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Love Is Blind


© 1999, 2000 by David M. Roduner


Part XII.

We should have made a movie of that day: The Longest Day. It was for me, anyway. The police arrived. Once that happened, mass chasos ensued. I couldn't believe some of the questions that they asked. Have you had any previous sexual encounters with teachers? How long have you and Mr. Mordrin been having sexual encounters? Are you sure that this was non-consensual? No, you see, old ulgy fat men just turn me on. Please! And then, of course, I had to open my big mouth and tell them about our dinner engagement. Of course, I obviously was asking for him to rape me.

If you took the stereotype of a police officer, that would be the gentleman -and I use the term loosely- who was questioning me. "So tell me boy, when exactly did y'all go on your date?"

"It wasn't a date, sir. He invited me to dinner, and I accepted. I don't know why. I thought he was being kind."

"Uh huh... Have you ever had a sexual encounter with a man before?" Well, that was blunt! He just stared at me, as if this was an everyday question. Of course it is! Nice weather we're having. I like your shoes. Have you ever had a sexual encounter with a man before?

"No, I haven't," I replied.

"And a woman?" What the hell? I couldn't read his eyes behind his mirrored sunglasses and thick mustache.

"No. Look, should I speak with a lawyer?" I asked, getting annoyed.

"I don't see why.. You're only 17, right? You're still a minor. Anyway, these are just preliminary questions." He seemed to be getting a little nervous. This felt wrong. Surely I had the right to an attorney. I started to stand. "Sit down!" he yelled. "I've got one man god damn dead, killed by a boy you spoke with today and a god damn child molester that you were with! Now y'all sit your ass down or we're going to have a problem!" What was his problem?

"I'm sorry sir," I said, "but I will not answer anything else until I speak with an attorney." The pig crossed his arms, clutching himself, and turned bright red.

"Listen here, you little faggot! You are a prime suspect in my book! You probably ASKED for it! I'm so close to god damn taking you in for tampering with evidence.."

"What the hell!" I screamed. "I don't care who you are. I have done nothing wrong. And I haven't touched any of your evidence!" Just then, Lara walked into the room. We were still at the school, in a teacher's office during this interview.

"What's going on here?" she asked.

"This is confidential, lady. We don't need no nosy jigaboos butting in." I looked up at her with pride. I realized that she would forever be on Devon and my side. She would not falter in her care and love. She pulled out her badge. I never knew she had it.

"Ok asshole, this is Agent 582F. You can check my papers if you still have a job at the end of the day. Have you advised him of an attorney?" The pig started to sweat. I could almost smell it.

I decided to answer for him. "No, he didn't. He said I was a minor and didn't need one." Lara looked dead into his eyes. He must have been sweating buckets.

"Ben honey," Lara said, "could you step outside with Devon? My friend here, Officer.." She glanced at his name tag and continues, "Howard and I are going to have a nice chat on ethics and other things." She smiled and shooed me out.

As I walked out, I was greeted by an angel. He looked up and smiled. I wondered how he knew it was me if he was blind. I later learned that he recognized people by their footsteps. Apparently, a person's footstep pattern is as unique as his or her finger print. "Hello, my dear," he said, smiling.

"Hello, Devon," I said, floating on the clouds. God, you can go through shit, but when you're in love, it doesn't even matter. I quickly looked and saw no one around, so I gave Devon a quick kiss on the cheek. I then thought, you can do better than that, so my lips soon met his. As our tongues intertwined, I felt a warmth inside of me. I knew that what I was doing was right, and no matter what holier-than-thou people cry, loving a man is the most wonderful, pure, and perfect thing on earth.

We must have been kissing for a long time, because I soon heard the handle of the door slide open. Devon heard it first, of course, so he quickly broke the kiss, mouthing the words "thank you." I squeezed his hand and smiled. He grinned as only a man in love can. I put my arm around Devon and said, "You know, I don't want to do this, but I think I should call my father." He didn't know my father, luckily. Hopefully, he would never have to.


(As told by Devon)

Why is Ben so worried, I wondered. He had nearly been raped, and what his only fear was talking to his father. That just didn't make any sense. We walked into his room, and he started dialing up his father. He seemed to be breathing heavily. "Put on some music, my dear," I suggested, "It may help to calm you." I could feel him smiling at me, and I soon heard the introduction to Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring begin to play. Ben cleared his throat nervously. I sighed a lover's sigh. It's funny the thousand of little nuances that you notice a person makes when you are in love.

"Ummm, Mr. Johnny Dowling, please," Ben said nervously.

"It's ok, Ben," I soothed, "It'll be ok." I felt his hand touch mine, and I squeezed his in support. I wanted him to know that I would always be there for him, blind or not. I felt his lips gently caress the top of my hand. Even a gesture as simple as a kiss made me smile with joy. Ben was certainly something to behold. Ben sat down next to me on the bed, waiting on hold. I rested my face against the front of his shoulder, glad to be able to share these special moments with one that I knew completed me. Ben began to run his fingers through my hair. I don't know if he's ever realized how much that soothes me. And I have a feeling that it soothes him, too. His hand began to drop running over my arms. He began to squeeze my bicep. I felt his body move, and his lips kissed my bicep. I smiled. He just smiled softly, laughing quietly. His hands began to run lower, over the rest of my arm, over the palm of my hand, gently touching my fingertips. He was raising goosebumps. In addition to having an increased sense of hearing, my sense of touch was markedly overdeveloped. And the things Ben could do with his fingers! His fingers seemed to wait a moment before they gained courage and ran over my leg, around the outside of it, and then at the knee, he ran them around the inside of my thigh. I sighed deeply, and moaned slightly. Just as he was about to reach what I believe his fingers were searching for-

"Oh.. oh hello. Yes, father. It's me. I know you're busy. Yes, I know you told me never to call. Look, could you.." he seemed to be close to weeping. I put my arms around him and hugged him tightly. Somehow, he got a power that he didn't know he had. "Look, I don't care about your stocks. Listen to me for once. Then you don't have to hear my voice again!" he yelled. "There was a child molester at this school, and he tried to rape me. Luckily, I was saved. What the fuck? What do mean my queer ass deserved it? How can you say that to me? I'm your son, god damn it! What? Well, that's ok. I know you don't give a shit. I have better things in my life, anyway! I've found someone who loves me for who I am. And HE and I are very happy. So go trade your stocks. I don't give a fuck! You can go to hell!" Ben yelled, slamming down the phone.

I held Ben tightly. He began to gently weep. I rubbed his back, trying to show my support. "I love you, Ben," I said softly, "and I'd never do that to you." He was sniffing softly. "I will always love you, Ben." With that, he burst into tears, clutching me tightly, hugging what he knew would not falter, ever. Me, and our undying love. "Shhh," I soothed, "it will be ok."

Tearily he looked up at me. I don't think he was smiling, but he did let out a sarcastic laugh. "I hate to disillusion you, my dear," he said between soft sniffles, "but I don't exactly have a steady source of income. I'm pretty much fucked." I understood what he meant all too clearly. However, there were some details that he didn't know about me.

I was feeling terribly naughty, so I thought I'd tease him a bit. "No, that will be me tonight." I think that made him smile. I kissed him gently on the brow.

"You are so naughty!" he said, finally laughing with happiness. The next thing I knew, he was tickling me. I happen to be a terribly ticklish person, so I started giggling like a little girl. I was almost at the point of shrieking when he paused. He was hovering on top of me, his arms on either side of me. I felt his hot breath brush against my face. I also felt another hot thing pressing against my stomach.


I stood there, right over Devon, staring down at his beautiful, gorgeous face. His red hair was a mess; some of it lay gently on the pillow beneath him. Though I know he couldn't see a thing, his eyes seemed to stare right into mine. We must have laid there for a very long time, because I heard my Stravinsky CD shut off. I glanced at my CD player and looked down again at Devon, smiling. He had made me forget my problems and bleak future in just a moment. My sweet, sweet Devon.

I heard his sigh gently, and then I felt his arms wrap around me. He pulled me down into him. I was worried that I would crush him, but he didn't seem the least bit worried. Our lips met again, and I remembered how sweet he is- inside and out. Our tongues danced together in a mad ballet of love and lust. We were rubbing our bodies together, and I could feel that he was as excited as I. In between our kisses, somehow he and I had managed to lose our shirts. I sat up, resting on him. I looked down at my pathetic frame, embarrassed. Then I remembered that he was blind. I terrible thing to be glad of, but I was. Devon seemed to sense this, but ran his hands over my chest , over my ugly body.

"You are beautiful," he said softly. I looked down, ashamed. How could I be so heartless as to celebrate my lover's most ultimate defeat? I looked up again. Had I just thought that? Yes, lover. We were lovers. Devon ran his hands down my body and over my pants, stopping at my hips. He became brave and his hands joined, feeling me. His hands now knew what he did to me. My beautiful Devon. He squeezed my most private part, grinned, and licked his lips. "Almost edible," he said laughing to himself. I smiled, that smile of love that only he can bring, and laughed too, though silently. Devon's arms again embraced me. "Ben," he started. I looked at him and silently asked hmm? "I want to make love. I want to feel whole for the first time in my life. I want my insides to feel you, and you to feel every inch of me. I want what I've waited sixteen and three quarter years for. I want to make love with the man that I know loves me.

I again leaned down on top of him, and we rolled over on the bed. Now he was on top of me. I hoped he wasn't uncomfortable.. I wanted this to be so perfect.. "What's wrong?" he asked, breaking my reverie.

My arms embraced him and pushed his head down, making his lips join mine. His lips were sweeter than anything I had known. His mouth opened, and I felt him again suck my tongue into his mouth. We moaned inside of each other's mouth, not wanting this kiss to end. Unfortunately, that scientific law that states that you need oxygen to survive prevailed, and we broke the kiss, gasping for air. Devon moaned softly. I finally answered his question. "Nothing's the matter. Everything is just right." He smiled and kissed down my cheek and over my neck, sending tingles down my spine. His tongue stuck out and gently began to lick circles around my neck. I was in heaven. Then his hands slid down under my pants, under my boxers. His fingers felt the tip of my hard penis.

"Ben," Devon whispered seductively, "reach into both of my back pockets. Lara left me two gifts for tonight." I smiled, and reached in. Any reason to have my hands on Devon's perfect butt was good enough for me! But there was something is each pocket. After some nice butt-squeezing, which Devon seemed to enjoy, I pulled out two condoms from his right cheek and a small bottle of some lubricant called Astroglide from his left. "What did she give us?" he asked.

"Condoms and lube," I said laughing. Devon groaned in disgust.

"I told her I didn't need or want them. If I wanted latex in me, I would have bought a dildo." He thought about that a moment and then continued, "Well, maybe not. But still, I don't want them. I want to feel you.. as you are... inside of me."

"But Devon," I protested, "I don't want to infect you." I had been taught for so long about being so careful.

"And who have you slept with?" he inquired.

"No one," I defensively replied.

"Exactly," he said, "And obviously neither have I. I mean, look at me. The freak.."

"No," I protested.

"So we're both safe," he concluded. "And I know you won't cheat on me, and there's no way I could cheat on you." He smiled and kissed me quickly. I smiled. Who could argue with something so beautiful and, well, right? "I want to taste it before it's inside of me," he stated. We quickly helped ourselves out of our pants. And then there we were.. naked body against naked body. I'm sorry Michelangelo, but your statue of David just can't compare. The world's greatest gift lay on top of me, full of love for me, and only me.

I saw Devon grin at me sheepishly, and then he had me inside of his mouth. I stroked his soft hair and cooed, "I want to taste you, too." Begrudgingly, Devon turned around so that I could have access to his most perfect of parts. There, laying above me was one of man's wonders. And it was all mine. Mine for a lifetime. His member was a fine seven inches. His sweet testicles were lightly haired with delicious red pubic hair. I licked my lips in anticipation, and ran my tongue over his sweet orbs. With the encoragement, Devon decided to go down much deeper on me. However, he went too deep. I heard his gag.

"God Ben," he said, "How big are you?" I chuckled and responded by squeezing his tight, smooth ass and swallowing his gift into my mouth. He sighed in pleasure and decided to continue his handiwork... or is that his oral communication lesson? If my speech teacher could see us now, I though. I think we were mastering our oral communication quite well. I swallowed as much of his hot member as possible while squeezing his cheeks, pulling him into my mouth. His soft red pubic hair was tickling my chin. I smiled, or as much as one can smile in such a predicament. (And don't you even dare to think of a pun for that!) My finger began to become adventurous as it crept over towards his sweet hole. He had never been touched there. Not by me, not another man, no one. Though very reluctant to let go of his sweet cheeks, which seem to always beg for my hands to caress them, I squirted some Astroglide on my fingertips and for the first time in Devon's life, a part of me went inside of him.

After my finger first entered him, Devon grunted in pain. I left it there for a few moments and let him get used to it. "Another," he softly whispered, "another." I filled his request, filling him with two of my fingers. He shuddered as it pressed into him. I began to slowly move my fingers in and out of him. "Ben," he whispered again, "it's time." He licked my penis until he was sure that it was hard enough and got on top of me. He was going to sit on me... take it at his own pace. He took a deep sigh, as if to say here goes! and lowered himself onto me.

I kept breathing softly but deeply as I felt him lower himself on me. As the tip of my penis punctured his tight, untouched hole, he shivered and stayed there a moment. It must have been an amusing sight indeed: me laying there, almost writhing with excitement, and he, my redheaded angel, in a sitting position above me, his strong arms holding him up. He looked almost like a primate walking with both its feet and the knuckles of its hands. This thought was quickly thrown away as my hands went up his smooth chest. My fingers danced over his abdomen, my forefinger tickling his navel.

I ran my hands higher, running up his ribcage, landing on his pectoral muscles and my fingers finding his sweet nipples. His muscles were not bulky, thank goodness. Not that it mattered, really. I loved and love Devon for who he is, not for his body. But his body was certainly not something to complain about. It was, in my mind, perfect. His pectoral muscles were not flat (or nonexistant, rather!) as mine were. But he wasn't a body builder. You might have been able to make out his chest if he had on a very tight shirt, but only then. My Devon wasn't a gym rat. No, Devon was a man, a beautiful man. And he was all mine.

Devon gasped, and he loosened his sphincter, pulling more of me into him. He kept doing this, very slowly. I closed my eyes in pleasure, and before I knew it, I could feel his soft, sweet testicles resting on my belly. For some reason though, I couldn't feel his penis. I opened my eyes to see a very hard but beautiful part of Devon pointing at an almost ninety degree angle. I licked my lips in anticipation. I wanted to taste him; I needed him in my mouth. But I'm just not that flexible!

I removed my hands from Devon's chest and went down to touch his mouth-watering cock. But he took hold of my hands and put them around his back, breathlessly saying, "No, we can save more of that for later." I smiled and sat up, kissing him gently. But my passion was too strong. I leaned forward and began kissing him with a strength that I had never known of. My lips pressed to his and I felt something that I never knew I'd feel: unrequited love. My tongue entered his mouth, and I knew where I wanted to be for the rest of my life: with Devon.

I don't know whose arms squeezed around the other's body first, but we embraced as if it were our last day on earth. I leaned forward and continued to kiss my sweet with my tongue. My kiss told him how much I loved him, and that he had no need to feel alone ever again.

Before I knew it, I realized that somehow Devon was now on his back and that I was on top of him, still kissing him. Devon broke the kiss for an instant to whisper in my ear, "Fuck me." I moaned softly. He had found one of my more sensitive spots. I couldn't see him, but I swear, he must have grinned. A moment later, I felt my lover's hot, wet tongue enter my ear, licking it all over, driving me wild with passion. I couldn't take it any more. As he continued his attack, I began to thrust in and out of his tight hole. His arms and his sphincter clutched me tighter, not wanting this to ever end. I thrust in and out of him. His hot penis was still hard, and my stomach rubbed across it each time I went in and out of him.

Devon stopped attacking my ear and lay back. He was moaning softly. "I never knew," he panted, "that I could feel this good. I love you, Ben." I looked at him and slowed my stroke, smiling. Before I could reply my love, I felt his legs wrench around the small of my back as he demanded, "Don't you dare stop now! Make love to me... Put your seed in me. Please. I want to be one with you... Fuck me." I leaned my head forward and enveloped his tongue into my mouth. I began to pump my eight inch cock in and out of him faster. I wanted to give him all that he asked and more. As we madly kissed, I could hear him moan.

He was so tight, hot, and wet inside that it was unbelievable. It was almost like a moist velvet grip on my hard cock at body temperature. Every few strokes, I felt it clamp down on me. It was funny, because as his legs flexed, so did his sweet insides. The pleasure that he was giving me was unbelievable. I knew that sex was going to be great, but when Devon and I made love, it was unlike anything else. It wasn't simply the amazing feelings that he gave my body, but the fact that he loved me accentuated it tenfold.

My penis began to throb. I was getting close, and Devon knew it. His legs began to pull me in and out of him rapidly. His legs were guiding my body. He wanted it, and he wanted it now. I put my arms a few inches from his shoulders on both sides of his bodies and fucked him like he wanted it. I shoved in and out of him, moaning loudly. Even the bed began to squeak. I began to make love to him with a mad desire, my cock thrusting in and out of his tight hole at an amazing rate. You could hear the unmistakable sound of sex as we made love, our juices making that squishing sound. I managed to give him about ten more strokes, and then I pushed myself deeper in him than I thought possible. I moaned as I came deep inside of my lover. He moaned loudly too, and his anus clamped down on me harder than it had before. I felt his warm seed spurt onto our stomachs. I looked into his beautiful eyes and kissed him until we fell asleep, holding each other, never to be alone again.

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