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Love Is Blind



© 1999, 2000, 2001 by David M. Roduner


Part XVII.


Months had passed since the incident. Of course, we had the interview with the police, and the trial and all. I'd rather not relive it. Don't gay men have enough drama in their lives? I have no inclination to recall it. Anyway, Devon and I finished our business as Glenville Shaw Academy, and then moved into our new "summer home," as it was humbly named. Mr. Garley.. I mean Jack, had hinted that this piece of real estate was the equivalent of section eight housing. When we arrived, I looked up and saw a beachfront condominium that would make any yuppie drool in envy. I shall retire and let Devon describe the events that followed.


(As told by Devon)

After that whole mess back at GSA, my father and I thought it best to retire to our Hawaii summer cottage for the remainder of the semester. My father had also gotten word of some new experimental medical technique in the area that could be of interest to me. I was decidedly unimpressed on that point, as I had heard of such things before. Dare I say, "fly by night?"

Anyway, this was one of my father's smaller homes. Ben amused us all when we arrived. He seemed to stutter in amazement. It was adorable. Of course, I couldn't do anything lewd in front of my father to show my amusement. Well, not too lewd. My father, being the experienced man he was, would be very tolerant. However, let us not press things beyond their breaking point. The welfare of Ben and I was currently entirely leaning upon my father's graces, and I am not one to push things beyond their merit.. not at home, at least. Of course my Irish temper does get in the way at times. But that is beside the point!

Our condo was a three bedroom establishment, which was very convenient for everyone, considering Lara could not be told to take a vacation, and my father insisted on staying with me for a bit. And Ben and I.. we needed a room with very thick walls. My goodness, when that boy gets the urge, he can bring me to the point of screaming. The last thing we would need was to have the police arrive at the door, investigating abuse. Ben is free to abuse me if that is abuse! He knew just where to hit me, too.. I must cool myself now.

Anyway, we arrived at our modest condominium in Hawaii. Ben and I raced into the bedroom for a celebratory kiss. I don't think Ben handled the endless plane ride very well. I believe they played some horrible movie on the way over. I believe the title of the film was Batman and Robin, which Ben related was one of the worst films in cinematic history, along with Plan 9 From Outer Space and Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.

Our kiss apparently went beyond either of our expectations, for the next thing I knew, my father tapped me on the shoulder. "I would ask you two to get a room," he said teasingly, "but as you seem to have one already, I'd prefer that you hold off your joined-hip activities until later in the evening, as we have a beach to walk on!"

Ben gave me a finalizing peck on the lips, and gripped my hand as we walked out onto the beach. I cannot describe the scene's view, but I must tell you that the air never felt more refreshing or saltier, and the sand never more inviting, gently accepting your foot and with a mixture of seawater pulling you down a few inches, than that walk was that evening. The birds cawed gently in the distance as Ben's hand held mine proudly. We were one and stubbornly refused to be parted. Not again. Ben would allow me no harm, and I felt the same towards him. We were one soul molded together, a yin and a yang at peace.

As we continued on the beach, we reached a populated area.  I heard many girls coo, "Aww!"  However, I stopped Ben at one point.  I felt something dark coming upon us. Ben spinned around as I heard an angry voice taunt, "Oh, we got some fuckin' faggots on our beach.  Well, we'll just have to show them who this belongs to."  Apparently, my father had travelled beyond us on our walk.  However, I soon heard another set of feet arrive by us. It was a beach patrol officer.

"Welcome back to Hawaii, Mr. Garley. Are these gentlemen causing problems?" Of course. Bashers, like wolves, always travel in packs. The bashers took quick flight, it seems. "Well, they're gone. Sorry about that." With that, the cop left.  Money brings many benefits, it seems.

"Let's get moving," Ben said.  I felt no reason to argue his all too logical point. We soon joined my father. He casually asked where we went. "Somewhere we wish not to return," Ben retorted. I squeezed his hand and grinned as I acquiesced his statement. After this, Ben and father whispered something together in hushed tones. They told me to stay where I was as they had their private discourse. Ben soon returned by my side with mixed emotions. I asked him what was wrong, but he shrugged it off. I was confident that I would find out their private words soon enough. Even so, I was concerned.

Just then, my bones almost jumped out of my body. "Boo!" a hushed voice said, startling Ben and I. I gasped like some maid in a melodrama. I clutched Ben tightly, but he was shaking with laughter. The bastard.

"Hi Lara," Ben said, still laughing at my condition.

"Hey, boy! Looks like I got Big Red all scared. Poor baby," she cried if mock-sympathy as she squeezed my cheek, adding insult to injury.

"I knew it was you," I smugly retorted, trying to retrieve some of my lost honor.

" 'Course you did, son," she said. I could hear her voice smiling, though I couldn't see her lips. "We all know how courageous you are. Today's your off-day, I guess." I said and shook my head. Typical Lara. "But you're still my little Irish Pastry!" I growled in response.

"I'm really mostly British, thank you very much," I then added, trying to sound upset with her.

"Whatever. You're still a pastry. Even if it IS sour dough," she laughed. I retorted with a sigh and then an 'Honestly!' We soon found ourselves heading back home. "Well there's the limo," Lara blurted out.

"Yes, the IV's are no longer necessary, so we decided to finally offer some much-needed comfort." my father muttered to Lara and Ben. As if I couldn't hear everything! Or so I pompously thought at that particular moment. "Well my dears," father said as he turned to my love and I, "I must depart to finish up some details here. Hold the so-called fort while I am gone," he stated as a question, but meant as a command.

I went over to my father and hugged him. "Have a good trip, Dad," I said. I soon lifted my head and added, "but take a shower first! Damn you stink! And yes, get a bunch of lube. I don't want to run out," I teasingly said, to which Ben replied, 'Oh please!' Father laughed as we entered the house. Lara quietly shut the door and scooted us upstairs.

I pulled Ben into our bedroom and wrapped myself around him. "We're alone.. finally," I saliciously uttered. I turned and rubbed my very horny arse over his pubic region. He was semi-hard, which was unusual. He was usually full up and ready to give me a good pounding by this point. I turned around again and kissed him gently on the lips. "You okay, baby?" I inquired.

Silence. Then after a seemingly endless pause, he drawled out, "Yes, dear. I'm just not in the mood right now." Normally, this wouldn't have been an issue. But my heart skipped a beat. Not in the mood? Did I do something wrong? Did he finally see how hopelessly ugly I am? What am I to do? All alone... "Maybe later, ok," he said kissing me gently and leading me to bed, and laying me down under the covers. "I'll be back later. You try and get some sleep," he commanded. He sometimes reminded me that as equal as we were, he was the dominant party. And that was the way I liked it. If he wanted to be inside me all day, I'd just want a special chair made. Hmm.. that'd be an interesting way to conduct a meeting! 'Yes, the sto - ahhhhck has.. err.. risen,' I could just imagine him moaning amidst his stockholder's get-together as I bounced up and down on his edible ticker. I sighed to myself. So much for my fantasy. I crossed my arms in annoyance. Something odd was going on. I wanted to know what. I tried to lay back and relax, but it was useless. Well, here's something new I haven't tried for a while, I though. With that, I decided to relieve my own personal stresses.

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