This is a fictional event based on my life experiences, my friends' life experiences, my past lovers' life experiences, and just things that pop into my head. I assure you, this isn't real. While this is being posted in an erotic story collection, it is not truly an erotic story. It is the story of life and love, and sex. If you want something deeper than "we met and fucked," then this is for you. It is up to you. While I am not one to censor my readers, it is policy for you to be 18 to read such material. Choose your own path - I really don't think that there is anything offensive about being sexually active, but I'm not a sexually-deprived Christian Coalition member. Just remember to enjoy yourself and to be safe. Please send any comments you may have to
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Love Is Blind



© 1999, 2000, 2001 by David M. Roduner


(as told by Devon)

I awoke with a start. I was alone. Of course. Figures, the way things have been progressing. I blindly tapped the alarm clock next to the bed. (What other way could I do it?) EIGHT TWENTY-SEVEN a mechanical voice responded. I grimaced. Ben should have been back by now. I got out of bed and went into the closet and grabbed some clothes. Father had cleverly bought all clothes that would match, no matter the combination. Basically all blue jeans and any matching shirt. I mindlessly dressed myself and walked outside of .. our .. room. I was still getting used to that.

I walked down the hallway until - OOF! - I bumped into someone. My hands came in contact with some kind of name tag. Whomever my unlucky victim was was apparently displeased at our encounter, as I was roughly shoved aside. "Watch where you're going. You're walking around like a blind freak," he half-muttered to himself as he stormed off. My face winced in pain. I can't help it, ok?! I inched a little bit further and heard the sounds of soft snoring in a nearby room. I turned around and stormed back to my room. So being with me isn't good enough for you, eh Ben? Well fuck you!


I stirred in my sleep to him still there on the bed, helpless.  I know that this isn't my fault, but I can't help but feel somewhat guilty.  Why did this have to happen to him?  He wasn't to blame for all this.  No wonder he was so angry.. all that had happened to him...  But perhaps for better or for worse, he wouldn't hurt as much.. of course he had a different and all too real pain now.  I put my hand on his and squeezed my assurance that things will be okay.  His eyes fluttered in and out of consciousness, and he laid his head against my arm, kissing it.  I smiled faintly at him.


(As told by Devon)

I couldn't sleep. I was furious. HOW DARE HE! He hated me... because I'm a freak. I'm not worthy of his love... and he's pulling away from me. Pushing me into a bottomless pit of despair. I wish I were dead! I wish I had died with mother. Then I wouldn't hurt. I wouldn't have to go through with all of this. I began to cry, which I hate. Just another sign of weakness. The whole world versus me, and I was losing.


Around 10:30, Jack returned. I patted him on his sleeping head and walked out of the room. I could have sworn that he whispered, "I love you," as I left, but I could be mistaken. A nurse rushed by me as I left the room. A doctor and three nurses. Jack always had every possible problem covered, I guess.

After exiting his temporary room, I met Lara sitting at the dining room table, deep in thought. She looked up at me as I stood behind her, and smiled. "Kinda funny, ain't it?" she said, dropping her normal eloquence. My eyebrows arched in question. "How things all turn out. Last thing I 'spected, ya know? And the worst thing is.. I was just glad it wasn't our boy." Lara wiped a tear from her eye, and mocked the thinker's pose. "I guess that's just downright awful. But that's how I feel. I'm glad it isn't our boy. He's got enough problems. And this is his first love.."

"It will be his only love," I said, staring out the windows and into the clear-blue ocean.

Lara smiled and patted my hand, which was clutched behind the chair at which she sat. "You got your whole life ahead of you. How can you be so sure?"

"I have chosen him, and this will make us closer."

"But which him have you chosen?" Lara asked, looking up at my face, ever focused to the ocean.

"If you don't know the answer to that," I replied slowly, "then you are a fool."


(As told by Devon)

I could hear my father's voice in the hallway. He sounded distracted. Something was going on here.. a plot! And I was going to get to the bottom of it. I slammed open my door and called out loudly and clearly, "Father, please come here."

"In a minute, son," he replied.

"No!" I yelled. "NOW!"

"God damn it Devon," he briskly said, entering the room, "I do have other things to attend to! Stop acting like a baby! All right, I'm here. What's the problem?"

"What in bloody hell is going on here? Who are these people in our home? And why does Ben hate me now?"

"Calm down, child," he replied. Child indeed! "Ben doesn't hate y-"

"Then why the fuck is he not here, with me?"

"Devon, I am a very liberal father. But that language is not to be tolerated when addressing me!"

"Fuck you and fuck you all!" I screamed, running past him and outside.

"Devon," he called out to me in a very stoic manner. "Bah. Go have your drama. I have enough to deal with." Bastard! He hates me, just like everyone else! Rejected.  As always, rejected, ignored. Loathed. So there I was in the sand. I fell down in the sand, sobbing. Where to go? What to do? Honestly, what could I do, a blind freak like me?

Suddenly, my ears perked. I could hear doors slamming shut. People were talking, sharing medical terms. A change in shifts, as I later discovered. Then I heard Ben's voice. Something about "taking good care of him" and "he's still quite out of it."

So what has he been doing? I stood up, brushing the sand off, and reentered the house. I heard Ben's footsteps in the distance. Knowing this house's layout from previous vacations, I ducked in a corridor. I heard Ben walking towards the guest room, where he had slept last night. I listened hard and heard no other footsteps, so I sneaked into the laundry room, which had a ventilation shaft above it, which also connected to a shaft just about the guest room bed.


I entered Anthony's room to see the nurses injecting him with some drug. "He's actually doing quite well. He's going to wake soon, I think. This will ease his pain. I believe that we can begin muscular therapy in as little as three weeks. Oh, his eyelids are batting.. he's waking up."

"Oh Ben," he said waking, his arms stretching towards me, "you're here.  I dreamed of you, saving me.  Saving me from so many wrong things."  He grasped my arm. "Come here." I embraced him and kissed him on the cheek.

"Amazing," the doctor said, shaking his head. "He is stronger than I thought."

"Well, we did some exercises last night. We did leg stretches, actually.  His legs are doing quite well. He can't exactly walk, but the muscles were worked on a bit."

"Wonderful. Do some more later. It's doing him a world of good." With that they left us alone. Anthony rubbed his head against my hand. I smiled down at him as he kissed my arm. To further demonstrate his elasticity, Anthony grabbed his legs and stretched them until his knees were hitting his shoulderblades. Simply amazing, I mused. Anthony grinned as I nodded at my pride in his health progress. He shook his little butt, which was hanging in the air.

"See," he said, "I stretched it out just for you. When are we going to have our exercises?"

"Anthony.." I said laughing, "Are you trying to seduce me? This ain't The Graduate, you know!"

"Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson.." he sang softly. I looked down at him, smiling, and brushing my finger through his hair.

"I won't leave your side this time. Not like last time."

"I trust you, baby. You wouldn't hurt me," he said as he looked at me with pure adoration.

"Let's get some sleep now, shall we?" I said, closing the blinds and turning off his light.

"Could you bring that brown bag over?" he asked, and I acquiesced. "Thanks, babe." And he kissed my hand. He was also about to suck on my fingers, but I shook my finger at him. No, no, no.

"I won't leave you," I repeated, and then whispered in his ear, "but I'm not going to fuck you."

His face suddenly pouted, and I had to smile down at him. "Please.. " He whispered. I shook my head no, and walked out the door, silently. As I left, I heard the sound of paper being crumpled. He was opening and removing whatever was in the brown bag.

Part XIX.

(as told by Devon)

He won't leave him? Oh, that's nice. Comforting to know that my boyfriend won't leave the whiny little brat. So this is why he won't sleep with me at night. He prefers bratty Italians. That's nice. I closed my eyes in pain, trying to fight the inevitable tears from dripping down my already stained face. I ran my fingers through my hair trying to think clearly of the situation. But I couldn't. It just wasn't fair! I had perfection... and then he left me.. for an Italian. Why me? Where had I gone wrong? But then again, I'm not worthy.

I was awoken from my reverie by a rustling sound. I held my breath and listened. I could here silent murmuring, and then a very clear squirting sound. That couldn't be.. but any gay man knows that sound too well.. lubricant being squeezed from a bottle.

This was too much. I left the laundry room, and sensing no one around, walked to the guest room. The door was slightly ajar. With utmost care, I opened the door and shut it. Sliding on the carpet (which I regretted later!), I hid in a corner near the closet. Then I silently opened the closet door and hid inside, listening to more.

Anthony moaned in pleasure. "Yes Ben," he moaned, "I've been stretching my legs.. just for you! Now you can enter me.. yes, fuck the shit out of me!" I silently began to sob. "God damn, it's huge! The perfect size for my well-used ass. And now I want you to use it, baby. Yes, use me like I'm you're whore. I've wanted it so long. Even the first day when I was scared to be nice. I was scared you'd hurt me. Well now I want you to hurt me! I want you to pound away at my ass. I want you to hurt me good!" This was followed by a loud slap. Ben was spanking him? This was unlike him, even when he WAS randy!


Devon was nowhere to be found. I couldn't figure it out. Perhaps he and Lara had gone off somewhere... No, her car was in the garage. This didn't make sense. I looked into her room. Asleep, of course. What better thing to do when being lulled by the gentle song of the sea? Jack was gone, though. He seemed be constantly away on business. Poor guy. Money certainly has its faults. Being away from Devon for several days would probably drive me crazy. To not be able to touch him, to kiss him, to taste him, to be ins.. Lord, where was that boy?!  I wish I hadn't worried him so last night. I needed my lover, and in a not-quite puritan way!


(as told by Devon)

The spanking had gone on and on. It was getting rather trite, if you ask me. Then I heard Anthony moan. "Oh yes, stick your fingers in me. Get me ready for your big hard cock. Oh, if only.. Yes" How could Ben do this to me? What had I done? "Mmm, now for the real thing baby.. I'm ready for it! God.." I could hear the lubricant squishing around as Anthony was fucked. I could tell he was having the time of his life. That should have been me screaming and moaning, not him! It felt like hours that this was going on, but it was probably more like 15 minutes. I began to think that even if I were invited as a third party, I wouldn't mind Ben doing this, as long as we continued to be together. He promised me that he'd love me forever.. and now he'd broken the promise. But for some reason I was no longer angry with him.. I just wanted him back. Please Ben, all I want is to be loved. Please.


I was getting desperate. I missed him.. And I had rejected him last night, which was the last thing that he needs. Where was my Devon? Lord, I'm pathetic, I thought. I'm acting like a love-sick... well, high schooler. Which I would only be for one more year. I turned and saw that the laundry room open. I walked to the closet that held the washer and dryer, and was about to shut it when I heard:


What the hell?! I thought. Then I looked up and saw the ventilator shaft which must have connected with Anthony's room. What if Devon had been in here... Oh no! From what he had heard of their conversation.. It wouldn't have been pretty. I briskly walked to Anthony's room and pushed the ajar door open. The sight before me shocked me. I had never imagined that Anthony would do that!

Well he was right, I'll have to admit. He had stretched out. He was facing away from the door, on all fours, completely naked. He was pulling a long, thick, black dildo in and out of his anus as he masturbated. It was squishing loudly, covered with lubricant. I looked to the closet on the other side of the room. Inside the barely closed door was Devon. He must have thought that Anthony and I.. Oh nasty!

"Mmmph.. keep it up baby.. almost there." I looked at Anthony with disgust. At that moment, Anthony's eyes met mine. He grinned and flipped on his back. He lifted his legs high in the air and pushed the dildo all the way in. "Oh god," he moaned, losing eye contact, "here it comes! Yes! Just for you Ben.. fuck my ass.. anytime. Oh yes, you're coming in my ass right now. Leave your little boyfriend for me.. Yes you will? YES!" He screamed, and masturbating furiously, exploded all over his belly. Devon, apparently unable to take it anymore, jumped up and ran out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

"So he was listening to you fuck me," Anthony hissed. "He's gone. He'll never return. So pull it out and stuff me with your meat! NOW!" I glared at him with utmost anger.

"You can never have me. I'll arrange for your plane tickets back to spend time with your dad and stepmom." I nodded my head to him, a farewell, and opened and shut the door.  I heard him sobbing on the other side of the door, but couldn't return. He would manipulate me until he got his way.

With lowered head, I walked toward our room, and knocked on the door.


(as told by Devon)

So the bastard had returned. Caught in the act, and he thought he could get away with it. How dare he do this to me? But I needed him.. I had to forgive him, but I couldn't forgive him either. What to do? Ben tried opening the door when I didn't respond, but found it locked.

"Baby, can I come in?" he pleaded. Oh, like I was going to fall for that! But I so wanted to hold him.. yet I couldn't. No, he had to pay for what he had done to me. He broke his promise to love me forever. "Devon, this is a huge misunderstanding. I didn't sleep with him!"

"Of course not," I coldly responded, "You only fucked him."

A tearful voice responded: "I most certainly did not! You're the one I love, Devon. You and only you!" I heard footsteps approach the door. "What the fuck do you want? Go back to your room. You need your rest."

"Come on darling," Anthony's sinister voice replied. "You're mine now. That blind thing wouldn't want you back anyway. You just cheated on it. It heard it all.." Then I heard a loud slap, and a gasp of surprise.


So this was his plan. To discredit me. "He's no freak!" I yelled at him. "He's my lover. And I'm his lover. You can never have me. It may have sounded like we were having sex, but a dildo is a pale substitute for a human being. Devon doesn't need a piece of rubber.  He's got me. Which you will never have."  Anthony was still reacting from the quality slap I delivered to his insidious face. "By the way, my boy is definitely a male. And certainly more human than you will ever be.  Go back to your room, you little shit."

Just then Lara popped out of her room. "What the hell are you boys do-- why are you out of your room? Jack goes to all this trouble to save your skinny white ass and here you are.." Then she examined the semen dripping down his stomach. She also looked down at his black dildo, which was clutched in his hand. "Boy, that's just nasty! Keep your toys to yourself! Now git into your room!"  She tried to open the door to our room, but found it locked. "Devon, get your lily white Irish ass over here and open this door. We all need a li'l talk, it seems."


(as told by Devon)

So we had our little talk.  What a fool I felt like. Human, like everyone else, as Lara said. But I was so ashamed of myself. I can't believe that I even doubted Ben for a moment. I know deep down in my heart that he loves me, that he is a part of me. What's the old philosopher's word for it? Soul mates, yes. I suppose that I was so unsure of myself that I couldn't trust another... I am just fucked up in the head.

Ben was sobbing, holding me close. "I will never leave you," he said, his face buried in my hair. I knew for certain that he was right. "I never meant to hurt you," he continued. "I am so sorry. I just felt.. responsible.. for what happened to Anthony. That I could have somehow prevented it from happening."

"Ben," I said lifting my head and kissing him gently on lips, "It's not your fault. Nothing could have prevented. And if it did, we wouldn't be here right now, savoring this moment. We wouldn't have each other. And I don't want to imagine my life without you." I embraced him and held tightly.

"But why did someone have to die for this to happen? That was not supposed to happen. And no matter how horrible Dan was, I may have been able to help him.. to fix him," he replied, tearfully.

"Fuck the if's. You're here with me. Let's cherish each moment. Let's live in each moment of life and of love. When we live in each moment, we die and we live. And in the end, I think we'll realize that it was worth it. No matter how many hills and valleys we stumble through, we will be together each step of the way. Your hand in mine.. and my hand in yours." Lara then politely excused herself and left. "I love you so much, Ben. I want to be with you always. And I'm sorry I'm such a fuck-up-" Ben started to interrupt with a no, but I stopped him. "Hold on. Let me finish, baby. I'm going to make mistakes, and so are you. We'll have our fights and our arguments, but I think we can stick through it all. Because I love you, and I know that you share that. I am yours."

"Oh Devon," Ben said, embracing me tightly. "You're right. I love you. It's not a statement, or even a promises. Promises are broken. Statements are falsified. My love is a state of being; one that never dies." We kissed passionately, our tongues dancing wildly in each other's mouths. I could feel Ben lengthening. I grinned, forming an idea.

"Let's go outside, baby," I whispered in his ear. He lifted me up effortlessly, and held my hand as we walked out onto the beach.


The day's heat had lessened as we stepped on the cool sand. I looked up and saw a full moon above us. Mars must have been in alignment, for I saw a red coloring to our lunar light. It was a calming, loving feeling I felt spread throughout my body. Mars, the god of war be damned! I felt Venus' fingers creeping into my heart. I looked down at my lover's free hand holding a blanket. Good idea, I mused. Sand up one's shorts is never quite comforting. I looked around to see the beach deserted. Strange, I thought. But then again, we were on private property. Our earlier incident was caused by walking off our land and onto the public beach.. Our. Hmm, I'm even beginning to think that this is all mine. How strange.

"Help me lay the blanket down, love," Devon said, breaking my thoughts. I smiled down at my man and complied. We sat down on the blanket, enjoying the gentle night breeze wave through our hair. Our arms were around each others' shoulders. I closed my eyes, listening to the surf's gentle song. My hand dropped to my lap, as I leaned back slightly, eyes still closed, enjoying the gentle breeze and song of the surf. I felt Devon stand up, yet stayed still. These quiet moments were to become the moments I treasured the most.

I sighed contentedly and laid down on the blanket. A moment later, my shorts had been plundered!  I sat up with a gasp to see a very naked and erect redhead jump on my lap. I looked at him and got an instant erection. Damn, was he sexy. Hmm.. make-up sex.. supposedly the best kind. I grinned to myself as I grabbed the back of his head and pulled his lips down to meet mine. We embraced each other and began to roll off the blanket. I felt my butt hit the cool sand. "Umm, honey," I said hesitantly, "perhaps we should take this inside."

He smiled and said, "Oh, you don't like sandy dick?"

I grinned, touching his pubic hairs and said, "Nope, only copper for me!"

He laughed, and we got up and walked nude into our room.


(as told by Devon)

Ben teasingly pushed onto the bed. I lay down on my stomach, expectantly. I felt his fingers run up my soft, white skin. He stopped when he reached my butt and gently squeezed it, spreading my cheeks apart. "Oh my god," he said breathily, "you are so gorgeous. Good enough to eat."

I propped myself up on my knees, sticking my butt up and out. "Then feast away, good sir!" I teasingly said. He didn't respond, so I was about lay down, when I felt his hot breath hit my anus. I shivered in excitement, along with the rest of my body. He began to kiss my cheeks gently, oh so gently. After several silent moments, Ben spread my ass open and dove in, face first. I yelped in surprise and pleasure. His tongue went around and then finally inside of me. I was panting like a crazed animal. "Oh my god!" I screamed, "suck my ass! Yes, stick your tongue deep in there! Oh yes.. deeper! Harder! OH MY GOD!!!!!"


Call it a hunch, but I think he enjoyed it. It was something I never thought I'd do, but this was Devon. Nothing was wrong or dirty with him. And he tasted sweet all over-- even here. Not exactly honey, but it was wonderful. I could feel his anus clamping on my tongue and then releasing. Devon then got up and repositioned himself. He had me lay down and then sat on my face, giving me free access to his wonderful assjuices. Sorry to sound crude, but it was wonderful. He leaned forward and began to suck me as I rimmed his hot hole. He seemed to be pushing his ass into my face, which I thoroughly enjoyed. But he suddenly pulled off. "Oh my.. I can't take it.. please.. make love to me right now before I explode!"

Who was I to deny him? Devon got on all fours again, and mounted him. It seems our liquid exchange was enough lubricant. Of course, Devon had been leaking copious amounts of fluid when I was rimming him. No matter. I pushed into him, popping easily into place. Devon screamed in pleasure. "Yes! Oh Ben, I've needed this so bad!"

For the next four hours, we made love. It was as if we were given some magical power that night, allowing us to have three orgasms.


(as told by Devon)

Ben just kept filling me and filling me. It was a truly wonderous feeling. And I didn't feel tired in the slightest. The third time was the last, though. He pulled out of me, much to my chagrin, and collapsed on the bed. But I couldn't move. I felt numb.. I had never felt so good in my life. Goodness, I was shaking all over. A good shaking, mind you. I just needed to get used to this. My man was a good man, and knew how to please me, to fill me. I finally lay down next to him, kissing him on the cheek. "I love you, Ben. Now and always."

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