Howard for the convenience.

By the first of February, both of us were becoming impatient with waiting for holidays to see each other and Howard asked if he could come down for a weekend. I talked with David to see if he would mind Howard visiting me and staying in our room ... in my bed, of course. Naturally, he didn't mind and was looking forward to meeting the person he had heard so much about over the past three years.

Howard arrived on a Friday afternoon about six o'clock. We went out for pizza and then straight back to our room. David was there, anxious to meet Howard ... Howard was anxious to meet him as well, after all he had heard about him. David excused himself to go down to the Student Union for the evening ... and perhaps meet a friend. Howard and I sat and talked about all that was going on in our lives. He had been out with Sally on two occasions. He said the sex they had convinced him that he really was homosexual, and that he wasn't going to see her again. He hadn't been out with any other guys ... except for a beer with the guys from the box company, and they were as straight as they come.

Early that evening we locked the door, climbed into bed and got started showing each other how glad we were to see the other. We brought each other to the point of climax about ten times before we jacked each other off and let the cum shoot with absolute abandon ... we were under the sheets, but there was cum everywhere between us. We didn't even clean ourselves up, we just cuddled, kissed and fell to sleep in each others arms. We woke up when David came in about midnight ... we were stuck together with our dried cum. I thought David would get a charge out of that, so I told him as he was undressing. He laughed and said it sounded like we had enjoyed our evening. As usual, he was parading around the room in the nude with his big cock swinging to and fro as he walked ... as he told us about the boy he had been with that evening ... a freshman, who had his first homosexual experience that evening ... with David ... in the woods near the Student Union. David had no inhibitions ... he shared all of the details from getting into the boy's pants to the last drop of cum he could squeeze from his penis. By the time David turned out the lights and climbed into his bed, Howard was motivated and ready to demonstrate his love for me one more time before we went back to sleep. David had no difficulty figuring out what was happening on our side of the room, and simply said, "Have fun, you guys. Good night."

The next morning Howard and I were hot at it again when David woke up. He rolled over and looked at us, actively involved in sucking on each other and said, "Ummm, that looks so good." He got up to get some Vaseline, parading his erect, hard cock across the room and then climbed back onto his bed to jack himself off as he watched us. We stopped several times to let ourselves settle down before continuing and watched him as he was laying on top of his blankets, pumping away at his very hard, erect cock ... bedsprings squeaking with every gyration of his hips. As we agreed to bring our session to an end and pump our cum into each others mouth, his bedsprings began squeaking at a faster pace until ... the squeaking stopped ... as did the sound of his well lubricated hand moving quickly over his long hard shaft. Our own climax was not far behind his. Howard and I sat up and looked over to David ... with our spent cocks still erect and drops of cum oozing from them. He was still laying there holding his penis, streaks of cum streamed up to his chest and there was a pool of cum in his bellybutton. He said, "Well, that was really good for me. How about you guys?"

Howard and I took a shower together. As we came back into the room, still drying ourselves, David was standing in the middle of the room ... naked ... waiting for his turn at the shower. Howard and David admired each others cocks and both of them remarked how my description of the other had been so good and accurate.

After breakfast, Howard and I just bummed around the campus, enjoying the day together. When we returned to the dorm from dinner, David met us at the door and said he had some studying to do and wondered if it would be OK if he stayed in the room that evening. That morning we had pretty well overcome any shyness and inhibitions we might have had to him being around during our more intimate moments, so we both agreed that would be OK. I don't think he had much studying, I think he was just anxious for more entertainment from a couple of really horny guys, like he had that morning.

I have always sought privacy when I have sex, but I have to admit that there was a certain thrill the evening before when David was in the room while we were jacking off ... even though the lights were out ... he knew what we were doing and we knew he knew. Then, that morning when we sucked each other off in full view of David while he jacked himself off ... I found that to be very exciting. Of course, David and I had been quite sexually intimate for more than three years at that time, so it wasn't like a stranger watching us perform. I was subconsciously welcoming the opportunity to make love with Howard as David watched and jacked himself off.

Howard and I sat on the bed and cuddled and kissed, while David worked on a paper, until almost nine o'clock when I went to the door to make sure it was securely locked for the night. I walked back to Howard, shoved him back on the bed, spread my body on top of his and we kissed ... and kissed ... and kissed. I rolled to the side and started unbuttoning his shirt and pants. Very quickly we were both in the nude, laying on the bed, rubbing our bodies together and kissing and rubbing and kissing some more. David decided it was time to put his paper aside and lay on his bed ... and watch for a while. Howard was on top of me, his hips moving in a fucking motion ... sliding his hard penis, lubricated by our precum, back and forth across mine ... he raised up on his knees, straddling my legs. His hard, uncircumcised cock was standing straight up with drops of precum dripping from it ... my hard, excited cock, covered with precum, glistened in the light of the lamp. That was all it took to motivate David to get undressed. He quickly stripped to the nude and laid back down on his bed facing us ... his large cock was already quite hard. He laid there fondling himself. As we brought ourselves to a fevered pitch, over and over, his fondling became a firm grip around his hard shaft.

David was quite familiar with our practice of almost cumming, letting it cool down, then bringing ourselves almost to the point of climax again ... repeating this over and over until it finally felt so very good we had to let it go. He knew what we were doing and didn't want to reach his climax until we were ready to let it fly. Before long, his precum had lubricated his cock so well we could hear his hand as it moved across the shaft and over the head of his penis. By the time we were ready to cum, we were sliding in so much sticky precum that it looked as if we had already shot our load. Before we started our final arousal, both Howard and I decided we would be more comfortable if we went to the bathroom first. As we stood up, David looked at our glistening, sticky bodies and hard, cum-coated cocks and remarked that he didn't know we had cum already. When we told him we hadn't, he could only say that it looked as if we had.

When we returned to the bed we told David that we were getting ready for our grand finale, so he put Vaseline in his hand for his own conclusion to the evening. Howard laid down on the bed ... I kneeled next to him, licked some of the cum off of his stomach, pulled his foreskin back and took his cum-coated cock into my mouth. As I sucked, Howard asked me to get up on the bed in a 69 position so he could suck on me at the same time. Without missing a stroke of my tongue we were laying cock to mouth and totally involved in sucking the other toward ejaculation. It was so exciting with David watching the whole episode that it didn't take me long to reach that point of no return and let the cum start shooting forth into Howard's warm mouth. I came and I came BIG. I pumped my whole, creamy load of cum into his mouth ... it was at least six shots. After all of the precum that had oozed out, I was surprised I had that much left. Howard ran his finger from the base of my cock to the head to milk every last drop into his mouth. Motivated by my performance, it didn't take him long to reach an equally big climax. As he approached that wonderful conclusion, I could hear him breathing harder and he let out a little grunt just as he started pumping his wonderful, warm cum into my mouth. As he was cumming, the springs of David's bed started squeaking faster and we could hear him start breathing harder ... until there was quiet ... the three of us were laying there relishing the satisfying feeling of a wonderful climax. I squeezed the last drops of cum from Howard's penis and turned around to lay next to him and cuddle for a while.

When we woke the next morning, David was jacking himself off between the sheets. I leaned over, gave Howard a kiss and said, "I'll be right back." I went to David's bed, pulled back the covers exposing his hard, lubricated cock wrapped in his hand and said, "Let me help you." I put more Vaseline on my hand from the jar, took hold of his large organ and started jacking him off. He didn't say a word, he just laid back and enjoyed ... and when he came he didn't give any warning ... he just let it fly ... it shot about two feet, straight up and fell back on his stomach with a "splat." I went back to my bed and climbed in with Howard ... I was ready for more. We jacked each other off ... shooting our cum all over each other ... and then took a shower together before he had to start getting ready to go home.

That evening after Howard had gone, David and I were as horny as ever and went to bed with great anticipation. He was ready for some fucking. He liked to have me fuck him at least once or twice a week ... he really enjoyed it. I enjoyed fucking him too, but I didn't enjoy being the recipient ... I tolerated it. David realized that I was not finding pleasure being fucked, so he would only ask to do it about once a week or even once every other week. He enjoyed doing it, but he didn't enjoy it as much when I was experiencing pain. That night we fucked each other. We also spent a lot of time talking about the weekend. He really enjoyed having Howard visit ... and being able to participate in our sex.

I would see Howard almost every weekend after that ... either he visited me at the U or I would drive up to Indianapolis and stay with him. David preferred having Howard come down to Bloomington, so he could participate vicariously. We never got into three-way sex ... I was not interested in sharing Howard with anyone ... not even David.

As spring approached, I was being interviewed by schools for employment after I graduated and a wonderful opportunity presented itself. One of my professors, Dr. Albright, who had taken a liking to me ... and had been in my pants more than once ... had a good friend at the University of Oregon, who had asked him to be on the lookout for a promising graduate to accept a teaching position in Eugene. This was a great opportunity, but it would mean moving a long way from Indianapolis ... and I knew I didn't want to do that right now. This chance was almost too good to pass up. I told Dr. A. what my quandary was; namely that I wanted to be with Howard. His suggestion was simple, "Take him with you." It wasn't quite that simple, however. Howard had a job ... a good job ... here in Indiana.

The following weekend I went to Indianapolis to be with my love. I told him about the chance to teach in Oregon ... and quickly added that I didn't want to leave him for any job. I asked if he would consider joining me in Oregon, if I were to take it ... and apologized for the appearance that I didn't think his job was as important ... that was not true.

Howard gave me a kiss and said, "If you can get that job in Oregon, take it. And if you will have me, I'll be there too. I can always get another job ... they probably even have box factories there, too. That weekend was filled, not only with lots of sex, but also with planning and speculation for our move west. I hadn't been granted the job yet and here we were already mentally moving ourselves into our own apartment in Eugene, speculating what it might be like.

I went into Dr. A's office the following Monday morning and told him that I wanted to apply for the job. He said, "I knew you would. I forwarded your transcript and references to them last week. I just got off the phone with Dr. Eckly, in Eugene, and he says, after reviewing your packet, that the position is yours if you want it. I told him he would have an answer this week. Shall I call him back this morning?" I simply said, "Yes, please. Howard and I are ready to leave as soon as I finish the semester." Dr. A asked if I could come back to his office that evening to "visit" and talk about the job. I was more than happy to "visit" with him for a while ... on the couch in his office. The contract arrived the following week. I signed it with no hesitation and shipped it back. It was now official. I called my Mother to tell her of my teaching position at the University of Oregon. She was thrilled with the news. I failed to mention to her that I was taking Howard with me. I had not yet figured out how to explain that to her. The next month crawled at a snails pace ... except there didn't seem to be enough time to finish all that needed to be done. At the end of May, Howard gave up his apartment, moved back home and gave notice at the box factory. He also had some difficulty explaining to his parents just why he was going with me.

Everything was slowly coming together as we prepared to leave ... except for the explanations and rationalizations as to why Howard was going with me. He finally decided that he would just say that he had always wanted to travel out west and this just looked like a good opportunity ... this way we both would be with a friend in a strange place. Rather weak, but no one challenged him.

We planned to leave Indiana on the sixth of July. That would allow plenty of time to pack and prepare for the trip. Since neither of us had been farther west than St. Louis, we were going to take our time and enjoy the sights. The plan was to be in Oregon by the twentieth, so we would have a full two weeks of travel and sightseeing and plenty of time to get settled in Eugene before the term started. I was becoming more excited as our date of departure grew closer, bursting with the anticipation of not only the new adventures, but also of starting a new life with Howard.

Howard continued working until the end of June, to accumulate as much money as possible for our move. I spent the time getting my things in order and getting Howard's car ready for the trip. We had decided to take only one car, and his was in much better shape than mine. I left mine in my parents garage and asked my Dad to sell it for me. That was such a busy time for both Howard and me, but we did manage one more camping trip up to Lone Pine Ridge before we left. We also saw each other almost every evening.

Our closeness, combined with our traveling together to Oregon, was arousing quite a lot of curiosity with our parents. My Mother was, on one hand, quite relieved that I would be traveling with Howard, but her unspoken questions were becoming more difficult to conceal as the day of our departure grew near. Looking back, with the benefit of hindsight, I think she was beginning to figure out what was really going on between us. I was so very much in love with him that I don't believe it could have been hidden from anyone open enough to observe and understand. I think she observed ... and understood ... even then.

The night before we left, Howard stayed at my house so we could get an early start. My Dad ignored this completely, but my Mom made a point of coming in to say Good Night and told Howard how glad she was that he was going with me. She knew ... and she was glad. After everyone had gone to bed, he climbed in with me, we sucked each other off, cuddled and went to sleep in each others arms. The next morning my Mom knocked on the door and stuck her head in to tell us it was time to get up. Howard was still in my bed with his head on my shoulder and my arm was around him. She simply said, "Good morning. It is time to get up." She made no other comment and closed the door. At breakfast, both of my parents were as friendly and cheerful as ever, wishing us well on our move.

The morning of our departure was warm and sunny. There was a slight breeze and the birds were singing their happy tunes as we finished loading the car and said our good-byes. My Mom said she hoped we could come home for Christmas and asked Howard to come too. It was almost as if she were welcoming him to the family. They waved as we drove away down the country road ... toward Illinois and all points west.

The trip was wonderful. We went to the Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone and Glacier Parks and camped out whenever we could. Neither of us said so at the time, but we both saw this as our honeymoon ... breaking away together ... making memories which would last a lifetime. The sex we had on that trip had never been better. It was a true confirmation of our love.

I was so taken up with the great feeling of love and wanting to please Howard on this trip, that one night I asked him if he would like to fuck me. He knew how I felt about David fucking me at the U, and didn't want to cause me pain. For some reason, I really wanted to try it with him. We got all ready, his hard cock lubricated with Vaseline, he climbed on top of me and we let it slowly slip inside. It did hurt a little at first, but he was being so gentle and it started feeling better and better with each slow stroke he took. I liked it, I really liked having Howard inside of me, letting his cock slip slowly in and out. As he approached his climax I could feel the head of his cock getting larger as he pulled it out and pushed it back in. Then, when he came, it felt so wonderful as his cock pulsated with each ejaculation as he pumped his cum deep inside of me.

The greatest feeling of all, though, was having pleased Howard, and having given him so much pleasure. I liked it and I wanted to do that again ... later, of course. Being moved by the moment, he wanted me to fuck him, too. I tried to be as gentle as he had been with me. He said that he liked it and that it didn't hurt. I hope he was being honest and that he truly was finding enjoyment ... as I had with him. That was the first of many wonderful fuck sessions we would enjoy over the following years. We still enjoyed sucking a lot and even jacking off, but fucking now was also a part of our continuing experiences together.

The End of Part 3

(Continued in Part 4)

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