Like Father, Like Son

Chapter 15

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Copyright 2001, Duke Price

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My alarm clock went off at 4:30am and I quickly jumped out of bed to start my day. Being in the same house with Paula was becoming more and more uncomfortable. Every time I look at her she looks as if she’s about to cry. I hate seeing her like this! She’s such a good person!

I hopped in the shower and then quickly dressed for work. After dressing I walked by the master bedroom and cautiously peered in. "Paula? Are you awake?"

"Yeah? Do you need something?"

"Before I do rounds I’m going to stop by and see how Con’s doing. Do you want me to tell him anything?"

"Yes, tell him that I love him and that I’ll be in to see him later this morning. Let me know if he wants me to find him something to read."

"Okay, I’ll do that."

There was a long silence. Then I said, "How are you doing?"

I couldn’t see her face but I could sense that she was fighting off the tears when she said, "It’s really hard, John! This isn’t easy for me!"

Fighting off my own tears, I said, "I’ll always be here for you when you need me. Just because we’re breaking up doesn’t mean we can’t be friends!"

"John, right now I just need some time alone!"

"Okay, I’ll see you…later?"

"I don’t know, John! I have a busy schedule today and then I have a dinner meeting with a drug Rep. Then I thought I’d spend some time with Con."

"Okay, I’ll see ya around!"

She didn’t answer me and I knew that she just wanted me to get lost.

I drove to work in my usually hasty fashion. It was too early to go see Con or my patients so I sat down at my desk to collect my thoughts in preparation for a busy day.

Michael and I have been playing phone tag since Con’s been in the hospital. Damn it I'll just email him.

Dear Michael,

We’ve been playing phone tag for the past couple of days so I thought I’d just email you.

I feel like I’m at my wit’s end! Con’s condition is improving. I don’t know how much mom and dad have told you but he took quite a beating! It’s taking all of my will power not go on a search and destroy mission. That thug damn near killed my boy! You know my temperament and I really need you to help me to calm down! I need you now!

To make matters worse whenever I look at Paula she looks as if she’s about to cry. I know that she’s worried sick about Con but I also know that I am at the root of her pain! It’s tearing me up inside! I don’t know whether I should try to comfort her or keep my distance!

She’s called a moving company and they will start packing things tomorrow! I’ve been so busy that I haven’t even found a place to live yet! I suppose I can sleep in my office.

I’m going to visit Con. I hope we can connect soon!

I miss you!



As I was about to go into Con’s room I found the Chief and one of his officers talking to one of the nurses.

"Hi, Chief!"


The Chief shook my hand and said, "We hear that your boy is feeling better today. Now that he’s more coherent we want to get a statement from him."

"I understand, Chief."

"John, you’re not going to like what I have to tell you, but the boy who attacked your son is out on bail. His father’s a rich bastard with a lot of friends in high places. His lawyers were able to persuade the judge to let him out."

"Is my boy in danger?"

"Well, the kid has had run-ins with the law down in Chicago for possession of drugs. I don’t know what to tell you, John. I guess if I were you I’d have a long talk with Con and tell him to avoid this kid!"

"I’ll talk to Con."

Chief asked, "I understand that he’s a friend of Ryan’s brother?"

"That’s what Ryan told me. He said that he’s only known him for a few months."

"Ryan’s brother, Justin, doesn’t have a track record but the officer who obtained a statement from Ryan recognized Justin. He’d seen him frequent one of our surveillance areas."

"Surveillance for what?"

"Drug trafficking."

"When you arrested Jeff, did you run a toxicology test?"

"Yes, but we had to send the lab specimens to Madison. We probably won’t get the results back until tomorrow. I should inform you that we also tested your boy."

"I see."

Chief asked, "Have you talked to Con about what happened?"

Shaking my head no, I said, "No, because he’s been so miserable!"

"I’m curious, what did Ryan tell you about the incident?"


"When we obtained a statement from Ryan, the officer felt that he was holding back information."

"Well…Ryan told me that Jeff made sexual advances towards him and that’s when Con shoved Jeff. He said that Jeff went ballistic and started punching Con. Con fell backwards and hit his head on the concrete. Ryan said that he came to his aid and that’s when Jeff punched him and then ran off."

Chief looked a little puzzled but didn’t say anything. So I said, "Why? What did he tell you?"

"I can’t really tell you, John. It’s just that there’s usually a reason for acting the way Jeff did. We’ll go ahead and get a statement from Con."

"OK, Chief!"

The Chief and Officer Jones followed me into Con’s room. "Hi, Con, how are you feeling?"

Ryan was sitting next to Con on the bed, holding a basin in front of him. "I’d be doing a lot better if I could just get rid of this nausea!"

"I’ll see if your doctor ordered an antiemetic. Meanwhile the Chief and Officer Jones would like to ask you questions regarding your scuffle you had with Jeff."

Looking at the officers, Con said, "Oh, Ok? I don’t want to press any charges?"

Chief said, "I’m afraid that’s out of your hands, son! He damn near killed you! Now, we want to talk to you…alone!"

Con looked at Ryan and nodded. "I’ll see you guys later!"

Ryan followed me out of the room. "Ryan, I want to talk to you."

Ryan sat down next to me. "What exactly did you tell Officer Jones?"

Ryan looked troubled and didn’t say anything.

After a moment of silence he looked up at me with fear in his eyes said, "I left out a few details."


"I can’t tell you!"

Feeling frustrated, I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, "Okay, well, sooner or later the truth will come out! I think it’s imperative that you tell the authorities exactly what happened so that they can determine the appropriate course of action!"

Ryan said, "Yes, sir!"

"So are you going to tell us what happened?"

"I have to talk to Con first."

After about an hour the Chief and Officer Jones came out of Con’s room, scratching their heads. They looked at Ryan and said, "Ryan, we need to talk to you again!"

Officer Jones started asking questions with his note pad in hand. "Ryan, is there anything else that you may have forgotten to tell us regarding the night of July 18th?"

"I don’t remember anything else?"

Chief looked pissed and said, "Listen, son, if you want to help your friend, you better start remembering because Jeff is claiming that he was only acting in self defense! So you better tell us everything!"

Ryan sat up in his chair, taking a deep breath. Then he glanced at me nervously and said, "W..we were smoking marijuana. Con kept telling me to stop but I didn’t listen to him. Jeff kept lighting up and I kept smoking it. Then I remember Jeff touching my privates and started kissing my neck."

I could feel my anger build within me as I listened to Ryan. "You were smoking marijuana?"

Chief said, "John, please! If you can’t be quiet you’ll have to leave!"

Then Chief turned and focused on Ryan, "Did you resist him?"

With tears rolling down his eyes he shook his head no.

"Son, are you telling us that you didn’t resist his advances?"

Shaking his head yes, "Yes, officer, that’s what I’m telling you!"

"Then what happened?"

"Around that time Con came out of the house and pushed Jeff away from me. Jeff completely lost it and started pounding on Con. I yelled at Jeff to stop but he wouldn’t listen. It happened so fast that I hardly had time to react! When I saw Con fall back I jumped on Jeff. That’s when he punched me and ran off."

"Let’s back up a little bit. Who all was there?"

"My brother, his girlfriend, Jeff, Con, and me."

"Did you all smoke marijuana or was it just you and Jeffrey?"

Looking nervously at me, he said, "We all did, sir."

I could feel my blood begin to boil. Officer Jones wrote down everything that Ryan was saying. Then Chief said, "Are you and Jeff lovers?"

"No, we’re not lovers!"

"But you didn’t resist him?"

"No, because what he was doing felt good! It was weird because all I wanted at that point was to get off! I didn’t care about anything else!" Ryan put his face in his hands in shame.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! Poor Con!

"So when Jeff made sexual advances, Con shoved Jeff away from you?"

"Yes! He shoved Jeff and told him to leave me alone!"

"Who supplied you with the marijuana?"

Ryan didn’t answer.

"Son, who supplied the marijuana?"

With tears in his eyes he said, "I don’t know where it came from!"

"Don’t bullshit us, son! Who the hell gave you boys the marijuana!"

"I don’t know!"

"Do you realize that if we find drugs in your home that we can confiscate everything your family owns? And that includes your home!"

"I don’t know where it came from!"

Chief looked at Officer Jones and said, "We’ll be in touch!"

Ryan looked ashamed, gazing at the floor. I stood up and said, "Chief, wait up!"


"So what happens from here?"

"John, all I can say is…get a good a lawyer. Ryan and Con’s stories match. The way I see it, it will play out like this. This will go to juvenile court. Jeff will claim that he was only acting in self-defense and he’ll be let off the hook. The two boys will probably be made to go into a drug rehabilitation program. We didn’t find any drugs on the premises so we can’t get them for possession of drugs. However the drug toxicology will tell us if they have THC or anything else in their blood streams. Sorry, John! That’s the best I can do!"

"Thanks, Chief!"

I went into Con’s room and shut the door. "Hi, Con. How are you feeling?"

"Dad, you don’t look very happy!"

"Your correct, I'm not very happy with you right now! I thought I talked to you about taking drugs?"

"I’m sorry, Dad! I know it was a stupid thing to do! So are you mad at me?"

"I guess I’m more disappointed than anything! I obviously didn’t adequately inform you of the dangers of street drugs!"

"Dad, I think I have learned some of the dangers."

"Yes, I think you have…the hard way! You almost died!"

"I know, Dad!"

"And what about your relationship with Ryan?"

Con was quiet. I sat down on the bed next to him and patted his shoulder. Then he turned to me and began to cry. I tried my best to comfort him by rocking him in my arms. Seeing him like this made my anger quickly fade away as I began to sympathize with him.

"Son, you know that I love you very much and I know that parents shouldn’t meddle in matters of love but I have to say this! You’ll probably be mad at me but if you two are having sex I hope it’s protected sex?"


"Come on, Con, do I have to spell it out! He didn’t resist Jeffrey’s advances!"

I could see the anger building in Con. Then he said, "Dad, you’re right, I really don’t want to hear your concerns regarding my relationship with Ryan, after all, who are you to talk to me about relationships! Look at you and Mom!"

"That was a low blow, Con! What’s happening between your mother and me is not going to kill us! You and I have had discussions regarding safe sex and the dangers of drugs and now I fear that you haven’t heeded my warnings! So as a father who’s worried about his son's health, I want to know if you are you having unprotected sex?"

Con just stared at me with anger in his eyes and said, "If you’re referring to anal intercourse…NO!"

"But you’re having oral sex and sharing bodily fluids?"

"Dad, if you go by President Clinton’s definition of sex, blow jobs don’t fall into that category!"

"Don’t get smart with me! I’ve told you that the HIV virus is found in semen and if you are having oral sex, you may be at risk!"

"Are you suggesting that Ryan may be infected?"

"What I’m saying is that when you have sex with someone it’s like having sex with all of their previous lovers. HIV is an insidious disease with a very long incubation period! People who are infected with HIV are oftentimes completely unaware for years that they have been infected!"

Con laid there deep in thought. Then he looked up at me and said, "Are you accusing Ryan of messing around on me?"

"All I’m trying to say is that I think you should refrain from any kind of sexual activity."

"…because you think Ryan is messing around?"

"I think that both of you should refrain from sex until you become adults and settle into a monogamous relationship!"

"We are in a monogamous relationship!"

"Con, I’m not going to argue with you! Ryan told the officers and me everything that happened the other night. And I’ll be honest with you, I’m very concerned! People who are promiscuous and use intravenous drugs are at very high risk for HIV!"

Con had a pouty look on his face and then looked up at me and said, "Dad, I love Ryan. I truly feel in my heart that he loves me! I think that the drugs affected his judgment and to tell you the truth, Dad, Jeff IS hot! Don’t get me wrong, he might be physically beautiful but he’s a bozo! However, I have to be honest with you, if Jeff had been coming on to me and given the effects of the marijuana, I may not have been able to resist his advances either! Don’t get me wrong I’m not letting Ryan off the hook for what he did and I told him that I was not happy with his behavior. I also told him that if I ever see him taking drugs again I would break up with him!"

Nodding in agreement, I said, "That’s one of the dangers of drugs and alcohol, it affects your judgment and people do things that they normally wouldn’t do."

"Yes, Dad!"

I bent down and kissed his forehead and said, "I agree with the approach you are taking with Ryan! I love you very much!"

"I love you too, Dad!"

"I have to get to work."

As I opened the door to leave I remembered that Jeff was out on bail, "Con, I don’t want to worry you but Jeff is out on bail and the Chief believes he could be dangerous!"

"Dad, he came in this morning to apologize for what he did."


"Dad! Calm down! You should have seen him, he seemed sincere when he apologized and he told me that he is going into a drug rehab program."

"I hope you’re right, Son! Please promise me that you will stay away from him!"

"Ok, Dad, I promise to stay away from him!"

Relieved, I smiled, kissed his forehead, and said, "I’ll see ya later!"

I spoke to Con’s nurse and told her that with the exception of Ryan he is not to have any boys visiting!

I looked around the waiting room but didn’t see Ryan. I had to make patient rounds at the other hospital and as I was heading out the door, I saw Ryan walking across the street. I yelled, "RYAN!"

Ryan turned and searched for the person who was calling out his name. When he saw it was me, he started walking back. "Come on, Ryan, let’s talk."

We sat down on a bench. "Ryan…"

Interrupting, Ryan said, "You don’t have to say it, John! I won’t be bothering your son anymore! I don’t deserve him!"

Nodding in agreement I said, "I won’t debate that!"

Ryan jerked his head up and looked me in the eye.

"I think you’ve hurt Con deeply! On the other hand he loves you very much and he’s convinced that you would not have allowed Jeff to make advances if your judgment hadn’t been impaired by the marijuana."

Satisfied that I had gotten my point across to him, I attempted to lighten the mood by chuckling and saying, "You and I are pretty damned lucky! We both have someone who is willing to forgive our stupidity!"

"John, I do love Con very much! He makes me very happy! I acted stupidly the other night. It was like the marijuana lowered my inhibitions."

"Ryan, you don’t have to explain it to me. That’s between you and Con. I only ask that you don’t hurt my son."

"John, I do love your son! My attraction to Jeff was purely physical! I know that I’ve hurt Con and I will do whatever it takes to make it up to him! I only hope that I can regain his trust!"

"Yes, that's correct!"

I sighed and said, "So are you going to go back and keep my son company, right?"

Smiling he said, "Yes, sir!"

I patted him on the back and said, "Well, what are you waiting for!"

Hugging me, Ryan said, "I’m going! See ya later, John!" I stood there and watched as he ran back into the hospital. I guess I have to agree with Con he seems sincerely sorry for what happened and I feel that he’s truly in love with Con.

It was around 10pm and I was exhausted! Con’s doctor said that he wanted to keep him one more night so I decided to go visit my boy. I peeked in Con’s room and could see Ryan sleeping in a chair, resting his head next to Con. Since I was on-call I didn’t feel like going home only to be called back in, so I decided to sack out in Con’s room for the night. After kissing Con’s forehead I sat down in a recliner next to the window and kicked my feet up. I sighed as I closed my eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep.

"Thanks, Grandpa!" I turned to look at Gram and then at Michael who was wiping the tears from his cheeks.

"Come on, Michael, let’s go!"

Looking down with a very dejected look on his face, Michael followed me out to the barn and up in to the hayloft. Michael bumped into me from behind when I abruptly stopped to talk to him. He appeared to be deep in thought and looked up at me apologetically as I turned to face him.

I grabbed his hands and looking at his beautiful face, said, "I’m sorry, Michael, for freaking out on you! Up until today, I’ve never classified myself as being gay. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been attracted to you but it always felt normal. Having Jean tease me, all of a sudden made me realize that my feelings for you may not be normal! That I'm gay! Grandpa and I had a long talk, he said that this is the way God made me and to hate myself is to hate God! And you know what?"

Michael looked at me and said, "What?"

"I couldn’t agree with him more! I didn’t choose to be gay and loving you makes me so very, very happy!" I reached out and pulled Michael in for a hug. Michael wrapped his strong arms around me and embraced me tightly.

"I love you so much, John! Please don’t ever run off like that again! I was worried sick about you! I know you love me but I can’t help but feel that I may have pushed you into something that you aren’t ready for. I'll try to back off, it’s just that you drive me wild and I lost my head last night! Just tell me to back off next time and I’ll do it!"

"Michael, what we did last night was the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me!" I gave him a quick kiss.

"Oh, John, what am I going to do with you?"

"Love me?"

Michael kissed me and said, "MMmm, yes…love you!"

Determined not to discourage him and to make sure that he knew that I enjoyed what we did last night I grabbed his hand and pulled him down onto the straw. With Michael on top of me I pulled his T-shirt over his head. Michael said, "Aren’t you afraid that we’re going to get caught doing this?"

"No! Didn’t you see my grandparents leave to go into town?"

Michael smiled at me and gave me a kiss. Then he ran his hands under my shirt and began massaging my chest and belly. We gazed into each other’s eyes as his massaging finger went lower and lower under the waistline of my Levi’s. I needed to adjust my cock as it swelled and traveled down my thigh. I tried to reach down to adjust it but Michael pulled my hand away and said, "Let me take care of that, my love!"

I laid back and rested my head on my hands and observed what he was doing. Michael looked up at me. Smiling, he kissed me tenderly on the lips. Then he pulled my shirt over my head and carefully placed his shirt and mine under me to protect my bare skin from the straw. Then he kissed each of my nipples and ran his tongue down to my belly button. Giggling, I pushed his face away. "You’re tickling me!"

"I’m sorry! Let me try that again. This time I’ll try not to tickle you!" I laid back down and watched him run his tongue again down from my chest to my belly button.

He looked up at me and said, "Was that better?"

"Mmm, yes!"

He focused returned to my belly button and ran his tongue in and around my inny. The pressure in my groin was growing. He stopped licking my belly button and moved down to my feet and slid my shoes and socks off. He massaged my feet and put my big toe in his mouth. Sucking on it, he gazed passionately into my eyes, but that also tickled and I pulled them away, I whined, saying, "Michael, that tickles!"

Michael just smiled and, looking down at my crotch, he said, "I like the way you look when you have your legs up in the air!"

He let go of my feet and made his way up between my legs. As he made his way up he grabbed my legs and placed them on his shoulders. With my legs now at a 45-degree angle he began attacking my feet again, only this time he was kissing them as he ran his hands up and down my leg. As he did this he stopped and squeezed my swollen cock, which ran along my thigh. While he massaged me with his left hand his right hand played with my butt, running his fingers into my crack. He was driving me wild with desire! "Michael, I need to readjust my manhood! It’s getting really uncomfortable!"

"Please, allow me!" Michael let my legs slip off of his shoulders as he began to unbutton and then unzip my Levi’s. He slid my Levi’s down and over my feet. However, my boner maintained its bad angle, held in place by my white briefs. Then he said, "Baby, lift up your bottom again!"

Michael grabbed my buttocks and helped me lift up my bottom. I thought he was going to pull off my under wear instead he carefully placed my Levi’s under me. With my crotch only a couple of inches from my face he smiled and said, "That looks painful!"

Whining, "Come on, Michael, stop teasing me!" But my whining fell on deaf ears as he positioned his elbows on the floor to help support the weight of my bottom in his hand. With my crotch in front of his face, he slowly and deliberately kissed my balls through my underwear. Then he ran his tongue down towards my thigh where my love muscle was held in place and exposed. He ran his tongue down the length of it and stopped to kiss the head. As he pulled his lips away a string of precum went from the head of my cock to his lips but he quickly licked his lips, breaking the connection. His arms must have gotten fatigued because he grabbed my underwear and pulled them off. Finally, my penis was freed from its confines. Grabbing my hips he encouraged me to lift my hips up again and supported my weight as he did before. Then he lowered himself and with my legs over his shoulders. With my crotch exposed to him put his face in my crotch and he started licking and sucking on my balls. I couldn’t help but moan as he attacked me with his tongue and lips. Then he gently grabbed my scrotum and ran his tongue up and down between my rosebud and scrotum. Moaning, I said, "Michael I’m…I’m going to cum!"

"Go ahead, my love, don’t hold back!" With determination, he continued on his quest to explore uncharted waters. Then he ran his tongue up between my balls and onto my love muscle. With my legs sliding off of his shoulders, he allowed my bottom to rest on the floor and continued on his trek up to the tip of my penis. Stopping briefly he kissed m cock continued up until we were face to face. I could smell my scent on his face as he went in for a kiss. With his Levi’s still on, he ground his groin in mine. He was driving me absolutely wild. We started bucking against each other. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to orgasm. Michael must have sensed this because just as I was about to explode he lifted himself off of me. I wanted to cum and not wanting him to escape, I wrapped my arms and legs tightly as I continued to rub my cock against him. With great strength and determination he was able to lift me and put us in to a sitting position with me sitting on his thighs. I was out of my head with passion as I kissed him with wild abandon. Unable to rub my cock against his with sufficient friction, I could feel my approaching orgasm begin to fade. He held me in his arms. "Michael, you’re driving me wild!"

"Mmm…I never want this to end!" Michael kissed me. I quit trying to get off and focused on removing his Levi’s. He smiled at me as I desperately tried to unsnap and unzipped his jeans. I reached in his pants and pulled out his throbbing penis. I wanted to rub my cock against his bare skin so I started bucking my groin against his belly. I was moving up and down. Somehow Michael’s penis found its way to my rosebud. Surprised by the sensation of the head of his cock kissing my rectum, I stopped moving. He obviously enjoyed the sensation too because he grabbed my bottom and spread my cheeks. I could feel his hips flex in an attempt to enter me. It was feeling good so I attempted to assist him in his quest to enter me. His thrusts became stronger and more deliberate. When it started to hurt, I lifted off him. Michael didn’t seem discouraged by this and allowed me to set the pace. It felt so huge against my hole they it scared me and decided that I was not ready for him to enter me. Enjoying the feeling of it gently massaging my rose bud, I decided to just allow him to gently push in and around it.

Michael grabbed my hips and proceeded to lift me off his lap, placing me gently onto the straw covered floor. He jumped to his feet. I was in awe of my dark stallion's beauty as his jeans dropped to the floor. He stood proudly over me with he big fat cock throbbing in front of him. I reached up to urge him to come back down.

Looking down at me with passion in his eyes, he mumbled something like "Mmm, I could just…!"

"Please, Michael, don’t make me beg!"

Michael dropped back down to his knees to resume our dance of love. He moved in between my legs and felt his penis slip back in between my cheeks. He kissed me as we rubbed against each other. An idea popped into my head and Michael was surprised when I rolled him onto his back. Instinctively I knew that he wanted to enter me but I wasn’t ready for that so I positioned myself on top of him so that his penis was between my cheeks. Rocking back and forth I watched as Michael arched his head back. I knew immediately that what I was doing was causing him great pleasure! Feeling his cock rubbing against my backside was like scratching an itch that has never been scratched. His thrusts became more urgent as he bucked. I found that watching him get off was just as gratifying as getting myself off. So I focused on pleasuring him so by flexing my ass so that my cheeks would squeeze his love muscle. With his vast amount of precum oozing from his penis my backside became slippery and wet. Watching my low hanging balls draped over each side of his cock as he pumped away intrigued me.

Michael’s moans gradually grew louder and his grip on my hips tightened as he approached climax. "Oh, John!"

I watched his body spasm as he shot huge loads of white creamy love juice all over my scrotum and his belly. I needed to get off, so I scooped up his cream and used it as lubricant to jack off. It felt so good to feel his cock rub against my rosebud! Michael must have recognized this because he began to slide his wet cock between my buns. It didn’t take long for me to cum. I closed my eyes and moaned in ecstasy.

Breathing heavily, I collapsed on top of his sweaty body and said, "I love you, Michael!"

I heard Michael whisper, "John, John! Wake up!"

"Michael I don’t want to wake up!"

I heard some snickering. Then I heard a "Shh!"

Realizing that I was dreaming I sat straight up in the recliner and opened my eyes in disbelief as I saw the object of my obsession kneeling at my side urging me to wake up. I felt embarrassed when I was able to focus on Michael who had this mischievous, knowing smile on his face. Whispering, Michael said, "What are you dreaming about?"

Leaning forward, I kissed him on the lips and whispered, "You!"

"It must have been a pretty good dream!"

"You have no idea how good it was! No, wait, you were actually there!"

Chuckling he said, "Oh, really?"

"Yeah, remember the first time we made love in the hay loft?"

Raising his brow, he said, "Mmm, how could I forget!"

Whispering I said, "Come on Michael, let’s get out of here so we don’t wake up the boys!"


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