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Jake's Hand

by R. E.-C.


It is now 20 years since Jake returned to my life. We celebrate each year the day we first made love, with a Chinese dinner--sort of like our Chinese New Year anniversary. But most of all we celebrate the anniversary of that mountain wedding--with Celly and Alec and, now, our grandchildren.

Jake wanted me to manage "our" stock holdings, which now have grown considerably and have given us the freedom to do whatever we want, including retire. Of course, when you have the freedom to retire, you don't take any guff from management, which makes working much easier, so you don't retire. Go figure.

The years have passed too quickly, too wonderfully. Not that we haven't had our disagreements and our rocky times. We have. But we have seen our way through all of them and our marriage has come out stronger each time.

I am looking back over 20 wonderful years and after one very trying one with Jake. I am grateful and will be eternally so.

I took the road less traveled by

And that has made all the difference.

The End

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