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Love Is Blind



© 1999, 2000 by David M. Roduner


Part XV.


(I didn't experience this, but it was later related to me.)

Tommy looked lovingly at Jamie and lovingly stroked his hair. "What do you think they're doing now?" Tommy asked.

Jamie sat up with a start, his body weight supported by his elbow. "Why are you always asking about them? Sometimes I think you want him." Jamie squeezed his eyes shut in pain. "And I can't stand to have that thought in my mind."

Tommy smiled kindle and kissed Jamie's hand. "No honey, Ben is my friend. I guess I'm just kind of in awe of him. He's just the kind of person I'd like to be. I wish I had his balls."

Jamie grinned wickedly and fondled Tommy's freely hanging testicles. "No, they're fine just as they are. You are just right." Tommy smiled back and kissed Jamie tenderly, pulling Jamie's smaller frame on top of him. Tommy ran his hands over Jamie's smooth back, going lower and lower, finally squeezing his buttocks. "You never get enough, do you?" Jamie said, grinning. Tommy shook his head no and then gently nibbled on Jamie's neck. "Do you remember how we first met?" Jamie asked.

"Yes, I do." Tommy responded. "It seems like it was so long ago, you know? But it was what, a little over a month ago?" Tommy snorted in laughter, recalling the moment he first saw Jamie. "Yeah, it was after the game. We lost, and I was feeling pretty shitty. I decided that I'd take a swim to get rid of the tension. So I walk to the natetorium. And there I see the most beautiful boy in the whole world. They talk love at first sight, you know? Well it's all bullshit. I didn't love you then. It was lust at first sight. But what a sight it was. You looked so gorgeous in those little speedos," Tommy said, his voice growing softer and more playfull, "and boy did I want to tear them off!"

"Stop!" giggled Jamie, "You'll make my head enlarge."

"There's nothing wrong with that... as long as it enlarges inside the right parts of me!" teased Tommy.

"You're such a hornball!" exclaimed Jamie, smacking Tommy playfully. "But then again," Jamie continued, as he ran his index finger down the side of Tommy's face and into Tommy's open mouth, "I wouldn't have it any other way." Jamie pulled his finger out of Tommy's mouth, which made a loud popping sound. "My, that's a familiar sound!" Tommy grinned in retort. Jamie hugged Tommy tightly and looked deeply into his eyes. "So how is it that I went from that quiet little schoolboy and changed into the man you see before you?"

"I guess I was persistent." replied Tommy. Tommy moved over on the bed and folded his arms behind his head and let out a sigh. "But seriously.. I guess it was the right things happening at the right time. Fate smiled upon us," Tommy said, smiling to himself.

"Ok, so you saw me swimming.. a skinny little guy in speedos. Keep on going. I want to know." Jamie persisted. "I remember you joined me. At first, I thought you were going to beat me up or something," Jamie said, giggling. "But then..."

"No, beating you up wasn't what I had in mind. I saw your body, scrawn and all, and I knew that that body was the complement for me. Ok, so maybe it wasn't complete lust. I didn't see you as amazingly attractive, but I saw you as something... something what was right. For once, being with someone made sense. I was feeling very nervous, you know. But I thought that this was my one chance. So I took it. I jumped in and saw you look at me nervously, swimming a little faster in the opposite direction."

"It was then that I knew I was safe, though." Jamie giggled and then said, "Your voice cracked. It was cute." Jamie grinned.

"Yeah," Tommy continued:

"Hi," I said. My voice cracked. It was horrible. I cleared my throat and tried again. "My name's Tommy. What's yours?"

"Jamie," you replied. You stopped in the water and started swimming towards me. I guess you felt safe.

"What are you doing here at this time of night?" I asked.

"My dad wants me to be on the swim team.. I guess it's the only thing I could possibly do right. But I guess it's a stupid idea." You were so self-conscious!

"I guess I was," said Jamie. "I still am.. kind of."

"You mean you're a jealous bitch?" Tommy said, laughing.

"Something like that." Jamie looked into Tommy's eyes lovingly and kissed him on the forehead. "But you tried to act kind and self-confident. I was in awe that anyone would even want to talk to me. And the fact that you were shirtless with that lickable body didn't make me any more controlled. I must have been gawking terribly."

Tommy grinned and said, "Which I didn't mind in the least bit." Jamie tutted in response.

"You can be the most narcissistic bastard on earth, you know that?" scolded Jamie. "But I love you anyway." He smiled and kissed Tommy on the cheek. "Anyway, what happened next?"

"You know what happened next!" said Tommy. Tommy continued:

I swam around you, drooling. I wanted to touch every inch of your body. But I contained myself to a degree. You eyed me oddly as I surveyed at 360 degrees of you. With that, I dove down and swam in between your legs, and felt something nice and hard touching my back. After I had swam to your front side, I went up for air. You were looking at me incredulously. "You come here often?" I asked you, laughing. You just shook your head laughing.

So we swam in that pool, talking to each other all night almost. I talked about football, and you spoke of school, and your love of Biology. As we swam, we got more daring, getting closer to each other as we passed on our laps. At one point, our skin was touching. I felt your warm body against mine. We stopped our strokes. We just looked deep into each other's eyes, taking each other in. I ran my finger over your arm, feeling your skin. You gasped in surprise. But you just stood there in the water, looking at me. You didn't say a word. I ran my hand across your back and over your opposite shoulder. I was pulling you closer to me. I was about to kiss you. I wanted to take you into me, starting with your tongue.

You closed your eyes and started to lean in. I took that as an OK, and I closed my eyes, and started to lean in as well. Our lips came closer... and closer... and suddenly, we heard the loud squeaking of the outer doors to the natetorium swing open. Luckily they were the shaded doors, so no one saw anything. But I quickly opened my eyes and let you go, moving quickly away from you. Someone poked his eyes in and said, "Sorry guys, but it's time to head back to your rooms. It's almost lights out."

"Thanks," I said. My voice had cracked yet again. I saw you running towards the edge of the pool and jumping out. The stranger had left already. "Wait!" I called in fear. You looked back at me for a split second. "Could you give me some Biology tutoring?" I pathetically asked.

"Is that what this was about?" you asked. I jumped out of the water and moved next to you.

"What do you think it was about?" I said softly. You looked down, rejected and looked up. You remembered how close we were to lights out and ran away.

"Well I thought you were using me for some.. purpose!" said Jamie. "How was I to know you wanted to just get in my pants? I thought maybe you were a gay basher.. or something. Stupid, huh?"

"Not that stupid." Jamie kissed Tommy gently on the lips. "Let's make love." he pleaded, softly.

"Only if it's your balls, not Ben's," Jamie said, winking.

Tommy smiled in reply and said, "It's a deal." With that, he turned off the light.


Part XVI.


The entire school seemed to empty out in the next few days. I couldn't blame them.. who would want to be in a school where a murder had taken place? Strangely, though, most parents were more upset at the embarassment of having a son who went to a school that now had an infamous reputation than the safety of their progeny. Most students were just glad to be free from finals, which would have been soon-approaching.

Tommy and Jamie were not doing too well, though. Their parents had come to pick them up as well. "But dad," I could hear Tommy arguing, "I'm fine. I'm safe. I'm not in any danger here!"

"Son, you need to be with your family in this time of sorrow. There may be more of these sexual predators out. Those freaks... damn fags!" Tommy's father was looking about campus suspiciously, lest a predator jump out at him.

"You don't even know what you're saying!" Tommy indignantly shouted.

"Oh, I've seen them, chief." his father said. "They're sick. Used to be one on my old team. We beat the shit out of him, though. How dare he look at us in the locker room! Heh... he never came back to practice.. and I don't think he really walked the same again."

"Dad," Tommy said, tears forming, "What if that freak were your son?" Tommy's father eyed him and then laughed.

"Don't worry, son. You're no nancy boy! Now get ready!"


"Enough!" he yelled, getting rather annoyed. "Get your damn stuff down here.. NOW!"

Tommy and Jamie were holding each other tightly in our room, sobbing. I held Devon's hand tightly. I was lucky, I guess. No father was going to take me away from my lover. "What are we going to do?" they softly sobbed to each other.

"I'm so sorry, Tommy.. Jamie.. I wish I could make it easier.." I said.

"Well you can't!" replied Tommy, bitterly. I was taken aback by his sudden harshness.

"Tommy!" scolded Jamie. But he looked into his lover's eyes and was once again sobbing into Tommy's arms. I looked at the floor and sighed. Devon whispered something in my ear and I looked up again.

"We'll be outside if you need us." I said softly to Tommy and Jamie. With that, we left the room. After the door was shut, I said to Devon, "You're right, honey. They do need to be alone... This may be the last time.. they see each other." I was shocked at the horrifying finality that distance can put upon a person. The mere thought of being away from Devon for an extended amount of time made me feel queasy.

Devon put his hand over my forehead and noticed that I was clammy. "Are you all right, Ben?" he asked. I looked into his sweet but unseeing eyes and kissed him on the cheek. "I know it's horrible to say," I almost whispered, "but I'm glad I don't have to deal with my father anymore. I couldn't stand to be away from you! God, I love you, Devon!" Tears were forming in my eyes, and I clutched my love tightly.

"Ben," Devon gasped, "you're squeezing all the air out of me!" I let him go, and he breathed heavily. I laughed, a huge smile forming on my face. He was so cute! I leaned forward and kissed him genly on the lips. He smiled and asked, "What was that for?"

"For being you," I said, grinning. I heard a shocked gasp behind me. I turned around and saw Tommy's father.

"You're that... fag from TV, aren't you?" he exclaimed, stepping backwards. "And my.. my son's in... your room?" he said, half-asking, half-exclaiming. With that, the door swung open. Tommy appeared before his father, with teary red eyes, a pretty obvious hicky and a definite problem in the crotch area. Half-laughing, half-stumbling through his words, Tommy's father said, "Heh, got a girl in there, eh?" Tommy stepped out of the doorway and into the hall with Jamie taking his place. "Oh my god..."

Jamie stepped out of door and hugged Tommy tightly from behind. Tommy squeezed his eyes shut, trying to block his tears. He also seemed to sighing. I then noticed that Jamie was holding his lover as tightly as I had previously been holding mine. I had a feeling that Tommy was craving some serious Jamie-dick at the moment. Under normal circumstances, I would have giggled at the thought.

Tommy's father just stood there, petrified, it seemed. He didn't know what to do, what to think. He backed up into the wall, simply shocked. His son was all-American.. an all-American fag, it seemed. Soon we heard more footsteps. A short, pudgy blonde woman joined us in our hallway party. "Oh there you are, Jamie!" she said, smiling. She looked over to Tommy and smiled happily. "You didn't tell me! I'm always asking you to call.. and something big like this happens and you don't even breathe a hint of what's going on!"

Jamie looked at his mother and replied with what every teenage son would do in such a situation. "Mo-om!" he whined, exasperated. "Please don't.." he said, holding his hand out. His mother playfully smacked his hand.

"Oh stop! I'm glad you finally found a boyfriend. Why, you're so shy that we thought you'd NEVER get one!" She looked at Tommy proudly. "What's your name, son?"

"T-T-Tommy.." he stuttered, not quite sure of what to make of the changed situation. Jamie's mother made one of those Aww! sounds, and took a napkin out of her overly large purse. She wiped the tears away from Tommy's face. Tommy's eyes then went to his father.

"Oh! I'm sorry!" she exclaimed. She looked at Tommy's father, her smiling never dimming. "You must be Tommy's father! You must be quite proud of him! I must say, he can't find a better boyfriend than my son. He's very selective!" Then she looked at Tommy's hicky and tutted at her son. "Did you do that to that poor boy? What have I told you, Jamie? Always where the shirt can hide it! Ah, the young and their 'love bites!'"

"Actually mom," Jamie said, smiling finally, "he has a few lower, as well." He giggled and winked at her. Jamie's mom grinned and shook her head, laughing. With that, she hugged her son and then hugged Tommy as well. Tommy's father continued to stand against the wall in disbelief. "Mom, let me introduce you to our friends," Jamie said, nodding to us. "This is Ben.." he said, his hand motioning in my direction.

I went to shake her hand, but she would have none of that. She gave me a nice, big hug. "It's a pleasure to meet you, ma'am. You have a wonderful son.. and he has a wonderful boyfriend." She grinned as if to say, I know. "And this is my lover, Devon." I whispered in her ear, "And just so you know, he is blind.. it's not a big deal, but you might as well know now." She went over to Devon and hugged him, too.

"You are all so wonderful! I'm so glad Jamie knows all of you." his mother cheerfully said. I looked over at Devon as he layed his head on my shoulder. "So you MUST have lunch with me! I was going to take Jamie straight home after this horrible fiasco, but I think I should get to know these wonderful people!" Looking at Tommy's father, she said, "You know, Tommy is quite lucky to have a caring and understanding father like you. A lot of fathers would say, my son a poof? Get out! But no, I can see that you are different. You love your son and rejoice, just as I do, that he has found someone that he cares about and is cared for in return. Of course, I'm just surmising by the dreamy looks in their eyes! Don't they make a cute couple!" she said, smiling.

Tommy's father stopped for a moment. For a moment, all the hate that he had been taught vanished, and he looked at his son as he was: a man in love with another man. And they did make a cute couple. "Well, I'm not sure what to say.. my son... just.. now.. told me." He sighed and let all that pent-up anger out. Now he knew why Tommy's teenage years had been so difficult.. why they had often been at each other's throats. He then thought about it.. really thought about it, and realized that he did love his son. And his son, finally smiling, looked happier than he had seen him in years. "Tommy, are you happy?"

Tommy took Jamie's hand in his, and looked his father in the eyes, tears again starting to form. "Dad, I don't think I've ever been this happy. Please.. don't take it away from me. I know it may be hard to hear, but... I love Jamie." With this, Tommy's arms went around Jamie's shoulders, trying to clutch him so he would never leave. "And don't worry, I'm not giving up football to be in the San Jose ballet," Tommy grinned, amidst his tears.

Tommy's father looked at Jamie's mother and said, "Let's go to lunch. I think we have a lot to talk about.. and I have a lot to learn.

"Wonderful!" she replied. Her happiness was infectious. I was so glad that Jamie had her for a mother. She looked at Devon and I and said, "You boys can come too, of course!"

I smiled and shook my head. "I think you four need to be alone. Anyway, Devon and I have plans." I winked at Tommy, and he grinned, all too knowing of our plans.

"Well, I guess you're right." she said, still smiling. "I hope to see you boys soon! Shall we?" she said, looking at her company. The odd group, like Dorothy and her three companians, walked off to lunch.

I turned to Devon and grinned. I kissed him, and nibbled on his tongue, teasing him. "I believe we have a riding lesson scheduled. Next stop: my lap."

Devon smiled from ear to ear. He whispered into my ear, "It's been twitching all day, hungry for you." With that, he licked my ear, and I moaned loudly. I looked at him with a horribly wicked smirk. "That's to get the blood flowing down so you get nice and stiff." He needn't have wasted the energy, though. I was already halfway there. I looked down again. Strike the last comment. Halfway was long gone. Distant memories.

Devon was going through his keys, finding the correct one to unlock our door. I stepped behind him, pressing my full, but clothed, length against his sweet ass. He sighed and pressed harder back against me. My hands joined at his stomach, going south. I said into his ear, "You had better find that key quickly, or I'll have to mount you out here in the hallway."

"You wouldn't!" he hissed, finding the key. "Not that I don't want to... but not in the hallway.. too cold!" The door clicked open and we ran inside. We rushed to his bedroom and slammed the door shut, too horny to be subtle. He ran and jumped onto the bed, wildly tearing off his clothes as I locked the door. He was amazing.. he had managed to strip naked in a matter of seconds. Not to be outdone, I worked to beat or equal his new record. After I was stripped, I looked at my beautiful lover and thanked the heavens for giving me such a wonderful gift. And his throbbing penis on top of red pubic hair was such a wonderful view. I sighed at the sight of a work of art.

Mister Rembrandt was getting a bit antsy out of his panties, though. "What the hell are you doing, translating War and Peace?! Get over here!" he lustily yelled. I grinned and jumped on top of him. His legs went around me like a vice, locking me in his embrace (as if I'd want to leave!). Our lips instantly found the other's lips, feeding the thirst that they so desperately needed quenched. Our tongues danced with each other in a frenzy that cannot be accurately described. In our almost animalistic passion, we started to roll on the bed. I'm sure it would be quite amusing to watch. One could even make a joke about it.. What's black then red then black then red then black...

We stopped rolling for a moment. I felt something plastic run against my skin. Since our rolling had ended with Devon on top, he arched his back, and put a cool gel on my throbbing penis. I then saw that Devon had somehow managed to grab the Astroglide. He then put a liberal amount inside of himself. He kissed me and said, "I want to feel you throbbing inside of me." I looked up at him with pure love in my eyes. He sat up for a moment and I spread his ass and he sat down on me.

He whimpered as the tip of my penis entered his tight sphincter. He sat there for a moment, gained his courage and took more of me into him. A moment later, my pubic hair was brushing against his sweet ass. "Kiss me." I whispered. He moaned in response. He repositioned his legs so that he had his legs folded, but still sitting on me comfortably. I sat myself up and we kissed. I thrust myself into him, and I felt him gasp, mid-kiss.

"Right.. there..." he moaned. We kissed passionately again, our tongues entering each others' mouths freely. Devon's arms wrapped around me, pulling us so close together that air could not pass through our touching chests. Devon broke the kiss again, panting, "Fuck me.. please." We then returned to our frenzied kisses. I decided to fill his need as best I could. My hand went down to his sweet, smooth ass and squeezed, then began to push it up and down, in a rhythm, as my hips countered that rhythm.

I didn't know how much longer I could last. He was squeezing me, driving me insane with pleasure each time he sat down again on me. "I don't think I can last much longer.." I panted. This made Devon speed up, so my thrusts followed suit. His ass was milking me, driving me mad with waves of pleasure. I could feel the heat radiating from his body as we made love. My thrusts became even more frenzied, just short of violent, and then I felt his ass clamp down on me like a vice. Devon almost screamed in pleasure, soon followed by shots of his hot cum spurting on our combined chests. This was almost too much.. I didn't think I could take much more of this... I thrust into him like a wild animal, and a moment later, I shoved myself to the hilt inside of him. I gasped and moaned Devon's name as my semen shot out of me like a bullet. Devon moaned again, as he felt my sticky mess coat his insides. His lips clamped on me and we lay down in bed, not moving a muscle. I was still inside him, and that's where I was happy to stay. "I love you, Devon." I said.

"I love you, too." he replied as we drifted off to sleep.


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