Chapter 5


Written By: Justin Case

Edited By: Ed


October 9, 2001


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Cassandra sat in the burgundy leather, high back desk chair, her feet upon the solid cherry desk. The large black office phone on her right chirped. She pulled the chair back and lowered her feet to the Oriental rug under the desk. She reached for the phone. Her long black hair flowed over her shoulders; her blue eyes were the most prominent features on her face.

There was a slight knock on the door. You could hear the hinges as the door opened. Not that the mechanical pins squeaked, no, it was more like the sound of air moving. He stepped into the office; his stride was with purpose. His name was Kilby Harrington, he was the owner of BPD Recording, and a younger man accompanied him.

Kilby stands about five ten, has sable-black curly hair, and large brown eyes. He has a smooth face, with high cheekbones, and his squared chin has a cleft in the middle. When he smiles, his teeth are perfectly set into his jaw, and dimples appear on both sides of his cute boyish face. His shoulders are broad; his waist is slim, giving him a real `V' shape. A sexy kind of beauty oozes from him, and attracts almost everyone who looks at him.

The obviously younger assistant is blonde with twinkling baby blue eyes. He is shorter than Kilby, a good four inches, but has a magnetic glow just like his employer. He has a slighter build and a certain feminine quality about his face.

Cassandra waved her left hand to the two gentlemen and invited them to take the two seats in front of her desk, while continuing her conversation on the telephone. Both men sat across from the lawyer, and looked at each other while they waited silently for her undivided attention.

"Yes, that's fine. I'll talk to you soon. I have to go now; a couple of clients have just come in. I'll talk to you soon," Cassandra said into the receiver, and then replaced it in its cradle.

She pushed the large chair back and walked around the desk, she half sat, half stood against its edge, her long legs crossed in front of her. Cassandra outreached her arms in a welcoming gesture.

"Mr. Harrington, it is so good to see you, and who is this fine looking man you have with you?" she greeted the two, with a sickly sweet sound in her voice; it went with her overdramatic gestures.

"Ms. Tacano, I'd like you to meet Mark, my assistant and confidant." Kilby's voice reflected his admiration for the younger man.

"My, my, Mark, you are a handsome devil." Cassandra's voice held a wanton ring to it.

Mark's face suddenly became red, his blue eyes shot towards Kilby. "Yes, well, thank you," he softly responded.

Kilby placed both his hands on the arms of the chair, as he settled into it. He looked into Cassandra's blue eyes, and tried to read her thoughts. She had come highly recommended, but Kilby had some doubts. He had built BPD, his international recording artists production company, with sheer instinct. This new office in Connecticut would be his first in America; the reason he selected the small state was its proximity to Boston and New York. Eventually, he knew he would have to open an office on the West Coast, but that could wait another year.

Connecticut was also his choice because of the new casinos that had been popping up, and their huge demand for music talent, and acts. The market area was ripe for what he had in mind, because there was only one other promoter in the area, Koplick. Kilby had long since wanted to break into the US market, he knew the way in was through promotion; it had been what had worked for him in Europe. First you promote the newer bands, then you build them into large revenue machines, and you attract the known artists already producing. Once you've built your reputation, you steal the labeled artists.

The industry ran on gossip all over the world, he knew it. Koplick was getting old, and only able to attract the old bands. Kilby would be the breath of fresh air, and he had billions behind him, money attracts money and he knew that too. Koplick's days were numbered. Kilby had Gene Pitney, while Pitney was popular in the states in the sixties, with his `Town Without Pity', he was huge in Europe and owned his own multi-million dollar studio in Somers, Connecticut. Pitney had been the one to convince Kilby to come to the US. Gene told Kilby he could rent his studio for production purposes, which was what clinched the deal. Renting was the way to go, as he tested the waters, it was perfect, and the timing was crucial.

"Well, Ms. Tacano, I need to find some space in Oakdale. I want to be near the Oakdale Theater, Foxwoods, and Mohegan Sun. Oakdale seems to be the best because it's central to Hartford, Boston, and New York. I also want you to take a look at these contracts that I've been using in England, and see if you can't come up with something similar for the United States," Kilby explained, and nodded at Mark who carried a brown briefcase.

Mark quickly set the case on his lap and unclasped it; he pulled out a manila folder and handed it to Tacano.

"Yes, I see, well to be honest with you, I am having one of my associates working on this project. I have a very pressing case right now. I know you'll like Allyson, she's from my Oakdale office as a matter of fact," Cassandra spun her lies.

Kilby looked to Mark, he had an unsettling feeling, and it showed in his expression.

"Oh, don't worry, I 've sent for her, she'll be here tomorrow. If you'd like we could get together for dinner, say five?" Cassandra gave herself enough time to put the deal together with Allyson first. "Just leave the contracts with me," Cassandra closed with, as she put the folder on her desk out of reach.

"Well, I suppose, Eminem did say you were the best. You got Tower Records for quite a bit, I heard thirty million."

"Yes, I handled that case personally, the poor mother." Cassandra walked back around the desk.

"Well, this time you'll be on the other side of the table, I do hope you can handle it." Kilby let his true feelings show.

He and Mark stood and slowly walked towards the door. Just as Mark turned the doorknob, Kilby turned around and faced off with Cassandra.

"I have to be honest with you, Ms. Tacano, all my lawyers are men, you and your associate will be the first women, if I decide to use you."

"Please, call me Cassandra. I'm sure we can do business, Mr. Harrington. May I call you Kilby?" she asked, trying to feel him out and see how far she could go.

He didn't answer; he just walked out the door, following his young assistant. His brown eyes were locked on Mark's tight ass. His mind was on what the two would be doing when they got to the hotel room. `There's nothing like a hot fuck to ease my mind,' Kilby thought to himself.

The two men stepped into the evening darkness on Massachusetts Ave., the sky was brightly lit with the full moon. The sounds of traffic could be heard, and the smells of auto exhaust permeated their senses. Mark reached for Kilby's hand. It was Mark's first trip abroad; he sought the comfort of his lover and boss' touch. Kilby hailed a yellow cab.

The car came to a screeching halt at the curb, just ahead of the two handsome men. Kilby opened the rear door, and motioned Mark in. Kilby slipped in beside his young associate and told the cabby to take them to the Marriott.

"Which one?" the driver's voice rasped through the plastic shield mounted on the back of the front seat.

"Downtown," Mark piped up.

"What did you think, Mark?" Kilby asked, as he ran his left hand up and down Mark's right thigh.

"I don't like her, I don't like her at all. I just hope her assistant is better, or we'll have problems."

"That's why I love you, you think just like me."

Kilby took Mark's head in his hand and pulled it towards his own to kiss his young friend. He loved the feel of Mark's soft lips pressed against his mouth; he liked the way Mark would nibble on his lips while they kissed. He began to feel aroused, his cock pressed firmly against the cloth of his bikini underwear.

Kilby and Mark had been together for almost a year; before that, Kilby had Charice, a hot little Spanish girl. Kilby didn't care if he had sex with a male or female, as long as he felt loved, he could go either way. Mark had made him feel loved more than any of his past lovers had, Kilby needed to be needed, and Mark seemed to need Kilby. Mark seemed to have a hold on him, and he didn't object at all to it.

Mark had come to Kilby through a young European rock band; the band didn't take off. It was one of many failed groups that Kilby owned the labeling rights to. The problem with so many young bands was ego, too many of the members wanted to be in charge, and they all seemed to lack good management skills. One of the biggest known problems in the industry was that the young inexperienced artists couldn't hold it together on their own. There were many sharks in this industry, and they would eat the young ones alive. Very rarely did a new group have what it took to succeed; it all depended on the timing. Unfortunately for Mark's band, the timing was off. Mark was shy, and timid, he had come from a rough childhood, he worshipped Kilby. Kilby couldn't help but fall for him.

Kilby figured he could break the young man in. He reasoned with himself that because Mark was not from the industry he could be taught and trusted. Kilby's instincts were proving to be right again. Mark's naiveté mainly attracted Kilby, and the fact that he needed Kilby.

"I'm hungry, Kil," Mark whispered to his lover.

"I'm hungry too. We'll eat when we get back to the room. Unless you want to eat out," Kilby tenderly said to Mark.

"I don't know, gosh, I'd like to eat out, I guess. I've never been to America before."

"Driver, where is the finest restaurant here in Boston?" Kilby asked the driver.

"Top of the Hub, on Boylston in the Prudential Tower. That where you want to go?"

"Yes, sir, take us there now, please."

About a half-hour later, the two men shared a table on the fifty-second floor of the large brick building, with a panoramic bird's eye view of the fine New England town. It seemed to be as close to heaven as the two could get, as the moonbeams cascaded through the skylight ceiling. Centered on the linen covered table was a candle; its light flickered on their faces. The soft sounds of jazz music being played by the live orchestra could be heard in the background. The sweet aromas of the fine American cuisine floated through the air. It was an enchanting dinner; both men stared lovingly at the other while they ate.

Kilby couldn't wait to get to the hotel, he wanted Mark badly, he needed to release his tension from the meeting with Cassandra, and sex was the best way he knew how. He had decided he'd let her dangle a while, he would certainly not rush into this deal. He'd call his lawyers in England in the morning; they might know someone he could use. Tonight though, he would put business in the back of his mind, he had Mark to think of.


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