This is a fictional event based on my life experiences, my friends' life experiences, my lover's life experiences, and just things that pop into my head. I assure you, this isn't real. While this is being posted in an erotic story collection, it is not truly an erotic story. It is the story of life and love, and sex. If you want something deeper than "we met and fucked," then this is for you. It is up to you. While I am not one to censor my readers, it is policy for you to be 18 to read such material. Choose your own path - I really don't think that there is anything offensive about being sexually active, but I'm not a sexually-deprived Christian Coalition member. Just remember to enjoy yourself and to be safe. Please send any comments you may have to
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Love Is Blind


© 1999, 2000 by David M. Roduner


Part XI.

(I didn't experience this, but it was later related to me.)

Mr. Jackle's heartless beating on Anthony didn't seem to relent. Anthony's nose was bleeding heavily, along with his lip. He had bruises up and down his arm. Mr. Jackles paused for a moment, bent his head down, sobbing. "You... all of you... you made me into a fucking faggot." He then raised his head and looked at Anthony with rage in his eyes. "And you're all going to pay for it! All of you!!" He looked around the room at the paralyzed bodies. "God damn FAGGOTS!"


(As told by Devon)

What was happening? One moment Lara was on the phone, and the next, she grabbed my arm and we were running. Where, I wasn't quite sure. But we were running. (God, I feel like Forrest Gump. Of course, I don't even know what Tom Hanks looks like..) "Lara.." I said panting, "what.. what is happening?" I then noticed that they were all panting... What was going on?!

"Devon honey, we've no time to explain. Gotta stop it before it's too late..." I heard a mechanical click and a strange voice on some sort of radio. It seemed to come from Lara's direction. Lara pressed on what seemed to be a button and said, "We're almost there. Quiet entrance, very nonchalant. Yes, I'm sure that this is the suspect you're looking for. There are no others that I know of, but I can't be positive. Agent 582F out." Of course! Lara was on a two-way radio. Buy why? Still more questions...


So there I was. Let me die now, I thought. Let it end. No more pain. I can't take any more. Oh please... kill me now...

Mordrin had stepped out momentarily to change. He had removed all of my clothes except for my boxers. I had never felt so filthy in my entire life. I shivered in disgust. Just then, a door shut. I looked up as Mordrin returned. A memory flashed in my mind... "Call me Dennis" How could I have been so blind? Why didn't I see this coming? He stepped up to me. Man, was he ugly. He had put on a leather dominator's suit. Maybe leather isn't the right word... it was almost latex. Upon reflection, his sick armor was not unlike that of Catwoman in Batman Returns.

"I am going to remove your next article.. this nice little gauze in your mouth. Before I do, you must not say a word. If you do, I will become angry. You don't want me angry. Do you agree?" I nodded my head in agreement. Anything to get me the hell out of here. If you're going to kill me, just do it already. He removed the gauze and then said, "Now you're going to open your mouth, and you leave it open until I am properly satisfied." I gasped in fear.

Mr. Mordrin turned away from me, and I heard three loud, consecutive popping sounds.He turned around and pressed something into my nose. He growled, "Inhale these, or I'll get mad." I gasped, which led to his desired effect. About fifteen seconds later, I had the worst headache of my entire life. I was swimming in a sea of dizziness. The room floated around in circles. I heard him unzip something. Then I felt something in my mouth. I didn't know what was happening. I shut my eyes to block out the horrid throbbing in my head and the constant spinning I felt.

Mr. Mordrin seemed to be grunting again. "Those poppers are great, aren't they bitch?" I just squeezed my eyes together. Get this over with.. kill me.


(I didn't experience this, but it was later related to me.)

Anthony was ready to die. Anything to end this torment. Mr. Jackles was still screaming after all this time. You would think he would run out of energy. But a lifetime's amount of pent-up anger and frustration can really get one's adrenaline flowing, I suppose. Anthony looked up and saw that he was about to get his wish. Mr. Jackles was pulling a switchblade out of his pocket. "Now I'm going to fucking END you, you goddamm faggot!" The blade whoosed out of its case. Mr. Jackles was about to strike, but was quickly interrupted.

The door was almost knocked down with force. Three armed man flew into the room with almost superhuman speed. "Drop your weapon and put your arms in the air!" They screamed so loud that you could tell they were scared stiff. When I spoke to these men later, they admitted to their fears. They told me that they could only think of their children, and how after watching their children go off to school in the bus, they wept inside.

Mr. Jackles gasped in fear at the intruders. He got off of Anthony, he slumped onto the ground, exhausted. Mr. Jackles looked at Anthony's terribly bruised body, and then at the armed men. He jumped over Anthony's body and raced towards the other side of the room, opening another door. The door slammed shut and made a distinctive click as it locked. Two of the men advanced towards the door, while the third bent down to attend to Anthony.

Through the door, a loud, "Oof!" sound could be heard. And then:

"What the fuck are you doing in my office?"

"Waiting for a couple of fuckers. What's it to you?"

"I've had it with you goddamm faggots! Now you and the rest of them will get what's coming to you!" His switchblade flicked out again.

"I'm not a goddamm faggot! You can't scare me with your piece of shit knife! I'm not a FAGGOT!" the second voice screamed, and then the unmistakable sound of a gunshot filled the room. "Don't FUCK with me!" the second voice continued. Mr. Jackles just groaned in response. Suddenly, the classroom regained its life and ran outside the room for protection. The two armed men ran to the door, and with all of their might, kicked it down.

Dan Vishosone looked up at them. "Leave me the fuck alone or you'll join him," he yelled pointing his gun menacingly at them. They looked down at Mr. Jackles' corpse. They could tell from the blood pouring out of the back of his head that he was definitely D.O.A. material. One of the men winced. He had never truly seen a gunshot victim this soon after being murdered. The blood.. there was so much blood. The body has five pints of blood in it.. and every ounce was leaking out onto the floor, flooding the room with its stench of death. The man felt total pity for this killer, this teenager. No, this child; this scared little boy.

"Son," one of them said sadly, "please don't make this any worse than it is." He was about to reach out to touch Dan when Dan let three shots out in the air.

"Get the fuck away from me I said! I'll kill you.. both of you!" He turned to run to the hallway exit from Mr. Jackles' office. He tripped and let out anothe shot. Dan regained his footing and ran to the door. The men then yelled to him, "Stop right now! Drop your weapon! You will not be given a second chance!" Dan's face was turning red.

"God damn you! Get away from me!" Dan screamed, loosing another shot. The men continued to advance, uninhibited. "Stop! I'll fucking blow your brains out!"

"That'll be kind of hard, asshole," one of the men hissed at Dan, "without any bullets." Dan looked uncertainly at his gun. He had forgotten to count his shots. How many were there. No, he wasn't that gullible. He was the man! They couldn't touch him.

"Fuck you!" he screamed, pulling the trigger at the agent's face. The gun clicked. Nothing came out. "God damn it!" he screamed. He looked down at his gun and then up again. He was welcomed with a punch to the stomach. Dan leaned forward in pain, clutching his stomach.

"Turn around!" one of the men screamed. Dan obediently complied. Dan felt cold steel wrap around his wrists as they said, half in anger, half in pain, "You are under arrest! You have the right to remain silent! Anything you say or do..."


(As told by Devon)

Lara saw me weeping, so she put her arm on my shoulder. "It's gonna be ok, honey," she said softly. I could tell from her voice that she was rather unsure of that. "They're gonna be here real quick. I mean, there's three of them. It should be ok. Protocol just says we need more than one agent to enter a room..."

I cut her babble off, asking, "Why did this have to happen? He.. I finally found someone who loves me.. and then..."

"Shh," she comforted. "We're sitting right outside his office, so we can get him the moment the other agents arrive." I patted her on the arm, and she walked away. I called Tommy towards me. I indicated that I wanted him to kneel down so I could whisper in his ear.

When I felt his presence, I whispered, "I need you to knock that door down for me and to lead me in it. Please, Tommy. I feel something is wrong." I heard Lara and Jamie quietly murmuring together. Suddenly I hushed them. I listened closely. When you are blind, your other sense become amazingly powerful. I could hear things that only dogs could. I distinctly heard Mr. Mordrin's cold voice say, "..And now I'm going to fuck you." I pulled on Tommy's shirt and said, "Now. Do it now!"

Tommy pulled me up and lead me toward the door. I heard him arguing with Lara. I said, "No Lara. Let me do this.. before it's too late." I don't know how, but Tommy knocked that door down. I cracked in half. I ran, following my senses, into the room. I could smell Mr. Mordrin's stench. I could smell some other scent.. like drugs or something... I felt Mr. Mordrin's leather clothing and pulled him away from where he was. Then I pushed him with more power than I knew I had. I heard him crash into something. He groaned in pain, and then it was silent.

"Devon, what the hell did you just do?!" screamed Lara.


It was the most beautiful thing that I've ever seen. Devon, my beautiful blind Devon, saved me. Somehow he got the door to break down. Tommy must have done it. Mr. Mordrin was about to do the unspeakable. Those.. poppers.. as he had called them were finally wearing off. I now knew what he was going to do and what he had done. He had raped my mouth... god... Even today, I have to use double mouthwash before bed. And he was going to fuck me. That dirty old bastard! How many other people had he done this to? But Devon stopped him. Just in time. The asshole wasn't even going to use lubrication of any sort... But Devon came in, and ripped that old fat man off of me and threw him into his desk.

Lara came in afterwords and yelled at Devon. I don't know why. He had just saved my life, and she was yelling at him. It didn't matter, though. He didn't listen to one word she said. My sweet little redhead. I was so enamored with love that I didn't notice Tommy loosing my bonds. The minute I was free though, I grabbed Devon with a passion that I never knew that I would feel. We embraced with something we knew that we now had forever: each other. "Devon," I said softly into his sweet ear, "I love you." Leave it to me to point out the obvious. He began weeping in my arms. My sweet Devon was scared.. for me. Scared of losing me.

Lara broke my moment with Devon by tapping on my shoulder. "You might want this, honey," she said, wrapping a blanket around me. I smiled and thanked her. "You be good to him, or I'll give you worse welts," she said to me, smiling. It was then that I knew that she truly loved Devon. Not the way I loved him though. Thank goodness!

Devon again clutched me. For the first time, I ran my fingers through his sweet, silky red hair. It shone so beautifully in the light. With him still around me, we walked out of the room. Outside of that dirty office, I put my arms around his face, lifting it from my shoulder. I looked deep into his green eyes, even though he could not reciprocate. "Devon," I said softly, "this is something I've wanted to do for a long time." He almost asked me 'what?' but my hungry lips met his before he could do so. If possible, his grip around grew tighter. I swear, he was almost grinding his hips against mine. Not that I minded. We broke the kiss and I said, "Thank you, my sweet, sweet Devon." He smiled so gently and kindly that my heart melted.

I closed my eyes and our lips met again. For once in my life, I knew that I was safe. I knew that I was where I belonged: in the arms of my one and only, Devon. His sweet lips erupted a fire in me. This boy sure knows how to turn me on! My arms wrapped around the back of his head as my tongue slid inside his mouth. I don't know how, but he almost seemed to suck my tongue inside of him. It was so sensual that the blanket that was enclosing my body began to tent out. Devon felt it against him, because as soon as we ended our kiss, he softly said, "I want to feel that inside me tonight." I smiled with joy.

I heard someone clear their throat, so I turned to look. It was Lara. "They're coming this way. You might want to.. umm.. do some adjustments before they arrive," she said, pointing to my problem. I blushed and smiled at her. "I guess I won't be needing to take a late shift tonight to watch over Devon," she grinned. "I doubt he'll be alone an instant." I just beamed with joy.


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