Chapter 2


Written By: Justin Case

Edited By: Ed


August 12, 2001

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The music from the stereo drifted through the small condominium. Allyson sat lifelessly on the overstuffed colonial style sofa positioned in front of the picture window in the living room, book in hand, her green eyes scanning back and forth as she intently read the latest novel by her favorite writer. Carly Simon's voice danced through the air, "Baby sneezes, Mommy pleases, Daddy breezes in, so put on paper..." it was one of Allyson's favorite CD's, "Coming Around Again," and Carly Simon was Allyson's all time favorite singer.

Next to the end of the couch, on the oak end table, was a glass of zinfandel, Allyson's favorite drink. As she sat there reading, she reached her left hand to the wine goblet, she slowly placed the glass to her lips and gulped the pink liquid into her mouth; she was engrossed in the book. All of a sudden, the ringing of the telephone placed on the coffee table in front her cut through her comfort. Startled by the incessant ringing, she put the wineglass and book down simultaneously.

"Hello," her soft voice said into the mouthpiece, as she shook her head and golden hair to make way for the handset to be placed at her left ear.

"Hey, sweetie," came the familiar voice, it was Leslie, and right on time. Leslie called Allyson every day precisely at 1:00 PM.

"I knew it was you," Allyson said, her voice sounded startled.

"Is everything OK? You sound upset," Leslie asked.

"No, no, everything is fine. I was just reading..." Allyson explained.

"Oh, honey, I know you'll hear something soon, it's only been two days. They need you, just like I do," Leslie said, her voice full of reassurance, as she tried to comfort her lover.

"Leslie, I know, but it's been a month since I worked. I'm a good trial attorney; if they don't hire me, I'll have to start seriously thinking about starting my own practice. You and I both know that here in Oakdale they don't need another attorney," Allyson said, her voice expressing her depression.

"Look, sweetie; Jefferson, Highers, and Andrews will hire you. They need a woman, not to mention your qualifications. You said Tom Andrews was really excited during the interview," Leslie said convincingly.

Allyson thought about it, she heard that familiar beep in her ear, and knew she had another call coming in. "Look, Leslie, I know you make sense, but I have to let you go. Someone else is calling, let me call you back. It could be them. Love you."

"Love you too. Should I hold, or will you call me right back?" Leslie asked; her voice sounded a little distressed.

The beeping in her ear was disturbing, she hoped desperately it was Tom Andrews on the other line. "I'll call you back," Allyson said as she clicked the telephone to pick up the other call.


"Hey, did I catch you at a bad time?" Paul asked.

"No, not at all. How are you and Marty?" Allyson said, as she slowly let her breath out.

"Good, actually that's why I was calling. I have some news. Are you sitting?" Paul said into the phone.

"Yeah, what else would I be doing? You know I'm out of work," Allyson said, with some discomfort in her tone.

"I told you, you could work for me part time. I know it's not what you're used to making, but at least it would be something," Paul told her, his voice sounding as exasperated as his ex-wife's did.

"Paul, you and I both know that would be difficult. No matter how bad things are, that would be out of the question. What would Jeremy think? He'd get his hopes up, and for what? You and I both know we will never be together again," Allyson tirelessly explained her reasoning.

"I guess you're right, and that's part of the reason I called. You see, I have some news..." Paul's voice trailed off as he thought of the right way to say what he had called for.

"Paul, I'm sorry I sound like such a bitch. It's just that I'm thirty-six years old, I am out of work, almost out of money, and you're late again with the support check, not to mention the alimony," Allyson blurted out, as soon as the words left her mouth she felt regret.

"I know, and you know it's always been tough for me to make regular payments. For crying out loud, I've been in this business since you met me. Construction is not like other professions; I get paid when the work is done, and that always depends on so many outside forces that I can't control. That's why I stayed home with Jeremy while you went to college, so you could get the steady income. Why do we have to rehash this? I didn't call to argue," Paul shot the words out, defensively.

"I know, I'm sorry. What did you call for?" Allyson asked, half concerned.

"Well, I don't really know quite how to say this other than come right out and tell you. Marty and I are going to Vermont." Paul tried to explain, but was cut off. "Can you hold for a second? I have another call coming in," he said as he clicked her off.

Allyson sat there on her sofa; she glared down at the phone in front of her on the oak coffee table. She threw her head back and swung it around; her long, straight, light brown hair shifted to her right shoulder, she grabbed at the ends of it with her right hand. Her mind raced. Why would Paul be calling to tell her he was going to Vermont? Her heart began to beat faster; she could feel the nervous tension building, as she impatiently waited for him to come back on the line.

"You there?" his voice asked, quietly.

"Yeah, I'm here. What are you trying to tell me?" Allyson asked, already knowing the answer.

"Well, like I was saying, Marty and I are going to Vermont. We are going to be married. I was going to tell Jeremy tonight. I just wanted to tell you first." Paul finally said out loud what he had agonized over for the last few weeks.

"Well, that's just fucking great. HE'S our son. What the hell do you think? How am I supposed to deal with this? This is just like you. You love living in confusion and disarray, it's like some kind of obsession you have." Allyson's voice full of anger sprayed the words into his ear.

"Yes, he is our son, and he needs to know the truth about who I am. I hoped you would understand," Paul tried to reason.

"Understand? Understand, you say? What? That once again you have to be the center of the fucking universe? Once again, Paul has to come first? Is that what you mean? He's only seventeen. Did you give him any thought? No, I suppose you just expect me and Leslie to pick up the pieces..." Allyson shouted the words out, like bullets from a machine gun.

"What do you want me to do?" Paul asked, his head began to spin.

"I don't know. Look, I'm sorry, you just caught me at a bad time. My ex-husband can't seem to live up to his parental obligations, I'm out of work and have no money, and to top it all off, OUR son is starting college in a few months. Let me call you back." Allyson's voice rang in his ear as the phone went dead.

She slammed the receiver down, and kicked the coffee table away from the couch with her right leg. Allyson quickly turned her head to the window behind her, she stared out at the massive, well-manicured green lawn in the front of her humble abode. She took in a deep breath as she thought about what Paul had just told her. She had to call Leslie; her mind was racing. `It was just like him,' she thought as she hit the speed dial.

"Leslie Comstock," the familiar voice came.

"It's me."

"Hey, sweetie. Is everything all right? You sound upset," Leslie asked.

"It's Paul. He just called. It seems he and Marty are getting married. He's going to tell Jeremy tonight. Can you come home? I need you here," Allyson blubbered.

"Ahh, let me finish what I'm doing. I'll be there in about a half-hour. Is that OK?" the five foot two, slender woman with the shiny, short raven-black hair, asked.

"Hm, uhm, ye-yes," Allyson cried.

"I love you," Leslie stated with conviction.

"Me too." She slowly put the receiver into the telephone's cradle on the table in front of her, and turned to look out at the lawn. Allyson then turned her attention to the clock mounted on the mantel of the red bricked fireplace, to her left in the living room of the condominium; it read 1:20 PM. She closed her eyes, and began to doze.

The summer breeze blew gently against her cheeks, as Leslie walked across the parking lot to her car. The sun was bright and high in the sky; she held her left hand over her dark brown eyes as she wrestled the keys out of her pocketbook. It was hazy, hot, and somewhat humid, her pantyhose seemed to stick to her body. She dreaded getting into her car, she knew the vinyl seats would be hot and unbearable against her body, but she had to get home to her lover.

The air was stifling as she sat behind the steering wheel of her brand new Mazda Miata. The shiny, candy apple red convertible that she had drooled over for so long. The car of her dreams for so many months. It wasn't until she had been promoted, an advancement she had so rightfully deserved, that she could have afforded such a luxury. She had been made full partner at the accounting firm she had worked for the last twelve years, finally, just six months ago. One month after her raise went into effect she bought the car. She was so thankful to Appleby & Cutone; after all, they finally recognized her worth. She maneuvered the car out of the parking lot onto the busy street, heading home.

As she unlocked the door to their condo, she felt the air-conditioned air blast her in the face, Leslie closed the door behind her. She slowly walked into her home; her thoughts were full of desire for her roommate. After all, it had been three days since the two of them had made love. She felt her nipples become erect against the cotton of her bra; the straps were cutting into her shoulder. Slowly, she began unbuttoning the white silk blouse that Allyson had picked out for her. The same blouse she had worn the day she got her promotion.

"Sweetie, Sweetie, I'm home," Leslie called out.

"In here, in the living room." Allyson responded, her voice carried the slumber from her short doze.

As Leslie walked into the living room, her pantyhose began to tantalize her vagina, as her wanton desires became fully awake. She felt her juices as they began to flow, and the nylons clung to her slit, that familiar itch. Her clitoris became erect and rubbed against the panty hose, she walked to the couch, put her arms around Allyson's head, and pulled it towards her crotch, hidden underneath the tan, pleated skirt.

Allyson didn't struggle, she let her face rub against the smooth fabric, she pushed against Leslie's pelvic bones, and rubbed against her lover's vagina. She wanted to make love; she needed to make love. Allyson reached her hands around Leslie's buttocks and pulled her towards her face. She sniffed in the air through the skirt deep into her nostrils; she could smell the sweet fragrance of Leslie's love juices. She wanted release; Allyson felt her cunt burning with desire, her own juices began flowing and she felt her panties clinging to her aching hole. She stood up and passionately kissed her lover, thrusting her tongue deep into Leslie's mouth.

The two women crept up the stairs as Carly's voice rang out in the background. As they reached the top of the stairs, Leslie opened the bedroom door. The two looked into the room and saw the king-size bed before them, it almost seemed to cry out and invite them into its satin sheets. They both fell onto the bed; Allyson was on her back as Leslie pulled down her shorts and panties.

Allyson quickly lifted her hips off the bed, so Leslie could pull her pants down with ease. She felt Leslie's mouth as it clamped onto her aching love button. The fluids began seeping out of her slit and between her legs. Leslie pushed Allyson's vulva lips apart as she forced her tongue into the dark and waiting hole. Allyson felt her lover's fingers as they pinched the hardened member between them and slowly jerked it up and down. She felt Allyson's teeth as they nibbled on her clitoris. She grabbed the back of Allyson's head and drew it towards her hot wet hole.

Leslie pushed her body towards the bed; she felt her pantyhose and skirt as they brushed against her swollen mound. Her own love button was erect and swollen with desire, the scratchy feeling from the pantyhose caused her to become aroused as she sucked on Allyson's pussy. Her own hips began to thrust up and down against her clothing.

Leslie spread Allyson's pussy lips and forced her tongue deep into it, she gently clenched her teeth on the hard pearl-sized clit that she sucked on. She used her thumb and index finger from her right hand to jerk the little nubbin up and down as she sucked it hard. She felt Allyson's hips as they pumped towards her wanton mouth. Her own hips began to buck up and down in unison.

"Aggh, yessss, ooooo, suck my hole. MMMMMmmmm," Allyson screamed out as her body began to tremble uncontrollably.

Allyson squeezed her eyes shut, and tossed her head back and forth, as she thrust her hips up and down. Her body was wracked with desire as the juices began flowing out of her and dripping down in between her legs.

Leslie felt her own orgasm as it released itself from deep within her loins. Her pantyhose became drenched in her hot juices as her legs shook against the bed.

The two women lay in the bed, side by side, after their climaxes had subsided. Clinging onto each other, they tenderly hugged and kissed each other, each nibbling on the other's lips as their tongues darted in and out of their mouths.

Finally, Allyson said, "Oh, Leslie, what am I going to do? How do I handle this?"

"Don't worry, Sweetie, we'll get through it. We always do," Leslie whispered and pulled Allyson's body closer to her.

"I just don't understand why men have to be such self centered babies. I am so worried about Jeremy. What do we do?" Allyson asked.

"We just have to take it as it comes, Sweetie. I'm sure it will all work out. Don't worry," Leslie rationalized, her voice was full of tenderness and concern.

"Yeah, I'm sure you're right. I love you, Leslie," Allyson said with a sigh.

"I love you too."

The two slowly drifted off to sleep, holding one another in each other's arms.


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