This is a fictional event based on my life experiences, my friends' life experiences, my lover's life experiences, and just things that pop into my head. I assure you, this isn't real. While this is being posted in an erotic story collection, it is not truly an erotic story. It is the story of life and love, and sex. If you want something deeper than "we met and fucked," then this is for you. It is up to you. While I am not one to censor my readers, it is policy for you to be 18 to read such material. Choose your own path - I really don't think that there is anything offensive about being sexually active, but I'm not a sexually-deprived Christian Coalition member. Just remember to enjoy yourself and to be safe. Please send any comments you may have to
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Love Is Blind


Copyright 1999, 2000 by DMR


Part VI.

(as told by Devon)

"Lara, Lara," I excitedly called into my computer's microphone, "You wouldn't believe it! I can barely believe it!"

"What... who..." Lara sleepily mumbled, "Who is this? Wait.. Devon?" I smiled and assured her that it was, in fact, me. "And why is your British ass calling me at home? You KNOW this is just for emergencies." I sighed softly. "Boy, what is wrong? Are you in trouble? Look... I'll be there in a few min-"

"No, Lara," I said, "It's... him." Lara gave me a concerned gasp. "No, nothing bad. I was just... I was out on the loveseat.. and he joined me."

"You interupted my nap, which I NEED after hauling your Irish ass around all day.."

"Wait," I interrupted, "I though it was British." I started laughing happily. "You know that I am an American citizen," I happily reminded her. "Anyway, he sat next to me... and he actually spoke with me. Me, the freak. And.... we..."

"Had a conversation?"

"Well, yes. We had... a conversation." The words flowed through my mouth. I sounded like a teenage girl referring to her favorite boy band member. Pathetic.

"Damn, boy," she exclaimed, "You got it BAD! But let me cook myself some supper. You can make me vomit with detail tomorrow."

"Mordrin found us, though."

"Found you what? You doing the nasty after the FIRST day?!"

"The nasty? No, we were just conversing. But Mordrin was behind us. And he screamed at us for some reason. I gave him what-for, though."

"Devon," she said, accusingly.

"Well, go cook dinner. I'll talk to you tomorrow."

"Yeah, see you then," she said. I made an audible hmph! at her as I had the computer disconnect.



After escaping the evil clutches of Mordrin, or "Dennis," I decided to take a walk; away from him. God, I was so stupid. I almost destroyed myself. I guess I'm a sucker for a beautiful face... And what a face! But I still was in the clouds. I almost told him that I loved him. I shook my head. Well, I might as well go to my dorm. I returned there to see a light on at the third floor. I shook my head and entered it. I walked up the stairs to be greeted by the musical sounds of squeeking bedsprings and moaning boys.

"Yes, Jamie! YES! Put it in me! Put that big dick in me," screamed Tommy. I almost fell to floor from laughing hysterically. Tommy sure was one horny guy. The bed stopped squeeking momentarily as Jamie said in a hushed tone, "Shhh! Tommy, that new kid will hear us!"

"Who, Ben? He's out exploring the place, baby.. Please.. give it to me. I need it." The squeeking soon continued. I just shook my head, opening the door to my room and closing it behind me. After about ten minutes, Tommy and Jamie had a simultaneous orgasm, accompanied with loud moaning and calling out, "Oh baby, I'm cumming." I snickered to myself. Those two were like rabbits.

I threw my books and other paraphernalia onto the floor and closed my eyes. What could it be like to be blind, to have no idea where you are going? I squeezed my eyes together tightly, shutting out all possible light, and walked forward a few steps. No problem, I thought. I confidently strode forward and almost crashed into my computer's monitor. Hmmm... this isn't easy. I opened my eyes and sat on my bed. I wearily covered my face with my hands and wondered what I had gotten myself into. Just a short while ago, I was at home, resting with my kitty. Now I was at Glenville Shaw Academy, hopelessly... was I? No, I couldn't be.. But I must be... What other word could explain this feeling? This need, this unending hunger for another? Lust? No, it was more than that. If it was just lust, I would have come to my senses. No, it was something much deeper: Love.

But I can't fall in love... No, not like this. It's not supposed to be like this. The man that I love is supposed to be perfect. Every feature exactly as I had it planned. The perfect smile, the perfect eyes. Smart, witty, strong, sensitive, sexy, faithful.. and dammit, 20/20 vision!! I massaged my temples with the frustration and madness that I was enduring. I walked over to the mirror, looking at my sad reflection.

An empty being stared back at me. I was only half. Half of a man. Without another to have me and to complete me, I was nothing. I felt so empty.. so... lonely. I had a thirst that only Devon could quench. But this was a fountain that I was forbidden to touch. And the last thing that I needed at a new school was to be shoved out of the closet. Sure, I could pull Tommy out with me, but what would that accomplish? How could causing him anguish aid me in any possible way? It seemed as though I had two possible choices: I could tell Devon that I loved him and live a life of hell and torment, or I could just stay away from him and survive. There will always be another, right? Anyway, he's an outcast as it is. Just talking to him puts me on the cliff, which will too soon break, plunging me into the depths of ostracism. As long as I don't look at him, at his gorgeous face, his beautiful hair... No. I won't. I'm going to stay alive. I'm going to survive.

No, I'm not going to be a love-sick animal ready to be stoned. I will survive!

I apologize for the shortness of this part. Don't worry.. there's more to come! Thank you for reading. As always, feel free to e-mail me with any questions, comments or concerns you may have. Thanks! =)