Like Father, Like Son

Chapter 11

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Copyright 2001, Duke Price

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With excitement in her voice and a big smile on her face, Jill said, "Everyone sit down at the table while Paula and I dish up the cake and ice cream."

Mom and Grandma went into the kitchen while the rest of us sat at the table. "So, Dad, where were ya over the last day and half?"

"Um, I, ah, had to take care of some business."

"Yeah but you said that you needed some time to think?"

"Well, I, ah, had to think…about…things. Things that you don't need to know about!"

"You said that Michael was able to help you out?"

Looking uncomfortable, Dad looked over at Michael who was looking down at the table. "Well…I'm hoping that Michael will be helping me out by becoming a partner in my practice."

Grandma and Mom came in the dining room with dishes of some very delicious looking desserts. Smiling Grandma said, "Who's partnering up with whom?"

I looked over at Michael who was fidgeting and seemed a bit nervous. Then Dad said,

"Mom, I've asked Michael to help me out with my practice. Ed and I have been looking for a new partner because we're having a tough time keeping up."

Grandma said, "Michael, as much as I'd hate to see you go, it'll be great to see you two boys back together again. I can't tell you how good it feels to see you two here today! It's just like old times!"

With a little sarcasm in his voice Grandpa said, "Yes, it's just like old times! So John, you're looking for a new partner?"

Before Dad could reply, Grandpa looked over at Mom and said, "Paula, I think I should warn you that those two get into trouble when they're together! You're going to have your hands full with these two!"

That sparked my curiosity. "What kind of trouble did they get into, Grandpa?"

"Oh, the normal things that boys get into trouble with! Yes…and they were inseparable! Paula, it was like they were joined at the hip!"

Grandma said, "Dad, be quiet! You're embarrassing the boys!"

"It's kind of interesting timing, don't you think, Michael?"

Michael said, "How so, John?"

"Well, he doesn’t have anything to do with you until he needs help!"

Grandma said, "John, be quiet and eat your ice cream!"

Pushing his bowl away from him, "Woman, the last time I ate ice cream I thought I was going to die! I'm not touching that stuff!"

"It wasn't the ice cream, it was your gallbladder that caused you all of that grief!"

"I don't care, Jill, I'm not eating it!"

Grandpa looked over at Michael and said, "So, Michael, are you going to move to Green Bay?"

"I've been giving it a lot of consideration and I hope to have an answer by the end of the week. There are contracts and partnership agreements that I have right now. My lawyer will have to review the contracts and decide the best course of action."

"I see. It sounds like you are seriously thinking about going?"

"Yes, sir, I think it would be great to work with John!"

"Yes, I'm sure that you would like that…wouldn't you, Michael?" Michael sat back in his chair and quit eating his dessert.

Grandma said, "Come on, Michael, eat up!"

"I'm not hungry!"

"Michael, if you decide to move to Green Bay, you'll probably need to stay with John for a while? Well at least until you can find a place of your own."

"I can stay in a hotel!"

Dad said, "Nonsense! You can stay with us until you find a place."

Mom said, "Yes, Michael, we'd love to have you stay with us!"

Grandpa looked at Mom, chuckling, and said, "I hope you know what you're getting yourself into? These boys get into trouble when they're together! Remember all of the broken furniture, Jill?"

"I sure do, John!"

"Yes, you two used to get into some pretty good sparring matches. Somehow Johnny usually got the upper hand, but I always thought Miky used to let Johnny win. Johnny used to get mad when he didn't win. Didn't ya, Johnny?"

Dad didn't look very happy with what Grandpa was saying. "Yes, you two were inseparable! I remember one of the few times that Michael went on a business trip with his dad. I think Michael called Johnny about every hour!"

Dad got up out of his chair and said, "Dad, can we go outside and talk?"

"Sure, Johnny, but I was having so much fun talking about old times!"

"Yeah, well, I need to talk to you about something." Dad's face was red and I could tell that he was mad. Grandpa got up and followed him out the back door.

Grandma said, "Well, anyone care for more dessert?"

Standing up, Michael said, "I can't eat anymore. Besides, I need to get back home!"

"Michael, don't leave! It's so good to see you two boys together! We have so much to talk about."

"Well, I think you all need some family time."

Grandma said, "Michael, you are a part of the family! I want you to stay!"

"Jill, thanks, but I have to be up early tomorrow. Maybe I'll stop over after work?"

Mom said, "Michael, wait up!" as she followed him out the front door.

Looking a bit dumbfounded, Grandma said, "Kids, let’s have some more ice cream!"

I looked at Ryan who also looked a bit confused by what had just happened and I said, "OK!"


"Dad, what the hell are you doing in there?"

"Johnny, I don't think having Michael around will be good for you and Paula!"

"What gave you that idea?"

Looking very concerned, he said. "I found a letter taped under your dresser drawer! It was a letter that Michael had written to you. He wrote about how much he loved you. I'm talking about the kind of love that a man and woman have for each other!"

I just stood there chuckling all the while, thinking to myself how stupid I've been.

Dad said, "You don't believe me, do you? I've still got the letter! I'll show it to you!"

Relieved that he hadn't thrown it away, I said, "Yes, I want that letter!"

Dad looked at me funny, "You sound like you know about the letter?"

"Dad, who the hell do you think taped that letter under the dresser drawer?"

"It's obvious that Michael did! In some sick way he must have thought that you'd eventually find it!"

Shaking my head, "NO, Dad, you're wrong! I taped the letter there! I wanted to hide it from you and Mom!"

"What, I don’t get it!"

"Yeah, I didn't want you and Mom to know!"

"But if you knew about the letter, then…"

"Then I must have felt the same way about him! Yes, Dad! I felt the same way about him! Do you get it now?"

Dad just stood there. I could tell that he didn't want to believe it. "Dad, I should have told you years ago, but to be honest, I was frightened of you. I wasn't afraid that you'd go ballistic! I was afraid that you'd hate me for what I was…I mean, what I am!"

"No, Johnny, you're pulling your old man's leg! Stop it, Johnny!"

"Dad, I'm gay and I've made a terrible mistake!"

"What do you mean, you've made a terrible mistake?"

"Now I know where I inherited my stupidity! Dad, I allowed society to send me down a path that excluded Michael!"

"No, Johnny!"

"That's right, Dad! I should have never have gotten married! Paula's a wonderful woman, but I'm gay, Dad! I love her as a friend and nothing more!"

Dad stood there thinking. "I should have seen this! I can't believe you didn't tell me! This is important stuff, Son! If I'd have known, I could have…given you support! I can only imagine what you must have been going through!"

Surprised at what I was hearing, I said, "What?"

"I'm hurt, Johnny! You didn't trust me! I tried to be a good father! I was always up front with you, Son! I know I used to get mad, but I usually got over it quickly!" Dad sat down on the bench seat.

"Dad, I'm sorry that I didn't tell you and Mom!"

"Son, I will love you no matter what you are! Don't you see? I'm proud of you, Son!

I sat down next to Dad and then he continued, "I think back and I used to think it was odd that you and him had all of these girls calling you but you never dated any of them. For a while I thought you and Jean had a thing for each other."

"Dad, Michael and I have been in-love with each other since the day we met in grade school."

"Does Jill know about you two?"

"Dad, I never told her either."

"The only people that knew were Michael's parents, Grandma and Grandpa. Michael's parents knew before we even knew it! Grandpa found out by accident."

As if thinking out loud to himself, "Where did I go wrong? I know that I worked a lot! I should have been around more!"

"Dad! You were a great father! You didn't do anything wrong! Homosexuality wasn't a result of your absence or for anything that you did! It's something that just happens and I've have been struggling with it all of my life! It wasn't until recently that I finally came to terms with it and because of my stupidity I have managed to hurt the people that I love the most…you, Mom, Paula, and Michael. The kids will also eventually know about how foolish I've been and they will also be hurt by what I've done!"

"Tell me about you and Paula."

"I've given this a lot of thought, Dad. I'm going to divorce her. It's not fair to her. She needs someone who can love her the way she deserves to be loved. She's a wonderful person! She's a wonderful mother to my children."

"Oh god, Johnny! What about your children?"

"I know, Dad! I'm scared. I'm afraid that Paula and the kids will hate me!"

"Damn, Johnny, I just had a thought come to mind. Con and Ryan…are they?"

I laughed and said, "Yep, they are a couple!"

Dad sat there trying to absorb all of this. "They remind me of you and Michael. Does Paula have any idea that this is going on?"

"Yes, she actually asked Michael to move to Green Bay. She knows about us and I think she knows that I don't love her. She's also worried about my depression. I'm miserable being married and I miss Michael terribly!"

"Son, how can we help?"

"There really isn't anything that you can do except maybe say a prayer that Paula and the kids don't hate me! And also say a prayer that Michael will find it within his heart to forgive me so that we can get back together!"

"Johnny, this is going to take me a while to digest!"

"Dad, it's taken me 40 years to come to terms with my sexuality. If Michael and I ever get back together we'll try to be considerate of everyone's feelings!"

"Are you going to be OK, Son?"

"I already feel better! My decision's been made. I know it won't be easy, but in the long run it will be the best for everyone involved!"

"I think you're right, Son. Life is too short and we only go around once in life!"

"Thanks, Dad!"

"You know, it's going to be hard for Jill to see Michael leave. He comes over almost every day to visit. When are you going to tell your mother…you know, about you and Michael?"

 "What are you going to tell me?" Jill asked

I damn near jumped out of my seat. "Oh, hi, Mom!"

"Sit down, Jill, Johnny has some news for you!"

Mom sat down, looking very worried. "Mom?"

"What news?"

"Mom, I'm gay!"

Looking very relieved, Mom started laughing, "Yeah, so what's new?"


"I've known for years! I've always known that you and Michael loved each other! I was just sick when you married Paula! Don't get me wrong, she's a very nice girl, but she's not the one you love…it's Michael."


"Yes, I knew! It was so obvious! You and Michael broke a lot of girls’ hearts!"

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because I knew that you weren't comfortable with being gay. So when you decided to get married, I just thought that you found a girl that you liked and it was none of my business to object. A few years after the wedding I started to kick myself for not speaking up. You haven't been happy since you left Michael. It hasn't been easy on Michael either! Seeing that poor boy looking so sad…well…it just tears me up some times! I could just slap you alongside the head!"

"Mom, I've been so stupid!"

"Yes, Johnny, you have! But it’s not too late!

"Mom, what I have to do is very difficult! I'm leaving Paula!"

"You have our support! Doesn't he, dear?"

"Yes, Jill, yes, he does!"

Mom said, "So do you plan on getting back together with Michael?"

"Yes, Mom. I am going to do everything possible to get him back in my life!"

"I don't think you'll have to try very hard! He misses you Johnny! He talks about you all of the time!"

"Oh god, Mom…so have I! I have made such a mess of things!"

"Well, we all make mistakes! No matter how big or small, you must learn from your mistakes and move on with your life. Paula's a strong, intelligent woman, she'll do fine!"

Dad said, "Yeah, and she's fine looking too!" Mom elbowed him.

Then he said, "Well, I'm just stating a fact!"

Irritated, Mom said, "Yeah, well, keep your facts to yourself!"

"Yes, Jill!"

"Paula and Michael went out the front door shortly after you and Dad left. They haven't returned yet!"

"I better go see what's going on!"

I ran into the house. The kids were in the den, watching TV. They gave me an odd look as I ran out the front door. I looked around the front yard for them. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I could see someone sitting in Michael's car. I walked over to Michael's car and could see them looking at me. "Hi, guys!"

They both said, "Hi, John!"

Then Paula said, "I've made a decision, John. I want a divorce! When we get back to Green Bay, I want to get this whole process rolling. We need to get on with our lives. I love you, John, but I can't hold you captive!"

I reached in and gave her a hug. "Thanks, Paula, I hope we can continue to be good friends?"

Paula started sobbing as she wrapped her arms around me. "Oh, John, I love you so much!"

Michael started fidgeting. "Um…I'm going to leave you two alone."

Paula finally settled down and said, "I'm leaving in the morning. I'll catch the first flight back home. Do you want me to move out?"

"NO! I'll move out!"

Paula looked into my eyes. "When should we break the news to the kids?"

"When we get back home."

"OK, whatever you think is best."

I helped Paula out of the car and into the house. I walked with her through the house and past the den to the bedroom. Thankfully the kids didn't seem to notice us. "Are you going to be OK?"

"John, it's almost a relief! I've tried my damnedest to make this marriage work, but despite all of my efforts, you remain unhappy. I'm tired of trying! The only thing I ask is that you please be sensitive to the kids’ needs! I'm not sure how they are going to take this."

"I will, Paula! I pray that we will all continue to be very close! You and the kids are very important to me! It would kill me if you and the kids were not a part of my life!"

I jumped when I heard Con ask, "What's gong on?"

Paula and I looked at each other not know what to say. Paula shrugged her shoulders and I could tell that it was a look of…when will there be a good time. I nodded and turned to Con. "Con I'm afraid that I have some bad news."

Con blurted out, "YOU'RE DIVORCING MOM!"

"Con calm down."

"Is it true!"

"Yes Con we are getting a divorce."

"I knew it!" Con did an about face and ran out of the house.

I yelled, "CON!" But it was to late, he was out of the house in flash.

"John, you have to get him back!" I ran out the house.

"Con! Wait up! We need to talk!"

Michael who had been sitting on the porch asked, "John, what's going on?"

"I just told him that we're going to get a divorce."


"He overheard our conversation! Shit! Help me find him!"

We started running after him. It was dark, so we lost sight of him soon after he took off. I kept calling out his name, "CON…CON! COME BACK! WE HAVE TO TALK!"

Michael and I searched the whole night, but we couldn't find him. I felt sick to my stomach. I returned home praying that he went back but he didn't. Ryan met me at the door. "Where is he?"

"I don't know Ryan!"

"We'll find him! Don't worry!"

"John, where could he have gone? He doesn't know this city! He may not know how to get back home!"

"Did Michael come back?"

"Yes, he said that he was going drive his car and start looking all over the city. John Sr. and Jill are out looking for him too!"

"I'm going to take our car and start looking."

Ryan said, "I’m going to go with you!"

"Ok, let's go!"

We got into the car. Ryan was quiet for quite a while but then said, "John, I’m worried! I'm worried that he'll do something stupid!"

"Ryan relax! He's just mad at me!"

"No it's more than that! He thinks the reason that you and Paula aren't getting along is because you two can't accept his sexuality!"

"Ryan, he's wrong! It has absolutely nothing to do with him! He better not do something stupid or I'll…" I stopped the car and laid my forehead on the steering wheel.

"Where the hell is he!" I looked over at Ryan who had tears rolling down his eyes.

I gave him a pat to the shoulder and said, "Ryan, we'll find him! Let's think about where he could have gone."

"If we were home that would be easy because I know where all of favorite places are, but here, I don't have a clue!"

After two days of intense searching we came up with nothing. We spoke to the police and gave them a description. I began to rethink my decision to get a divorce. We all sat in the den plan today's search pattern. We even called the hospitals to see if anyone fit his description. I just had a really bad feeling that something serious happened to him.

After a third day of searching Ryan and I saw a police car in front of my parent's home. My heart sank.

Ryan said, "NO!"

The police officer got out of the car and walked up to me. "Dr. Deven, I'm afraid that we have some bad news. We have a body that fits your son's description and we need you to help us identify him."

I sank to my knees and began to sob. I heard Ryan scream, "NO!"

I collected my composure and said, "Take me to him!"

"Ryan you stay here in the lounge."

"NO, I have to see him!"

The officer said, "He's been pretty badly beaten!"

"I don't care, I have to see him!"

Ryan and I followed the officer into the morgue. I was trembling. The officer stopped next to a body and proceeded to unzip the body bag. As he unzipped the bag I could see the blond hair and knew instantly that it wasn't my boy. This boy had wavy hair. Con's was curlier. The boy's face was badly bruised. He obviously was tortured before his death to have that kind of bruising. "I want you to look closely because his body is in pretty bad shape."

"Yes officer. This isn't my boy. Let me see his chest. Con has a birth mark the left upper quadrant of his abdomen." I looked at the boy's belly. No birth mark.

"This definitely isn't him!" I heard Ryan behind me throwing up. The officer thanked me for coming in and said that they would keep searching for Con.

Ryan and I went back home. We walked into the house and found everyone sitting in the den. I couldn't believe my eyes. Sitting next to Paula was Con. He was expressionless. Paula looked up at me with a very relieved look on her face.

Ryan said, "CON!" He ran over to Con and gave him a big hug. Con just sat there and didn't acknowledge anyone.

"Where have you been? We've been worried sick!"

Paula said, "Michael found him in sleeping in his gazebo. He won't talk to me. Maybe he'll talk to you?"

"Con honey, please, tell me what's bothering you! Please son, say something! We've been worried sick about you!"

Con just sat there. I knelt down next to him and tried to look into his eyes. "Please, I beg you, tell me what's bothering you!"

I sat down on the floor. After a long uncomfortable silence I said, "Con, we were gong to tell you about the divorce after we got back home. You found out by accident the same day that Paula and I came to the decision of getting a divorce."

Con looked up at me with tears in his eyes and said, "I'm the reason that you two are getting the divorce. Ever since you found about me being gay, you two have been getting along."

"Con, you are not the reason for us splitting apart! We are proud of you son! You bring great joy to our lives!"

"So why are breaking up?"

"Con, there are things that are private and best left unsaid."

Paula said, "Yes Con, this is strictly between your father and I. Our problems existed way before we found out that you are gay!"


"Yeah…really! So stop thinking that you are the cause of our break up! I mean even I've gotten used to you being gay. Your father and I love you very, very much and don't forget that!"

Con got up and hugged us both. "Oh good! Thanks, Mom…Dad! Come on Ryan, I'm going take a shower!"

Paula said, "And young man, I want you both to come down and eat something nutritious!"

"Ok Mom!"

I looked at Paula and held my arms out to her. She came up to me as we went into an embrace. "I am so relieved!" I told her about having to go to the morgue and that I was worried about Ryan having to see that.

We went into the kitchen where mom, dad and Michael were. Mom and Michael were busy making us something to eat. Mom said, "Did you three get everything out into the open?"

"Yes we did. I think he's going to be fine!"

Mom said, "What about you two?"

Paula said, "I think we'll be ok too. We both want to stay friends and I'm relieved that John wants to stay active in the kid's lives!"

"Sit down Paula and have some coffee. Michael and I will have lunch ready in a few minutes."

Paula looked over to Michael and said, "Thank God you found him, I was about to lose my mind!"

I said, "Yes…thanks Michael!"

Michael turned his head and said, "I was worried…too!"

I couldn't figure out why Michael stopped mid sentence until I noticed that I had my hand on Paula's. I could only imagine how it must have looked to him. I'm so used to touching her that it's become sort of second nature to hold her hand when she needed to be comforted. I looked at Mom and Dad and they were looking at us strangling too. Paula must have realized at the same time I did why they were giving us strange looks because we pulled our hands away at the same time. Michael turned around and continued to prepare us lunch.

Without missing a beat, Michael said, "You know two can still hold hands if you want. You've been married for the past 16 years and I know that you both still have feelings for each other. And I know that if you do go through with the divorce you both will continue to be close. I don't have a problem with that."

I just sat there not know what to say. Jill said, "Yes, that's perfectly fine, you both have been through a lot of stress in the last three days! I'm sure that there will be time in the future you two will need to pull together to help the kids endure the challenges of growing up and even after they've left the house, right dear?"

Dad cleared his throat and said, "Yes Jill! We are always here to help both of you! Paula, you will always be considered a part of our family!"

Paula said, "Thanks John! That’s sweet of you!"

Dad smiled and sort of blushed, "That's quite alright. You can come here anytime to visit with the kids."

Everyone sat at the table and started digging into the food. We were all famished because none of us had eaten much since Con took off. Michael just stood by the counter and picked at his meal and kept the platters full of food.

Mom said, "Michael, sit down! There's a chair over by Johnny!"

Mom pulled the chair out for him to sit. Michael smiled and reluctantly sat down. "It's great to have our family back together again!"

"I'm sorry for scaring everyone! I won't do that again!"

Dad said, "Don't be like your old man and hold things inside. You will only hurt yourself and the ones that love you!"

"I know that now Grandpa! That's why I won't do that again!"

Michael said, "And that goes for you too Paula. I don't want to see you running off. What's the rush in getting back to Green Bay? I think everyone needs to be together right now!"

"I couldn't agree with you more. Paula, please stay here. We can all go back together!"

Paula smiled and said, "Ok, I'll stay!"

After dinner we all got into our swimming trunks and hopped into swimming pool. I sat there smiling watching the kids swim. Michael and Dad gave the kids tips on diving. "Come on Johnny, show us how it's done!"

"Alright!" I got up and did a very sloppy back summersault off of the board. Everyone was laughing at me.

Paula stood up, "Let me show how it's done!" After what looked to me like a perfect dive everyone applauded as she climbed out of the pool.

After everyone went to bed I went back outside to find Michael still sitting on the front porch. I sat down next to him and gazed up into the night sky. "It's a beautiful night!"

"Yes it is!"

"Thanks for everything Michael! You are wonderful!"

"I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Con sleeping in the gazebo."

"You just seem to have a 6th sense about where we Devons like to hang out! I think you once told me that you could smell a Devon within 50 yards?"

"Hehehe! Yep! I think I have talk to Ryan about the wily Devon boys! You are a difficult breed to tame!"

"Yes, we predictable in many ways, but can also be full of surprises!"

"Well said!"

"Did it bother you when Paula and I were holding hands?"

"It surprised more than anything. It's obvious that you care deeply about her!"

"Yes Michael, I do care a lot for her. She's a wonderful person!"

"I see. So where does that leave me?"

"It leaves you where you've always been…closest to my heart! There's only one person who possesses the key to my heart! And that person is you! I never quit loving you!

Michael smiled at me as he gazed into my eyes. I started to move in for a kiss but then I heard someone behind me say, "Dad? Michael? Is that you?" I jerked my head away from his and turned to see who it was.

"Hi Con…Ryan!"

"Beautiful night!"

"Yes it is!"

"See you guys later! Come on Ryan, let go in the back!"

Michael said, "Aren't they cute? They remind me of you and I!"

"They sure do! It's like deja-vu. They are like a daily reminder of what we once had! I only pray that we can get back together!"

"Everything will work out! Just you wait and see!"

"I guess it will have to be! I'm not changing my mind about going through with the divorce! With or without you, I'm getting a divorce!"

"Do your parents know about us?"

"Mom and Dad already know, Michael!"

Michael perked up. "What did they say?"

"Well, Dad was convinced that you were out to destroy my marriage. I set him straight. He told me that he was hurt that I didn't tell him earlier about my sexuality. As for Mom…well, she said that she's known for years and wished that she had talked to me about it."

"That just proves that you can't hide things from the ones you love. Eventually they'll find out!"

When I get back to Green Bay, I'll start looking for an apartment for us. OK?"

"No, John, you're moving too fast! I will find a place of my own. We are not going to be living together until after the divorce is finalized. Then if things seem to be going good between us…then we might consider the prospect of living together."

"Ok! I guess I'm just afraid that we will never get back together."

"Relax, John! You have nothing to fear! Remember…I'm not looking for anyone else!"

"Ok, I'll try to slow down!"

"Come here, John!" Michael wrapped his arm around my shoulder and kissed my cheek. He whispered in my ear, "I'll be thinking about you tonight!"

I laughed and said, "Like every night…I'll be thinking about you too! Good night, Michael!"

"Good night, John! I'll see ya in the morning! Maybe we can take the kids out to the farm?"

"That sounds great! See ya!"

Michael walked to the car and every so often would turn around and smile at me. I waved as I watched him drive away.

I walked back into the house. It was late and I noticed that the boys were sacked out on the couch in the den. I went into the guest bedroom climbed into bed.

Con came running down the stairs and I moved the newspaper off to the side so I could see what he was doing. "Hi, Con! You look great, Son!"

"Thanks, Dad! Do you think Michelle will like what she sees?"

"Michelle? Who's that?"

"You know, Michelle, she's my prom date, the girl that I've been dating for the past 6 months? Earth to Dad…do you copy?"

I shook my head. "Um, oh, ah…where's Ryan?"

"Ryan should be here with his date any minute now! Then we'll go to pick up Michelle and then go to the prom together."


"Yeah, you know…double date?"

"What's the matter with you, Dad? Are you feeling OK?"

Just then Paula walked into the den and said, "Con, you look so handsome! Michelle is such a lucky girl, don't you think, John?

"Oh, yes…she's a lucky girl!"

"I want to take a picture of you and Ryan when he gets here!"

"Ok, Mom!"

Just then the doorbell rang and Con let Ryan in. Ryan winked at Con and gave him a high five. "Are you ready, stud? My date is waiting in the car! Let’s go!"

"Hold up, you two! I want to take a picture. Say cheese!" The two boys smiled at the camera as Paula took about twenty pictures. Then Paula went up to Con and gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek. "You boys have fun!"

"We will, Mom!" as they went out the door.

Paula looked at me and smiled. "Our boy is growing up, John! Michelle seems to have stolen his heart and she seems like such a nice girl too! Don't you think?"

"A…yes, Paula. She seems like a nice girl!"

Paula looked at me oddly. "Is everything OK?"

"I'm just a little confused. I thought Con and Ryan were special friends?"

"Well, yeah, they've been best friends for years! What's your point?"

"I mean…I thought that they were a couple?"

Looking at me like I was crazy, "What?"

"You know…like Michael and me were?"

"Michael? John you are really starting to worry me! Don't you remember? He died last year! It was a suspicious death! They couldn't prove it but they felt that he had overdosed himself on insulin!"

I sat straight up in bed, breathing heavily. The sheets were saturated with perspiration. Relieved that it was only a dream, I started searching for my watch in the dark. I found it on the bedside table. Hmmm, it's 12:45 am. After tossing and turning in bed, I thought…heck with this shit! I'm going to see Michael! I tiptoed out of the house and drove to his home. I sat there wondering if I should be doing this. I saw a light flick on in one of the windows so I knew he was up. I decided to ring the doorbell and stood there waiting for him to answer the door. After what seemed like an eternity I heard the bolt lock turn and the door slowly open. He had only boxers on and I just stood there in awe of him. Forty-one years old and he still looked great! I admit it, I was HORNY! Not only that, I was afraid. I had to convince myself that my dream wasn't real! I smiled at him nervously and said, "I can't sleep!"

Michael motioned for me to come in. "John, you can't stay here tonight."

"I know! I had a bad dream and in my dream you …well, you were dead! I had to see you so that I would be convinced myself that it wasn't true!"

"Well, to tell you the truth, I can't sleep either. I'm so damned excited about the prospect of us getting back together that I could…."

With the door still open I lunged for him and wrapped my arms around his upper body and started to kiss him. If anyone could see us I'm sure that they would think that we were trying to eat each other! I could hear Michael whimper. I felt like I was going to cum right there! I broke our kiss and rested my head on his chest as he slowly rocked me. I breathed in his fragrance and ran my hands over his soft smooth skin. I closed my eyes and reveled in the fact that I was back in my lover's arms. Back where I belonged…never, ever, wanting to leave! "Michael, I could stay like this forever!"

He kissed my head. "I know what you mean, but I'm afraid that if we aren't careful, Con and Andrea will find out about us and start to hate me!"

I kissed his chest. "OK, you're probably right! I feel better now that I've come over to see you again! You'll have to be patient with me because I'm feeling very insecure right now and I want nothing more than for us to be back together! You’re like candy to a child, once you get a taste you want more!"

"Hehe, Iget the picture! I feel the same way. I feel like this is a dream and I'm just waiting to wake up and you'll be gone!" After he said that I could feel him tighten his grip around me.

I looked up into beautiful blue eyes and said, "I love you, Michael!" We kissed again and I felt his tongue invade my mouth. I could feel him run his hands up and down my back and over my butt. I could feel the passion begin to rise but then he abruptly broke our embrace.

"I think you should go home now, John. We shouldn't be doing this!"

I sighed as I ran my hand over his chest. "I suppose you're right. I'll see you in the morning…OK?"

"OK, John!" I kissed him good night and drove back home. I think I fell asleep the minute my head touched the pillow.


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